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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Hey, you're a support botlane, not some AP carry wannabe!

3.png Use this on the enemy ADC for 2v2 skirmishes. This is a direct, heavy debuff that heavily limits the target's ability to attack, not just a slowing device. Just think of this as a "fuck you carries" point-and-click button. Very good for shutting very fed carries down especially when doubled with luluw.png.
4.png Pretty self-explanatory. Not just a tool to escape from shit or even a tool to get ahead and snipe kills, this triples as a way to bait in style and you can pretend to be Fizz or LB for a while.

14.pngIf you want to pretend to be Brand and set people on fire. If you are focused into pure snowballing, early game, and super tough early kill lane dominance, this is for you.

3.png Vs. 14.png:

Yes, I do know that many supports prefer the ignite path because of how they often play her as if she was a mage and go ballsdeep when it comes to poking. However, if you actually play her as a semi-peeler support, you're most likely not going to get early kills, so you're not going to find ignite anytime useful. And in fact, ignite is for mainly early game, meaning it will be sorta useless later on. Exhaust, however, is useful in all stages of the game because % damage reduction is always a good way to fuck up enemy carries and whatnot.

If you KNOW how to use ignite and know that you will 100% snowball a lane, take ignite. Otherwise, exhaust. So what the hell is the meta again?

New Runes Back to Top

Behold, the new and actually crazy runes! Since it's preseason, things will still be WIP.

Luckily, for Lulu support, there's at least three different keystones you can take on her and still make work.

Summon%20Aerie.png?width=64Summon%20Aerie.png?width=64Summon AerySummon%20Aerie.png?width=64Summon%20Aerie.png?width=64

If you're gonna follow this guide with this semi-poke, semi-peel, mid-lines playstyle, Aery is probably going to be your bestest friend. Even after her damage is gonna be nerfed real soon, Aery is still going to be pretty standard on Lulu support. Basically, she is Pix's best friend, his long lost little sister, or your second pet. Since you're gonna auto and shield reactively and timely, Aery basically complements everything you do.

Other Sorcery runes worth noting:
  • Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32 This basically makes up for the lack of mana regen runes, and you WILL be able to last at least a minute longer in lane in terms of mana usage.
  • Transcendence.png?width=32 With 10% cdr slapped onto EVERY item you own, this basically gives you a free kick of AP, with 40 at most into the late game. It's not that impressive to the eyes of mages, but good enough for a cheap support like you. Taking Celerity.png?width=32 also works, but it's more preference-based, though I have still yet to test the numbers (there's a tooltip error in Clerity).
  • Scorch.png?width=32Waterwalking.png?width=32 These are preference-based, but since Lulu isn't the best at roaming early on, I prefer scorch. More damage for almost free (like Aery), it goes well with your pokes.
Your secondary should be from Inspiration, because the "rule-bending" utility is extremely useful on cheap supports like you.
  • Since you're stacking CDR with Transcendence.png?width=32, might as well get Cosmic%20Insight.png?width=32 for more stacking bonuses. These do go hand-in-hand but it's not the end of the world if you don't take both together. Preference-based.
  • Future\'s%20Market.png?width=32 Seriously, this one's worth it especially when you're trying to wait for that Sightstone, or even just an extra potion and control ward. A real boost to your shitty innate sustain.
  • In many cases where you are stuck against mage shit, take Biscuit%20Delivery.png?width=32 instead of future's market.
I personally like taking those two, but feel free to go wild with these inspiration runes.

Because of how quickly and easily YOU can proc it, this pretty much gives you >1kg worth of items, ranging from sustain-boosters, stat-boosters, or even just rng bags of gold. VERY good in lanes where you have to force yourself to chicken out, and that landing a Q once every 30 seconds is the best you can sneak out of. However, this is just as great when YOU'RE the one being the bully.

That tree you can basically go WILD. However, to make sure your sustain is still in tact, taking Sorcery as secondary is still a good idea mainly because of Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32.

What's wrong with runes from Domination and Resolve trees?

Yes, they DO work on Lulu support, but with this semi-poke, semi-peel playstyle, you're not gonna benefit much from anything from Domination and Resolve trees. Resolve (and especially Guardian.png?width=32) requires you to be hyper defensive and/or stand super close to your allies, which is THE recipe for disaster if you're gonna be the tactician support, as AoE comps can singlehandedly fuck over you and your teammates, while you can only peel from one thing at a time; that's Janna's job. Domination also works perfectly fine on Lulu support, but requires you to be hyper-aggressive, which defeats the purpose of this guide.

Abilities Back to Top


This is the ideal ability order I normally get, though is matchup dependent. See teamfights section for how and when to use them during teamfights.

In high poke matchups, I recommend getting 2 more points into lulue.png before level 6, then straight up max luluw.png afterwards. You need some extra shielding and "trading" strength so that you and your ADC won't cry as hard in matchups like these.


  • You get to smear glitter on people
  • Main source of damage and harass
  • Your excuse to still have some waveclear as support
  • Good for pre-lane skirmishes, and better level 1 zoning potential
  • Good for short-range bush checking. If you hear a "ping", something is inside.
  • Your only skillshot, though don't worry if you can't land perfect ones because Lulu support is more dependent on how well she uses W and R
  • Perfect followup tool, it has saved teammates and gave people kills so many times, so good idea to learn to land it anyways
  • Get this first unless you are planning on playing hyper defensively in lane, which doesn’t happen too often.
  • Not that worth maxing anymore unless you are in a matchup where you have to poke/kite a lot
  • Don’t forget to use it to kite! Yes just because it’s nerfed and that people stopped maxing it, that doesn’t mean you don’t use it at all. Just fire it in the direction of the enemy team whenever possible, good for getting stacks on 3174.png and procing the 3303.png quest reward passive as well

 lulue.png **************READ BELOW FOR MORE NOTES!!!!!**************

  • Get this second so that you can help your ADC start trading and maybe start soaking up some damage
  • Don’t add anymore points past rank 3 because you’re asking yourself to run OOM instantly by that point
  • Time accordingly using E for shielding purposes
  • You get to ward enemies aka ANTI STEALTH, only reason you should ever enemy cast (and again SEE BELOW)
  • Try using it on someone else other than yourself unless you really need that shield for any given reason
  • I see people getting it first but honestly it’s playstyle/matchup dependent.

  • Your #1 signature move. Especially in fanarts.
  • Use this sparingly since it has a long CD
  • Stops shit from casting things, autoattacking, and channeling. Very powerful tool.
  • Also makes allies go fast and kill fast. Perfect if you want your allies to kill shit faster, like buildings or people
  • In 2v2 or even in teamfights try to chain this shit with 3.png. #1 tilting strat
  • Get it level 3 since most supports can pull off full combo by then, unless you are certain that you can fuck over a cheesy level 2 gank/engage using W
  • Actually a projectile
  • Enemies will hate you for using this shit correctly, very important to know who/when to use it on (see teamfights for better notes)
  • MAX THIS ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Signature move #2
  • Knock shit up, give that same person a slow aura and more targetable
  • Can also be used to save, though do this only when you can’t/don’t need to followup, OR that whatever you need to save is more important than simply following up (happens here and there)
  • If you are using to just save, make sure to do it when they have >20% HP left, because using it lower than that they’re gonna die anyways most of the time
  • Try not to use it on yourself unless you seriously need to live for any given reason (which happens, just like how ADCs use heal just to save you and they get doubles from there)
  • If you know you are going to die 100%, be sure to use it on ANYONE
  • Use it to disrupt, NOT heal!!!!!!!!!!



The first three levels and its skill order: luluq.png > lulue.png > luluw.png

Why does this matter?

I have gotten a LOT of people getting lulue.png first, but honestly, that basically means you're telling the enemy laners you're going to cosplay Janna and that you don't want interaction at all, therefore giving up most of your lane dominance. It's not only mana costly, but its range is too short to trade without losing half of your HP (unless the enemy botlane is too stupid to not fight back a stupid Lulu player, which happens even in "high elo" anyways), and CAN slow down your level 2 rush. Against high threat lanes like Draven, Blitzcrank, Lucian, or the like, starting E is basically giving in against them. Most supports that aren't enchanters have way more engage/poke range than your shitty "barely autoattack" range cast E, and you can get easily bullied out at level ONE if you lack that range on top of your actually-still-squishy self.

Yes, your luluq.png can help "push" the wave, especially where a level 2 rush can become very helpful if your ADC doesn't have good early waveclear (hello Jhin and Vayne). It can shoo off enemy supports so that they don't get a free lane starting at level 1, and helps "ward" the brushes since you got an extra pair of arms to see whatever the hell is going on.

Next, you want to get lulue.png second because that's when people will start poking even more. This also lets your ADC know that it is okay to start trading, and if the enemy relies on level 3 for engage, this is THE perfect time to run them over.

You don't want to get luluw.png until level 3 because 1) its CD is VERY long at rank 1 (16 seconds w/o CDR) and you could have been doing more useful things by then SUCH AS POKING, 2) a lot of supports don't engage at level 3, and 3) that's when junglers start ganking.

I will remind you one more time that starting lulue.png against Draven is basically asking to int because he will outtrade everyone 100%.

I will go over how and when to use them in my other sections.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard start. RIP mana pots :(
    What?! Spellthief's quest reward is too good on Lulu that getting coin is not that worth anymore. Though in matchups where you have to chicken out, you can still win the "gold gen race".
    if you know for sure you won't be using wards at all (you will, so you're not gonna start that unless in very extreme cases)
    Start like this if you are not worried about sustain, health-wise, or that you are against an all-or-nothing matchup (therefore making red sodas useless), not recommended
    Welcome to botlane, where you will never know how long you will be camping there, therefore making the refill feature kinda pointless. (do not get it especially in soloQ)

Core Items

    Get this asap (see below). if not, DO get it before leaving lane, vision is key! The yellow trinket is NOT enough.
    Don't forget to switch trinkets once you get your Sightstone, unless you are camping botlane for more than 6 minutes at once.
    Get this early if you have trouble dodging skillshots, or don't need that much vision early on. Otherwise you can get this after getting Sightstone.
    Finish this asap, after boots and Sightstone. Basically your bread-and-butter knife (see below)
    If you started coin for any given reason, might as well.
    Vision is too important to delayed, and it's kind of nerfed in terms of laning. FQC is a much better stat stick to have with you.
    Because of mana regen and blue soda changes, rushing this is recommended.
    Goes hand-in-hand with your frosty butter knife. Upgrade it to ruby whenever you can.
    Rush this once you get to level 9. A scout's best tool.
    Your inventory should look something like this before getting anything else. Basically your "soloQ survival kit".
    Since a lot of things have slows and that you are gonna find yourself Q kiting quite often, it's a not at all bad standard buy. Makes scouting much easier, too.
    Always good to have one of these placed whenever possible. It's got a shiny new package label, so buy it!
    With Transcendence, you don't have to worry about overcapping CDR anymore! This lowers your CD on summoner spells, so you can exhaust more things.
    A pretty standard buy, especially if your non-ADC teammates also rely on autos/on-hit to deal damage. Thanks Riot for real nerfs!
    After 7.12 it got a little change so that it's no longer useless late game. Because of how its new passives work, get this second. In a meta where everyone and everything gets deleted, buy this at your own risk.
    Get this instead of Ardent Censer if your ADC is shit AND your other teammates don't need attackspeed. Otherwise i just get it last.

Situational Items

    Good buy if you need armor
    Sisnce it's designed for melee champs due to its active, I wouldn't recommend it.
    What? It got reworked? you can never go wrong with spellshields. And a little kick of AP for you, too!
    Rto pretty much nerfed the active pretty darn hard late game, but if you still want (some) MR and a 5-man cancer shield, still can't go wrong with one of this.
    Get this only if you know how to use it 100%, or else you don't have to get one.
    Not that good of a buy, unless your team is full of chickens; let your tank get this instead.
    You're better off deleting wards and spooky ghosts does the scouting job better anyways. Not worth the buy unless your entire team somehow all have red trinkets.
    When you ran out of pocket space, has leftover gold, and is not saving for anything else.
    When enemy team has way too much CC and/or you think some tenacity would be helpful, though right now it's pretty underwhelming.
    if you're crying out for extra armor and don't give a shit about CDR on your summoners.
    Since Rito kinda gutted it for non-tanks, it's not that good on supports anymore: Randuin's is better. Though if you like fun and tilting just the enemy ADC, still a good buy for laughs.
    Now a tank item. you don't even use ult to engage! You're better off buying real defense items if you need them.
    Usually my end-game build. This is enough to be "invincible", and where your allies also stop dying because you are just so smart at knowing how to outsmart idiots.
    Garbage. Do not get these noobtraps (see below)
    Very situational AP goodies, get them only when very ahead (see below)
    Toys that you most likely can't afford, though never hurt if you know the investment is worth!
    With how much more "mobile" you will have to be nowadays, getting this is kinda dangerous especially if you are caught on a scouting mission. But really, up to you.
    Situational and playstyle-dependent. With how too good FQC is especially in soloQ, I don't really recommend the eye paths, but it's up to you.
    More of a strictly tank item now. 'nuff said.

Everything pretty much explained on the chart. Rito finally put Athene's into her recommended items for support! :-)

In general, CDR and mana regen are the most important stats on Lulu support, and should also focus on more defensive options. If you read other sections, then you would know that she doesn't really need AP or any form of offensive scalings because her spells are used for utility purposes (for example, R = used for knockup not heals). You aren't necessarily the tank, but more like the off-tank support where you don't blow up from one damage spell.

Why's that? You're here to peel and help people kill shit, not to blow stuff up on your own or "heal" people. Kinda like why a lot of mmorpg healers are sorta tanky so they can focus on healing others. You, as Lulu support, works just like that. In fact, building defensive also means you can bait even harder, and will be more likely to get out alive (yes, even with the season 6 damage creep).

Some players like to go full tank on Lulu support, while some others like to go full AP. Both styles of itemization are perfectly acceptable on Lulu support since you can literally build anything and still make it work on Lulu in general, but you are going to miss out a lot with either itemization path. Full AP, of course, means you are going full squish and it makes your followup, peeling, and sometimes baiting job very hard or near impossible. Full tank is more acceptable as a support, but with that you will lose out on a lot of poking power and sustain, meaning you will go OOM very easily. Because you want to do as much as possible as a support who can't engage and whose disengage is a bit mediocre, you are going to have to "balance" your builds out by getting some of everything. Can't make "perfect plays"? This offtank one AP support item build would be perfect for you!

Otherwise, feel free to mix and match! You're a support loaded with utility, after all, so it's best that you build according to situation.


2044_64.png RIP 2009-2015

RIP sight wards you will be missed. I never loved you, but after yellow totem got its early game gutted, I suddenly remembered how important you have been, and is now thrown into the vault...

Just kidding at least this no longer the "whoever buys more wards wins". Nothing of value was lost :^)


The sightstone, the ultimate tool to vision across the vast Summoner's Rift. Why rush it?

It's not a mandatory FIRST rush, but remember, since you are Lulu:
  • Your peels are limited, so anticipation AND playing smart may be necessary.
  • Enemy support is a tank that LOVES hiding in a bush. And since it's the shitty tank support meta... yes, you should take it before getting your 2nd level gold item.
  • Since people know that Lulu lanes should be ganked/camped so she doesn't roll out of control, enemy mid/top/junglers LOVE coming botlane because of YOU.
  • Who doesn't like wards that you can spam place forever, especially if enemy support got a scanner?
DO NOT SKIP VISION OR LEAVE THE LANE WITHOUT A SIGHTSTONE unless the enemy team is stupid and somehow don't know how to punish teams for not having vision.


Don't forget to keep a few of these in your inventory! Thanks to stealth changes, you don't have to play the "throw the ward and poly someone or else die in 2 seconds" game anymore!

However, it's still great for shit like 107.png 29.png 28.png.


3303.png VS. 3301.png

What, coin HAS been meta because baddies were begging for its buffs? Nothing new to see here!

Ah, yes, the ever-heated debate of which one Lulu should get botlane. To decide on which one to get, it depends on your matchup or playstyle. So in general...

3303.png is for normal matchups where you can mash AA or Q anytime you want to get some money rolling in. Because of how amazing and useful its quest reward will be, you'll pretty much get this almost every time now.

3301.png is for matchups/playstyles where you have to back off and chicken out, because enemy poke is so nasty and/or you and your ADC can't fight back, period. Don't really recommend this, but since it still always wins the "gold gen race", no one's stopping you.


Lulu support’s bread-and-butter knife. So why the hell is the author advertising this?
  • Good stat stick that lets you easily transition into midgame
  • Free assists from afar
  • Super long range slowing device
  • One of the greatest scouting tools in the game. No aiming necessary, they will aim for you
  • Since your team most likely won’t ward for shit, an extra pair of long range eyes will help you with better vision coverage.
  • If you think they are taking dragon, the spooky ghosts will tell you otherwise.
With how the build paths have changed recently, sometimes it's not the best idea to rush this because of the build path changes. However, since in clown fiesta soloQ environments where a survival kit is still necessary, it's still okay to rush this since you're probably not gonna trust your teammates to look out shit for you.

If your teammates are actually not clowns (yeah right, that won't happen in low elo soloQ), sometimes you can opt in for the eye instead.


Especially with your supporty income and the importance of vision and utility, you're probably not going build this until after you exit lane. I know, the sustain it gives is pretty much Riot's personal gift to you, but don't build it unless you got your core items (vision, level 3 gold item, and shoes) because vision is too important to be skipped.

Even after lane, the sustain it gives you is still just as beneficial, so don't fret if you think you're going to miss out. Yes, there are cases where you're going to keep this with you for a while especially rushing certain utility items are sometimes necessary, and a little chalice is good enough to make sure your mana will be seemingly endless... or maybe.

And especially after how it's changed so that it's not that OP anymore.


3504.png3174.png3107.png The Mana Regen Trinity 3107.png3174.png3504.png

The order: 3504.png > 3174.png > 3107.png (optional)

3504_64.png Step 1: Ardent Cancer 3504_64.png

Now that it's actually nerfed to the point where it's no longer "first rush before boots and sightstone or troll", you no longer have to rush this the first thing you return to the shop! Get this sometime after your little "survival kit" (FQC, boots, and sightstone) is good enough.

Even with that being "gutted" (let's get real here, it's still > 100% gold efficient without any of the passives), it's still a pretty good buy, because you're still gonna have teammates that rely on on-hits, like your jungler.

3107.png Step 1 (Alt): Redemption 3107.png

Get this after FQC if and only if:
  • Your ADC is so behind that he is not worth buffing
  • NONE of your teammates need attackspeed
  • Your ADC is a pussy caster like Ezreal or Jhin

3174_64.png Step 2: Athene's Unholy Grail 3174_64.png 

Passive TL;DR: deal damage to enemy champions > collect x charges depending on how much damage you deal > next time you heal/shield you heal an additional x HP. The charge collect rate JUST got a little +5% buff.

This is fairly out of meta especially with how very little Lulu players even use their Q for anything, but it still serves its niche of poke-and-shield playstyle. Wait... "poke-and-shield playstyle"? That's what Lulu support does!

With the new buffs, it is no longer 90% useless late game! The more mana regen you build, the more bonus AP you will get. What does that now mean? BUILD MORE MANA REGEN! And how do you make the dank passive work better? Build Ardent Cancer first!

Why are people saying it's still a "mid item" when midlaners don't even build mana regen anymore?

Because of how the meta works ever since the sieging days of season 6 are over, you might as well skip it if you really want to win. Still a fun item to have, though.

3107.png Optional: Redemption 3107.png

Thanks to the nerfs, it's no longer an insta-buy! However, with the still kinda generalist stats it has (hp + hp regen), it's still a standard buy if Censer doesn't fit to your item choice criteria.

Because of how OP Ardent is and the Athene's buffs, you don't have to build it immediately. Probably a generous last item to multiply the active heal effects as well as adding more AP thanks to Athene's.

If you prefer playing a more manly way, you may choose "defensive" items instead of Redemption.



