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Summoner Spells Back to Top

3.png : Exhaust is very common for support. Debuffs enemy's Movement Speed (MS) and Attack Speed by 30%, all Damage by 40% and makes MR and Armor 10 points lower. Using on the enemy with highest damage may be critical.
In teamfight you will use it mostly on the enemy assassin.

7.png: Why heal when you are support ? This is not very common in the meta, but your carry can take 1.png to save himself from CC, while you have this needed heal. This is strong when enemy don`t have assassins and your 3.png will not go in very good use. Also 3.png have cast range and if you can`t use it it will be useless. Getting 7.png and your ADC 1.png is stong when you face something like 22.png + 40.png. Janna don`t have really strong damage, you can dodge enchantedcrystalarrow.png but your ADC can not. This stun will loose yor the fight, but cleanse save the day. And it is better then 3.png. You will say, right after the stun, exhaust Ashe and it is ok, but what happen if enemy jungler come in the same moment ? 
Also it is strong when you think you can win your lane wihtout 3.png, but enemy team have 4.png. You can go away fast with missfortuneviciousstrikes.png but your ADC will be cought with yellow card.  1.png will help , but playing without Heal in bot lane is not a good idea. So you as support will need to take it. This are just examples and there are many situations like this. This of them in champ select.

14.pngI am never picking with MF this spell, you are going for 3123.png, so you don`t really need the healing debuff. You already have a lot of damage and this true damage is not so in use. Also this spell late game is USELESS.
There people who say "but you need killig potential " " there is kill pressure in lane with ignite" Sure but exhaust have it too. Slowing, reducing enemy damage and increasing your damage by reducing enemy resists. 

2.png: If I can pick it, I could. Really. Very strong spell, always knwo where is the enemy jungler, or where their mid laner is roaming. Well this spell is not in the game anymore but lolking stil have it in the list of spells xD

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

32?cb=20131121235724vs 32?cb=20131122000732- MS stack with your W, and you are not going  to farm minions => Wanderer is much better 
32?cb=20131122001006&format=webp - some more sustain from Potions. 32?cb=20121215070906&format=webp is not ok in double lane, and you are not going to get buffs for 32?cb=20130406093835&format=webp
32?cb=20131122000021&format=webpvs 32?cb=20131122000839&format=webp- Merciless is nice, but 21.png spells cost a lot and you are not going for manaregen items except 2301.png
32?cb=20121215075721&format=webp- help a lot for getting you items. AD items are cost a lot more than support ones, however 32?cb=20131122001038&format=webp give you a nice damage if you are going for sustain damage. For Poker, Greenfather`s Gift is not worth.

32?cb=20130406093347 vs 32?cb=20131122001030- Going for Hybrit runes is useless if you don`t take Precision. Also, increase a lot. Intelligence reduce your missfortunescattershot.png CD with half second and your ult with 5 seconds, is not so much. 

32?cb=20131122000104vs 32?cb=20140220112847 vs 32?cb=20130406093347 - Obviosly Armor Pen is Best for late game. Magic pen is useless because enemies dont have Magic resist early game and you are not doing a lot of magic damage late game. Precision is stong in both early and late game. 

32?cb=20151103094742 vs 32?cb=20151103094525 - the damage from this two is almost the same, but thunder power fall to late game. However, if you choose Deathfire you will loose Precision and it is not worth. Your early damage is reduced a lot.

32?cb=20151114180556 vs 32?cb=20131121235650- Both work on MF but abilities damage is just better. 

32?cb=20121215080152- NO 

32?cb=20160225002039 vs 32?cb=20130406093803 - I like the damage from Fresh Blood, and take it if I know someone from the team already is taken Expose Weakness ( i.e  32.png  ) 

32?cb=20121215075345 vs  32?cb=20131121235900 - playing vs other poker I reccomend Vampirism. It give a nice sustain, in other ways get Natural Talent. 

32?cb=20091128184505- It is good for any agressive support. You have to go in, fight 3 seconds and go out of combant to reset the mastery.
32?cb=20140220112024-  Very good if you are going to be a poker, so you are not going to take a lot of damage but increasly every of your spells damage. 

