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Summoner Spells Back to Top


Introduction: Summoner Spells

For as long as I can recall the go to two Summoner Spells ADC run often are 4.png and 7.png.

- There was a change in summoner spells during the "ardent support" meta that was even featured in Worlds 2017, which allowed for more diversity in secondary Summoner Spells, unfortunately that patch was nerfed dramatically due to how "stale" or "broken" ardent supports were. (Combined with certain ADCs)

- During the ardent support meta many summoners such as 3.png 21.png  and even 1.png could be ran secondary, so long as the support has 3504.png and the ADC/Support has 7.png at least due to the synergy with the % Heal boost supports have from masteries and items. [6363.png]

Conclusion, just run 7.png secondary as that is the most comfortable secondary Summoner Spell ADCs should be using to avoid awkwardness/misplays with Summoner Spell(s) usage. I do not recommend trying any other Summoner Spells for 236.png but you may consider them for certain match ups/support pick(s).

EX: 25.png : [Long Snare Duration -> 1.png]

EX: 429.png: [ 3.png making her movement speed clutter heavily and lower her damage on kalistaexpungewrapper.png if mistimed, also allows for your support to punish heavily]

EX: Any Heal/Shield Support 21.png and 7.png bot lane, not recommended because of the nerf(s) to the "ardent meta" play style. Tank Support(s) are significantly strong as well because of Aftershock.png?width=32. [Expect aftershock champions to be nerfed]

New Runes Back to Top

Lucian doesn't have much choices for keystone(s) due to the insane synergy Press%20the%20Attack.png?width=32 (Press the Attack) with his kit.
While,Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32Lethal%20Tempo.png?width=32doesn't really benefit 236.png all to well.

Some players try to innovate with Electrocute.png?width=32, however it has too long of a cool down to take  -> you will lose lane very hard trading versus Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32 Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32 Lethal%20Tempo.png?width=32Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32

Keystone(s) Explanation(s)

  Press%20the%20Attack.png?width=32(PTA/Press The Attack): 

   - The 3 hit rule this rune has is very easy for 236.png to proc due to his lucianpassive.png giving 2 hits. Afterwards,  236.png just needs 1 more hit from his abilities or auto attack. In most cases, you would already proc PTA from your lucianpassive.png because it only works from using any of your abilities (auto reset will be explained later). 


    - Another 3 hit rule rune, however the cool down is much higher and doesn't help your support/jungler do more damage like Press%20the%20Attack.png?width=32 does. This rune spikes when you are ahead and are split pushing or skirmishing enemies in 1v1 scenarios.  However, this should not happen in most cases and you will get punished split pushing as an ADC in most cases.

  Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32(Fleet Footwork/FF): 

 -  As of patch 7.24 (B), the meta favors 236.png building crit stats so he can be very dominant throughout the entire game. FF was buffed to increase the healing with crit % as well and this can be very useful, while also offering the same MS buff.


Runes (Non-Keystone)

- There are many runes for 236.png, I will avoid covering the generic runes all, if not most ADCs rune in the current patch of 7.24 (B). 

[I will not cover the following: Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32 Triumph.png?width=32Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=32Sudden%20Impact.png?width=32Eyeball%20Collection.png?width=32 but may mention them, due to how common these runes are and/or are self explanatory]

  Ravenous%20Hunter.png?width=64 Ravenous Hunter (spell vamp)

- This may seem like a strange rune, but it offers 15% spell vamp (one-third for AOE abilities), 236.png 's abilities are mostly AOE lucianq.pnglucianw.png but his lucianr.png is single target believe it or not.

Note: his luciane.png is a spell but it is just an auto attack enhancement and will not count

- Ravenous Hunter allows for more sustain, aside from 3153.png life stealing and active heal. In team fights or versus assassins running this rune can save you because of the extra healing, spiking when hitting lucianr.png

- During the first 10 minute you already have 2.5% spell vamp at the start, and can get 1-2 stack allowing for a 5% spell vamp on average during early laning. This sustain allow you to sustain and be a bit more aggressive in trades, without much consequences. 

Note: You have to sacrifice the combination of  Eyeball%20Collection.png?width=32 Sudden%20Impact.png?width=32 which offers more damage, but all that damage gets you no where without surviving. 

  Manaflow%20Band.png?width=64 Mana-Flow Band:

236.png is a caster/spell using ADC who struggles with mana until his luciane.png cost 0 mana at level 5 , early game mana problem in general, or until he has 3508.pngManaflow%20Band.png?width=32 is the best rune to run if you choose to go Sorcery Tree secondary to fix the mana issue 236.png may have and keep him in lane more during the early laning phase where he excels.

