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6 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

You will always take 4.png 7.png with Miss Fortune.

Reasons why you take 4.png:

  • Allows you to escape tricky situations. e.g : Flash over a wall, flashing a CC (Leona stun, Alistar combo...).
  • Allows you to chase others effectively or for that last hit for the kill.
  • Gives you that safeguard option.

Reasons to take 7.png:

  • The extra MS is enough to get you out of some sticky situations.
  • It is core on all ADCs and can help you in duels or to save an ally.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Masteries: 18/12/0 

Reasons to take these masteries over others:

Ferocity Tree:
  • Sorcery - Gives you more burst as you don't care about Attack Speed

  • Fresh Blood - Synergises very well with your passive and can give an extra kick to your AA's

  • Natural Talent - Again you don't care about lifesteal, your job is to deal as much burst as possible in a short amount of time.
  • Double Edged Sword - You want to get as much damage as possible, if you get caught you are going to die anyway so might as well dish out some damage
  • Battering blows - Gives armor penetration
  • Deathfire Touch - This will proc on multiple people during your ultimate and E and will proc on each of your other spells. 
Cunning Tree:

  • Savagery - Helps you to CS, movement speed out of combat is useless on Miss fortune as most of the time you will be in combat and want to be for kiting.

  • Secret Stash - This gives you a bit of extra sustain and Runic affinity has no use on ADC's in general.

  • Merciless - Very good mastery for finishing people off as the increased damage helps greatly, Meditation only gives mana regen again useless on ADC's in general.

  • Dangerous game - Can save you in very dire situations and allow you to survive that fight on very little HP, worth taking over bandit as again useless on ADC's.

Abilities Back to Top

Skill order max:

missfortunebullettime.png (R) -> missfortunericochetshot.png (Q) -> missfortuneviciousstrikes.png (W) -> missfortunescattershot.png (E) 

Why do you max W over E second?

W max is important as it gives you a boost in movement speed on your passive as well as attack speed on active compared to a 20% slow and higher damage that is not very worth it, mainly because you are very immobile so the movement speed comes in very handy.

missfortunepassive.png PASSIVE - Love Tap :

Miss Fortune's Auto attacks (AA) apply a mark to the target dealing 60 - 100% AD bonus physical damage against champions and monsters. Any unmarked target triggers the bonus damage and transfers the mark over.

missfortunericochetshot.png Q - Double Up:

Miss Fortune fires a shot at a target enemy which bounces to hit the enemy behind them, dealing physical damage to the first target and increased physical damage to the second target.

This also applies on-hit affects to both targets.

If target 1 is killed then target 2 will take 50% increased damage.

This is what you will want to be doing with Miss Fortune, killing a minion in order to do a TON of damage to the enemy at back.

Do not forget that this is also an AA reset.

missfortuneviciousstrikes.png W - Strut :

PASSIVE: After 5 seconds of not losing health, Miss Fortune gains 25 bonus movement speed increasing over 5 seconds.

ACTIVE: Miss Fortune gains bonus Attack Speed (AS) for 4 seconds and gain maximum MS from strut's passive.

Marking a new target with your passive prolongs strut's remaining duration by 1 second, doubles to 2 seconds on champions and capped at 3 seconds.

NEW (Patch 6.8): While Strut is on cooldown, applying Love tap reduces its remaining cooldown by 2 seconds (scales down with CDR)

missfortunescattershot.png  E - Make it Rain:

Hundreds of bullets rain down on the target area for 2 seconds, slowing and dealing magic damage to all enemies within the area every 0.25 seconds.

Slow increases from 28% to 60% at rank 5

Using this in team fights helps you greatly as you can slow them down to let your allies catch up with them or to slow them while kiting back.

missfortunebullettime.png  R - Bullet Time: 

Miss Fortune channels for 3 seconds firing several waves of bullets over the duration.

Each wave can also crit.

