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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Basically your to-go options. I'll explain why.

4.png This is the summoner spell you will be taking ALWAYS. Miss Fortune has no gap closer at all, this is what she needs in order to reposition properly and to be able to escape a tough situation when needed.
I do not recommend chasing with it, since it's your only true escape. But if you can reposition to ult, it will work out great before the enemies react.

7.png I get this nearly every game because it's so good. It can help you or your support get saved by the extra heal, the movement speed comes in handy for running away/repositioning. Use it basically when you think you are going to die if you don't use it. Also you can use it to save your support and then act like you did something for them.

Nothing else is good enough honestly, you might take 1.png if you really feel like you're going to use it, but considering how hard it is to use it properly, I highly recommend getting heal instead.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

There are two ways you can go with the mastery tree, but this is my preferred one (fits my playstyle better).

Okay, let's get going:



-You aren't much of a caster to need Sorcery, you don't have much spells, it's not worth it to boost your ult, so get Fury.

Fresh Blood/Feast/Expose Weakness:

-You can honestly go with either Fresh Blood or Feast, depending on your lane.
-If you can stay behind and if you wont take much damage, you can easely go with Fresh Blood. It makes your poke a bit larger in lane, helps you outpoke the enemies.
-Feast is more of a sustain tool in lane. Other than that, later in the game it will be mostly unnoticeable, same as Fresh Blood extra damage. If you are playing against a poke bot lane, you should take this to help you out sustain.

Vampirism/Natural Talent:

-Ok for these I think you can go either one, but I personally prefer Vampirism
-Vampirism helps a tiny bit in lane with the life steal/spell vamp. Also your ult works with spell vamp so that is a plus.
-Natural Talent is for straightforward damage, which is nice, it helps boost all of your spells damage by a bit, but I prefer some more sustain from this, and I usually don't get Feast. But honestly, you can do whichever you prefer.

Bounty Hunter/Double-Edged Sword/Battle Trance:

-You should be able to kill each enemy at least once during the game because you are the ADC, so you will have more damage than you would situationally with the other two spells.
-You might be able to gamble and take Double-Edged Sword, which makes you deal more damage from the start of the game, but it also makes you easier to kill. So adjust the masteries accordingly. I personally prefer Bounty Hunter in every matchup, since you are indeed Miss Fortune, the Bounty Hunter.

Battering Blows/Piercing Thoughts:

-Basically you deal physical damage, not magical, so take armor penetration.

Keystone Mastery: 

-Here you can go either Warlord's Bloodlust or Fervor of Battle, since Deathfire touch isn't really that viable on you.
-With the change of Warrior's Bloodlust, it isn't a must anymore. It is still my preferred choice, but now it offers some additional sustain in lane, and great life steal later in the game.
-Fervor of battle recently got buffed, and can be really strong on MF. Honestly the choice is yours between it and Warlord's, get what suits your playstyle better, and how you think your matchup will be played out.



-For new players, I recommend Savagery, since it helps you farm better. But honestly, it doesn't matter that much later, I honestly prefer the movement speed bonus so I can get faster somewhere. If you are getting used to the MF auto attacks and everything, go with Savagery to help out with farming.

Runic Affinity/Secret Stash/Assassin:

-Well since you wont be using the Runic Affinity/Assassin much, you go with the Secret Stash.
-You won't get that much neutral buffs so that Runic Affinity is worth getting.
-You won't be alone most of the time (well, you shouldn't), so it is just a wasted slot to get Assassin.


-You don't need the mana regen that bad, better get some extra damage.

Greenfather's Gift/Bandit/Dangerous Game:

-You are not a support to use Bandit, so you go with Dangerous Game. Works great when you want to run away with 5 HP.
-Greenfather's Gift isn't really as bad of a mastery, but it's impossible to proc if either botlane is pushing to a turret, it's not as reliable as Dangerous Game so I don't really like it.


-Since you don't really do much magic damage, I'd prefer Intelligence.
-Sure the extra 5% CDR doesn't do THAT much for you, but it helps when you need just a part of a second off a cooldown of an ability to save you/kill someone. So this is actually a tad better than the mixed penetration.

