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12 months ago

Lucian Statistics for Victini LFT

Author's performance with Lucian compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png - Obvious choice since it allows us to have another mobility spell to either get in or leave the danger zone.

7.png - Healing you and an ally plus granting 30% movement speed for 1 second is better than 21.png since it
                   only protects you.

21.png - Wouldn't recommend it on bot lane while it is a viable option in mid lane.

3.png - Good on mid lane Lucian but not good for bottom lane since your supporter wants to pick this one.

1.png - 3140.png does its job on a lower Cooldown for 1300g. This spell is legit in mid lane when you have a hard
                   matchup and don't want to build 3140.png 

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

I run 18|0|12 in most matchups and barely switch from Resolve to Cunning. You gonna lose some damage but for that you trade lane safety and utility.


1) Attack Speed is better for Lucian than Spell Damage since most of our damage comes from Auto Attacks.
2) Fresh Blood to make a quick trade stronger for you. Alternatively you can stick with Feast to increase your
    sustain in lane.
3) One point in Vampirism to make up for the missing .5% of Life Steal and put the rest into Natural Talent. Since
    we sacrificed some AD in our runes this mastery is making up for it (and even grants more AD than the runes    
    would give).
4) I prefer Battle Trance since we only need to stay in combat for 3 seconds to gain its full potential while the
    other options come with a heavier trade off. Bounty Hunter is only equal when you can kill 3 unique champions
   (can be better than any option on this stage) but since we can't guarantee this we want to stay away from it -
    better save damage than no damage at all. 

    Double Edged Sword comes with increased damage to yourself which makes it kind of meeh since Lucian isn't
    the most tanky champion.
5) Armor Penetration > Magic Penetration. Since we are an AD caster type marksman we want to make sure that
    our AD damage hurts more.
6) Fervor of Battle is great since it pushes our AD value when attacking Champions. More AD = more damage.


1) Additional HP/5 helps us to regenerate health quicker and is better for us than Unyielding (5% Bonus
    armor/magic resistance on a marksman is worth nothing).
2) Tough Skin is making trades for the opponent less favorable since you get less damage. Explorer is useless for us
    since we only get the boost when moving through bushes and Siege Master only helps when you get dived (if
    they can dive you as Lucian you are doing something wrong).
3) Veteran's Scars grants 50 flat HP which makes you beefier in lane against those AP supports. Runic Armor is not
    that great on you but could work in all-in matchups and your support is 16.png or another healer but flat heal
    should still be better (8% more heal/shield/life steal - 50 HP).
4) Stick with Insight since 4.png is going to lose 45 seconds and 7.png loses 36 seconds. This mastery will grant you
    faster access to your safety tools. Perseverance isn't made for marksman while Fearless is made for tanks.

Abilities Back to Top

Priority: lucianq.png -> luciane.png -> lucianw.png (lucianr.png at Level 6/11/16)

lucianpassive.png - After casting one of your spells your next Auto Attack will trigger another Basic Attack which deals
                   30%/40%/50% of your AD against Champions and structures (at level 1/7/13) and 100% damage against
                   minions. Also on-hit effects will be triggered by this additional attack. Getting off many passive attacks
                   will win you trades in lane but also allows you to burst down squishies in skirmished around mid and
                   late game.

lucianq.png - This is your main damage ability which helps you clear waves but can be used to poke Champions up to
                   a certain point. The range isn't high but it's casting speed scales with levels and has a good AD scaling
                  (60-120% bonus AD). The damage scaling shows us that going for AD heavy items is pretty comfortable.

lucianw.png - Its range is good, the damage moderate, the mana cost is decently high and the AP scaling is high (90%
                   AP but who builds AP on a AD caster?). If a target gets hit by this spell attacks from you or your allies
                   onto certain target will grant you 40-60 flat movement speed for a short duration. This little spell works
                   wonders when trying to run away or chasing down your targets while using lucianr.png.

luciane.png - Is a short range dash that triggers lucianpassive.png. Its Cooldown is relativly high early on and the mana cost is
                   scaling down with levels in this skill (40-0). When this ability is on Cooldown every hit from lucianpassive.png is
                  decreasing the Cooldown by 1 second while the decrease is doubled against Champions.

