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Summoner Spells Back to Top


Don't think of Exhaust as a peeling or "Safe" Summoner Spell, think of it as "Control" 

You can use Exhaust offensively and defensively.

Exhaust has 2 uses
  1. Reduces damage dealt from target by 40%
  2. Reduces their movement speed by 40%
Exhaust lets you deal with slippery targets such as  107.png55.png84.png, etc. That are hard to hit with 


Flash is standard, Lulu doesn't have anything particularly special to use in combination with flash, just know that her luluq.png & lulur.png can be cast (VERY QUICKLY) before Flashing to get the same effect in the area that you Flashed to, this slight advantage really makes a difference when practiced.

New Runes Back to Top

Summon%20Aerie.png?width=64 Arey is basically the Lulu's kit in a keystone, has offensive and defensive use, deal slightly more damage when you hit enemies, and give a slightly bigger shield when you shield or heal an ally, perfect for early game poke and late game defensiveness, everything Lulu wants!
The%20Ultimate%20Hat.png?width=64 Have reduced CDR on Lulu's ULT lulur.png every time you cast Lulu's ULT the Cooldown reduction bonus gets higher and higher, lowering the cooldown of your ULT, come late game you will practically have ULT up all the time!
Celerity.png?width=64 Free movement speed, great since Lulu isn't very mobile, and gives you some AP for bonus movement speed which you can get from W luluw.png & Frostfang 3098.png
Scorch.png?width=64 Small additional damage to poke, huge impact early, and gives you some scaling damage as a support later into the game, long cooldown though.

Magical%20Footwear.png?width=64 Free boots at 10 minutes, and boots give you slightly more movement speed, really useful since you won't have to buy boots, and the upgrade for the boots you buy will be cheaper making previously more expensive options like 3020.png be purchasable, Celerity.png?width=32 celerity gives you the movement speed you need during the laning phase so you aren't missing out by not having boots that early in the game.
Cosmic%20Insight.png?width=64 5% CDR, 5% Summoner Spell CDR, 5% Active item CDR, pretty much a small but very effective rune for any support.

Masteries Back to Top


  • Wanderer 5/5 - You spend a lot of time as support moving around the map, this gives you a slight boost with that, and you get no value out of the only other option in Savagery (Get back to lane quicker, move to hit the enemy in lane quicker, faster roams, etc)
  • Secret Stash 1/1 - You start with 3 Health Pots and trade A LOT as Lulu, this gives them more value, and some Mana! and you get no value out of Runic Affinity & Assassin as support.
  • Meditation 5/5 - 1.5% Mana Regen every 5 seconds, IT'S REALLY GOOD, Lulu uses a lot of mana, and especially before first back, this along with Spellthief's Edge 3303.png is your only way of regening mana.
  • Bandit 1/1 - Free Gold, and extra gold for auto attacking the enemy Champions, which you will be doing a lot of during laning phase.
  • Precision 5/5 - Gives Lethality (Armor Pen), and Magic Pen, since most of the damage you will be doing in lane is through auto attacks and E lulue.png this gives you slightly more damage, and unlike most supports Lulu doesn't benefit as much early from the Flat Cooldown Reduction from Intelligence.
  • Thunderlord's Decree 1/1 - Thunderlords gives you more small amount of extra damage when proc'd, on a 25 second cooldown, so this helps you widdle away your enemy laner's HP over time, and since Lulu gets a good amount of Ability Power items, it scales well on her.


  • Recovery 5/5 - Lulu's playstyle involves trading a lot, so you are going to be using your HP a lot, and having Flat Health Regen lets you out sustain.
  • Tough Skin 1/1 - You take auto attacks from 2 enemy Champions since you are in a Duo lane, so you get twice the value out of this, and it complements the aggressive playstyle.
  • Veteran Scar's 5/5 - Free Flat Health in combination with runes gives you a huge health advantage over any support not running the same.
  • Insight 1/1 - Getting 15% Reduces Cooldown on your Summoners, makes blowing your Flash after getting Ganked not as brutal, and more importantly lets you have Exhaust up quicker, giving the enemy a shorter timing window to potentially capitalize on.