Keystone Mastery:

-Well honestly, more like Thunderlord's Decree.
-If you won't go in the Ferocity tree deeper (which I recommend), you can take this aswell. 
-It helps your poke in lane a lot, and it makes you deal some extra burst damage. 
-Recommended if you have a poke-support, so you can burst down someone faster. But generally, the Ferocity tree keystone masteries outshine this later in the game.

Choosing the right keystone mastery:

Warlord's Bloodlust

-You heal a lot.
-Additional sustain in lane, and in teamfights more life steal.
-No need to rush lifesteal that much if you have this.

Fervor Of Battle

-Additional damage in fights.
-Works only on champions, so you need to be committed to the fight, which MF usually doesn't do much early game.
-Extra damage in teamfights, you will be able to shine there.
-Recent buffs made it way more viable.

-Miss Fortune cannot use this really well mostly because she is not an early game duelist. You shouldn't fight too much.
-You need to constantly attack, this isn't really good if you are trying to back off.

Thunderlord's Decree

-Heavy poke damage in lane.
-Basically your E alone can proc this really fast.
-Boosts your retarded early game damage.
-You have massive burst poke damage if you use it well.

-You should actually use your E as an escape route, not for poking.
-Falls off mid-late game compared to the other keystone masteries.
-Has a cooldown.
-This boosts basically your single-target damage (the AoE isn't really that noticeable honestly).

Abilities Back to Top


Abilities Leveling:

-Pretty Straightforward. Damage early. Speed mid game. Utility late game. And ult whenever you can.

-At level 2, you can choose between your W and E, you can take whichever one you feel like you need more, at level 3 get the one you didn't get at lv2.

Passive: Love Tap 

-Every time you attack a new target (basically any target that you didn't attack the last auto attack/Q), you deal extra 60-100% AD as bonus physical damage. This is cut in half against minions. 
-You will see a mark next to the target champion/minion/monster/turret like a small heart. Only you should be able to see this. Against marked targets, you wont proc your passive.
-Your Double Up (Q) also procs this, so you can use this to double-proc the passive  if your Q hits a second target, since it applies the passive on BOTH targets hit. That's also a part of why the Q REALLY HURTS when you use it to bounce off a minion, kill it, and go to the second target.
-You can life-steal off this effect, which is really nice.
-The enemies can't really block this with spell shields.
-This can actually critical strike, but only when your basic attack crits. Another reason why MF REALLY hurts. And it also applies on Q second bounce crit aswell.

-Abuse it in lane, so between poking the enemy champion you farm. This way you will refresh your Love Tap and deal additional damage on the second poking of the enemy.
-Your Double Up also procs this, be sure to use it off minions after attacking the enemy for surprise burst damage.
-When attacking multiple enemies, try to proc it off everyone if possible. If you attack just one target, you actually deal less damage than if you would attack both, one hit by one. Try to change targets frequently. If the enemies are one behind another, Double Up will do the trick. If they are seperated, try to use AA on the first target, than fast Q on the second, and back to AA on the first one. That will deal increased damage to the first target, especially early game.

Q: Double Up 

-You shoot a targeted unit dealing  physical damage, and applying Love Tap.
-After the bullet hits the targeted unit, it searches for the next unit behind it in about 500 range, with a certain targeting algorithm.
The second shot follows a priority order on targets within 500 units of the primary target:
  1. Enemy champions in a 40° cone marked by Love Tap.
  2. Enemy or neutral units within a 20° cone.
  3. Enemy champions within a 20° cone.
  4. Enemy or neutral units within a 40° cone.
  5. Enemy champions within a 40° cone.
  6. Enemy or neutral units within a 110° cone.
  7. Enemy or neutral units within a 150-range 160° cone
-Basically, it first hits someone right behind it, and the further away the angle is, there is less chance to hit that enemy, unless there is no other enemy closer. It's kinda hard to explain, but you get the feel of it after you played quite some MF games. 
-The second shot deals the same damage and procs Love Tap.
-If the first target dies to the Double Up shot, the second one will critically strike.
-Double Up does not apply any spell effects, but it works off life steal. Also, if the second bolt does a critical strike, the bonus is increased by IE and similar effects, also all on-crit effects will be applied.
-This applies on-hit effects, from any items or other champions (example: Nami Tidecaller's Blessing).
-The initial range of this ability is 650, but it increases to your basic attack range when it's extended (basically Rapid Firecannon). So 650+500=1150, and that's a lot to poke with. 
-This ability completely ignores fog of war, so basically if you manage to cast the Q, it will ALWAYS bounce off if there is a second target.
-If the target dies before the first hit hits the enemy, it will still bounce off the corpse, but it will deal standard 2nd hit damage.
-Mana Cost: 43/46/49/52/55 
-Cooldown: 7/6/5/4/3 seconds (with some CDR, I usually get around 2.1 sec cooldown later, which is fairly little)

