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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png Flash - 

Flash is the best summoner spell in the game. It is never a question to take this ability, it can get you into or out of any situation where you aren't CC'd. It is extremely powerful and can be used to get across walls, save a teammate, kill an enemy, and more. Also, as a side note, make sure you have flash on D, unlike all of the pictures above, because if you have it on F you are, in fact, a Filthy Casual. 

12.png Teleport -

While teleport seems to be the default for top laners these days I would say that it isn't required on Lulu. It will help you stay in lane early and will allow you to gank bot quickly but because of your W movement speed you really shouldn't have a problem getting to fights. You can also interrupt the other top laners teleport with your W and your ultimate, so be aware of that. 

14.png Ignite -

Ignite is probably my favorite spell to take on lulu. No one really expects how much damage you can do with a couple of auto attacks and a Q, it will surprise people and give you that little bit of damage you need to secure a kill. However, since this is a team game - unless you know you can win your lane against an easy lane opponent I would recommend taking teleport.

3.png Exhaust - 

While exhaust is rarely used in the top lane, using exhaust can be very helpful if the enemy top laner is more of a carry than a tank. For example, these top laners could be Riven, Fiora, Jayce, etc...

7.png Heal -

Last up is heal, while heal was pretty decent at the time I made this guide I would almost never suggest using it. While it gives a nice little speed boost I would even take Ghost over it as the small heal it gives is hardly worth it anymore. Ignite is also a direct counter to it and the only way it could be useful is to survive a turret dive/save a teammate. 

As for the other summoner spells - Clarity/Clairvoyance/Ghost/Cleanse - These should never be used, if you are learning the game and need mana you can try clarity, but I wouldn't rely on it as it is a sub-par summoner spell. Cleanse can be useful against a heavy CC team but the cooldown is so long that other abilities are better.

New Runes Back to Top

Hey everyone,

There's a lot of new changes to the rune / mastery system that hit in 8.0. While I'm still exploring tons of different options, it's clear that there are going to be different setups for different situations. Since this will be the case, I'm going to provide an analysis of some potential winners in the new rune system. That said, the runes you see above are going to be the main setup that works in almost every situation.

Starting with the bonuses received from picking what types of runes you want:

Precision + Anything        = +18% Attack Speed
Domination + anything    = +11AD or 18 AP (Scales with level)
Sorcery + Anything          = +15 AD or 25 AP (Scales with level)
Resolve + Anything          = +130 Max HP
Inspiration + Anything     = +20% Potion and Elixir Duration
Inspiration + Precision     = +20% Attack Speed
Inspiration + Domination = +16 AD or 27 AP (Scales with level)
Inspiration + Sorcery       = +16 AD or 27 AP (Scales with level)
Inspiration + Resolve       = +145 Max HP

Most of these are pretty straightforward, the only one that really changes (based on choices) is Inspiration. Inspiration will always grant you the 20% Potion and Elixir Duration and then give you a slightly improved version of any other choice when compounded with with another tree (such as domination). The small boost probably isn't worth investing in the tree for, but the tree itself may offer something that you want.

To go into more depth on greater runes, there's a TON of great options to choose from. To go in order, we'll start with precision and work our way down - I'm going to try and explain what greater rune you can use in each situation, but it's totally possible that I'll just say one isn't worth using.


Press the Attack: After hitting an enemy champion with 3 basic attacks, you deal 30-120 (based on level) bonus damage and cause them to take 12% more damage from all sources for 6 seconds. Getting three auto-attacks off isn't the hardest thing to do in lane, but in a teamfight it's relatively rare that you'll get 3 off on the same person, unless it's their tank. While this can be useful for that and for early jungle ganks, there are better options in greater runes that you can choose from.

Lethal Tempo: 1.5 seconds after damaging a champion, you gain 30-80% Attack Speed (based on level) for 3 seconds. Attacking a champion extends the effect to 6 seconds. This has a 10 second cooldown. The biggest thing with this rune is that it allows you to bypass the attack speed cap, though this won't be useful for Lulu unless you're going for an on-hit attack speed build (which I wouldn't recommend).

Fleet Footwork: Attacking and moving builds energy stacks, at 100 stacks your next attack is Energized. (sound familiar?) Energized attacks heal you for 5-50(+.1 AD / .2 AP) and grant 30% movement speed for 1 second. If you are going to take Precision as your primary, I highly recommend using this rune. While you won't get a lot of damage out of it, it's incredibly powerful for chasing down enemies or kiting champions running towards you (which you do a lot as Lulu). The heal is also pretty nice, but won't be anything overpowered, if you have 500 AP at level 18 - it's only a 150 heal - though that could be the difference of life and death. The movement speed is also pretty strong, even if only for a second.


Electrocute: Hitting a champion with 3 separate attacks or abilities within 3 seconds deals 50-220 (+.5 bonus AD / .3 AP) damage. 50-25 second cooldown (based on level). Good ol' Thunderlord's is back and it's pretty okay. While the cooldown is incredibly long early game, this can provide you the burst damage you need to bring someone down. Since the cooldown is so much longer than Aery and Comet, I wouldn't recommend taking this one.

Predator: Grants your boots a new active effect. Channel for 1.5 seconds (out of combat) to gain 45% movement speed for 15 seconds. Damaging attacks or abilities end this effect, dealing 60-140 (+0.4 bonus AD / .25 AP) bonus damage. 180-120s cooldown. Once again, the cooldown on these are pretty outrageous. This can grant you the ability to gank other lanes, and with a considerable boost, so if you want to roam a bunch - or help mid - this can be a good option. 

Dark Harvest: Champions, super and cannon minions, and large monsters, drop a Soul Charge when killed. Picking these up will make your next attack consume the charges and deal 40-80 (+0.25 bonus AD / 0.2 AP) + Soul Essence collected, damage. This rune is actually pretty ridiculous, and I'm thinking it's going to get nerfed. Since there is no cooldown on picking up and expending Soul Charges, you can get a lot of burst in if you weave it right. The big downside is that you actually have to pick up the charges, so you'll be at risk while doing so. When you're at mid-game, you can kill raptors or wolves, grab a charge, head to mid, and poke the enemy laner. You can also do this with cannon minions that spawn, which is nasty. If you're going to go Domination, this is the rune you should use.


Summon Aery: Attacks and abilities send Aery to a target, damaging enemies or shielding allies. Damage = 20-60 (+0.1 AP / 0.15 Bonus AD). Shield = 30-80 (+0.25AP / 0.40 Bonus AD). This is my personal favorite in the new runes section, it has a fun mini-game to it and can be quite strong if you're paying attention. The cooldown of Aery can be as low as 3-5 seconds if you're right on top of your target, but realistically it will be more like 8-10s seconds. That said, the shield is pretty large on teammates, so you can use that to your advantage in fights. It also procs off of your W, E, and R on allies, so that's awesome. Just because of the ally / enemy interaction with this, I would highly recommend choosing it for Lulu.

Arcane Comet: Damaging an enemy champion with an ability hurls a comet at their location dealin 30-100 (+0.2 AP / 0.35 Bonus AD). 20-8 second cooldown. The cooldown is also reduced when you hit an enemy with an ability (while this is on cooldown). If you're just looking for damage, this is likely the rune you are going to want, it provides a nice burst of additional damage and can be used on someone who's polymorphed or slowed and it's almost guaranteed to hit them. The cooldown is also REALLY short, so it's going to provide consistent damage throughout a teamfight.

Phase Rush: Hitting an enemy champion with 3 attacks grants 15-40% Movement Speed (based on level). This is pretty terrible for ranged characters, and doesn't provide enough of a boost to really pay off. You can use it for games where you'll be heavily kiting, but I don't recommend taking it in its current state.


I'm not even going to list these, they are all pretty terrible for Lulu, especially when she's a carry. If you're going to use one, take Grasp so that you can poke the top laner every 4 seconds, I guess.


Unsealed Spellbook: Gain a summoner shard at 2 minutes and every 6 minutes after. You can hold a maximum of 2 shards. At the store, you can exchange 1 shard to replace a Summoner Spell with a different one. Also, Summoner Spell Cooldowns are reduced by 25%. This can be incredibly powerful, or pretty useless, depending on how your game is turning out. If you want to swap in ignite to shut down your top laner, or swap out teleport because bot lane doesn't need ganks, that can be a huge win for you. It also means that later in the game you can switch to a more meaningful summoner spell if one you are using turns out to be useless. That said, I'm going to have to actually play around with this one more before I recommend using it.

Glacial Augment: Your basic attacks slow enemies by 20-40% for 2 seconds (slow increases over the duration). Slowing a champion with an active item shoots a freeze ray through them freezing the ground for 5 seconds and slowing units inside by 50%. Cooldown 7-4 seconds per unit. Man, this one can be really useful, especially for ganks and chases, but you're really only going to benefit from it if you have a slowing active item (such as the hextech one). I don't recommend using it over other trees' greater runes, but it can be a fun one to play around with.

