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4.png Flash - Self explanatory.

3.png Exhaust - Great summoner spell that is useful throughout the entire game. I take this around 95% of the time, since it can be used both offensively and defensively, and can be a game changer in the late game. 

14.png Ignite - Although this spell is great for winning lane, it usually becomes irrelevant late game. The only times you may want to consider getting this is when the enemy has at least one champion that has a lot of healing, and if the enemy does not have a serious threat, which rarely happens.

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You're a support. It should be priority for you to have the mana to get off your spells when you most need it (Your W and ult). Mana regen will also allow you to poke more in lane. Sure, merciless gives more damage, but if you think about it, it's not by much since you're a support. Assuming you did around 100 damage with a Q + auto against an enemy with less than 40% health, all you get is an extra 5 damage. Merciless is better on mid/top lulu where the mastery can scale with your damage, which is not a priority for support Lulu.


First off, let me just say that Lulu's ult is NOT A HEAL. As a result, all masteries that affect healing do not apply to her ult. This means that Windspeaker's Blessing will not affect Lulu's ult, and it will only work off of her E and item actives. That being said, the increase in armor and magic resist with your shield on an ally does look good, but I personally prefer the absolute lane dominance that comes with Thunderlord's Decree, especially because of how easy it is to get it off on the enemy. Just E > Auto > Q. Boom, easy damage.

As demonstrated here:


Movement speed is incredibly important for a support. Sure Tough Skin is a really good mastery, since it will reduce the damage you take from poke/trades during the laning phase especially, but you can utilize the power of the Explorer mastery so well as a support. For example, in lane you can dart in and out of the bush to poke (to lose aggro), or you can use the extra movement speed to roam or ward quickly without getting caught in a bad position.

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Basically, R > Q > W > E. If you don't believe you will be all-inning or be ganked at level 3, feel free to take another point in Q for more harass. Why W > E you may ask? I prefer to have only one point in E until the late game for the assist in positioning my Q, the true sight on an enemy, and for giving my ADC extra damage with his autos. W is just such a good ability to max second as support Lulu for the longer cc duration or the longer speed up duration on your allies (can help your ADC position well too!) 

And now, for an explanation of our little yordle's abilities and how to use them effectively! I'll explain the abilities in an order that will make it easier to understand!


Range: 650
Mana Cost: 65 at all levels
Cooldown: 18/16.5/15/13.5/12 Seconds
Lulu's W when cast on an ally (or yourself) is an instant cast that increases the target's movement speed by a base 30% movement speed, with an additional 10% movement speed per 100 AP (1% per 10 AP). THIS IS RIDICULOUSLY OP. Seriously, the scaling is absolutely bonkers. The movement speed duration also scales as you level it up (3/3.5/4/4.5/5 Seconds). Now say your W is maxed and you have around 150 AP from items (Frost Queen's Claim/Banner of Command/Zeke's Harbinger), and you're also maxed out at 45% cooldown reduction which is easily obtained as a support. You would have a 45% movement speed buff that lasts for 5 seconds on a 6.6 seconds. Yes, you heard that right. Late game you can almost permanently speed up your ADC. Or you can speed up your 6 stack Cho'gath just to scare the enemy team :D
Lulu is able to cast her W on an enemy instead of an ally if you choose to do so. However, when she does, the ability is no longer instant and it is a quick projectile (Yasuo and Braum wall can block it!) that shoots to the enemy target and polymorphs them into a small creature (creature changes depending on skin). Polymorph is a form of CC where they enemy is unable to use any spells (including summoner spells) or autoattacks, but they are still able to move at a slower speed than normal (reduces enemy movement speed by a base of 60). Just think of it as a stun that allows the enemy to move. The duration of CC scales as you level it up (1.25/1.5/1.75/2/2.25 Seconds), but doesn't scale with AP like your ally cast form (that would be insanely broken). 