lucianr.png - Has high range, good damage and wave clear potential with moderate Cooldown for an ultimate. The
                   Culling is an ability that deals high amounts of damage when you can make every shot a hit. You should
                   use this ability when you hit lucianw.png to get "permanent" movement speed while chasing down a kill or
                   running from an enemy but can also be used when you are in a team fight and can't enter Auto Attack

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    standard start in even lanes.
    start when you need the extra sustain (or head start for your first item).
    use this in a losing matchup when the opponent can suppress your aggression.

Core Items

    These 3 are your core items
    One of these pair of boots
    Alternative build path when facing only squishies.

Situational Items

    Additional crit rate, attack speed and movement speed. Chose the one you need.
    One of these babies
    I recommand those for the alternative build path.

1055.png+2003.png : Standard start you can use when the lane is even and you can attack minions freely to sustain yourself.

1036.png+ 3x 2003.png : If you can't sustain in a matchup through attacking minions (poke support) you want to go with
                          this path. You can also chose this start when you want to build 3153.png faster since you already
                          invested 350g into it.

1054.png + 2003.png : If the opponent bot lane is a suppression lane you want to survive without dying a lot and the
                           reworked Shield is exactly the best choice for such a situation. You want to run this when you
                           had to first pick and the opponents got a machup like 51.png + (any ranged ap support).


3153.png : Since the changes in patch 7.6 this item the best way to start with on Lucian. Attack Speed, slow active,
           Life Steal and on-hit damage is the most rounded item you can buy at first.

3071.png/3031.png: Both can be picked as the 2nd item. While 3031.png grants you more damage (AD and lucky crits) you become tankier with 3071.png while also gaining 50 AD and Armor Penetration which can be used by your whole team (must be stacked first via attacking). Choose the one you need more but prefer 3071.png.

3047.png vs. 3006.png: Choose 3047.png if the opponent has an AD threat against you which is the only reason you may lose
                         your life. Choose 3006.png if you think 3047.png aren't worth it or if you want to take the risk. Keep in
                         mind surviving for a longer time means more damage than just pumping damage stats and die
                        almost instantly.

3142.png --> 3147.png + 3047.png: This alternative build is incredibly useful against teams that lack tanks. The sheer amount of
                                    AD combined with the cooldown reduction, lethality and utility make your skills and basic
                                    attacks hurt like a truck. The Tabi's will help you become harder to take down by physical
                                   damage which in return allows you to go more HAM than you already like to do.


3046.png vs. 3094.png: Choose 3046.png when you want to maximize your Attack Speed but also want to be able to duel that
                         one guy who can kill you. Choose 3094.png if you want to be able to poke from a safer range or to
                         increase your burst by a bit magic damage.

3026.png : If they have an Assasin that can One-Shot you or relies on resets via kill/assist you should buy this item.
           40 AD, 30 Armor plus a 2nd life. Simply the passive is enough for your team to close up and save you or to
          delete the attacker.

3072.png : Nice gadget to increase your damage even more and to make sustaining easier. The shield from the passive
           may allow you to survive longer.

3139.png : If you really need a "Free out of CC" card then this item is your best choice. It also includes AD, Life Steal
           and Magic Resistance to pump up your damage and sustainability.

3156.png : If you need more power against those AP threats this item is pretty good. Decent AD, magic resistance,
           Cooldown reduction combined with a passive AP damage shield plus Lifegrip (+20 AD, 10% Life Steal/
           Spell vamp until you leave combat).