Kleptomancy: After using an ability, your next attack on a champion grants 5 gold and there's a chance you'll also gain a consumable. Worst-case scenario here is that you sell the consumable and get some free gold. Overall, I don't think this is going to give you a ton of gold, but it has a fun interaction with biscuits if you take biscuit delivery perk. Once again, it's pretty fun but probably not the best option.

Okay so, there's a lot of info up there but for a Tl;dr - 
Best choices: Dark Harvest, Summon Aery, Arcane comet
Good choices: Electrocute, Unsealed Spellbook, Fleet Footwork, Predator
Bad / heavily situational choices: Everything else

I'm going to add a couple of more details here, such as runes like "Triumph" that are incredibly strong, but for now I think this is a good start. A lot of this is also subject to change since the pre-season likes to shake things up constantly.

Masteries Back to Top

The page that you currently see is my personal favorite at the moment. I generally use this because not having mana potions has hurt Lulu more than I have expected in lane. Due to this, I really enjoy the meditation talent as it allows you to get that little bit of mana you need to stay in lane. The Dangerous Game point will help you in fights more than you realize, it's going to heal you on kills and assists and refund mana which will keep you fighting. 

Other than that I don't have much to say in what you should personally choose, it's still a bit early so I can't just tell you that one point is much better than another but, I can tell you what I think of each of the important mastery points for AP lulu top.


Sorcery is the obvious choice for tier 1, 2% ability damage is going to beat 4% attack speed on lulu, unless you're doing some crazy on-hit build (which I would not recommend)

Feast vs Double Edged Sword is an interesting one, I like that feast is a nice small heal every wave but as Lulu I feel that the 2% bonus damage is worth it, if you feel differently that's fine, this point isn't too important anyway.

I personally like Natural Talent more than Vampirism, but again the amount you gain is so small it doesn't really impact anything too much, I think the 2% spell vamp is technically better in an overall fight (statistically) however I prefer having a bit more AP/AD.

Bounty Hunter is a really interesting point, I usually take it over the other but on Lulu you can slow and polymorph so easily that I take Oppressor instead.

Piercing Thoughts - no real argument here on which is better.

For the last point Deathfire is really the only choice for lulu, even if you build up fervor in a fierce auto-attack battle I'm pretty sure Deathfire will still come out ahead.

Cunning - 

Take Savagery if you suck at farming early game (which is understandable with Lulu) and take Wanderer in all other situations.

Runic Affinity is nice when you get neutral buffs but as the top laner this is a rare occurrence and potions/elixirs lasting longer is very nice to have (also a small instant heal!).

I would always take Merciless over Meditation for damage so if you really want to just hit hard go for it, however meditation is going to keep your mana up in lane, every bit helps!

Dangerous Game is a great point and should obviously be taken unless you're a support.

I think you kind of have to go with intelligence for the next tier, Precision will help for getting higher damage numbers but I mean 5% extra CDR...

The final tier for Cunning is pretty awesome for Lulu.
Stormraider's Surge is amazing late game as your Q + E (and sometimes just Q) will chunk someone for well over 30% of their max life and the movement speed can get you out of most situations. It's a very useful thing but is practically useless until at least mid-late game which makes it kinda bad :(.

Thunderlord's Decree is cool because you hit pretty quickly as lulu and auto attack + Q + E will easily proc it in most fights. Now that all the masteries have been touched up this is still the strongest, in my opinion, but it can easily be switched out with a variety of other top tier masteries.

Finally, there is Windspeaker's which is VERY useful for team fights, I believe it's +10% healing on your ult and bigger shields are always appreciated, the increased resistance is nothing to scoff at as well, though I wouldn't take this over Thunderlord's unless they change it so that your own shield gives you armor/MR.

Resolve - 

Since you don't build much Armor/MR (except maybe 1 or 2 offensive items) Unyielding is pretty meh, Recovery is a nice healing buff that will keep you up in lane.
Explorer is great for movement and can help you escape from people if you're running through river/jungle, Tough skin is -2 damage on AA's, not nearly as worth.

Runic Armor is the easy choice here, shield strength is great and 4% max health won't compare to your total shield blockage.

For the next tier I would take Insight. If you are under 25% health as Lulu you should not be staying in lane or fights, it's just too dangerous.

I think I would take Legendary Guardian for the next? idk, I never go this far into the tree, slow resist/tenacity is always good though, so either one here.

Grasp isn't too great because you have pretty low max health, Strength is nice because you get +300 health and it helps with late late game healing? Bond of Stone is what my default choice would be, you're almost always near an ally in most fights.

Recap - 

This is what I currently think about S6 Mastery pages but it may change as items gets nerfed and the meta changes, I recommend taking whatever Keystone you prefer as it really feels balanced around your own playstyle now (which is perfect!).

Abilities Back to Top


Abilities -

luluq.png Glitterlance - 
Q goes without saying, you need this spell as it is most of your damage and all of your poke. In all situations this should be maxed first (unless of course you are supporting, in which case this is not the right guide for you). This ability has an ability scaling of 0.5AP and the slow duration scales with each rank, 1.25-2 seconds. However, the mana cost goes up by 5 with each rank of the spell. 

Back in 6.13 we got a considerable nerf and buff to this ability. It will now do less damage to multiple enemies past the first target, however, it now slows for the full 2 seconds at rank 1. In my mind, this is a net buff for Lulu, her damage is great but it's really her utility that shines. The 2 second slow at level 1 will be a HUGE buff to her ability to escape/kite early game and will help you get to mid-game faster. That said, late game - if you go full damage - you will notice your area damage being less than before (as the 70% damage reduction on Q will be kicking in) and that's ok, because if you use it effectively you should be focusing down targets one at a time anyway.

luluw.png Whimsy -
W Is your hard CC ability and should be used on cooldown (with the exception of early game because you run out of mana). This can speed you up to get you to lane faster, or speed up an ally to help them escape! It is a great CC ability as it is basically a stun and can turn the tide of a fight. I suggest you level it last as the only benefit is the duration it lasts and you can benefit more from your other spells but more points can be put into this if you need the CC for mid game team fights.

As of patch 6.6 this ability has been slightly nerfed. It now offers a 30% movement speed boost with 5%/100ap scaling down from 30% with 10%/100AP scaling (At max rank). And it's duration has been reduced to 3-4 seconds from 3-5 seconds (based on rank). While this is a slight nerf to Lulu I think it was needed as she is very strong and she will still continue to be pretty strong even after this!

Wohoooo! This spell got a considerable buff a couple of patches ago, and now that it is 6.16 it has been buffed again! This ability now grants Attack speed to the targeted ally (based on the rank of the ability). The cooldown has also been reduced by 2 seconds at rank 1 so it should be up more often in the early parts of the game. This actually secures it as being the third ability to rank up (after E) and will help your ADC late game.

lulue.png Help, Pix! -
E is very strong as it has great synergy with your Q ability. I recommend leveling it as soon as possible after Q but it can be pushed back until later if you have a lot of small 2v2/3v3s in which your CC is needed greatly. If you are getting poked down or having a rough time in lane due to the jungler you can always put a 2nd point in this to make you a little bit safer in trades/ganks.
lulur.png Wild Growth -
R, Wild Growth, is your ultimate ability and should be learned at every level possible (6/11/16). This ability is mostly used for saving an ally, or for initiating a fight (in a way). If a teammate gets into the middle of the enemy team you can use this to knockup all enemies around them, for 0.75 seconds, and it will allow your teammate to slow all enemy units near him. This is widely not known, from what I've heard, the teammate with the Wild Growth buff will AoE slow units near him for 30/45/60% for 7 seconds, that's a long time!

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Initial Build
    First back
    First back V2.0
    Pick One

Core Items

    Core Items
    Carry hard
    These are the best
    Pick One

Situational Items

    buy these
    SUPER defensive
    Full build
    Optional Movement/burst
    Honorable Mention
Tl;dr Full Build 
Doran's - > Boots 1 - > RoA - > Lucidity - > Morello's - > Zhonya's - > Rabadon's - > Luden's
Get some Doran's Rings, a Dark Seal, or a Refillable Potion, so that you get some mana regen.
Get Lucidity boots for summoner/spell cooldown, or Sorcerer's Treads if you have enough CDR.
Get a defensive item VS your lane opponent, Seeker's Armguard/Chalice. (if you are being bullied)
Get a Rod of Ages or GLP-800 for sustain/health
Get a Morellonomicon for phat CDR and all around stats.
Get a Zhonya's, or other Defensive AP item, and then a Rabadon's
Finish it off with a Luden's Echo or Lich bane

Starting with a doran's ring is probably the best bet, any other starting option is lackluster and just causes problem with your early game. In some situations I would actually recommend getting a second, or even third doran's ring so you can really have the early game advantage. 

On the other hand, I almost always start with one doran's ring and buy a Catalyst of Aeons (and boots 1 if possible) on my first back along with some potions for sustain. If you are feeling bullied in lane I would suggest a chalice or a seeker's armguard before the codex so you can stay safe.