This will be your time to shine in teamfights as it can chunk them especially since it can crit.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Usual starting items for ADC

Core Items

    First item will be either youmuus or duskblade depending on the game and how ahead you are. They build out of the same item so choose depending on how the game is going.
    Next item will be the one you didn't choose before out of the 2. After that you will want black cleaver in order to proc it very fast and shred through the enemies armor
    Next you will want some armor pen as people will be buying alot of armor to counter your initial build. Depending on if you need to shred tanks or self healers, choose wisely.
    End of game build will be something like this
    QSS or Guardians angel as a defensive item depending on if they have CC or you are dying too fast before dishing out the damage

Situational Items

    If you are against heavy CC, Mercury treads might help you out. AS isn't a core stat on MF so can be omitted
    Either one of these boots are great. She doesn't need the extra AS from berserker greaves


3142.png -> 3009.png -> 3147.png -> 3071.png -> 3036.png -> 3026.png

This build will burst down squishies with ease, just make sure you are in a safe part when you are going to ult. 

Youmuus provides you with early lethality and a powerspike. If you land your Q properly it will burst the enemy ADC/Support to half health and can be followed up on quite easily.

Once you have duskblade then you will start doing some heavy damage and will have no problem bursting people down as long as the enemies aren't fed or already tanky enough to sustain that kind of damage.

When you reach your end build, you will have to be careful of your positioning and make sure to maximise your damage through your passive, your Q and your ultimate.


This build can still be used if the enemy is heavily tank based as the other build requires squishy targets. This build is quite situational so I will leave it here in case people want it.

Your build will look something like:

3508.png -> 3094.png->3158.png ->  3031.png -> 3072.png -> 3036.png/3033.png

Essence reaver - 3508.png is core as it allows you to get mana back on crit which is why you build so much crit on her and also you gain 30% CDR with it and allows you to spam W and E a lot more often which are key in your survival.

Choose 3072.png for Sustain

Choose LW (Lord Dominik's Regards - 3036.png or Mortal Reminder - 3033.png) for Stacking Armor + HP for 3036.png

Stacking Armor + Has a lot of self healing (e.g. Vladimir, Mundo etc..) -> 3033.png

If you want to duel 3142.png (Youmuu's Ghostblade) provides some good damage and active to allow you to duel other ADCs as Miss fortunes kit is around team fighting and poking compared to dueling 1 v 1.

As for boots, you can either choose 3009.png or 3158.png or 3006.png

3009.png  are great for the extra movement speed and slow resistance, this can work well against champions that very little CC but can slow a huge amount. This also helps you move around faster and enable you to dodge a lot more.

3158.png  are great for the 10% CDR, quite situational but if you are ahead or they don't have CC or are comfortable dodging it and want to spam your spells all the time then go for lucidity boots.

3006.png gives extra AS, not bad on MF but there are better options available. Can pick if you don't want the above choices.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ashe
  • Caitlyn
  • Corki
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Graves
  • Jinx
  • Kalista
  • Lucian
  • Sivir
  • Tristana
  • Varus
  • Vayne



22.png is not a hard matchup but a very annoying one for sure.

The problem is your W passive is stopped by any non-periodic damage, so her asheW.png (W) can cancel your passive all the time as it has a short cooldown.

This means that you will have less Movement Speed (MS) and stop your kiting or chasing.

However you have the advantage of your (Q) missfortunericochetshot.png doing a lot of damage upon killing a target and bouncing on to her.

This is what you will try to do in lane. This does use a lot of mana in the early stages of the game and can make you Out Of Mana (OOM) very quickly.

Always be on the alert for her (R) asheR.png as you have no dash/escape to dodge it, you will have to rely on your flash or MS to get you away from it.

Try to channel your ultimate when they are CC'd as to get more damage off while they can't move and also stops her from using her ultimate to cancel yours.



51.png out ranges you and her traps can zone you off for the most part.

