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Summoner Spells Back to Top

11.pngsmite is a must for every jungler because it helps you clear jungle camps faster and the buffs are pretty useful when smiting jungle camps. It also helps you secure objectives like dragon and baron.

4.pngis a really safe spell to take since it can save your life and help you secure kills. Overall a solid summoner spell. 
6.pngI usually don't take this spell because I don't find it useful for master Yi. But due to the highlander change in patch 6.8 where his highlander activation duration got nerfed from 10 seconds to 7 seconds, ghost is a decent summoner spell since it will make Yi move faster during that time.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Mastery choices

You should always take 18 points into the ferocity tree and 6162.png as your keystone mastery. It's the best keystone for Master yi as it provides a lot of damage.

Then you can either get 12 in cunning or 12 in resolve. 

The cunning tree allows you to clear faster  and do a bit more damage. I recommend getting the mastery 6343.png in the 4th row  because the mastery is really good for turret diving and it gives a decent amount of hp and mana when you kill people. You can choose the rest of the masteries depending on your play style. EG in the first row: If you want to be more mobile get 6311.png or if you want to clear faster get 6312.png.

The resolve tree allows you to sustain better in the jungle. I recommend getting the mastery 6241.png in the 4th row. It lowers the cooldown of your summoner spells meaning you can smite more often and flash more often. You can choose the rest of the masteries depending on your play style. EG in the third row: If you want meditate to heal more get 6231.png or if you want to tank a bit more damage get 6232.png.

Abilities Back to Top


R>E>Q>W. Rank 3 alphastrike.png is all you need for clearing the jungle. This also helps you save mana as you will be giving your blue buff to your mid laner. Then start to max out your wujustyle.png at level 7. You can still choose to max out alphastrike.png at level 9 if you want to or if you are using the crit build since alpha strike can crit meaning you can do high amounts of damage. You can decide to take an extra early point into your meditate.png if you feel like you need to tank some damage for the team but otherwise just start to max it out at level 14. And of course level up highlander.png whenever you can. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Always start this

Core Items


Situational Items

    After core pick 1-2 depending on the situation
    Armor items
    items that can save yo life
    Magic resist items
    damage options
    Alternative on hit yi build
    Crit Master Yi

In this guide, I have 3 builds for you guys.


This is the standard master yi build that most player uses. This build is very balanced as it offers good damage to squishy and tank champions and it makes you harder to kill. 

Start with 1041.png and 2031.png

In you first back, try to aim for 1042.png and 3715.png. You can get 3706.png if you like the slow but I think 3715.png is a better option since master yi is a duelist. 

Core items: 1419.png 3153.png3047.png or 3111.png. Bloodrazor probably the best jungle enchant for Master yi as all the stats it provides are really good on Master Yi. Combine 1419.png with 3153.png and you will shred tanks pretty quickly. The boot option just depends on the game. If they mainly deal physical damage get 3047.png. If they mainly deal magic damage or they have a lot of cc get 3111.png.

After the core items, you will want to build tank and damage items. The reasoning behind this is the enemy AD and AP carries will also have some of their damage items built meaning that they will have the power to burst you down. But also because wujustyle.png scales off bonus AD, you will need damage items. The 4 options I have for this situation is 3071.png 3156.png 3139.png and 3053.png. Pick 1 or 2 of them 
Build 3071.png if they have 2 or more tanks and if the carries are building armor items. 
Build 3156.png if they have AP burst champions such as 134.png 45.png
Build 3139.png if they have hard cc
Build 3053.png if they have assassins such as 91.png 238.png

After the tank damage items, you are free to build what ever you think is useful in your situation.

If they do a lot of magic damage buy 3065.png. You can also buy 3001.png if they have champions like 17.png 69.png 76.png

If they do a lot of physical damage buy 3075.png or 3742.png. If they do crit damage as well then buy 3143.png.

If you get bursted down really quickly and you need a second life 3026.png

You can also buy 3157.png to save your life in certain situations. 

