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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Update 6.13: Teleport's channel time has been nerfed. This doesn't really affect me because I use barrier (which got buffed haha). However, you may see a small shift in mid-laners going for other spells such as the good-old14.png or even 21.png. This will indirectly change the enemy's play style and therefore yours too. Just my guess...only time will tell.



There is no way you can argue that there's another spell that can replace flash. You already know! 


This is my go-to defensive summoner spell. I use this in 99% of my matches. Lux is very vulnerable when her abilities are down. She will get jumped on when the opportunity is available. 
+ Not only was the cooldown recently buffed, but it also absorbs a chunk of damage during crucial moments like a fizzmarinerdoom.png
+ It can also save your butt from last second 14.png ticks.
+ It has synergy with Lux's own shield! 

Tip: This shield only lasts two seconds. You should know when it is the best moment to activate it. During moments that you are about to be bursted, one click can make 100% of it's shield value worth it $$

Other Spells


This is completely viable. Both mid-laners and top-laners are now taking teleport. It greatly increases map pressure and makes it much easier to gank bot lane. It can also send you back to defend your lane from base in a jiffy. If you have much experience with teleport, go for it!!

Take teleport if:

+ You have great map awareness
+ You are not worried about getting beat down by your midlane matchup
+ You are good at staying in the back during team fights

Why I personally don't take it: When you teleport on wards in bot lane, your positioning can be a little weird depending on the location of both your enemies and allies. Although she has plenty of cc and damage, Lux's kit and squishiness isn't exactly fit for a face-first dive. Also, when you teleport onto a turret that's being chunked down, you don't want squishy Lux to warp right in front of enemy range. I prefer to luxmalicecannon.png  the creep wave or enemies.


Some people will discourage you from taking ignite on Lux. Instead of telling you not to take it what-so-ever, I will list the pros and cons.

+ In most match ups, Lux's laning phase isn't very difficult. In fact, I believe her luxlightstrikekugel.png and luxpassive.png harass is good enough to tilt enemy mid laners. If you manage to land your abilities and proc your passive, an ignite can easily finish off after a sweet Lux combo and help you snowball from there on.

- All of Lux's abilities are long-ranged. Igniting means moving a lot closer towards danger and essentially ruining your positioning during team fights. A lot of times, it's not good to use ignite until your team is at a number advantage AND there is no chance of dying. Also, ignite falls off late game whereas barrier and teleport stay relevant and strong throughout.

Overall, situational spells like teleport and ignite are determined by your play style, team comp, enemy team comp, and personal experience.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Post-Patch 6.12 Mastery Analysis:

Okay, at first I went for the all-in damage (DES+Assassin) mastery page. However, during situations when I was ganked by the hurt a lot. Therefore:

+Get Double Edged Sword if you are confident that you will not be double-teamed by the enemies because that's 1.5% increased damage on you! If you get past that, you'll be doing lots of damage mid/late game!!
+Get Feast if you are unconfident about the matchup. I think Feast is best on champions who do not have a Catalyst for sustain. 

+Assassin is really good for dueling. However, it turns off when your ally jungler comes to help.
+Secret Stash = strong with Dark Seal, which is my build. 

We are looking at 12-18-0 Thunderlord!!! Some of these can be switched around depending on your preferences

(Updated 6.12) Double Edged Sword vs Feast vs Expose Weakness:

+Double Edged Sword has been buffed for ranged champions. The damage buff is very minuscule alone but really adds up with the other damage boosting masteries (Oppressor, Merciless, Assassin, etc.). Lux (with good positioning) doesn't take much damage so this can really good.

+Feast is very nice for early game sustain but useless when outside of the laning phase. *If you have a comfortable laning phase, you can possibly have a nice mid-late game too.

+Expose Weakness is very good since Lux is a team player. She provides a lot of cc and damage to her enemies and that'll boost her allies damage when they jump on a snared enemy champion:))))). Just know that it doesn't stack so if another person has this like the support, then this is a waste.

(Updated 6.12) Vampirism vs Natural Talent:

+Even after Natural Talent has been reworked a little bit to be more efficient early game, it's all about preference in the end. The numbers on NT aren't very impactful in the first place except maybe the AD for last hitting. I see it more efficient on hybrid champions. On the other hand, the spell vamp on Lux isn't significant since it's only 33% effective with AOE abilities. The lifesteal comes in handy though because of the many auto attacks you throw during laning phase. With that said, both are weak in general so it's pretty much a lose-lose situation.