3812.png : With the recent buff to this item it is very good to stall time for you to bite back against those agressors.
           It comes with AD, Cooldown reduction, damage transformation into DoT and 15% healing from physical

3031.png + 3087.png + 3139.png: I recommand this combination for the alternative build simply because crit is superior in late
                                 game. 3031.png is pushing your AD limits even higher but also increases critical strike rate and
                                 critical strike damage. 3087.png boosts your critical strike rate up to 50%, empowers some of your
                                 basic attacks but also helps you pushing your combo out a lot smoother. 3139.png delivers AD,
                                 additional cooldown reduction, some magic resistance and one "Free out of CC"-card which
                                 most times is going to screw you over while going HAM.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ashe
  • Caitlyn
  • Corki
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Jhin
  • Jinx
  • Kalista
  • Kennen
  • Kog'Maw
  • Miss Fortune
  • Quinn
  • Sivir
  • Tristana
  • Twitch
  • Urgot
  • Varus
  • Vayne




Pre 6 you can trade pretty well as long as you don't purposly take volley.png. Also try to make sure you can quit the trade before she can start her kiting since her slows and follow up damage are pretty good.

After 6 you can trade as long as enchantedcrystalarrow.png is not available. Taking this arrow with the face will most likely result in dying.




Her early game makes yours look like a toddler playing with ice and she just drives by and steals it. The range advantage will overwhelm you and your only viable option to make it through lane is by bying 1054.png + 2x 2003.png. If 51.png isn't able to play her range out you can bully her but else you gonna pray for help.

After 6 you are able to all-in her since your burst is high and your ult can clean the place with 1400 range. Just watch out which support is going to stick with Caitlyn.




It's an Easy-to-Medium matchup depending on a few things a) are you able to dodge phosphorusbomb.png and missilebarrage.png which are skillshots? b) the support champion you are laning with/against. c) the pressure your/enemy jungler puts on the lane. If the stars align in your favor you can steam roll the botlane but it also can become somewhat tricky.




His auto attack trading is stronger than yours since dravenspinning.png provides a lot of damage early on and scales well through the game. This lane is very even but keep in mind that small trades generally tend into his favor since he can interrupt your escape and hunt you down with dravenfury.png. You should set up a gank with your jungler to make him fall behind but be carefull 1 kill is mostly enough to snowball the lane out of control thanks to his "Money in the Bank" passive.




He has no kill pressure on you in a 1v1 if you are able to dodge ezrealmysticshot.png. In case of you face tanking everything you'll most likely lose. Keep in mind that 81.png depends on hitting his skill shots since 3 out of 4 abilities are skill shots.




His trading is potent when he combines jhinq.png + 4th auto attack (which is a guaranteed crit). Also make sure you don't drop too much HP since he can snipe you from far away with jhinr.png which deals even more damage when your HP pool is almost dry.

General rule of thumb: Dodge his 4th attack, try to tackle him when he is reloading and dodge any skillshot.




In lane you can trade her easily but if you can't do it on a regular base she'll just heal back up since 222.png will most likely start with 1054.png + 2x 2003.png + Warlord's Bloodlust as the keystone of choice. Don't try to enter the range of jinxq.png rocket launcher which is 575-700 scaling with levels in this ability (maxing out at 9).

In the late game she'll crush you with 3 shots of jinxq.png and you can't do anything about it because her range is so much higher.




In lane you can win quick trades if you don't get that many stacks of kalistaexpungewrapper.png on you but if the number is rising you'll start to lose any trade with her. Also her poke is pretty decent when paired with a ranged support since kalistaw.png passive needs both players to attack at least once in a time frame of 1.5 seconds.

All-ins are probably lost for you except the case that you can dodge kalistarx.png but dodging this move is either prediction or fast reflexes.




This guy (when played as an ADC) will be pretty badass when he is allowed to hit for free. He is one of the few marksman champions that can stun you regulary and safely making trades less effective. His self peel is very potent and he can easily run away from all-in.

In late game you'll lose every single 1v1 since he can stun you twice in less than 5 seconds which will disrupt your burst combo.




This little fellow has a small window where he can make your lane hell but for the rest he is pretty helpless. kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png grants additional range and % HP damage as magic damage for 8 seconds. If you can evade being shot while kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png you can go and trade him right after.

In a late game teamfight he'll shred you down with kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png and you shouldn't  be able to get in range to trade back.