This is the hardest part about Lulu, which is the decision making of having to use your abilities on an ally or an enemy. You have to make up the decision on the spot and have to decide based on the situation. Let's think of several scenarios:

1. You're in the middle of the bot lane (laning phase) and you're on blue side. Your jungler is running in to gank. What do you do? Now let's consider the variables. Suppose the enemy duo bot is Tristana and Thresh. Knowing this, you know that polymorphing Tristana has more value than polymorphing Thresh since you will prevent Tristana from using her Rocket Jump for the CC duration, giving time for your jungler to close the distance and maybe add on his own CC. Now take into consideration your jungler. Let's say he's Xin Zhao. Polymorphing Tristana will prevent her from jumping, and Xin Zhao can close the distance and knock her up to prevent her from jumping if he's close enough to do it quickly. However, it's unlikely that you guys will be able to kill Tristana within the few seconds of theoretically chained CC. What would probably be the more optimal play would be to ping Thresh and speed up your jungler so he could close the gap faster and jump onto Thresh who has no dash/blink for an easy kill. Now add in the fact that the jungler probably has red buff and your speed up is even more effective since he can keep chasing and reapply the red buff slow. 

2. You have the tribush and the dragon warded so you know there are no junglers nearby (laning phase). All of a sudden Thresh throws out his hook and it lands onto your Lucian. The enemy ADC is Corki. What do you do? Well, we know that there are no junglers nearby first of all. Next, speeding up your ADC will do almost nothing since it's likely that Thresh will throw a flay and slow your ADC reducing the effectiveness of your speed up immensely. Thus, the best move would definitely be to cast your W onto the enemy Corki preventing him from dealing free damage onto your ADC. Additionally, by the time your Lucian is free from CC, it's most likely that the enemy Corki will still be polymorphed, giving your Lucian time to deal damage back so it isn't a one-sided trade in the enemy's favor. 

3. Your team is grouped up in mid sieging the tower. You know the enemy has a Master Yi jungle who wants to kill your ADC and a Zed mid who also wants to assassinate your ADC. You have exhaust and your W at your disposal, but which one do you on each person when they get onto your ADC? Suppose they manage to flank you and your ADC at the same time. The optimal play would probably be to throw your exhaust onto the Zed when he casts his ult and polymorph the Yi after he alpha strikes. The reasoning for this would be that Master Yi depends more on his autoattacks to destroy your ADC in seconds, so polymorphing him would have a better effect than using it on Zed, who you can use your exhaust on to reduce his spell damage by 40% instead. You also want to make sure to throw your polymorph after Master Yi has alpha striked, since he can dodge it during alpha strike if you throw it too early, going on cooldown and leaving your ADC vulnerable.

4. You guys are really far ahead and you know the enemy does not have anyone who can easily get onto your ADC. The best decision at this point will probably to constantly speed up your ADC so he can position himself correctly and he can make the decision himself of using the extra movement speed to chase or run away whenever he wants.

So in summary, in laning phase, hold onto the ability in case you guys get engaged on or you guys see an opportunity to chase. If it's just a 2v2 all-in, polymorph the enemy ADC, or speed up your ADC to chase if you still have it up and the enemy is starting to run. When you guys are grouped, either speed up your ADC or hold onto it for a big damage dealer who gets onto your ADC. The decision depends on the enemy champions and how far ahead you guys are. Additionally, make sure to always use your W when coming back from lane. It's just more efficient that way. You should do this for almost all movement skills actually (even Ahri Q).


Range: 900
AOE Radius: 150
Mana Cost: 100
Cooldown: 110/95/80
Flat Health Increase: 300/450/600 (+50% AP)
AOE Slow: 30/45/60% 
Duration: 7 Seconds

I'm going to talk about Lulu's ultimate next, since it doesn't depend on your other abilities to understand well. It is an instant cast ultimate with a pretty far range that you can cast on an ally, increasing their size (and hitbox), giving them a flat health increase and knocking up all nearby enemies to that ally (you can also target yourself). Note that this is not a heal. It is a flat health increase, so do not be worried about using it on someone with grievous wounds. Additionally, many people do not know this, but while the ally being affected with Wild Growth, they are constantly slowing nearby enemies, which is good for peeling for an ADC or when using it on your initiator.