-I recommend using quickcast with INDICATORS for this ability at least, since you will actually be able to see the cone and it might help you figure out the angle it is going to. The angle is always relative to MF position at the moment of casting the ability. Once you're used to the ability, you can turn it off. But I recommend it for beginners.

-Use this to poke enemies in lane. Try to bounce it off minions to poke, but don't abuse it that much, since it uses A LOT of mana, especially early game. Especially abuse it to lasthit minions with it if there is an enemy champion behind it. It will deal massive crit damage from the ability (trust me, it's a LOT, especially early-mid game), this will also proc Love Tap for additional massive damage. This is your primary poking tool.

-When enemies are lined one behind another, it's a good idea to Q the first target, get the Love Tap on them, then right after the Q bounces off the enemy to the enemy behind him, you can proc the Love Tap again on the first enemy. 

-In teamfights, this is sort of harder to abuse. Try not to stay too close to the enemies, use this primarily between auto-attacks, and mostly to reset Love Tap. The damage late game isn't that hard, unless you find a way to bounce it off near-dead targets.

-Against fleeing enemies, if they are one behind another, and you cant reach the one that is further away, you can always use Double Up against the first enemy so it will bounce to the second enemy. Don't underestimate the range it can get, but also don't overestimate it.

W: Strut

-Passively you gain 25 extra movement speed when no one deals damage to you for 5 seconds. After additional 5 seconds of not taking damage, you gain 60/70/80/90/100 movement speed instead. When you are dealt damage, the movement speed boosts are gone.
-When activated you gain bonus 40/55/70/85/100% attack speed for 3 seconds and you gain the max passive effect.
-By applying Love Taps, the cooldown of this ability is lowered by 2 seconds. That means switching targets a lot is in your favor.

-The passive is great for getting back in lane faster.
-In lane, you can abuse the extra movement speed to easely avoid skillshots. 
-Beware if the enemies, or even minions attack you. You will lose the movement speed boost.
-The active is basically a stereoid. Use it whenever you're actually fighting.
-When activated, try to apply Love Taps as much as possible, since it significantly lowers the cooldown of the ability.
-If you are running away, if you are sure nothing will hit you right after you activate it, you might use this just to refresh your passive effect to the max extra movement speed. It will help you run away, but only if you aren't hit right after you use it.
-Later in teamfights, it gets a bit harder to refresh Love Tap sometimes, that's why you have your Q later on, you can easely get 3 Love Tap procs for a 6 second lower cooldown W if you Q-AA the target, and it has someone behind him.

E: Make It Rain

-This is an AoE slow that deals some damage over time.
-You slow the enemies by 28/36/44/52/60% for 2 seconds, or until they leave the circle.
-The damage/slow is applied only when enemies stand in it, after they leave it won't apply anymore.
-This ability grants sight in the area it's cast.
-The ability effect remains even if MF dies after cast.
-Range: 1000

-This is your only CC ability, and the only thing you have to keep yourself save. Try to save it to escape, since the slow isn't quite low.
-NEVER use this to poke enemies, since it costs a lot of mana, doesn't do that much damage, and you are vulnerable.
-You might use this to catch up on fleeing enemies, since it does have quite some range, and the slow isn't that bad.
-You can use it so the enemies have lower chance of dodging your Bullet Time or Double Up, that's the main offensive use of the ability.
-This has a slight cast time, beware of using it in tough moments.