Abilities Back to Top


2 reasons Maxing E first is the best choice. First, at max level it give you 60% slow, this help your Ult to do more damage, because they can`t escape the AREA. Also you need to have some kind of Peel for your ADC if it is needed.
Second, base damage from E is nice and better than the Q.
Max W second, will help you to roam and clear the wards much master. Also having high movements speed give you better trade potention with hit and run tactic/

You can swap level 3 and 4, but using both spells will make you loose a lot of mana. And the damage is not so increased over the time.
Playing against Zyra, get Q in level 2. You will need it to one shot her plants. In this situation, you can get W on level 4 to maximaze your damage, or get in level 3 if you think you will be ganked before hitting level 4. About the dodging of Zyra spells, well every champion can dodge without your high movement speed, so you can too :D

If you find yourself in good position for roam constantly, you can get third point of W before maxing E. This will help you to not loose so much XP. Keep in mind this will reduce your damage and your ganks can be less effective. This is only an rare option in 1 of 20 games situation. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    If you feel you will need more help and Refillable potions is not enought. Also is better vs Ignite, Biscuits give 50hp instatly and can you save you from this last tick damage.
    It is better versus other pokers, so you dont need to take potion in everyback. Vampirism help too

Core Items

    You are support, so keep your map revealed and know where are your enemies
    Your main task. Reduce the healing, slow the enemy and shred their armor.

Situational Items

    Agressive Build
    Defensive Build

How to start the game ?

3303.png is the best support starting item for you. You  benefit more than any other support with it. Just try it and you will see you get a lot more gold than other support, just because it is easier for you to stack it. Dont forget you can get some gold from harrasing enemy before first wave. Carefully without facecheking, go to the enemy byff and use E in the bush, free gold. They are slowed and can`t really go after you. ifthey try to chase, 14 second and E again - you are safe.

1055.png : If you are loosing your lane but luckily get first blood, Doran Blade`s HP, Damage and lifesteal will be the most helping item for getting the advantage. Atleast, you will not loosing the lane anymore. Getting 1028.png  and going for SightStone will not help you that much.

3092.png is not worth. You don`t really need this slow when you have missfortunescattershot.png. Also you are not playing with active items and 2045.png don`t help you a lot. 2301.png is the best choice for sight stone. 

Most of the game i get 2049.png then 3123.png and then go for 2301.png. However, playing vs 16.png37.png etc, you can rush  3123.png before the 2049.png. Vision is a must but think out of the box. Why do you need vision if you are going to loose your lane. It is better to play safe and have kill potential  than having vision but loosing farm under turret.

How ususally my build is going ?

3303.png ->  3098.png1001.png -> 2049.png -> 3123.png 3341.png -> 2301.png -> 3158.png -> 3071.png -> 3190.png -> 3033.png -> Last Item depend 
3303.png ->   2049.png -> 3098.png1001.png -> 3123.png 3341.png-> 2301.png -> 3158.png -> 3071.png -> 3190.png -> 3033.png -> Last Item depend 
3303.png ->    3098.png1001.png-> 3123.png -> 2049.png 3341.png-> 2301.png -> 3158.png -> 3071.png -> 3190.png -> 3033.png -> Last Item depend 

Why I am taking 3341.png so late and not in the moment when I take sightstone? Easy! Because SightStones, is not enought most of the times. Yes you need 3341.png  and if your jungler want to gank a lot you can take it earlier but if not, it is better for you both teams to have wards than anyone. 

First one is the most usual. Getting  3098.png will help you to gain gold faster, and this is very easy with MF, boots give you aditional MS for roaming, better trading and escape from jungle ganks. 

Second one is when you are from the blue side and they have jungler who can really disturbed you early, or your ADC don`t have good escape. i.e Against 254.png, she can lockdown everyone, so you need this vision. Or when your ADC is 202.png, he have root but still he can miss it. 
Third one , rarely go for this one. This is when you want to slowball the lane. Firstly you have to be ahead and winning your lane. Second you have to be sure you are OK without sighstone so early. This mean your ADC have escape ability, enemy jungler is behind, your jungler spend a lot of time bot-mid side and things like this. In low elo I do this a lot of times but playing with platinums and higher never had the opportunity. 

Why we build 3123.png even if enemy team don`t have any healers ?

This are the reasons : 20?cb=20151103094434&format=webp + 20?cb=20111115121115&format=webp Warlord Bloodlust is broken for Marksman at the moment and everyone is playing with it. Same as heal.
In teamfight most of the support make 3107.png and even some of the jungler. Your 23?cb=20150204013501Grievous Wounds will reduce the broken healing of this item.

Why we build 3071.png even when enemy team don`t build armor?