As mentioned, this ultimate is a GREAT peeling tool. An AOE knock up, instant cast, health increase not affected by grievous wounds, and a constant AOE slow all packaged into one? Around 70% of the time, you want to use this spell defensively. Use it to save someone from a tower shot that would have killed them, or use it to help an ally survive from an ignite while shield is on cooldown, or use it to peel that nasty Zed off of any ally that gets ulted, or use it on your mid laner who just got hooked by a blitzcrank. It's just such a great spell that can be used in so many situations. But then, there's the other 30% where you want to use the spell offensively. For example, suppose that your jungler is coming in for a gank at bot lane and you know the enemy jungler is nowhere nearby. You're closer to the enemy than your jungler is, throwing out your slow will not be enough for your jungler to catch up. What do you do? This is a risky maneuver, but you can speed yourself up with W, flash onto the enemy, and ult yourself for the knock up and AOE slow, giving your jungler time to catch up. This situation will not happen often however, but it is good to know that you do have this option. Also, note that your ultimate is an AOE knock up. Like all knock ups, this means that you can use this ability to cancel almost all dashes/jumps (but not blinks). You just have to time it so that the knock up happens after the enemy has started to move. Here is a really good example from a professional game! 


Bolts: 3
Damage per bolt: 3-35 Based on level (+5% AP) Magic Damage
Max distance away from Lulu: 2000

Sorry for talking about Lulu's abilities in a strange order, but it's so that I got out the straightforward spells out of the way first.

Lulu's passive is that you have a familiar that follows you around (What form Pix takes depends on the skin). Note that Pix lags behind you, so if you were at rest, and then started moving to the right, Pix will be a distance away towards the left of you. This is important, and I'll discuss the tricks with it later. Pix will shoot three quick bolts towards any enemy unit that you autoattack, coming from where Pix is currently at. Note that these bolts CAN be blocked by any enemy unit along the way, so these will not always go to the enemy you intended to hit. With recent changes, while Pix is following you, your autoattack combined with at most one of your bolts hitting an enemy champion will allow you to use two tribute stacks at once (Spellthief's Edge/Frostfang/Frost Queen's Claim), meaning that you can deal a great amount of bonus damage and get a chunk of gold at once. Additional information you should keep in mind are:

1. Pix will not help you against structures (towers/inhibitors/nexus)
2. Pantheon shield will not block pix bolts
3. Jax dodge will dodge all pix bolts
4. These are projectiles, so they will get blocked by Braum or Yasuo walls
5. Spell shields like Sivir shield or Banshee's Veil will not block the bolts
6. Pix has a maximum distance from Lulu of 2000. If the distance between Lulu and Pix exceeds 2000, Pix will automatically teleport to and reattach to Lulu.


Range: 650
Mana Cost: 60/70/80/90/100
Cooldown: 10 Seconds
Duration: 6 Seconds on Ally, 4 Seconds on Enemy
Shield Strength: 80/120/160/200/240 (+60% AP)
Magic Damage: 80/110/140/170/200 (+40% AP)

Lulu's E ability, like her W ability, is able to be cast on either an ally or an enemy. 

When cast on an ally (or yourself), you will shield them and have Pix follow whoever you shielded for 6 seconds. Even if the shield is broken, Pix will stay attached to the ally for the remainder of the duration. While Pix is following your ally (still lags behind whomever it is following), your passive is pretty much passed over to that ally for the duration (but the damage still depends on Lulu's level and AP). This means that whenever that ally autoattacks, Pix will shoot the three bolts towards the target. However, this also means that your autoattacks will no longer cause Pix to attack your target, meaning that your autoattack damage, which is already extremely low to compensate for your passive, will do almost nothing for the duration. Note that this can be cast on an ally unit, but if it is not a champion, it will not shield or transfer the passive to it. 

When cast on an enemy, you will deal magic damage instantly to the target, granting true sight of the target and make Pix follow the target for 4 seconds. True sight on a target means that you and your teammates will be able to see the target through fog of war or stealth. This is great when playing against stealth champions like Twitch for example before they can stealth. Additionally, now that Pix is following the enemy target, that means that the bolts that come from your passive will be guaranteed to hit the target. Also note that this can be used on all enemy units (just not structures). If the target that Pix is following dies before the duration ends, Pix will simply go back to you instantly. 