Bounty Hunter vs Oppressor:

+Once again, a personal preference but I can argue towards Oppressor. If you think you can kill 3+ unique enemy champions, then you'll do more with Bounty Hunter regardless of impaired movement. However, only god knows at what point of the game you can achieve this feat. Oppressor works well early, mid, and late game because Lux's abilities consists of both snares+slows AND any other of your allies' cc.  It's a gamble that I personally do not think is worth.

Runic Affinity vs Secret Stash vs Assassin 

+Jungle buffs are very nice! However, I know a couple stingy junglers who never give me blue and you will probably encounter these kinds of people a lot. 

+Secret stash will help you early on with a boost in sustain. Biscuits are good when you are ignited too so you can possibly survive those last second ticks. Elixirs last longer too which will be relevant during end-build game.

+Assassin gives a nice boost when you are sniping other champions when no allies is around you. It also helps with dueling during the laning phase. Note: Lux is a team player so she won't be alone all the time for this. However, it doesn't have any other draw backs so up to you.

Merciless vs Meditation

+This used to be the obvious choice before all the mage items got reworked. It's a little harder to get mana regen now so Meditation is definitely viable. However, if you are really good at managing your mana, Merciless can be that much needed 5% to finish someone off with a luxmalicecannon.png

Precision vs Intelligence

+Lux relies on cooldown reduction A LOT! All of her abilities are technically quite long. It's so easy to hit the 40% cap with her typical build so it's nice to finish it off with an additional 5%. There are many times where I use my ultimate twice during extended team fights. However, precision is without-a-doubt viable since Lux is a bursty badass. 

Abilities Back to Top

Patch 6.18:

E - Lucent Singularity

SLOW20/24/28/32/36%  25/30/35/40/45%

They decided to give the Queen of Snares a boost, making her a Queen of Crowd Control now. This buff will encourage Lux players to not detonate Lucent Singularity for more situational times.

R > E > Q > W

This is the general skill priority. I've never been in a situation where I need to change the order. At level 1, you can go E or Q depending on the matchup or your situation (such as invading or vision). Q if you decide to invade; E if you need vision on bushes/denying melee enemy match ups. 

luxpassive.png Illumination (Passive)

This passive may look very underwhelming at first but it's the secret to Lux's laning phase. After damaging an enemy with an ability, auto-attacking will proc bonus magic damage. The best part is that it also procs Thunderlord's on enemy champions!! Outside of laning phase and farming, you won't be using the passive as much because it puts Lux in too much danger. Your ultimate procs and resets this so that's a plus. 

Tip: Remember to be careful of minion aggression when you auto attack enemy champions. Sometimes, it's not worth it.

Tip: Lux players can chain her passive with her abilities. It is easy to learn and pick up. In most situations, two procs is the best you can do without the enemy having a chance to escape. Remember that your ultimate also activates and refreshes the passive so, if you snare -> proceed with an ult RATHER than snare -> aa -> ult.

Tip: The animation begins to fade at the end of six seconds. You can catch a last milli-second proc even though it looks like the chance was lost. 

luxlightbinding.png Light Binding (Q)

Regardless of level, the snare binds for two seconds. It also hits two targets. If you can't hit your binds, your teammates are gonna hate you. Binding creates initiation opportunities and honestly is pretty OP. It's the setup for your Demacian combo so you need to learn this skill shot. It is important for you to learn how to throw your snare at different angles. Even I am sometimes guilty of missing this skillshot at almost point-blank range. 

Tip: The damage and duration is the same for both targets (thanks for the buff Riot). During laning phase, you can bind at a single enemy minion and hit the enemy champion behind it. It's all about aim and prediction. It'll take some time but it's worth it. Don't accidentally hit two minions haha.

luxprismaticwave.png Prismatic Barrier (W)

This looks more like a sphere than a prism but maybe I don't know geometry??? Anyway, the recent nerfs on Lux's shield has SIGNIFICANTLY reduced her God tier status as a mid laner. She's still very viable and now in a more balanced state. Don't underestimate this shield because it can save your life when you are ignited. It goes out slower but comes back quicker. Remember that when you are shielding your allies and positioning yourself so that everybody gets the most out of it.