  Celerity.png?width=64 Celerity:

236.png is a unique ADC who gets surprising movement speed buff with his lucianw.png and itemization (3142.png3153.png3087.png and etc.) , as such Celerity.png?width=32 is a viable choice over Scorch.png?width=32 since it offers AD throughout the entire game, spiking up depending on when 236.png gets tier 2 boots and MS buff(s).

Note: You will get 10~20 AD with a standard build [ with tier 2 boot and 1 crit MS % item], with lucianw.png and itemization your AD spikes to 20~35 AD but won't last long.

Celerity.png?width=32 also offers 3% bonus MS throughout the entire game, which also factors in (very slightly) for the AD you can get.

  Scorch.png?width=64 Scorch: 

- A weaker version of Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32, but is guarantee. Scorch allows 236.png to not run the Sorcery Tree as your primary rune page/slot, but still get the extra damage the Sorcery Tree offers.

236.pngis a early - mid game champion that gets very strong when ahead, as such Scorch.png?width=32 is an excellent choice as your rune when you choose to run Sorcery Tree secondary [mainly to get Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32 for extra mana sustain].

Abilities Back to Top


Abilities Order Note:

- It is very standard to go 2 points in lucianq.png early, due to your passive doing little to no damage early in the game (double autos)

- 2 points in lucianq.png allows for very strong surprise trade as you are CSing/ your opponent is CSing
lucianw.png at level 3/2 doesn't do any damage, as well as the lucianpassive.png you mainly consider it for the small movement speed bonus to secure  kills, but it is not recommended since you sacrifice minion wave control that you get from 2 points in lucianq.png early. [Again just an option to consider, you will get all your abilities level 4 regardless]

- There is no difference in the order of your abilities skill up, since you want luciane.png to be max second always to lower the mana cost down to 0. [236.png's mana pool is very small because of this]

Lucian's Abilities Q/W/E/R Descriptions and Notes:

lucianr.png Passive: Lightslinger


  After using an ability, Lucian's next basic attack within 3 seconds shoots twice, dealing 40 / 50 / 60% AD physical damage on the second shot, increased to 100% AD against minions, which also applies on-hit effects and can Critical strike icon critically strike (critical strike damage is halved against champions and monsters). If Lucian's primary target is killed before the second shot can go off, he automatically shoots another enemy.


lucianr.png 2 auto is similar to 11.png's Passive (masteryipassive.png) in that the moment you trigger the second auto cast cannot be avoided (so long as something is in lucianpassive.png's range)
- The second attack will prioritize enemy champions (even if hidden in fog of war/brush), for minions lucianpassive.png will target the lowest health minion if the initial target dies (so long as a minion is in range, if there are multiple minions the lowest health will get targeted).

  • Lucian can move freely while firing lucianpassive.png since the second attack is integrated into the first one (like masteryipassive.png)


lucianq.png Q: Piercing Light

lucianq.png animation/ cast time is reduced as 236.png levels up 

Note: Your lucianq.png level doesn't determine/make lucianq.png go faster it is the overall levels from 1 to 18. [Capped/Fastest at level 18]

lucianq.png is an AOE ability, so spell vamp is reduced by one-third.
  It is a very unique AOE ability since it is a point click one (very small tho).

lucianq.png can be dodged only if your target has a lot of movement speed/decently fast dash effect, the moment you cast it 

ex: 120.png 33.png 245.png 42.png 105.png67.png

lucianq.png is a linear point click ability, meaning it isn't a skill shot. Make sure to learn the range so you do not watch your character walking after casting your Q, possibly leading to death.

lucianq.png is very unique in that since it is a point click ability you would assume it is guarantee to hit unlike an actual skill shot. However, that is not the case since it is a point click ability that projects a line from 236.png from where he cast to the target he chooses.

Note: lucianq.pngcan go through yasuowmovingwall.png since it isn't a skill shot/ "projectile".


lucianw.png W: Ardent Blaze

- The movement speed buff when you hit a target marked by lucianw.png scales from:

Note: every abilities/auto attacks you hit  as well as your allies will grant you movement speed! 

lucianw.png's mark last for 6 seconds and grant "sight/truesight" , making stealth targets revealed momentarily  for 6 seconds.

Useful EX: 35.png 121.png 29.png

- the skill shot travels in a line, exploding into a cross upon reaching max range or hitting a target (walls/structures do not count).

Very useful to shoot it side way or hit minions to surprise them with the lucianw.png  hit and try to engage onto your enemies.

luciane.png: Relentless Pursuit

- Cool down is lowered every time you hit your lucianpassive.png (2 seconds eachlucianpassive.png so long as both bullets hit a enemy target)

1 second cool down reduction for non champions hit by lucianpassive.png
2 seconds cool down reduction for champions hit by lucianpassive.png (clones count: 35.png 7.png)

- is a straight forward dash - into an auto attack reset with lucianpassive.png applied.
Note: If you cast any ability or your auto attack ( has to "complete the animation", ideally with lucianpassive.png->luciane.png[any abilities before hand) you can just use luciane.png for auto attack reset.

lucianr.png : The Culling

A very unique ultimate that allows you to move during the cast and much more.