During laning phase you will want to use this ability to mitigate poke by the enemy champion or to use it to harass the enemy. I prefer to use it more for attacking the enemy, since it guarantees that my passive will hit the target I want, meaning that I can use two stacks of my Spellthief's Edge at once. Outside of laning phase, I usually like to put the shield onto my allies, unless we are chasing and I need it to extend the range of the next ability that I will discuss...


Range: 925
Projectile Speed: 1500
Mana Cost: 60/65/70/75/80
Cooldown: 7 Seconds
Magic Damage: 80/125/170/215/260 (+50% AP)
Slow Duration: 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 Seconds

Lulu's bread and butter. When cast, a projectile will shoot out from both you AND Pix towards the target direction, dealing magic damage and slowing ALL enemies hit along the way. The cooldown and mana cost is low, making this an amazing spell. You can use this ability to push the wave (or waveclear), chase down an enemy, slow down the enemy for running away, or poking down the enemy in lane. The reason why I decided to talk about this spell last is because this spell works well with your E ability. Remember that your E ability makes Pix follow something else? That means that you can use your E ability to position the second bolt from your Q, meaning that you can extend the range of your Q immensely. Also remember that Pix lags behind whoever it follows, so keep that in mind when trying to aim your Q at a distance. However, you can use this lagging behind mechanic of Pix to your advantage when running away. When running away, Pix is a distance behind you, meaning that the bolt that comes from your Q will be able to hit enemies from a safer range. I'm going to provide several tricks with videos in the tips and tricks section down below.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Items to start with every game. No exceptions.

Core Items

    Choose either one. Cooldown boots will depend on whether or not you will hit the cooldown reduction cap based on your other items. Most of the time you will get Swiftness boots in the current meta however.
    Must get every game
    Situational end game items

Situational Items

    Make sure to use these! Always get a pink every back unless you already have one in your inventory. Swap warding trinket for scanner once you get sightstone, and upgrade the scanner at level 9
3303.png2003.png3340.png Get these at the start of every game. No exceptions. A little tip here for Spellthief's edge and it's upgrades. Whenever you can, try to not have it at full stacks. What I mean by this is to try to always have at least one stack charging up, since you don't want to be "wasting" charges by not using them when you can already be replacing one. Just think of it as being efficient. 

2049.png3092.png Always get these next. No exceptions. Don't forget to swap out your warding trinket for a sweeping lens once you get sightstone, and then upgrade your sweeping lens into the scanner at level 9.

3222.png Great item to get for the cooldown reduction and the active. I tend to get this almost every game, since the enemy usually has some form of hard CC that can spell death for your ADC if he gets hit by it (Thresh, Bard, Morgana)

3105.png I usually get this almost every game as well, since it's rare that the enemy has less than two magic damage dealers. Consider getting this item if the enemy team is made up of a lot of magic damage dealers. You should also consider getting this item even if the enemy has only one magic damage dealer, but the magic damage dealer has a lot of AOE and is fed. Keep in mind that even Corki is half magic damage. This item can then be upgrade into 3060.png or 3190.png. These days it seems that banner is better, but in the case of teamfights being a deciding factor of the game, it may be better to get locket for big AOEs. Otherwise, banner is good for gold generation and side wave control.

3050.png This item is great when your ADC is ahead and you don't really need the defensive stats. It even gives AP, making your utility and damage even better.

3089.png If you don't need to focus on defensive items like 3222.png or 3105.png, then deathcap is an amazing item to get, since it gives such a huge amount of flat AP, which buffs your whimsy (W) by a great amount. However, I rarely get this item since it is so expensive, and you're usually better off focusing on cooldown reduction or defensive items for your team. 

3165.png An alternative item to deathcap in the same situation. It's a lot cheaper, and it gives 20% cooldown reduction which is absolutely delicious on Lulu. Also useful if you're going against a Vladimir or Mundo I guess (Grievous wounds).

3110.png I don't usually get this item, since a tank in your team usually gets this. But if they have a lot of attack speed reliant champs (Master Yi, Vayne, Irelia), it may be a great idea to get this item if no one on your team is planning to get it. 