R: Bullet Time

-Your ultimate ability, it deals A LOT OF damage over time in a large cone.
-You fire a total of 12/14/16 waves of bullets over 3 seconds, each bullet dealing 75% AD + (20% AP) physical damage.
-So if you hit all the bullets, this results in a total of base 900/1050/1200% AD + (240/280/320% AP). This is a lot.
-And if this ability doesn't deal enough bullshit damage, you additionally can crit with this ability. Each wave has a chance to crit equal to your critical strike chance. 
-If the wave crits, it deals 120% damage. This applies to every single wave itself. 
-If you have additional critical strike damage (basically if you have IE passive effect), the wave deals extra damage.
-While you are casting this, you stand still unable to move or cast anything else.
-You can cancel this ability by simply moving.
-Any hard CC that moves you will interrupt your ult (stun, knockup, knockback, etc)
-Spell shields do not block this ability.
-Mana Cost: 100
-Range: 1400
-Cooldown: 120/110/100 seconds

-This is your mega ultra bullshit damage ability. Use it basically when you know enemies have used their escape abilities.
-Don't use it when you're too close to the enemies unless they will die fast to it, since it's not hard to dodge up close.
-Try to use it when enemies have no way to run. Most effective in jungle.
-This ability shines at large teamfights. Stay behind, and ult while your team fights, you will deal massive damage to everyone.
-Early game it easely deals around 40% enemy HP (or more). Basically finish your enemies with it. Make sure they didn't use their CC or escape abilities (example: Ezreal E)
-Care for Yasuo Wind Wall, or Braum Unbreakable since it will block your bullets from passing. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard Starting Items
    Your Trinket, upgrade to the blue one when you can
    Get cull if you are forced to back, but have no gold for anything else more expensive, it pays off, and gives you slightly more sustain in lane.

Core Items

    Core Item, GET ONE OF THEM. Essence Reaver still works, but lately Infinity Edge has proven to be slightly better due to MF's Q change that the second shot just crits, so IE amplifies that damage. Reaver is still viable, but I prefer Infinity now.
    An another amazing MF item since it boosts your range and damage a lot. Also works amazing with essence reaver you will be getting
    Your Life Steal options, get after firecannon

Situational Items

    Against tanks
    When your ult does the job alone
    Example Full Build: Tank Buster MF
    Example Full Build: Life Steal Bitch
    Example Full Build: All-rounder MF

Starting Items:

-You should like always get this. I really don't even need to explain myself why every other option is bad.

Essence Reaver:

-This item is so good on MF, that it needs a separate room here.
-Besides the early AD boost MF needs in order to deal massive damage, the crit chance comes in nice in lane, and also the mana regen is really nice since MF uses a lot of mana.
-Additionally the CDR is really nice to have, you have quite a long ult cooldown, but also this reduces your Q damage by a lot after you get Firecannon, so your Q has a lower cooldown.

Rapid Firecannon:

-You need an attack speed/crit chance item, and this is the best one for MF at this moment.
-The extra range makes poking even more dreadful, and the extra burst damage you get is amazing.
-MF already has descent AoE and wave clear, so you don't really need Statikk.
-Phantom Dancer is a good item to have, but Firecannon outclasses it earlier.
-Late game you might sell Firecannon for Phantom Dancer if you feel it will do better.

Infinity Edge:

-With the changes for the current Q, it is actually also viable to rush IE, since it boosts your Q bounce damage dramatically if you kill an enemy with the first shot.

-You will need this end game anyway, since it's the biggest boost of your damage when you crit.

Life Steal Items:

3072.png Basically the life steal item I prefer the most. Grants you a lot of extra damage and life steal.
3153.png If your enemies have loads of health you can't just simply break through, this helps.
3812.png This works so well with your ult, I have to mention it. Buy when you don't get to AA that much.
3139.png Against some hard deadly CC, this item does wonders. Also gives nice stats.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ashe
  • Caitlyn
  • Corki
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Jhin
  • Jinx
  • Kalista
  • Kog'Maw
  • Lucian
  • Sivir
  • Tristana
  • Twitch
  • Vayne




Ashe is an ok matchup.

-She has no movement abilities whatsoever, so you shouldn't have problems poking her. 
-She does outrange you, but if you spam missfortunericochetshot.png enough, you should do the trick.
-Her poke is quite annoying actually, but you poke harder, stay behind your minions so her asheW.png doesn't hit you, and you are good to go.
-After level 6, the matchup gets in her favor sinceasheR.png completely wrecks your ult. Avoid it at all costs, and NEVER ult before she's used it, or your ult is wasted.




