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T1: Spell damage is better early for lane pressure and skirmishes and attack-speed is better late game. There is not one better than the other, it depends what you want to accomplish.
T2: Every option can be useful depending on what you want to accomplish. Fresh blood for burst or if you have an healing support, Feast is regular and expose weakness if you lane with an heavy damage support.
T3: If you really don't need regen, put 4 points in Natural Talent. Putting everything on Vampirism is viable but I think boosting Lulu's late game is better.
T4: Pick accordingly to your needs like any other champion.
T5: You deal more AP than AD.
T6: The others are really not worth it since you don't have a lot of "natural" damages with on-hit builds.


I think this is the only good option.


This keystone is great for laning but is kinda bad on a build where you maximise your AS.

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I will not cover how to use the spells as you can find other guides where you can already get those informations. I will focus on how do use the spells as an on-hit build.


This is the reason why on-hit Lulu as a certain viability


No changes compared to usual Lulu.


This is your best friend as on-hit Lulu. Most of the time you will want to use it on yourself to boost your attack speed further. In lane, using it to be in range to attack when the enemies have wasted their key cooldowns. In teamfight, you generally use it on yourself so you can reposition and have a bigger DPS. However, if you are facing assassins or high burst melee, it is better to keep it for when they jump on you (example, Yasuo and Zed).


No changes compared to usual Lulu.


No changes compared to usual Lulu.

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Starting Items

    Against heavy poke
    If you want to have more mana (against an healing support)
    If early back

Core Items

    Another versatile option, however, crit is a bit wasted

Situational Items

    Against tanks
    Need QSS
    For better pushing (the passive stacks really quickly)
    Don't want to die so fast that you can't click your spells
    If you already hit your AS cap
    There is probably a situation where these items are good.

That's the part of the guide where it becomes interesting.
First of all, do not forget that AS is capped at 2,50. This means that taking 5 AS items and using W will make you waste some stats.

3091.png or 3115.png or 3124.png first?

All three items are more or less as cost effective.

3091.png is probably your usual choice because nowaday the meta favors heavy AP damage support. +40 bonus on-hit AP damage is huge, plus having magic resistance reduction is better in early stages.
3115.png seems the best if you just check at the stats. Unfortunately, the CDR is a bit wasted since you have mana problems early on and won't be able to spam/ make full effect of the CDR. I think it can be great used with a doran's ring or with and heavy engage support that wants to burst his enemy (1.png89.png12.png). You generally build this second.
3124.png This item is as good as 3091.png  but is more offensive. The AD also helps last-hitting. It is better against low damage support. Note that Guinsoo's rage doesn't work on her lulupassive.png.

I think that you build those three items every game, but not necessarily in this order. You may want to build something else before finishing the core.

3020.png or 3158.png or 3006.png

3020.png is not that useful. Even though most of your damages are AP, you will be mainly focusing the frontline since reaching the backline is hard. If the frontline is tanky, 3158.png will bring more damage. If it is squishy, take those.
3158.png is the best choice in most situations.
3006.png would be the best ones if you wouldn't reach your AS cap by taking them.

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Hello, I am Lachainone, I was platinum last season. It is not great and I think this is because of my mechanics. However, I'm pretty sure theorycrafting-wise I'm really good since I have played a lot of champions and understand the game well.

I wrote this guide not because I think that Lulu is a competitive champion, but for people, like me, who once thought: "play on-hit Lulu could be fun!"

I decided to try on-hit Lulu after seeing LS play it while climbing the Korean ladder with his account xyl: . I was pretty impressed by his performance and wanted to give it a try.
I thing that LS did not put too much thinking in his theorycrafting (like building 3085.png) so I wanted to make a guide explaining a little bit more the champion.

He started playing the champion after its buff on patch 7.2 that reads:

  • Pix, Faerie Companion.png Pix, Faerie Companion
    • Base damage increased to 15 - 117 (based on level) from 9 - 105 (based on level)
  • Glitterlance.png Glitterlance
    • Mana cost reduced to 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 from 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80.