Miss Fortune


Miss Fortune wants to bully you in lane via missfortunericochetshot.png. For this ability to deal heavy damage the first unit must die and you have to stay behind this unit (detection for 2nd hit is formed like a cone). In order to not get poked you should stay on the same line as the minions. Try to get at least 1 attack onto her to make the passive of missfortuneviciousstrikes.png go to waste. In a post 6 fight your ult looks like a toy against hers. Hers works pretty much like yours but hurts harder, isn't hitting in a straight line rather in a cone which makes dodging it harder. Mostly this will be paired with missfortunescattershot.png or CC from the support which makes you melt like butter in the sun.

In late game you have to avoid getting hit by missfortunebullettime.png because it can really 1-shot you.




Tbh this champion won't be played on bottom but in case of her still being the adc you should know some things. 1) A direct hit by quinnq.png is going to reduce your vision range by ~80%, deals moderate damage and will mark you with her passive. 2) Her passive is an improved auto attack which deals good damage. 3) quinne.png will displace you for a short moment, deals moderate damage and will also mark you with her passive. 4) Post 6 you have to immediatly tell your team when she isn't on lane since quinnr.png allows her to roam very fast.

In late game she'll shred you in a straight 1v1 so try to play with your team and hunt her as a squad




Her lane isn't the strongest which makes her somewhat easy to control. In a quick trade you'll lose against a good Sivir because sivire.png will absorb your lucianq.png and return mana to her. Post 6 you have to be cautious of ganks since she can speed boost the whole squad via sivirr.pngsivirq.png is an ability which drains a lot of mana and deals high damage but also loses damage after hitting a target. In order to avoid most damage you can hide behind minions but that allows her to poke you with sivirw.png. You have to a find a balance between hiding and moving freely.

In late game you won't stand a chance against her because she'll crit you to death.




Her pre 6 is pretty weak making her trades seem somewhat useless against yours. She has the range advantage (range grows by levels even further) which she should abuse to push your HP bar to 0 but if you go for a trade you can outburst her. tristanae.png is her main damage source in lane but needs to stack up via auto attacks. If you can avoid being hit while tristanae.png is placed on you, her damage in lane is gone.

After 6 she can do tristanae.png + 2-3 auto attacks via tristanaq.png attack speed steroid --> tristanaw.png --> auto attack --> tristanar.png to kill you. Keep in mind that if she is able to get 4 auto attacks off while tristanae.png is active the shell will explode and tristanaw.png will get a 100% Cooldown refund.

In late game teamfights she can kill you easily while being out of your attack range.




Pre 6 you only have to be careful about 3 things: 1) Don't stay inside of twitchvenomcask.png since you gonna get a lot of poison stacks which in return will deal decent true damage and amplify the damage of twitchexpunge.png. 2) Watch the movement of the enemy supporter because he is the deciding factor in lane pre 6. 3) Be cautious because a successful gank will throw your advantage away.

Post 6 you have to be really careful since he can sneak in via twitchhideinshadows.png and shred you from up to 850 range by activating twitchfullautomatic.png.

In mid to late game fights he can shred you in less than 3 seconds which even outbursts your burst.




This matchup (rare occurance) is pretty easy for you. Urgot is slow, has very low range and relies on urgotplasmagrenade.png + urgotheatseekingmissile.png to deal severe damage. urgotheatseekingmissile.png is a skill shot which damages the first unit hit and only urgotplasmagrenade.png allows him to attack you while hiding behind minions. In order to win lane you just have to dodge urgotplasmagrenade.png and hide behind minions if he wants to poke you with urgotheatseekingmissile.png.

Post 6 you should be careful since urgotswap2.png is a) a position swapper and b) adds damage reduction to Urgot making trades unfavorable for you.

In mid to late game teamfights you have to make sure you can dodge urgotplasmagrenade.png because he really relies on it. Keep in mind that he is going for a tank oriented build which makes him harder to kill than most targets in the game especially if he can pull out urgotswap2.png




Pre 6 you can trade pretty nicely as long as you can avoid being hit by varusq.png or varuse.png while you have stacks of Blight (varusw.png) on you. varusq.png is a skill shot that loses damage for every unit hit in its way (down to a fix value). In trades make sure to not waste a single use of your passive since this attack is the deciding factor (varusw.png adds extra damage per auto attack to outvalue your normal attacks).

