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Summoner Spells Back to Top


Welcome to Manphite 101.

Are you the type of Malphite to take Aftershock Aftershock.png?width=32, start Corrupting Pot 2033.png, and max Q seismicshard.png?

Are you the laughing stock of your entire gym, and don't really know why?

Well you came to the right place, my son (and/or daughter, manliness does not discriminate). We'll make you a real Malphite player out of you yet.

4.png Flash

Take it every time, no exceptions. Not only is it the manliest spell in-game, but it can also help you escape certain death, and a well-timed 4.png-> ufslash.png will catch even the most wary teams off-guard with your sheer bravado.

12.png Teleport

Another no-brainer, teleport is used to make your manly presence known to the lesser beings. Use this to gank your wimpy other lanes, offering your shoulders to carry them like Atlas as you destroy their lane opponent in a flurry of testosterone.

However, since it takes ages to cast (approximately the length of time of a shave), it is sometimes a better idea to walk to where you want to gank, then teleport back into lane.

Listen, just by wanting to play Manphite, you're a smart guy. You know how to teleport.

14.png Ignite

If you are feeling exceptionally manly and want to spend your time bashing your loser lane opponent's head in you can use ignite, but teleport gives far too much map pressure to pass up. Map pressure = manliness.

Although, since the harsh nerfs to Teleport, Ignite actually becomes a more viable option. I'd still only take it in normals though and only when I've downed several cups of coffee.

New Runes Back to Top

With Malphite, there are two important aspects.

1) Become completely unkillable.
2) Smash.

The runes I have recommended will help you to do exactly that.


Was there really any other option for a primary tree? Forget working hard and playing hard, this is all about living hard. And believe me, I do.

Grasp%20of%20the%20Undying.png?width=64Keystone: Grasp of the Undying.
Same justification for taking grasp as before. If you take the CC rune, Aftershock Aftershock.png?width=32, you're without a keystone for significant portions of the game, as the only way to activate it is on a cooldown that is weightier than my average bench press. Taking grasp will increase your damage, give you lane sustain, as well as some nice health bonuses which also affects your passive malphitepassive.png. It's a no-brainer, gents.

Bone%20Plating.png?width=32 Bone Plating.

This is THE tank rune. What can I say, it reduces damage from a target and is especially useful since Malphite doesn't have any clear strong trading tools in lane. Scrap away.

Conditioning Conditioning.png?width=32

Percentage bonus in resistances. Yeah I'll take it, thanks. I feel this is more valuable than the healing from Second Wind Second%20Wind.png?width=32, because not only does Malphite gain tankiness from the Armor, but it also boosts his own damage.

Perseverance.png?width=32 Unflinching.

Well it's in this tree now, but the things I said before still apply. Tenacity and Slow Resist are extremely helpful on the rock, and they might just be able to help you escape without having to burn ult, or continue engaging after a Flash 4.png + R ufslash.png. Also now it barely has any competition in the rune tier.


It was pretty difficult to decide on what secondary to take, as all of them are viable in some way. However, I decided to roll with the magicians, and you're about to see why, my manprentice.

8210.png?width=32 Transcendence

Just as you too will ascend when you become the man you were destined to be, Malphite will too. Cooldown reduction is almost as valuable as our protein shakes, because if you're not smashing, what the hell are you doing? Just walking around basic attacking?

Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32 Manaflow Band.

It's not secret that Riot Games have tried to curb the manliest of champions with absurdly high mana costs. Laugh in their faces by taking this ball of fun. Guaranteed to pop off our Q seismicshard.png, which is very handy.


Rune page 2 is the really boring comet Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32 page which I refuse to respect, but still thought I should mention. If you're in the unfortunate situation of being up against some funsucker (e.g. Rumble 68.png), or someone you will never be able to attack in lane (e.g. any ranged champion), then I will allow you to take this page and max Q or whatever.

Just don't let me see you doing it.

Abilities Back to Top

Firstly, a message to all you Q maxers out there.

Listen here, son.

You pick Malphite to destroy your opponent by crushing their attack speed into oblivion, not to stand there spamming Q until you run out of mana.

This is not manly. This is an insult to manliness.

No I don't care that it synergises with arcane comet. Stop it.


Excuse me.

The above is a general go-to. However the manliest thing to do is to level based on your opponents, a short guide to which is below. There isn't really much to say, but here it is.

Level 1

If you a versus a super tryhard laner (that even the most wimpy of losers can do well with harhar) like Riven 92_64.png or an AP champion 8_64.png  top lane, it's usually best to start Q seismicshard.png to last hit without taking unnecessary harass (or to run away, but don't tell anyone) as farm is very important to scale into the man you will become. With manaflow band Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32 in the game, this doesn't become so harmful to your mana.