What is On-hit Lulu? Back to Top

On-hit Lulu is a build and playstyle

The idea behind On-hint Lulu is taking advantage of her passive lulupassive.png to increase the damage that you deal with each auto attack. As you may understand, the idea is to build a lot of attack speed to increase the effectiveness of the strategy. Most of the items that give the most attack speed are also items that give on-hit effects hence the name. Therefore, playing On-hit Lulu is playing a champion that will do a lot of auto attack and each auto attack will deal small of on-hit damages. Moreover, the self-cast of luluw.png also helps on that sense since it boosts the attack speed.

Comparing On-hit Lulu to other ADC

We can compare Lulu to the most AS-based ADC: Kog'Maw and the most "plain" damage ADC: Caitlyn

117.png from level 1 to 18: 46.4 – 90.6 AD and 0.625 (+ 0 – 38.3%).

96.png from level 1 to 18: 57.5 – 98.4 AD and 0.665 (+ 0 – 45%).

51.png from level 1 to 18: 53.7 – 90.7 AD and 0.568 (+ 0 – 68%).

As you can see, Lulu is not on par with other ADCs, however have a look at her lulupassive.png damage: 15 - 117. It compensates for the lack of AD. For those wanting to play regular AD Lulu with crit, this should be a red flag to not do it.

Other stats

Her attack animation is good enough and her range is decent. 330 Movement speed is decent for an ADC. Her health pool however is abysmal.

On-hit Lulu, top or ADC? Back to Top

I only tried Lulu ADC, but as a toplane main, I'm pretty sure the champion might even be better in top.
In this guide I wanted to cover Lulu ADC, but most of the thing I've explained are also relevant for toplane Lulu.

Is it viable? Back to Top

Viability is a strange concept in LoL. I say that because in the 2015 season, a guy reached master playing Teemo jungle only. Does that mean that Teemo jungle is a good champion? Hell no! But what is your objective? If you want to play in the LCS, don't practice Lulu ADC because I'm pretty sure it will never be good enough, but if you want to climb the ladder, you can do it with any champion. The most important is to know what your champion can and can't do and exploit this.

As stated previously, LS climbed to Diamond 5 playing Lulu ADC:
I know he was playing with a super strong support, but he still has a 73% winrate on Lulu. Which is enough to climb the ladder.

Why should I play ADC Lulu? Back to Top

I finally arrive at the most important part. Why should you play ADC Lulu?


  • Lulu can peel for herself. If you, like me get super angry when your support is too unexperienced to know how to protect your (in short, if your support is bronze or silver), you don't have to rely on him. That makes Lulu one of the best ADC for those elo where you can't trust your teammates.
  • Lulu is strong in laning phase which can be key to snowball and win a game (or to keep your team's morale afloat).
  • Lulu does not suffer from being useless at 20min like the other ADC do (The origin of the 2K17 ADC lul meme)
  • Lulu is great in squirmishes.
  • Lulu is great at punishing mistakes.
  • Lulu does hybrid damages.
  • Lulu is great at kiting (if you have great APM)
  • Lulu is great against champions that tries to delete you. If you are tired of those nasty Zed one-shotting you even though you are super ahead, pick Lulu and punish them.
  • Lulu deals lots of AP damage which can bring balance in a full AD team.
  • Lulu is great as a support/ADC. If you ahve the typical soloQ team of everyone willing to carry (28.png238.png157.png161.png) you can bring the much needed CC where a traditional ADC would be able to do much (since there is not frontline).
  • If you are being, you still have your utility to help your team.
  • Most important: Lulu is fun and brings something special from the usual ADC playstyle (if you are forced into ADC, it can be a great pick for you, but you should be great at hit-and-run).
  • If you do a full-yordle teamcomp and you don't play Tristana or Corki (I hope you like 45.png support).


  • After that you may wonder why you are still reading this guide but fuck it: on-hit Lulu doesn't bring anything that a support Lulu doesn't. Let's say you play with a Kog'Maw. You can put your lulupassive.png on him, you luluq.png is the same (since you don't use it to deal damage), luluw.png can be put on Kog, lulue.png is the same and lulur.png is the same. The only difference is if you put lulue.png on something different that your ADC.
  • Lulu's late game damage is poor for an ADC.
  • Lulu is bad at taking towers since every on-hit damage is useless.
  • Lulu isn't great in teamfight.
  • Lulu is super squishy. I told you, but I know that when you'll play her you'll say: "fuck she's super squishy".
  • There is better choice than Lulu.
  • Your teammates know it and you will need to convince them that you are not trolling.

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