You would think that this would be hard. But it's not THAT hard.

-Your movement passive doesn't matter much, since she will poke you hard early game.
-Try to poke her back, her Q has a 1 sec cast time, if she's behind a minion, ABUSE missfortunericochetshot.png
-Avoid traps at all costs. Just go around them.
-Her net is a viable escape ability, and it does knock her back hard. Use your ult after she uses her net.
-Stand in front of your support if she is about to kill him with her ult, and you won't die to it.
-It's a good idea to kill her while she's chanelling her ult if she's near you when she does it. She can't attack while using it. You can ult at this moment just fine.
-Don't poke with your AA too much, since she can poke harder than you. Instead try to use your Q.




His poke is quite deadly, but you can manage it. Medium-Hard.

-His mixed damage doesn't bother you much.
-His Q is not that hard to dodge, and if you have your Strut, just dodge it.
-His burst damage is quite high, and his poke post 6 is high too. Try to poke with your AA-Q early game before he gets his ult to get the advantage.
-If he has special delivery, STALL THE LANE. It expires after one minute, but he is really deadly during that minute. It can make you lose the fight instantly.
-Don't let him poke you too much. He has greater range on his ult than you have on your Q.
-He might go all in with his W sometimes, use your ult after you dodge his Q to deal lots of damage to him.




You might as well suicide against him.

-He outdamages you so hard that you shouldn't even bother poking him with basic attacks.
-Try to poke him with your Q, you still have longer range than he does.
-His long range dravendoubleshot.png is a really tough ability, since it can cancel your ult instantly, and effortless since it has such range.
-In duels, and even in poking he outdamages you. So you shouldn't let him get close to AA you.
-You can see where will his axes land, you can use that as an advantage so you can predict his movements and have a greater chance of hitting your Double Up.
-Never straight duel him, he will almost always win, instead poke from behind. You still outrange him and can poke him down, just that if he catches you off guard, you are dead.




If he plays it right, you can't do much.

-He has greater range and lower cooldowns early game. 
-You outdamage him in a straight fight, but he can easely avoid fighting and stay back.
-Stay behind minions, and abuse your speed buff to dodge his Q's.
-Accordingly, try to hit your Q as much as possible off minions when he makes a mistake. You can outpoke him if you do it right.
-Post 6, he can really easely dodge your ult with his E. Don't ult until he's used it.
-Ward the bushes, he knows to randomly ult and just pop in with his burst. It can easely kill you.
-When he is out of mana, Murder him.




-Medium-Hard matchup

-His damage early game is quite high, but he still has less range than you on his autos. Try to poke him around in lane.
-Avoid his 4th shot, he will most likely try to use it to poke you.
-When he is reloading, take the opportunity to poke him back if possible.
-He has no mobility, which makes your E slow murder him if he's lower on health, since you can easely follow up.
-After level 6, your ult does more damage, quicker, but his ult has much longer range. You might even say that it's a good strategy to ult him while he's ulting, but that depends on your and his health. Try to do that when you're above half health, and he's at half health or lower, and makes that mistake.




She fairly outranges you mid-late game and outdamages you, but you should have the early game.

-Poke her and don't let her poke harder than you.
-She has no escape whatsoever, abuse that to poke her and ult her when she's low.
-Poke her off the minions, and if she uses the rocket launcher, stay away from the target she's attacking and try to poke her with the minions.
-Dodge her W, you have the speed to.




Kalista can be a bit tricky, but you can make sure she loses.

-Her hops are annoying. But you can still see where will she land and Q the minion in front of her. That will punish her.
-Don't bother ulting unless she has no target to attack. She can easely hop out of it.
-You outdamage her early game, don't let her fight you for a longer time. 
-If you just poke and don't go straight for damaging her, you win the lane.
-If she ulted, you shouldn't. Wait for the CC to end.




He has no escape, you should be able to poke him down.

-Honestly his damage is pretty high and annoying, but you can handle it.
-Don't fight him while he has his kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png on. Never.
-You outpoke him hard early game. Punish him for farming.
-After 6 he still has no escape, you can ult him easely.
-Also, you should dodge his R without much problems with your missfortuneviciousstrikes.png passive.
-Just poke, don't straight fight him unless you are ahead.