The Dark Seal vs. Doran's Ring.
Dark seal is an interesting item that you can use if you know that you have a good matchup, or you know that you are way more skilled than your opponent. But, it is going to make mana regen harder in lane and you'll have to be much more careful with your power spikes. I would almost always recommend taking a Doran's Ring over a Dark Seal.

The other option here is spellthief's. I would not start with this item, it's just a bit too weak compared to doran's ring, if you are going to get it, wait until you can get a Frostfang on your first back and then go hard. Proc it 3 times before every minion wave and then farm. If I recall correctly, this has been slightly nerfed and so it isn't as great as it once was. That said, it has also received a new buff to it and it grants movement speed (after completing its respective quest) which is pretty awesome. Still not a really great item for carry Lulu though.

Frost Queen's Claim - It's pretty awesome to have this active mid-late game as it can score you a kill by catching someone out of position. Unfortunately, it has low stats and kind of screws over your farm game when you're in lane. In short - get it if you want kill potential and are roaming but can't kill people because they're escaping and you're shifting to be a support.

If you are super ahead late game (I'm talking full build) you can probably sell your boots and get either a Lich Bane, or void staff. While you will be slow without boots you can easily keep up with your team with your W ability. If you have Luden's Echo and 1 more movement speed item you should run in the high 300's (375-400) and it shouldn't be a problem anyway. As for void staff - I would only buy this if your team is AP heavy and the enemy team all built magic resist, it's simply not worth the item slot on Lulu otherwise.

A Rylai's, Rod of Ages, or GLP-800 is recommended at some point just so you can get a bit of health, your health is fairly low as a base and there are little options for fixing that. You can go banshee's or spirit visage if you want to but I wouldn't recommend it, the AP from rod/Rylai's is just too good to give up.

For defense I would suggest buying a zhonya's or an athene's depending on your lane opponent. I almost always build a zhonya's by the end of the game because the stasis can give you just enough time to use your abilities again. With the changes to AP items, you can now also build a Banshee's Veil as a defensive-offensive item. This offers you an incredible amount of magic resist, along with its famous shield and some AP to boot. I would not recommend GA/Spirit Visage but the option is there if you feel it is needed.

Morellonomicon is a glorious item, it has all the stats you need as Lulu. It has 20% CDR, 100AP, and some mana. As of 6.9 it no longer has mana regen (unless you kill a champion) but it now has 400 base mana and the AP has been raised to 100. This is still a very strong item but as it's price has been increased to 2900 I would say that you should get this second to either an RoA or a GLP-800.

Luden's Echo -  While it doesn't have cooldown reduction it has movement speed. I am going to add this to Lulu's core build because the bonus damage it does it very strong with your poke. If you don't need to get a Zhonya's I would get this item after Morellonomicon and before a Rabadon's. It outshines Rabadon's if you have less than 2 AP items on you because the bonus damage will simply be better than the 30% ap if you are only sitting around 150 AP. It also gives you more burst, which is fantastic because Lulu is really a poke champion and the addition of this will help greatly.

Banshee's Veil - They made a couple of changes to this so you can now purchase it in your main build-path as it has AP on it. It also has a good amount of Magic Resist, 10% cooldown Reduction, and its iconic shield. If you need more magic resist than armor, I would build this instead of Zhonya's, although it is more expensive.

I added lucidity boots as well because if you plan to not buy another cooldown item I would recommend buying them instead of Sorcerer's. While you can get 15 magic pen from those boots they aren't going to be as useful as 10% cooldown on Lulu. With the 5% mastery, a morellonomicon, and 10% on Zhonya's, these boots you will have the full 45% CDR.

Mage update Items - 

Hextech GLP-800 - This item will be serving as your alternative to Rod of Ages, if needed. This item is fairly interesting as it is basically a more offensive Frost Queen's. The only time you would take this over Rod of Ages is when you know you aren't going to be buying another hextech item and think that the AoE slow could help burst down an enemy.

Hextech Protobelt-01 - This item is pretty strong, it had a .35AP scaling (which means it hits VERY hard late game) and it's a small movement ability, about half the distance as flash. I would recommend buying this every time but the item path is a bit awkward. It also doesn't have any mana, or regen, on it so building it first would be unfortunate. You should build this when you have purchased your Rod of Ages, Zhonya's, and decide that a little bit more movement would be better than a Rabadon's.

Hextech Gunblade - This item is one of my personal favorites. It has a high amount of AP and AD and will give you a bit of tankiness (because of the spellvamp/lifesteal. The use on it is now VERY powerful, it might not be as strong as Deathfire Grasp once was but it is fairly strong and should not be taken lightly. Opening with a use from this will almost guarantee your Q lands on them (as they are slowed) and can burst down people very quickly. The downsides to this item are that i's very expensive, should only be built late game, and offers no C/D, Mana, or Health.  This should be built when you are very far ahead and want to stay that way (mid-late game).

Honorable Mention - 

Guinsoo's Rageblade - As of 6.9 this item has been redone! (finally) It's pretty good now as it basically replaces devourer's old proc. However it's a weird item in general, it's based around attack speed, attack damage, and ability power, along with proc based items/heroes. I wouldn't recommend this for an AP Lulu build however it can be very strong for a lot of hybrid builds if you are going to go that route. It is a very expensive item now so if you do decide to get it, I wouldn't rush this item at 3600g is too much for your first purchase.

Iron locket - If, for whatever reason, their team has 4-5 AP users and your support is being really stubborn and not buying this I would highly recommend getting it. It kind of sucks to have a supporty item when you are late game and finishing up your build but the stats it gives to your team are hard to give up if no one has it. (Just make sure that you use the active ability in a teamfight if you buy it!)

Zz'Rot's Portal seems to be all the rage right now for top laners as it can counter push super minions and do a decent amount of damage if you have high max health, they also give you gold when they kill minions! I believe this was nerfed slightly and I would no longer build it on Lulu as it is lackluster with all the new mage items coming out.

Zeke's Convergence - This item has been completely reworked. I think it is actually fantastic if your ADC is fed, especially if you are lulu. Popping your ultimate on yourself and running into their whole team can give your ADC a HUGE damage boost for a couple of seconds. This requires a lot of coordination, though, and you will have to get used to it.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

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  • Cassiopeia
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Aatrox is a weird champion, mostly because of the way his name is spelled, but he can be annoying to lane against. As you sit in lane harassing him with auto attacks and Q's you will find that he will hit half health fairly quickly. While this isn't that big early game, when you buy a Morellonomicon it means that you can utterly destroy him.

A vast majority of Aatrox's healing will be from his W that heals him on every 3rd attack. The tricky part is, this will heal him for 200% more when he is under half life. The rest of his healing will either be from lifesteal or his passive (when you kill him).

Aatrox's main damage source, other than auto attacks, is going to be his E. He will continuously harass you with it while in lane, and because he doesn't have any mana it won't ever stop. Your E shield should almost completely block it until he gets to level 7 or 9 and then it may start to burn through it. 

When to go all in on Aatrox - 
When you have a decent amount of mana (at least half), your ultimate is available, and you have a morellonomicon you should be able to win a fight. If the jungler ganks you should usually be able to run away because Aatrox can't really stay to fight you. He relies heavily on being in melee range and as long as you dodge his Q knockup, or E slow, he won't be able to keep pace. It is important that Aatrox is at 40% or lower because he will be VERY hard to kill without that healing debuff on him. If you think you can take him down early game bring ignite to lane and ruin his day.




There are two types of Akali's in this world, the one that builds like an AP assassin, and the new bandwagon-ers that build her as a tank. Both of these are bad for you.

Let's start with the full AP assassin Akali. With one of the weakest early games, up to her first or second item, Akali has quickly fallen out of the meta. She doesn't have a lot to offer in teamfights and can really only benefit from roaming. This said, the laning phase is going to be relatively easy. 

Akali lacks damage and mobility early game but it quickly ramps up (faster than yours) once she gets an item and hits level 6. She's usually going to get a Rylai's, a Hextech Gunblade, or a Rageblade. At this point Akali becomes very "tanky" due to spellvamp/lifesteal and is going to burst very hard. unfortunately, you won't be able to get away from her no matter what she does, her 3 charge ultimate will allow her to keep pace as long as she has all 3.

Now, when Akali starts to build items you have to play very cautiously, make sure you are always near your tower, don't be afraid of ulting yourself, because you are probably going to need to... a lot.

To counterbuild a full AP Akali I am going to recommend you get yourself some health, skip the morello's, and go for a RoA or 3 dorans and an athene's. It's a rough lane to go against if Akali plays well, but luckily she has little push so you can keep her away from your tower and you can gank other lanes because it will take her awhile to down your turrets.

TL;DR - run teleport, stay safe, gank lanes, stay with your team and CC Akali in fights.

For Tank Akali

For the Akali that you'll actually see while playing league, the full tank build Akali. This is such a weird thing but it's becoming common so I'm gonna have to explain it. The good news here is that it's "easier" to lane against. 