Mikael's is often a "must-have" on supports. However, you can actually live WITHOUT it. Your ADC got suppressed? He's getting his own 3140_32.png to deal with that alone (and plus, Mikael's doesn't remove suppressions). Your AP mid got into trouble? He's either gonna peel on his own and/or use  3157_32.png. But if you really think the enemy team is fucking your squishy over with a fuckton of cc, this would help but it's more of a situational kind of thing. I like to call that "the emergency toilet paper" when your teammate accidentally shat in his pants.

Personally, I don't get it myself because I hardly ever found time to use it, but if you know how to utilize that, then yes, DO get it.

3110.png VS. 3143.png

I'd pick 3110.png over 3143.png for armor for many reasons:
  • 30 more armor.
  • Frozen heart gives you 400 mana and 20% CDR, while Randuin's give you 450 health and -10% crit damage. Personally, I'd prefer extra mana and CDR over plain ol' tankyness because... well... Lulu needs mana and CDR more.
  • It is cheaper, by 100 gold.
  • Randuin's active is more for people who get into melee range. Since Lulu hardly gets into melee range, you will probably never use its active. Why buy an item if you're not using its active?
  • It's your best solution to deal with enemy Master Yi's, as well as a good handful of fed ADCs.
  • You don't need a Randuin's to prevent kiting, as you can do it yourself just by simply running away and mashing buttons on your keyboard. A Frozen heart will do just enough already.
And we wonder why this is also recommended on supports' item builds. Or used to.

Personally, I'm not a fan of this because you basically have to make your ADC your bitch by healing for you or something, and that you don't mind sacrificing your own body for your ADC's shitty ass. If anything, you will end up doing the opposite: you are here to draw the enemy's attention away from your more important teammates. If you have trust issues and don't like supporting just one thing, this is not for you.


TL;DR: Upon casting your ult, you generate a shitty version of your ult aura and your surrounding allies have a mini red buff while that shit's active.

TLDR #2: shitty on Lulu support. That shit's more designed on tanks, why do you think it has +30 MR instead of +30 AP?


The mage items

In general, you have to put the assumption that supports have a shit income compared to that of their teammates. Which means, if you're going to invest in AP, which is very expensive, realize that you will NOT get to finish them as quickly as your teammates do, due to the absence of farming and kills.


The only time you're ever building them is because you're trying to have fun or you are seriously just going to be your team's midlaner (which hardly ever happens), otherwise don't bother.

3020.png: 100% noobtrap, unless you are going full AP mode, your damage is going to be garbage. Magic pen outside lane means your damage is going to matter, and that since yours don't, you're not going to build it. Plenty of better shoes that gives much more effective stats.
3027.png: First of all, you're not going to have time to finish it ASAP and make a use of your passive, and second, these stats aren't what you're looking for.
3089.png: Nearly 4k gold, are you serious?!?!?!? That's pretty much HALF of your lifetime savings as a support! If you're ever planning on building that, you're simply asking yourself to never buy items again.
3157.png: Its defensive stats are so mediocre that it's not worth investing at all. That teeny-tiny armor will make even you laugh. 3k gold for an active that you won't find yourself using is not really worth at all since you, AS A SUPPORT, is not going to be focused (unless the enemy team is stupid), overall not worth the gold. Also, the moment you stop peeling (because that's what Zhonya's do), you are also putting your teammates into danger, and you don't want that. You're not Morgana or Fiddlesticks who actually have to put themselves in middle of teamfights just to do their job, so save some bucks.
3030.png: Like RoA its stats are so mediocre, and its active... no, your Q is better in every shape or form in comparison.

Yes, I have also heard that 3009.png3111.png3047.png are nerfed and therefore are "shitty", but anything is better than buying completely worthless stats.

It's ok to get these only if you are AHEAD*:

*and that you are not really dying. NOT RECOMMENDED.

3151.png: Yes, magic pen is shitty on Lulu, but if you love bonus (% MAX HP) damage, it's a good situational item. Though pretty expensive, it's not an at all bad buy if you don't need defense and would like some AP stats. "Free" HP too!
3116.png: Only when you need AP and lots of HP all at once, and/or you just love doing E enemy cast so much that an extra slow is necessary (not when you read this guide though). Otherwise it's nearly garbage noobtrap tier.
3041.png: You want a welfare version of the cap? Not dying at all? Somehow the game managed to last long enough for you to stack your little stack of books? Get one to look even smarter!
3152.png: If you want an extra hilarious kick of mobility to make weird plays. Stats aren't too shabby, and it's not that expensive.
3100.png: If you're crazy for AA'ing enemies. Though most likely not gonna happen since the moment you step in so close, you die. More of a playstyle buy.
3285.png: If any of the above just don't seem appealing to you, and/or that you and/or your team is just that ahead.
3165.png: Ever since it has become a strictly burst mage item, a support like you won't find a use for it. Plus, you won't even level much! But for any reason you want to carry AND/OR need GW for any reason, buy one. Dealing damage CAN be fun at times too!

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  • Master Yi
  • Miss Fortune
  • Mordekaiser
  • Morgana
  • Nami
  • Nautilus
  • Nidalee
  • Nunu
  • Orianna
  • Ornn
  • Quinn
  • Rakan
  • Shaco
  • Shen
  • Singed
  • Sivir
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Syndra
  • Tahm Kench
  • Taric
  • Teemo
  • Thresh
  • Tristana
  • Trundle
  • Twitch
  • Varus
  • Vayne
  • Veigar
  • Vel'Koz
  • Volibear
  • Xayah
  • Yorick
  • Ziggs
  • Zilean
  • Zyra




Usually you will have an easier time, just as long you keep your distance away from him. However, a good, brave Alistar can still screw up botlane and snowball his ADC to oblivion.

  • You outrange him in every aspect, even in your autos. Just mash AA and that's all you need. Though uncommon, beware of cheesy flash-Q's at level 1.
  • Because he is so tanky and has very excellent peel and decent sustain, don't expect any kills.
  • Post-6 and after lane he is nearly unkillable, so focusing him is never a good idea unless his teammates are dead. Saving luluw.png for him would be a good idea to prevent such cheesy engage, though.
  • You AND your ADC will want to keep an arm distance at all costs, which means try not to let someone tank. If you don't, a brave Alistar will maul someone over with his combos.




Just your typical uncommon high-damage super-squishy mage matchup.

  • Dodge everything she throws at you, and keep your distance so he E doesn't shred you.
  • She drains mana faster than you do so let her drain hers before you drain your own.
  • Try to harass her as much as you can because she is SO squishy. If you and your ADC are good/strong enough, you can easily blow off her passive at level 1.
  • Post-6 she reaches a little powerspike, so try to avoid getting caught in anything she throws, especially her R-E combo.
  • Outside lane treat her like any other mage.




Just your typical high-damage super-squishy mage matchup, even though with bullshit stuns that she gets to keep forever.

  • Because her cast range for spells is shorter than yours, it is a good idea to just keep your distance from her.
  • If she is going to use disintegrate.png stun on someone, run as far away as possible so if you are stunned, you are in a less dangerous spot. If she targets your ADC, prepare your shields and peels so the pain isn't as bad.
  • Try to harass her as much as you can because she is SO squishy. If you and your ADC are good/strong enough, you can easily blow off her summoners early enough.
  • Post-6 she reaches a MASSIVE powerspike, so avoid bunching up especially with her stun up.
  • No, seriously, don't bunch up, that's how she lands her super cheesy tibbers stun ult.



Overall it all depends on how smart you and Ashe are, it's completely skills matchup and depending on situation.

If she is the ADC:
  • It's a better idea to harass her using luluq.png because of her powerful zoning abilities, even though try to AA her when she is taking farm; she has no way to fight back like this.
  • Usually RIGHT when she reaches level 6, she will start engaging with her ult. Hide behind your ADC so you can peel, don't group up, and/or just plain ol' dodge it.
  • If she manages to land a few consecutive autos on you, try to run away as quickly as possible. She WILL kite you to death!
  • Try using minions as a "shield" so you don't get poked by her asheW.png.
I DO seen Ashe support before and it's very painful. You're better off hiding behind your ADC if you ever come across that matchup. Taking 3301.png is recommended.



This is skills matchup, depending on how smart/stupid enemy Bard is. If he is smart, you'll want to shed some tears. If he isn't, then fodder for your ADC.
  • Try to stay away from the walls, champions, or from minion waves, because if bardQ.png lands on something else that's not just yourself, you will be stunned. And that stun lasts forever.
  • Get rid of bardW.png whenever possible. Sometimes they are used as traps, so beware!
  • As a designated roaming support, be sure to ping MIA if it's ever gone. It actually travels across the map rather fast, so keep your eyes peeled.
  • bardE.png are often "traps" as well, so use that tunnel with caution.




It is usually skills matchup because it's either someone gets grabbed or they don't. Honestly I NEVER find it fun to go against Blitz because of his "toxic" gameplay... ugh. I mean come on, he zones by just existing!

  • As selfish as this sounds, it is usually better to let him grab your ADC than to grab you, because your disegage is strong enough to fuck up his combos. If he gets YOU, then you can't do all that "for shits and giggles" disengage. But if he gets your ADC, then you can, therefore HE becomes the one getting fucked over.
  • Try to poke him as much as you can, AA is all you really need.
  • Almost always he WILL invade before laning starts. Look out after your jungler if he doesn't show up to lane. (IMPORTANT)
  • He loves to hide in unwarded spots (i.e. bushes), so expect to know when he's gonna grab something. Rushing 2049.png or 1001.png is recommended.
  • It's better to let your ADC get grabbed because his combo IS nearly impossible to escape. That way, you can actually mash some buttons and save a life. Save your lulur.png for that for the "grab the Amumu" trick.
  • HINT: rocketgrab.png range = luluq.png range, so if you know you can't poke him, you know he can't grab you.
  • At level 1, getting grabbed by just using rocketgrab.png won't get you killed unless his ADC is VERY bursty, so don't blow your summoner's just yet.
  • If you think his ADC and his stupid existence WILL zone the fuck out of botlane, get 3301.png instead since you probably won't be able to poke.
  • If he tries to force his ass beyond your minion shield, he will most likely pull off some fancy CC tricks. luluw.png him right away if that happens, or just run and don't get caught.
Honestly if he's predictable it's GGEZ. The real scary ones are ones that are super unpredictable.





Still your typical high-damage super-squishy mage matchup, but this time it is 100x worse.
  • Get lulue.png first because you are most likely not even gonna poke him. If your ADC can kill him easy, then get the regular luluq.png start. Though most of the time you can just go manmode and chunk his HP down easy anyways.
  • Dodge everything he throws at you, and keep your distance so he E doesn't burn you for no reason.
  • He actually drains his mana just as fast, so try to let him drain his own mana pool.
  • If his ADC has a super shitty early game or is just super bad, you and your ADC can try to poke him down this time. He is so fragile that your combos will delete his health bar by a lot, and even score early kills and dominance.
  • Otherwise, beg for jungler assistance. He's probably more susceptible to ganks than you are.
  • Outside lane treat him like any other mage.




Like Alistar, he's not that hard.

  • Since he is SO tanky, your damage to him would only tickle his mustache, so you are better off just mashing AA.
  • Try to bait braumE.png and braumW.png. If you didn't use lulue.png yet, you can just cast it on him and poke the backlines from there. Otherwise there's no point in engaging, just run.
  • Even though he is very vulnerable to poke, watch out for his braumQ.png as it can turn into a deadly all-in fight depending on matchup (such as 236.png).
  • Kite him whenever he uses his rotation of spells, or whenever he gets up close.
  • In teamfights, he is a LOT stronger than you are, so remember to keep on outsmarting!
  • Usually you can't really win 2v2 trades, so you're much better off focusing on pushing for tower and try to deny farm.




She bullies EVERYONE, including you. And holy shit she's been busted ever since the dawn of season 6.

  • Start 3301.png only if necessary.
  • You can still AA-harass her while she's taking farm, but good Caitlyns will make sure you will never be able to do that. Use luluq.png more if you want to harass. If you are seriously getting zoned but still don't want her to get free farm, try using the lulue.pngluluq.png combo.
  • I know caitlynyordletrap.png are delicious, but don't step on them unless she/her team is out of range.
  • Seek jungler assistance if all that's still too harsh.





She's a bit obnoxious but since she's melee it's not that hard.
  • Since your damage is mostly magic damage, you can try baiting her passive so she will have the magic shield and your ADC gets to ignore that to his advantage
  • Try to stay away from walls since she could easily camillee.png jump on someone for a nasty lockdown
  • Don't panic if she camiller.png or jumps on either you or your ADC. Keep calm and just pull off your classical peeling strats, Camille does a lot of damage anyways and you should get rid of her as soon as possible.




Uncommon matchup. However, because he fucks up squishy mages, guess who that also applies... you!

  • Dodge EVERYTHING. That's pretty much the best advice.
  • AA harass him as much as you can, but since he is somewhat tanky, you know you're not gonna kill him. Good idea to shift focus to his ADC unless you don't mind collecting free gold.
  • As tanky as he is, he is VERY prone to getting kited, especially once he uses his spells. Try using that as your advantage.
  • Because he outtrades you in general, so it is very unlikely to win that matchup.
  • After lane, he just becomes an even bigger monster. Treat him like your typical enemy Cho'Gath.




He is mostly skills matchup, depending on how well you or Corki dodges everything.

  • A good portion of his damage comes from his ggun.png, so try to force him to twist and turn.
  • At level 6, he gets a pretty annoying powerspike. Try playing more safely afterwards.



Normally enemy adcs are easy to pick on, but this one's a pain to deal with. But don't worry, Lulu is still one of those supports that will give Draaaaven a fairly hard time.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: START luluq.png!!!!!!!! If you start lulue.png against him you're pretty much asking to int because you have nearly zero pressure outside your auto range. That, is exactly what Draven wants, so you don't want to do that. Funnily enough I get Lulu players doing this and all wonder why they int against him.
  • Because he needs to be constantly catching his axes to stay in power, any kind of movement hindrance can weaken him greatly. luluq.png him as much as you can, and lulue.pngluluq.png if necessary.
  • If he ever steps close himself, do all you can to chunk down his health bar. Believe in yourself, because you still hurt like hell to enemy ADCs, so make sure to man up and mash that luluq.png. DO stay away from his auto range, though.
  • Because he is so bursty, focus your luluw.png on Draaaaven at all times.
  • Since you WILL die after eating a few axes, try to keep a distance from him. AA only when necessary.
  • Play safe at all costs. Once he gets a SINGLE kill, he will snowball. Don't let that happen.
  • Usually when he dravenfury.png it's a hint that he's going the fuck in. Run, or prepare your luluw.png
  • luluw.png max is HEAVILY recommended.




100% skills matchup. No, I'm serious.

  • Even though you can do a little favor for your ADC if he ever is almost dying, by being literally your ADC's meatshield, since most of Ezreal's damage comes from ezrealmysticshot.png, which doesn't pass through units.




Just your uncommon high-damage super-squishy mage matchup. This is like laning against yourself, you have to deal with little annoying shits that somehow hurts and will kill you.

  • Because his cast range for spells is shorter than yours, it is a good idea to just keep your distance from him, even with his bouncing fiddlesticksdarkwind.png.
  • Try to harass him as much as you can because he is SO squishy. If you and your ADC are good/strong enough, you can easily blow off her summoners early enough.
  • Consider turning botlane into a kill lane, mainly because of his drain.png that WILL restore him back to full health with just a single minion. If you can't do that, just try to focus your pokes more on his ADC.
  • Even though his sustain invalidates your pokes, you don't need to get 3301.png because he can't heal his ADC.
  • Try to keep all bushes warded, and unsuspecting spots lighted. These are PERFECT spots for him to do a surprise crowstorm.png, which can literally screw up botlane.




Just because he's a tank and is melee that doesn't mean that shit's a free win. No, he hurts like hell and all-in's pretty hard too. Just make sure to play this lane with lots of caution.

  • galioq.png This shit HURTS. Avoid this shit whenever you can, obviously.
  • galioe.png > galiow.png does have a channel time, but by the time you can walk out (with no boots since you WILL be slow as fuck), you're gonna get ran over. Watch out for the cooldown for that.
  • Since he's a tank especially designed to have more MR so you WON'T get kills much.
  • There's no level 6 powerspike since galior.png is used on other goons outside botlane most of the time. The best thing is to let your teammates know that he has reached level 6, and if he ever leaves his ADC, it's time to go in!




Even though he's melee, he can outtrade you fairly well in terms of poke.

  • Since he's melee and his gragasbodyslam.png has a fairly short range, keep distance from him. AA is all you need, but luluq.png here and there is fine, too.
  • Be prepared to see him throw gragasexplosivecask.png when he's level 6, so position accordingly.




Rework? Cool! EVEN shorter range? EVEN BETTER! As retarded his burst may now be, he is now a joke to Lulu support.

  • Because his range is SO short, you can pretty much treat him like a melee matchup. AA him as much as you want, but try to stay away from him.
  • Minion shields are your best friends, because his AA can be blocked.
  • gravesclustershot.png is usually predictable in terms of where the damage will take place, but try to stay away from walls to minimize damage.




Your typical uncommon high-damage super-squishy mage matchup. It's not as bad as Brand support, but still stupid to go against.

  • Get 3301.png because you most likely can't outtrade him. Plus, since 3303.png passive will reset each time you kill his turrets, so you're better off getting the coin.
  • Get luluq.png first, though, so you can destroy his turrets more easily.
  • Dodge everything he throws at you, and keep your distance so his turrets don't drain your health bar.
  • Stay away from his turret army; treat his turrets like how you would do to normal turrets: don't go in unless there are minions nearby. Stay away from bushes because that's where he usually sets up his camp.
  • If his ADC has a super shitty early game or is just super bad, you and your ADC can try to poke him down this time. He is so fragile that your combos will delete his health bar by a lot.
  • Outside lane treat him like any other mage.




Almost pure skills and very ADC dependent matchup. Even till this day I'm still trying to accurately figure out on how to deal with one... feelsbadman

If her ADC > yours early game:
  • Kinda difficult, and you will probably lose the lane due to stat checking.
  • Most likely you are not gonna win trades. Play passively and save lives as well as towers. Poke once in a while like how you would to some shitty tank botlane.
  • Stall out late.
If your ADC > hers:
  • If her ADC is going farm mode, maul the living shit out of both parties. and I mean it. You got no pressure against you, so why are you still sitting there?
  • If anything, do not go passive because that's what she wants you to do!
  • Take TLD because you can even sit in open space for 2 seconds and still not get in trouble.
  • Playing defensive will make you lose an unnecessarily not hard matchup because she can easily "stat check" and autowin trades. Don't let that happen, play poke mode to prevent that.
Other general advice:
  • If she eyeofthestorm.png someone, poke the other person who doesn't have the shield. She can only shield one person at a time.
  • If her ADC has eyeofthestorm.png, try not to trade.
  • A lot like a Braum lane where laning you easily shit on them, but afterwards they have a much stronger and teamwide presence than you do.
  • After lane, try focusing her first so she stops peeling, but don't blow all of your team's important spells on her.
  • If you see any stupid Janna player standing in FRONT of her ADC, beat her up immediately!




Depending on how stupid his support/team is, the difficulty against him varies greatly.

Though just do the drill: abuse him when he has to reload, dodge everything he throws, and you should be good.

DO punish him if he somehow jhinR.png in your polymorph range. Easy denial.




Your typical weaker-early hypercarry matchup.

  • AA/luluq.png harass her whenever she is using her minigun. Don't trade/poke if she's using her rocket launcher, because they hurt and she stands so much further, so there's no point.
  • In teamfights, if you can, try using luluw.png on her so she will have a harder time to catch up. That's the rule of hypercarries.




Why does this champ even get past the development?