Abilities Back to Top


Skill Order

lulur.png > lulue.png > luluw.png > luluq.png

lulupassive.png Passive

  • Pix Empowers basic attacks, so they deal Bonus Magic Damage, Casting Help, Pix! on an ally transfers the Passive effect to them.
  • This will give you or an ally lots of mixed damage when auto attacking enemies

luluq.png Glitterlance 

  • When cast fires a line from lulu & where ever Pix is, deals less damage once passed through first enemy, and slows the enemy.
  • Good for poke / trades, not good for stopping enemies from getting to you
  • Put an E lulue.png onto an enemy champion for an easy luluq.png 

luluw.png Whimsy

  • Provides so much! YOU GET ATTACK SPEED, IT GIVES MOVEMENT SPEED, when cast on an enemy it polymorphs them into a squirrel for a short duration. Huge buff to any ADC, and renders Assassins useless for a short duration. 
  • Use this on yourself in the laning phase to get close enough to the enemy for a quick trade
  • Use it on ally ADC's to speed them up and give them attack speed
  • Use it on enemies to slow them and make them not able to auto attack or cast abilities

lulue.png Help, Pix!

  • Put 3 levels into, then max Wluluw.png 
  • When cast on ally gives them a Shield, and transfers lulupassive.pngPix's Passive onto them. 
  • When cast on enemy Deals Magic Damage, and transfers Pix on top of them, and gives True Sight.

lulur.png Wild Growth

  • Enlarges yourself or an ally, knocking up nearby Allies, gives Bonus Health, and slows any enemy near the enlarged target 
  • Use this to CC enemies lose to you or an ally, or to stop income enemies to not only CC but block some of their damage.
  • Bonus health can also go a long way to keep a carry alive an DPS'ing

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

Starting Items

3303.png2010.png2010.png2009.png (+165 Health + 15 Mana Each)using all = (+495 HP & +45 Mana) 3340.png

3303.png Spellthief's edge, 3 Biscuits, and a ward on cooldown.

Spellthief's Edge gives you passive gold income, works on 3 stacks that are used when you damage the enemy, whens stacks are used you get gold, and do a little more magic damage. 
It is really important to be constantly trying to get all of the stacks of Spellthief's edge so you get the max gold and damage on the enemy.

2010.png You trade your health for the enemies health a lot, so your 3 Health Pots are a lot more than the 1 Health Pot the enemy ADC, so you have a lot more potential HP to attempt to trade with.

3340.png You only get a Trinket ward 180 Seconds (3 minutes) so you need to have a good read on the Enemy Jungler potential location.


Once you get 2049.png Sightstone, you can switch to Sweeper, holding on to 3340.png is only beneficial if you are trapped on your side of the map.



Build Path 

3303.png >3098.png > 2049.png > 3117.png > 3114.png > 3113.png > 3504.png > 3107.png

This is your Core build that you will get around Mid - Late game unless the game is very accelerated for you, you will likely not get past building more than just these items in most of your games.

This build gives Lulu a lot of what she wants as quick as possible in the game, and is fine if you are behind, neutral, or a head in gold, since all the items are so cheap, and have decent items that build into the full items, so that you should always have something to buy even on the worst buys. 


3098.png Frostfang - after trading a lot levels 1-4 you probably have recalled, and you should have at least 500g if you recall around this time, and Frostfang just makes the bonuses of Spellthief's Edge even more 
3117.png Boots of Mobility - Lulu's movements speed is really slow, and most the time you will want to use Whimsy on a Carry not yourself, so it's not to be able to keep up with them during fights, and lets you get to lanes from base faster and lets you respond to fights across the map quicker.

