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1 year ago

Lux Statistics for Avion en Papier

Author's performance with Lux compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

My Current Meta SS
4.png is essential for Lux as she has no escapes
12.png is a useful summoner spell on Lux. Since Lux will be outroamed by most mages, she can safely stay in lane with tp, and wherever the enemy mid goes she can follow without too much danger. Usually though its utility on lux falls off mid/late game. I normally only take this against 4.png
6.png is very popular right now mid lane. It works effectively on Lux since this allows her to build distance to get into safe positions to land abilties. This has saved me much more than barrier. 

Other options

21.pngis a generally good SS I use when the others are unnecessary. It's great extra self-protection. In a more specific case, its good against assassins on who exhaust isn't very effective on (those who can just either run away or have enough durability/dps to outlast exhaust). 
1.pngis good vs dangerous CC, such as 1.png127.png
7.png is good in specific scenarios where you have to outrun and dodge certain highly dangerous abilities. Its like a weak form of 6.pngbut with self defense. Its best vs 161.png
3.png is good vs assassins who go completely all in. It really cripples their damage and makes landing skillshots easier. Good vs 238.png157.png105.png

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Not much to say here. Ferocity is pretty straightforward. Cunning tree I find savagery helps with last hitting but if youre good at that wanderer is really good for roaming. Intelligence also is an option if youre aiming for late game scaling

A possible alternative route is to go for deathfire touch instead of thunderlords. I have not experimented with this much though I am aware of it and from my knowledge its very good late game. However, lux will lack some burst damage early to mid game, and she's a better burster than poker like Ziggs or Xerath. Very rarely would I consider deathfire. Only situations that come to mind is if our team is a hyper late game with champs like Jax Vayne Kog Master Yi etc. and our only option is to survive early and wait for late.

Abilities Back to Top


Fairly straightforward. Maxing E gives waveclear and damage, and maxing Q second gives it a shorter cd and more damage.

Passive-Every time you hit an ability on a target you mark them with Illumination. Detonating Illumination deals bonus magic damage. Autoattacking and your ultimate detonantes it
-Adds a lot more damage to your ability rotation (essentially an additional +0.2 AP scaling to your abilities)
-Counts as an attack and spell and will proc thunderlords-Great harass

Q-Fires a skillshot that binds the first 2 targets hit for 2 seconds
-Long range and powerful skillshot. Sets up kills and can determine games
-Hard to land

W-Fires off a boomerang shield that goes out and returns to you, applying a shield to all allied champions it passes through (Shield will be doubled if it goes through twice).Applies shield to you twice
-Can save you in clutch situations (ignite or DoTs)
-Blocks some harass early on
-Ineffective self shield-Use for teammates

E-Create a zone that slows enemies. Detonante to damage all enemies in the zone
-Bread and butter tool-poke, waveclear, zoning etc
-Primary form of damage
-Great at covering choke points through the jungle

R-After a short delay, fire off a powerful long ranged laser that instantly damages all enemies in its path
-A very high damage and powerful ult. Deadly in conjunction with E
-Instantanous and long ranged-great for sniping targets down
-Hard to land without CC due to delay

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard start
    Ballsy start vs easy matchups. Good if your jungler plans to camp mid
    Essential early item on Lux
    Almost always your first major item
    I only do this against Fizz or Zed, since they can safely towerdive and 100-0.
    Rush this item after morellos and sorc boots
    An ideal iten set to have in your inventory by around 20 mins.

Core Items

    These 4 items should almost always be in your inventory
    Ideally you want one of these 4 defensive items.
    Start with sorcs. Switch to Ionian later on if you want CDR
    My current build. Designed to maximize damage and penetration at the cost of risk with mejais and forces very safe play
    Get this after morellos if you're slightly behind, need a small power spike in the next crucial teamfights or if you're against a siege comp
    Get this after Morellos if you are ahead and/or you have good dark seal/mejai stacks and are in no danger of heavy dive

Situational Items

    Vs high HP. At very late stages of the game I would sell ludens (or mejai if its not doing well) against tanks
    Vs team with low dive or have a peel comp
    If you need hp and its too late for a RoA. Slow works decently well with E and ludens
    If your team lacks sustain. It can let you heal your entire team
    Against someone with high MS
    This is the build used by LuxSaysUMadGrin. To paraphrase him, "This build maximizes damage over the course of the game" Same as my build(which was inspired from him), except the frost queens. I will discuss the difference in builds later

Fairly standard items, though some I should go over

Against  AP assassins I find 3027.png to be quite effective as a first. It provides you with sustain and durability, and makes you quite hard to kill. It's eventual buildup towards 100 AP makes it a great offensive item too. However, its pretty cheesy and eventually its power becomes overshadowed by other better items. I don't really do this in ranked since my positioning is generally good enough, but it can be great in lower ratings.