When laning against a tanky Akali she isn't going to die and she isn't going to be easier to get away from but she can't really kill you either. This means that the laning phase is going to be a farm fest, which isn't a bad thing.

Akali will out last you in most fights, meaning you will need teammates to finish her off. However, due to your support abilities and hopefully relevant ADC she shouldn't be too much of a problem to deal with. 

Don't bother with ignite, it won't help enough to kill her, just bring teleport and try to gank whenever hers is down, your kill potential in roams is much higher but she can still do a surprising amount of damage so be wary of that!




Annie top lane is not something I see often but it can be done and has been done before. If you ever see a top lane Annie you should probably be worried because she probably knows what she's doing.

To lane against Annie you are going to have to be careful and aggressive, it's a bit weird. To explain, Annie has 2 damage abilities (without her ult) and once she uses them there is a good 3-4 seconds before her Q is up and a good 6-8 before her W is up. Even with those cooldowns she can't kill you with 2 combos of them, (if she can RIP) so you have to play aggressive when she goes in. Try to shield her Q if she runs in to stun you with it and the second she W's slow her with a Q and just auto attack her down. You do much more sustained damage than Annie and have much more movement. If you can get the feel of when her Q and W are up you can punish her every time she engages.

Post level 6 this is going to change, Annie's ultimate is going to do a lot of damage not only when she ults but when Tibbers is smacking you in the face. Due to this, if Annie has taken ignite she can probably kill you in a single combo if you don't shield or ult. When she hits 6, don't be aggressive anymore, forget all that, poke her down with Q's and try to push her out of lane. The objective is no longer to kill Annie but to deny her farm. 

When you start getting to the mid-game where you are level 12 or so, Annie is going to get a Luden's Echo or a RoA. If she has a RoA it will be harder to kill her but her kill potential will also be low, if she gets the luden's you are going to need a defensive item. if you build a RoA you will be healthy enough to live through her full burst but you also won't have a lot of cooldown to fight her, Athene's is probably the right choice to fight Annie and I would recommend you get it first no matter what she builds. If you are really desperate and can't survive get Merc treads as they will help you get away from her stun and give you the extra MR you probably need.

TP ganks are surprisingly not as terrible as you think. If you put some points in W instead of E at levels 10-14 you will have a long stun for Annie. This means that if you can get to her and polymorph her before she ultimates she can be burst down very quickly. Make sure, if you engage, to not stand close to allies as a 3-5 person Annie ult can turn the tide of the game.

When you get into actual teamfights Annie will be looking to flash tibbers, try to know her range with Flash + R because it can be gamechanging. If you ever see Annie get too close try to engage her by polymorphing her and then immediately running up and ulting their team (only do this if you know your team will follow up). Your ultimate will keep you up long enough for her to die and your team should have the advantage in the fight. If your team is losing, however, don't do that, try to play defensive and ult whoever gets caught by the tibbers. 

One last thing to note while fighting Annie is that her E (molten shield) gives her armor, magic resist, and a semi-thornmail (it hurts you when you hurt her with AA's) which is very strong. If you CAN, try not to auto attack her during this and only use spells, however if the auto attacks are going to make or break the kill don't be afraid to attack through it.

For summoner's just use teleport, unless the Annie is really squishy and only builds flat AP items she is going to be tanky enough that ignite won't really push you for the kill. You will also need to counter-teleport when she does because she has a really high chance at killing people in the lane she TP's to.




Super irritating to go up against, although she doesn't do too much damage early it's annoying to get poisoned every now and then. I recommend buying at least boots 1 early so you can dodge her poisons more easily. 

Her poison can almost be completely negated with your E shield and it is recommended you put a second point in it early to defend yourself. 

Your Q can chunk her very hard and as she has no sustain/shield you should outlast her in lane. Just poke whenever possible and dodge poisons.




Cho'gath is a very annoying champion to lane against, his silence and knock-up seem to last for ages and his feast will do an absurd amount of damage to you. It is suggested that you build a health item early, whether it's 3 doran's rings or a catalyst -> rod of ages it doesn't really matter, just get something. 

You have a very small chance of killing Cho in lane once he hits 6, although pre-6 he is very squishy. His passive sustain will most likely out perform your harass and any poke he hits you with will be annoying. To counter this, try to dodge his Q at all costs, even if you have to speed yourself up, because the knockup will set you up for his entire burst, and for a gank if the jungler is nearby. As for his sustain, if you can push him away from minions or hit him with a Q every time he comes close for a last hit you can wear him down. Be wary of your mana though, because he is a damage sponge that will take awhile to burn down.

Always shield yourself if he's in melee range and if you're at half health do not be afraid to ult if he gets in range. Also shield yourself if you know his Q is going to hit you for any reason. If you have the time, before you get knocked up and he's in range, you can polymorph him (with your W) so that he doesn't just kill you when you get knocked up.

Other than landing the knockup, though, Cho'gath doesn't have very high kill pressure, you should be able to play a safe lane and just farm up for as long as possible. Ganking with teleport comes in handy as well as you benefit your team a lot more than Cho'gath in TP ganks. 



Luckily for you, you happened to pick Lulu! You are going to ruin this poor Darius's day. If he pushes hard, get your jungler because it's time to party! Darius has no escape and ganking him should be a high priority, just make sure he doesn't get 5 stacks of his passive or it's gonna be a double kill for him. 

Do not let him get near you, if he does, polymorph him and walk away. Your Q will hinder him so that he cannot catch up and your shield will protect you from most of his dot damage. Dodging his Q can be a bit difficult because every Darius seems to have their own way to hit you with it, but if you can avoid it you will do well against him.

It's important to note what items Darius buys, if he gets a black cleaver, or phage, he will most likely be able to keep pace with you unless he is slowed by your Q. In this situation don't get too close or it could be bad. Another thing to pay attention to is his DoT passive, every time he hits you there will be a blood drop hovering around your character. If he stacks this 5 times he's basically going to 3 shot you so get out at all costs (would highly recommend flashing). 

Most likely he will start to build magic resist and high HP items to counter you, while this will mean you can't kill him in lane (at least easily) it will mean that you will be pretty safe as well (due to lack of offensive items on Darius). If he becomes too much to handle teleport to other lanes or run down to mid and gank them. 


Dr. Mundo


Before level 6 Mundo will most likely let you do what you want, you should use this to your advantage. Attack him whenever possible and burn mana to damage him with your Q, his cleavers do not hurt that much and he can't really burst you down. Once he hits 6 however he will out-sustain everything you can do to him and will start to damage you whenever possible. It is easy for him to push you out of lane but throwing a slow on him will get you away whenever you need to.

Try to just farm as much as possible and bully mundo before he goes back, other than that just wait for team fights and ganks and help where possible.

Fortunately, Morellonomicon is one of your core items, and if you're against Mundo you should especially build it first. If you can get him down to 40% health before he ults you should be able to finish him off (especially if he goes in). Just be wary of what he builds every time he goes back because spirit visage is most likely going to be his first item and that will probably make him invincible in lane. 

For summoner spells, if your team has a strong early/mid game instead of teleport you should take ignite to shut down Mundo. However, if you are confident in your Morellonomicon proccing ability then you can go with exhaust to further annoy him.




The last time I wrote this it was pre-rework so this is all going to be a completely new guide to stopping Fiora in lane.

Fiora has a couple new things in her kit, if you hadn't noticed. Her W now blocks everything, and I mean everything that you have. The catch is that she can only block it from the front. This does not mean that you should get behind her, because if you're behind Fiora she'll probably just turn around and kill you.

Her new passive does %life true damage to you, and it scales (how wonderful!) This will be her main source of damage and mid-late game she will obliterate you with it. How do you fight this? You have to be aware of your character model. Around Lulu there will be a circle where one of the 4 "edges" will be lit up. This only happens when you're near Fiora but anytime she hits you from that lit up edge you will lose life and she will gain a speed buff. She can proc this with her Q from really funky ranges, so be aware of that.

Other than that, her ult will light up every edge so that she gets the bonus (once) per edge until she hits all 4. If she procs it at least once and you die she'll basically janna heal ult her whole team, the same happens if she procs all 4. (please do not let this happen)

But enough with her passive, in lane Fiora is going to most likely play from behind minions. If you ever W her and she blocks it, make sure you aren't in her W hitbox (the rectangle) because, it will stun you and she will have 1.5 seconds to do what she wants. Her E is also a slow and then a crit, if she gets into melee you are most likely going to get hit by both because it also increases her attack speed. This will hurt you a bit, but Q'ing and walking away is your best bet.

Fiora doesn't have any sustain other than her passive proccing on you so harassing her is very meaningful. However, she will most likely rush a hydra and start healing from lifesteal so stay on the aggressive and push her away from minions.