2301.png Eye of the Watcher - Frees up an item slot by combining your Sightstone & Frostfang, gives you an extra ward every recall, and 10% Cooldown Reduction, also + 10 AP & +50 HP & + 25% Mana Regen.
3504.png Ardent Censor - in combination with Lulu's luluw.png lets you give someone a LOT of attack speed, and with that attack speed, they get extra magic damage every auto from Ardent Censor's Passive and from Help, Pix! lulue.png
3107.png Redemption - Stats are great for Lulu's Mid-Late game, giving you extra Health and even more Mana Regen, and more importantly the Active of Redemption gives you, even more, options for peeling your carries, Assassins will hate you, and can apply 3504.png Ardent Censor's Passive to every ally hit.
3190.png Locket - is an easy last item since it synergies so easily with the previous items, gets bonus shield from the 3114.png Passive on 3504.png & 3107.png.
The Armor and Magic Resist you get from Locket, helps you more in the late game and is more useful when you have slightly more health from redemption, and the later you get Locket the more likely it is for you are a higher level to get more value out of the Active shield. 

Late Game Purchases / Situational Items

Late Game Purchases

2139.png - Can be a useless money dump, or that slight edge,
2138.png Elixer of Iron - Isn't bad either, you get Flat HP, and a trail to boost movements speed making it easier for carries to kite into you

3069.png + 2045.png Very few games will you get late enough where you have 5 items and will be able to sell 2301.png and replace it with RubySight stone, to reduce cooldown of 3107.png3190.png3069.png. This obviously lets your active items be up quicker than the opponent, but if you have the gold to get Talisman late game it's impact can be unexpected and powerful, but requires a lot of money.


3041.png Mejais Soul Stealer - When you trust in your ability to stay alive through fights, and know that the team needs and good amount of AP on you to win, it's not a bad bet, but if you die like 3 times after buying it , you're gonna have a bad time, all of Lulu's abilities scale off AP so don't look at this as just a Damage item.

3222.png Mikael's Crucible - Is what you would guess, only if the enemy has a very specific CC that you need to cleanse off your carry such ass : infiniteduress.png elisehumane.png enchantedcrystalarrow.png, etc.

3100.png Lich Bane - Hey man, you didn't hear it from me, but sometimes some towers need to be killed, and there is 4 monkeys on your team, make it happen, also you get AP Mana and CDR so not entirely useless for a (support)

Matchups Back to Top

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luluw.png lulur.png you press these buttons she doesn't do anything.




You can interrupt his headbutt.png Headbutt on someone with ULT lulur.png , but if he is trying to combo you, then be ready to flash



  • Don't trade when his empowered Meep auto is up.
  • You can interrupt someone traveling through barde.png if you hit them with the knock up from Lulu's ULT lulur.png



  • Stand in Minions to not get hooked
  • When someone gets hooked be ready to lulur.png ULT them.



  • You lose the lane, let it happen, and get as much gold for yourself as possible from 3303.pngSpell Thieves
  • If he blows his cooldowns brandq.pngbrandw.pngbrande.png be ready to attack him
  • Don't stand near anyone he ults brandr.png 



  • She out ranges you




You both have the ability to outplay each other, but don't save lulur.png to knock him up after he attempts to full combo a carry, or he will 1 shot after fizzr.pngfizze.pngfizzq.png, you can always luluw.png him out of his e fizze.png




Any Janna lane, you shouldn't be trying to kill them, farm spell theives and get roams off when she can't punish.




Try to luluw.png your carry before he shoots the long range E Q at them, luluw.png jayce doesn't do much but slightly slow him as he waits for cooldowns. 




Lulu has the ability to really shut down Katrina with luluw.png & lulur.png

First when Kat jumps on somone you can knock her up with lulur.png and once the knockup duration is over you can cast luluw.png and CC her for even longer.

Try not to cast lulur.png & luluw.png at the same time, or you lose the extra cc time.