3003.png. In a really passive farm lane this could be effective. It offers similar AP when fully stacked and with mana gained from 3165.png compared to 3041.png but risk free. However, it comes at a cost of taking a very long time to stack (considering lux isnt a spell spammer) and being very costly. Good item if you plan on playing for late game, but will cripple your mid game

3285.png vs 3041.png. Ludens does more damage in a burst combo, but without charges mejais is more effective overall. Also mejai's is more cost effective though riskier. I recommend mejais but if you're not doing well switch to a ludens for the more guaranteed damage.

Why 3151.png? This item helps amplify Lux's damage. Given her long range, she can usually safely itemize full AP, and penetration stats are very good for her. This is no exception. She can shred high MR targets, turning 150MR into 67.5 MR. 

3092.png yes or no? This item is indeed very helpful-The slow helps avoid ganks, land skillshots and gank, gold generation allows for quicker items. However,  this item only offers 50 AP and 10% Cdr as combat stats, making it somewhat weak. Personally, I prefer 3165.png since it has higher AP, CDR and healing reduction. However, 3092.png can be good in coordinated play, where theres a lot more communication and roaming.

Experimental: I'm currently experimenting with a heavy AP build. It involves getting 3070.png and then rushing 3003.png while having a 3802.png for mana sustain. Usually its not a great item on Lux since she stacks much more slowly than someone like Ryze or Cassiopeia. However, if 3003.png is rushed as first item, her stacking time isnt bad. Plus, the mana refund works really great since Lux's abilities are all quite high in mana cost. I can usually hit around 300 AP by 20 mins with this build, and 600+ AP with 3040.png3089.png3165.png by around 35-40 mins. 
Thoughts so far on this: This is very risky to build, since it almost nullifies Lux's early-mid presence in favour of a stronger mid-late game. Even though she's a late game champion, she's still largely reliant on mid game snowballing to reach that late game strength. Its still viable, but youre not gonna be doing much damage until you get your second item.

Patch 7.7 update:
I've noticed in my ranked games and LCS certain mages like Orianna begin to rush liandry's as their second item. I've tried this on Lux for my past 10-15ish ranked games with her, and I can say that it can work. The difference is to get the haunting guise-large rod combo after morellos instead of the full liandrys. Combined with sorc boots thats a lot of penetration, and I've found it to be greatly effective in mid game teamfights. It gives Lux a higher chance of killing squishies, and getting that ultimate reduced CD

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Anivia
  • Annie
  • Aurelion Sol
  • Azir
  • Brand
  • Cassiopeia
  • Corki
  • Diana
  • Ekko
  • Fizz
  • Galio
  • Gangplank
  • Gragas
  • Heimerdinger
  • Jayce
  • Karma
  • Karthus
  • Kassadin
  • Katarina
  • Kayle
  • LeBlanc
  • Lissandra
  • Malzahar
  • Orianna
  • Ryze
  • Swain
  • Syndra
  • Taliyah
  • Talon
  • Twisted Fate
  • Varus
  • Veigar
  • Vel'Koz
  • Viktor
  • Vladimir
  • Xerath
  • Yasuo
  • Zed
  • Ziggs
  • Zilean




Ahri has a lot of mobility to dodge Lux's skillshots, but Lux's range means Ahri must use one of the dashes to gapclose, which Lux can take advantage of. Lux should focus on poking Ahri down and dodging Ahri's poke in lane. In teamfights Lux should just focus on not getting caught out. Lux has more burst but Ahri is very mobile. Play aggressive early on if you can dodge Ahri's stuff but play safe once level 6 comes along. People like to call this a hard matchup, but a good Lux can definitely outplay Ahri




This matchup is very easy pre 6, but very difficult post 6. Before 6 Lux should try to harass Akali down as much as possible, because post 6 Lux is gonna get shit on. Even if Lux lands her binding, Akali has 3 dashes and can easily catch up. Play hyper aggressive early on and play passive after 6 for the rest of the game.




Both mages have slow skillshots and high burst, but Anivia's DPS and catch potential with her ult, as well as her egg, are more useful in lane than Lux's range and higher burst damage. Anivia's Q is easy to dodge, so try to poke her down with E. After level 6 just play safer and let Anivia shove the wave in. In teamfights Lux will usually be out of range of Anivia and should just look for picks.