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Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Annie
  • Ashe
  • Bard
  • Blitzcrank
  • Braum
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Graves
  • Janna
  • Karma




Be wary of your range so you don't get hit by a headbutt.pngpulverize.png Alistar combo when you try to harass, since his headbutt.png range is the exact same range of your lulue.png and luluw.png. Since he's melee and he has no poke himself, it's really easy to harass - just be careful of getting engaged on. Also, if you're pushing against the tower, ALWAYS be careful of a pulverize.png4.pngheadbutt.png combo from him into the tower, since this will almost be a guaranteed death. If he engages on your ADC with a headbutt.pngpulverize.png combo, don't use luluw.png on your ADC since he's stunned, but rather, use it on the enemy ADC to negate as much damage as you can, and also give your ADC some time to throw back some damage for an equal trade. Alistar has sustain too through his triumphantroar.png, so manage your mana so that he doesn't heal up your harass and you have no mana in the end. If you guys are getting pushed back to the tower, be wary of a tower dive, since his ferocioushowl.png makes any tower dive really easy, especially with a jungler nearby.




In the laning phase, you should try to abuse your superior range and harass as much as possible. Annie has relatively low range spells, so she can be abused early on, but always be careful of an all in when she has her stun up. Don't be tricked into thinking she doesn't have her stun up when she has only three stacks of her passive, since she can use her moltenshield.png and then immediately use an ability to stun. Once she hits level 6, or is level 5 and starting to near level 6, always respect the flash stun all in with her infernalguardian.png or incinerate.png, so you should limit your poke to using lulue.png on minions and then luluq.png'ing them when her stun is up or almost up.




Don't underestimate her asheW.png damage. Try to hide behind minions (although it's still hard to dodge all the arrows) when her asheW.png is up, and then go in for poke when it's down. There's not much else to say besides respecting her asheR.png when it's up. If you guys do happen to get into an all in fight, try to luluw.png her when she activates her asheQ.png so you can waste the duration of her buff.




Bard is extremely squishy, and the "sustain" from his bardW.png is laughable. Remember, his W is mostly used as a speed up, not as a form of sustain, since it takes so much mana for such little heal. As long as you can avoid getting stunned, your trades with him should be around equal. Try to avoid standing next to your ADC, since the worst possible thing is for both of you to get stunned at the same time. Respect bardE.png when you get close to the enemy tower (because of jungler ganks). Also note that you can't 3222.png a Bard ult.




This one completely depends on whether or not you can dodge the hooks. If you can hide behind minions or dodge the hooks, he should be incredibly easy to harass. Just be careful of the possibility that he can overdrive.png to your face, powerfist.png, and then rocketgrab.png when you try to run away or flash. Don't underestimate his mana shield, resulting in you to waste your summoners to try to kill him. A good Blitzcrank will try to rocketgrab.png through minions and abuse his Q hitbox. What I mean by this is that a Blitzcrank will try to throw his Q at a minion as it dies, so always be prepared for that. He can also abuse the hitbox of his rocketgrab.png to hook to the side of a minion in the hopes of his rocketgrab.png hitting the much larger hitbox of a champion. This technique is used for many other supports, like Bard, Morgana, and Thresh.




Braum is easy to handle pre 6 if you can manage to dodge braumQ.png, which I personally believe to have some of the weirdest hitboxes (seriously how do some of those even land).



I hate this champion. Always respect the insane amounts of damage he can throw at you. If he does try to all in, try to polymorph him or slow him so that he misses his axes. While laning normally, you can also try to throw your luluq.png to where his axe will land, meaning that he either misses the axe, or he grabs the axe and takes some damage for it. Just try not to feed him or give him kills, or else you're going to have a bad time when he cashes in his passive. With all that in mind, be very careful when you try to trade with him, since he can quickly do way more damage than you with a few axe enhanced autoattacks.




Try to stand behind minions when his ezrealmysticshot.png is up, since it really hurts a lot. You don't really have to worry about ezrealessenceflux.png since most Ezreal's don't really level it up during laning phase, and when you do get hit by it, it does almost no damage. It becomes a harass battle for the most part, and it's a lane that I quite enjoy (it's fun). A tip in this matchup is that your E is useful against Ezreal, because if he has Pix following him, Pix will continue to follow him, even after he uses ezrealarcaneshift.png to get away, enabling you to luluq.png him even though he's really far away, which can enable your team to catch up to him and kill him. If someone is very low and you expect a ezrealtrueshotbarrage.png to be shot for a snipe, prepare to luluw.png up that ally so they have an easier time dodging it.