Post 6 you should only fight if varusr.png is on Cooldown or you can dodge it via luciane.png4.png or outmoving it.

In straight mid/late game team fights you might have issues taking him on since he can root you up with varusr.png and shoot you down from his range which is 75 units higher than yours.




Her pre 6 is comparably weak to yours and she can only win trades in 2 situations. 1) She is able to get vaynesilveredbolts.png off which is a sign of you being too far out. 2) She is able to land a stun on you with the help of vaynecondemn.png. This also is a sign that you mispositioned. Vayne is good in dodging spells because vaynetumble.png helps her to reposition but also boosts the damage of her next attack.

Post 6 you gonna have trouble fighting her head-on since vayneinquisition.png grants her AD, increases the passives movement speed to 90 and grants 1 second invisibility when using vaynetumble.png.

In mid to late game teamfights you gonna get wrecked by her and there is nothing you can do about it. lucianq.png won't help since you'll drop vision on her regulary, lucianr.png doesn't help either since it must be fired in a line which she can dodge via vaynetumble.png and trying to luciane.png/4.png near a wall could end up in you being stunned to the wall through vaynecondemn.png.

Update section Back to Top

Patch 7.19: No direct changes to our favourite boy but some changes in bot lane (namely 40.png & 51.png) making his
                   life even tougher. I don't think that he is worth picking right now against stronger opponents.

Patch 7.18: luciane.png Cooldown up from 18/17/16/15/14 to 22/20/18/16/14. This change was implemented to get a grip
                   onto mid 236.png as he was pretty good in lane (in terms of trading and safety). Bot lane 236.png already
                   wasn't that great and this change isn't making it better.

Patch 7.16+7.17: No direct changes to 236.png or the items and masteries he is using.

Patch 7.15: 3147.png got its on-hit damage nerfed for both melee and ranged champions (even harder for ranged
                   champions). Additionally ranged champions won't be able to trigger the slow which removes easy
                  hunts onto opponents. All in all this item is still a good pickup when you want to play for early power
                  and penetration but with the rise of tanks this item build is not recommanded. Use it against squishy

Patch 7.14: All Lethality items got their penetration value buffed from 15 to 18 (almost back to the beginning)
                   but these changes come with trade-offs.

                   For a detailed look at the changes I recommand reading the patch notes

Patch 7.12/
Patch 7.13: No changes were made that need to be mentioned.

2017-06-01 Added more matchups (should be all ADC related)

Patch 7.11: lucianq.png Mana cost increased from 50-70 to 50-90. This nerf is adressing the no 3508.png build which included 
                   3071.png3153.png3047.png and 3046.png to make him pretty tanky with yet good damage spikes. You'll feel the
                   additional Mana costs but they won't nerf him into oblivion.

                   3153.png Lifesteal value down from 15% to 12%. This item was too well rounded to be unnerfed for any 
                   longer. This is now the 2nd nerf (cost increase in 7.9) but it doesn't make this item weak - go and buy
                   3047.png Damage reduction value down from 12% to 10%. We all knew that these pair of boots was broken
                   and adjustments needed to be done. 2% won't kill the item and that means it'll still be our go-to when
                   we have to fend off those Auto Attackers/AD champs.

2017-05-31 Added some matchups

2017-05-28 Guide created and published

General Information Back to Top

Hello and welcome to my newest guide. I hope you can gain some new knowledge. Keep in mind that this guide is getting updates constantly. For questions, feedback and more input you can either use the Comment section below o join my stream and ask questions in the chat if the stream is online.

Worlds prediction Back to Top

Lucian is so much fun to play and watch, yet it seems that this meta doesn't suit him. Additionally 236.png is having a tough time early with fewer resources and late game since tanks are way above what he can chew. In short: We won't see bot lane 236.png in most games, maybe in a few cases, but we might see some mid lane action from him as he is decently strong early on. In mid lane he is getting the resources he needs to have impact in the earlier part of the game which the bottom lane simply can't provide him.

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