This is a little bit on the easier side. Annie lacks range, and Lux can poke her down easily early on. However, aggressive Annie players can simply walk past Lux E, dodge Lux Q and fight her. But this is when you call your jungler. Anyways play a little safe until level 3 and start poking then. When she's 6 make sure you have cleanse up and poke only with E (Don't try to proc the auto unless Annie doesn't have stun charges). Later on never get into auto range of her


Aurelion Sol


Its a similar matchup to Azir in lane. Asol can push relentlessly, and he matches Lux's laning trading range with his W. Asol also roams much harder than Lux, scales harder and does more DPS. He is easier to deal with later on, but in lane he is a pain in the butt. Ask for jungler to gank and I don't recommend trying to poke him too hard




In lane Azir pretty much matches Lux's range, but has a lot of DPS. THis is a pretty hellish lane since Azir will usually outharass Lux in trades, and once Azir gets some items he can pretty much wreck her. Focus on farming this lane, poking with E if possible. Stay away from the soldiers, and always try to look for bindings for kills. Lux outranges Azir outside laning phase, but to kill azir you gotta take advantage of that range advantage inside lane.




Lux outranges Brand, but Brand will kill Lux if he lands a stun. Outside of lane its fine but within lane Lux should play carefully. Harass brand with E and dodge the W. I recommend cleanse this lane since one stun and she's dead. look for opportunites to land bindings.



Cass is similar to Annie-She lacks range and is easy to poke down. However, Cass lacks any form of hard CC pre 6, making it very hard for her to properly engage onto Lux. Also, Cass's W grounded thing does little for Lux since she already has no mobility outside of flash. As Lux just poke Cass down with E and autoattacks. and block poison ticks with W. Stay a bit further post 6 and look for kill opportunities. If Cass is running towards you do not use Q unless youre certain you'll land-if you miss you're dead.

Note: In higher elos I would classify this as a medium matchup. Cass has huge all-in potential as she can simply flash Lux's Q. Movement speed from her Q and ghost also help her dodge skillshots.




This is one annyoing fker. His high DPS and ability damage are annoying to deal with. Farm passively early on, getting E pokes in whenever you can. You should focus yourself on teamfighting, as you offer more utility than Corki. Don't try to 1v1 him-he'll likely have cleanse and even if you land a bindings its meaningless




Similar idea with Akali, except harder to harass pre 6 and a bit easier to deal with post 6. Diana's main issue is her high durability. Poke as much as you can pre 6 and just dodge her Q and stay away post 6




He's a powerful but very predictable assassin mid lane. Poke him around a bit levels 1-3 but after try to just push and farm. Run if you see him use his E, and make sure to dodge his Q and be wary of his stun. Don't think about ulting him without a binding since his ult, if hes not CCed, negates all of Lux's burst




This fish is easy to deal with early on. Just poke the hell out of him whenever he tries to farm since he has no ranged abilities. Generally he becomes hard to deal with post-6 but heres how you do it. You take exhaust as your summoner spell. The spell really hard for Fizz to all in, and Lux can bully up to level 10-11. If Fizz gets problematic get a zhonyas. Coordinate with your team to lock down Fizz in skirmishes and teamfights, but do not get caught out alone by him out of lane- you will lose

Rework update: Fizz is much harder to deal with now. Now that his W is burst damage rather than sustained Fizz's trading potential early on skyrockets. Instead of playing passive post 6, now you have to play passive post 3/4 unless he uses one of his abilities. Plus, the fact that his shark grows in size means it is much harder to dodge and without Zhonyas Lux will get towerdove. Poke relentlessly level 1/2 but after 3 play really passive and rush that zhonyas ASAP




Anti-AP tank with CC and burst damage. Nuff said. Poke him a bit early on but after level 5-6 Just farm. You won't kill him and you will have to rely on teamfights..

Update: Don't see him much mid anymore but strat is the same. Except you gotta play a lot more careful since now he has a gapcloser




This is a skill matchup. GP is really easy to poke since he builds squishy and is melee but his oranges counters Lux Q and his barrels poke harder than Lux. Abuse your ranged advantage early on but keep an eye on the barrels. Usually Lux can just pop them but highly skilled GP players react very quickly. Poke him with E and avoid his barrels. When he uses oranges to heal look for opportunities to land Q.