- Doesn't get interrupted by silence effects [ex: 9.png 16.png]
- Lucian can move as well as use Summoner Spells during his lucianr.png without being interrupted
lucianr.png shoots 2 bullets at once, so enemies can take half the damage if they are on either edge.
- excellent tool for wave clearing in tight situations or to Recall faster.

- You can also cast luciane.png freely during lucianr.png's duration/casting animation

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

- I will not be covering starting items, but in general 1055.png is always good because of lucianpassive.png. You may consider 1054.png in double ranged match ups, dot effects (29.png 143.png,etc.), or unfavorable match ups. 236.png is meant to be play agro, but you may run 1054.png and focus on CSing and playing around your team/support and jungler.

Core Items Explanation(Combination):

  • BOTRK->Black Cleaver(BC)->Phantom Dancer(PD)

- The most common build (OP.GG) for patch 7.24 (B)

- Every item works very well for 236.png, and when all 3 are completed synergize with each other very well.
3153.png, applies on each auto attack from lucianpassive.png. BOTRK's active is allows for more change potential with 236.png's 500 range. Works well with Celerity.png?width=32.
3071.png , stacks easily with lucianpassive.png -> shreds armor easily. More movement speed to help with 236.png's 500 range problem. Works well with Celerity.png?width=32
3046.png236.png has 500 range so he benefits from 3046.png's item effect easily since most abilities can be hit within 500 range/auto atack(s)/trading.

- Highly mobile build overall, not as much burst/1v1 damage.

- Tank support/Tank meta, this build is very popular because of all the tanks you face often

  • Essence Reaver->Rapid Fire Cannon (RFC)-> Infinity Edge (IE)
- very solid core build because of the all the crit % and crit damage.

3508.png fixes 236.png's mana issue throughout the game

- Tons of damage. ( For 1v1ing and versus squishy enemy champion(s)) Highly recommended build if there isn't much tanks

- Bonus Range from RFC allows for easy turret taking scenarios

- This build is not that good versus tanks/tank supports in general until you get 3035.png choices ( healing reduction or % health damage)

  • Essence Reaver-> Static Shiv (Shiv) -> Infinity Edge (IE)
- main difference from the other Essence Reaver build is the Shiv which offers better wave clear.

- Shiv also offers slightly more damage on average, due to the item passive being able to crit. The build(s) with ER tend to have a lot of crit with 70% crit chance once the core build is completed. 

- this build offers an even stronger 1v1 and can punish engage supports heavily (better then RFC) who cannot lock you down.


Situational Items Explanation:


- build vs assassins such as 91.png , 38.png

236.png is very mobile, as long as your luciane.png or Summoner Spell(s) are up you can revive and be very impactful if the fight is not completely over.

- CON: gold cost, not on hit oriented (for 3153.png builds), big cool down once proc -> making the item less impactful 

3035.png (Healing Reduction or % Health Damage)

- just good to build in general to complete your build and armor stacking tanks [Healing reduction or % Health damage]

- % Health Damage is an on hit and can synergize with 3153.png build(s)
- Con: there is no downside to building a 3035.png depending on when you need Armor Penetration, just build it accordingly


- It isn't recommended to build 2 or more crit attack speed item [ 3087.png 3046.png 3094.png] because you will most likely over cap on attack speed or have a high crit % chance but no AD.

- Interchange PD accordingly, if you need the damage reduction and targets that you can hit a lot do damage to you as well then this is a great item to consider. Especially considering 236.png's 500 auto attack range.
- More survivability/ surprise tank factor with heal factor from 3153.png/Ravenous%20Hunter.png?width=32

- Con: not as good as RFC or Shiv in terms of damage output


-  build 3140.png early, do not try and build the other pieces first. It is why you buidl the item in the first place.

- build 3140.png  early versus heavy crowd control such as [90.png  /57.png/113.png]

- Con: extra MR is meaningless once it is late game and these items are built during the late game more often, may over stack in Life Steal/redundant with 3153.png 


(   ) words for items are shorten are common terms/shorten phrases you should use in game to avoid typing these items full names/ an unpopular way of saying items to prevent any miscommunication with your team.