Not a common match up nowadays, since he's usually seen in top lane or in the jungle. If you do see him in the bot lane though, beware of standing right next to a wall, since it can potentially lead him to burst you down super hard with his gravesclustershot.png interaction with the wall. Other than that, feel free to harass him all day since his range is really low.




Like you, Janna has a shield eyeofthestorm.png, but no health generation until ult reapthewhirlwind.png. However, her trading mostly depends on her putting her eyeofthestorm.png onto her ADC and letting him do the damage while she acts as the CC. In a 1v1 trade against her, you obviously do way more damage, so try to trade against her if you see the opportunity. The times that are best for you to harass the enemy ADC is when her eyeofthestorm.png is on cooldown, or when she uses eyeofthestorm.png on herself. Overall, an easy match up. A side note is that she can charge up her tornado in a bush where you can't see it. However, you'll be notified of this by being able to hear the tornado being charged up, so be prepared to dodge it once you hear that whirling noise.




Her laning phase before 6 is better than yours in my opinion. Her shield karmasoulshield.png is better (gives movement speed at the same time, so it's like your luluw.png + lulue.png in one), she has a heal with karmachakra.png + karmaspiritbond.png, she has a snare karmaspiritbond.png for chasing and disengage, and her karmaheavenlywave.png is like your luluq.png on steroids. However, your level 6 is better since she doesn't really have an ultimate, while your ultimate is a huge boost to your utility. Try to poke as always in lane, but try your best not to get out traded. You can't really depend on hiding behind minions either, since her karmaheavenlywave.png is an AOE and good Karmas will try to utilize that to push and harass you at the same time.

Tips and Tricks Back to Top


I've already mentioned this trick, but for people who didn't see it, here it is. Note that your ultimate is an AOE knock up. Like all knock ups, this means that you can use this ability to cancel almost all dashes/jumps (but not blinks). You just have to time it so that the knock up happens after the enemy has started to move. Here is a really good example from a professional game! 

Remember that Pix lags behind whoever it follows? Well, you can use this to your advantage when running away to extend the distance of your Q so that you can slow chasing enemies and not be in danger of getting jumped on in your Q animation. The effect is more noticeable when you are currently moving really fast with your W. Here's a quick example here:

You can use your E to attach Pix to an ally or enemy unit, and then utilize the fact that the second projectile of your Q comes from where Pix is to extend the range immensely. As seen in this video, you will see that I attach my E onto an enemy minion and then Q the Kalista who is under tower, so that I can Q from a safe distance without taking tower aggro.

So you know that you can E onto a minion to extend your Q range. But you can take that one step further! Knowing this, you are able to E onto an ally minion that is moving towards the enemy (you know, when the minion wave is marching up towards the enemy minion wave), and then wait for Pix to get close enough to an enemy champion for you to surprise them with a seemingly out of nowhere Q. Sometimes players will notice Pix marching up with the minion wave, but for the most part people don't notice it and get taken aback by this trick. This works even better when you're out of enemy vision!

Get used to using Alt + W/E/R to use an ability on yourself quickly. When running away, you don't want to have to mouse over your character and then use the ability - it wastes time that could lead to your death! Also, if you aren't already, smartcast everything on Lulu. I'm not saying you should always smartcast on every champion (don't smartcast Blitz Q or Thresh Q please, you need to aim those to abuse the hitboxes), but Lulu benefits a lot from smartcasting everything. 

Get used to leveling up your abilities with Ctrl + Q/W/E/R. This is extremely important, since you may sometimes level up in the middle of a fight and you don't want to waste precious seconds trying to level up an ability with your mouse click. What if you just hit 6 and you weren't able to save a teammate because you were too slow on leveling up your ult?
You want to make sure to move inbetween your autoattacks. What this means is that after your autoattack goes off, you want to cancel the animation since it's not necessary (the damage is sent already) and you want position yourself again in the time frame in which you are unable to autoattack again (because of the limitations of your attack speed). This is useful for kiting (autoattack, run away, autoattack), and for chasing (autoattack, chase, autoattack). If you don't do this, kiting will be impossible, and chasing will be extremely hard since you will just stand there trying to autoattack an enemy while your autoattack is recharging. 