Grag mid is hell for Lux. His tankiness and sustain allow him to effortlessly tank though Lux's poke while pushing much more effectively than her. His post-6 engage also screws her really hard since it displaces her from a safe spot, making her really killable. Play really safe and poke when you can. Do not get anywhere close to him post 6




Early game may be a bit annoying since turrets can be overwhelming. Just play passive early on and farm. Once you hit 5/6 your E can begin to easily clear our turrets. Clear turrets, push the wave, and one Q means heimer dies. Remember to ward though since Heimer can set up ganks quite easily




Both are poke champions, but Lux has more poke while Jayce has more all-in. Keep the wave near the middle and try not to get pushed in. Save your binding for when Jayce tries to go in, and just harass/farm with E. He will become a problem later on since his movement speed lets him dodge with ease, but your range allows you to just play safe




This is veering towards hard. Karma's movement speed and shields allow her to easily outplay a Lux. As Lux just try to farm and poke early on. Save your Q for when Karma engages, and never stay close enough for her W to proc. It's unlikely you'll kill her without a jungler, and you really just have to ouplay her in teamfights




You outrange Karthus by so much. Just push push push and poke as much as possible. I recommend heal so you can better dodge Karthus Qs in a clutch situation. However, be wary of Karthus going aggressive-if you get caught in his W and exhaust slow you are basically dead. But you have enough range to simply stay safe




A hard matchup for inexperienced Lux players, but once youre better at her its a medium-hard matchup. Kass is quite pokeable early on. Though he can shield, so can you and you have range advantage. The trouble comes once Kass hits 6. Once Kass hits 6, do not waste your Q, as that is kassadin's only deterrant from killing you. In lane you can usually just stay safe in the back and farm. Only issue is kassadin outroaming you.



Kat's easy to deal with in lane. Just poke with E-autos, and bind if she shunpos on do you for damage. Post-6 exhaust will prevent her all ins. However, she is very mobile and thus landing skillshots on her from a distance is virtually impossible. Similar to other assasinss as well, if Kat catches Lux alone outside the lane, lux is dead. 

Rework Update: Kat is much harder to deal with now. Her E cooldown can no longer be abused since its CD is so short now. Lucent Singularities will land significantly less after level 5/6. Exhaust is also less effective since daggers now give kat strong chasing potential. Avoid daggers at all cost and play as safe as possible. Probably second hardest counter after Yasuo




A somewhat tough lane lane. You have to play passively this lane. You can do some poking level 1-3 on kayle but after that Kayle will relentlessly shove and you gotta farm under tower. Once she hits 6 there is no chance ytou can kill her. Just farm farm farm and be useful in teamfights. However once you hit around level 8-9 you can poke her with E and farm effectively. Kayle has no gapclosers and she will essentially always be out of range out of laning phase. In higher elo I would classify this as an easy matchup, since Kayle lacks gapclosers and even though Lux can't full combo her she can still get poked hard



Both champions have insanely high burst, but Leblanc has mobility, while Lux has range. Early on play somewhat safe and only harass Leblanc if you know her W is down. post 6 just play a bit safe and wait for lb to make a mistake. Sometimes its smart to aim your binding where lb will return to after she uses W.

Rework Update: Leblanc's burst is much higher now at early levels and is much harder to deal with. Dealing with her is similar to before but is much more dangerous now. If she lands a chain on you early game you're pretty much dead.




A meh matchup at best. Just poke her and push in the wave early on. If you have cleanse you should be fine post 6 too. Just remember to dodge her Qs and if you see her use E aggressively run and be prepared to cleanse




Even though Lux outranges Malz, the amount of pressure Malz offers in lane is far greater, His voidling and E push is much stronger than Lux's E push, and his passive basically blocks poke and CC once in a while, which is really effective. Farm and try to harass him as much as possible early on. Later on Lux's range advantage will shine, but in lane he is a force to be reckoned with. Get a jungler to gank if he pushes too aggresively

W nerf update: Similar mechanics as before but Malz is easier to deal with since his push is weaker




If Orianna knows what she's doing this is a tough lane. Early on you can poke pretty well since Lux's E simply takes less effort than Ori's Q-W. However, post 6, ori has a lot of all in potential. She can dodge with ease thanks to her W, and her ult can displace Lux into really bad spots. Post 6 you should just play safe, avoid the ball, and look to burst her down in one combo




Ryze's relatively short range makes him easy to poke early on, but once he gets some levels and items, if he catches Lux, she is dead. Poke him hard early on, and later on landing your Q is essential. If you miss you die

Rework update: Ryze is quite the pain in the ass now. He's a similar threat to before but now he has insanely fast movement speed. His RoA and Seraphs build means you likely wont one shot him, but same thing still applies-keep your distance and poke. Its just harder now




Early on Swain can match Lux's trading potential, so you have to use your range advantage to poke him down. After level 6 however, Swain is pretty much impossible to 1v1. He is very manageable as his range is short, but get caught in a W and without summoner spells you're dead. 