Although you can just use alt + click / ctrl+click item(s) to show how much gold you need for X item.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Caitlyn
  • Ezreal
  • Jhin
  • Kog'Maw
  • Miss Fortune
  • Varus
  • Vayne



caitlynentrapment.png cool down is way too long compared to luciane.png

- All in potential is better for 236.png

- Keep in mind 236.png's Auto Attack Range is way shorter then 51.png

- If 51.png does not win lane/ do well overall versus 236.png early game, she will be a huge liability for her team compare to 236.png. [Since 51.png 's purpose is to siege with a decent lead to not get caught easily because of how her caitlynentrapment.png works]




ezrealarcaneshift.png and luciane.png similarly [abilities hit reset ezrealarcaneshift.png, while lucianpassive.png hits reset luciane.png] , except for the fact ezrealarcaneshift.png  can go past bigger walls.

lucianq.png can be dodged with ezrealarcaneshift.png be very aware of this interaction
- Ezreal plays to poke and 236.png does not want to deal with poke because of his short range.

81.png also offers decent DPS due to how strong he is with Kleptomancy.png?width=32 in terms of gold advantage -> meaning he will do more damage overall and item spike way faster(finish item(s))

- Overall 81.png, is consider a "stronger" version of 236.png in patch 7.24 (B) since he has the option to play from behind (poking) as well as be a constant DPS in many scenarios.




- Despite 236.png's mobility he cannot out trade 202.png due to his 4th shot damage. 

This mean 236.png require way more autos and emphasizing his range of 500. (202.png has higher auto attack range to compensate for his lack of mobility)

202.png just needs to hit jhinw.png and his team can follow up from there (at a very long range)

Afterwards he can also use jhinr.png to keep himself safe until the major threats are gone

This means 236.png has to put himself in 202.png's face who has his team in front of him by a significant margin, 236.png has to flank if he wants to pull to this off

Unrealistically, you have to get through 202.png's front line in most scenarios. While getting through 202.png's front line he can freely hit your teammates and just save his 4th shot for you/236.png , if you are the slightest bit low on HP jhinr.png and 4th shot will melt you almost instantly at an unrealistic range.

- Chances of 202.png hitting you by "sniping" is high since 236.png only has 500 AA range he will basically be in the front line with is teammates.

- Overall, if you can get the jump on 202.png and you are ahead (even just 300 gold)  you can definitely do well despite the overall disadvantage(s) this match up has.




kogmawvoidooze.png counters 236.png's kit heavily. Do not expect to do anything if this ability is available without considerable consequences.

96.png scales extremely well into mid and late game, so long as he is not too far behind he can just melt you from 600+ range(from in the mid to late game.

236.png best chance versus 96.png is do extremely well in laning phase. Ideally 96.png needs to have a bad support versus 236.png and 236.png has an amazing support that can work with him.

When this happens kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png DPS should not be able to match 236.png's combos with abilities,auto attacks and lucianpassive.png


Miss Fortune


21.png is a very safe ADC who can let herself farm under turret easily with her passive missfortunepassive.png

She also has missfortuneviciousstrikes.png missfortunescattershot.png for mobility as well as a heavy slow/zone field

236.png cannot match 21.png in short trade(s) unless she cannot reapply missfortunepassive.png consecutively

missfortunericochetshot.png poke during lane is very scary and easy for 21.png to get the 2nd hit off because of 236.png's 500 auto attack range.

236.png best bet is to let his support engage and follow up and lock down 21.png  or to just play to push the lane and avoid poking/short trades versus 21.png  as much as possible

- transitioning to mid/late game MF gets even more scary with her missfortunebullettime.png threat and 3094.png + missfortunericochetshot.png empower range poke combo. However, if 21.png  is not ahead you can engage on her and cancel her missfortunebullettime.png channel easily and win team fights/skirmishes. 




- Auto attack range advantage ( no surprise because 236.png has 500)

- Very easy to dodge 110.png's abilities with luciane.png and 236.png's mobility in general [ lucianw.png MS buff]

110.png has no means for escape, so be prepared to chase/lock him down if he misses his forms of CC [ varuse.png varusr.png ]

- Watch out for varuspassive.png stacks as they can do % health damage, there is a trick to proc 5 stacks instantly with varuse.png 




67.png's late game is insane and can basically 3 shot 236.png/ADCs in general if she is full build/ahead.

While 236.png throughout the game need multiple auto attacks  with abilities + lucianpassive.png hits in general.

lucianq.png can be dodged with vaynetumble.png be very careful about this when taking a heavy/risky trade where you/236.png will take a lot of damage from the enemy laners/minions.

67.png can be heavily abused during laning phase and very susceptible to ganks, abuse this heavily as 236.png. Chances are vaynetumble.png to dodge your lucianq.png is very unlikely  as Vayne needs this ability for CSing , and playing behind near turret in most cases.

[Support Synergy/Ratings] and Enemy Support Match-Ups Back to Top

Here is a Support Tier List with Lucian specifically. 