Versus an AP

Put a couple more points into Q seismicshard.png versus an AP champion that you are being harassed by, so you can not lose creeps, as losing creeps is incredibly unmanly and your team will judge you on that. Not too many though, as you'll still need your E landslide.png when ganking other lanes. 12.png

Surely you should max Q sometimes?

Against certain team comps that have a lot of speedups that don't rely on attack speed (e.g. when facing Jayce 126.png or Karma 43.png) it may actually be more beneficial to max Q first. Although you will lack the E waveclear in a pinch, the stolen movespeed will let you and your team get a lot closer and run your enemies down.

In addition, max Q in very difficult lanes that don't rely on them having a lot of attack speed. (e.g. Pantheon 80.png, Jayce also fits here)

Basically, what I'm saying is max Q vs Jayce. The slightly lower testosterone levels make it worth it.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Best start against anyone who will try and harass you a lot early. (e.g. almost everyone)
    If you're facing a bully that relies on abilities. (e.g. Riven, Renekton, Pantheon). DEFINITELY take this if they are running ignite and looking to cheese you
    Good start for a safe lane, or when you don't know what else to pick

Core Items

    Early game, you should be buying some of these items, depending on the matchup. E.g. against hard AP lane get Spectre's. Doran's ring adds some very beneficial mana sustain in lane, but sell it later on. In a boring farmfest you could even get cull or dark seal
    Your big daddy main items. You'll want to head for these in the majority of games. The exception being if your enemy has very heavy AP, and even then you'll want to build sunfire anyway
    If you're facing a comp heavily reliant on attack speed, buy this over Iceborn Gauntlet. The chase potential you lose by not getting Gauntlet is irrelevant, because attack speed users will have to come to you to autoattack anyway
    Other armor options. If the enemy is packing a lot of crit (e.g. Yasuo, Trynd, fed adc), then you'll definitely want to go randuins. If not, then Deadman's or Thornmail (lots of healing) is a pretty good way to go
    Boot choices. Ninja tabi is a go-to, but if the enemy barely relies on autoattacks then Merc treads for optimal sticking power.
    MR items. Adaptive helm is normally the best choice as you don't have any healing in your kit. Rarely a good idea to build both of these, get something utility like Mask or Locket
    A solid investment. Build this if your team has some other magic damage, and you are versus a fair amount of it
    A decent item for later on (4th or 5th item) if you're being oneshot in teamfights despite your resistances

Situational Items

    If you find your team has a tough time pushing (e.g. against a waveclear mage like Lux, Xerath), then you can build one of these to help
    Lategame, if your enemies have a very even mix of damage and a ton of penetration, straight up building health is the way to go
    If you are facing a load of AoE damage and your team can't survive, this should give them the edge

What's all this wall of text? Why don't you tell me what to build, you mug?


This is a hard section to make manly so I'll just say FISHING and call it a day.

You'll notice I use a words like "probably", "usually", and "often" quite a lot there. The reason for that is what you hear people say when you ask them how to get better at League:

Adapting builds. There is no one concrete way of building a character, and Malphite is no exception. Especially because he has so much utility and scales so well with different tank items.

I know this may seem like a daunting prospect, especially to a newer player, but eventually with enough game knowledge and experience you won't even bat an eyelid before buying that Locket.

Sample Builds

To help you get the feel of it, let's go through what a full build would look like versus some sample teams. (I won't be updating the champions featured here very much, so if this looks like last month's metagame then actually fight me.)

The Metagame


Looks like your SoloQ games huh? Standard team comp. This will be your mixed damage; no exceptional preference in AP or AD. No more than 1 heavy autoattacker, so no specific item counters here.


So, we've gone for a pretty even mixup of AP and AD.

Marksman Era


This is where Malphite shines. Although they think they'll be safe by picking some AP, the joke's on them. They are about to get a dose of pure manliness.


5 items to counter autoattackers, beautiful. Then some magic resist because Lux always gets fed. Again, this will be dependent on your team and who is and isn't fed. Goddamn, there's a lot of variables.

The Funsucker Gang


A lot of people think that Malphite should never be picked into AP, but let me tell you it's still doable. You should only do this if the enemy has a very high-value target you need to assassinate with R (142.png). 

You just have to surrender to the fact that you'll probably won't be building much sweet, sweet armor. Replace Frozen Heart for Iceborn Gauntlet as the passive isn't necessary.


A nice mix of damage and MR here to keep your enemies at bay. Against that team comp, I would have seriously reconsidered picking Malphite though. Looking at it makes me shudder.