A skill matchup. Both champs have a lot of burst, but Syndra has more burst while Lux has longer range. Play safe early on and try to land E and avoid dark spheres. After level 6 make sure you have barrier up before fighting. After landing a Q if you're too close either flash/run away before using your combo/




Probably the easiest of the "hard" matchups. Taliyah's main advantage over Lux is the fact that she can engage on her very easily and fling her into a bad spot. Do not enter autoattack range of Taliyah unless you are absolutely certain you can dodge the W. Play around your abilities only and try to keep the wave shoved. It should get a bit easier post 6 since you get access to a massive damage ult while Taliyah gets a roaming tool. Look for kill opportunities post 6




Was once the best lux counter in the game. Now he does decently against her but still has potential to counter her hard. Unlike Zed, who can poke her down easily and make plays onto her, Talon relies more on Lux making mistakes. Early game Talon is very easy to poke down though he has potential level 4 to go all in. After level 6 Lux should just farm safely under tower. Whenever talon jumps in just Q him.

Rework update: Much more deadly now. His wall jumping makes it really risky to even move out of lane. He still needs Lux to make mistakes to abuse her, but now its much more difficult to avoid mistakes against Talon.


Twisted Fate


Lux flat out outdamages TF in this case. However. TF has really good setup for ganks with a gold card, and if he gets ahead he can opt for a tanky build which screws Lux over. Prevent TF from pushing using your E and poke/trade him hard. Always remember to step away when he uses his W. Ping like crazy when he goes MIA, and just push relentlessly




He is essentially an AD version of Xerath. He outranges Lux by a lot and can land poke much more reliably. He can outtrade Lux almost every time with his E Q and autos, and his ult sets up ganks really easily. Try to poke him a bit early on behind minions but later after level 6 play passive and wait for your jungler. Though he outranges Lux in lane, his effective range is still his autoattack range while Lux's effective range is her spell range




Probably eh only champion in the game with slower abilities than Lux. Just harass the crap outta him while he tries to farm and build AP stacks early on. You will outrange him always and his low mobility makes him easy to hit with bindings. Just be wary of his stun. Even if he gets a crazy amount of AP he will always be killable for Lux




This is a definitive skill matchup. Both champions have similar range, but Velkoz has more damage but longer burst while Lux has one shot capabiltiies. In lane your E is easier to land than Velkoz Q and W, so try to outpoke him early on. Post 6 make sure to avoid his E for it basically means instant death. If you do end up getting caught Vel is immobile in ult form so combo him and hope you can kill him before he kills you. 




Even though generally Lux outranges Viktor, Viktor's abilities can extend into Lux in a 1v1. He can also match her poke with his E but does more damage. If Lux tries to go for a kill with a binding, Viktor can just pop his W right where Lux is ulting, pop his E and R, and kill her very quickly. There is little you can do but farm and poke. If you land a binding be very careful for counterattack. However, the fact that Lux does outrange Vik means she can poke and push quite safely. 




An annoying matchup. Vlad will sustain through almost all poke and his W is a basic fk you to Lux combo. However his range is pretty bad. Just farm the lane and wait for teamfights. 

Update: New vlad now has a slow on his E, and his increased movement speed in his q means he can essentially towerdive lux and 100-0 her. Hes a bit weaker and easier to harass early on, but is much stronger later




The only time Lux cannot use range to her advantage. Xerath outranges Lux on almost anything and has faster abilities. Lux's only advantage is faster burst. I recommend rushing boots and play cautiously. Make each trade as short as possible. Just farm passively and look for kills with bindings.  