  • Because she is heavily feast/famine, try not to give her any form of lead. If she never gets any form of lead, then she will never get to snowball, therefore making her useless.
  • Be very careful when fighting her at early levels, especially if she starts kalistaE.png. Getting a few stacks THEN using it can easily get her first blood, so try not to let her touch anyone.
  • If you are "marked" by kalistaW.png passive, run so that she doesn't proc that passive.
  • Trying to poke her in lane in general is difficult, but you can still pull it off. Use your spells whenever she JUST finished jumping, so that she will be more likely to get hit. Otherwise if that's too hard, just AA.
  • Use luluw.pngluluq.png if you want her to quit hopping like a retard. Trust me, it works, like, every time.
  • If she manages to get a few stacks of kalistaE.png on you, run away as far as you can so she can't proc it.
  • Even though she is a lane bully, asking for jungler assistance isn't necessary because she usually hops away with ease. There's no point, so you're better off playing "survival mode".
  • When she uses kalistaR.png, spread out so that her oathsworn can't land a good knockup.



I. Hate. Karma.

This is basically facing yourself, but this time, with much more painful, harder-to-dodge poke. One of the hardest matchups especially if you and/or your ADC can't dodge for jack shit.
  • Most of the time she will outrange and outtrade you, so starting 3301.png is not at all bad.
  • You are better off waiting till late game where your utility becomes more useful, so just stay alive and don't die.
  • Ask for jungler assistance if possible.
  • When she karmaspiritbond.pngluluw.png is a good escape tool. Though most of the time it's a lose-lose because you will either 1) force you to waste poly on something more threatening or 2) someone gets snared and therefore dies.
  • Or just cry because Karma is one of the most braindead and bullshit champs in the game :^(




Support or ADC, both are equally frustrating to deal with.

  • Because he is energy-based, you're NOT going to outsustain him. At all. 
  • Instead, your main goal is to outpoke him and try to kick him out of lane, which isn't hard especially since he's your typical squishy mage.
  • Watch out when he gets level 6, because his all-in post-6 damage is extremely insane. Avoid bunching to suffer less, and maybe even turn fights around.




This is pretty general.

  • Because their sustain is so good, your poke may be invalidated. Get 3301.png as a start if their sustain is too much for your pokes.
  • Their damage is weak early, so it's a good idea to continue poking the crap out of them early on.
  • Because of their abilities to self-peel, don't expect getting early kills unless your ADC is strong enough.




In general, pretty straightfoward.

  • Pre-6, you bully him as hard as you can.
  • Post-6 is where he gets a powerspike, so you are better off playing a lot more safer mainly because of his stupidly long range kogmawlivingartillery.png.
  • In teamfights, if you can, try using luluw.png on her so she will have a harder time to catch up. That's the rule of hypercarries.




This is mainly skills matchup and "who has the better ADC". Though a LOT of "play perfect or die", so you have to get shit started right away if you can.

It's a VERY binary matchup. If your ADC has no dashes at all, you're pretty much fucked. Either git gud and dodge everything (hehe xd), go hyper ballsdeep that Leona can't engage, farm under YOUR own tower, or cross your fingers and hope for mid/late game. If your ADC does have some self peel tool, it's probably an easy win unless her ADC is some scary lane bully.

  • Because she usually starts leonashieldofdaybreak.png, she has nearly no ranged engage. Try to get her HP to below half if possible, so that she will be much less likely to engage on someone when she reaches level 2.
  • Watch out for cheesy 4.png plays!
  • Taking TLD is recommended.
  • Keep on zoning her and her ADC. You want to keep on doing that so they will never get a chance to engage on anyone.
  • Minion shields don't work, so don't even think about using them. However if someone does get caught, let her dive into a big fat minion wave if possible.
  • Your luluq.png is only longer than leonazenithblade.png by a very short distance, knowing that advantage can save you a bit.
  • If she just missed leonazenithblade.png, maul the living shit out of her. That's what that bitch gets for missing her skillshot :^)
  • If you are quick enough, you can luluw.png her right after she leonazenithblade.png but before leonashieldofdaybreak.png. Otherwise, just luluw.png her ADC.
  • Right when she reaches level 6, she will usually engage using leonasolarflare.png, then followed by her braindead combo. Don't clump. Do this for teamfights too.
  • When she has leonasolarbarrier.png, try staying away because she will go in with her combo, which is fairly predictable.
  • RUSH 1001.png!!!!!!

So, why should you let her focus you and not your ADC?
  1. She hurts on her own
  2. Her combo'd CC is not as long as Thresh/Blitz/Naut's, so therefore interrupting her combo isn't always the best idea
  3. When she is locking down on someone, that's enough time for your ADC to do a trade on either her or her ADC.
IMO she has a much better advantage than you do, I don't know what are these noobs telling me otherise. Delete or gut Leona plsty

Also good luck not getting ran over by her ♿



This one is pretty straightfoward. It's "medium" mainly because he hurts so much, but if you can avoid him completely, then it shouldn't be too hard.
  • Because his AA range is fairly short, you can do both AA and luluq.png fairly easily. Don't get too close because you WILL get blasted due to his strong burst.
  • Right after he uses lucianE.png, that's when his self-peel is gone. Bully him as much as you can in the meantime before he can dash again.
  • Even though he will usually stand a mile back before he lucianR.png, try to stop his ult as soon as possible with your luluw.png. If not, just luluq.png him and run away.




It's all about whoever outsmarts and gets carried harder.

Sometimes I'm glad that I'm a Lulu main so I'll never have to see how tilting a good and/or coordinated Lulu can be.



I hate Lux, why the fuck did Riot make her E insta-denote again? Actually, just kick her back to midlane plsty

Just your typical uncommon high-damage super-squishy mage matchup. Though may be a bit difficult since she outranges you.
  • Dodge everything she throws at you, and use minion shield so luxlightbinding.png doesn't screw you over.
  • She drains mana faster than you do so let her drain hers before you drain your own.
  • Try to harass her as much as you can because she is SO squishy. If you and your ADC are good/strong enough, you can easily blow off her summoners at level 1.
  • Post-6 she reaches a stupidly MASSIVE powerspike, so try to avoid getting caught in anything she throws, because that will always result in death. Fucking Lux.
  • Outside lane treat her like any other mage.
  • If her harass is too harsh, getting 3301.png would be a good idea.




Usually you will have an easier time, just as long you keep your distance away from him. Otherwise everything is pretty straightfoward, just like Malphite himself!

  • Whenever he uses seismicshard.png, just lulue.png on you or your ADC. It's just enough to shield the damage.
  • Even though he has his passive shield to save himself, just AA and luluq.png him anyways. You won't kill him, but that's enough to annoy the crap out of him.
  • At level 6, he reaches a MASSIVE powerspike, spread out so his ufslash.png does not fuck you up completely.




Lulu IS one of Malz's "strongest counters" since she has a lot of potential to fuck over half of his kit as a botlane support. However, it's not the "hehe xd i picked lulu now i autowin :)))))))" kind of matchup because his damage is bullshit, you STILL have to have a functioning brain to make his life as hard as possible. Not too difficult, but don't expect an autowin just because you picked Lulu.

  • A good malzaharq.png can practically fuck yourself over cc and damage wise. His only real skillshot, so you're gonna have to play a bit smarter. Smarter Malz players will followup on malzaharr.png and you can't retaliate at all, so be careful.
  • Your autos DO one-shot his malzaharw.png. Attackspeed runes are not mandatory, but is a great thing to have dealing with him. Don't be afraid to luluq.png them since they run so fast.
  • Since luluw.png has a mini delay and is a projectile, don't be afraid to cast it if he's going to malzaharr.png you, because he WILL get polymorphed if you do time it right.
  • Make sure to just constantly auto him so he will never get to use his passive. Or a single luluq.png should do. as per usual, you will want to keep it down at all times.




I heard Maokai support has been sorta a thing, so I might as well write an entry for it.

  • Typical melee and short gapcloser matchup. Abuse that range as per usual.
  • You may want to stay away from brushes because maokaie.png gets the weirdest buff when tossed into brushes, aka your favorite spot. Yeah, sucks, I know, but you can probably be the one zoning him off anyways.
  • maokair.png wait what that's a thing?


Master Yi



I hate that stupid shit and almost everything you gets invalidated. However, some tips so he's less annoying.
  • It's usually a better idea to save luluw.png because he will usually dodge that by using alphastrike.png right after you cast luluw.png. Keep that in mind.
  • luluw.png is good for stopping shit like meditate.png so that's never a problem.
  • 3069.png against Yi is a MUCH better option because with 3092.png, he can't be slowed, so it's not a good tool to peel from him. All up to you on that part.
  • 3110.png = your best friend.


Miss Fortune

Pretty straightfoward, even though as an immobile lane bully she can still shred you and your ADC's health bars. ADC or support, playing against her is pretty much the same, though DO respect her damage because she hurts like hell.
  • Predict where the second bounce of missfortunericochetshot.png will go. Walking away from the first target in a wider angle would keep you safe from that.
  • missfortunescattershot.png actually doesn't do much damage early unless you stayed in there in the entire duration, so you can just keep calm, and walk away. Even though it is sometimes used as a tool to set up kills, so you're gonna have to be careful with that.
  • You either sidestep missfortunebullettime.png, or run to her face and stop her using either luluw.png or lulur.png. Don't run straight back, that's how she gets kills using her ult.




Early on, he's stupidly annoying to go against. After lane, you sometimes wonder if he exists. Quality Rito reworks.

  • Because he is melee, you can luluq.png and AA him all you want. Keep your distance from him so you don't get your face shred off.
  • If you are ever getting caught in lane, you still need to use luluw.png on him primarily because he is the primary damage dealer.




This is more of a skills matchup and "who gets carried harder".

  • Bait out blackshield.png whenever possible.
  • If she uses blackshield.png on her ADC, try to destroy it as soon as possible by using luluq.pnglulue.png on the enemy or your ADC so he can help destroy it (since Pix deals magic damage). Otherwise, don't use luluw.png just yet and run.
  • When she soulshackles.pngluluw.png is a good escape tool.




Like Janna it's ADC dependent skills matchup. Usually depends on how smart Nami is, a good Nami can completely destroy Lulu in lane, while a not-so-smart one is pretty much fodder for your ADC. She has a much better advantage, though you can outsmart her. A difficult lane, though lots of room for outplay if you can fight back.

  • Because her namiW.png is as painful as your luluq.png, and that she heals herself, she will usually win trades. Don't stand in her namiW.png range unless she has used it.
  • Because of her heals, she is naturally squishier than you are, so put that to your own advantage. If she is stepping at the frontlines without any form of heals, punish her by smearing glitter on her face.
  • She drains mana as quickly as YOU do, so if your ADC knows how to poke well, she will end up wasting mana faster than you do. Remember, your goal is to kick her out of lane by not outpoking her, but outsustaining her.
  • When she casts namiE.png on someone, back off, and don't engage. Come back and engage again when it is down.
  • Even though she is a Jack-of-all-trades support like you are, you are much better at disengage than she is. Keep that in mind especially after lane.
  • Get 3301.png if you're going full defense mode. Who are we kidding, there's always chance to trade with her.




He is almost as bad as Blitz because of his "instant cast grabs". Fuck that shit. But hey, at least his name is not Thresh and can't go through walls.

  • Because he is designed to be a jungler, his base damages of everything is naturally high. Keep that in mind. (especially nautilussplashzone.png)
  • Use walls and minion shields to avoid his nautilusanchordrag.png.
  • If someone is getting grabbed by nautilusanchordrag.png, you can either luluw.png him quickly so he doesn't proc his passive, or use that on his ADC. I prefer using it on him because 1) his AA is VERY slow and 2) he hurts just as much as his ADC does in lane.
  • If someone is getting nautilusgrandline.png, run away as far as possible so he can't have a super clean kill. Don't forget he can still nautilusanchordrag.png so make sure to dodge accordingly.
  • Because of his natural tankyness, don't expect to kill him in lane.




Hah, is this still season 3? Thank god we don't see that shit anymore, what the fuck... This matchup is self-explanatory.

  • Even though since she is an assassin, it's always a good idea to use luluw.png on her.
  • Stay away from bushes, that's where she fights and snipes the best.




Is this still season 2?!?! This is like a Malphite lane, but this time with more cheesy sustain.

  • luluq.png and AA to your heart's content, since he can't catch you and collect free kills. Like usual, don't get too close, but even if you accidentally did you still won't get in trouble.
  • luluw.png him when he's using absolutezero.png.
  • Keep brushes warded so you don't get absolutezero.png by him by surprise.
  • You won't get to kill him due to his consume.png, which allows him to sustain the fuck out of botlane. Feel free to focus his ADC, though.




Just your typical uncommon high-damage super-squishy mage matchup.

  • Dodge everything she throws at you, and sorry, minion shields don't work.
  • Try to harass her as much as you can because she is SO squishy. If you and your ADC are good/strong enough, you can easily blow off her summoners at level 1. After that, she WILL outtrade and outrange you.
  • Post-6 she reaches a stupidly MASSIVE powerspike, so try to stay away from her ball at all costs, because then she can orianadetonatecommand.png and that will usually result in death. Hint: don't clump!
  • Outside lane treat her like any other mage.
  • Get 3301.png if you think you will get zoned to fuck by that robot bitch.




I'd say it's your usual "melee support" matchup, so just auto him to your heart's content. However, make sure to respect his damage because we all know that designated solo laners in botlane hurt a lot.

  • ornnq.png is his main form of poke, and sometimes ornne.png to dish out a ton of damage, so be careful. Make sure to let your ADC know if he doesn't already, because they CAN get carried away with that.
  • Even though he deals noticeable damage as a tank "support", don't save luluw.png for him because 1) there's nothing to interrupt and 2) it doesn't work on his ornnw.png much like Garen and Wukong's spin.




WHOO QUINN REWORK YAY even though people are still too stupid to not play her. Okay then... this matchup is pretty straightfoward.

  • Punish her by poking her if she quinnE.png to someone, that's what people get for getting up close when Lulu is nearby.
  • If your ADC is struck with quinnQ.png, you KNOW that your ADC can't trade, so keep that in mind.
  • If she is channeling her quinnR.png, stop her! Because then it would be hard to catch her afterwards. If you can't throw luluw.png at her, then don't risk it.
  • Don't use luluw.png on her unless she is planning on attacking some more, otherwise it's a waste of spell.




Think of this guy like how you would deal with all-in/tank supports, but actually MUCH easier because his gapcloser requires him to actually be in your face, and unlike Alistar, he is pretty squishy. One of the easiest matchups for Lulu, honestly, unless his ADC/team is extremely organized and coordinated.

  • Because of his hilariously short auto range (plus the fact that he starts 3301.png), you can probably easily bully the living shit out of him by just autoing.
  • Dodge shit rakanq.pngrakanw.png as per usual. His all-in CAN be unnoticeable so keep an eye out for that.
  • For a "flashy" champ like him, it is a bit hard to tell whether he is using rakanr.png or not, so be sure to keep an eye. Or of course, you can use some predictions once he gets to level 6.
  • Since he does zip around like a shitty little assassin, is often the main engage, and relies combos as heavily as they do, saving luluw.png for him is always helpful. VERY HELPFUL WHEN HE ACTIVATES rakanr.png.
  • MAX luluw.png!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unlike Thresh, he actually can't do everything, like tanking XDDDDDDDDD




He may kill you, but he will definitely annoy you to death.

  • Because Shaco loves ambushes, and that he LOVES planting jackinthebox.png at unsuspected places, stay away from the brush completely. Don't waste a ward there, use it at more important places such as the river.
  • Keep a 2043.png or two with you in lane so you don't get ambushed for no reason.
  • Try to lulue.png on him whenever he is fighting, that way when he deceive.png you CAN tell where he is. I think it also works on hallucinatefull.png, where Pix follows the REAL one. Very useful stealth-detecting spell, Lulu is one of the only champs that can do it singlehandedly.




He is more like a Leona but with a much shorter range. You will usually have an advantage, but a good Shen can fuck up Lulu lanes.

  • Try to keep your distance, but AA and luluq.png as much as you can. Don't get too close because his shenshadowdash.png CAN kill you.
  • When he is casting shenstandunited.png, STOP HIM! We all know the good stuff that happens when an enemy Shen can't do that to save a teammate.
  • He is usually so tanky that you can't kill him, so don't expect getting kills early on.
  • Try not to trade when shenfeint.png is in use. You know the drill.



This is a VERY uncommon matchup, but it still exists.
  • If he is running to you or your teammate, kite him by using luluq.png. If he is about to flip someone, luluw.png him right away.
  • And don't chase. No, I'm serious.




Very straightfoward.

  • Because of her short AA range, feel free to AA and luluq.png poke her all lane.
  • Bait out her spellshield.png. It's okay to let her bait your luluq.png, luluw.png is what you don't want to get baited on.





I don't care how "weak" she may be, her kit alone will always counter the fuck out of Lulu anywhere, especially outside lane. The only way for Lulu to win this lane is if Sona gets camped, if your ADC is smarter, or Sona is flat out bad and somehow goes pussy mode.

That means, this lane goes 2 ways: it's either you are hyper aggressive, or hyper passive. No such thing as in between because of how squishy you and Sona are.
  • Get 3301.png to start off, and lulue.png first if you're not planning on poking her at all. Otherwise you can actually get 3303.png if your ADC is strong enough early to poke HER down.
  • Taking 14.png is optional.
  • Huzzah for 6.14 Sona changes, sonahymnofvalor.png actually doesn't hurt as much anymore! Though now to your level of poking, you still need to look out for that pesky poke.
  • However, once she blows her first load and if you got luluq.png first, blow off YOUR load this time. She is SO squishy that you and your ADC can nearly kill her at level 1, therefore forcing her summoners early.
  • Because of her sonaariaofperseverance.png, your poke is often invalidated. Once she gets sonaariaofperseverance.png, play a little more passively unless your ADC KNOWS how to shred their health bars down. And if anyone is telling you heal is "gutted" they have obviously never played Lulu support.
  • If you can, try to let her drain her mana pool because her sonaariaofperseverance.png is actually very mana-costly. Your goal is to outsustain, not outpoke Sona, so keep that in mind.
  • Beg for jungler assistance, especially because she is a lot more susceptible to ganks than you are.
  • Grievous Wounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Once you get into teamfight phase, you're gonna have a very hard time unless someone can pick her off. As long as she exists and mash buttons (wow counterplay xD!) you're probably gonna lose.

Good luck not getting run over by her ♿ btw




Goodbye interaction, hello stale farm lanes. I don't care if her rework makes her less painful to deal with, she's still hell of a pain in the ass.

  • Start 3301.png. Most likely you will not be able to poke much because of her hyper sustain. Spellthief start isn't at all bad especially if your ADC knows how to make a living hell for HER, and that because you love the spellthief quest reward and FQC active so much.
  • Because she CAN'T heal herself, focus the crap out of her. If she is ever in range, abuse the crap out of her my smearing as much glitter on her as possible.
  • If possible, consider turning botlane into a kill lane. Raka is VERY weak against all-in lanes. Do this only if you have a powerful, bursty ADC like Trist, Draaaaven, or even Caitlyn.
  • Don't focus her ADC, other than using luluw.png on them. Because of her astralblessing.png, she can literally make her ADC still kind of invincible, so you better get rid of Raka as soon as possible.
  • If her ADC is smart enough to be THE lane bully, consider not doing anything and just keep calm, watch your ADC farm, and wait for help.
  • Because Raka is very prone to ganks, feel free to ask for jungler assistance.
  • We all know what to do to healers, you kill them ASAP. Raka is no different from them.
  • Grievous Wounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • If she starts starcall.png, watch your step because she actually can outtrade you especially if she go AP runes.




Nah you feed in this one. Maybe I wish I would rather face a Brand support... I don't know. Still your typical uncommon high-damage super-squishy mage matchup, even though you will most likely lose this one.

  • Get 3301.png because you can't outtrade and outrange her.
  • Get lulue.png first because you are most likely not even gonna poke her
  • Dodge everything she throws at you, and just sit there because you can't really do anything.
  • If her ADC has a super shitty early game or is just super bad, you still can't really do much because of how much damage she throws at you anyways. However, if she is bad enough, your combos can force her to burn early summoners.
  • Otherwise, beg for jungler assistance, it is almost impossible to win this matchup unless she gets camped.
  • Outside lane treat her like any other mage.