- These will be the most common supports you see in patch 7.24 (B) as well as some common off meta picks. I will not rate supports lower then B tier, since it assumes they will guarantee to make you lose the game/you feel handicapped the ENTIRE game with them.


12.png 412.png 201.png 89.png 44.png

- These supports can set up for 236.png to hit a lot of auto attacks/ lucianpassive.png very easily , while offering 236.png a form of escape (except for 89.png , 44.png and 12.png)
-  89.png offers enhanced autos and empower herself to be very tanky, allowing her to stick on targets easily for 236.png to secure kill(s)/do damage

44.png/201.png offers "armor" to 236.png allowing his 500 range trading to be very lethal because he is able to face tank the enemy laner(s) more. [ Minions' damage is not affected by armor enhance ]

12.png 412.png offer an "escape" , emphasizing on their "escape potential" for 236.png. Ali can peel, while also being a big threat/tank for 236.png. [ Ali can purposely go in and allow 236.png to survive most likely or to set up for another gank ]. 

While Thresh has his lantern to help 236.png escape or follow up with his 500 auto attack range, as well as "tanking" (not as much as Ali, but Thresh has faster cool downs) 



53.png 497.png 40.png 117.png  43.png  267.png

- A majority of these supports offer auto attack enhance for 236.png and that is very strong due to his lucianpassive.png
[117.png 40.png 267.png]

- The only poke champion is  43.png, however she offers a lot of movement speed bonus and lane presence. 
This means 236.png's short range won't get bullied/punished as much if 43.png is aggressive enough versus ranged champions bot lane.

53.png 497.png are "engage supports", with Rakan being significantly less tanky due to his insane mobility. These supports are categorized in S tier because they are just not tanky enough for 236.png and have to kite a bit more, meaning 236.png can be an easy focused after their cool downs are down. [ 53.png just spam autos when his CD is down] 



25.png  16.png 37.png  111.png 223.png 143.png 99.png

- These supports are very squishy, but offer a lot of damage for  236.png. However, despite their damage output they lack the ability to lock down target(s) for 236.png. [Nautilus and Tahm Kench being the exceptions]

111.png and223.png are tanks in this category. The main issue is that they aren't the strongest supports to work with 236.png because of their laning phase. Tahm Kench is easy to kite and can get easily baited, while Nautilus doesn't stick on targets long without his ultimate/R meaning his early laning phase isn't dominant.

Their laning phase are very hit or miss, that inconsitency is not warranted for a 236.png lane, given his short auto attack range and has a lot of bad match ups.

16.png and 37.png are in this category simply because they are very squishy. This means if they get caught or the enemy jungler comes bot lane they will give  236.png a bad laning phase due to the gold advantage they often give to the enemies from their death. [ CSing/EXP can also get denied heavily, if the lane is not in 236.png favor]


57.png 26.png  63.png  161.png  432.png 516.png 21.png 17.png  142.png 98.png 14.png 101.png

-This category is a powder keg of supports. 

- They are tanks, poke, and engage supports. The main issue is that all these supports do not excel with 236.png in their given category. 

EX: Long cool downs (Shen's Ultimate Cool Down) [Tank Support]

EX: Bard's squishy-ness and inconsistency in hitting CC. [Engage Support]

EX: Velkoz's short range for poke, but very lethal damage if hit. He also has mana issue [ Poke Support]

- Overall, these supports heavily depend on how you play 236.png and how well/how much they know what to do as a support for 236.png


Enemy Support Match-ups [When playing against]


12.png 143.png117.png 267.png 40.png 57.png 

- Very easy to catch 236.png when going for CS [Engage/Tanks]. 
  Poke supports in this category can harass 236.png while CSing as well, meaning he will have low HP throughout the laning phase. [Leading him to lose or fall behind in gold/gold advantage]

- All of the heal/shield supports can offer strong poke or more mobility for the enemy ADC, which mean 236.png's 500 range will struggle to keep up with their laning patterns - > losing lane will cause 236.png to not be as impactful.

- Transitioning to mid and late game will be an issue for 236.png when he is versus these supports. Laning may not end well, but to top it off these supports can zone or deny 236.png's damage output very easily by either CCing him or protect target(s) he is going for.

- Overall, you will need a lot of mechanics,reflex, cool down tracking, and etc when you tackle these supports. Too much effort if I do say so myself.



89.png  44.png  16.png  497.png 111.png 63.png 161.png   17.png 43.png 

- These supports can abuse 236.png's 500 range, however 236.png can turn the tide versus these supports with luciane.png available. 

Of course this means without luciane.png or setting up for luciane.png to come back up, 236.png is very vulnerable to what these supports can do in lane,mid game, and late game.