Too many variables

So, we've covered both of the extremes and the middle ground, but at the end of the day, it all depends on what you're facing. Just take into account what items are useful in what situations, and it'll be easymode. Godspeed.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Camille
  • Darius
  • Fiora
  • Galio
  • Gangplank
  • Garen
  • Gnar
  • Graves
  • Illaoi
  • Irelia
  • Jax
  • Jayce
  • Kennen
  • Kled
  • Lissandra
  • Maokai
  • Nasus
  • Poppy
  • Renekton
  • Riven
  • Rumble
  • Shen
  • Trundle
  • Tryndamere
  • Vladimir
  • Yasuo
  • Yorick



Alright, so Aatrox got reworked and he's actually not so easy anymore. Since he relies a lot more on spells now as opposed to basic attacks, he doesn't get completely obliterated by E landslide.png, which is unfortunate.

Still, the matchup isn't too hard. Q seismicshard.png slows him down so it's harder for him to position his sword, meanwhile we can run up to his face and beat him down.

Sure, he normally first buys Black Cleaver 3071.png nowadays which is bad for us, but our preference for Armor will always triumph over that.

How to win:
  • Remember to get out for the third hit of his Q aatroxq.png! You can safely stand in melee range for the first two sword slashes, but walk away for the third, as it deals the most damage.
  • If Aatrox is being ballsy, is low and hasn't ulted yet, you can hit him with the knockup ufslash.png and kill him before he can use it to get the revive.



A good Camille is never to be underestimated. Although she does deal true damage camilleq.png on a fairly short cooldown, our abundance of armor will reduce that amount and likely mean we win short trades.

However, due to the low cooldown of her true damage, try not to extend fights too long. We can't ult ufslash.png out of hers camiller.png if we get low, and then we'll look at the death recap in disbelief at the 2000+ true damage. Fun.

Just survive and make her useless in teamfights with your E landslide.png.

How to win:
  • Ninja Tabi 3047.png is your friend.
  • Her Q camilleq.png gives her a movement speed buff. Steal it with yours seismicshard.png, especially in teamfights.
  • Follow her if she starts roaming. No amount of tank items are going to stop Camille if she gets snowballing.




If there's one man that can almost outman Malphite, it's this Noxian general.

Darius, in a vacuum, crushes us. His bleed stops our passive shield from reforming, and he'll be constantly harassing us out of lane if he plays smart. His true damage cleaves through our tankiness and the slows mean you can't always rely on your Q seismicshard.png to speed away if he catches you.

However, you and I are still Malphite. Our manly teamfight dominance is godly, and although Darius can kill everyone, he has no CC whatsoever. How unmanly.

Suffering tips:

  •  Don't be afraid to R ufslash.png away to avoid getting killed. We don't want a Darius on their team at all, let alone a fed one.
  • Roam as much as possible, as our teleport 12.png ganks are far far more effective than his.
  • Be a bigger impact in teamfights, we have huge amounts of CC, he does not. Try and catch people out with the team, and don't let him get fed.



So you might think at first glance, "gee whiz, Fiora deals %hp true damage! Surely you'll get wrecked!"

Well, yes and no. Early Game is a pretty big pain (like with most matchups) because she can endlessly proc her true damage fiorapassive.png, but with smart positioning and usage of our passive shield malphitepassive.png it should be fairly easy to avoid dying to her.

Once we get some items and points into our E landslide.png, her true damage will not be enough and we'll actually be able to 1v1 her most of the time. Our ability to steal her movespeed will also shut down her chasing power in teamfights.

How to win:

  • Don't die! If we let her get ahead, it'll be extremely difficult to stop her getting stronger and stronger.
  • Make sure to countergank. Fiora can easily clean up botlane skirmishes. Ensure you always have a teleport 12.png ready if hers is up.
  • Don't be afraid to peel for the team. Q seismicshard.png her when she's using her ult fiorar.png. This will slow her down meaning she can't faceroll all over the backline.



Ah, a fellow man. Due to the evenly matched manliness, nobody is going to kill anyone here. We both have ways to shield the other's damage, so this should be a pretty boring farmfest.

However due to him dealing %hp magic damage, he'll likely outdamage us, so don't extend trades too long.

The only thing stopping this from being easy is that his ult galior.png pretty much counters ours ufslash.png. We have to make sure that we're either A) outside of his ult range, or B) definitely going to get some kills even through the damage reduction.

  • Try and teleport 12.png gank far across the map. Galio will have no time to teleport then ult whoever we are ulting.
  • We will usually be wanting to build Iceborn Gauntlet 3025.png to trade with him.
  • Slow him further with Q seismicshard.png if he tries to taunt our allies - as channeling that ability slows him down anyway.
  • Don't be afraid to bodyblock his E galioe.png.




