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All Guides Lux Guides Lux Support [8.17] : The AP Carry Support (Simple and Complete) + Alternative Build
3 weeks ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

This combination is by far the best you could get.

3.png Is absolutely indispensable to peel for your ADC as you will use most of your kit to deal damages

14.png could seem a great summoner for laning phase but late game you will rarely be in range to use it, only pick it against a heavy healing support (267.png or 16.png)

4.png to escape, chase or land a stun + full combo on 2 people ! :D

New Runes Back to Top


Abilities Back to Top


I recommend maxing E first, even as a support, why ?

The reason why some people max Q 1st is because it reduces the Cooldown (unlike maxing E) and increases more the damages than maxing E. So on paper this looks more interesting, BUT : 

You will use E much more often !!!

Q is your only CC so you will not use it to poke, only during an all-in. On the other hand, you will poke a lot with E, that's why you should max E, to increase your poke.

If you play Lux support you just want to bully your lane, so maxing E is the best to do in order to harass your opponents.

Finally, max W last, the shield increase is only 15*2 per level

And ultimate at lvl 6 - 11 - 16 of course.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard start

Core Items

    1st Back
    Mage Core Build
    Mage Full Build Exemple
    Support Core Build

Situational Items

    Defensive Items
    VS Tanks

Matchups Back to Top

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Why playing Lux Support ? Back to Top

1- To Bully your lane : Lux is comparable to 143.png or 161.png, she wants to poke a lot and getting kills very fast, ideally before the 1st back, so that you and your adc will be fed - that will balance the lack of peel you bring

2- To be the 2nd (or 3rd) AP Carry of your team : Your peel will be very poor, but you will have tonns of poke before teamfights and the possibility to One shot an enemy Carry (or even 2) from very long range, which is awesome ! :D

And that's basically all...

It's a different objective than when playing a traditional support, you don't aim for peeling your adc you just want to get kills and to snowball ^^ I like it when you have autofilled ADC, you don't want to peel a bad ADC, you want to carry by yourself

Strengths / Weaknesses Back to Top

Strengths : 

- Very good poke
- Capacity to one shot a carry mid-late
- Very long range
- Big lane pressure (due to the poke)
- AoE shield

Weaknesses : 

- Very poor peel

- No sustain
- Squishy
- Doesn't bring any utility 
- Not very useful if behind

When (not) to pick Lux Support ? Back to Top

When to pick her ? 

- Your team lacks AP damage
- Your adc can DPS safely or peal for himself (81.png 429.png 67.png...)
- The enemy team has a lot of squishy targets
- Your team has already picks that can peel for your ADC during teamfights (10.png 43.png 79.png...)
- Your ADC is not a ADC main, you don't want to peel for a bad ADC..

When NOT to pick her ?

- Your team has already a lot of AP damage
- Your ADC is an hypercarry and/or really needs a support that can peel him (222.png 96.png...)

Most Frequent questions Back to Top

Why playing Lux, not Zyra, Brand or Vel'koz ?

Well each of these four picks has its strengths and weaknesses... What I like with Lux is her very long range and the fact that if she gets behind she can and still be usefull

Why not playing her Midlane ?

Well... Because I'm a Support main ^^ Lux is probably better in the Midlane but she's also good at Support !

Do you have enough gold to build these Items ? You need to KS kills of your teammates

If you get early kills and you keep snowballing, yes you have enough gold. Taking kills is OK as long as it is as efficient on you as on someone else, and given that you will build like a standard AP Carry, you will need gold. Don't worry if you take some of your adc's kills, he will get other kills and also gold thanks to assists and farm.


Top 5 best synergies Back to Top

1- 81.png : Both of you have a lot of poke, both of you have a lot of burst, and Ezreal can peal for himself so not having a peeling support will not be a problem. Also both of you have a very long range ultimate which can be used either for poke or to achieve an enemy

2- 51.png : You will completely bully your lane ! You have so much long range poke that the enemy adc will struggle for each last hit he will want to take, he might just not be able to farm actually. Also you have a huge siege comp thanks to all the poke and Cait's trap. Both of you also have a strong long range ultimate and finally, you can chain CC on cait's trap

3- 202.png : He is a deadly adc to play with because of your HUGE burst and your HUGE ranges ! Also he can peel for himself if needed !

4- 67.png429.png : Both of them have a lot of tools to peel for themselves and Lux brings a very good early game which is all they want because they become really hard to deal with once they get ahead

5- 236.png : This is a kill lane, as soon as you get level 3 and have poked the enemy botlane a bit, if you hit a stun on the enemy adc or even the support, he is very likely dead because of all the burst you have.

Honorable mention : 
119.png because DRAAAAAAAVEN !!!

Worst Synergies Back to Top

96.png Nope

222.png Nope nope nope

29.png Nooooooooooo


You understood it, if your adc has a strong late game but has very poor tools to peel for himself, don't pick Lux they really need a support to peel for them

Laning phase : Feed your ADC Back to Top

This part of the game is the most important when playing Lux Support because it is when you must get a lead !

Again, if you play Lux Support you want to snowball, or to be clear : get kills. 

So what you have to do is :

Play aggressively : poke with your E + auto attack + Thunderlord proc, once ennemies are low enough try to land a Q to burst them with your adc.

Ward your lane : I recommend not buying 2049.png at 1st back because it doesn't increase your lane pressure and that's what you want to, but get it on your 2nd back and (if you can) buy 2043.png on your first back (and during all the game of course). It's very important to ward the river because your E could push the lane and you have no escape so the jungler might want to gank your lane.

Spell Use : 

Q = Only use it defensively or to make a kill, don't use it to poke

E = For poke OR to bring vision in a bush, if you think the enemy jungler is waiting in a bush, use that to get vision without having to get close to it

W = Nearly useless for the momen
t, only use it during an all in and make sure you have enough mana for other spells before

R = Mainly use it to burst an enemy after landing a Q so your adc can finish OR to achieve an enemy that is out of range of your adc and your other spells. Can also be used to push the lane if your adc really wants to but I don't recommend it because the cooldown is not low enough for the moment (ult lvl 1 and not a lot of CDR)

Mid game : Roaming and 1st teamfights Back to Top

By this time you should have your core build : 3020.png2301.png3165.png. You deal some damages and can start taking kills to afford buying expensive AP items, including 3285.png or 3089.png

During this part of the game you've got many possibilities, depending on how the game goes :

- Stay with your ADC and protect him if/when he needs it

- Roam midlane or where your team needs to

- Bring vision, deep vision if you can

- Get ready for 1st teamfights

Spell use : 

Q : to peel for your adc OR to catch someone OR to chain CC

W : to shield who needs it of course, now you've got a bit of AP and some mana regen you can afford it

E : to deal damages

R : to secure a kill (you will need to become a real AP Carry so you can get kills) OR to poke after a successful spell - Q or E on two carries for example - your ult is now on a low CD so you can afford it

Late Game : AP Carry time ! Back to Top

Now, you should have a build that looks like this 3020.png2301.png3165.png3285.png1058.png, more or less, depending on how fed you are (you might already be full build if super fed, or just a Luden if not fed at all)

Now, you are an AP Carry !!! You're not a support anymore, you've got enough damages to 100-0 carries and poke really hard

All you have to do is stay with your team and bring vision where you need to (try to always carry a 
2043.png in case of a Baron or Elder Dragon

Spell use : Aggressively !

Q : to catch someone and burst him down

E : to poke hard or to burst

W : to shield all your team

R : to burst OR to poke after a Q or E : abuse it ! It now has a very low CD so abuse your ult to poke, this will often force someone to back and enable your team to get a free objective 4v5

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