Probably the absolute hardest counter to Lux. Everything about Yasuo is anti-Lux. His shield mitigates poke from abilities, E allows him to dodge and engage onto Lux with ease, and his W blocks 3 of Lux's 4 abilities. If she tries to pop his shield he can just E through minions onto her and chunk her. There is nothing you can do but farm and learn to last hit under tower. It would be hard even for a jungler to gank since one wind wall pretty much makes it a 1v1 with yas vs jungler.  Play safe, farm. After around level 9 you'll have enough damage to being looking for kills on him, though vs a smart yasuo you have no chance of killing him. In teamfights you will have to rely on your team to kite back from his windwall and fight in the open. This is probably the only matchup you may want to take ghost over a defensive SS since you'll need the MS to run away and kite reposition yourself




A dangerous matchup for Lux, but manageable and probably the hardest of the medium matchups. It's like the fizz matchup, except less predictable and harder to poke early on, but easier to outplay. Play aggressively level 1/2 and poke him out. Once level 3 you should look to play a bit safer since he can retaliate effectively. But still try to keep up the poke and shield counter harass. Post 6 play safe like a bitch since Zed will and can kill you the moment you step out of position. Rush seekers ASAP and depending on how strong zed is get a morellonomicon and then finish zhonyas (or zhonyas first if hes strong). Remember to save your snare unless you are 100% certain you can catch him. If Zed goes for armor pen he will have kill threat but you can also kill him. If Zed goes for Maw he won't have kill threat if you have seekers+defensive sum but you cant kill him either.




Both champions have similar range and burst damage, but Ziggs has mobility and enemy displacement while Lux has an AOE shield. This is a skill matchup. You have to dodge his Q and avoid walking through his E. Your E should be easier to land than his Q, so keep up the poke. 




Not much to say for the early game, but come level 6 and he becomes nearly impossible to deal with. He still has strong zoning potential with his bombs, but at level 6 if Lux snares him and tries to ult, Zil can just ult himself to prevent death and then double bomb lux for massive damage. Zil is just unkillable and will push in relentlessly. He is also very hard to hit since he has so much speed. Poke early, farm after 6

Some things about this guide (Update 6.20) and note about matchups Back to Top

Since I made this guide a few months back, I've made some tweaks to it. A few weeks back I chatted with LuxSaysUMadGrin/Ajimu, the best lux player NA and probably one of the best in the world, about his playstyle on Lux.  I've since incorporated parts of his playstyle into my own and found them to be reasonably effective. I would like to credit LuxSaysUMadGrin as some stuff he showed me and we discussed appears in this guide.

About the matchups:
You will notice that with Lux there are a lot of tough matchups. Also, some of the medium matchups (In particular Anivia, Orianna, Syndra, Velcoz, Ziggs) I've thought about classifying as hard, but with enough knowledge and mechanics can be dealt with at a medium level.
Anyways, Lux is different in many regards to other mages as she is characterized by hard to hit abilities and high cooldowns. Her defining feature is ranged multi-target burst, which is quite a weak mechanic in lane since shes facing one target, minions will be blocking her Q, her full damage only comes post 6, and she is simply outdamaged. She can be easily abused by most mages-her range advantage does not shine through until mid game unless she has a really good advantage. Her long cooldowns means once her abilities are used she is very easy to kill, meaning she cannot as effectively waveclear as other mages in risky situations.
The matchup difficulties are characterized by how difficult I find those matchups. It may be different but should be similar enough to counterpick websites to suit most players, from Bronze to Diamond, from learning Lux to mastering Lux. 

Clips-Here I will be posting some clips of my games, as an example of how to fight certain tough matchups. May take some time to get footage but ill post when i get it.

Snare behind you when Zed ults since thats where he appears, put your E around you and kite around it. Finally if you have barrier use it to block his ult damage (Not his shuriken or autos since he can just wait out the barrier). If you have exhaust use it 1 second into his ult.

Pros/Cons Back to Top


-High control and siege potential
-Very strong poke
-One of the highest damage AOE ults in the game
-Long range
-Good team support capabilities
-Strong kiting through jungle and chokepoints
-Combos can devastate enemy teams
-100-0 burst from far far away
-Strong scaling into late game
-Laser's CD reduction turned her late game into an absolute monster

-High cooldowns and mana costs
-Easy to dodge skillshots
-Weak vs aggression in lane
-Weak lane presence
-Lacks self peel
-Doesn't do a lot of damage vs bruisers
-Everything's a skillshot
-Highly predictable combo-Easy to counter with zhonyas, shields, heals, invulnerabilities
-Easy to shut down
-Assassin reworks make her life miserable

Early game Back to Top

Invading-Lux is quite a strong invader since her Q can snare two targets for 2 seconds. In conjunction with a morgana/blitz/thresh support and thats a lot of CC

Laning- level 1 Lux has a lot of damage potential. The E-autoattack combo can do around 150 damage including passive and thunderlords proc. Try to pull it off on the enemy champion for some lane pressure

Level 2-3. With your Q and another rank in E you should still focus on keep pressure up. Try to poke a lot and shove in if you can. Ward around this time so you dont get ganked

Level 4-5: This is when certain counterpicks or hard matchups usually begin to shine through and you should begin playing passively. Your primary objective here is to poke with E and farm safely. However it maybe get a bit dangerous now to try to proc your passive.