Tip: When running away, throw the shield in the direction you are escaping so that it can come back sooner. Every second counts.

luxlightstrikekugel.png Lucent Singularity (E)

Your main harassing tool. This ability is loaded with lots of utility for you and your team. Seriously, it has great range and covers a big area during laning phase. The best way to use this in lane is to predict where the enemy is moving and "trap" him/her inside the zone. Then click E again. Even if the enemy got out of range in time, you can keep the E up for zoning and denying purposes. The cooldown still counts down even when it's not detonated. It's great. Like let me just make a list real quick. 

+ Provides vision for up to 5 seconds
+ Greatly slows enemies in the zone
+ Can deny farm during lane 
+ Can zone enemies 

Tip: If you have lots of mana to spare, use Lucent Singularity on a brush for vision. Lux doesn't have the tankiness to afford face-checking.

Tip: When you or/and an ally is running away, leave Lucent Singularity in the enemy's path so it slows enemy chasers down. You'll create distance with the amount of slow it provides. Detonate it when they are about to leave the zone. THIS ALSO WORKS IF YOU'RE CHASING ENEMIES. You place Lucent Singularity in the anticipated path of the enemy and detonate when they are about to leave. If you have lots of cooldown reduction, it'll be up once again for rinsing and repeating:)) 

Tip: In lane, you can zone out melee enemies by placing Lucent Singularity in front or on your minions. This will force them to either walk around, use abilities/waste mana, take the hit, or completely back off. It also works on ranged champions if you position it correctly.

luxmalicecannon.png Final Spark (R)

I guess this is Lux's signature ability(HELL YEAH IT IS!!). It's a laser that not only chunks enemies, but also has a very low cooldown. There is so much satisfaction when you snipe enemy champions that thought they escaped:))))). There are also lots of times where I've used my ultimate 2+ times during team fights. With that said, I've seen many Lux players save the ultimate for "clean up" purposes. NOO!! You are the AP damage on the team, not 11.png. During team fights, if the enemies are clumped up together: luxlightstrikekugel.png +luxmalicecannon.png!!! Winning Game > Score

Other uses of her ultimate are:

+ Clearing waves
+ Stealing/securing objectives
+ Protecting turrets
+ Preventing enemies from recalling

NOTE: Although she has plenty of uses for her ultimate, it is up to the situation and your judgment on whether or not to use it. For example, don't use your ultimate to clear a minion wave when you see a team fight about to literally occur.

Tip: When you see skirmishes happening and you are at a distance, you should definitely use your ult to help turn the tide to your favor. Don't save it to kill steal though. That's just greedy and not a team player mentality.

Tip: The ultimate provides vision for a quick second. If you feel like the enemy is doing baron or dragon, you can ult in from afar. It'll reveal them, the objective's HP, and send them a warning that you're aware. Remember to ward though :)

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    standard start
    Usually your first back looks like this, Your mana problems will go down because you regain a chunk back after every level. I do not recommend a needlessly large rod until you get lost chapter.
    Against an ad matchup; especially if you're struggling. Try to go back to the normal route after armguard because you are losing a lot of damage potential

Core Items

    These three items are usually never changed! However, the order may be different. You can get Luden's first if you're doing well. Sorcerers can be delayed.
    Typical end game items! Check out enemy items before deciding deathcap or void staff first. If little magic resist, go for DC. If lots of it, void staff. Last item is situational,
    My secret weapon! Read description

Situational Items

    Very Very Situational; Viable but not the best

To be honest, Lux's item variety isn't as great as other champions. She's going for a bursty CDR mage and has no room for tankiness.

Starting Items

1056.png : This is your only starting item choice. sorry lol. You shouldn't go 1029.png because you lose mana sustain or 1082.png because it's a little too risky as a starting item for my taste.

Core Items

3165.png : This is a GREAT first item. It has everything you need, from cool down reduction to 100AP and few cool unique passives. I personally never encounter any mana problems even after the rework with this item. 3802.png is good for early game since you level up a lot. Since 50.png and 106.png are in the meta, teammates will thank you for getting this item.