Fiora's one weakness is her early game, some thing it's strong but it really is not. She can't do anything but block your spells and harass with Q, honestly, you can probably win an auto attack fight against her early. This means that Ganking other lanes is a great thing to do because she won't have much to fight back with.




Fizz has two build paths that he can take to top lane, but if he's top he'll most likely be a tank Fizz. Either way, he is extremely annoying and can kill you fairly easily.

Playing against Tank Fizz is very boring, it's going to be a farm fest for the first 10 minutes and then Fizz is going to get some magic resist and health. Because Fizz's base damage is so high he can still chunk you for about 25-35% of your health with a Q + W + AA combo. I recommend you shield yourself as often as possible when he goes in because his mana pool is going to be really rough if he's building tank and he only starts to hit REALLY hard when you are low. This said his ultimate and a couple of auto attacks are going to be devastating for your health bar and if he ever engages on you with his ultimate you should him the second he gets in range.

While fighting fizz in lane you will do a lot of damage early, you can push him back to base probably twice before he can actually do anything back to you (which is good) but he will become too tanky to deal with (that feels weird to type). He is an auto attack based champion though so if you can slow/kite him then you can get trades with him very easily. Remember that his Q is his only engage really as his E is an escape and he won't want to use it offensively unless he thinks he can get the kill.

With Fizz being a tank, just try to farm as much as possible. From what I've seen tank Fizz isn't played because he's a particularly good tank, it's because he's a distraction. Because he can jump into your team and jump around your team relatively safely your carries will be afraid to keep their eyes off of him while other people are beating them down. If possible try and polymorph Fizz before he can use his E to escape, this will meant hat your team can beat on him for a good 2-3 seconds, which should be enough to push him back. 

Using your ult on Fizz's ulted target is generally a good way to keep them alive, if you can keep their lifebar above 50% Fizz's dot won't eat at them nearly as hard. So try to just keep your team alive while Fizz hops around and distracts them.

As for Summoner's, once again just take TP, against Fizz you will be able to outshine him in most TP ganks up until the higher level (15+) at which point you won't be TP ganking anymore. If you want to snowball over Fizz take ignite and go ham at level 3.




Garen is pretty easy to lane against, he can hurt you pretty bad if his ult's passive is on you but it doesn't really matter because you won't be able to kill him in lane.

His Q will allow him to walk away from any slows you put on him and his passive will keep him in lane for as long as he needs to be. Early game you can push him off minions but after his first item he just won't die anymore. The laning phase is going to be pretty boring, just a basic farmfest until you get to teamfights or TP, but teamfights are going to be a little different.

When you start a fight, and Garen is there, most likely one of your teammates will have a debuff on them called "Villian". Garen will hit this person for a truck so your job is going to be shielding them, ulting them, and speeding them not (not polymorphing Garen) so that they can get away from him. 

Other than that Garen is pretty basic, his Q is going to silence you forever, so don't let him hit you with it and if you see him use it slow him. His E does continual damage for a couple of seconds, also try to not be near him for that. Lastly, his R will kill you if you are low, in this situation ult yourself before he can do it, and don't bother flashing it doesn't cancel based on range.




Gnar is a pretty good matchup, in terms of how ever you are with him. 

His Q is going to harass you just like yours will hit him, although yours will hit a bit harder he has no mana to gate him in lane. His W is a passive where whenever he hits you, you get a circle around your character. When this stacks twice his next attack will hit you for a % of your max life as magic damage, hurting you quite a bit. 

His E is a small jump that will allow him to travel around the lane at will, it has a long cooldown early game but a fairly short one later, if he hits something with his jump he will go twice as far as well. Usually Gnar will save his jump for getting away or engaging on you with his passive.

His passive makes him turn into mega Gnar, when you see his fury bar get to yellow/orange you should probably back up a bit, when his passive procs he will heal (important to know for killing him) and will be allowed to use his ult. In this state he is also tankier and much scarier. When he turns into mega Gnar you can kite him easily, which is great, but he can also mess you up if he gets in range.

While laning against Gnar try to dodge his Q and harass him a bit whenever possible, he is very squishy while not Mega Gnar and can be taken down.

He is very strong when he TP's with Mega Gnar almost ready but this is a rare event, if he Teleports without Mega Gnar, counter TP and destroy him with your team.




Graves is really strong right now and until he gets some nerfs you'll probably see him in every game that he isn't banned. Lulu is pretty good against Graves but he hits ridiculously hard so you have to be careful.

When laning against Graves try to get a cloth armor/seeker's armguard early so he can't just blast you for high numbers. One of the best way to fight a Graves in lane is to stand behind your minions. If he goes in on you and just keep a minions between you and Graves he can't actually hit you. It's pretty nuts actually and it's really important you do this because the whole time minions are going to be hitting him and you will be AA'ing him as well. The only thing you'll have to avoid with this strategy is his Q, which should be fairly easy as long as you aren't close to a wall. 

As you are fighting with Graves you will notice his sustain is fairly low, but gets higher as he gets lower. This is because Warlords is a bit overtuned (in my opinion) and gives him up to 20% lifesteal (10% vs. minions) depending on how low his health is. Harassing until he is at half and then fighting him is probably your best bet for getting the kill and if you can avoid even 2 of his auto attacks by standing in minions you will most likely win the fight. 

When you start getting into teamfights it is going to be a bit scary, because Graves is a tanky/bruiser/adc/beast he will be acting very aggressive and will probably hit your teammates pretty hard. Luckily, you have a hard CC for Graves and can completely shut him down for 2+ seconds. Because of his low range Graves will have to get close, if he is in front and you can get a good W on him your team should be able to follow up. Don't be afraid to ult anyone low, even if they are in the back, because Grave's ult hits pretty hard and can kill them if they are sub 25%.

I would recommend you take ignite against Graves as his TP ganks are not the best and ignite will shut him down pretty hard if you can get an early kill or two on him. On the flip side, because his TP ganks are not the best you can take it and camp bot all game if you prefer.




Heimer seems to be one of those champions that becomes popular in waves. You may not see him now but in a month or two he might be the best top laner there is. 

Heimerdinger can't really do much to kill you unless you engage on him. A lot of his power is put into his turrets, which you should be able to kill with a Q or 2. Fighting Heimer is almost always a bad idea in lane, unless you can get him down to 25-35% health with your Q (from behind minions) then you won't want to go in. A jungler gank can help as well, but I would only recommend it pre-6 or when the jungler is tanky enough to soak some Heimer turret damage. 

The only other thing you'll have to look out for in lane is Heimerdinger's W, the rockets. It's pretty much his only harass as his E doesn't do enough damage to poke with. If you can dodge his rockets you'll be in good shape, getting a health item early can also help you out a lot so get a Rod of Ages as soon as possible. Speaking of his E, though, make sure you shield yourself if he's going to hit you with it because it IS a stun and it will set you up for his ult W if he wants to go in with it. 

During teamfights Heimer has 3 options with his ult, he can use it on his E to try and catch/stun your team that is running away (which is rare), his W which can burst some squishies down very quickly, and his Q which makes a giant turret that will attack anyone in the area. If he drops his turret get away from it because it does a lot of damage over time. Anyone that takes the full force of his ult'd W you should ult or shield because they have a pretty good chance of dying. Other than that don't bother wasting your W on Heimer as he has semi-long cooldowns and most of his power is on his turrets.

Taking teleport against Heimer is a must as he will push your lane all day and you will need to be able to get back up there. Even if you let your tower go down you can gank other lanes much easier than he can (with TP) and this will help your team vastly as heimer's only form of pressure is pushing a tower.




When it comes to top lane champions Irelia has been the iconic one for a long time. While the meta changes and items changes it doesn't really affect Irelia because her core kit works so well together. This makes her a rough opponent.

Irelia has a weak level 1-3 and then that's about it. Her base stats are pretty high so she is going to scale well and her sustain is pretty big, as it adds up over time. In an all in she can pretty much stun you at will because, if you're harassing her, her health bar is going to be lower. 

Most of Irelia's strength comes from her True damage on auto attacks (W active) and her general tankiness/tenacity. Once she gets a phage she will be able to stick to you like glue. Her E is a slow/stun (stun if you are lower on health) and her R is a 4 button press that does damage to you and heals her each time. Her Q will get her to you if you manage to get away, and during all this you will be taking a lot of damage.

Your ultimate, however, is a knockup which is not affected by Tenacity, this will be key to getting away from Irelia. If she goes in and stuns you, Ult and walk away, you can harass her a bit with Q and auto attacks while she backs up. Her Q has a long cooldown unless it kills the target, so pay attention to how she is farming with it.

To counter build Irelia, get some health, probably a rod of ages first unless you think you can kill her with the healing debuff from morello's. She is going to be a pretty rough opponent to kill, however she will probably let you just farm if you do the same. 

TP ganks are going to be rough, as Irelia can fight you pretty easily by the time she can TP to fight. Try to disengage with a TP rather than push and in teamfights keep whoever she jumps on alive. In this game you are going to be more an additional support than a carry.