Level 6-your ult grants you a big power spike. Poke your enemy laner down with E and look for opportunities to land bindings. A bound enemy will die to the E, passive ult thunderlords combo from around 500 hp

Note: Lux inherently is not a strong laner and can be pushed in/bullied by many mid laners. Picking Lux means you are not counting on winning lane-you must rely on roaming and mid game teamights to get kills and get strong, as well as early ganks from your jungler. Never ever play too aggressively since shes one of the easiest mages to dive/gank when pushed up.

Mid game Back to Top

At this point you should begin to assert your range over the enemy. Do not overextend, stay safe or with your team. Do not splitpush unless you are certain they cannot catch you out, for a Lux out of position is basically a free kill (unless you are highly skilled where you can try to outplay. I do not recommend this). Keep your lanes pushed and group with your team for objectives and picks. Lux is really strong at zoning and can lock down choke points easily. Use this to your advantage when taking dragons and towers. 

Late game Back to Top

Always stay grouped with your team now. Everybody will be grouped and the only ones wandering off should have tp and be exceptional duelists. When playing on the offensive use your E to poke as much as you can (at this stage one E with ludens can generally take away 30-40% of an adc's health) and shield as well. When playing defensive use your E to waveclear and save your Q for enemy engages. Never ult unless they are CCed for it is very easy to dodge. You should try to look to pick off the enemy squishies and you should avoid blowing abilities on tanks untill the squishies are dead. However, remember to prioritize your own safty over getting kills.

Now that Lux's ult got buffed, her late game is much deadlier. If shes at a disadvantage it doesnt do much, but at an advantage, one pick and Lux can win the game outright. This buff greatly helps offset her long CDs on other abilities. Imagine Syndra being able to oneshot every 20 seconds

Teamfight positioning Back to Top

In teamfights you should always be standing at the very back. Do not go into the fray or try any flashy plays-they'll most likely fail. Always pay attention to your surroundings and watch for flankers and divers. Your team should be peeling as well so as long as you're cautious you should be able to deal with dives.

1) When its just a big brawl, I stand behind the tanks and usually near the support
2) At baron or dragon I'm either over the wall or far out of the pit
3) When defending a tower I'm behind it
4) In extended brawls I stay back and wait for opportunities to land Q. Ghost helps a lot in this case

Tips and Tricks Back to Top

-Do not rush to use your binding. You should only use it when you're likely to hit the opponent, since its a powerful abilitiy and sets you up for your 100-0 burst.

Below is a good demonstration of this.
We were somewhat losing that teamfight, but me being patient and waiting for that opportunity to use my abilities paid off and won us that fight

-VS low health enemies you can use E to force them to move in one direction and then ult/Q in that other direction. You can usually force flashes or zhonyas like that
- the W shield can mask the Q projectile for a bit. (Basically press W and Q right after). This isn't that effective in lane but in a teamfight this can be really useful
-When you land a binding don't combo unless you're certain you're safe (You are immobile during ult). If you're not in a safe spot you can E, flash to a safe spot, R

Below is a really good demonstration of this which I captured on
I knew I could snare Hecarim and could burst him but Darius and Sona were nearby, so I flashed first before comboing.

- Before backing, one good waveclear method is to use E on the melee minions as they come into lane and then ulting the entire wave before they break line formation. This will usually kill all 6 minions. If a cannon is there, one autoattack and Q should finish it off
-Enemy TPs are a perfect time to land bindings
- Use your Q to try to predict enemy movements. If they are running towards someplace aim it there. A lot of the time they won't expect it, especially from the fog of war
-Comboing from the fog of war is really effective since Q is harder to dodge
-When pursued by enemies, throw a Q that leads the enemy squishy's movement. Sometimes they won't expect it and get caught. It can be a great setup for your team and your combo, a perfect retreat, or an opportunity to trade 1 for 1 if you know you won't be able to escape

Some General Knowledge Back to Top

1) At level 1, luxlightstrikekugel.png and autoattack with luxpassive.png and thunderlods deals approximately 25% of the enemy's max hp in damage