3285.png : The first item that makes you bursty af. If you're doing really really well, go for this item over Morellonomicon. Once again, ANOTHER 100 AP wow. Movement speed is always great. The passive not only hurts champions, but goes well with luxlightstrikekugel.png and luxpassive.png so you have easy wave clear + push power!! 

3089.png : Your AP will go up and so will your win rate with this item. This item amplifies your damage. The more items that you had, the more worth this item becomes. You just got 200AP from your other cores and now you're amplifying it up with this wow!! Note: This is a 4-5th item, don't recommend it being 6th. 

3135.png : If that enemy ADC is building magic resist, it's time to bring this bad boy out. Seriously though, if you see a 3190.png or 3156.png, there is no point in delaying this. Get before deathcap if you have to.

3020.png : I see people going for Boots of Swiftness or Ionian Boots and I think I'm like ?!?!?! Lux does not need that much movement speed. Not only does she get a bunch from Luden's Echo, she also isn't someone who chases down. Her role is the AP Mage. She should be safe in the back of team fights using her abilities in a safe yet effective manner.

3157.png : Sometimes you get jumped or focused, it happens. The team will have to peel for you. Other than 4.png,21.pngluxprismaticwave.png, you have no escapes. Hourglass can save your life if your positioning is ruined. If they have an all AD comp, it's possible to get this item earlier. You'll lose damage but if your positioning is bad or you're targeted, a dead Lux does less damage. Also, it's been reworked a little so that it's much more affordable AND IT HAS CD REDUCTION! Now you can hit 40-45% with your final build. yasss

My Secret Winning Technique? Dark Seal

1082.png: This isn't a good starting item but it's still pretty awesome for snowballing. It's only 350 gold and can boost your sustain by making your potions stronger. You should get this when you feel like you and your team have a lead. You'll slowly get stacks as long as YOU DON'T DIE. At full stacks, it's 319.64% gold efficient! Get after 3802.png or 3165.png. The potion passive falls off when you stop buying pots so you can eventually sell it if it doesn't have stacks or upgrade to 3041.png when you have lots of stacks AND you are confident you won't die.

I am not claiming/patenting Dark Seal as "this is an exclusive Luceo Lux build". Obviously, many players grab Dark Seal on a variety of champions. However, I have experimented this myself on Lux builds with no external sources/help. This FREE TIP is what improved my game experience and I am sharing it to you fellow summoners:))).

*The date of the picture below is June 13, 2016

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Situational Items

3092.png : This item used to be the support item that was found on every AP midlane. It's active is extremely powerful, acting as a scout and a slow. Now, this item is much more rare after the nerf, even supports are going for 2301.png. However, this item can still work on Lux!! Why? Lux is strongest early and mid game, but falls late game. Because of the low cost and gold regeneration, you will get your core much quicker. That way, Lux can be theoretically stronger than her enemy counterpart because of the item advantage. 

With that said, this item is situational at best because it takes up a spot and delays Morello. In my opinion, if you're really ahead-> there is absolutely NO REASON you should get this item. I would get this if you are significantly behind on kills and farm (See picture above; I've done this once in a ranked game). You might get flamed if you are in solo-queue. I'm in love with the active tho. It's perfect on Lux. 

3041.png : Lux is a monster sometimes. She dishes so much damage and can snipe for days, grabbing kills here and there. If you're snowballing, then I recommend you get this item to snowball harder. Just don't get cocky and die. 

3100.png : Very good pushing power. It'll destroy towers. Your auto attacks will chunk. Your passive also has some synergy with this item. The reason you don't see this a lot is because it puts Lux in a much less ideal distance from enemies who will eat her alive when they have the chance. 

3102.png : There isn't any magic resist items that also offers AP that is good for Lux. This is your only option. Lux's role is to dish a lot of damage so it'll hinder your potential. If you really need it though...your call.

3151.png : Lux isn't a DOT kind of mage. She is a bursty champion. This is much better on 143.png . However, if the enemies have too much HP to handle, you have no choice right?

Highly Unusual Items

3027.png : This item is really good and cost-efficient, especially after the rework. Not really for Lux though. Lux is not supposed to be tanky. If you're having trouble in lane against assassins, particularly AP such as7.png55.png131.png, then I GUESS you can grab it AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. You'll have to replace Morello as a first item because you don't want to be delaying 3285.png3089.png. Although I depict her as fragile a lot, I believe Lux has other means of defenses. Not only that, Lux is capable of dishing plenty of damage back no problem.