You outrange him, but he can pack a punch.

-Poke him in lane and dodge his lucianQ.png, and you should be fine.
-He has lower range, punish him for farming.
-When he goes in with his lucianE.png, he will deal damage to you. Try to back off a bit, and when he's going back to farming, harass him.
-If he ults, just try to stand behind minions/supp/dodge it. 





-She has fair damage with her spiralblade.png. Dodge it early.
-You outpoke her due to her low range, just don't let her get too close to you.
-Her spell shield honestly doesn't do nearly anything for her against you.
-She is a lot faster than you. She can seriously catch up with you and force you to fight her, in straight fight 1 vs 1 she is stronger unless you are ahead. Punish her early game with poking.
-In straight up duels, she wins. Try to poke her, and avoid straight combat.




Tristana is a monstar.

-You can handle it, even though she outdamages you.
-When she uses her detonatingshot.png, back off. It has a long cooldown early game, but it packs a punch. Don't duel her with this on.
-Her jump is quite annoying since it basically forces you to duel her. She has better dueling power than you, so don't stay too close to her.
-Poke her a lot, and back off when she uses her detonatingshot.png, it should help you in lane.
-Post 6 she can easely interrupt/dodge your ult, so yeah :/. Try to survive the lane, catch her off-guard.




Actually a tad harder than u might think but u can handle it.

-His stealth forces you to fight him. try to attack the support until he arrives.
-He is really squishy and has no real escape, use your missfortunericochetshot.png constantly to poke him, he can't dodge it well.
-He outdamages you in a straight fight, don't fight him unless you are sure you can't escape his engage.
-Pink wards help.
-After he unstealths, you can easely ult for crap dmg. He will usually be a bit closer to you, but not too close. That's the time to ult and destroy him.




Vayne is easy early, hard late.

-Don't let her poke you please. Her vaynesilveredbolts.png and vaynetumble.png can really damage you.
-You outpoke her. She can dodge a lot, but your Q a bit harder. Try to abuse it when she uses her Q for a safe hit.
-Her vaynecondemn.png is a horror for your ult. She can instantly destroy it. And kill you.
-She can dodge your ult, so don't use it before she uses her vaynetumble.png.
-Late game it's hopeless unless you snipe her with your ult from afar.

Playstyle Back to Top

In lane

-You have the standard range on your auto-attacks, and long range on your Double Up. You will generally do different stuff in lane depending on your enemies.
-No matter what, against who you are. Try to farm as much as possible. Sure you need to poke them and everything, but you really need the farm more so you can scale. It's completely possible to kill the enemy laner, but since most enemies have a way to escape in the last moment and you don't, farming is a reliable way to get gold. And after the Essence Reaver/Rapidcannon you get a power spike which will help you deal massive damage in a fast time.

Against lower/same auto attack range enemies:


-Against these champions you should try to attack them between farming. Basically use an AA when he goes for a minion and you don't have any minions to attack. Punish them for taking any farm. Poking with Double Up in between also works just fine. Don't let them come closer to you or they will severely damage you more than you damage them.
-In case of Sivir/Corki/Kog'Maw you should wait for their abilities to go off cooldown to poke. By this I mean Sivir spiralblade.png, Corki phosphorusbomb.png, Kog'Maw kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png. After these abilities are on cooldown, they're far easier to poke. They usually won't have a way to poke back unless you come too close.
-In case of Twitch/Graves/Quinn/Kalista they usually don't have much to do unless they come close. Just stay far behind and poke. They're fairly easy until they get close to you, if they do, back off a bit and just unleash terror.
-In case of Ezreal/Lucian/Draven they're a bit tougher to poke since they have fair gap closers (Lucian/Ezreal) or just absurd damage (Draven). Don't engage in a fight with them because you simply can't win (except with Ezreal, but he will most likely simply escape). Try to poke when they go for farm, or when you see an opportunity.
-In case of Vayne (she's a special little hamster), it's a bit harder because she can easely turn from you poking her to her attacking you due to her natural speed and damage. Never let her attack you, instead poke with Double Up, and wait for her to go for farm again. Attack her while she tries to farm. 
-Against all these champions, there is one thing in common. In lane, try not to stay too far away, but don't stay too close. If you are far away, sure that you are safer, but your only poke will be Q, and you won't unleash your potential. Later in the game, most of them will be a lot stronger than you, or they simply won't be able to die fast. You need to punish them for trying to farm. If you are too close, they are mostly stronger at dueling and will most likely kill you unless you got something up your sleeve.
-If the enemies have a poke support (432.png267.png1.png), try to stay further away from them since they hurt. Also they will be trying to come closer to poke you, so they won't be far off. You can use this to poke them aswell.