Gangplank 41.png, similar to the Nasus 75.png lane, can just sit back and farm at his own pace, as we can't really do much early (or ever). He can just cleanse removescurvy.png our slow, meaning that catching up is also going to be very hard without ultingufslash.png.
He can also apply global pressure with his ultimate. cannonbarrage.png

How to win:

  • Let the passive malphitepassive.png shield recharge to soak up some of his Qs parley.png if all he does is spam them.
  • Ask the team to help kill him. If we shut down a Gangplank before he gets too fed, we'll have a much easier time.
  • He can't cleanse removescurvy.png our ultufslash.png, so if you're in a position to catch him out, go for it.



Garen is one of the only champions that can match us in manliness. His scaling with Black Cleaver 3071.png as well as non-reliance on attack speed mean that our traditional methods of out-tanking (using E landslide.png, building armor) are far less effective and he will still do huge amounts of damage to us.

We won't do very well in lane, so we must try our hardest to get farm, roam and be way more useful in teamfights. Remember, if he's in a position where a Flash->Ult 4.pnggarenjustice.png will kill us, he's probably going to do it. Don't give up a free kill.

How to win:

  • Like with most of the lane "counters", we'll have to be more effective in roams and teamfights if we want to win. Use that teleport 12.png wisely!
  • Communicate to the team if Garen 86.png looks like he's going to go after the villain garenjustice.png. Having him pick up an easy kill and be 300g ahead is no fun.
  • When chasing we'll want to only use our Q seismicshard.png AFTER he's used his Qgarenslash3.png. Since movespeed is all Garen has to escape with, this will ensure we can catch up to him without him cleansing our slow.
  • Keep him off the carries! In a teamfight or skirmish, one simple Q seismicshard.png (following the previous tip of course) will make him almost useless.




So the uninitiated of you might be thinking, "what to heck, how is this easy, Gnar is a lane bully and Malphite is weakest versus lane bullies!"

First of all, when you're as manly as I am, EVERY matchup is easy. Secondly and most importantly, it is just easy in general. When you get enough resistances, Gnar will barely tickle you. You can use your Q seismicshard.png to escape from him, E landslide.pngto slow his attack speed, and R ufslash.png to be more useful and reliable than him in teamfights.

How to win:

  • Get Boots of Swiftness3009.png if he's giving you a hard time and/or builds Frozen Mallet. 3022.png
  • Get your jungler to gank him. Should be pretty easy with your Q seismicshard.png slow
  • Don't fight when he's in mega form! Tell your team not to. It's as simple as that




A pain in the early game (but then again, who isn't?). He only gets two shots, and the reload time is affected by your E landslide.png, so that ability makes him pump out as much damage as a newborn kitten.

However, Graves has a ton of sustain with how people normally build him 3812.png, meaning he'll easily be sustaining far too much for you to be able to deal with him.

How to win:

  • If you lost early, build Randuin's 3143.png  and Ninja Tabi 3047.png in order to take no damage.
  • Anticipate his dash when ulting. Attack when it's down, or adjust your aim accordingly.
  • Burst him down while your E undefined.png is active so he can't lifesteal.




Illaoi pretty much hardcounters melee champions by default. As you are at your weakest in the laning phase, prepare to be tossed around a lot in lane.

However, as with most "counters" on this list, you are going to output a ton more crowd control in teamfights. The only problem being is that she'll output a ton more damage. Pick your moments and pick the rest of her team off! She may be strong, but she can't 1v5. (usually)

How to win:

  • Survive early game without dying. This is important, as you don't want an Illaoi 420.png snowballing. Standing behind creeps to avoid her E is a good tactic.
  • Roam as much as possible, she's a terrible roamer and won't be able to follow up very well.
  • Avoid fighting for a few seconds when her ultimate is used. Just walk away. It's that easy.
  • Make picks with R to take others out of the fight instantly; she'll have a tougher time destroying your team if she has no backup.




A pain. Although you are decidedly more manly than her and can slow her attack speed to a crawl, she deals true damage and will likely still put out a lot of damage on you, especially with the new(ish) rageblade 3124.png

Not hard due to her reliance on attack speed, but not easy either.

You shouldn't die much in laning phase but don't underestimate her and try and out-tank her late game. As long as you keep her off your wimpy ADC you should be fine.

How to win:

  • Catch her with your E landslide.png in teamfights. She can't oneshot your carries if she can barely attack.
  • Don't underestimate her level 6 all-in potential. Her ultimate ireliatranscendentblades.png and true damage deals a surprising amount, so don't be surprised if she's able to kill you.




When you think counterpicks, you think of this. There is absolutely nothing the wimpy Jax can do. He doesn't even have any other sources of damage like Irelia does, he entirely uses autoattacks. For this reason, your E landslide.png completely shuts him down.
Granted, Jax isn't played that much nowadays, but when he is, you'll be ready.

How to win:

  • Build Frozen Heart 3110.png and Ninja Tabi 3047.png to make him cry.
  • Make sure to not die early! That's the one way Jax might win.
  • You can usually 1v1 him with a couple items if he isn't ahead.
  • You really don't need tips on how to win this one.