Tahm Kench


Tahm Kench, more like Tahm BROKENCH. And you thought YOU are overloaded to the point where you can go mid and top... nah, there's him. Usually an easy matchup unless he is actually smart enough to just run you over.

  • Stay in minion waves, so that his tahmkenchQ.png will never touch you.
  • Because tahmkenchQ.png range > luluq.png range, don't hide in the brush unless he missed his poke, which will be back up in just a few seconds.
  • Otherwise, try to AA and luluq.png as much as you can, even though he is so tanky that you can't really kill him.
  • Because of his powerful "melee Janna" disengage, try to force him at the frontlines. That way, you can use luluw.png on him so that he can't tahmkenchW.png to disengage, or tahmkenchE.png so that he will die a lot faster.
  • If he is at the front lines for some whatever reason (usually there to chase someone so he can eat them), kite him as hard as you can. Don't use luluw.png ally-cast because tahmkenchQ.png is pretty much his permaslow making your luluw.png kinda useless, use it on him so he stops doing whatever the hell he wants.
  • If you are hit by tahmkenchQ.png, run and stop him by kiting. He WILL catch up to you (especially if he's good enough), have a backup plan so that you don't die as fast.




I love Taric. He's been Lulu's easiest lane for the longest time. Even after rework, he's still an easy matchup since he's still prone to pokes! Though he's pretty much another Braum matchup, in terms of laning and teamfights.

  • If he starts dazzle.png first, bully the living shit out of him, because you want to punish him for being stupid and not starting heal first. And that your AA range > dazzle.png range.
  • If he starts imbue.png first (I don't know why don't they do it, but that really should be the optimal way against poky lanes), focus more on autoattacks.
  • If possible, try to force him to spam imbue.png as much as possible so he can drain his own mana pool dry, especially since his heals aren't much as compared to some other healers.
  • Always pay attention to who he binds shatter.png to. It's like your own lulue.png, but not as cool because his shield doesn't shoot out sparkly glitter that actually hurts.
  • If he's walking to your face, he's probably gonna dazzle.png you and/or your ADC and proc his passive. That means, stay away from him at all costs, you don't want your sparkle to not sparkle anymore!
  • Because tarichammersmash.png is delayed, you will know that he will most likely use it very early into teamfights. Otherwise, if he's using it reactively like how you do with your lulur.png, kill them! If you can't, do the "Kayle ult" treatment where you just CC the ally and just run.
  • And again, treat him like a Braum lane. Heavy counter in lane, extremely fabulous in teamfights. Don't get your hopes up just yet.





If he's the ADC, it is super easy. If he is the support, it is stupidly difficult.
  • Starting 3301.png is recommended. You can't really outtrade Teemo anyways.
  • Poke him as hard as you can because of his short range.
  • If he's supporting, he will most likely stay in the brushes to lead an ambush attack. Stay away from there and hug the other side of the lane. That's also where his bantamtrap.png is anyways.
  • Because of blindingdart.png, it is almost impossible for your ADC to trade under ANY circumstances. Because Teemo hurts so much, your ADC is better off running away, so luluw.png your ADC and tell him/her to back off.
  • Have 2043.png handy at all times in the case of random ambushes.
  • Otherwise, ask for jungler assistance.




More like Thresh: the Gay Warden because he's pretty much Lulu's nemesis. And Lulu is HIS nemesis as well, since both of them are overloaded supports. (Seriously though, go read some Thresh guides and their comments against Lulu, it's hilarious.) He may have a lot of advantages over Lulu because of how he can pull off fancy tricks as an all-in support, but even so, you can outsmart him. In this matchup, focus more on disengage than poke.

  • As selfish as this sounds, it is usually better to let him grab your ADC than to grab you, because your disegage is strong enough to fuck up his combos. If he gets YOU, then you can't do all that "for shits and giggles" disengage. But if he gets your ADC, then you can, therefore HE becomes the one getting fucked over.
  • If he has threshE.png up, stand far away enough just so you can AA and luluq.png the crap out of him or his ADC, your pick. Make sure to punish him as well if he's walking to collect his souls.
  • If he is walking to your face, you know he is going to threshE.png something. Throw luluw.png on him so that he screws up his combo, or just run away from threshE.png range.
  • If he has threshQ.png up, start using minion shields, they are your best friends.
  • If he grabs your ADC, you luluw.png him to screw up his fancy engage, or on his ADC so no significant damage is done.
  • Once he uses his spells, punish him as hard as you can by smearing TONS glitter on his face. With your disengage, you can turn the fight around, therefore forcing enemy botlane to back off or even giving your ADC a free double.
  • If he is using threshW.png to save an ally, luluw.png that ally so he can't even click the lantern. 2043.png trick works too!
  • #1 rule: don't get caught.
  • He actually has a much better advantage outside lane, so you're gonna have to be really smart afterwards.

hes a support and tank so theres no way he can be overloaded, amirite???? XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

seriously what cant he do XD




Kinda straightfoward.

  • Your lulue.png is strong enough to shield from detonatingshot.png, so feel free to use that. Of course, stay away from whoever has detonatingshot.png when she tosses it.
  • In teamfights, if you can, try using luluw.png on her so she will have a harder time to catch up. That's the rule of hypercarries.




Wait, what, you're trolling me, right? What does someone who excels at disengage from shitty tanks have to do with you?

trundleQ.pngAdvise your ADC to avoid building AD in lane, and focus on attack speed and/or crit. He may seem like a trolling joke to you, but not to your ADC.trundleQ.png
  • Kite, poke, and AA the fuck out of him whenever you can. You're probably not gonna kill him due to his cheesy sustain trundlepassive.png, but you can bully him enough so he can't get close.
  • If he is running after you, keep on kiting with your AA and luluq.png.
  • Take your pick in who you plan casting luluw.png or 3.png on, since both him and his ADC will melt shit down regardless. Though usually Trundle is the one closer and at your ADC's face, it is better to use it on him.
  • Try to have an "escape route" in mind so whenever he uses trundleE.png, you're safe. This also means avoid sticking too closely to walls or else you may end up trapping yourself.
  • He "steals" you or your ADC's stats by trundleQ.png and/or trundleR.png? Treat this as Janna's shield: Don't fight, just kite. You and your ADC got enough tools to keep him away since he has no gapclosers.




Very straightfoward matchup.

  • Just make sure to bring 2043.png with you just in case.
  • Whenever there is only his support, he is usually hiding somewhere, ready to shoot something. That means, back off until he shows up.
  • Remember his passive is DoT, so have your shield up whenever you can.




I don't think there is anything special about dealing with Varus other than the "don't bunch up when he has ult up" and "dodge everything".



I know her crit build is dumb as fuck right now, but Lulu is still a good support to handle Vayne in general (assuming you are smart enough to let your teammates "tank"... oh wait).
  • Because of her slightly weaker early game, feel free to AA/luluq.png poke her as much as you can in lane.
  • Stay away from walls... uhm, you know the drill.
  • Very good Vaynes will vaynetumble.png the moment you try to luluq.png, so it's a better idea to use it after she vaynetumble.png.
  • It is a good idea to use lulue.png on her whenever she vayneinquisition.png, so that her stealth is deemed worthless. Lulu is one of the only champs that can singlehandedly do this, so... feel special.
  • In teamfights, if you can, try using luluw.png on her so she will have a harder time to catch up. That's the rule of hypercarries.
  • I strongly advise to NOT get 3117.png against her because 1) you are slow as fuck in combat with that on and 2) she is fast as fuck in combat. She's going to kite the living shit out of you and you can't outrun that, especially if you don't have Q maxed.




I don't care, I still don't like this guy whenever he's on the enemy team. But, with patch 6.9 aside:

  • Since he's going to try to get his passive stacked, you're better off playing very safe, or at least poke sparingly.
  • However, landing a few good pokes can force him to be a little more passive, since you, surprisingly, are much tankier than he is in terms of base stats.
  • Once he gets level 6, make sure to watch your (and your ADC's) health bars, because a veigarprimordialburst.png will pretty much kill you or your ADC especially if you are below 50% HP.




Just your typical high-damage super-squishy mage matchup. Though thanks to 6.9, he actually has to land shit in succession to deal really tough damage, so he's not THAT hard anymore. Or maybe.

  • Dodge everything he throws at you, and to dodge velkozQ.png, walk in 8-figure shapes. He will be little more confused on how to land them.
  • Try to harass him as much as you can because she is SO squishy. If you and your ADC are good/strong enough, you can easily blow off his summoners at level 1.
  • Post-6 he reaches a stupid powerspike where his velkozR.png can kill you if you are not careful enough.
  • Outside lane treat him like any other mage.




Very underrated and uncommon support, but is actually legit as fuck.

  • Because he has no long-range engage, feel free to AA/luluq.png him all lane.
  • Because of his passive that makes him rather tanky, it's really hard to kill him in lane, if at all.
  • Once he volibearq.pngluluq.png and kite him! Save luluw.png for him, so that he doesn't flip and volibeare.png, because he actually runs really fast, and that volibearq.png lasts really long.




Since she's hella strong and does way too much all-in damage, and that you're squishy as fuck, not the easiest thing out there. Not that unpredictable, though.

  • Since her level 1 is kinda shitty, just go ahead and start luluq.png and poke her eyes out.
  • As per usual, watch out for her shedding debris-- I mean PASSIVE so xayahe.png doesn't kill you. Because you see, xayahe.png is what really kills people.
  • Use luluw.png to bait out her xayahr.png, or save luluw.png to mess with her after she uses xayahr.png. I'd personally go with the latter because she does SO much damage even in lane.




Just your typical "dude stop poking me" kind of lane. He has no lockdowns, but will poke you to death if you're not careful enough.

  • Because he will outtrade and outrange you, it is better that you start 3301.png.
  • If he is ever nearby, AA/luluq.png whenever you can.
  • Ask for jungler assistance if he's seriously annoying you, his peeling abilities are pretty shitty.




Whether he's the support or the botlane carry, he's going to be a pain in the ass to deal with regardless. Long range poke, can still be farm/harass without mana, and you can't really defend towers against this brat.

Otherwise, it's pretty generic. A lot of real dodgeball and just abuse him when his ziggsw.png is down, since that's his only escape.




If you can dodge his bombs, then this shouldn't be that hard of a lane. Though it's mostly skills matchup.

  • At rank 1, lulue.png is good enough to shield from a single timebomb.png.
  • Because he outranges you (both AA and timebomb.png), you're better off using luluq.png to poke and harass. Or just poke his ADC.
  • At later levels, laning against him gets harder because of how much more damage timebomb.png deal, the ability to do a MASSIVE AoE stun, and such. Be careful.
  • After lane it gets so much harder because of chronoshift.png. You are very excellent at making picks, but he is just as excellent at picking an ally to save.



Thanks to 6.9, 6.13, and season 6 damage creep, Zyra lane isn't THAT hard anymore, though still a pain in the ass to deal with. If your ADC's also a great gardener-- I mean can dish out a good deal of early-game damage, then your weeding job will be MUCH easier. Otherwise, it's highly recommended that you try playing aggressive against her so SHE knows how it truly feels to be squishy, and that SHE has stepped into the wrong neighborhood. I mean, her Q cast range is a bit nerfed after all, so you have much more breathing room.

This matchup is fairly ADC dependent.

If her ADC > yours:
  • Start 3301.png if you don't need spooky ghost active. You're not going to win trades at all and you probably can't even land a single luluq.png.
  • Start with lulue.png.
  • Maybe your jungler can show up but don't expect too clean results since both you and your ADC will be too low to follow up, or Zyra and her ADC will melt your jungler down anyways.
  • Proceed to sit at your tower with your ADC and cry together.
If yours > hers:
  • Start 3303.png.
  • Start luluq.png. Gotta get the weeding gear started as soon as possible.
  • She can easily zone you, but you actually have just as much zoning power. Throw luluq.png whenever you think she's in range, because even with your subpar damage, she will cry from being so stupidly squishy.
  • Advise/force your ADC to land some damage on her to make her cry even more
  • No seriously, quit hiding like a pussy.
Other general advice:
  • Dodge everything she throws at you, and treat her plants like mini towers. That means, let your minions to approach the plants, and then weed them out from there.
  • luluq.png is the best weeding tool of botlane, USE IT!!!!!!!!!!! Max it if you like, but 2 points should suffice. A simple Q + your autos can easily kill them, though do so when Pix isn't following your allies. Encourage your ADCs to do the weeding work too!
  • Try not to lulue.png yourself when trying to do gardening business unless you really have to, because you are only doing what she wants you to do: wasting mana.
  • Outside lane treat her like any other mage.
  • Because of how kinda strong her peels are, asking for jungler assistance isn't necessary, even though if your teammates are good enough, they can lose from heavy camping.
I actually get a LOT of people telling me Zyra matchups are "insta lose" because of how her kits work, but it's not that hard if you learn to man up and toughen up as a gardener (or that she's just bad). A very good trick is to let her go as cocky and aggressive as possible, and the moment she enters your Q range, beat her up. Don't let nature control you, control nature!

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Keep this in mind (VERY IMPORTANT):

You are here for towers and objectives, NOT kills. Her followup on ganks is at most subpar and so is her roaming potential. As a trade off, her waveclear as a traditional enchanter support is still godly and has even more tools to help allies take down towers/objectives faster. Which means, you will want to focus on objectives. Kills are secondary.

This guide will be more geared towards soloQ, where you have to be the one deciding on who's worth supporting and who's not, all on your own. You're NOT """"""bound"""""" to anyone else on your team, unless you CHOOSE to, that is.


So... what kind of support Lulu is? She is your little buff/debuff manager. Enough to annoy her enemies. Enough to spice up teamfights with her (mostly) dual-use, point-and-click cc. She's a poke (the Q)/all-in (her ability to teamfight) support, that does NOT have the "one-button-for-a-free-kill" mechanic, unlike most supports.

Let's list some basics:


  • Fits into almost any comp just as long there is at least one frontline
  • Good poke/zoning control
  • Loaded with CC/utility in every spell
  • Makes a good bait
  • Great waveclear, even though it's nerfed but still good AS A SUPPORT
  • Great assassin-buster, anti-dive, and anti-stealth
  • Very excellent followups
  • Very versatile: you can do and build almost anything
  • Never falls off no matter how hard you feed especially in lane
  • Low mechanical skillfloor, high tactical skillcap
  • One of the best scouts in the game
  • Very excellent tower and objective busting capabilities
  • You get to make your team do the dirty work for you
  • Spellcasting midgets are awesome


  • No sustain
  • No lockdowns
  • Heavy mana costs of everything, despite that they're spammable.
  • Very fragile
  • Weak against mages
  • Nothing is absolute and reliable with her (just because you're cc'd by her, you will NOT die)
  • Very vulnerable to ganks (applies to botlane only)
  • Subpar followups to lane ganks
  • VERY team reliant
  • Is shitty until level 3, weak laning as a support in general
  • Can't engage for shit, has to have teammate to start teamfights
  • Low mechanical skillcap, high tactical skillfloor
  • Her laugh is so fake that you will regret hitting ctrl+4
So, I'm pretty sure ya'll have read her lore. Some whimsical little midget that likes to play with magic (and for some whatever reason, 45_64.png's friend. What a weirdo). According to the lore, she "marches to the beat of her own drums", meaning that she does whatever she pleases. And Rito actually made her kit pretty fitting to her character: unpredictable and versatile.

How? Well, she can do almost anything as a support. Engage? Yes, but it's not recommended. Disengage? Most definitely. Poke? Not the best, but mages cry over that anyways. One click to save a life? Of course! One click to screw someone up? Hopefully. All kinds of stuff other than sustain and locking down.

One game, you might find her sitting in the brush like a duck. Another game, she is the biggest b!tch in lane because she smears glitter on your skin all damn day. Jungler ganks? She might polymorph the enemy jungler. She might give her adc that random speedbuff. And you never know what she might do next. She's just THAT unpredictable. And because of that, she can't really perform combos because, hello, she doesn't have any! (You call that E+Q a combo? No it's not. Ok fine, I'll be nice, you can think it is one but it really isn't.)


Thanks to the glories of preseason 6, mid-year mage update, and 6.13, Lulu support is in a much better place than before in the past two years! Before the Lulu pick/ban meta in season 7, she has been a good pick:
  • Preseason 6 because mages, your former worst enemies, now have a weakness botlane. It's called damage creep on your ADCs, so if these mages are too cocky, you and your ADC can just laugh at how stupidly fragile he/she is. Weaker towers also means poke lanes are no longer useless, and that camping just botlane will cost them. I miss season 6.
  • MYMU because 3174.png is Lulu's late birthday present and that these mages are adjusted so you can have more ways to outsmart them. First blood towers? More like more incentives for poke lanes!
  • 6.13 because luluw.png now additionally grants attack speed. Your ADC can bust down towers even more quickly, or even use it on yourself to clear wards faster, therefore making you one of the best scouts of the game.
  • This disgusting broken piece of bullshit: 3504.png Thank god that shit is "gutted".

However, there's still a lot to learn on how to be a smarter Lulu support, because we all know simply playing her like Janna and solely as a peelbot will only make you say, "omg, looloo is so shite, shes only a worse version of janna rito buff pls!!!!!!!1" Or playing her like Karma and you will end up saying "omg looloo is so shite shes a worse version of karma like her poke is gutted :(((((((" (In which Riot DID listened to those baddies and buffed her anyways, golly gee we wonder why she became OP :^0)

With this (nerf-proof) guide, you will (hopefully) have less stupid-sounding complaints, even long after she falls out of flavor because Riot gave her a label saying "SHE IS NERFED XD" (where in reality it was at best a correction that should have been made years ago). And actually know how to lane with Jhin and Miss Fortune.

You like tilting enemies and pulling tricks up in your sleeves? You like to have another "one support fits all" kind of champ, because Janna and Karma are boring you? You want to pick a lowkey support but still make results? You love towers, but don't give a shit about kills? Lulu (support) will be pleased to meet you.

And as for matchups, most ADC's are considered "easy" as they depend on who they're working with and that you deal with them the same way: dodge, cc, and aa them accordingly.

Botlane Synergy and the Specifics of it Back to Top

Ahem. Another important section. Especially on a support guide like this. Well, she pretty much... works with ANY adc, just as long she can fit according to their needs. With a few exceptions, that is.

So... first of all, let's list the types of adcs:
  1. The poke lane: They make great partners-in-crime with you, since you'll have to poke A LOT. So what do you do with them? You stand side-by-side with them, and poke to give your enemy laners have a bad day. Or at least... annoy them. You and your adc will spend most time poking and harassing. This is intended for adcs that poke as their MAIN job, since every adc has to do that once in a while.
  2. The kill lane: Enemies looking stupid? Your adc likes to farm champs, NOT minions? Your adc bully too hard, due to their high amount of burst? Then it's not really a "farm lane" anymore: it's a kill lane. Lulu makes a fun partner-in-crime for that kind of stuff, especially with the buffs/debuffs she can give.
  3. The peel lane: This is for hypercarries with (usually) weak early game. All you do is... keep them alive, since they can't really score a kill before reaching level 6 (and sometimes, even after 6). You will spend most of the time watching your adc farm and (hopefully) do the harass job for them. Even though "babysitting" your adc is your other main job, I can't put this for everyone as this is intended for "weak early games".
So... behold the adcs! The order of the type is listed as most relevant. This is a rather long section, as this is like, "matchups #2".

DISCLAIMER: Ratings will vary depending on meta or even the author's experience. Take them with a grain of salt if necessary.