- These supports are very skill shot oriented, so having tier 2 boots/lucianw.png's movement speed buff/luciane.png will allow 236.png to have his way with them very easily.

- These supports will be in a pickle, if they cannot escape from your lucianr.png / lucianw.png + lucianr.png that can chunk their HP or allow 236.png to finish them off (since they have no HP left and 236.png would have other abilities up)


412.png 201.png 53.png  37.png  25.png   223.png  26.png 432.png 516.png 99.png 98.png 101.png 14.png  21.png 142.png 

- These supports are very easy to play around by just side stepping or having your luciane.png availabe (or soon available)

- Some of these supports are "top tier" support, but 236.png's mobility and kiting potential versus them makes them very lack luster since they cannot lock down the ADC/236.png. ADCs are the "best DPS" in most cases mid and late game so when playing versus these supports just make sure you can do damage without getting caught by them.

- Most of these supports laning phase are also very easy to shut down from your jungler's gank(s)/presence. Meaning 236.png can play aggro very easily depending on which team has vision control, of course your awareness factors in as well.

- As the game progresses lucianq.png  animation gets faster, allowing 236.png to be even more mobile versus these supports feel helpless 

Tips and Tricks Back to Top

Abilities (Q,W,E,R) and Passive Tips and Tricks

- Let's first mention 236.png is a caster ADC with the mechanic of Auto Attack Resetting. 
Note: This mean his abilities can allow him to auto attack instantly after casting an ability or vice versa

Note: Caster ADC means he just uses a lot of abilities/mana consecutively to factor in his damage/way 236.png does damage. [ Not many ADCs are consider "casters" since they were design to right click/auto attack heavily in most cases ]

This just means 236.png can DPS with basic right clicks/auto attacks as well as spam abilities as 236.png auto attacks,  making him a very unique champion. [Due to his auto resets/ lucianpassive.pnglucianq.pngluciane.png]
236.png's auto range is 500 auto attack range, meaning he needs to be in perfect position or use luciane.png first to set up the most amount of damage he can do with his lucianpassive.png and abilities.


lucianq.png Q: Piercing Light

236.png's lucianq.png is the same range as 236.png's auto attack range of 500.

- The most common trick as a 236.png player is to do the following combo for "Animation Canceling" 

EX: Basic Auto Attack-> lucianq.png -> lucianpassive.png -> luciane.png->lucianpassive.png-> lucianw.png-> lucianr.png -> lucianpassive.png or regular auto attacks

Note: Basically at any point of your auto attack or lucianpassive.png as soon as it goes off you can cast lucianq.png
Note: Do not cast lucianq.png first, in general if you are going to cast lucianq.png (on enemy champions especially) always auto first because it is an animation cancel.

- The line is fixated from where 236.png is standing and the moment lucianq.png was casted/pressed. Meaning you cannot extend the range with 4.png (going closer to the target).

- Fun Fact, if you choose to cast any abilities after casting lucianq.png only lucianw.png and lucianr.png will be smooth, casting luciane.png will only be casted after lucianq.png animation is fully complete. 

However, lucianw.png and lucianr.png is almost instant.

lucianw.png W: Ardent Blaze

- it is very common to purposely miss your lucianw.png hit or don't aim it at all towards the target directly just to apply yourlucianpassive.png

Note: lucianw.png's  "Auto Attack Reset" doesn't function like lucianq.png and luciane.png since there isn't no innate animation cancellation, you have to use another ability to do an animation cancel with lucianw.png.

EX: However, you may lucianw.png ->luciane.png-> lucianpassive.png to cancel the W animation and allowing you to get the most MS buff duration after hitting your enemies with lucianw.png mark. 

lucianw.png is a decent ability at scouting since it gives vision and marks enemies with "Sight" meaning you can never accident "miss" or "face check" near a brush with no vision from your team.

- A very advanced/surprising trick is you can lucianw.png then 4.png to extend the range, allowing 236.png to get a surprise hit on lucianw.png and start going off with his abilities/passive/auto attacks thanks to the extra mobility since lucianw.png hit.

lucianw.png range is slightly larger then 236.png's auto attack range  (around 2 teemos after your attack attack range) you may press C to verify and compare it to your lucianw.png range.