First off, you should ALWAYS aim to get level 2 first before your enemy can. The reason is that you want the extra stats and the extra ability to punish the enemy if they do not respect the level 2 advantage, or to zone the enemy so they lose EXP and gold, so you can extend your lead. If your jungler is starting bot side, make sure to give a strong leash. A small tip is to do an autoattack and then immediately Q for efficiency, since you want to throw your Q during the small period where you are unable to autoattack due to your slow attack speed at level 1. Once you get to your lane, immediately push the wave by Q'ing the entire wave. If you can hit an enemy champion with the Q, that's even better, but not necessary. The most important thing is to get level 2 before the enemy bot lane, so keep Q'ing and autoattacking the wave. You will hit level 2 when the first 6 minions (the first wave) and the next 3 melee minions die. Once you hit level 2 you want to try to get your E + Auto + Q off on an enemy to use thunderlord's and surprise them with a huge chunk of burst. If you can't get in range for that, just zone off the enemy away from EXP range, but be wary of a level 2 gank when you do this, as you'll overextend a lot

Here is an example of Ezreal and me pushing the lane together and then being prepared to all-in at level 2. We managed to blow two defensive summoners easily. Note how I start moving in as the minion that will give me the level up starts to die, meaning that I am already in range to abuse my spell advantage when I hit level 2.

Also, make sure to help your ADC last hit under tower. This is extremely important, and it frustrates me when I don't see supports doing this. Calculate how much damage the tower does, how much health the minion has, how much damage you do, how much damage you do, and how much incoming ally minion damage is on the way to set up the minion wave under tower correctly so your ADC can easily last hit. This takes a lot of practice, but when you do it correctly, your ADC will love you. Trust me. Here's an example, albeit not the best example, but it's the only one I have right now since we were pushing most of the game. I may update with a better one sometime later.

What I like to do during laning phase after the level 2 rush is to constantly push the minion wave under the enemy tower. My reasoning for this is that it allows me and my ADC to poke the enemy duo bot under their tower as they try to last hit the minions. Additionally, it's almost impossible to get every single minion under the tower, meaning that this strategy will lead to a slight CS advantage in your favor over time. Just make sure that you don't take tower aggro by accident while harassing, and always be wary of teleport ganks from behind. Also make sure to constantly ward the tri bush or the river/dragon based on which side you're on. It's nice to have both warded at all times, but if you can only have one up, ward tri bush if you're on red/purple side, and ward dragon/river if you're on blue side. Keep an eye on the minimap, looking at it at least once every 10 seconds or so. Ping the jungler whenever you happen to see him so the rest of your team knows where the jungler is. If the enemy puts down a pink ward in the river bush/tri bush and you want to kill it, make sure to push the wave first before going after it (but be careful because the jungler may be there!). It's really important to push the wave first, because it puts the enemy in a dilemma where they have to either contest you and your ADC for the pink ward while you guys still have your minions up and they don't and potentially lose minions under tower, or give up the pink ward and focus on getting the minions. If you guys are pushed, also be wary of a lane gank in the side bush, since a jungler can possibly sneak up into the side bush if you do not have vision of it.

Generally, laning phase ends for you when you manage to destroy the enemy tower in your lane. However, there is something you should try to do when destroying the enemy tower. If you can, try to zone to let the enemy tower kill as many of your minions as you can before destroying it. This results in the enemy losing potential CS, and even EXP if they are out of range or if you manage to zone them off from last hitting them. However, make sure to ward up if you're trying to zone the enemy off the tower, since a jungler may flank you for a 3v2, or maybe even a 4v2 if you get teleport ganked or the mid laner roams bot. 

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  • 3/6/16 - Created the guide. Added Summoner Spells, Runes, Masteries, and information about Lulu's W (Whimsy/Polymorph). Also added in better header images.
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