Every champion`s armor scale with level excluding 412.png but he get armor from his souls. And the lowest armor ot lvl 18 is 65. This mean, every enemy have atleast 65. Also there only a few people who don`t get any armor for their runes (+9) . You stack 3071.png preatty fast and it will reduce atleast 20 armor. This mean, you give to everyone of your team minimum of 20 flat armor pen. In Meta where your armor pen is scaling with enemy level, this is alot. 
Anyway, in most of the games every champion of the game have no less than 100 armor, and your  3071.png will reduce 30 of their armor, and then the lethality items will calculated.

When is the time for building  3033.png ?

1. Immediately after 3071.png if enemy team have strong regeneration. Not like 106.png who have to proc his passive or 19.png who need to lifesteal but like 16.png37.png , 12.png or even 11.png. Their heal is strong and it hard to siege vs team which can outheal your poke. Building 3033.png increase the duration of 23?cb=20150204013501Grievous Wounds from 3 to 5 sec and help you to not letting enemy to heal so much for 2 sec. 
2. Immediately after 3071.png if you can get position easy for ult and enemy team have a lot of resist. 3033.png Don`t give you any defense, not like other offence items. Be sure there is not better item for the moment. Most of the times, one defence before 3033.png  is better choice. 
Keep in mind 3033.png give you % armor pen which is applyied after  3071.png and enemies need to have atleast 90 armor, for 3033.png to be efficient. Anyway, it`s cost is lowest from other AD agressive items. Only 2700-800 = 1900 gold because you already have 3123.png. That`s the reason I make after 3190.png (or other defence item) and them make the last agressive item. 
3.  3071.png -> 3035.png -> 3190.png - > 3033.png  Is a good choice when you face really hard resist tanks. Last Whisper give you 45% after 7.4 Patch and t will help you a lot. 

What Shoes I have to get?

3020.png  Good choice when you are full AD team. You have only E which make magic damage but anyway, if the enemy have only 50 magic resist with your magic pen from Precision and eventually from your runes and +15 from shoes you deal true damage with E. 
3158.png Most common choice of boots. with your core build you have 30% CDR abd this boots  make it 40%. Also reduce 3.png which is your main defense vs assassins. 
3009.png If you are going for other CDR item, this will be better than Ionions. Your speed is significantly reduce when you take damage. This item help you to keep going when are you chasing or being shcased.
3111.png/3047.png: are more effective than other boots if only enemy team are full AP or full AD team. Because of your low hp, even if you have the effects of this two, you will be one shotted.
3117.png: This have the same effect of your missfortuneviciousstrikes.png, and if you got hit, you will loose too much MS. Better take other boots. 

 When I need agressive Item and when Defensive?

Best Defence is the attack, if you can one shot the enemy before it get your ADC you are the best support :D 
In patch 7.4 3071.png give you higher HP but less damage, 32?cb=20130406093347  was nerfd and all of ferocity 4th row too. This reduce your damage overall and I prefer to skip my defense item in most of the situations.
Anyway, your defensive items are really Situational.
3190.png help both you and your team to survive very big burst. Only you need to lear to use in in time. The shield is decaying very fast. but if you use in the right moment att level 11 it is 420 shiled, someone can just ignore syndrar.png 
3512.png Is for when you already lost Inhibitor. It is better to be taken from the tank but if they don`t want to build it you are the man. Anyway, Resist are resist and will help you. 
3050.png You have only one magic damage spell but missfortunericochetshot.png and missfortunebullettime.png stack with AP as well. Also your W give you AS and stack well with 50% crit from this item. Build this when you need armor and think your ADC need additional 50% crit (or when you have 45.png
3147.png: You are support, this item will help you clean more wards. Additional, it give you a lot of damage and armor pen. Lethality is much stronger late game than early, so if you build it late it is more gold efficient. 
3814.png: it is good not only for assassins and it was buffed in 7.2 Patch. The shield is 10 seconds. Have only 30 seconds CD,. You can learn to use it properly and save you FROM assassins, just use it when you are searching for a position and not hitting anyone. Anyway, this will not benefit for your ADC but it is OK if the assassin can oneshot your adc aswell. 
3812.png: If you didn`t get 3158.png this is you last 10% CDR. Also reduce the burst and take it as damage overtime. It is also great item against Arthilery Mages like 115.png and 101.png
3139.png: Magic resist + Clease. Again don`t benefit for your ADC and building Solari before this is a good choice.

3091.png: It is good item but I don`t recommend. It stack with your AS from W, and help your magic damage dealers, also it is applyed by your Q but don`t with your R.  Other items are better in 99% of the time.

Why not Ap scale Items ?