What this means is that it is better to ignore/sacrifice your lucianpassive.png from casting lucianw.png and use luciane.png  immediately after, if you are trying to hit some one with lucianw.png. This allows for an animation cancel of sorts, as well as allowing 236.png to be in range to auto attack/ hit lucianpassive.png to grant him the movement speed bonus. Don't forget even your allies can trigger the movement speed buff for you and that the mark/"sight" lasts for 6 seconds after an enemy target gets hit.

luciane.png: Relentless Pursuit

- best used with lucianw.png and lucianq.png and applying lucianpassive.png
  you may use lucianw.png and lucianr.png immediately after to get the MS bonus and positioning to do max damage with your lucianr.png

- secure your lucianw.png targets/marks with luciane.png and stack the movement speed buff from lucianw.png as long as possible

- You can control the range of your luciane.png cast, the shorter you cast it the faster auto(s)/lucianpassive.png you can get off.

lucianr.png : The Culling

lucianr.png does a respectable amount of damage through all of its levels (6/11/16)
- Be very careful about casting lucianr.png so it doesn't get interrupted unless you want it do 
Note: Consider canceling the ability early since lucianpassive.png last for 3 seconds after you cast an ability.
- A very common trick is to hit an enemy champion(s) with lucianw.png and use lucianr.png after, it will grant you movement speed for your entire ultimate channel so long as you are hitting marked targets ( from lucianw.png).

Ex of skill order: lucianw.png -> lucianr.png 

Ex 2: lucianw.png -> lucianr.png -> luciane.png into position for more damage from lucianr.png or auto attacks.lucianpassive.png afterwards with your abilities

- Remember your lucianr.png no longer scales/factor in attack speed it is a fixated amount of 20/25/30 bullets total depending on skill level (6/11/16)

Overall game play [Laning to End Game]

Early Game/Laning

- I cannot emphasize it more Lucian is an early game champion, as such should be expected to play aggressive. Although you have an issue with your auto attack range (500) his mobility and kill potential is very respectable if he doesn't fall too behind.

Ideally you want a tank/aggro/engage support.

EX: 53.png 117.png 89.png

- Manage your mana, it will take practice but do not run out of mana in lane and still be full HP. Unless you are forced into it by the enemy jungler/enemy support or your opponent has a long range ADC.

- So since 236.png has 500 range, this brings up the issue of playing high range ADCs/ranged support

EX: 267.png 51.png
This is usually not an issue for 236.png since he has all in potential and can chase you forever until you are under the turret and he has no minions/some one to tank for him. Allow your opponents to push towards your side of the map so your jungler can punish the opposing bot lane for abusing their range. Your support can also take more risk as long as your jungler is near the bottom side of the map.

- Do not always play aggressive factor in what your support picked and how they play. If your support leaves you in a 1 v 2 scenario for whatever reason you may have to tone down your aggression/play style or possibly request your support to hear what you have to say about how you want/plan to play the laning phase out.

- Remember jungler is a thing early game, and if you see the enemy jungler at all bot side recently chances are the enemy jungler will try and stay bot lane a bit longer because of 236.png's 500 auto attack range if you are pushing in towards the enemy side of the map.


Mid Game/Laning

- after winning bot lane/getting the enemy bot outer turret early transition to top or mid and request the laners to swap accordingly. If the enemy top/mid do not respond they will be in a 1v2 scenario afterwards or aren't strong enough to keep 236.png in check from pushing/hitting the other outer turrets. [This is a very common strategy but is very important for 236.png since he has 500 range and can get punish easily pushing towards the bot inner turret too early in the game]

- due to 236.png's mobility you can act as a jungler/tank mid game, and engage for your team. Although you have no Crowd Control you can force your opponents to fight back or run away mindlessly and your team can 4.png engage most likely. Just expect to blow your own summoner(s) as well, which is fine as long as your team wins the fight overall.

Late Game

- this is where 236.png becomes hit or miss. He is very mobile (emphasizing), however his auto range is only 500 which is a huge down side in late game scenarios. [Tanks are very tanky and can stick easily on targets, while damage dealers can hit targets easily within 500 range]

- Winning the game comes down to how hard you snowball your lead bot lane to make the enemy ADC weaker. However, it boils down to mechanics at this point. So long as you are using luciane.png and kiting your auto attack range of 500 and doing damage without getting Crowd Control or "blown up" you will be able to strive even in late game.

- sieging structures may be an issue, but you can set up to split push easily with 236.png's mobility. When going for end game structures as 236.png, you have to have a keen eye for lethal skill shots such as 61.png's orianaizunacommand.png into her ultimate. You are fine to siege normally so long as your team zones or punishes your opponents.

- Lastly, 236.png does great DPS to baron/dragon do not be afraid to rush these objectives when your opponents have no vision or are at an awkward spot on the map.

Game Play and Lucian Video(s) Back to Top

Lucian Strategy/Generic Gameplay

-  lucianq.png is 236.png's only source of wave clear early on in the game  (AOE wave clear), his lucianr.png can be used for wave clearing but it is an ultimate with a hefty cool down compare to lucianq.png. Try to hit all minions in a linear line first before trying to harass your opponents, to get the minion wave advantage. 