Why I personally don't take it: Lux's cooldowns are tremendously long in the early game stages. The sustain RoA offers is much suitable for short cooldown mages such as 1.png127.png.  By delaying or even skipping Morello, you're gaining a little durability and losing a 20% spike in cdr early on. 

3001.png : This item is the go-to item for a lot of AP assassins or those who need magic resist. Unfortunately, the range on this is not ideal for Lux's ability kit range. She cannot be that up close during team fights to fully utilize the unique passive. The item is 97.64% gold efficient without the passive though. 

3116.png : Once again, good on a lot of champs. Not Lux. Lux has plenty of CC to offer by herself and none of her spells are either single-target or DOT.

3174.png : This used to be rushed on Lux. However, it's been reworked to a support item. Use it on 37.png.

3048.png : This isn't the worst pick. It's shield can be very very strong. However, it takes a lot of effort to charge up tear. You also lose some early game power by investing gold, time, and mana into this. If your team is a late-game comp or you need a bulk shield, then this is a good situational item.

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Mobility champions are the enemies of skill-shot oriented champions. Hitting Lux's abilities will rely on prediction.

 During pre-6 laning phase, stay behind minions so you won't be ahriseduce.png.  Also, dodge her ahriorbofdeception.png. You can harass with luxlightbinding.pngluxlightstrikekugel.png but don't proc passive unless you dodge the charms. 

Once she has her ahritumble.png21.png is your friend. She'll be a bit of a pain but manageable if you don't get caught. 




The most annoying thing is her egg so don't forget about it. After rework flashfrost.png is much more faster so you have to remember to dodge left and right. Just do your best because this one is more about who can hit their abilities more!




She's scary!! Her abilities are a lot shorter ranged than you so there should be no contest about that. However, if you get caught too close, you might be dead. Keep distance, look out for stuns, and you'll be fine!

Her disintegrate.png is very annoying because she farms so easily but nothing too bad.


Aurelion Sol


A lot of Aurelion Sol players build him pretty tanky so that's a nuisance. Also, his star orbits can be annoying. Generally, he's gonna reposition himself so that you keep getting hit by those stars. If Lux misses her combo, you need to back off. 

Just dodge the aurelionsolQ.png.




He got nerfed so he's actually not so scary anymore. Dodge his soldiers because they poke you down. If they do get to you, use your luxprismaticwave.png to absorb the poke.

Also, many Azirs think they're so cool by making plays but many times you come out the winner.



brandfissure.png is annoying if you're hit but there's this ever so slight delay so that you can dodge. Hit him back with luxlightstrikekugel.png Just don't get stunned then bursted. He got nerfed so he's not too scaryyy.

He's probably more powerful when your allies are clustered though. Don't let his brandwildfire.png bounce.




Her dianaQ.png comes from her right side so you have to use that to your advantage.

If you do get hit though, prepare to get jumped on :(((




Poke him down with luxlightstrikekugel.png. He is terribly squishy. Make sure to dodge ezrealmysticshot.png and ezrealessenceflux.png




I made him medium because some people will have a hard time. However, I personally think he's an "easy" matchup. 

His lack of range makes it easy to auto-attack him early game. Very easy to deny him cs too. Just don't miss your luxlightbinding.png too much. Also I use 21.png+luxprismaticwave.png to absorb his fizzmarinerdoom.png




This guy is honestly terrible annoying. The only thing I can tell you is that your jungler will need to help you out a little. Fuck his h28gevolutionturret.png. It's somewhat hard to poke him down too because he has pretty good sustain

You can turtle or help out other lanes because he isn't as strong where he hasn't setup his turrets. It's really a situational call. 




She's quite strong but very short ranged. Lux's long range poke is a blessing. Her karmasoulshield.png can give her a speed boost and gap close though so be careful




Kassadin used to be one of the most miserable matchups to encounter. I have yet to see a player in a long time. He is much more manageable. Nevertheless, gap closing champions are annoying. Pre-6 show your dominance!!



You'd think that pre-6, you are at a range advantage. However, she is very mobile and can juke your abilities if she is good enough.

The damage she does is too quick to really counter. Your luxlightbinding.png does not stop her deathlotus.png so you have to get out of range ASAP!! If you keep her at bay, you can do well outside of laning phase with the help of your teammates. 