Just don`t forget, getting AP dpn`t increasy a lot your magic damage. Only E is dealing magic damage, other spells stack with AP but still deal physical damage.
3116.png: was nerfed. Yeah now is cheaper but it really don`t give you enought hp, don`t give you and enough AP. With Rylai  your ult slow too aswell as you Q, and if you think this kite power will help you go for it, but in most situation it isn`t worth.
3151.png: You don`t scale a lot with Magic pen, only one of your skills apply its passive, but the damage is double. Is it worth? Mostly no. The hp is the same as rylai, AP is 5 higher than rylai but cost 500 gold more. You get some extra damage but still rylais slow is a lot more worth than this damage.
3089.png: It is too expensive and it is not gold efficient if you don`t have atleast 170 AP before tha passive apply

3285.png: I like the passive. Using Q apply Luden aswell. The MS stack with yours and if you really want to go for magic damage this might mork. I deal magic damage from the passive ! Anyway, all of your AD items(Agressive build  above) give you some resists, while building this you don`t have anyresist. 
3157.png: This one is good. The active is awesome. If you this this active is better than shield from  3190.png or 3814.png you can get this item. And if you made 3050.png you will have bonus  144 AP. + 120 from 3089.png = 264 than it`s passive will be +92 and it  will be more efficient than other items.  Still keep in mind,  3089.png don`t give you any defence power unlike all of our AD items.

Why not other support items

3107.png: Very strong item, but while it will increase only 3190.png shield it is not worth.
3222.png: Strong Active, some Magic resist and hp regen. Do you really need this hp regen ? your mana regen is enoght and bonus healing don`t work on you. Not gold efficient. 

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  • Alistar
  • Ashe
  • Bard
  • Blitzcrank
  • Brand
  • Braum
  • Caitlyn
  • Janna
  • Jarvan IV
  • Jhin
  • Karma
  • Leona
  • Lulu
  • Malzahar
  • Nami
  • Nautilus
  • Soraka
  • Vayne
  • Vel'Koz
  • Ziggs
  • Zyra




Tank with target gap closer. You don`t really have a chance for winning this lane most of the time. Also he is healing your poke.
Synergy with ADC here is critical. If you have 51.png or 222.png  and their carry is something for late game like 67.png, just poke the ADC. If Alistar go in you, your ADC will trap him. You have to go away of his AA range and start the fight. Sustain damage here is better than poke. And don`t forget Ali have only one gap close and then if you are alive, you can get position to do damage.
1055.png is strong second item, giving you sustain and damage so you can get Cow`s damage and not die.




Ashe dont really have escape ability and she is good target.
Try to stay behind creeps, so she can`t repay your harras with her volley.png.
Dodging enchantedcrystalarrow.png is critical in laning face, and especially be carefull with missfortunebullettime.png. She can stop you if she is not under CC 




His AA are strong when he have passive and you can loose trades if got stun by bardq.png
Try to dodge bardq.png and then you can make a nice trade. 
Take SpellVamlp from masteries, so you can heal part of the damage. 
You have nice MS so you can not only dodge ganks by barde.png but keep roaming with Bard if it is need. Keep in mind, your damage is high, so if you stay in lave 2 vs 1 while Bard is roaming, you can get nice advantage in lane. Be sure your mate in mid or jungle know about bard missing.




If he get you, you are death. Thit is obvious. But still, when you max your missfortuneviciousstrikes.png second your MS is enought to dodge every hook even while you are attacking him. If he try go get close rushing  overdrive.png, for sure you have to slow with missfortunescattershot.png. Keep in mid your missfortunescattershot.png have cast time and this is the best moment for Blitz,  be carefull using it. 
Just go for sustain damage and smash this lane.
Blitz is easy target when go for 3302.png minion and  if he is going behind their ADC go for their ADC :D 



missfortuneviciousstrikes.png Is helping a lot for dodging spells so you have to use it right after he use brande.png on use with which you loose you previous W passive. Poke MF is better. Even with missfortuneviciousstrikes.png it is hard to dodge Brand spells in 550 Range.




He is quite tanky, but taking every damage mastery  35?cb=2013040609380335?cb=20140220112024 + 35?cb=20131122001038 Braum can handle you. You have to be carefull with random enemy minions next to you, Braum can jump on them with braumw.png. Ofcourse if he get in range he can kill you but this is very hard task for him. Your MS from missfortuneviciousstrikes.png dont give him the chance to hit you with braumq.png .
Anyway, he can block your missfortunebullettime.png, be carefull when you use it. 