Jarvan IV


Jarvan can be a very hard match-up if your opponent plays him correctly. His shield and base defense is outrageous compared to yours and can basically ignore anything you to do him. It is recommended you build more defensive against jarvan, getting a seeker's armguard as early as possible to stay alive. His E + Q dash can chunk you very hard if you do not dodge it and his ult will lock you in place.

If he ever ults you, simple just transmogrify him and shield yourself, there isn't much he can do quickly and will only damage you a bit if you play it right. Ulting yourself will add another CC on top of that and should keep you alive.

Just try and farm against him, most jarvans aren't the best and you can harass them down, but one that is good will build against you and do very well.




Jax is hard to lane against just because of his... everything really.

Before level 6 he can't really deal that much damage to you, you can shield his jump for most of it's damage and can slow/auto attack him down. But once he gets 6 he can just run you over as much as he wants. It's important that you try and kite him with your Q as much as possible and just harass him down.

Since he doesn't have much sustain he should be easy to deal with up until he buys some lifesteal. At this point just try and stay alive, you can't really be tower dove due to your survivability with ult + shield but he is still a very big threat.

As the game goes on he will get harder and harder to deal with, he also can do more in teamfights than you, you can polymorph and kite him but other than that you cannot deal with him alone.

As of the rageblade meta patch, Jax has become ridiculous, he is even harder to deal with and hits his power spike earlier, be careful!

Don't take ignite, it won't help you kill him just stay safe with teleport and disengage with your teammates when he teleports in as well.




Jayce is a very strong champion top lane and your range won't protect you from him too much. If he hits you with a Q you'll get chunked more than you can imagine. Eventually you'll just be forced out of lane and he can do what he wants. It is imperative that you dodge his Q whenever possible and try and stay behind minions. 

He's also decently tanky so harassing him will only do so much. Your main goal here is to just stay alive and do what you can. Try not to fight him because his damage output is simply higher than yours. You should shield what you can and transmogrify him any time he uses his gap closer to get to you.




When your enemy picks kayle to counter-top you should be glad because Lulu is a counter-kayle.

Kayle can basically do nothing to you, your Q will outslow hers and your shield will keep you sustained better than her heal. (if used correctly) The only thing you really have to worry about while fighting Kayle is her ultimate all in. Once she has rageblade and another item she will hit pretty hard, so you probably can't win an auto-attack fight with her. 

While laning, as long as you harass Kayle with Q she will be poked down pretty quickly, every time her E ends try to get an auto attack or two on her. It's free damage at that point. Her ultimate will most likely be used to get away from you rather than go all in on you but it has a long cooldown now that Kayle has been nerfed 10 times so there's that.

TP ganks can be bad if Kayle uses her ult correctly, but mid game you should have no problem helping your team take her down.




Nasus, or Susan if you prefer, is going to be a really squishy champion early that you can easily push out of lane. Due to his usual build patterns and innate tankiness, however, he is going to become too much to handle once mid game gets rolling.

While laning against a Nasus early weave auto attacks and running into the brush (so the minions don't kill you) and try to just burn him down. It's going to be hard because he has lifesteal and will almost always bring pots to lane right at the start. Once you are 3 your Q should start to chunk him pretty good and he'll be on the defensive. Try to keep him under his tower and farm when you can. As long as he is under tower he can't get nearly as much Q farm which will push his power spike back even more.

It is important to note that if you are under your enemies tower you should always have river warded, try to get scuttle if your jungler doesn't (mid game, not early) and keep tri-bush warded with a pink (preferably).

During the lane phase Nasus will almost never try to all in you, simply because it isn't worth it. Unless the jungler is there to gank and has some hard CC you can simply walk away from Nasus. He will try to slow you, which will be annoying, but it doesn't compare to your polymorph and glitterlance slow. As long as you can hit your Q he won't be able to catch up to you at any point in the game. 

Because Nasus is a farmer and a pusher he isn't going to want to leave his lane, use this to your advantage. Aggressive teleport ganks bot can be a huge net win if you are able to get a double kill for anyone on your team. Just make sure you get to top lane as fast as possible because your tower is going to get rekt.

As with other slow top laners, when you have the chance go mid to throw a Q at the enemy mid laner, although it might not do much, especially if you miss, you can apply a lot of pressure on the jungler, top, and mid from just doing this.

When you start getting into teamfights it will almost always be a 5v4 because Nasus will just be farming. This means that you will be sieging towers most of the time, harass the enemy team with long range E + Q pokes and make sure to stay safe under tower. Eventually Nasus is going to come in and it's going to be a bit scary. Polymorph him before he gets to ANYONE on your team because he will obliterate them with a Q or 2. That said, he is pretty useless when he's a rabbit so just focus on keeping your heavy damage alive and slowing him down.

Ignite can be useful early as it will ruin Nasus's lifesteal passive and can burn him down when he doesn't expect a 300 damage burst at level 3. However, if will quickly become useless on Nasus as he becomes so tanky without lifesteal. So, take it at your leisure, if you think you can get ahead of him with it do it, otherwise stay with the classic TP.




Olaf is a very abusive champion in lane, for this reason I am going to mark him as hard for difficulty to play against.

When Olaf comes to lane he is going to look pretty harmless with his doran's shield and health pot, this is not the case. Olaf's Q has very high base damage and it scales pretty well. On top of this it's a slow and if he picks it up he can throw it you again. It is imperative that you do not get caught in him Q'ing you 3-4 times as it will completely erase your healthbar. This shouldn't be too hard because Lulu moves fast and you can push him away from picking it up by slowing him but if it hits you're going to lose the trade every time.

On top of this, Olaf has lifesteal on his W and his E is a scaling true damage ability on a short cooldown. This means that Olaf can sustain himself in lane, burst you down pretty quickly, and oh yeah his ultimate is CC immunity so you can't slow him to get away. The good news is that you can lane against Olaf and win if you are very careful. Every time Olaf misses his Q you have a full 7 seconds to just unload auto attacks and Q's into him. Early game you will be able to bully him when he makes mistakes but that will quickly change.

Once Olaf is 6 he can be very oppressive and will most likely try to kill you if you leave your turret. While this can be extremely frustrating you will just have to deal with it. If you can get a jungler gank pre-6 it's almost a free kill but other than that you have almost no window.

But, that's enough about being down and out against Olaf! There are things you can do to beat Olaf in lane. Since his ultimate is CC immunity this means that your W should be used on yourself 100% of the time as it's better as a buff on you. If your Q is hitting like a wet noodle, or he can out-sustain it with his W, you can simply start putting points into E, if you can get E to block his Q then he will run out of mana far before you do and he will be forced to back.

As with a lot of champions that are stronger than you, you want to burn out their mana pool before they burn out yours. If you are able to do that then they will have no offense and will be forced to either go back or do nothing against you. Hopefully you can accomplish this with Olaf as his mana pool is very small and he can only Q maybe 6 times before he runs out.

When you start getting into teamfights remember that CC on Olaf is almost always wasted unless his ult is down as he can simply ult out of your CC and become immune to it for 6 seconds. Try to find out who Olaf is targeting and give them a speed boost + shield to get away from him. It's going to be hard not to ult them but try and save it for knocking up the enemy team, Olaf doesn't have a way to get out so once he goes in the enemy team will have to go in. If you can delay the enemy team by knocking up and slowing them your team should come out ahead. This said - it is not worth losing your mid or ADC to Olaf if he goes in so ult them if you really need it to save them.

Take teleport, nothing else to really take against Olaf unless you want to take barrier to bait him into a turret dive, that could be fun.




Pantheon is a very abusive top laner, but you probably know that if you've laned against him. The best thing to do in this situation is to build a little tanky.

When you start the laning phase, get a doran's ring as usual, try and burn out his mana while shielding his Q as much as possible, when you go back get a cloth armor and try to get a little tanky, it might be worth getting a seeker's armguard as well for the extra defense. Pantheon hits very hard and will be a problem if he can get a kill or two on you. Pantheon does not scale well into late game, though, and will most likely just start trying to build tanky. Up until late game it's going to be a bit tough.

Most likely, the lane is going to be pushed towards you, just try and let Panth dictate the lane because you can't really stop him until you get some AP. Level 1-2 however you can bully him a bit so don't be afraid to throw some auto attacks at him whenever you have the chance. Put a second, or third, point in your E early if you need it as his Q will burn you quickly. 

As long as you can have about half mana and full health by the time Panth gets low you can engage him in an all in. The all in will be a bit odd though because you have to kite him even though you have the advantage.

Another upside to letting Panth push the lane is that you can farm pretty well under tower and the lane will be set up for a jungle gank at any time. Don't bother using your W to polymorph Panth's E in a fight (the cone spear thing) because he can still hit you with it while polymorphed sometimes (not sure if a bug). Giving a speed boost to the jungler to catch up to him is probably more important in this situation and remember you can always E your jungler and Q the enemy from afar!