One of the most annoying duelists ughh

The trick is to snare her when she w towards you. If theres a creep wave, they'll target her and she'll take damage. Remember to proc your passive while you're at it.

The other trick is to dodge leblancsoulshackle.png. It's actually easier than you think. 

Outside of laning phase, keep watch!!




A tanky mage. She has a lot of cc in her kit, just like you. Her range isn't so impressive so you might be able to dodge her abilities. 

if you see lissandraE.png, you know you're in danger.

Even if you snare her, her ultimate can make her invulnerable from luxmalicecannon.png so take note of that.




At first, I wanted to make his difficulty hard. His reworked kit is very very strong. That's only if he can get in range and alzaharnethergrasp.png. Your long range is your advantage. Don't let the meta scare you. 

His push power is strong but manageable. Be alert for his viruses/space aids.




Her blackshield.png counters your CC. And yet, she has plenty of cc to throw back at you. Morgana is honestly really good in lane because she can farm with her tormentedsoil.png too.

Don't fret though. she can only get a tick or two off on you while you can luxlightstrikekugel.png. Also, her aa range is small and slow.




Orianna and Lux have different kits and play styles so it's hard to really determine the difficulty. I'd say it is a skill matchup. Be aware of her orianaizunacommand.png because that's the source of her damage. Ori has terrible movement speed so use that to your advantage to poke.




A duelist that can compare to Leblanc.

Syndra has a strong laning phase so it's gonna be a tough game. You have to dodge her syndraQ.png and possibly the syndraE.png that comes with it. A good Syndra will reposition her balls to her advantage so never stop moving.

21.png + luxprismaticwave.pngto absorb syndraR.png




She's a control mage. I am personally playing her A LOT so I'm really getting to know her strengths and weaknesses. I have to say her range is really really small so that's your real advantage. If you get comboed, that's a really bad thing. RIP




Your range and poke is your best friend. Don't be scared. Build an armguard and do your best to auto attack him and luxlightstrikekugel.png when he comes too close to farm minions. And dodgetalonrake.png.


Twisted Fate


You'll have no trouble against this guy. He doesn't have an escape or gap closer! Dodge his wildcards.png and hit him back with luxlightstrikekugel.png. His range can't touch you when you snare him. If you see him pulling up a stun card, BACK OFF and be alert for any ganks 




His veigareventhorizon.png has a delay now so it's much easier to dodge. He does pack a punch but he's so squishy that you can burst his sorry ass down. Just abuse your range:)




He's ugly and not that scary. I find it easy to dodge his abilities. He(It?) mad squishy too! He deals true damage if you do manage to get hit by his abilities D:




He's very strong, idk why people don't play him that much (which is a good thing for me). You have to dodge his death ray. Also, don't get caught in his stun. Overall, not too difficult because he isn't as much of a instant one-combo killer.




I've been bragging about Lux's range advantage throughout the matchups. She meets a worthy rival named Xerath. He is undeniably annoying. His shooty-lightning thingy is probably the most annoying part of him. The only way you win is if you're really good at making last second dodges.




His yasuoW.png blocks out all of your skill shots. Fortunately, it's a very long cooldown. You'll have to use your range to your advantage early on. Also, dodging his tornadoes = #1 priority. 



Honestly, Lux has trouble with all of these AD assassins. He's very annoying because of his shadows. Fortunately it's a little difficult for him to kill you because of your21.png+luxprismaticwave.png. Do your best to deny him cs in a safe yet controlled manner.




He's squishy:))). His bombs are easy to dodge. It might be somewhat hard to snare him down because of his ziggsw.png.




She is very much in the meta and extremely strong. The only advantage you have is her very very slow movement speed which will make it easy to hit your luxlightstrikekugel.png. Do your best not to get snared and harassed by her plants.

Strictly Support Section! [Coming Soon] Back to Top

The information above/majority of this guide is information ideally for Lux as a mid-lane carry. This section alone will cover the support aspects and capabilities that Lux holds.


Marks: Magic Penetration
Seals: Armor
Glyph: Flat Magic Resist/Magic Resist per Level
Quintessence: Flat Ability Power

Masteries: 12/18/0 Thunderlord Decree



Update 10/2: I am so busy ughh I promise I'll get this done. It's gonna be lit (haha get it cause light=lux).