Icon "guides" so special notes can be taken:

3.png = try to stick with them after lane
6.png = okay to roam and leave them alone
3649.png = you need to seriously ward when you have this ADC


22.png Poke/peel:

This kiting partner-in-crime business just gets even better. Overall 8/10. If she's bad you're prooooobably out of luck.
  • asheR.png = free all-in, cheesy engage, good for midgets like you who has a harder time trying to engage
  • asheE.png = good for lane bullies like you so you can see if anyone is planning on camping your lane.
  • Early game is actually fair enough to do early trades in lane, damage-wise.
  • asheQ.png + lulue.png = cheesy all-ins.
  • ashepassive.png + lulue.png + luluq.png = kite forever
  • Even though she is designed to be at the backlines, it is okay to hide behind her a bit because of her excellent kiting abilities.
  • 3.png She isn't the best splitpusher, but she can win trades. Though DO keep an eye on her since she dies upon getting sneezed on.

51.png Poke:

The goddess of early-game bully, because of her range, plus not at all bad lategame scalings too! Overall 9/10, even though recently I'm getting funny complaints that she doesn't synergize with Lulu, which is flat out false. But if you know Lulu well enough, you know that she works just as great because Lulu is now one of the best tower-busting supports. Wait, she was nerfed? The mechanics are still the damn same.
  • caitlynyordletrap.png I like free wards, free harass targets, AND TASTY CUPCAKES. These delicacies will make sure you are also safe in lane.
  • caitlynentrapment.png = self-peel, so it's not the end of the world if she steps into the wrong zone.
  • VERY strong early game due to range, can turn supposedly nasty matchups into easy ones singlehandedly, though Raka lanes will still give you a hard time, unfortunately.
  • 3649.png Cait/Lulu lanes is literally asking the enemy jungler, midlaner, and toplaner to camp your lane. Be mentally prepared to have visitors, so make sure to ward up immediately.
  • 6.png3.png She isn't the best splitpusher, but she can usually win trades. Just make sure to keep an eye on her especially with her not-the-best midgame.
  • Because of how tough the poke and zone lane will be, forget about kills. Towers, towers, TOWERS!!!!!!!! She loves towers, and so will you. Very easy 300g for your team, even if your lane gets camped.

42.png Poke/peel:

One of the only ADCs that doesn't really work with Lulu. Overall 2/10 because casters make Lulu lanes awkward.
  • ggun.png kinda forces him to be at the frontlines, feel free to hide behind him
  • carpetbomb.png = self-peel, save peels for yourself/someone else
  • phosphorusbomb.png helps you with vision detection in unwarded areas
  • Overall a "safe" ADC that can scale fairly well

119.png Kill/poke:

Not Draven, Draaaaaven. Overall 8/10.
  • dravendoubleshot.png free engage/disengage tool, with this he can do his own form of setups.
  • dravenspinning.png + lulue.png = super duper cheesy harsh bullying
  • Because he is a lane bully and people LOVE ganking Draaaaven lanes, make sure to ward up.
  • Try to save kills for him because of dravenpassive.png, that's how he gets his snowballing rolling!
  • Don't fret if he doesn't get early kills, he can still snowball once he scores his dravenpassive.png.
  • 3649.png WILL attract enemy jungler attention, make sure to ward up. One of the only matchups where you CAN 2v3 shit, so don't chicken out just yet!
  • 3.png Due to no good escapes/self-peels, you are better off standing NEXT to him, not behind. When out of lane, you want to keep a heavy lookout, even though he can easily outtrade enemy ADCs.

81.png Poke/kill:

Time for a true display of skill! Just kidding that shit is one of the worst things Lulu can get as an ADC, I'd give it a most generous 3/10.
  • ezrealarcaneshift.png = self-peel, feel free to hide behind him, focus more on yourself when it comes to peeling
  • ezrealessenceflux.png = a little, "extra" tool to help people push.
  • Because of his burst, he becomes VERY snowbally if ahead. Try to let him do that for a free win lane.
  • 6.png3.png He isn't the best splitpusher, but he can usually win trades. Just make sure to keep an eye on him.

104.png Poke/Kill:

Rework into a "special" ADC? More like reworked into a "ranged bruiser"! This means even better for Lulu support. If meta doesn't count, 8/10, though since he gets his ass beaten up I'd give that at best a 6/10.
  • Short range + natural tankyness = you can literally hide behind him all day
  • Very powerful burst in general
  • gravesmove.png + gravessmokegrenade.png = great self peels
  • Still snowbally as fuck, use that to your advantage
  • Outranged by everyone else? Don't worry, your poke will make sure he is safe, and that they will be scared off.
  • This will be a bully lane, so ward up if possible.
  • lulue.png + 104.png = awkward AA's, but hey, that's not that bad.
  • 6.png Just leave lane and help someone else after winning lane, because he is one of the BEST splitpushers. Seriously.

202.png Poke/kill:

FOURRRR!!!! Like you, he is reliant on whoever he is working with in lane and has sparkly VFX. Overall 7/10 especially if good, mainly because of how well he can follow up to just your pokes, though is something you can't just hide behind. Is it just me, or is he secretly some kind of "evil fairy" that makes people beautiful and kills them all at once? Now only if he has better attackspeed scalings because he is borderline awkward caster-style...
  • jhinW.png: Follow-ups? Follow-ups. You got no lockdowns? He got you covered. Great trading tool anyways.
  • jhinE.png: Free wards! Perfect for YOU because people love ganking Lulu lanes, period.
  • Because of his terrible early waveclear, feel free to help him out with your luluq.png
  • Even though he is a bit snowbally, that doesn't mean his late game is shit (hello crit builds). Don't fret too hard if you can't get any form of early lead, he will catch up as long as he knows how to land a couple of snipes (though he SHOULD know how to anyways).
  • Justifies the excuse to max luluw.png ASAP, that shit can give him 11% bonus AD at rank 5. Um... fine, it's not really impressive, but still a great "scaring" tool.
  • 6.png3.png He isn't the best splitpusher, but he can usually win trades midgame. Just make sure to keep an eye on him.
Because this lane is commonly seen as a "bad matchup" because of Jhin's caster nature, I will have to expand on this. If you can manage to do all of these, this lane should be much more solid especially since his poke, utility, and scalings are great, and that you still have plenty of tools to make sure shit works.
  • Since he has fairly periodical poke/trading patterns (especially with his 4th shot mechanic), you want to be mentally prepared if he isn't ready to trade/poke/etc. Because of that, you want to cover up his vulnerability with your sustained poke, and let him into the spotlight when he has his 4th shot ready. luluq.png will help you do the coverup business.
  • Saving luluw.png for trading does boost his 4th shot trading (not just the bonus AD, but as well as even more movement speed), but do so only when you know you won't be needing that for escapes. For example, if the enemy has a hard engage tank support, you're probably better off not using it for that purpose.
  • When he's ulting, throw luluw.png on him for an AD boost, get close to the enemies, and keep them locked down with luluq.png. Stop pussying out like Janna and get closer to baddies! Or you can always luluw.png or even 3.png shit to kill since that also slows their movement speed. However, at the very same time, keep an eye out for what will jump on him, which is why staying in-between the front and backlines is very important.
  • Don't be afraid to throw lulue.png when he's ready to trade. Scares the enemy botlane pretty well (because they can't fight back), too, even though it's not THAT effective.
  • In teamfights, this is where people really start hating that combo, because most Lulu players love going full peel mode by then. With a Jhin, you DON'T want to do that, because even with the dankest crit builds and late game damage, he CANNOT 1v1 straight-on with most ADCs late game. Instead, be more proactive and go and pick what to luluw.png. For instance if you see an assassin, chase after him because chances are, he's going after Jhin. Don't wait for clowns to come to your faces and wonder why Jhin can't do shit against that.

222.png Peel/poke:

Say hello to randomness, unexpected bullshit, and hilarious outplays; and say goodbye to boredom! Forget planning. And probably the only ADC that will ever understand Lulu. 8/10 because both parties are fairly flexible and adaptable to a lot of stuff. If you speak purple, this lane will be loads of fun.
  • jinxE.png = "keep out, girls only ♥"
  • jinxW.png = a less spammable version of luluq.png, good for zoning, finding weird shit in bushes, or "oh shit we don't like this lane"
  • jinxQ.png + undefined.pnglulue.png = lots of DPS cheese.
  • Don't worry if both of you feed in lane, you and Jinx are here for the late game fun! Your crazy utility + her hypercarry potential = ultimate late game monsters
  • 3.png Because she is fairly defenseless, you should stand NEXT to her, not behind her. Out of lane, you want to be on a very heavy lookout.
  • Forget planning. Hello random reactive outplays. Lulu and Jinx don't need that boring bullshit.
  • One of the BEST tower busters, you and Jinx would make a really nasty duo when it comes to this, regardless of deaths!
  • Make sure to spam /l for the extra fun!

429.png Kill/poke:

Ah, another #LCSBigPlays princess made by our beloved CertainlyT. 9/10: it makes even the most OP meta lanes look like garbage because that's how inherently broken a Lulu/Kalista lane can be, assuming both are well-coordinated that is. Though in a meta where tower-busting is the deal, she's kind of... weak right now, as much as I hate to admit.
  • 119.png + 51.png = 429.png in terms of playstyle, so work with her as if you are working with them. 119.png for the feast/famine kill lane potential, 51.png for the poky potential.
  • If she gets kalistaW.png first, this means she WANTS to rush level 2 ASAP, this means, help her last-hit minions to speed up the process. Afterwards, focus your AA on the enemy so you won't screw up her poking patterns.
  • Try to AA champions as much as you can, her passive PROCS on that.
  • Pre 6, hide behind her because of her excellent mobility kalistapassive.png. That means, save your disengage on yourself, or on someone else.
  • Post-6, feel free to stand in front of her as kalistaR.png can save you.
  • Know WHEN she kalistaR.png so you know how to utilize it. Be prepared to have her ult you so you know how to manage your supporting patterns, so that you don't ult at the wrong times for example.
  • 3649.png WILL attract enemy jungler attention instantly, make sure to ward up, even though her mobility is super tough.
  • 3.png6.png Though she CAN trade on her own, but since she kinda needs her oathsworn to fully dish out her damage, you need to control your roaming patterns.

203.png Peel -> Kill:

You know what they say about taking jungler champs into lane. It's called pre-loaded with cheesy sustain. Even so, overall 6/10 because of some of their recent nerfs on base damage values and snowballing.
  • kindredE.png = THE massive sustain that makes up for your lack of sustain. Also means you can hide behind them all day.
  • kindredR.png = Tryndamere ult for all! This also gives you time to lulur.png someone.
  • kindredW.png = powerful all-in abilities, add lulue.png to spice up the cheese!
  • Early damage is weaker compared to that of most ADCs, but you can just wait out, keep them alive in lane, then later they can go for all-ins.

96.png Peel/poke:

The little void puppy, commonly known as THE late game hypercarry and "Lulu's best ADC matchup". Too much babysitting, not enough "tanking", so 6/10. You're probably gonna have to be real braindead as Lulu or else you're gonna have a hard time.
  • kogmawlivingartillery.png = powerspike, this is when you can relax for a bit.
  • Don't fret if you can't do much in lane, the best thing to do is to die less. Once he gets enough items, you can finally sit back, relax, and watch him destroy the enemy team. Just keep him safe.
  • If he is good enough he can even bully Caitlyn lanes. Even so, keep him safe at all costs.
  • 3.png Due to no good escapes/self-peels, you are better off standing NEXT to him. When out of lane, you want to keep a heavy lookout.
  • In teamfights, make sure to go full peel. As in, the "throw everything on a single target" kind of playstyle, including lulur.png. You're probably gonna have a VERY hard time if you don't do that, because I've been there and done that. Might as well script yourself and go full egirl in the end :^^^^^^)

236.png Kill/poke:

This black man is rather, a mobile lane bully. 4/10 if he is decent to shitty, 8/10 if he is good. If anyone's telling you Lulucian lane sucks that's because your Lucian is shit and/or Lucian botlane isn't meta. With his shorter range compared to most ADCs, the Lulucian synergy isn't as bad as you think just because he's a caster.
  • You can literally hide behind him because of his shorter range plus lucianE.png = his self peel.
  • Like Ezreal, because of his burst, he can snowball just as hard.
  • Even when behind, he can still catch up because of his damages.
  • Usually he will go in for a lucianQ.png + lucianE.png + lucianpassive.png combo, so in addition to his shorter range, adding lulue.png is good for allowing him for better trades.
  • luluw.png him when he lucianr.png for more of the dankest attack speed boost! It's always nice to run faster while he ults, anyways.
  • 6.png He isn't the best splitpusher, but he can usually win trades. Just make sure to keep an eye on him.

21.png Poke:

Overall 7/10, even though I like this one because of how underrated it used to be. She's a bit on the weak side right now, but with how people often underestimate Miss Fortune, you may have some luck, especially in gold and below where people don't know how to play against her.
  • Even though missfortunescattershot.png = self-peel, you should stand next to her because of her lack of proper self-peels.
  • Very powerful bullying potential, even against Caitlyn/Draaaven lanes. Can make shit like Raka cry as well.
  • missfortunepassive.png + lulue.png = her passive will never run dry. Also good for running away from ganks.
  • missfortunebullettime.png = powerful yet underrated way to execute enemies.
  • missfortuneviciousstrikes.png = the reason she should still use autos to attack, like towers. Goes well with luluw.png.
  • Her missfortunebullettime.png range is actually pretty far, but do try to keep enemies in there if you can as she ults.
  • 3649.png WILL attract enemy jungler attention, make sure to ward up.
  • 3.png Due to no good escapes/self-peels, you are better off standing NEXT to her. When out of lane, you want to keep a heavy lookout.
Because this lane is commonly seen as a "bad matchup" because of MF's semi-caster nature and that most Lulu players don't know how to play with Miss Fortunes, I will have to expand on this. If you can manage to do all of these, this lane is actually gonna be an easy win, unless MF somehow can't dodge for shit... which happens.
  • START luluq.png, especially if she starts with missfortunericochetshot.png. This will help you position with her poking.
  • Positioning 101 (not to scale):how to play with MF.jpg
  • If her missfortunericochetshot.png is down, go back in to keep zoning with luluq.png preferably. Because a lot of Lulu players like to do extended trades, it is common that they HATE laning with MFs. Instead, refrain from doing extended trades, and instead do PERIODICAL trades, while sustaining yourself. 
  • However if she DOES commit by using missfortuneviciousstrikes.png to boost her attack speed (which is something good MFs do), wake up! It's time to do your usual work!
  • Yes Miss Fortunes still have to auto because of missfortuneviciousstrikes.png. Free towers, too!
The main trick of this lane is to fully utilize your and her Q's simultaneously, and your goal is to make sure you get that first tower. With YOUR Q, enemies will have to hide behind minions to take less damage, and with her Q, enemies will have to stand away from minions, in which the Lulu/MF combo will give almost nowhere to hide. This zoning strat usually works better against the greatest of pussies like Janna or Raka, but against tanks if you force the level 1 "duo Q poke" hard enough they usually won't have enough HP to engage, which gives you some kind of advantage.

133.png Poke/Kill:

So-called "bruiser-like" and reworked into a more bursty carry? That's great! This is why overall it's a 7/10 lane. Now now, sheep, stop saying she's shit, she's NEVER shit when it comes to Lulu supports. Though with how much more burst-oriented she is, shit could get awkward. Just a bit.
  • quinnE.png + her shorter range = feel free to hide behind her.
  • quinnQ.png enables her to 1v1 enemy ADCs at any stage of the game, even if it's against shit like 67.png.
  • quinnQ.png = good self-peel as well
  • quinnW.png = helps you a lot with unsuspecting dangers, such as shit inside brushes. Also raises awareness when it comes to jungler ganks.
  • Because she still AA's a lot, 133.png + lulue.png = amazing synergy. Because she also dives a lot, quinnE.png + lulur.png = even more synergy cheese.
  • Very snowbally, a few kills can get her ahead.
  • 3649.png WILL attract enemy jungler attention, make sure to ward up.
  • 6.png Just leave lane and help someone else after winning lane, because she is one of the BEST splitpushers. Seriously.

15.png Poke/peel:

She's pretty much "generic", but only with a MUCH shorter range. Overall 7/10. Also free first towers.
  • spellshield.png means you can just let her tank some of the most deadly spells.
  • Her short range + spellshield.png = feel free to hide behind her. Perfect for against dumb tanks and jungler ganks.
  • 3649.png WILL attract enemy jungler attention, make sure to ward up because she pushes rather fast.
  • 6.png Feel free to leave lane and help someone else after winning lane, because she is a great splitpusher with great escapes.

18.png Peel/kill:

Hey look, finally someone YOUR kind! You like to be obnoxious midgets together? Then you will LOOOOVE this lane! Overall, 10/10 if she is good, 6/10 if she's not especially in a meta where kill lane stuff that can't siege doesn't really have a place, unfortunately.
  • Because of rocketjump.png, you can actually hide behind her and let her "tank" for a lot of stuff.
  • rocketjump.png + lulur.png = super cheesy engage 
  • bustershot.png + rocketjump.png = great disengage spells, save peels for yourself and someone else.
  • rapidfire.png + lulue.png = more cheesy DPS
  • WILL scale very well, don't worry if you can't get any form of lead early on.
  • 6.png Feel free to leave lane and help someone else after winning lane, because she is an okay splitpusher with great escapes.

29.png Peel/kill:

Your standard little ADC with a kick of DoT and just-as-annoying lines. Overall, 8/10.
  • Early game damage isn't much, though a good Twitch can turn botlane into a pretty annoying lane for the enemy team.
  • Even though twitchQ.png and twitchW.png lets him escape, it's still a better idea to stand next to him side-by-side because they are as unreliable as your own peels.
  • If he is going to twitchQ.png and you want to let him run really fast, luluw.png only when no one's around. Don't lulue.png or else everyone's gonna see you acting suspicious... naw, you don't want that to happen, right?
  • 6.png Feel free to leave lane and help someone else after winning lane, because he is an okay splitpusher but with very excellent dueling capabilities.

110.png Poke:

He's like... another poky, semi-caster ADC. 3/10 if he's bad, 7/10 if he's not. No, it's not season 3 anymore, Lulu/Varus lanes are at most okay.
  • Good Varuses will stack varusw.png on enemies, and burst shit down with varusq.png or varuse.png. Feel free to buff him with your shit while he stacks, or when he is ready to finish baddies.
  • Range? He's got that covered with varusq.png and his 600 AA range.
  • varusr.png = good enough engage
  • 3.png Due to no good escapes/self-peels, you are better off standing NEXT to him. When out of lane, you want to keep a heavy lookout.

67.png Peel/kill:

This is actually a pretty nasty lane, even against a Caitlyn if done right (or more like if the Cait is bad). One of the best ADCs to work with Lulu, overall 10/10 unless against a heavily countered matchup, especially with how busted she is with that crit build.
  • Her early game may be weak, but because of vaynesilveredbolts.png, early game damage isn't so bad. However, you still want to be fairly passive because let's get real here, she won't do jack shit before level 6.
  • vaynecondemn.png + vaynetumble.png = general peeling and plus she's short ranged due to no fancy skillshots, so feel free to hide behind her.
  • vaynecondemn.png = also great way to engage, when someone is stunned, you can just luluw.png the other enemy to create the ultimate antifun experience.
  • Don't expect kills until she reaches level 6, after that, she can just vayneinquisition.png and get a free double.
  • lulur.png + vayneinquisition.png = very useful since she NEEDS to get into the enemies' faces to kill.
  • Because of her DPS potential through AA's, lulue.png + 67.png = ultimate synergy.
  • 6.png Feel free to leave lane and help someone else after winning lane, because she is an okay splitpusher but with very excellent dueling capabilities.

498.png Poke/kill:

She's pretty darn OP right now, so it's a bit hard to judge on how well she works with you kit-wise. I'll give it a 7/10. Playing with her is fairly generic.
  • xayahe.png = lockdowns are always good to have because you don't have any (obviously)
  • Feel free to complement xayahw.png with your luluw.png, they pretty much do the same thing anyways.
  • xayahr.png WILL cut you a TON of peeling slack. Good for laning, good for all-ins, and even more late game. If you can, time your lulur.png so you can make sure she remains untouched. Kinda like working with Fizz where you save him immediately after he drops from the troll pole.
  • 6.png Feel free to leave lane and help someone else after winning lane, because she is an okay splitpusher but with very excellent dueling capabilities. And especially with how much damage she does right now.