Something I like to do against Pantheon when he ults to another lane is to push his tower. Pantheon likes to roam but actually falls very far behind while he isn't getting farm. If you can get to his 2nd outer (safely of course) it is worth pushing. As a side note, if you can teleport to save a teammate or two from his ult you should but just let your teammates know that he has his ult and they should be extra careful when he's not in lane.




The one, the only, the healthiest laner of the top 20% of the map! It's Sion!

Sion is a very tanky champion and the odds of killing him are low. In lane you are going to want to Q him as much as possible once you hit 3 and auto attack whenever possible, you will be able to push him out of lane fairly quickly but that will probably never happen again. For the rest of laning phase try to outfarm him and make him burn through all his mana. 

The goal in lane is to burn Sion's mana bar before yours, which shouldn't be too hard. If you can get his mana to 10% or so he is going to want to go back, which is perfect because you can harass him and usually they will be afraid. This is your best bet to win the lane, however if he becomes too dominant just gank other lanes. Running down to mid could be more efficient than waiting for the minions to get to your tower. Sion can ult to follow you but that's about all he has for movement.

As you get farther into the game Sion is going to be really disruptive in fights and just generally be a giant damage sponge, for this reason your front line might be in trouble. Try to ult your tank/front line and keep them alive while your team burns down Sion.

As for summoner's, stay with teleport as you are going to need it whenever you hear Sion's ultimate go off. 




I am going to list trundle as a medium difficulty, he can be a hard opponent if he plays agressive and builds defensive but a lot of Trundle's will be afraid of your burst after you E + Q them a couple times.

Trundle has an absurd amount of health regen, due to his passive, and any trades he can get on you he will most likely come out ahead. If he ults, run away, there is no reason to ever fight a Trundle who burned his ult, it's going to heal him, hurt you, and make him a beast. 

His pillar is very strong and can really screw you over for a gank, be wary of this if the enemy jungler has been MIA for awhile. 

You can freely poke him, but I wouldn't until you get an offensive item, he'll just heal it up and you need to save your mana for a long fight against him, as long as he doesn't get in range you should be fine, just kite him until he dies.

He can interrupt your teleport with his pillar so don't just TP near him, and if you both TP it's going to be a pretty even match up, your team will kite him (hopefully) and you should have the tools to do it, but if his team follows up and your ADC is focusing him and not the other ADC you will probably lose the fight.




Wukong is what I would call one of Lulu's counters. There are many times where I didn't believe Lulu had any but he was the first to make me realize. 

Wukong's kit is very strong for the laning phase. He has a dash to get to you, a burst ability (his Q) that's also an attack reset, and an escape (his W clone). While in lane Wukong doesn't usually engage on you unless he knows he can do a lot of damage, this means that any time you use your E or W he will likely go in. 

While laning, make sure to get a cloth armor early so he can't burst you super hard. Also try and not harass him whenever possible because you are going to need it to shield yourself against his combo. The best way to deal with Wukong is to outlive his burst. It's a little hard to do, especially with thunderlord's now, but if you can negate a good chunk of it and stay healthy he can only burst you 3-4 times before he's out of mana completely. This is when it's your chance to kill him.

When Wukong goes in to bash you and you notice his mana is low don't just block it and sit there, chase after him! (Unless there are like 100 minions, then you'll just get rekt) When he clones to get away chase after where you think he's running and slow him with your Q. Wukong can barely do any damage to you without mana and you'll just eat at him with auto attacks. 

When you get to level 6 Wukong's ult and combo will pretty much obliterate you if you haven't gone back yet so try to do that before he can go all in on you. The thing about Wukong's ult is that it makes him run faster, your polymorph won't stop it, and your W won't get you out of it so your best bet is to just Q him and run away.

Once again, try to disengage when you teleport with him to a lane, he brings a lot of utility with his knockup, even though you do as well, but can do more damage early. Once you start getting later into the game (levels 13+) you can probably win fights against him because you outscale Wukong pretty hard.



Yorick is a rare top laner to see but he has almost no counterplay so it can be aggravating to face him.

Yorick's kit is entirely about making ghosts or ghouls or whatever they are, one will slow you, one will heal him, one will do a ton of damage and is an "on next attack" ability, and the last is his ult. While you are laning against Yorick he will build a tear as soon as possible so don't bother harassing him early as he will back in the first 5 minutes.

Dealing with Yorick isn't too tricky or hard it's just annoying. He will constantly be pushing the wave as his ghosts do a good amount of damage to what they are hitting.
Yorick is very, very, tanky and because of this you won't be able to kill him at any point in the game without help but he can be killed in a gank, so calling your jungler is a good idea before he gets too tanky.

As the game goes on longer, Yorick will get stronger and stronger, but in team fights he can't really do much because he needs to be in melee range to really shine. If he ever engages your team you can simply slow him and he'll be forced to peel back. A polymorph on him isn't too necessary, you might want to save it for someone like their ADC or Mid in a fight.

In team fights, there are a couple of things you have to worry about with Yorick as your opponent. His ultimate is going to make a copy of someone that does 75% of their damage (at max rank) and that can really hurt if he creates a second ADC. A lot of people really don't understand how devastating that can be, especially because if you kill the ADC they will just get back up for 10 seconds. It's in your best bet to disengage while this is active and just kite Yorick and his team backwards. With Lulu you can do this pretty easily as long as your team doesn't go in hard - try to ping some fall back messages in there.

For summoner's take teleport and try to be the one to TP to a lane first. If you can get there before Yorick you can stop him from entering the fight which will almost always force him to back up as he'll be slowed too hard to fight.

Season 8 Changes and Lulu! Back to Top

Season 8 isn't here yet, but the pre-season is starting and the new rune system is in! If you are interested in learning more about the changes and various other things that affect Lulu - continue reading below!

As a note, this page is very WIP. Lots of changes means lots of things that need to be updated. There's also a couple of references to runes in sections such as "items" that need to be updated, so I'll be doing that over the next week. Keep checking back if you're interested in the changes because there's going to be a lot of them. Until then, good luck and have fun out there!

OLD - Season 7 changes:

Changes with items and to Lulu since the last update (7.3)
Lulu, among every champion in the game, now receives an additional 0.5 magic resist per level. While this may seem like a small buff, since it's only 9 MR at max level, it's a nice bonus that will keep you tankier in lane. This also means that your opponent will most likely be tankier as well. 

That said, the patch right after this change made it so that Lulu has 28 less base health and her shield is 10-30 weaker depending on rank. This isn't too much of a big deal, but it can be noticeable and you'll probably feel it in lane.

Season 7 is here, and with it a lot of changes have come to various assassins and other champions! Lulu has received a couple of small changes (Glitterlance is now 10 less mana and Pix damage goes up every level instead of every other level). These changes won't really effect you too much, but they will help a bit with mana problems! Though, these aren't the changes that are going to affect Lulu, the changes to assassin are really what's going to matter. 

But, before we get into assassins and all that, let's start out with vision, stealth, and control wards. Vision has changed slightly in Season 7, and with it, so have champions that use stealth abilities. Twitch, Evelynn, and Rengar all use a mechanic known as "Camouflage" which can be seen by Control Wards and close proximity. Other champions, like Talon, Shaco, and Wukong have Invisibility, or what I like to call "True Stealth". These units cannot be detected by Control Wards and can only be seen via true vision (like Towers/Caitlyn Trap). Knowing these differences is important because you don't want to feel too safe with the control ward you have down in the river/lane. That said, let's move on to assassins.

The champions that received the biggest changes, or at least the ones you should care about, are Rengar, Talon, Le blanc, and Katarina. These four champions have incredible burst damage and, if you aren't paying attention, can pretty much delete you in under 2 seconds. Luckily, your ultimate is just the thing you need! It is imperative that you save your ultimate in any game where these champions partake in. Whether it's on yourself, or an ally, a Knock-up to an enemy assassin, with a health steroid to a teammate, will really turn the tide of battle. That said, laning is going to be a major pain if you're against anyone tanky. With the burst potential of these assassins, a top laner might only have to take 3-4 turret shots before an assassin can swoop in and drop you. This means that it is extremely important to be safe in lane, and not take too many risks when you know you could be ganked. 

1. Not many Lulu changes since Season 7 hit
2. Stealth is weird, make sure you know what type of stealth your enemies have
3. Assassins can kill you pretty easily, make sure you get some early health/stay safe

When and Why to play Lulu! Back to Top

There are very few times to when you should not play Lulu, but if you are wondering when then you should ask yourself these questions!

Do you want to play Lulu in a game?
Are you going to play the role you fill? (Meaning - building support when a support and an AP carry when mid/top)
Does, or will, your team have at least 2 AD champions?
Does your team have at least 1 tanky champion, whether it be the jungler or support?
Is Lulu banned?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions then you should probably pick a different champ to help your team out more. Other than that, Lulu is a very flexible champion and can be played in almost any game. While she won't be as efficient, when you have only 1 AD or no front line, she can still do well and help the team.