This means you have to try get some (Q) missfortunericochetshot.png poke off during these trades otherwise she will just zone you off complete minion waves and starve you off XP and gold.

Farm up as much as you can without getting harassed too much, you will be a lot more useful in teamfights.

Once you have 3508.png, your laning phase will be slightly better as you will be able to use spells slightly more often.



42.png is a hard matchup in the sense he can poke you, and you can do little to a part from your missfortunericochetshot.png (Q) to poke him and he can cancel your bonus MS passive from (W) missfortuneviciousstrikes.png as well very often.

Dodge his skillshots as best you can to avoid him cancelling your MS passive. 

Poke him with your passive missfortunepassive.png from time to time 





The one and only that you do not want to face because he will crit you for so much you will return to base !

Jokes aside, he out duels you on every level. His spells can do similar things to miss fortune in the sense of MS boost, huge chunk of damage with axes (Q spell missfortunericochetshot.png for Miss fortune) and displacement/slow on your missfortunescattershot.png/dravendoubleshot.png (E).

This means you will have to use your passive and missfortunericochetshot.png (Q) to get some good poke down and then run while using missfortunescattershot.png(E) on him.

You just want to play passively in lane but call in jungler ganks so you can shut down his gold stacking.

You won't win a 1 v 1 duel but that's a given since Miss fortune is not a 
duelling champion.




You do more damage, you out poke him with your spells.

He is very squishy and as long as you stay behind minions to avoid ezrealmysticshot.png (Q) poke then you will be good to go.





104.png does a lot of damage with his Q -> R combo and can out duel you significantly.

Poke him with your spells and passive and when he dashes in slow him with your (E) missfortunescattershot.png.

Stay away from the rebound of his gravesclustershot.png (Q).

You can win trades if you go in at the right times.




You will out poke her but you won't be able to out duel her.

She has a CC on her (E) jinxE.png, meaning you will have to burn flash over it, IF you are in a tricky situation leaving you extremely vulnerable.

Her (W) jinxW.png is easily dodgeable. Watch out for the ultimate and try use the MS to dodge it.

She will probably poke you with rockets early on, try to trade back with passive and Q on minion to her.




She can cancel your MS passive with her rend stacks on a minion + on you to reset it and then doing it over and over.

Try to get some passive and Q's on her but stay out of range when she puts a W proc on you will take a ton of free damage.

Once she has (R) kalistaR.png, she will be able to lock you down pretty easily. Either dodge it or flash it. Or you can force it out so he uses it to save his support freeing you from having to dodge it.




He out duels you and can poke better than you.

Trade with Passive + Q.

Survive laning phase and do better in team fights.




You do more damage and you can even out trade her with your Q.

Even if she spell shields it, it has a very low cooldown compared to hers.

You will out duel her most of the time. She has no way of cancelling your ultimate either.

She will be useful in team fights and use the MS buff on her ultimate to chase you down.

You are also a teamfight champion and have AoE spells but very low mobility so be careful when she charges in and of jungler ganks.




She can out damage you as well as out duel you.

She will put her E on you and getting free damage with very little retaliation from you.

You can trade with passive + Q but you will most likely still get out traded.

You need to play slightly passive and wait for laning phase to end and group, team fight is where you are the strongest.




A lot of poke, with no dashes/escapes, you have very limited options for dodging that poke.

He does very little damage at the start, use that to your advantage.

Your passive + Q will be very nice damage and make him reconsider farming or moving near minions.

His poke is still very strong as well as his ultimate.

Try juking them with MS and click near your champion as to be able to react to it very quickly.




She out damages you post-6 however you can do more damage to her pre-6 and delay her itemisation.

However when it comes to duelling, you will lose straight off the bat.

You want to be able to abuse Miss fortune's early game and use that against Vayne.

If you let her free farm or get early kills then she will snow ball that lead.

As Miss fortune, you will have a hard time in team fights as she will most likely just condemn you in team fights once you start your ultimate. If you have a good front line maybe not.