115.png 69.png Non-ADCs:

As long as they can trade using autos, don't rely too much on all-ins for damage, or can live off without mana for extended periods of time, Lulu isn't at all bad working with non-ranged ADCs. In general:
  • Poke when you want to keep people away so your lane partner can farm
  • Shield when necessary
  • Usually they have tools to self peel or save you, so you can cut yourself some slack on the peeling
  • You are still a tower melting machine mechanic, so don't be afraid to use your "waveclear" tools to achieve that dream.

Laning Back to Top

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT ENGAGE USING luluw.png!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're warned. Lulu is not meant to spoonfeed her adcs. If you want someone that has a "one-button-for-a-free-kill," consider picking someone else. Lulu does NOT do that.

That also means, like 40_64.png and 267.png, she needs a decent to good adc in order to do well in lane.

General lane stuff:

So... kinda simple. Your main job in lane? To annoy the enemy laners, especially as a support. You can either do the job by either poking, peeling, or combinations of both. So that's why, you start with Q, to get your trolling in lane started while keeping your ADC (hopefully) alive.

For poking in general, try AA them, or just Q is enough, and that you want to AVOID hitting the wave. AVOID using E+Q poking in lane unless you either have too mana to spend on (in very unlikely passive matchups), or you are using E on your ADC as a shield. Mana is too valuable to be randomly wasted right away, and mana management is the very first indicator of how good a Lulu support can be.

Don't forget this general rule: If your ADC is low, has no more pots, and is still getting poked, don't be afraid to tank for him if you have HP and pots! He's dying, and you're not, don't just stand there and pick your nose!

Since Lulu support in general has 2 gold item starts (see items section for when to get it):

3303.png: The poke way.

My favorite item. Getting this means you will poke a LOT in lane to make sure you continue providing the "antifun" experience for your fellow enemy laners. Which means, try to AA the enemy support/ADC as much as you can. Mash Q if you want to smear more glitter and deal extra damage with more range. If you can position properly, stand in a fashion so that even Pix's bolts would hit them for maximum profit. Basically, try to use all 3 hits whenever the charges are up.

Once you get level 2, as mentioned above, start getting E so you can not only shield your little adc from wild enemy aa's, but encourages them to trade as well. Sometimes, you need to let them know that a shield doesn't mean he should go engage (and that's just sometimes stupid). But if they're not trading, or can't do it? Then make the botlane even more "antifun" by using it to position and poke harder!

Other than that this is pretty straightfoward.

3301.png: The sustain way.

If the lane matchup seems too scary and forces you to go chicken mode, don't fret! Just back the hell off, and watch your ADC farm; you're better off not getting much than feeding the enemy ADC kills... come on, you actually get almost the same amount of gold you would if you built spellthief would get you. Better be safe than sorry, and that also includes you spamming your pots willy-nilly.

Getting coin really means you're just gonna "afk" a little more in lane, and not poking as much. That doesn't mean your job stops here, though. If it's not just watching out for your ADC, you STILL need to do something by mashing Q or AA whenever you can, if you won't get yourself in deep trouble. Of course, if it's a matchup where you CAN'T do anything at all? Don't fret, that's where the gold is coming from, and at least you can sustain yourself a little more.

However with how overtuned it still is in terms of gold gen, you can get that if you just want THE better gold advantage. Otherwise if you really like the Spellthief's quest reward, don't force yourself to get coin.


How to deal with 2v2 fights:

You love poking and making sure botlane becomes a living hell for them, but what if you're forced to fight? Poke more? No way, you're not Brand or Zyra, your damage is actually not enough to just slam on the keyboard and expect results; that's not how Lulu works unfortunately. Instead, it becomes a little mindgame between you, your ADC, and the enemy botlane. Yes, like the Shaco and TF kind of mindgame; you pick and choose on what to CC and what NOT to CC.

Case 1: your ADC got caught. Most common (and surprisingly effective) case:

  • Unless the enemy support is a combo-reliant tank and that he hasn't finished his combo yet (53.png412.png89.png111.png etc.), ALWAYS luluw.png polymorph the enemy ADC to prevent anymore damage taken. This should be the FIRST thing you do when someone gets caught.
  • Give your lulue.png shield to your ADC right away, to take less damage and start attacking/trading.
  • Fire luluq.png in the general direction of the enemies for peeling, kiting, and/or damage-dealing purposes.
  • If 3.png is up and that your ADC is almost dying, use it on whoever is the bigger threat to killing someone. DO NOT USE IT ON A POLYMORPHED TARGET, USE IT AFTER POLYMORPH HAS WORE OFF!!!!!!!!!!! A well-timed (and chained) exhaust can fuck over the enemy botlane, and win your ADC a kill or two.
  • If lulur.png is up and your ADC is getting jumped on, use it on him for the knockup and "heal" effects. Use it only when you know a fight is breaking out.

Case 2: YOU got engaged on.

  • And again, unless the enemy support is a combo-reliant tank and that he hasn't finished his combo yet (53.png412.png89.png111.png etc.), ALWAYS luluw.png polymorph the enemy ADC to prevent anymore damage taken. This should be the FIRST thing you do right after you exit out of the enemy CC.
  • If you are getting jumped on, lulur.png is up, and that you will probably die, ult yourself. Otherwise save it for further engage/disengage purposes.
  • If you are getting focused on and that you will probably die, lulue.png shield yourself. Otherwise give it to your ADC for trading.
  • Like usual, fire luluq.png in the general direction of the enemies for peeling, kiting, and/or damage-dealing purposes.
  • If 3.png is up and that someone is almost dying, use it on whoever is the bigger threat to killing someone. DO NOT USE IT ON A POLYMORPHED TARGET, USE IT AFTER POLYMORPH HAS WORE OFF!!!!!!!!!!! A well-timed (and chained) exhaust can fuck over the enemy botlane, and win your ADC a kill or two.

Case 3: You and your ADC have poked so hard that someone's gonna die and that you and your ADC are engaging on whoever is dying.

  • Like usual, fire luluq.png in the general direction of the enemies for peeling, kiting, and/or damage-dealing purposes. Landing it is important.
  • Don't 3.png on the almost-dying target unless he is a heavy damage threat and that will almost kill someone, your ADC really needs a kill to catch up/get ahead, or he is 100% alone and that you will not use it anytime soon (as in his lane partner AND jungler will not come down botlane).
  • Casting lulue.png on the enemy is actually completely unnecessary unless you know for sure he can't dodge the slow AND WILL die from you and your ADC's DPS (newsflash: this doesn't really happen unless the enemy lane doesn't know how to play the game). Otherwise, just throw him on your ADC as a shield and let them do the killing work (and positioning!!) work for you.
  • AVOID USING luluw.png POLYMORPH ON THE TARGET!!!!!! In most cases, they do NOT have the ability to run away, or have already used their escape and is well on CD, so there's no need to polymoph. Instead, save it so your ADC can chase, or on the enemy support so they can't peel. Misusing this as engage only to be baited is the last thing you want to see botlane, because then you would look like a big dummy.
  • In general, you WANT to avoid throwing everything on the target you want to kill, unless you either have way too much mana to spare and that you know it will be a perfectly clean double kill botlane (which rarely happens).


How to deal with enemy junglers:

(See Warding tips and tricks for more details :))

When you pick Lulu, you are literally asking the enemy jungler to camp the lane, no matter where you go. With an ADC that loves to poke as much as you do? Expect outsiders to camp your lane at least once. Make sure to keep that in mind.

As Lulu support, you can't just blindly mash W and Q and escape ganks, that's not how it works because you have one extra person to peel, which is why it makes Lulu support not the most popular or easiest things to play. Because you don't have fancy peels to escape (and that you're not Janna), you HAVE to anticipate. Anticipation is key! Which means, you have to start running before the enemy jungler even reaches botlane.

Of course, the number one easy way to live is prevention, but what if you just happen to can't do that?
  1. Keep the enemy ADC as far away possible!
  2. If the enemy team has no more gapclosers, bodyblock. It could save you and your ADC 2 minutes.

If both fails, then do the following:
  1. RUN. If the enemy support and/or jungler has their own lockdown spell, you better dodge that.
  2. SAVE YOUR luluw.png!!!!!!
  3. If possible, fire luluq.png in the general direction of the enemy team. Due to the mini delay, if you are gonna get caught when trying to fire it, DON'T RISK IT, JUST RUN. Landing it is important.
"But Lulu, why should we save luluw.png?" You would ask. Because again, it is the one spell that you do NOT want to be baited off from. Speedboost someone (preferably the closest person to danger) only when ALL of the following happens:
  • You know you and your ADC will be in 100% out of range upon using your spells.
  • Surrounding enemies already blew off their gapclosers/ults/whatever will kill someone.
  • The closest brush to your tower is warded and that there is absolutely no one coming.
  • No one else will be coming down botlane. (Consider 12.png)
This isn't exactly rocket science, but more of a test of not wasting your most important spells.


How to deal with your junglers:

Lulu isn't the best at working with junglers, unless he's a tank, so if he is ganking, you really have to land good Q's. And even with successful ganks, it's not really a guarantee that someone's going to get a kill. Which means, if your jungler is ever ganking a Lulu lane, expect more on objectives. A good gank should give you half a tower, a tower, and/or dragon; you want to focus on those.

So what if your jungler DID come down? Don't forget to follow-up! In most cases, just lulue.png shield your jungler, luluq.png in the general direction of the enemy team (LANDING IT IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!!), and luluw.png speedboost someone who's behind (most likely your ADC) so someone can rake in for a kill. Use lulur.png if you think a lockdown is necessary.

HOWEVER, if you suspect any form of counterjungling, you may want to hold off luluw.png for disengage purposes. A well saved and well timed polymorph can fuck over counterjungling, so be sure to look out.


Short-distance Roaming:

This is more of basic supporting, but when the wave looks like nothing's dying and therefore no experience will be given, make sure to keep an eye on the river and ward there periodically. luluw.png is very helpful for this little scouting job, but make sure to use some common sense and use/save it whenever necessary. If anything, try not to leave the lane.


Long-distance Roaming:

Lulu support is one of the WORST roamers. At least long-distance, long-term roaming.

Yes, as a support, you should roam once in a while, but as Lulu it is very impractical and time and resource-consuming. Your luluw.png CD is too long to be used as your typical "get around faster" spell and that it's too important to be wasted. Your engage abilities are so subpar that most likely you won't get anything done. Don't forget that her supporting abilities early on are just as subpar. With a kit like hers, she makes a bad, bad, baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad roamer. (I mean she's a "good" solo laner for this very reason.)

Don't do it. If your botlane is becoming a snorefest, grow some patience and deal with it. You are NOT designed to do this job.

And even if you go off to another lane to help, you're not going to help much other than leeching off gold/EXP, and create a bunch of irritated laners.

Because this is the case, you have much more room and better capabilities of making sure your lane is even more of a living hell for the enemy lane. If the enemy support IS roaming, this means they are asking for a death wish for their ADC unless they are either baiting or inviting another person to come down botlane. Which means, maul the crap out of that singled-out laner. Lulu is great at punishing that mistake.

The ONLY time you should ever do long-distance roaming is when an enemy stepped into your jungle, when your jungler is getting invaded, and/or a teammate is running in the river to grasp his very life. Very important!!

In other words, be a team player and still have a sense of map awareness.


Last but not least...

Especially with the glories (or horrors?) of preseason 6 damage creep, it is MUCH better to be safe than sorry especially as a weaker early game SUPPORT. That includes flashy plays, trying to get your job done, or even just pink ward baits. If anything, mid/late game is where you shine, so don't worry if you can't get anything done just yet.

And towers! YOU are very good at (helping) taking them down and they are the ones that win you games anyways, so try to have more focus on THAT.

Mid-Lategame: Teamfights and Skirmishes Back to Top

So, now that you gave the enemy laners a nightmare with your silly poking and all that, now what?

Your main job from this point on, is to babysit your entire team. How do you do that? You just right click.... no dur. Also, this is where you truly shine.

Seriously though. It's all about decision making and mindgames from that point on. You have to decide on who to give shields to. You have to decide on if you should give them a speed buff, or silence enemies. You have to decide who should be getting the ult. Basically... you give out buffs and debuffs. And partially annoying the enemies by peeling for your squishies (hey, it's not just the ADC you have to babysit now!).

NOTE: Everything that is "order of importance" may not apply to every single game or scenario; they are general breakdowns of importance.


Your support to-do list:

  • Ward, ward, and WARD. A good support will always have 2~3 wards on the map at all times, and should be denying vision whenever safe and possible. If you KNOW it's a risky spot, try not to do it alone. Lulu is one of the best scouts, so feel free to just roam across the map. 3092.png is your best friend!
  • Back often. You want to ALWAYS have at least 1 ward ready. But don't do it when a teamfight is about to break out, or when your ADC is at risk of getting fished out.
  • Push out waves only if your laner can't show up to a lane on time. Even with Q nerfs, your waveclear compared to most supports is still godly, so you want to utilize that.
  • Don't forget to collect EXP whenever possible! Of course you can't keep up levels with your mid and toplaners, but keeping on-par with your ADC/jungler should be your goal. If not, relax and go leech some.
  • ALWAYS be on the lookout, you are the team's primary babysitter after all.
  • Collect as many assists as possible, you will want to rack up as much pocket change as you can. As Lulu, it is VERY easy as you can just press anything on a teammate, moving or not, and get an assist for that. Throw a random buff when someone's teleporting, you might loot an assist or two from it!
  • Poke whenever possible!
  • Try not to engage. Instead, let someone else do it because you are not designed for it.
  • Order of importance: teamfights/skirmishes > scouting > waveclear!!!!


What your spells do (teamfight edition):

Since it's all about casting spells according to situation and mindgames, here is the general breakdown:



  • Good for engage
  • Good for when you can't move, but your team is chasing something
  • Can make people attack faster-- good for when taking towers or just kiting in general
  • Helps you roam
  • Gives you free assists
  • Can help someone run away
  • Not really useful DURING teamfights


  • Very powerful disengage spell; a well timed polymorph means the difference between life and death to teammates
  • Can be used to stop combos or dealing damage
  • Can be used on ANYONE: bruisers, ADCs, supports, assassins, etc.
  • POINT AND CLICK!!!!!!! This means very little retaliation for the poor victim
  • Can peel from things not even Janna can peel (ie Zac, Irelia, etc.)
  • This is not pro play so make sure to use it!!!!




  • Positioning and shielding tool
  • Very good for heavy AA-reliant champs, AP ones count
  • Still a good shielding device
  • Helps take down objectives and enemy champions
  • Gives your free assists


  • "wards" an enemy; gives vision of enemy
  • Good for temporary stealth reliant champs
  • Decent positioning and damage tool; try not to use it that way

***********SEE BELOW FOR MORE NOTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*********** 


A very stupidly OP knockup, slowing aura tool. Use this on:
  • Tanks
  • Divers (assassins count)
  • Anyone in a clusterfuck
  • Wombo-combo effects
  • Baits, try doing this sparingly
  • Clones (for mindgames, not recommended especially for beginners)
  • Saves, preferably when someone jumps on him (not recommended on slippery assassins). Recommended at 30%-15% HP for maximum benefits
  • NOT A HEALING DEVICE (unless you don't need knockups for ANY reason, shit happens)

*****Use this to DISRUPT, not SAVE*****

  • Catch shit trying to run away; good for chase
  • Deals some extra damage
  • Good for baiting
  • Peeling/kiting tool
  • Seriously, don't be afraid to fire them at the general direction of shit chasing you, because chances are, you're going to need it.

So, what should I do?

I'll try to simplify this as much as I can:
  • Order of importance: follow-ups > disengage > engage >>>>>>>>>>>>> damage dealing
  • You want to balance in between follow-ups, disengage, and engage.
  • Forget about damage dealing and 1v1'ing. COMPLETELY. Only exception is when enemies are SO low that even your puny DPS can kill them, which happens very rarely.
  • Focus more on mindgames and decision making rather than mashing buttons in order.
  • Bait and try to draw attention to you as much as possible. Use 4.png3.png if necessary.
  • Sacrifice only if necessary, usually you are needed alive to consistently peel/followup.

Order of importance of using luluw.png:

  1. The biggest threat from the enemy team. Yes, supports count. Yes, that also means if it's a backline ADC, try to slip past the frontlines to polymorph that shit, this is why you have defensive stats. Only exception is mages if you can't reach them that is, because often they blow shit up outside your polymorph range anyways.
  2. Whoever is diving and is about to kill your top priority teammate. #1 and #2 orders can be switched depending on situation.
  3. Ally cast movement/attack speed buffing.
  4. Engage purposes.

Very common for many Lulu support players to not know how to teamfight well, because of her kit of being "reactive" to her surroundings, or just having to "think before you act" kind of thing (thus having NO combos). But once you know how to stay behind (or get in range, depending on the situation), not die, and manage your abilities simply by decision making, it's rewarding especially if your team knows what they're doing. (Also the main reason they can't play with Jhin or MF for shit)

If you're ever gonna go full egirl playstyle then you might as well just close this guide and play Janna instead :^)

Your E should almost always be ALLY cast Back to Top


**********VERY IMPORTANT!**********

Your Help, Pix! should almost always be used on ALLY CAST, not enemy cast, especially in a 2v2 situation botlane. Why?
  1. It doesn't do much damage (and it's not really supposed to)
  2. If you use this enemy cast to position, the only thing you do is deal some extra slowing and maybe a little bit of almost unnoticeable damage. If you use this defensively, your teammate not only gets a shield, he also gets the aa buff. If he/she steps into range, then you can even double that as a postioning tool to land your Q's. It's all about killing 2 birds with a stone, yes?
  3. This should be used only to reveal stealthed champs, such as 62_64.png84_64.png(before she kills anyone), 67_64.png(especially when she ults), or even 29_64.png(when he is using Q to run away, that is).
  4. It's too mana costly to be served as a point-and-click damaging spell. Especially early game.
  5. Its defensive use has a much better scaling than its offensive use, the flat damage can be reduced with MR, while your shield has no limits.
  6. Damage output when casted as a shield/AA steroid > flat damage upon enemy cast, especially on allies who rely heavily on AAs.
  7. Very good for close saves where one shield is all it needs to stop an ally from dying.
Why am I hinting this and even making its own section just about it? Because it is one of the biggest mistakes Lulu support players make. Yes, even on spec live (RIP), or known as people who decide the meta for all of us. They pretend they are Sona or Brand, then to have have friends coming back and tell me that Lulu support sucks. Then I just tune in to a really crappy Lulu support game, and this is exactly what they do: ADC almost dying, though Lulu's "weak" shield can singlehandedly save him? Nah, brain automatically goes to casting E on enemy ADC who's not even dying. Yes, this is what you literally see.

I cannot stress enough that E enemy cast is almost always useless in a 2v2 situation, except in rare cases of an enemy 67.png, the only ADC that will be screwed because of your E (let's get real here you're most likely not going to catch 29.png when he is going to stealth). Your ADC looks too shitty to even do the damage for you? Then even without the Pix damage, your ADC probably can't even score a single kill; any sane ADC knows that in a 2v2 situation and that if he gets a free AA steroid, he is going to at least make a use of it, whether if it's hit an enemy champion, or use it to farm better. You think your ADC is going to die anyways? I don't know, but living for an extra second is very important especially on squishies like you and your lane partner. It's like ADCs using heal to save just you so they can score a double, even if it means you will die afterwards.

"But Lulu, if that's the case, then why do I see you using E enemy cast?"

Because it doubles as a "utility" spell, if used properly. In general:
  1. Someone is VERY close to dying, and you know for sure your teammate can't kill that someone.
  2. Stealth-busting, good for shits like 67.png62.png84.png etc.
  3. You want a quick "ward" on an enemy unit especially when they leave your vision range.
  4. Your ally isn't in range, and you need to slow someone so your allies can catch up.
Aaaaand misclicks. Because everything is point-and-click, misclicks happens all the damn time. Sharpen up your mechanics and you will do less of that.