2) With around 60-70 AP, rank 3 luxlightstrikekugel.png and one auto will kill the ranged minions once you're level 5-6
3) Level 11 99.png with 3165.png and 3020.png and 1056.png can generally one shot an enemy mage with her luxlightbinding.png -> luxlightstrikekugel.png -> luxmalicecannon.png (with thunderlords proc). Doesn't apply if the enemy has a 3001.png3027.png , 3156.pngor something like that
4) luxlightstrikekugel.png with 3285.png does pretty insane damage. Level 13-14 99.png with 3020.png3165.png3285.png can do around 30-35% of the enemy adc's hp with one luxlightstrikekugel.png
5) Level 3 luxlightstrikekugel.png can clear the mini chickens from the enemy jungle camp

When and when not to pick Lux Back to Top

Good with:

Top lane:57.png14.png27.png98.png126.png

Bad against
Top lane:54.png245.png39.png111.png
Support: 432.png223.png16.png*117.png43.png

Good against:
Top lane:13.png50.png122.png17.png

*Lux's potential to 1-shot soraka from long range makes her a somewhat decent counter to soraka, but soraka will nullify any of Lux's chances to one shot another target. Lux is good vs soraka if your team has strong front line and CC, and bad vs soraka if your team lacks that

In general
Lux is good in a team with at least 2 front liners and a long ranged marksman and peel support. Diving into her is very hard when she has the full protection of the team, and is even harder when the ad carry is hitting the diver.

Good with: Poke/Siege comps, Pick comps, Peel comps
Lux obvious fits the bill in a poke/siege team composition since shes all about poking and zone control. Combined with another teammates CC, her light binding is also great in pick comps since landing her Q allows her to fully burst an enemy down. Her utility with her snare slow and shield also makes her a decent peeler for peel comps

Bad with: Splitpush comp, Engage comp
Lux excels at staying with her team, but when the team splits up to splitpush, she can be quite vulnerable alone. She doesnt have the global pressure nor mobility to help her team splitpush, and all she can do is waveclear. In terms of engage comps, her lack of dive-in potential means after her team dives in she will be completely vulnerable in the back. 
Lux isn't exactly bad in these comps, its just she isnt a good pick. 

Good against: Poke/Siege comps, Splitpush comp, Peel comp
Her ability to waveclear can really mess up a poke/siege comp's sieging potential. She can stand far enough back to avoid poke and still waveclear or even damage the siegers. Similarly, her waveclear also allows her to do decently vs splitpush comps. While her team deals with splitpushers, she can waveclear very easily and prevent the 3/4 remaining enemies to siege one lane. Finally, Lux does very well against a peel comp. Usually peel comps have no engage, so this makes Lux perfectly safe to launch relentless poke from a distance, which also makes the enemy's CC peel quite useless.

Bad against: Engage comp, Pick comp
As a squishy mage with no escape, Lux is quite vulnerable to comps that can go in and kill her very quickly, which are engage and pick comps

Good times to ult snipe Back to Top

Note: Always try to aim your laser in the enemy's direction of motion, never perpendicular unless your team is chasing and you want them to move back. Also always fire your laser from the fog of war or when the enemy least suspects

1) When the enemy stands still and last hit. Fire your laser right as they stop moving
2) When the enemy is running in between turret and wall.
3) When the enemy is running along a wall. Offset your laser slightly away from the wall so the only way the enemy could dodge is to use a gapclose ability or flash
4) When you know where the enemy is backing. This requires some prediction and I usually don't do it since Lux's entire combo is centered around her ult, whereas mages like Xerath and Ziggs just have poke abilities and dont have as much synergy in between abilities and ults as Lux does, or adcs like Ezreal Draven who rely on autoattacks

A final note is that when ult sniping you usually want to wait a bit to lull down suspicion before firing your laser. The enemy might get lazy and just walk in a straight line, providing you with a perfect opportunity. For instance imagine you hit your E on the enemy mid laner and they're down to around 300 hp. Wait a few seconds before firing your laser while farming like normal. That sudden R can sometimes catch the enemy off guard, who will likely spend the first few seconds dodging left and right.

About me (The Lord Mayor) Back to Top

  I'm a veteran player (started in season 1 and started ranked in season 2). I mostly played top lane but picked up Lux around season 4 as my go to mid laner. Come 2 seasons later and she's one of my favourite champions. I have more mastery points on Lux than I do on Jax, who's been my main since season 2. I'm usually in the top 10 Lux players for NA on (Back in S6. Right now gotta climb to D2 before being listed), and within top 100-200 in the world on lolskill.

  I'm also an experienced Jax player, having played him since season 2 as my main. I may make a Jax guide some time soon, but I'm pretty sure there are much better ones out there

Feel free to add me and message me in league if you have any questions.

#7 in the world #1 NA on lolskill as of Jan 4 2017.

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