She is a bully in lane. Have a lot more range then you. She will try to AA then caitlynentrapment.png + caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png + AA and you have to use missfortuneviciousstrikes.png right after the first AA and cast time of caitlynentrapment.png. If you do, she will loose a lot of mana for the combo but will not make you damage. If you forgot to use missfortuneviciousstrikes.png, you loose MS after the first AA and then you can`t dodge the spells 
Try to play poker,  when she go for a CS just missfortunescattershot.png, and if you have bush control you can AA. Care for caitlynyordletrap.png in the bushes !  




You can`t really loose a lane because of her, but she stay back and deny a lot of you poke.
Aslo have 2 spells with which can stop your Ult. 


Jarvan IV


Before 6, you can dodge jarvanivdemacianstandard.png+jarvanivdragonstrike.png but after he got jarvanivcataclysm.png, you don`t have a good chance against him. Try to  get advantage early levels (ask the jungler for help), so after 6, when jarvan go in you can kill him. 



missfortuneviciousstrikes.png help you a lot to dodge his jhinr.png and jhinw.png, also if you get him out of position ulting you ally it is easy target for your E + R. 




She can`t out push you, her damage is like yours but she have better sustain. try to target the ADC, because she can heal herself with karmamantra.png +  karmaspiritbind.png 
After build 3123.png lane goes much easier, but you will hardly take kill or even advantage onthe lane. She always can karmamantra.png+karmasolkimshield.png when you ult. Even if you have ADC with CC, the shield is insane. 




She can stop your missfortunebullettime.png with her leonasolarflare.png or with her E+Q combo. 
Also if she get you ADC it is hard to peel vs so much CC, you will have to kill her or the enemy ADC which is not an easy task. Anyway, if you can dodge her leonazenithblade.png , you can go for sustain damage and fight her before 6. If you get kills and snowballs you will be ok and after 6. 



Lulu Maxing E 
She will deny a lot of your damage, and trades will be equal. You can go for poke, push and go roaming. Lulu which max E is like Janna.

Maxing Q and get ThunderLord
She have a lot of burst for a poker, but Q can be dodged. Try to poke with E, and if she use the shield for defense, that is your chance to Q+AA. If she save the shield, just wait for the CD. Don`t allow her to get you and burst you, your MS is better. 
Anyway, she can stop your ult, but she don`t really have the range for that. If she is in range to stop you with lulur.png or luluw.png which is not on CD, keep you missfortunebullettime.png and wait for the right moment. 




He is played a lot last patches 7.1 and 7.2 , I believe he will be in the meta even after some nerfs in 7.3 but luckily Miss Fortune Support is strong agaist him. It is similar to play against Zyra.
You are destroying his malzaharw.png with missfortunericochetshot.png and AA.
Your range is better than his, just keep in mind you are vulnerable when using missfortunebullettime.png. Your missfortunescattershot.png negate his passive without blocking a lot of the damage and make Malzahar easy target.
LoLKing Make a nice Video about countering Malzah, here you can fount it.




This lane depend from their ADC. Before getting 3123.png is hard to trade with Nami, because of namiw.png but still your mana on damage is greater than her mana on heal + damage. Anyway, if he heal both her and her ADC  she will defenetly win. 
Also she can easy stop your missfortunebullettime.png with namir.png or namiq.png, but if you bait them it will be nice. 
Becuase of your missfortuneviciousstrikes.png it is hard to get you and your range is better. 
So this lane is 50/50. You can win it, but one mistake and you loose.




This lane is like the lane vs blitz BUT, this shit is fucking gigantic and can take a lot more damage. Also he can stop your ult with nautilusgrandline.png
His nautilusanchordrag.png have some strange hitbox  and is a lot more harder to dodge than Blitz Hook even when you have high MS 




Soraka with 3301.png - She regen a lot of HP, mainly avoiding your damage and just heal your damage to his ADC. Very anoying and before you get 3123.png you don`t have a chance of getting  advantage. 
Soraka with 3303.png - she is spamming her Q and regen the damage to her, even when you can dodge sorakaq.png she can use it on your ADC. Agaisnt agressive soraka is a little harder but in othr hand this make Soraka more vulnerable, if you have ood synergy with your ADC you can kill her.
Before 6, you mana costs is higher than her, if you go too agressive and loose your mana, soraka will stomp you 
After 6, wait for her sorakae.png and then ult. Don`t forget if sorakae.png root you, you can just missfortunebullettime.png




just go for poke Missfortune and vayne cant sustain. If she use vaynetumble.png to escape missfortunescattershot.png,then is the moment when you can AA. And your AA damage is greater because of the passive.
Dont AA when her vaynetumble.png is not on CD. She will just AA you 2 times with vaynetumble.png between then and she will win the trade . 