If you need life steal get 3074.png or 3812.png

Life steal items 3074.png VS 3812.png

This depends on your playstyle. If you like to participate in team fights, 3812.png is a better option as it can help you reduce some of the burst damage andd it gives more AD. If you like to split push, 3074.png is better as you will be able to push waves a lot faster.

Why 3157.png???????? Are you mad?

No I am not mad lol (or maybe). This is a pretty good defensive item because it offers armor. The ap it offers will make your meditate heal more which means you can absorb more damage for your team. The active is really good against champions like tryndamere and kayle. Their ults are really damn annoying, the active will allow you to waste some of the duration of their ults. Well some of you may argue meditate is good enough and it pauses the duration of highlander.png and wujustyle.png. It's true until when the other teamates have hard cc to stop you from meditating and most of the time you will want to use your meditate as an auto attack reset to deal more damage (we will talk about it later). 

Alternative on hit yi build

This build can be either very strong or useless as hell. With this build, I recommend you to split push. Split pushing will allow you to have an easier time to stack your rageblade. Once your rageblade is stacked, your basically golden in terms of damage. If you really want to group with the rageblade build, take out 3074.png for 3193.png. The active on 3193.png will allow you to be extremely tanky for 4 seconds. Use the 4 seconds to stack your rage blade and once the passive is down, you will be able to deal a lot of damage. You can switch the defensive item and boots according to your enemy's team composition. 


For the second build, we have the critical build. This build makes Master Yi like an assassin. He will be able to delete enemy squishy carries really quickly but Yi himself will also get deleted very quickly too (glass cannon). This build is general a high risk high reward type of build. (I didn't come up fully come up with this build, it was inspired by a Master Yi player called silencee).

Start with 1041.pngand 2031.png (build the items in order)

Rush 3031.png. You can build a  3086.png before finishing your 3031.png.

Finish your 3086.png to a  3046.png

Get 3812.pngfor lifesteal and it can help reduce some burst damage.

Get 3087.pngfor more crit, attack speed, wave clear and burst.

Get 3139.png to remove cc

Get 3026.png to get a second life.

Matchups Back to Top

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alphastrike.png can dodge aatroxQ.pngaatroxE.png and aatroxR.png.



alphastrike.png can dodge all of her skills but try mainly dodging her charm because she can burst you down if she lands it.



alphastrike.png can dodge akalimota.pngakalishadowswipe.png and akalishadowdance.png. Always have a pink ward with you because it is not hard to beat her in a 1v1 if she cant go stealth.




 alphastrike.png can dodge pulverize.png and headbutt.png. In teamfights try to use your alphastrike.png to dodge his pulverize.png




You can dodge bandagetoss.png and curseofthesadmummy.png with alphastrike.png. It is really hard to dodge his curseofthesadmummy.png because it has a really short cast time. Your only way is to predict when he will use it.




 alphastrike.png can dodge flashfrost.png and frostbite.png. Mainly dodge her flashfrost.png.



alphastrike.pngcan dodge disintegrate.pngincinerate.png and infernalguardian.png. Really hard to dodge infernalguardian.pngbecause just like amumu it has a short cast time but dodging her other skills are not hard.



alphastrike.pngcan dodge asheW.pngand asheR.png. Mainly dodge asheR.png. If ashe lands asheR.png on you in close range, you are pretty much dead.




Same as the one's above just counter jungle him because cho's pre 6 isn't really strong in the jungle.




Counter jungle her pre 6 because she's not strong pre 6. But when she hits 6, try to use alhpa strike to dodge her Q and use meditate to block some damage from her ultimate. If you do both of these things then you can probably win every 1v1 against her.


Dr. Mundo


I wouldn't bother touch him in the jungle because his cleavers do hurt you quite a bit. But when you get your 3153.pngand 3931.png, then you can just destroy him. So just farm until you have those items.




She does do quite a bit of damage to you. So use your alpha strike to dodge her cocoon and use your meditate to reduce some damage from her spider form q. But I won't bother going into her jungle in the early stages of the game.




She's pretty squishy before she starts building tank. You can counter jungle her at the early stages of the game because you out damage her. Later in the game you can probably destroy her in a few hits.