If you want to pick Lulu up as a niche champion for countering certain melee top laners or for when your team has heavy damage and you want to play a more supporty character (that isn't in the support lane) then you should probably play her as a direct counter to a few champions. I would recommend picking Lulu into any counter top (Ryze/Kayle/Kennen/etc...) because she is kind of the counter-counter top. While she excels against melee champions she does VERY well against low ranged AP characters as well. As for the more common top laners I would not pick Lulu into a tanky one, such as Mundo/Sion/Jarvan/Malphite/Nasus/Volibear/Shen, because, even though you can stop them in lane for awhile, you will eventually just run out of mana fighting them and they will be free to do what they want. The last group of champions I would pick lulu against would be bruiser/assassin enemies, such as Riven/Xin/Wukong/Renekton/Pantheon, as they can quickly snowball against you with jungler help and it just becomes a hassle to deal with. 

With all that said I would personally play Lulu against most of these champions because once you know her well enough it is not hard to lane against a few of the more difficult opponents. As long as you have your burst and poke combos down, and are able to get away safely there isn't much that the enemies can do. However, being too aggressive or not paying attention to your mana pool is a good way to get yourself killed. You have to play as if you were an evasion tank, you won't last long if you let everything hit you, so be aware of that!

Pros and Cons of Lulu Back to Top

  • High Mobility
  • Safe/can escape
  • Has a hard CC (Whimsy/polymorph)
  • Long range Poke (Whether it be Q or E + Q)
  • Brutal Slowing capabilities
  • Great in teamfights


  • Burns through Mana
  • Weak early game (1-7)
  • Squishy (Low HP/defense)
  • Pix can be hard to control (your passive)
  • Hard to farm with early (low AD)

To touch base on some of these pros and Cons - 

Lulu has very high mobility, which only gets better as the game goes on, this means that she will be able to evade a lot of attacks thrown at her. The counter-point to this is that she has no movement dash or teleport so if an enemy can catch up to you (which is rare) you can be in a lot of trouble. Situations where this would happen would probably be against a champion like Garen who can remove your Q slow, or Yi who can ignore it completely. 

Your W, while being a great movement ability, is also your only way to "stun" other players (they can still move slowly) and if you use it to stun there is no way to get out of an area quickly if you have to. This means you are susceptible to ganks if you use your W carelessly. However, the only reason this is a bad thing is because your W is such a strong ability. Just make sure you know when to use it correctly, giving an ally movement speed could be better and polymorphing the assassin on your ADC could be better, it all depends on the situation.

Mid game, and especially late game, your poke starts to become a little too much to deal with for the enemy team. When you hit someone with a Q and you have 3-4 items they get chunked hard. This means that enemies will be afraid to chase you, as you can just kite back and Q them, this is a hidden power of sorts. In team fights, where both teams are walking back and forth behind minions, shielding one of your minions with E and sending a Q into their whole team is almost always unexpected and can easily begin a fight or force an enemy back.

As for Lulu's mana problems, she has a couple. Unless you build 3 doran's rings, a morellonomicon, and an athene's (which I would not recommend) spamming your abilities is not gonna fly. This means that your W and E should be preserved as much as possible because you are going to want to Q your enemy as much as you can without ruining your mana pool. As I say in the runes section, don't be afraid to roll with mana regen runes if you need them.

When in the early stages of the game you can shut down certain champions that also have a bad early game but most of the time you will be the one hiding behind minions. Your Q poke will be annoying, but it won't really hurt until level 5 or so, this will allow champions like darius/nasus who come back with MR with a level 3 teleport can just shut you down. Things to be careful with here are pushing the lane, make sure you don't kill all the minions whenever they're up if you're behind, the enemy top laner will just freeze the lane and wait for the jungler, meaning you won't get any more farm for 2-3 more waves. Other than that, just staying alive until 5-7 will do you well and you will feel yourself becoming more powerful very quickly.

As for why I mentioned Pix, he does not sit right on allies, or yourself for that matter, he almost always sits to the left side of them/you. This is important as your Q fires not only from you, but from him as well. This means that you will have to pay extra attention to where he is at all times so that you can get some great Q's in when you really need it. 

Farming on Lulu gets pretty easy as the game goes on, eventually your Q will pretty much kill the whole wave, early game however that is not possible. On top of this your base AD is very low due to your passive being Pix (free on hit damage). Pix does not give you instant damage, though, it is delayed by maybe half a second to when you attack - and it's in 3 small bursts. So while you can try to rely on him for farming, it will feel terrible when a minion get the last hit before Pix. With that in mind it's just something you have to get used to (like everything else).

Personal Experience Back to Top

I was not able to play a lot of ranked because of my personal life but my highest rating was platinum 1 at diamond 4/5 elo and last season it was platinum 4 (at peak) and gold 1 (due to decay) at the end, I'm going to strive for diamond this season and Lulu will most likely take me there.

Lulu Screenshot from S4


Season 5 has come and gone. While I played Lulu a bit I can honestly say she was still pretty strong in S5 and is heading to be that way in S6 and beyond. I also didn't main Lulu last season, because I decided to just fill in for what our team needed (which I almost always went with support Janna) I am looking forward to maining her in S6. 
I also happened to hit Diamond last season, and hope to again this season. I will get a screenshot from last season and this season when I start playing ranked again!

Guide Updates Back to Top

Updated January 5th - 2016 (Patch 5.24)

  1. Changed Formatting
  2. Added info about Pre-Season 6 Lulu
  3. Updated Spells/Masteries/Items/Abilities/Matchups

Updated January 1st - 2016 (Patch 6.1)

  1. Updated items (Frost Queen's Claim)
  2. Minor word edits.

Updated March 5th - 2016 (Patch 6.4)
  1. Updated items (Morellonomicon/frost queen's (again)))
  2. Note - will work on matchups in the future
Updates March 21st - 2016 (Patch 6.5)
  1. Updated Match ups with a lot more meaningful information
  2. Small item updates
  3. Small changes to Masteries
  4. Small changes to Personal Experience
  5. Added an "About Me" Section
  6. Small changes to things referring to pre-season 6.
Updates March 23rd - 2016 (Patch 6.6)
  1. Added new section showing the Pros and Cons of Lulu
  2. Added new section "When and Why to play Lulu"
  3. Removed section "Lulu in General" because it was useless.
Updated May 6th - 2016 (Patch 6.9.0)
  1. Updated items to reflect mage changes
  2. Updated runes to reflect item changes
  3. In the next update - Champion Matchups review + new section explaining mage changes and Lulu!
Updated June 26th - 2016 (Patch 6.12.0)
  1. Updated items with new Hextech info!
  2. Edited item build paths as well
  3. Removed "Is she banned" due to comment suggestion!
Updated August 9th - 2016 (Patch 6.16.0)
  1. Updated abilities with the recent changes from 6.13 - > 6.16
  2. Patch notes since last update:
  3. Whimsy: Now also grants 25/30/35/40/45% attack speed for the duration
  4. Whimsy: Cooldown reduced to 16/15/14/13/12 from 18 -> 12
  5. Glitterlance: Slow now lasts 2 seconds at all ranks
  6. Glitterlance: Damage now falls to 70% on targets hit beyond the first
  7. Base mana increased to 350 from 292!
  8. Base movement speed increased to 330 from 325!
Updated February 12th - 2017 (Patch 7.3.0)
  1. Added new section for Season 7 info
  2. Minor Item Changes
  3. Patch notes since last update:
  4. Glitterlance: Mana cost reduced to 50/55/60/65/70 (by 10)
  5. Pix (Passive): Damage increases every level instead of every other level
Updated August 20th - 2017 (Patch 7.16.0)
  1. Changes to the items section to accommodate new items and item rebalances
  2. Changes to Masteries
  3. Changes to Season 7 and Lulu section
  4. Lulu now gains 0.5 Magic Resist per level
  5. Lulu's base health was reduced to 525 from 553
  6. Help, Pix! Base Shield reduced to 70/105/140/175/210 from 80/120/160/200/240

About Me Back to Top

My name is Tony and I play under the LoL account handle "Blackula Jackson". I'm 21 years old and have played thousands of league games starting my league career back in season 1. I love League of Legends and no other Moba has held me for even a fraction of the time that League has. 

When it comes to skill and knowledge I feel like I am pretty high up in League of Legends. I know all the champions and their abilities, through playing so many games, and know the game fairly well. I reached Diamond last season and hope to go for it again, though it was only diamond 5. I'm hoping to go for D1/masters this season but I need to start playing ranked again for that to happen. :P

I consider myself a fairly friendly person and can answer any questions you have. If you have a question or comment for my guide I would love to hear it and will try and respond to you as quickly as possible. I check the guide every week or so and try to update it every patch.

If you are interested in watching me stream or seeing some of my previous games of League you can always go to my youtube page and head to the League section. I also stream on twitch at but use youtube much more often.

Twitch Page - 
Youtube Page -

Other than that I don't currently run a twitter or anything but I am considering it as it can be helpful for getting information to people.

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