If you are ever confused on which way is better, always go for ally cast. Chances are, you will get the better way out.

Also because 3504.png is fucking broken.

Warding for Dummies Back to Top

NOTE: Yes I know the images are too wide for this guide thing, I will re-upload better ones later (or not, I'm lazy). In the meantime, just right click and choose "view image in a new window/tab" to see the full image. Sorry!

NOTE #2: Yes even with the vision changes warding locations are still pretty much... the same. Especially after you get sightstone. Just less spamming and more careful decision making.

NOTE #3: Skip this section if you already know how to ward and know its basics. This is literally a "Warding for Dummies" guide for people who has never touched support in his life, ever.

We all know every support should know how and when to ward, but as Lulu, you DO need to take a few more precautions because 1) you have limited peels and 2) people LOVE ganking Lulu lanes, because she IS a lane bully.

Since most people aren't support mains, so therefore they are more likely to not know where and how to optimize vision. With pictures aside, this is more of a general "tips and tricks" section on how to be a better scout.


Warding in lane:

Yes, you heard that right. As Lulu support, you can't just blindly mash W and Q and escape ganks, that's not how it works because you have one extra person to peel; do that all you want in a solo lane. Because you don't have fancy peels to escape (and that you're not Janna), you HAVE to anticipate. Anticipation is key. Which means, you have to start running before the enemy jungler even reaches botlane!

You ask yourself: do you use that ward in a brush so you don't get caught by the enemy support, or do you use it to fend off enemy junglers? Are you saving one for skirmishes inside bushes, when your team takes Drake, or when the enemy team takes it? Poking and shield-botting isn't your only job, and you WILL find times where you will have nothing to do, and that's when you can ward. Even so, you are pretty much doing the decision-making about what to do while your ADC is doing all the "whack-a-minion" work.

But if you're seriously stuck on what to do with them, this (confusing as fuck) flowchart will maybe make you realize that support is more than just blind button-mashing:

ward flowchart.jpg
(This is more of a general breakdown, but I'm pretty sure there are always cases that doesn't go in patterns like this. If you know how to properly ward and/or play a lot of support, don't use this; you know better. This chart is for people who have ABSOLUTELY no clue on how to ward.)

3340.png Before getting a sightstone:

If you are sitting at their towers pushing like mad, then you ward at the entrance of the dragon pit. You can either rotate river warding with your ADC, or have him use his ward in the botlane brush.

If you are the one being pushed, here are two things:
a) if the enemy jungler can camp the crap out of botlane even if you are under youw OWN tower, use that to ward the tribush, no matter which side you're from.
b) if the enemy jungler can't and/or won't really do that, then just use it defensively in the botlane brush so no one gets caught.

If you are in the middle of the lane where both sides are even, throw it into the river, because most likely junglers will come down botlane to snack on you.

You are actually better off using wards to fend off from ganks and camps because junglers love YOU, so warding them to fend them off gives you enough time to run away and get both you and your adc out alive.

(Also see the above flowchart)

2049.png After getting a sightstone:

If you read my items section, I recommend that you rush it because enemy junglers LOVE lane bullies like you, because of preseason trinket earlygame nerfs, and because this is now the fish-someone-out-and-fucking-kill-it meta.

This time, you can now spam wards more freely, because you got MORE wards to waste! Enemy support used a scanner and ate it? Throw another one! Don't be afraid to over-ward, it is better to have too much vision than no vision at all.

This means... you can throw it in a botlane bush, tribush, tribush of the other side, and/or the dragon pit entrance. Mix and match such locations to fit to your vision needs! However, you may not want to use all 3 charges at once especially if you switched trinkets, because you will never know how much longer you will be camping botlane.

Just remember to do the same when it comes to warding to fend off junglers.

2055.png Control wards:

Trust me on that, no one likes to force themselves to leave an open slot JUST for pinks, despite of their importance. But where and WHEN should we place them? More decision making time! In general:
  • DON'T place a red in your side of the tribush if you are on blue side and is constantly getting pushed. They're gonna easily destroy that anyways since you got no lockdowns to catch them into trouble. Instead, use your trinket/sightstone for that.
  • DO use your red at your tribush if you are on blue side and is constantly pushing the lane. This way, you will be able to have more than 3 wards active at once, therefore giving yourself more vision in general.
  • DON'T use your reds if you are on purple side, is in the middle or their side of the lane, and the enemy jungler won't camp. Instead, save them for dragons/other locations later.
  • DO use your red if you are on red side and is constantly pushed to your tower. Chances are, there is a ward sitting at YOUR tribush, so a red is necessary so this shit doesn't happen.
  • It is always a better idea to have a red in your pockets handy so in case they destroy your current one, you have a backup. Or when you somehow are able to dragon and that's where a red is necessary as well.
  • WARD BAITS ARE SCARY. I'm serious, I realized that a lot of my worst mistakes come from this. You are a midget that has no legit lockdown CC, so if you are trying to fight to kill for that extra 30g (and some EXP), chances are the enemy support, jungler, AND even midlaner will all show up to jump on you. It's not worth it. Clear reds ONLY when you know you are 100% safe from enemy support, jungle, and ADC dangers, such as right after they recalled. Even pros make that mistake all the time.


The map:

2.png Blue side: 2.png


14.png Red side: 14.png


Tip: Remember to encourage your ADC to ward, too. You're not the ONLY one doing the warding, this isn't season 3 anymore. You're STILL responsible for MAJORITY of the warding, though. Also, don't forget to ping!


Warding outside lane:

This is where warding gets a lot more general because it's not just about you and your ADC anymore (thank god). Since you are a support, you'll definitely have LOTS of "free time" while your team just farms or pushes. That's where your job as THE scout comes in. Despite on how non-supports all say supporting is "easy" or "just ward you ward bitch xd", there are still some tips that makes you a better scout. Hey, thanks to 6.13, killing wards now give you a good kick of XP!

Feel free to recycle your wards!

As in, if you have reached the 3/3 limit, check to see which ward is going to be replaced when you set the new one. Is it at a location where you need to look out for, or is it all the way at the other side of the map? Is it a ward designed for objective purposes, or is it just a plain ol' ward that's in the middle of nowhere? How much time left does the ward have, if it is at the exact same spot that you are going to plant the new one? Some things to think about.


Deep warding:

This is a trick usually used when you are ahead, and is great for making better picks to STAY ahead.

However, ward at only relevant areas, so if your team is taking down enemy mid tower, there's no one top and baron/rift herald are not spawning anytime soon, it's a silly move to ward a path along the river to toplane. One of the biggest reasons why people complain over the removal of green wards because they don't know how to ward wisely.

Below are pictures of some good examples of where to ward, depending on which side you're on:

2.png Blue side, bot inner tower: 2.png

blue-bot inner tower.jpg

14.png Red side, bot inner tower: 14.png

purple-bot tower.jpg


Defensive warding:

This is when you are sieging, trying to defend a tower as your team is trying to find chances to make picks or let the enemy engage, or just in the middle of nowhere in hopes of making picks. Surprises happen (yeah Fiddlesticks), and that's when you really NEED to keep your eye out for. Your team SHOULD be able to do this job properly, but don't forget to take part as well!


Objective warding:

Your team is taking down towers, but not sure if enemies are around? Your team is ready to bait Baron/Dragon, or is taking them? Don't sit there, scout around so you can ensure that your team is safe... or at least have their eyes open for random dangers. In general:


17.png In general: 17.png

2.png Blue side, ALLY takedown: 2.png

14.png Red side, ALLY takedown: 14.png

2.png Blue side, ENEMY takedown: 2.png
blue-enemy drag.jpg

14.png Red side, ENEMY takedown: 14.png
purple-enemy dragon.jpg


2.png Blue side, ALLY takedown: 2.png

14.png Red side, ALLY takedown: 14.png

2.png Blue side, ALLY takedown: 2.png
blue-enemy baron.jpg

14.png Red side, ENEMY takedown: 14.png
purple-enemy baron.jpg

Mid tower:

2.png Blue side: 2.png
blue- mid tower.jpg

14.png Red side: 14.png
purple-mid tower.jpg

Control Wards:

And again, this is just as general as if anyone else on your team would use it.

ONE NOTE: WARD BAITS ARE STILL SCARY. Don't do it alone, unless you know you are 100% safe. Instead, bring a bodyguard or two with you, and let them KNOW that you are clearing that little shit. You are still a midget that has no legit lockdown CC, so if you are trying to fight to kill for that extra 30g, chances are the entire enemy team will jump on you and congratulations, you have now just given them a free Drag/Baron/Tower! No seriously, it's still not worth.

Even the best players, like the pros you see in competitive, get carried away with clearing wards, and end up costing a lot because of that wards. Shit happens, but you can always avoid it.


How to get your teammates to ward:

I always get this hilarious complaint, "Oh my gosh, I'm like the ONLY one warding, my team are full of monkeys that don't even know what the hell trinkets are! I HAVE LIKE 50 WARDS PLACED DXXXXXXXXXX"

This means either or the combination of three things:

1. You are warding at the "wrong" spots.

There's actually no "right" or "wrong" spots, but often, your teammates (especially carries) are too busy waveclearing or zoning that they don't have time to ward at further spots. If that's warded, then they're not even going to ward at all!

So, instead of warding at every nook and cranny around dragon, try warding out a bit further. That way, your teammates are more inclined to do selfish warding, ward at closer areas so THEY can live, and look, warding isn't 100% support's job anymore!

2. You are warding way too much.

Yes, there IS actually such thing called "warding too much". To the eyes of teammates and if everywhere they see is warded, they will stop warding because to them, there is "no point" in warding anymore! And yes, I also have seen plenty of scenarios of that, where the enemy team as a whole has less wards, but the enemy support has tossed way more wards than I did. Hell, even when I'm not supporting and if my support wards too much, I stop warding too.

Relax and save up your wards! It's to get those selfish pricks to ward too, and cut you some slack! Plus, you will not not only get to back less and do more, and a backup ward can save a life or two.

3. Your teammates actually don't ward.

Don't let #1 or #2 happen, and that's hopefully to force your teammates' asses to start warding.

This happens a LOT botlane, though fixing that is just as simple. When in lane and if your ADC is somehow not warding, ward the river and the farther spots. Your ADC will then feel unsafe, and throw stuff in the bush. They also tend to do that because they can easily transition from farming to trading to planting wards, which saves them time, and saves you wards.

To get your ADCs to do the vision work when they should:

  1. Ping your ward CD
  2. Ping "Ask for assistance"
  3. Type it in directly. BE CONSTRUCTIVE because there are plenty of sensitive people out there.
If each step doesn't work, go to the next. If #3 doesnt work, cry.

Mythbusters (more like FAQs) Back to Top

Alright. Even though Lulu is actually a support once again for the greater good, there's still plenty of myths about her. 

Disclaimer: contains very unpopular and tilt-inducing opinions.


Okay, I get what you mean by your guide being "weird". Basically, you're telling me to go half-poke and half-peel? How impractical!

This playstyle, if anything, is using as much of a champion as possible.

With the (classical) AP build that pros, high elo players, and even your everyday teammates once treasured, people are using at most half of the champion because “hehe xd muh waveclear muh damage!!!!!”. With a very menial playstyle that focuses E as enemy cast only, W as ally/self cast only and only for selfish purposes, and R as a healing device. Having to pick and choose and make decisions on who get to play the game and who don’t isn’t even a requirement, and playing against one feels unfair as fuck.
Other DPS builds are more lowkey, but still very selfish and requires only blind mechanics. What happened to the goodness of turning something scary into something useless? What happened to the dankest AA steroid that deals magic damage, and helps people farm? What happened to the baiting strats that the enemy team thought it was a good idea to focus Lulu, but turns out it’s a trap? Wait… she abilities has dual-use in the first place??? As a solo laner or DPS-oriented Lulu, that’s all the fun you’re going to miss out.
But, look, she’s pretty much better off as a support now especially with her being meta, what’s wrong with going full peel?
Nothing wrong, but people tend to miss out what Lulu can pull off completely. With the definitely-not-Janna playstyle, you are missing out the fact that she can make people kill shit very fast. What happened to shutting down that one fed carry, therefore being able to trash the boring “peel the x” comp? What happened to the slow aura that makes allies actually feel HUGE? What about laughing at stealth because Pix “wards” them? What happened to the fact that you don’t even need a tank and still has sick engages anyway, even though your team is full of squishies? What happened to the fact that she can (help) push waves so much faster and defend towers like a boss? What happened to the poke that still tilts people, especially the dumb mages botlane? All the fun you will miss.

Worst of all, that full bitch peel playstyle requires even less thought than the solo Lulu strats. There's no reward and accomplishment when all you did was hide behind a said carry and be his bitch. (looking at you Kog. Disgusting.)
However, when Lulu actually picks and therefore thinks about how and when to use her abilities, you get to do as much as you can with a kit designed to tilt people. Peel? Always there. Follow-up? Check. Laugh at stealth? Check. Scout? Check! Poke? Still there. Defend shit or help push faster? Check. Buff shit? Obviously. She does so much and there’s only so many choices to hand out spells, but if you know when or when not to use your spells, you can do all of them. She’s basically a Swiss Army Knife, it depends on how well you utilize the tools, though it may be short and blunt.
And with that reactive and interactive playstyle, that’s how Lulu support can be fun. Fits perfectly with how Riot wanted Lulu to be, so any nerfs won’t do much. It also fulfills Lulu’s own “magical trickster” fantasy, which actually does highlight her identity in the actual lore as well.


Lulu is one of the best scouts in the game. Really?

  • luluw.png on self = move faster + kill wards faster
  • Q is for quick facechecking, which can be easily spammed
  • Good at baiting means if she’s ever caught while warding, she can get out alive and not cause as much trouble
  • 3092.png completes her scouting kit
Note that all the other supports don’t have this kind of luxury all bunched up into the same champion. Don’t be afraid to use all of it! Also perfect for soloQ since your teammates most of the time can't control vision for jack shit.


Why don't you rush Ardent Censer (or some other item) before getting boots and Sightstone? 

If your team is very organized and know where everything is, and that you put your full trust on your ADC and teammates: go for it.

But we are talking about soloQ here, and maybe anywhere gold and below. Your ADCs, probably including your duos, will probably not be 100% reliable. You are not going to rely on your teammates to make sure where everything is, especially in gold and below where their macros aren't the best. Because of that, you need to find a way to survive on your own, and that you want everything ready when your teammates couldn't make it into midgame yet.

Your survival kit (which should be 3092.png2049.png3158.png3364.png) will make you self-sufficient. 3092.png alone is a stat stick good enough for you to have some form of mana regen, reliable damage/shielding power, and that you can rack up your tribute passive even faster especially if you accidentally took a minion. It is also your second pair of eyes that literally gives you an estimated location of your enemies, especially when you and/or your teammates don't know where the enemies are. 2049.png3364.png are your other obvious vision items because your teammates sometimes may not ward and 3158.png (or some other t2 boot) lets you run around the map faster at any given time.

Rushing 3504.png while skipping the important "survival kit" items is basically telling your teammates: "I'm going to trust you guys that you know where the enemy team can be and that you will carry the game for us". If you do that in soloQ with (usually) randoms every game, you're gonna have a bad time. But if your team is so ahead that you don't really need vision or the like, go for it.


Lulu's supposed to be a "mage" support! She should build AP items after getting a Sightstone and FQC!


Uh... since she doesn't scale too well, I'd recommend that you don't do it. In fact, her main source of damage comes from her Q, in which already doesn't scale well in the first place (at least compared to your typical midlane mages). There are better things to build than just plain ol' AP stuff; let your mid/top/jungle do the job. Your main job here is to keep people alive, not build more damage. Sure, her shield would give a better strength, but is it really that necessary, since it should really, be used as an AS-steroid? Sure, she "heals" a little more with her ult, but is it really necessary since her ult should be used for cc purposes? Nope.

Of course, getting a little AP won't hurt. Just don't waste money on AP-specific items, as they are not only costly (for supports like you. Remember, you still have a slightly lower income than your carries do) but also not worth, since you don't scale TOO well. In fact, Lulu just needs roughly 130 AP and she will be fine late game AS SUPPORT.

"But I need that magic penetration, that's why I get 3020_32.png!" For what? On someone that doesn't deal significant damage, especially as a support? Don't do it. Magic penetration is ok on Lulu, but there are better boots than something that helps you deal more damage.

"But she has utility scaling, too!" Sorry, you're not rich enough to afford the luxury called "AP". Your little W speed boost isn't really that important in teamfights; it's good mainly for you to catch up to your destination.

"I want some AP and an awesome active that makes ME invulnerable! That's why it's a good idea to get 3157_32.png!" Well first of all... is it really necessary for YOU to be at the front lines? Second, do you really need THAT much AP? Third, how long will this take you to even get a 3191_32.png, something that ALSO needs you to farm in order to get the passive stacks? And lastly, it doesn't give you MUCH armor. That's just enough for a mage, but you, as a support, needs more than just +50 armor.

"Wait... I was reading your guide, and you say I CAN get 3151_32.png?" Do this ONLY if you're ahead, and that you aren't dying. (Note that this is NOT recommended.) So... why that freaky mask? Well first of all, the passive scales off MAX % HP, meaning, no matter how tanky someone is or how little AP you have, he/she will eat 2% of his max hp, flat-rate. Don't have much AP? No worries, the passive is already there for you to do the job. Hey, and since your Q is automatically movement-impaired, that means... it will always do double the effect! Also, a bit of magic penetration won't hurt, since you're building it for dealing some damage, right? That bonus HP will sure make you look tankier, so why not add some bluff?

And AP aside, you should also consider building some defense, so that you don't die. Your team needs you and your (trolling) buffs/debuffs!

TL;DR: Just don't do it. Don't waste money and time. There are lots of better things than building just damage.


Why do you start Q > E >W as your first 3 skill orders?

(Yes a repost from Abilities section)

I have gotten a LOT of people getting lulue.png first, but honestly, that basically means you're telling the enemy laners you're going to cosplay Janna and that you don't want interaction at all, therefore giving up most of your lane dominance. It's not only mana costly, but its range is too short to trade without losing half of your HP (unless the enemy botlane is too stupid to not fight back a stupid Lulu player, which happens even in "high elo" anyways), and CAN slow down your level 2 rush. Against high threat lanes like Draven, Blitzcrank, Lucian, or the like, starting E is basically giving in against them. Most supports that aren't enchanters have way more engage/poke range than your shitty "barely autoattack" range cast E, and you can get easily bullied out at level ONE if you lack that range on top of your actually-still-squishy self.

Yes, your luluq.png can help "push" the wave, especially where a level 2 rush can become very helpful if your ADC doesn't have good early waveclear (hello Jhin and Vayne). It can shoo off enemy supports so that they don't get a free lane starting at level 1, and helps "ward" the brushes since you got an extra pair of arms to see whatever the hell is going on.

Next, you want to get lulue.png second because that's when people will start poking even more. This also lets your ADC know that it is okay to start trading, and if the enemy relies on level 3 for engage, this is THE perfect time to run them over.

You don't want to get luluw.png until level 3 because 1) its CD is VERY long at rank 1 (16 seconds w/o CDR) and you could have been doing more useful things by then SUCH AS POKING, 2) a lot of supports don't engage at level 3, and 3) that's when junglers start ganking.

I will remind you one more time that starting lulue.png against Draven is basically asking to int because he will outtrade everyone 100%.


What's so good about maxing W anyways?

W max is arguably the best spell to max because you lose nothing. Your mana cost will be a flat 65 mana at all ranks, polymorph duration will be longer as you rank up (2.25 second silence is pretty tilt-inducing if you ask me), speedboost duration only gets longer as you rank up (from 2.5-5 seconds i think), and with 45% max cdr you can have it on a cooldown at 6.6 seconds. That’s almost the duration of how long your speedboost lasts! Maxing E will drain your mana pool too fast, and we all know how useless maxing Q is nowadays especially on support. Plus, how well a Lulu support performs is not how good of a shieldbot she is, but how wisely she uses polymorph. Not counting ult ofc, every champ is measured on how well they also use their ults. Imagine being able to spam polymorph more often midgame… that shit’s tilting and does bring a good deal of powerspike because it’s the most useful spell.