Delaying Vayne's itemisation for her mid-late game is crucial as well as not giving her any kills and trying to zone her off farm.

Changelog Back to Top

Patch 6.4:

After all these nerfs to MF, she is no longer the top ADC and no longer the strongest however remains a great teamfighting champion and still manages a strong laning phase. 

Patch 6.8:

- Updated changes to her W in the abilities section.
- Updated items.

Patch 6.13:

- Updated item changes with new korean build

14/07/2016 - Added Right click, Attack move, Attack move click section !

Patch 6.24

- Updated items, removed new korean build due to change to lethality
- Updated masteries

Patch 7.1

- Updated items

Patch 7.16

- Updated items
- Updated masteries

General ADC Tips Back to Top

These are Tips that will work for all ADCs and will help you become a better player:

  1. Be constantly moving and clicking near your champion as this enables you to react faster to dodge skillshots then moving slowly and clicking far away.
  2. Learn champion powerspikes (This can be items or levels for example, Annie reaching level 6 before you or someone getting a BF while you have a pickaxe) this will help you identify when you can and can't go in. Knowing this information can prevent you from dying if you are starting duels and not respecting their itemisation.
  3. Itemisation: Always look at what the enemy is building and see if you can duel them because they have an item disadvantage or level disadvantage as well as if the team is stacking Armor or MR. This will help you decide on your own itemisation such as should I go LW or BT.
  4. Switching Targets: Knowing when to switch target and when you can kill someone is very important. If you are focusing a Leona but a Jinx is in your attack range and you can reach her safely then by all means switch to Jinx otherwise you would want to focus Leona. 
  5. The basic rule for switching targets is focus the nearest person without putting yourself in danger and when someone of a higher priority enters that range and also doesn't put yourself in danger then switch to that higher priority target.
  6. Tracking Summoner cooldowns, if you know their ADC doesn't have flash and they are very reliant on it, then you can abuse this fact and call the jungler to gank them knowing they won't be able to escape it.
  7. Map awareness - We all know that map awareness is important however ADCs are focused a lot of the time on reaching those CS numbers or trading with the enemy. However you should look at the map each time you get a CS or are waiting for the CS to get low.
  8. General rule of thumb, CS > Trading. If you are missing CS to trade with the enemy then it's not worth it. However, if the jungler comes to gank, try to follow up and don't try to CS unless you know it's a wasted gank and you are too far to follow up.
  9. Always try to push the wave to the turret when the enemy has backed as it makes them lose experience and gold.

Kiting & Positioning Back to Top

What is kiting?

Kiting refers to when a ranged champion continuously attacks a melee champion while keeping a safe distance not allowing the melee champion to reach him and doing any damage.

A good video showing this is :

It also shows what key bindings are useful for kiting.

Another great video on this is :

Where attack moving and animation cancelling are explained in more detail.

Now on to positioning:

Positioning is where you are compared to the enemy team. When people say you have bad positioning or you need to get better at positioning. 

What do they mean? 

Well they mean that you should stop being in the front line where your tanks should be or being caught out of position meaning you shouldn't of been there because you had nothing to gain from being there or you had insufficient vision to be able to make that play.

A good video on explaining all this is:

Laning Phase with Miss Fortune. Back to Top

In patch 5.23, Miss Fortune got a nerf to her base health and her Attack Speed (AS) on her W.

However this did not affect her at all as her main damage comes from her missfortunericochetshot.png (Q) and her missfortunebullettime.png (R) which have not been changed.

During laning phase:

Put a little AA here and there, and remember this is your lane, you got all the opportunities - ICyron 2015. 

A small sentence by my friend that explains what Miss Fortune is all about.

You can out trade anyone with your missfortunericochetshot.png bounce damage. Once a minion is low, look to bounce a missfortunericochetshot.png off that target as to do 50% increased damage to the enemy behind it.