If Malz goes in for an ULT, Shield your ally lulue.png then cast Q luluq.png towards them to brake his shield, then W luluw.png him to stop the ult.




You can't CC him at all while he is in ULT, try maxing luluw.png first so you / your carries can run from him.



lulur.png and luluw.png

Denies Rengar's Assassination attempts with ease.



  • threshq.png Stand in Minions to avoid his hook
  • threshq.png When someone is hooked, if you can wait to ULT, wait until Thresh follows the 2nd part of the hook and knock him up n his way.
  • threshw.png Enemy champions can still click on Lanturn while Whimsy luluw.png

Early Game Back to Top

Lulu's levels 1-4 need to be very solid, dying, getting Ganked, or over committing is not acceptable.

Level 1 you should look to E the enemy then auto attack twice to proc Thunderlords, while doing this try to not get hit by anything (abilities, auto attacks, minions).

You should continue to trade in this type of way so that you aren't blowing your entire mana pool with 1 trade, and maximizing the cooldown oft Thunderlords to get off the most damage possible in the amount of time that you are laning against the opponent.

Ideally, you can get a recall off around level 4, and you have enough gold for 3098.pngFrostfang, so if you haven't killed the enemy / don't have justifiable reasons to stay in the lane, just take the initiative and push out the lane and recall. Most laning phases will go like this, since killing any lane that has 7.png & 3.png early is pretty hard.

You don't have to kill your lane before first back to win the game, chill. You're goal a Lulu is to give your ADC a CS lead.

Poke and Trade using your 2010.pngs, don't get hit, don't waste Mana.

Mid Game Back to Top

Mid Game you should be looking for as many Skirmishes or small fights as possible, walk with your jungler and take good fights, when you either have a number advantage or know you can win, Lulu's kit provides a good amount of Damage, and soft - CC that gives you a good percentage chance of picking someone off.

If you are stuck 5v5 Mid, wait for the enemy to engage then counter with ULT lulur.png, if you are ever trying to force something onto the enemy while it's 5v5 you will get like 100 damage on someone and die, not worth.

It's also a good habit to not stand right on top of your carries, since if the enemy jumps on them, and you are hit by damage/ CC you won't be able to help them as much afterward.

Around Mid Game you should get 3504.png which gives you so much power, this in combination with Lulu's luluw.png & lulue.png gives you a double whammy of Attack Speed & on hit Magic Damage to a carry, this can easily have great effect when used on most ADC's and even Tanks.

Ping your team to hit the enemy when you have Ardent Passive applied on them though, don't just cast it expecting them to go in.

Late Game Back to Top

Late game you have at least 2 active items (3107.png3222.png3190.png) you have to make sure you are using them, and using them optimally.

  • 3107.png Lulu has luluw.png & lulue.png & lulur.png for peel, but all are single target spells, Redemption is used best when you can hit your key backline members since they will most likely be the focus, so if you can buffer the Redemption on top of them as the enemy is trying to engage, you can then decide when / if to use luluw.png & lulue.png & lulur.png.

  • 3222.png You have to have really good reaction speed, or be playing around the expectation of crucial incoming CC to be quick with the cleanse from Mikael's

  • 3190.png Locket - is a little more forgiving, if you use it to early in a fight most likely it will soak up some damage, but you have to use it before income damage hits, or else it's wasted, nobody likes that guy who activates locket after everyone is dead.

Late game things fights will happen faster, and you have to be quicker to react to them with you peeling tools. Lulu doesn't have any influence on wave control since, and doesn't have the CC to really force fights onto the enemy, so try to keep your Wards in Neutral parts of the map (river), and don't walk past there unless you have backup. There is no reason to lose the entire game to see if the enemy Red Buff is up at 35 minutes in.