This guy can just drain you all day. When you see fiddlesticks jungle, you can choose to counter jungle him ONLY IF you take ignite. Otherwise stay away from him in the jungle and avoid 1v1 fights with him.




Gragas's w gives him extra damage and damage reduction. And his barrel and body slam combo does a crap ton of damage. Normally I'll stay in my own jungle. But if i choose to counter jungle gragas, i will use my alpha strike to either dodge his q or e (sometimes both).


Jarvan IV


His early game in the jungle is really weak. You can just counter jungle him but becareful of laners. If you use alpha strike to dodge his dragon strike then you can win most 1v1s with him. Note when chasing jarvan: When he tries to escape with his e q combo, prepare to alpha strike because alpha strike will follow jarvan all the way (when you see jarvan toss his flag, wait like 0.8 seconds then use alpha strike).




Oh boy his counter strike is very annoying. But it's easy to counter if you time it right! when he engages, fight him but don't activate anything just auto attack him. WHEN he activates counter strike, activate meditate. His counter strike lasts for 2 seconds, so at the last tick use alpha strike so you will dodge his counter strike. Then activate wuju style and  highlander to wreck him (this tip is for all game when playing against a jax).




Don't counter jungle him in the early stages of the game. Kha'zix can wreck you if he knows how to play. If you counter jungle him, your most likely going to die because of his q's increase damage when targets are isolated and he can walk around to reactivate his passive to deal bonus damage to you. So just ward your own jungle and stay there. But later in the stages of the game, buy upgraded sweeping lens and just destroy him.


Lee Sin


Pros and cons of Master Yi Back to Top

In this section, I will be going over the pros and cons of Master Yi.


High Damage
Can take objectives such as dragon and baron quite quickly 
Good duelist
Can be some what tanky depending on the build
Can solo carry games
Can be effective at split pushing and team fighting
Amazing tower diver 


He can be very squishy depending on the build
Needs to be ahead to be effective
Lack of CC, only offers damage to the team
Really vulnerable to burst and hard CC.
He gets focused down most of the time 
When behind, can be completely useless
Very item dependent 

When should I go Crit YI or On hit Yi? Back to Top

Honestly, you can go either build in any game. They both work completely fine to most team comps. But in my opinion, I do set a few rules to guide myself when to use which build.

Crit Yi circumstances 

If the enemies have many squishy champion
If I have team mates that can peel and support you  Eg: 10.png 117.png
If I got a really big lead in the early game

On Hit Yi circumstances

If they have a ton of tanks 
If they have heavy CC or burst champions such as 134.png238.png
If I plan on split pushing 
If I didn't get a big lead 

Early Game Back to Top

During early game, your goal is to either snowball or power farm. Master Yi's main power spike comes when you get your core items. Secure dragons and scuttle crabs for your team. Master Yi can take down the dragon relatively quickly after getting bloodrazor. Try to gank lanes that don't have an escape or if your laners have a lot of crowd control. This will increase your chances of securing a kill and it will help you snowball. Always counter jungle when ever you see a perfect opportunity to. This will put the enemy jungler behind and it will help you get  your level 6 sooner. Master Yi's ganking power pre 6 is quite low because all he really offers is damage. But once you get your highlander.png, you will be able to catch up to your enemies a lot faster. So always look for 1v1s and ganks when you have your ultimate off cooldown. Ward your own jungle to prevent enemies to counter jungle you and ward their jungle to know their jungler's movement and location. 

Jungle routes Back to Top

There are a ton of jungle routes for Master Yi. It can change depending on the elo you are playing in. 

Mid Game Back to Top

Late game Back to Top

Tips and tricks and notes Back to Top

Note: Make sure to auto attack a jungle camp first before using alphastrike.pngbecause it resets the jungle camp's auto attack which means you take less damage (kill the small monsters first then move on to the big ones).

Only meditate.png when your 30% or below in the jungle. Because it slows down your clear speed by 4 seconds.