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TLDR; this guide will live up to it's name as a "quick guide". It's not like I am good enough to actually teach someone how to play Lux haha.

Long Version:
I was going to go in detail on concepts like early game, mid game, late game, strategy, fundamentals, etc. However, I have realized that it isn't easy (or short omg) to elaborate on such details because every game is vastly DIFFERENT! Seriously, the only way you can improve yourself is through experience and understanding, not just a guide. I will leave that to yourself to learn her instead of writing HUGE paragraphs and making diagrams. On a plus note, Lux is easy to learn but a lot harder to master. Each other LolKing Lux guide offers a little something different so you should check them out if you ABSOLUTELY NEED to know. With that said, I will keep this guide short and sweet, focusing more on itemization, optimal masteries and runes, and other tips to MAXIMIZE YOUR POTENTIAL if you do play her. 

The following are made up scenarios that are extremely common. It is important to not only improve your champion experience, but also your gaming intuition (does that even make sense?).

I keep dying because the enemy jungler is camping me so much!

2043.png 3340.png! These need to be constantly up, regardless if you're being camped or not. Every lane has the obligation to light up the map in their respective territory. If you're only using trinkets and not a single pink ward early game, you're only indirectly hurting yourself and your teammates. The sooner you learn to contribute warding the map, the higher your rank will be. 37.png being my secondary role, I have a natural habit of warding. This is a healthy habit, of course. In one occasion, I had a pink ward up for 30 minutes. It was great.

+Wards aside, I understand the dreadful tent that the enemy jungle puts on at your lane, especially when the mid+jungler is premade. If this is happening, check up on your jungler to see what he/she is doing. If your jungler is ganking your other lanes and having success with it, you should begin to turtle and get carried a little bit. That way, you can catch up. Of course, you should let your team know that you are having trouble: "losing lane so i'm gonna turtle and try not to feed". The jungler might help you out or continue to apply pressure in other lanes. Your job is to not get any more behind and not be a burden.  

I'm not getting camped but I'm getting destroyed in lane!

+Yikes! This depends on the situation. If it's an AD champion that is really beating you up, invest in 3191.png (If the top laner and/or jungler is AD, this is even more appropriate). If it's an AP champ that you're having trouble with, I actually do not recommend changing item order. Instead, change your current play style.  You're most likely getting damaged the most when they punish you for extending to cs. You can either farm with your abilities, ask the jungler for some pressure, or hug turret. Instead, you can make the most out of your situation by visiting other lanes. If bot-lane looks like a good opportunity, shove the midlane if you need to and run without getting seen. The enemy mid lane might think you're hugging turret. 

Fun Fact: There has been a situation where I invested in 3092.png because I was losing in farm and down a kill. I ended winning the game, AS A TEAM OF COURSE! 

I can't land any of my skill shots!

+That's not good! If you are new to Lux and in a normal game, then it's perfectly fine to be a little bad. Do your best and do not get yourself tilted. I'll admit that Lux's abilities are on the slow side. The best advice I can give you is to anticipate where the enemy is GOING TO MOVE instead of where he/she currently is. This isn't something you can learn through reading though. You have to feel it during games! Estimate the firing rate of your Q, E, R and the location of the enemy. Kind of like seeing the future. 
+Lux isn't for everyone. All of her abilities are skill shots. Some of us have different strengths and play styles. Try her out for a while and see if she is right for you. 

Fun Fact: I do not use smartcast. You can call me bad if you want, all my friends do haha. I simply feel comfortable with the range indicators and it helps me with aiming and predicting better. In my opinion, smart-cast increases quick-decision casting and instant comboing while sacrificing some accuracy and thoughtfulness. 

I keep getting jumped by the enemy assassin during team fights even though I'm in the back!

+Yikes! Looks like the assassin is doing his/her job by taking out the carries. What you need is peel. Lux can protect her ADC and all of her allies with her utility and defenses. In return, the team has to make sure nobody is on you in order for you to do your job. This is a mutual relationship and a team effort. Access the situation and talk about how you can fix this problem with your teammates. There is oh so much she can do with her snares, slows, shields to barely survive against an assassin. However, all that CC needs to be on the enemy carries because you are also the AP DAMAGE DEALER. Also, 3157.png can buy your teammates time to come to your rescue and mitigate any damage dealt to you.