I hate Jayce. Whoever's bright idea it was at Riot's to buff one of the most oppressive top laners should be fired.

Fortunately for you, you are one of the only champions that doesn't get facerolled by Jayce. Crippling his attack speed with E will make his all-ins far less effective, and you can also steal all his extra movespeed with Qo0fWLBb.png.

Have still put this on Medium though, because Jayce is completely broken and will probably still be able to 1v1 you at various points.

How to win:

  • Don't die early, and make sure to utilize your passive in lane. If he doesn't get ahead, he'll be easy to manage late.
  • Put extra points into your Qo0fWLBb.png. This will make his ridiculous speedups a lot less effective.
  • Build Ninja Tabi 3047.png  if he gets fed.
  • Stand in front of your team to take his poke if they can't dodge. (which they can't)




If Kennen knows what he's doing, you should get wrecked. The dominant harass in lane coupled with a massive teamfight ulti makes a very promising contender to outman Malphite.

However, he is a wimpy yordle and we don't take kindly to those around here. Regardless, he'll have no health, and you'll have every health. Take advantage of this to pick him off and make him regret tussling with you.

How to win:

  • If you have the chance, let your passive shield  undefined.png recharge in lane to absorb harass. Make sure not to miss too many minions though.
  • Build Locket 3190.png so he doesn't oneshot your entire team.
  • Q as he's about to charge in to slow him and hopefully give your team breathing room to escape.



This guy just won't die. Don't expect to kill him, but also don't expect him to kill you. This is pretty dependent on junglers in lane, and how well you roam outside of lane.

Just use your E every time he jumps in with his empowered autoattacks to escape them and that's most of his damage gone. Don't let him stack up fervor too much, build tank items, and you should be pretty fine.

How to win:
  • Don't get baited! In a 1v1, if Kled leaps off his mount, unless you have a combo prepared, don't try and continue fighting it. More often than not he'll just get half his life back and then turn on you.
  • When he charges kledr.png in, peel for your allies with Q and E. When he's sure not to instantly kill your carries, then you can go for the ult ufslash.png.
  • Iceborn Gauntlet 3025.png is great for catching him while dismounted.




Not very fun. Lissandra will sit in lane, constantly poking and harassing you. Her Ice Shard (Q) lissandraQ.png is at such a short cooldown, she won't let your passive shield reform. 
Her ganks and roams are almost (if not more, but I'm not going to admit that) potent than yours, with a huge slew of CC and way more damage than you.

I'd even consider Lissandra one of the hardest counters to Malphite in the game.

How to win:

  • With how strong Lissandra is, and how good cc she has you're still a tank. Make a good ult in teamfights and you'll still be more useful than her.
  • Interrupt her teleport with your Ulti ufslash.png if you see her going for it, even if you have your teleport up. Unless she's super weak, she'll be way more useful than you in a skirmish. Better to just cancel it.




He can out-tank you, out-damage you, but he can't out-man you. You still have an AOE knockup ufslash.png and that's your key to victory this matchup.
...And every matchup.

How to win:

  • Be careful with roaming. Maokai can counter your roams pretty hard with his ultimate maokaidrain3.png, so only do so if you're absolutely sure he can't follow up.




Oh boy.

A straight-up farm lane, which is exactly what Nasus wants. In fact, you're probably one of the least threatening lane opponents he can possibly have. All he's going to do is just keep stacking Q siphoningstrikenew.png and ignore you with his wimpy free lifesteal, then oneshot your team.
The game is winnable, but you're going to have to deal with a fully-stacked Nasus.

How to win:

  • Call your jungler to try and put him behind. It may not be so easy as he's going to play safe, but if you pull it off, he won't have so much impact.
  • While Nasus is stacking, do as much as possible. Take dragons, get kills botlane, hell even get rift herald, just do something. If you can help get your entire team ahead, then Nasus is gonna have to 1v5. Nasus cannot 1v5.




There's nothing she can do to you, but conversely there's nothing you can really do to her either. Wet noodle farm lane, her passive poppypassive.png is usually completely negated by yoursmalphitepassive.png, so she can't even whittle you down with it.

How to win:

  • If you think you can secure an early lead or kill, go for it. Whoever gets ahead first will likely be able to win overall, and if you get ahead you can even 1v1 her.
  • You're a lot more effective in teamfights. Poppy 78.png is sort of a counter-engager with Steadfast Presence (W)  poppyparagonofdemacia.png now, and your engage ufslash.png can't be countered by that.
  • Do watch out for her ultimate poppydiplomaticimmunity.png though, it's hard to dodge up close if she's protecting the backline. Flash it only if your team desperately needs your pressure.
  • Get as much farm as you can, as she'll have a hard time keeping you off it. Items - and therefore overall tankiness - are going to be one of the main deciding factors in teamfights, so grab that cs, and don't forget your cull! 1083.png



All about who gets an early lead. Renekton, like many snowballers, will carry pretty hard and kill you over and over if he gets it. You, however, are the manliest man that ever man'd, and can stand up to his attacks in lane as long as you don't die early.