Ntoe: lucianq.png cool down is relatively short so you can choose to poke first or control the minion wave first, ideally you do not want the minion wave up since your auto range is only 500 and you will take unwanted minion agro damage trading on top of full wave if your support does not take agro first.

-  Remember all your abilities so long as you hit a champion/minion/etc. withlucianpassive.png will lower the CD of your luciane.png. This allows for mistakes so do not be afraid to even use luciane.png to secure a cannon minion and etc. 

- You may feel 236.png's is "slow" during laning phase/early stages of the game that is because lucianq.png scales from level 1-18 on how fast it is casted/animated. As a 236.png player you want to  get used to the lucianq.png timings for every so level. This will allow you to make less mistakes or miss out on damage  with lucianpassive.png

lucianq.png is a solid poke ability, especially for enemy ADC/Support with no dash ability.

Another way to use lucianq.png to poke is aiming at minions but positioning yourself to hit the enemies from your AA range but with lucianq.png [ Both lucianq.png and 236.png Auto Attack Range are exactly the same]. 

You do this to avoid immediate minion agro when the wave is even/there is a cannon minion/just simply to get a better immediate trade
- Lucian is a lane oriented champion with a very mobile kit that lets him be more mobile as the game progresses. Remember the key to understanding 236.png is to understand his auto attack range is 500  and to use luciane.png at the right time.

  • There are 3 separate opportunities for luciane.png usage in lane
  - to poke, meaning you are just going for a favorable trade and backing off when the enemy CC abilities are available from the ADC or the support. It is important to factor in whether or not the enemy laners you are facing have some sort of escape/mobile ability before using luciane.png cool down.
  - to escape, meaning you keep luciane.png up when you focus on pushing the wave or using it very early to push in the wave so you will have it back up as you push towards the enemies' side of the map/enemy bot lane turret. In general avoid being near the enemy bot lane turret if you do not feel comfortable about yourself/your support versus their bot lane, but if you can get some hits on the enemy bot outer turret do so because you have your luciane.png available. Just do not try it versus a 53.png (in most cases).

  - to all in/follow up, your support engages or your jungler is approaching in at level 6 or has some sort of crowd control (even red buff slow counts). These moments is where 236.png excels at since he can do a ton of damage as long as someone keeps the target(s) in place. When such situations occur be prepared to use your Summoner Spells (Ideally not under the enemy turret until you are ahead). Use your luciane.png to chain lucianpassive.png and abilities hit, position forward as needed as you weave autos, do not be stationary especially on Lucian since he has 500 range.

- Avoid using lucianw.png to CS, since the AOE aspect is very weak since it is AP damage and the mana cost is not cheap in terms of going for CS with it. 

You may use lucianw.png for CSing to push/recall early as well, just understand you are risking opportunities for your support to get a good 2v2 engage/ all in.

- Lastly, if you are not doing so well [ like doing very bad laning phase transitioning to mid and late game] play for objectives and try to get your team to focus on objectives as well since you are not strong enough. Remember even if 236.png loses lane, he can be very useful and strong in 1v1 scenarios with his mobility luciane.png and sieging structures because of his lucianpassive.png.


YouTube Game-play [Stats included]

- I will be show casing 2 videos one of how 236.png plays from an 0/5 deficit (Losing Lane)
  •   The second video will show case ability tricks/combos/resets 179.png

Lucian Full Game play Replay [30 minutes + Lost Lane]

- I chose this replay because it emphasizes that despite losing lane you can still be useful in many way(s)

1. you can be a shot caller, in this game I ping/called objectives over going for kills in full on team fight(s). The best call was when I assume some one will fix the wave bot and immediately start walking towards Baron. Ideally you want vision control/Baron area swept but the support was not the best,

2. I went 0/5 after laning phase ended, so because of this I cannot just group up and ask for full on 5v5 fights. Rather, focus on playing for picks because of our team comp having 41.png 142.png. The front line is not that strong as well due to my support 201.png not being good mechanically.

3. The build I chose is the most popular crit build Essence Reaver/Rapid Fire,PD, or Shiv/ and IE, allowing me to 1v1 very easily which fit the play style of focusing on turrets/ splitting and or rotating when needed.

Lucian Ability Combos/Animation Reset/Cancels and Flash Combo Video


- playlist for all videos:

- You can at any point cast something/do something the moment lucianpassive.png's first auto goes off. What this means is that you can use abilities (except for lucianw.png it will be 

- For the optimal full combo showed in the video, you do not need to cast the entire combo demonstrated the main thing to note is that you should always auto attack (normal or lucianpassive.png) before casting lucianq.png  since lucianq.png and 236.png's auto attack range are the same. 

And again, lucianq.png is an animation cancel ability/auto reset so you aren't going to die most likely doing an auto attack before casting lucianq.png

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