Try to kill rift scuttle when possible, it gives decent gold and it gives a bit of vision around dragon/baron. Remember DO NOT USE wujustyle.png when taking the crab because you will sometimes face the enemy jungler and if your wujustyle.pngis on cooldown, you will most likely lose the 1v1.

I have found out the jungle clear speed between activating your wujustyle.png and not activating wujustyle.png is quite similar. Activating your wujustyle.png will allow you to deal more damage for 5 seconds then when wujustyle.png goes on cooldown, you will do less damage. Not activating wujustyle.png will just allow you to deal consistent damage to the jungle camps. However I think you shouldn't activate wujustyle.png when clearing camps just in case if the enemy jungler decides to counter jungle you, you will still have wujustyle.png to do damage.

Don't initiate a team fight as master yi (well there are exceptions such as catching people out and bursting them) because your squishy as hell and if you go in first you die first simple. Remember your role is to kill the enemy back line, not go in and die for nothing. You should save youralphastrike.png to dodge abilities.

meditate.pngis really good to absorb some incoming burst damage. It gives Master Yi to survive incoming burst damage. It can also be used as an auto attack reset simply by right click w and right click right after you cast meditate. This will allow Master Yi to dish out surprising burst damage and get his resets. 

Don't activate wujustyle.png until you start attacking an enemy because the bonus true damage is really nice and it gives yi a lot of dps. When wujustyle.png goes on cooldown, you will do way less damage.

Don't activate wujustyle.pngwhen you are attacking a structure.

Master yi is really good at tower diving because he has 2 abilities that can make him survive after getting the kill (alphastrike.png and meditate.png). Even though meditate.pngs damage reduction is reduced when turrets are attacking Yi, it is still very good because it can make you live with a tiny bit of health but make sure to meditate when you are outside of tower range. alphastrike.png can remove turret aggro so you can use it to either dodge one tower shot or switch the turret aggro and let your ally tank the turret if they can.

Only activate highlander.png when you are close to your target or when you start attacking. The activation duration of highlander is only 7 seconds so make it count. Once you get your first kill or assist, you will be fine. 

Combos Back to Top

What? This guide has a section about combos on a right clicking champion? This guy is actually retarded!

lol I bet many people will say this but I do believe Master Yi does have a combo or 2.

In certain situations, it is worth to start a 1v1 with 4.png instead of alphastrike.png because flash is instant therefore it will give less time for your opponent to react. alphastrike.png can dodge most abilities in the game, therefore saving it will allow you to survive. This technique should be used quite often if you are using the rageblade build as you can quickly stack it and 4.png to not waste time and close the gap to deal a ton of damage.

WHO AM I and things I want to mention Back to Top

Who am I?

Hi I am Cosmic Blast and I play in the NA server. I am currently at GOLD V and I am a Master Yi onetrick. I also play in the Japan server and my summoner name there is kms myself (currently PLAT V). I started playing in season 2 but there were a few times I stopped playing league.  The reason why I main master yi is because of the fact that I love characters that uses swords and when I saw yi, I thought he was pretty cool so I started playing him. Then when I found cowsep's youtube channel, I found out that Master Yi actually takes more skill then what normally people think. So I decided to main Master Yi and to prove those people that think Master Yi is a right click to win type of champion wrong.

Things I want to mention

By all means, I am not a perfect master yi player, no where near. I made this guide to share some of my thoughts and experience about the champion. It is also to prove that there is actually more into Master Yi than just right clicking.  So if you agree or disagree something, please tell me in the comment section below and I would want to know more about your thoughts. 

Keep in mind I am only at Gold V in NA and Plat V in JP. My knowledge about the game is still limited so if you have anything to add into my guide, please tell me in the comment section below.

If this guide gets big and more people request me to do videos talking about specific things in more detail, I will try my best to make those videos.

If you like the guide, please give it a like and tell me why in the comment section. If you dislike it, please dislike it and tell me why because I would want to further improve this guide. If you have any questions, feel free to add me if you play in JP or NA but please tell me your IGN in the comment section below before adding me.

NA IGN: Cosmic Blast
JP IGN: kms myself 

Thank you for reading my Guide :D

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