This is what you are aiming to do during laning phase.

If you are against a CC heavy lane such as Nautilus or Braum then be very careful of your positioning as you are very immobile and this could cost you the lane.

As you are very immobile, you will want to make sure you look out for ganks and ward properly around you so you can avoid them.

When you use your ultimate, you are a stationary target (can't move) therefore you are a very vulnerable target. 

If you get CC'd while casting your ultimate, it will get cancelled. So be very careful when you use your ultimate as this could lose you your lane. Also be very careful of your cooldown as it is very high in the early levels before you get 40% CDR.

Use this in cases where they run away low hp or when chained with some of your allies CC.

You can also use this to clear the minion wave either at your turret to avoid losing the turret or to be sure to get all the farm or to just push the wave before you back as you know the enemy has also backed and want to push it really fast to make them lose experience and gold.

How does MF's Q work and bounce mechanic? Back to Top

So the missfortunericochetshot.png works like this : If there is an enemy behind the 1st target then it will bounce to it. The range from the 1st target to the 2nd target is the same as your AA range.

Depending on the angle you shoot at, it will bounce to the enemy behind it at the same angle you shot it at.

It will basically shoot parallel to where you shot the first target.

To show this, I made an image using paint (Excuse my poor paint skills) :


As you can see on this image, missfortunericochetshot.png will hit the first target and bounce to the second target that is in the same direction (parallel) to the angle you shot at.

So it will not hit perpendicularly behind it unless you positioned your Q to hit perpendicularly.

If there is no second target behind it then it will not hit anything and end at the first target. This means the bounce will not go to nearby targets if there are any unless there is one exactly behind the first target at the same angle.

Team fighting with Miss fortune Back to Top

Team fighting:

You do a lot of damage with your AoE abilities so this is where you shine and Miss Fortune will start wreaking havoc.

Your (E) missfortunescattershot.png is your bread and butter to kite and slow enemies down. Your (R) missfortunebullettime.png is your main damage threat.

Using your R in teamfights is very risky but very useful in wombo combos such as Malphite/Orianna/Yasuo/Braum or something like that.

You want to fight in choke points or otherwise called "bottlenecks" if possible as this is where you will get the maximum out of your ultimate duration.

What are choke points? 

Choke points are areas where enemies have to group up in order to get past it to go to another area, the space in this area is very limited mainly due to the walls being either side leaving you very little/no way of kiting or disengaging. 

This is used by teams with big AoE abilities in order to get their full burst damage off and maximum duration.

A few words of motivation from Bob Ross Back to Top

If you don't feel up for it or need words of motivation. Then let Bob Ross guide you to become a better player and also a happier one :)

Right Click, Attack Move, Attack Move Click ? Back to Top

Which one do I use? I am so confused !!

If this is the question you are asking yourself then look no further !

So how to decide between all 3 of these?

Well let's go over them:

Right click - This is your default click, you will have to click which target you want to attack as well as the direction you want to move in. This involves a lot of clicking.

Attack Move - What is this? Attack move allows you to move to a targeted location and attack any enemies that come near your attack range. This involves moving and attacking at the same time however requires one binding to use it and requires a second click to select the area.

This avoids you miss clicking and clicking next to a target and moving there instead of attacking it.

When you use attack move your move commands will turn red as shown below:

Red cursor.jpg

So how is this different to Attack move Click? Well think of Attack move Click as the smart-cast version of Attack move, meaning it will move and attack through one binding. Binding to "A" would be preferential as it is convenient.

If you want to know where these bindings are, there is a screenshot below of the options panel: 


I would recommend trying all 3 and finding which one works best for you !

Good luck :)

Question/Feedback :) Back to Top

If you have any questions, then feel free to ask them and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have any advice or feedback to give, please leave them in the comments section and I will gladly take them on board and hope to improve my guides further with them.

Thank you for reading this guide and hope you have learnt what you were looking for in this guide :)

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