Sometimes you can even go for kills on him, if he's low enough you can ult ufslash.png, and the cc will prevent him from casting his renektonreignofthetyrant.png. This is also handy for ganking.

How to win:
  • Don't die! Seriously. If he is in range to flash 4.png stun renektonpreexecute.png you and kill you instantly, he will do it. Just leave.
  • Build Ninja Tabi 3047.png to block a nice portion of his damage.
  • Don't be afraid to ult ufslash.png to peel him off your teammates if your Q seismicshard.png won't do it. Left unchecked, he can do a huge amount of damage to a backline. You, like the manliest of men, are a real crocodile hunter.




You'll be far more useful than her come mid-to-late game, but you need to get there first. Play safe, last hit with Q seismicshard.png if needed and survive. When you get some items, you'll likely be able to 1v1 her.

Lategame, you'll have a lot more impact unless she goes 20/0. But you won't let her, you'll keep her in line. Real men don't hit girls, so be careful.

This also entirely depends on how good the Riven is, so just be careful.

How to win:

  • Call for a jungler gank and put her behind.
  • When ganking, wait for her third Q riventricleave.png animation to ulti ufslash.png in, so you'll know exactly where she will be. This is also useful when being towerdived.



One of my most personally despised champions, Rumble will sit there with Q on 24/7 and watch while you slowly burn to death.

Magic Resist doesn't mesh well with the items Malphite likes to build so you have to build MR and delay your core, or get dumpstered in lane.

He'll also be extremely useful in teamfights even if you catch him out, and does a crazy amount of damage with Q and Liandry's 3151.png.
How to win:
  • Let your passive malphitepassive.png shield charge if you won't miss creeps for it.
  • Build an early Spectre's Cowl 3211.png, only build it into Spirit Visage first if you're getting absolutely dumpstered.
  • Beg for ganks, if he's shut down then you'll have free reign
  • Try and catch him out in teamfights and pray your team doesn't get burned too hard.




Shen deals a lot of %maxHP magic damage. Guess what that's bad for? You're probably right.

A lot of people think tank v tank matchups are just "lmao farm dont die", but against Shen he'll constantly be pressuring you with the damage and there's not a lot you can do to stop him.

The only reason this isn't hard is because he'll likely never kill you, and you can be pretty useful lategame whereas he just gets kited and dies to your backline.

How to win:
  • Get Bandit procs to get your items quicker, but don't take too much damage doing so.
  • If hit Q shenq.png slaps through you, immediately E landslide.png and gtfo. He'll likely not be able to get all the damage off.
  • You can interrupt his ulti shenr.png with yours ufslash.png, but don't mindlessly do it. Check where he is ulting to. If he can't do much when he's  done except go back top, don't interrupt it. Let him go and farm.
  • Build a Spectre's Cowl 3211.png early if he is being a pain. 




A pretty good "traditional counter" to Malphite. Trundle's ultimate sapping all your hard-earned tanky stats is a major pain, so he'll easily be able to fight you with it up and possibly get some kills that way. Plus they will often build Blade of the Ruined King against a Malphite which is a big pain too.

However, your CC far outweighs his. Use that to your advantage in teamfights.

How to win:

  • Be really careful of jungle ganks early. That pillar takes no prisoners and is insanely effective at slowing you down for an easy kill/flash.
  • You can fight him until he gets blade 3153.png, then it's probably best not to or you'll get stomped. If he doesn't get blade, still be careful. His chomp deals pretty huge damage at such a short cooldown.
  • Boots of Swiftness 3009.png will largely prevent him from catching up to you.
  • Use your superior crowd control in teamfights to muscle your way to victory. Trundle may be strong, but if his team dies, he can't 1v5.




Tryndamere is an interesting one. On first glance, you'd assume you would stomp him as you counter his autoattack-based playstyle, but Trynd is so full of early game power he might kill you several times before you even get to that stage.

How to win:

  • There'll be a stage where it looks like Trynd is outdamaging you, but if you turn around, cast E landslide.png and fight, you can actually win. Never overestimate (or underestimate) his damage, one kill given up can cause you a world of hurt.

3047.png3143.png3075.png <- optimal 1v1 gear




Oh, Vladimir. I can see why a lot of people think you are a hard counter to Malphite, but that's simply not true. Although Vlad forces you to build magic resistance, it still isn't as crushing as people think. You are still Malphite and you can still roam and put your team ahead. Easy.