Against higher auto attack range enemies:


-Against these champions, you shouldn't try to poke with your AA a lot, since they have larger range and will poke you harder. Avoid all of their skillshots, stay behind minions (except against Jinx, against her DO NOT stay close to minions), and try to poke with your Double Up mostly, since it has nearly the range they have.
-Stay a bit further away than against those lower range auto attack/spell champions, since if you are too close, they get free poke. Stay as far away as possible, while you are still able to farm and cast Q on minions to bounce off on enemy champions.
-One thing common against these champions, is that they are weaker at dueling (most of the time). If your support engages hell on them, they either don't have escape, or just don't have any reliable way of getting away. You will nearly always outdamage them if you work around Love Tap well.

In Teamfights

-You have fairly low range on your auto attacks, and you have no escape whatsoever. That's why you will be the first target to be focused in a teamfight (unless someone else in your team is really fed and you aren't fed). Don't get close to enemies at all. If they are closer than your auto attack range, start backing off while attacking in the same time. Go back between auto-attacks (it's called orb-walking, i will make a video explaining it soon).
-Your ultimate has fairly large range. When your team is fighting, find a safe spot behind them and unleash hell. Don't be too close to the enemies when you ult. Try to make your ult hit enemies over the half of your ult range, and less than the max range, that is the ideal teamfighting range in order for you to stay safe.
-Since you most likely won't be able to reach further away enemies with your auto attacks, abuse your Double Up to do so. Whenever you can auto attack an enemy, and there is someone behind them, use Double Up.
-Don't use your Make It Rain until someone goes at you. It's your only defense, use it to escape more safely.
-If there are two enemies in your range that you can AA, use Strut then (unless you think you will need it to refresh the MS buff to escape). You will be able to keep changing targets and prolong the attack speed buff.
-Never stay in the front, if there is an ally behind you, stay a bit back. I know that you will most likely sometimes chase targets, and since you are faster due to your Strut you will go faster than your allies. But never stand in front of them or you will simply die without any reasons.

Playing with your Support Back to Top

One really important thing in lane is to play around your support. You should try to help him out when you can, and to communicate with him. Without communication, it's really pointless to play this game in general.

Here are the groups of supports and how should you play with them, aswell their ratings.

Poke/All In Supports:


-With these supports it's almost the same story. They have high amounts of poke damage, and along with your poke which is also amazing, you should be able to deny the enemy ADC to even play this game.
-They're quite squishy, so they will stay a bit further away from the enemies. So you shouldn't be closer than you have to farm to the enemies unless they are going in.
-They all have an amazing burst of damage and can easily switch from poke to all-in and kill the enemy. You both have the damage.
-Try to poke as much as you can, and when your support pokes, you can go in for a trade. They will usually try to back off. Just don't get too deep.

Poke/Heal Supports:


-They, as well as the category of supports above, will stay behind and poke as much as they can. But besides that, they offer healing and a way to sustain you which is also awesome.
-They are really similar to the supports above, except that their damage is a tad lower, and that you need to catch an low HP enemy off guard in order to successfully kill them.
-You can trade with knowing they will be able to do some form of saving you.
-When they CC both of your enemies (excluding Bard ult, plz), they will most likely be stunlocked and your Bullet Time will deal quite some damage since the enemies wont be able to dodge it right away.
-Just care that you shouldn't stay really close to the enemies, since your support won't either.

Defensive Supports:


-They are the type of supports that has a primary job of saving you.
-This means that they don't deal a lot of damage, and that damage should be your thing to do.
-Don't hesitate to trade with enemies, if something goes wrong they can go in and save you without much problems.
-Remember that they also have their cooldowns, if they've recently used their abilities, you should stay back for a while.
-When you see that you have a chance to kill the enemy, go for it. Again, if something goes wrong you will be nearly unharmed.
-The problem with these supports, next to them not dealing damage, is that you have to trust them. Trust is everything.