It can also be great for shield spammers because when you don’t get points into E, the mana cost doesn’t increase. That means, more room to spam!


Why don't we use W to engage?

Actually one of the most common mistakes that Lulu players tend to pull off, and use that as THEIR excuse to max it. First of all, using a shitty little silence with zero other followups only baits YOUR W and literally tells the enemy botlane: "Hey, this Lulu is stupid and wasted her scariest spell! Let's go in!!!!!" All on a long-ass cooldown IN LANE.

Seriously, DO NOT DO THIS.

Do your ADCs and teammates a favor.

Save W for followups and disengage.

Yes that IS based on a true story where some high elo ADC main came across a Lulu support that literally said that.


"Lulu's E should almost always be ALLY CAST." You crazy? That's not how you play her, this is why you're always losing!

No, I am not crazy. I even made a separate section just for that because of the importance of well-timed buffs and shields, and that the misuse of Lulu's E is one of the biggest mistakes Lulu players tend to make. It is also one of the worst excuses that makes Lulu a "better solo laner".

Her shields are far from shit if someone knows how to make a good use of them, contrary to popular belief. Tiny shields and extra AA buffs can be a difference between a double kill for your ADC, or the enemy ADC.

In fact, as a support, you get to kill more birds at a time by using a stone! An enemy cast only grants position to poke and mediocre damage output. A shield grants position to poke, a shield, and even some damage output. Why waste a spell to do two things, when you can waste it to do three things and with less risk?

That section above will answer most of your questions.

This question is pretty old now that 3504.png has been outright broken for AGES, but once its power steps down (hopefully) people WILL go back to poky builds and playstyles.


"Use Lulu's ult to DISRUPT, not SAVE." Why not?

I should've made this into another section of its own, though not a good idea because that part is primarily personal preference and the like. However, the misuse of it is one of the most common mistakes Lulu supports tend to pull off.

But let's talk optimization. Disclaimer: lots of personal opinion.

It is a knockup. It has a slow aura. It makes people look big and even more targetable. It STOPS people from doing whatever they are doing. If Lulu is designed to be THE anti-heal support, then what's up with that "added HP" slapped on to her ult? Well, if she want to make someone "look big", then it is very logical to make someone's health bar look bigger. So how to do that? "Add health", of course!

"But Lulu, why should WE use it as THE knockup tool, not saving tool?"

If you want heals, don't pick Lulu, easy as that. If healing is something that YOU want, go get things like Soraka, Sona, or even Nami works. Using an ULT SPELL just to heal/save someone is a waste of spell.

You can do so with just a single snap, so using it for only one purpose is sometimes deemed... unnecessary. Why not both disrupt AND THEN save? Why not both follow up AND heal/save? The only time it should be used as JUST the healing device because your team has too many ways to engage and disengage, and that sometimes it is just necessary. But used as a healing spell every damn time? What a waste.

And numbers aside... 300 HP at LEVEL SIX is hell of a lot. If anyone uses it to disrupt and just make people stop whatever they are doing, the heal part early on isn't at all necessary. It is much more relevant in a 1v1 situation, than in a 2v2 situation. Even so, if only one person is disrupted with her ult, then usually your ally won't die since the disrupted person can't catch up for a while. But used as a quick healing device? At most 200 HP is all he needs.

Lulu's ult is MORE than just a "save that motherfucker" device. That's what you really need to know.


What's wrong with taking Electrocute or Guardian on Lulu support?

There's actually nothing wrong with taking either of them on Lulu support, if anything.

However, with this semi-poke, semi-peel playstyle, you're not gonna benefit much from anything from Domination and Resolve trees. Resolve (and especially Guardian.png?width=32) requires you to be hyper defensive and/or stand super close to your allies, which is THE recipe for disaster if you're gonna be the tactician support, as AoE comps can singlehandedly fuck over you and your teammates, while you can only peel from one thing at a time; that's Janna's job. Domination also works perfectly fine on Lulu support, but requires you to be hyper-aggressive, which defeats the purpose of this guide.

With her kit, she should be pretty much played safely and not die. Just right click!

It really... depends. Sometimes when a support dies, it's a good thing because his/her team won the teamfight. Sometimes it's bad because then there's no one else peeling for the squishies. That's it. Sure, she can't do much when up close, but sometimes, it's necessary to get in range just to silence/stealth reveal an enemy champ. Hey, you got your team to do some meatshielding, enough cc so you can run away again, and you even got some self-defense (assuming that you DO get a defensive item or two) so that you can stand close enough to do your job! Otherwise, the right click is true---wait, EVERYONE right clicks! But yes, point and click. Plus, it's funner to play dangerously, especially you got LOTS of ways to escape. However, I still recommend that you play safer, unless your team goes HAM and/or you know how to get out alive.


Lulu is sooo much stronger in lane! Of course it's hard for lots of Lulu players to teamfight, you just suck at laning!

Just being able to poke and disengage in lane is stronger than giving around buffs and debuffs to your team? Gimme a break already! She can't even spoonfeed, because she doesn't have a "one-button-for-a-free-kill"! This is more of an honest opinion, but and again, with good decision-making, she can make teamfights pretty badass (and troll enemies with her peeling abilities). Maybe if you cc her as an enemy so that she stops doing her job, and magically, you win. Seriously though, it's not all about landing perfect Q's; they don't do much. It's more about how you time and who to give your buffs/debuffs on. And plus, she actually NEEDS items to work, which also explains why sheep take her mid/top. Disgusting.

I mean, with how Lulu got plenty of popularity once in a while, you've probably seen those bad Lulu players losing lane, and then only to get carried. That's because she never falls off, which means her teamfighting is stronger.


(Insert name) and Lulu botlane doesn't really work well. What's with your nonsense, Lulu?

I hear this a lot. Actually, ANYONE can work with Lulu and do well in lane, just as long he/she knows how to ADC. Or, it could be also because your Lulu support probably doesn't know how to harness her purple magicks. Though casters will make her job awkward, but they are still support-able. (Ahem Jhin and Miss Fortune)

The only real exception to this is probably Ezreal and Corki, who can't "tank" for you, and don't really auto AT ALL. Miss Fortune and Jhin does, and Lucian has a range so short that he can easily "tank" for you.

I guess I can consider Lulu support as the "test of strength". If you can work with a buff/debuff support effectively in lane, then you actually know how to ADC. That's pretty much it.

Except Ezreal and Corki of course. That one's a super obvious "nope, that's gonna be a shit comp".


Just as long you can lane and land your pokes, you can auto-win a lane! Isn't botlane supposed to be 70% support and 30% adc?

I've wondered where did you get that information from, because that is obviously NOT true, unless you're talking about 412_64.png (but hey, this isn't a Thresh guide). Especially on someone that doesn't have the "one-button-for-a-free-kill" mechanic (a slow doesn't mean anything, it just makes you move slower; you can still do EVERYTHING). If she does, then yeah, sure, you can consider botlane "70% support". But since Lulu doesn't have any legit lockdowns (and rather rely on buffs/debuffs), she really needs her adc to do well and trade/fight accordingly, thus making the lane more of a "50% adc, 50% support".

However, you have just as much lane control. Whatever you do, usually your ADCs will follow you around or pace with you aggressive/passive you are. For example, if you are sitting in the back pretending you are Janna, they will just farm. If you poke a lot each time you see people, they will be more inclined to push the wave. If anything, how lanes will go (kill/peel/poke) are primarily determined by support picks. YOU are basically the "not damage" half, while your ADC is the damage half of botlane.

Don't feel that you are powerless, but don't feel that you have all the power.


What? "Low skillcap mechanically, high skillfloor decisively", what the heck does that even mean?

In general:
  • Skillcap = amount of skill needed to achieve its full potential
  • Skillfloor = amount of skill needed to perform basic functions
I will go over the "high decisive skillfloor" first. Long story short, if you tell someone who has absolutely no experience on botlane knowledge, or even supporting in general, they're going to struggle on playing Lulu support very harshly. Yes, I have seen ADC mains, midlane mains, or even Sona/Brand "support" mains struggling on even performing the basic functions as Lulu support without screwing over botlane. Yeah, these are supposedly the "best players" who has proper mechanics to pull off and make plays by mashing buttons in succession, but what good does it do when the buttons mashed in order don't even do anything? Someone who has good mechanics may know how to press E > Q > W in succession and "set up" a kill, but what about afterwards, when the entire botlane gets run over anyways? That's the difference you should point out. And since most players refrained from supporting because of "the different game" (since things will be more peel-oriented), they're not going to know what to do as an actual support, therefore making Lulu's "decisive skillfloor" rather high.

As for the "low mechanical skillcap", it's more straightfoward. There's not much you can do as Lulu support other than pressing a single button as quickly as possible. There's not much to improve on when all you can do is throw glitterlance in the general direction of enemies when it comes to peeling. Dishing out damage is optional, so the ability to do that quickly can be omitted, therefore cutting down a lot of "skill" needed to achieve the full potential. And back to Spec Live, the ever-rare smarter Lulu support players... do the same things low elo shitters like me do, and gets very similar results as I do.

So, this puts the fact that "low mechanical skillfloor" means you only need to know how to point and click on people, and going to the frontlines is NOT a requirement at all. The "high decisive skillcap" not only accounts for endless ways of outplaying enemies through purely tactical outsmarting, but also the ability to make any given team comp work, even in very unfavorable matchups. This means, you can pretty much be the biggest pussy player with the greatest potato reaction time and still perform Lulu support well, as long as you have a brain.


Lulu typically works better with ranged champs!

Nah. She works with ANYONE. Yes, even botlane with bruisers. She and (insert name) can make botlane a funny kill lane, especially because the enemy laners can't predict what will happen. Seriously though, even with a 24_64.png or 122_64.png in lane, if done right (and/or if the enemies are too stupid to suspect non-meta comps). Working with assassins without cc is fun too, since you cover for all the cc he/she needs (yeah 55_64.png and 84_64.png, fun times).


Thoughts on Lulu mid/top? Why do you hate it so much?

Trust me, I'm kinda notorious for having a lot of beef against it. It's braindead and extremely uninteractive to play as and against. It creates a very toxic playerbase who trash and demoralize actually dedicated Lulu support players. It also makes Lulu supports with actual brains look bad. Most of them don't even know Lulu's real personality and who her friends are, and therefore doesn't even know who Veigar is. Worst of all, Faker plays it. Uncultured noobs...

Wait, that's "gutted"? Good riddance! And wait, THEY are complaining about it? Hah! Though...

There isn't a problem with the fact that Lulu can go outside botlane and function as a solo laner. However, it becomes a problem when solo Lulu has all of support Lulu's strengths as well as covering up all of her weaknesses nearly completely, and that she eventually became a "must pick" almost every game due to having too much and too good of everything in a solo laner: safety, bully potential, waveclear, loaded with utility, has DPS, and does not have the risks of "becoming useless" when camped. Yeah, that has to go.

All these Lulu "nerfs" actually don't do much to Lulu support, if anything. People just love to bitch and whine because they refuse to use their brains. The W attackspeed buff might as well be one of the best gifts from Riot, in addition to 3174.png.

Too bad it required to break 3504.png for everyone to realize how strong her buffs have come into work.


Lulu isn't evil! She's a good person!

She's more of a "chaotic neutral". Yeah, Rito specifically mentioned that she isn't evil, but I doubt she's "good" in any way either. It's more like she has her OWN perceptions of good and evil. If she thinks it's good, it's good. If she thinks it's evil, then it's probably bad. She's already officially friends with Veigar, but I also see a pretty interesting possibility of being friends with Jinx and even Jhin as well.

She's her own psychopath, but isn't really Veigar's or Jhin's level of "evil". More like a kinda sheltered (by the Glade) little yordle who's fairly lonely, and has the strangest ways of interaction with other people. The "turn people into things and scare the crap out of normal people" kind of interaction, topped with some kind of "loneliness" where the only one that's willing to talk to her would be Pix, at first of course.


Which ADC, in your opinion, do you think works BEST with Lulu? Your favorite?

(UPDATE! See "Botlane synergy" section for how well ADCs work with Lulu support in general. And you know what happens when meta shifts? Opinions also changes. So this is one of those things that will change here and there.)

This is more of a subjective matter, so it really depends. Vayne, Trist, and Quinn are the best ADCs to work with Lulu in general, but I like working with Jinx and Jhin as well.

Vayne has a very good self-peel ability and can trade fairly well. Because she's THE "assassin adc", she has to get into the enemies' faces when she's on the hunt to kill things, which makes my job as THE backup a lot easier. Also, even if she doesn't get early kills, she still has a chance to catch up assuming that she know what she's doing. At least winning with a Vayne feels satisfying because it's not just blind stat-checking, but both you AND Vayne has to get good and know when and WHAT to right click on.

Advertising aside, Tristana's kit works fairly well with Lulu's "unreliable" kit, and covers up the kinds of things Lulu can't do. Better blame Rito for that Dragon Trainer Trist... anyways, almost everything I would want in an ADC, especially with my "hide behind someone else #pussymode" playstyle. The way she dishes out DPS fits well into your Pix buffs, she CAN "tank" and get out safely with her Super Mario tactics, and there's always so much room for outplays. Kinda like Vayne, but more of a Jack-of-all-trades identity. She isn't the best in the current meta right now, but Trist is still one of the best ADCs to work with kit-wise. Hell, she has like 3 "matching" skin combos too...

Quinn is an odd pick in today's meta, but close range, mobility/self peel, and still some autoattack-based relevance is pretty much what she has and what Lulu likes. Very underrated, and won't ruin team comps when she is THE ADC of the team. Early game she may have a hard time, but let's get real here, Lulu support shines after lane anyways.

Jinx is pretty fun to work with. She can literally feed with you in lane, and look like she's carrying afterwards because she scales SO well just by staying behind her teammates with you, leeching off for kills/assists. Plans? She's got none. It's always entertaining to outplay the enemy botlane with a Jinx because it's all about that randomness and goofyness, just like Lulu herself. Also a fun day to spam /l or /j before laning phase starts. (and also because my duo mains Jinx ever since her release...)

Jhin is kinda like a Jinx lane where you don't really have a purpose of what you should be doing, but when you outplay and cooperate with actual Jhin players, shit feels VERY good. And I like his voiceover.


Which ADC, in your opinion, do you just flat-out dislike working with? And why isn't Koggles THE best ADC?????? :(((((((

I hate Ezreals and Kog'Maws. Corki gets a special mention for obvious reasons.

For Ezreal, they either win lane, and lose the game because they forgot they are ADCs who dies upon getting sneezed on, or just flat-out lose the lane and as well as the game because they don't know non-tanks, non-healer supports exist.

I remember during Kalista release, she was my least favorite because that time no one has any good clue on how she works. Early game, or late game? Poke lane, or kill lane? How the hell do I force myself to work with strange (yet overloaded) kits like hers? Hell, MOST Kalista players that time are flat out shit. Though she's not much of a problem anymore because I have won and carried games with her, and that Lulu/Kalista lane is sick as fuck.

I even remember when I started League, I despised Caitlyns. And again, where most of such players have absolutely no clue on how the champ works, and that I used to be a stupid little noob (though still am today tbh) that used to be one of those "bad Lulu supports" who spam mana willy-nilly. When she stopped becoming popular and people fled to hypercarries, like the Kalista case I started winning as well. For a while, I also hated Sivirs because people can't play her for shit and autoloses for me.

For Kog'Maw, almost every one of them I come across are trash and all expect me to do all the work while they just sit there scripting themselves, and proceeds to do nothing and autowin because his kit is dumb. A big chunk of Lulu support's key strengths is to physically disable scary threats and follow up, not just pull off the "Janna simulator" (which is full peel/buff), max E, win, and rub off their egos because it doesn't even take skill or thought. He is at most sub-optimal since he can't really "tank" for you and you have to strictly resort to the "Janna simulator" playstyle or else you're getting nowhere. Not fun at all, and winning doesn't feel satisfying at all. Might as well write up a macro just to work with one instead.


What's your favorite Lulu skin?

Wicked > Star Guardian > Bittersweet > Winter Wonder > Dragon Trainer > Classic >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Pool Party

I love Lulu perceived as something evil and dark, though Star Guardian ties very closely because of my fan of the Kirby series and the "magical girl" anime genre (which is basically my childhood). Those three all depict Pix as some fairy; even Star Guardian counts since fairies and familiars in anime do look like that.

Winter Wonder looks cool, but is a bit too overrated and I really wished Pix isn't some flying Poro. Like Winter Wonder, Dragon Trainer doesn't really have a "purpose" and Pool Party... yeah no. Casual as fuck clothes, a retardedly ugly squid that looks NOTHING like Splatoon (inkling squid form looks 100x better anyways), has very shitty fanart depictions, has one of the most overused and unrelated memes, and serves absolutely no purpose other than "hehe xd im a playful toddler so unique!!!!!1" Also I'm not a fan of watery effects. Don't know why, but Pool Party seems really rushed and unimpressive. Classic skin is also overused and is kinda... bland.

Lulu should get a model update, if anything. I haven't used her classic skin ever since I bought Wicked Lulu back in season 3.

About the Author Back to Top

I've started league since November 2012, even though I didn't really start maining Lulu support until March-April 2013 (can't figure out the exact times), or when I just reached level 30.

Well... for someone that has the reaction time of a potato, last hitting wasn't the thing for me, so I decided to main support. That time, Lulu is actually considered a legit support, even though people don't really play her because of her lack of lockdown cc and that she has no combos (and long ago, when Lulu SUPPORT hardly wins in competitive). That kind of stuff? Sounds like fun things I can try to master. I'm not a fan of landing skillshots, and that Lulu doesn't really NEED to be able to land skillshots to do well, so that's why she's for me. Can't learn combos? Don't worry, Lulu doesn't really have any to start with! You are a scaredy-cat and likes to hide behind your teammates? That's also acceptable too! You like messing with the enemy team? This is for you.


NOT because she's cute, I could care less, she's already overrated as hell. NOT because she's like the actual me sometimes, personality-wise; I also don't care. It's because of her cancerous kit, though I'm still waiting for her meta to die down even more. She's fun as heck to draw, and I even cosplayed as Wicked Lulu too. Recently started streaming, though it's mostly creative stuff because my PC can't handle streaming games... YET.

Over time, I've played over 3000 games as Lulu support (and still counting!), and is (hopefully) experienced enough to make a legit guide on how to play her, though my ways are significantly different from those popular Lulu players out there. When I can't get Lulu, I rotate in between Sona, Raka, and Janna depending on my mood and the meta, and "first time" them.

"2000 games since season 3 (for someone that doesn't always have time to play)? That's a lot!"
Pretty much. In fact, it never gets old, as no 2 games as Lulu are ever the same. And yes, I've been racking over 800k mastery points ever since the mastery thing came out as well.


(Basically my milestone mastery points.)

By the way. Lulu support. Not mid, not top. Suppordle rules!

I have also tried her in the jungle and even though it's preseason 6 with crazy item changes, Lulu jungle is still legit. Waveclear is actually not too bad if you set up correctly. Since junglers are actually secondary supports in terms of what they really do, the idea of "support jungler" is pretty legit. Haven't taken it to ranked yet (because my jungler decision making and ganking abilities is 100% authentic garbage), but good enough in normals. I prefer Runeglaive-- RUNIC ECHOES > Devourer because of the stat it gives to Lulu in general.

Also please nerf 3504.png so I don't have to be called a troll for not rushing it before I finish tier 2 boots and FQC :^(
Disgusting, braindead, and broken piece of shit that nearly ruined Lulu support's true identity. Also so these dumb support mains can start bitching and whining like feminists and SJWs for "having no power" :^)))))))

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