How do I gank bot lane?

+ There are two main types of ganks, ones where the ganker jumps in to initiate and one where the lane needs to distract/initiate first. Lux doesn't have a super speed up like 120.png33.png and dash past the wards. She needs the bot lane to distract them because  she is slow and immobile. Luckily, once she gets past the wards and is behind the bot lane, her arsenal of CC can pick up a kill or two. luxlightstrikekugel.png provides vision on the brushes + slows them. 
+Additionally, you can just luxmalicecannon.png from afar. It can be hard to hit because you're firing on a perpendicular angle.

My team is flaming each other/me.

+ If the team is flaming each other, the best thing you can do is stay neutral. If you're good at resolving issues, you should be the third party (and possibly the leader) to keep the party from falling apart. You're stuck with them for about 40 minutes and your LP is on the line. Try not to gang up on the person doing bad. He/she did not join the game to ruin your life. Give advice, such as build changes, possibly split pushing, playing safer, etc.
+ If you are the one being flamed, uh oh! Believe me, it is so tempting to just roast their sorry asses and end the rest of their career with a few sentences. BUTTTT we are better than that. First, see why they are flaming you. Are you feeding? Is the enemy midlaner roaming way more than you? Are you not hitting skill shots? If you get angry or sad, you're going to perform even worse. The best thing you can do is concentrate on yourself and focus on what you can do. 
-----------If you're not feeding too much (down maybe one or two), then apologize, let them know you are struggling, and play safer. Lux is a forgiving champion that stays relevant even if she is down a little. 
-----------If the enemy mid laner is constantly roaming, you need to ping A LOT because some people ignore pings (and that's so freaking annoying). Proceed by pushing down and taking out that turret because you will most likely not being to make it down in time. Everybody loves seeing objectives being taken. They'll forgive you for being the most use of your time alone in midlane:))))
-----------If you're struggling with skill shots, you can hold back on missing by playing more defensive and poke using luxlightstrikekugel.png. Save the snare for when the enemies are COMING AT YOU instead of trying to initiate and snare the enemy ADC. Of course, you'll eventually need to learn how to hit your skill shots because every successful snare is a game changing opportunity. 

Is it okay if I choose Lux as first pick in ranked?

+ Hmmm, this is tricky. Believe it or not, a skilled and confident Lux player has no counter. Lux is simply a well-made character packed with offense, defense, utility, and range. So I would personally say Lux is a safe fp that has no trouble fitting on any team comp. 
+When you lock in Lux as first pick, the enemy team will probably choose "soft counters" such as157.png238.png105.png. I say soft counters because gap closers with lots of maneuvers and mobility can cause you to miss all your skill shots. Check out my matchup description for the best approach when encountering these guys. Just know that, champion skill level can easily come out victorious against a "counter pick with little experience". 

Should I get blue trinket or keep the yellow one throughout the game?

+The easy answer used to be blue trinket before it's cooldown was TREMENDOUSLY increased. Now, it is not as easy of a choice. 
+Pro players recommend taking yellow trinket if you're solo queue and blue if you're premade. I say get blue if the enemy team does not have much control over the map/jungle. You'll have so many wards up forever if they're not clearing them. Get yellow if you're struggling.  Either way, as long as you're efficiently warding, it doesn't matter.

Tip: You can use the blue trinket to grab vision for luxmalicecannon.png

I have terrible mana problems!

I have bad map awareness!

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(Oh my goodness, I did not realize how time-consuming it is to write a guide!!)

My summoner name is Luceo and I am currently a Plat 2 player. Even though I've been playing since S1, I am fairly new to the platinum/diamond ladder because I have never played ranked games until now.

I wanted to make a quick chill guide for those who wanted to play Lux and are in a rush (perhaps in queue or too lazy to read long paragraphs). Also, I don't think I'm really capable of giving an in-depth analysis breakdown even though I have lots of playing experience with Lux. If this guide gets a lot of positive reviews, I will certainly get more deep into the abilities and plays.

I have realized that I cannot be featured until the Lolking community acknowledges my guide as worthy. Please give me constructive criticism to up my guide standards. Also, a thumbs up would be nice if you are liking what you see!

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Update: June 14, 2016
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