How to win:

  • An early Spectre's Cowl 3211.png will mitigate a lot of his damage.
  • Make your team get a banner 3060.png to ruin his day.
  • Put extra emphasis on roaming. Vlad's TP ganks are relatively weak due to his lack of CC, so if you can make something happens, do it!




Another attack speed reliant champion? Yes please. It's the same story as with Jax, you counter his main source of damage completely with your Elandslide.png, and your itemization will make it even easier for you.

The only differences being is that Yasuo's lane phase is comparitively stronger than Jax's, and he may even be able to snag a kill on you, especially if he runs ignite 14.png. However, even if he gets ahead, he'll still be easy to kill with your team's help.

How to win:

  • Don't die early! Play safe and last hit with Q seismicshard.png if you're having a tough time.
  • Building Randuin's 3143.png and Ninja Tabi 3047.png reduces his damage output on you by a huge amount. Tasty.
  • If he doesn't take teleport 12.png, show him the error of his ways by roaming like a true man.




A really big pain.

Pretty much everything about Yorick capitalises on Malphite's weaknesses. His wall yorickw.png can trap the immobile rock inside it and he splitpushes like a beast, which makes the rock's teamfight playstyle rather difficult.

His ult yorickr.png can also deal %hp damage to you, as magic damage. As Malphite does not naturally scale with MR, you likely won't have a lot of it built, and if Yorick autoattacks you while the maiden is too, this ability hurts really hard.

So what the hell can you do?

  • Desperately try and get ahead early game. Yorick is difficult to 1v1 when you are on equal footing, but if you're very far ahead, that won't matter.
  • Don't ult ufslash.png out of the ring yorickw.png unless you have to. Sometimes Yoricks will try and pressure you to burn Unstoppable Force in order to escape. However, you might be able to turn and fight him. E is a very valuable tool in trading, as it will hit and (I think) affect all his little ghoulies. 

How To Ult Back to Top


Ah, Unstoppable Force. Widely regarded as one of the best (and undoubtedly manliest) ultimates in the game, and definitely my personal favourite one. Maybe I'm slightly biased.

A team-wide knockup and initiation tool rolled into one, with some very reasonable damage as well. But you don't need me telling you about his ultimate, you already know it's the manliest thing since the appalachian trail.

First, let's set the

Unstoppable Rules: ufslash.png

1. Don't go in alone

If your team isn't in a position where they can follow up, then don't go in. If your team looks like they are moving away but you think you can make a catch, ping the enemy. If they don't get the idea, don't go in.

If you ult in and your team wasn't around, don't blame them, blame yourself. Real men take blame when it's their fault.

2. Use every opportunity

See the fed AD flash 4.png away on top of another carry? Just ult them. Try and remember what your enemies have. If they:

  • Don't have flash 4.png
  • Don't have Zhonyas 3157.png
  • Don't have teammates nearby 223.png

...then use the opportunity and demolish them.

3. Be patient

It's a virtue, and any man worth their salt will be adhere to it. If there's no reason for you to be ulting right now, then don't. Your Vi 254.png just went in? Sure, go for it. But if you're having a traditional cowboy standoff, then be patient, and wait for a good time to strike.

More often than not, and especially if you move off to the side to hide in a bush or something, enemies get frustrated with standing around, and will make mistakes like grouping up on top of each other, and getting out of position just to poke you. (Ezreal Syndrome™ 81.png)

Once you start being more patient, better ultimates will come to you. However, there is such thing as being too patient. Sure, if you wait another minute maybe you'll get to ult 2 squishies and delete them. But your team is slowly being poked out, better make that ult ASAP.

So how do you ult?

Simple, right? Just hit as many people as possible, right? That's what they tell you.

Well, that's what you do. For the most part at least. But what if your enemy is split up? What if they have several tanks? Sometimes, ulting 1 carry is better than 3 tanks/supports.


You need to prioritise your targets every game, and think about which ones you need to catch. Then it's just a question of patience and waiting for an opportunity.

This bit is just a rough guide, every game will be different, but this should stay fairly consistent. If you can't get any of these, then reconsider ulting unless it's a 5v2 or something. Going in for the manly plays is admirable, but don't die for it. That's not cool.

God Tier: (Fed) Twitch 29.png

If you don't press R on this guy he will kill your entire team. Every time.

Tier 1: ADCs 202.png145.png

Yeah, this much is obvious. ADCs don't have any nasty tools like Zhonyas 3157.png in order to ruin your day (unless they are names Xayah498.png), and if you get onto them they will be almost 100% useless and 140% dead. If you have the opportunity to ult a fed (i.e. has items) AD and your team will be around to follow up, go for it.

Tier 2: Other squishy carries 61.png238.png

Anyone else that deals damage. These are your mages and your assassins. Obviously, taking them out of the fight and putting pressure onto them is going to make them deal less damage to your carries. That's good.