Tank/CC supports:


-These supports don't offer much sustain or general defense (excluding Alistar's heal and Thresh's lantern), but when they hit an enemy with one of their CC, they will be hurt really hard.
-They don't have a traditional way of dealing damage, but they can ensure that you deal as much as possible in the time frame.
-When they engage, you should go in if they hit their spells, since the enemies will most likely be CC-ed for a while. They can't harm you during this while, and you should unleash hell on them.
-These are my favorite supports to play with since they secure kills for you. And that is what Miss Fortune really needs in order to wreck everyone in the game.


-Ahh how I love this guy. He has literally everything the above supports have, only to a lesser degree.
-He has quite amazing damage if he knows what he's doing (I am lvl 6 mastery on Taric btw, that should tell you enough), and can burst down someone easely.
-He increases your armor, ensuring some defense, and he also has a heal and a shield.
-Has a way to CC the enemy ensuring they won't escape.
-Ultimate makes you invulnerable, able to go all-in.
-He is really tanky aswell.
-The only thing he is missing is a gap closer. He is also really slow, so he needs to get in range to do stuff. But that's really simple if the enemies attack you. He can turn the fight around in your favor.

When to Dragon Back to Top

Honestly this is really important for you to have. But also it is pretty simple.

Just ask the 5 questions:

Is the enemy jungler dead or on top lane?

-This is more important than you might think. If the enemy jungler is dead/top lane he can't steal the dragon with his smite.

Is the enemy botlane dead?

-If they're dead you probably won't die trying to get the dragon.

Does the enemy team know where you are?

-If they know that you were just bot, and you disappear, they will most likely know that you are doing dragon and they will try to stop you.
-Also check for wards around the dragon pit.

Do you have a chance to take an enemy inner/inhibitor turret?

-If you push really hard during the game and the enemies are dead, it is better to take the turret than the dragon, let the rest of your team take the dragon and you should focus yourself on getting that turret since it helps. If the outer turret is still there it's not that much of a problem since you will still be able to kill it a tad later, and it helps you farm if it's still there.

-Of course, if you can split your team between pushing/taking dragon, that's the most optimal choice.

Also, if you have a wave of farm already, finish it first and then go drag. You have no idea how much does this actually help you. Push your lane before doing drag, that way you will have both farm and drag.

Video Section Back to Top

There will be added videos to this section when I make them, or when I find some useful ones online. 


-This is something every player should know how to to regardless of the champion. But for an ADC, it is needed the most.
-Orbwalking is basically moving between auto-attacks. You need to move between auto attacks every time so you can position better.
-This video explains really well how important orbwalking is. Also you have info on attack move, but I personally don't use it because I really prefer clicking everywhere as much as possible.
-This is an old video, but the orbwalking part is still good to use, and you should master that in order to be a good ADC player.

Miss Fortune General Gameplay

-I will add myself the videos when I edit them and I'm lazy soooooooooooooooo, it will be done soon(tm).

Your Questions Back to Top

Whichever question you may have, post it here in the comments or just ask me in the game. I will try my best to answer you those questions, and I will post them here so you can see before you ask me the same thing twice. 

So, what are you waiting for? Ask me.

Tips and Tricks Back to Top

-When you are trying to push a turret hard, try to use Double Up on the minions next to the turret between auto attacks on the turret to refresh Love Tap on the turret dealing extra damage.

-Be smart about using Flash, if you play it right you can just flash in an direction to ensure your ult hits the enemy as much time as possible.

-Do not overestimate your 1 vs 1 damage. Your damage falls off by a lot if you don't have targets to apply Love Tap to. 

-While fighting from behind, try to change targets of your AA as much as possible so your Love Tap refreshes itself.

-If you are farming, try to switch targets due to the Love Tap, it will make farming and pushing much easier.

-When you're fighting multiple enemies, try to find a way to refresh Love Tap for maximum damage, and for a W refresh. That way you'll have the upper hand in the duel. If you cant use your Q to do a crit bounce proc, use it exclusively to refresh Love Tap. The damage you'll get from Love Tap is greater than your Bounce Up damage without the crit from it.

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