Teamfighting Back to Top

Lulu's cooldowns are pretty high, so you want to be casting them in timing combination with your active items (3107.png3190.png3222.png)

The later into the game as well the less you have to care about auto attacking the enemy Champions during fights, you, it is way more important to be able to move during a fight to reposition yourself, repositioning yourself lets you be in a better spot to cast an ability on an ally or the enemy, which is 99% of the time more worth than a 40 damage auto attack on the enemy tank at 40 minutes into the game.

The Later into the game, the quicker you are going to have to be with using Lulu's luluw.png & lulur.png and using all of your active items.

You only get 1 luluw.png for the duration of most fights, it's either use to commit into the enemy or to peel, keep that in mind while using it.

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • Very annoying to the enemy to lane against
  • Able to be Defensive and Offensive ( Control ) 
  • Negates popular Assasins (107.png55.png238.png)
  • Teaches you correct movement, peeling, and DPS
  • Can make use of AP items when ahead


  • %Percentage% effectiveness on Lulu Support is greatly impacted by your own personal skill as a player of League of Legends.
  • Doesn't have very good ways of proactively pushing a lead without REALLY good coordination with teammates.
  • Voice lines can be annoying 
  • Not the best when no carries can benift greatly from luluw.png3504.png Attack speed buff.

Warding Back to Top

Warding with the 3340.png Warding Trinket

At the start of every game, your only options for warding before you get 2049.png Sightstone, is to use the 3340.png Warding Trinket.

The 3340.png Warding Trinket only gives you a 60 Second ward, that gives you a very small range of vision compared to a 2049.pngSightstone's Vison Ward.

The best way to make use of the Warding Trinket during the early laning phase, is to place it before the enemy jungler shows up, this will change every game depending on the enemy jungler, generally here are some good spots to trinket

Trinkets Outlined in Blue are for when you are on Blue Side
Trinkets Outlined in Red, hey you guessed it, are for when you are on Red Side.
Trinkets Outlined with both, work well on either side.

If you have full control over a lane, placing a trinket in the bot lane bushes isn't terrible as long as you play around the possibility of Gank timing windows properly.


3340.png / 3341.png
Once you get Sightstone, you generally want to switch to Sweeper, but you can make use of the trinket wards in a very extended laning phase, but after say 20 minutes, you will most likely NEED to switch to sweeper or you will be walking through enemy wards the entire game.

So when you get Sightstone the ENTIRE game changes. There are ways you SHOULD use, and ways you CAN use it.


Where to place a Sightstone Ward, has a LOT of  factors that go into why or when you should place a ward, hopefully this makes it simpler:

When To place a Ward

  • If you know the enemy is likely to come from an area in 1-2 minutes.
  • If the enemy has the ability to jump over walls, ward over the wall they would come from ex (9.png64.png)
  • So you can spot enemy champions moving from one lane to another in the fog of war.

When not to place a ward

  • You are near a bush and there isn't a ward in it
  • When you are in a lane and afraid that someone is in that bush you are going to ward
  • When you already have vision of the target you are try to ward against

Mid - Late Game Warding

  1. Do you have advantage and 2-3 champions with you > get a ward in their jungle
  2. Is the game even / you have no ally champions to assist with deep warding > Ward river / enterences to your jungle
  3. Are you behind / multiple towers have fallen > Ward your Jungle.

Here are all easy Warding spots.



Mid - Late game, you shouldn't be going on solo missions into the enemies side of the jungle to get a useless deep ward, only to find 5 champions and a grey screen. Any time you want to get a ward on the enemies side of the map, ping your laners / jungler to assist you with walking into the enemy jungle, who knows you might find a solo member of the enemy team instead and be able to pick up an easy kill.

Sawyer Nelson Back to Top


Hi, my name is Sawyer I am 22, I'm going to be the Best North American League of Legends Support player there ever was. I currently write guides for Lolking, coach, and stream on twitch to financially sustain myself.


You can see Challenger Support gameplay live on my Twitch stream ,for the love of god please follow lol.

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