Tier 3: Utility Supports 267.png117.png

These guys will ruin your day, but they can't stop your ultimate (in fact, nothing can, it's Unstoppable 54.png), so use that to try and pick them off before they can do much.

The flash ult.

For you Annie 1.pngplayers out there, this one should be familiar.

4.png -> ufslash.png


This is an incredible tool, because, like Annie's stun, it can CC an entire team with little to no time for them to react. It doesn't even have to just be for the surprise factor.

If you're just out of range for an amazing ult, don't wait for them all to run away. Just flash 4.png to get in range. I do this all the time. If you see the perfect opportunity, just go for it.

The rest of Malphite's 54.png kit is very simple to understand, but his ult is far more complex than people give it credit for.

Be smart, be patient, and pressing R will come as naturally to you as playing football.

Early Game Back to Top

Delayed Dominance

Manphite's 54.png inordinate amount of swagger is the only thing carrying you in the early game, where he is at his weakest. Unfortunately, establishing your dominance may not be so easy.

It's a common mistake to immediately start poking the enemy with your Q. seismicshard.png Such peasantry are also likely to drink cheap beer and watch a lot of reality TV. It has such a high mana cost and does so little damage you may as well not bother early on.

After you back, get a defensive item (1031.png or 3211.png depending on damage type) and continue farming. If you're ahead, feel free to go 3751.png to rack up the fat grasp Grasp%20of%20the%20Undying.png?width=32 stacks.

Help, I'm versus an AP champion!

It's common knowledge that the "counter" to Malphite lies in (wimpy) AP top laners. Think Vlad 8.png, Swain 50.png (RIP), Rumble 68.png . Although they are probably one of the closest things you'll see to a counter to the man, getting an early Spectre's Cowl 3211.png will make it slightly less painful.

Step 1. Accept you aren't going to get as much cs as your lane opponent.

Step 2. Get as much CS as possible without putting yourself in danger.

Step 3. ROAM. Your laners don't have an AoE knockup. You do ufslash.png. Make sure they know it.

Post-6 Manliness (Roaming Rundown) Back to Top

If your opponent has teleport up and you don't, then you are at a huge disadvantage. Walking back into lane may be depressing (and decidedly wimpy), but keeping that global pressure will secure you so many leads. 

Only teleport back into lane if you need to defend it from enemies pushing or if you're going to lose a ton of cs early game.


At this point, try and see if you can turn the tides on a few bot lane fights if they aren't too far behind. I'm sure you are well aware of how impactful Malphite's ult ufslash.png is on a bot lane skirmish. The enemies will feel the glory of your manly powers as you crash into them with the force of a thousand gym memberships

Don't forget to farm!

You need a fair amount of gold to hit max manliness. Don't forget to farm with your W obduracy.png and sunfire cape 3068.png for them sweet sweet moneys. Tip: try to refrain from using your E landslide.png to farm lanes unless you really need to push it quick, it costs a lot of mana and you need mana to make plays. Usually.

Warding the enemy blue buff (or red, whichever one is closest) also gives your team valuable information, do this as often as you can! You can even pick up cheeky kills. Nice.

Mid and Late Back to Top

Carry time!

Once you have your items and levels, it's time to crush.
You know how it is.
  1. Group

  2. Kill guys

  3. Take objectives

Of course, it's not as simple as that. Here's a few tips to help you out:


  • Stick around the most fed player on your team. If that's you (which it should be, as you aren't no wimpy tank top laner), then make sure the grovelling peasants are around you.
  • Getting kills on your own is fine and manly (get it? it's like 'fine and dandy' but not haha dear god i'ms ofujny) but if your team is struggling then you need to help them.

Killing Guys

  • Ulting ufslash.png and immediately removing a squishy from the game is more helpful than just knocking up a few tanks. Think about who you're going to prioritise for the ult in a fight. Expanded on in the "how to ult section".
  • Remember what I said about sticking with the most fed player 10 seconds ago? Yeah, they're who you are going to be setting up kills for. Push their lead. Real men help out their fellows.

Taking Objectives

  • This kind of follows on from the "killing guys" bit. Should be a no-brainer.
  • If your team is taking Baron or Dragon and the enemy team is coming to try and steal, be prepared to immediately dive on to them ufslash.png. In their rush to stop you from taking it, people will usually get themselves out of position. Show them the error of their ways with a classic surprise beatdown.

Remember, you aren't Malphite. You are Manphite.

Links Back to Top

If I ever do any educational videos or anything like that about Malphite, i will put them here.

If you think I'm funny, visit my YouTube for some highly non-serious League of Legends-related vidders.

I also have a Twitch but am not using it very much right now.

I'm extremely lazy, but will still try and update this guide as much as I can. Hopefully this has helped you, and thanks for sticking around.

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