High burst champion but keep in mind he have 3 Skillshots and he is not moving while ulting. So, who will deal more damage with his ult ? 
Both Sustain and Poker are ok vs him. Bu if you go for poker, it is mostly to be not i ngood position. You can dodge skillshot but what about your ADC ? 
In sustain damage you risk more to be bursted,  but if you dodge everything you will smash him. 




He can stop your ult with his little CC that he have and just get out of the range if he is not in CC. Anyway, gis spells are easy to dodge with MissFortune. Try to keep presure on minion wave, so Ziggs will have 2 options. Use Spells to clear the wave or just farm under turrent. In both situations, he can`t harrass a lot with his ziggsq.png, making your ADC in safe position.
Trades agaist hiw passive are not a good idea, be sure are going only to poke him and attacking minions. Spelvamp and lifesteal from masteries will help.
If they pick both AP champs bot lane, you can use 9 MagicResist Glyphs +- 1/2 Magic Resist Quintessences.




Your missfortunericochetshot.png instantly Destroy one or 2 of her plats. 
Your AA also do 2.5 damage out of 3 to the plats.
You have greater range and can easily poke her. Anyway, she have high burst and if you go for sustain damage you have a chance to dominate even more but you risk to loose the lane.

Bot Lane Synergy Back to Top

22.png10/10: Obvious strong, they play it in worlds. You have greak Poke potentional with volley.pngmissfortunescattershot.png, great trade power with asheq.png and even greater burst power with enchantedcrystalarrow.png + missfortunebullettime.png. Your slow is stacking somehow and Ashe have better kiting power but still she don`t have real escape. 

202.png9/10: Your great slow increase his chance to root, then you have opportunity for  missfortunebullettime.png. Keep in mind root duration is not enought. You will deal most damage if you ult while you see jhinw.png cast animation, not after enemy is already rooted.

110.png9/10: He have AOE slow same as you. He have high range, so he is kind of save ADC and also he have varusr.png. It is like Ashe but it is not stun but root. Stun is better if the enemy can cancel missfortunebullettime.png but if he can`t,  root is the same for you. The greatest thing of this combo is that you can put off 3123.png. Varus is already reducing enemy healing in lane. The bad thing is that Varus is doing a lot of magic damage. So keep in mind that your other mates in the team have to be AD, so your build to be usefull. Anyway, doing both AD and magic damage in lane is much greater than doing only one type of damage.

51.png8/10: Everyone know she is a bully, what happen when you place two bullies in one lane ? Obviously your chance to win your lane is high. If enemy get in a trap = missfortunescattershot.png + missfortunebullettime.png + caitlynpassive.png. Also she is carry with High range, so it is easier for you to defend her and also to get better position for ult without risking ADC`s life.

85.png7/10: not in the current meta for ADC , but still viable. Kennen have high magic damage and give your bot lane interesting composition of mixed damage. His AOE stun you very good opportunities for missfortunebullettime.png
he can roam with you because of kennenlightningrush.png, good strategy here is to keep your lane pushed. ALso if you need you can go back after pushing  and come for the next wave (High mobility advantage)

429.png7/10: Kalista just got some buffs. She wasn`t so good in previous Patch but now she will a little more effective ADC. I like Kalista`s bounding system, if you hit someone and she hit him too they got great passive damage. And you are going definetly hit both they carry and support. Also when you ult, you are easy target and it is harder to get position. with Kalista in your back  she can grab you and save you. Also with kalistarx.png you have good CC if it is need. Anyway, keep in mind she can cancel your missfortunebullettime.png, so it is not recomended to play this combo with random guy in low elo. 
81.png7/10 : He don`t have any CC, so your  missfortunebullettime.png is not benefiting from this synergy, but Ezreal have one of the best escapes not only from the Marksmans but among all champions in League of Legends. In lane, if the enemy stay behind creeps, you can steal  one farm doubleing the damage from missfortunericochetshot.png and clearing the way for ezrealmysticshot.png. Just tell your ADC you are going to ping a minion when you want to do that or do it  which your premate ADC. Mid and late game you have 2 ADC, you don`t need really to care so much about Ezreal, because he will be fine most of the time. Also he is increasing your AS  with W, making you even stronger. It is questionablewho will be the real carry :D haha

115.png7/10 : He is new in the meta, a lot of pro players start to play him in ranked bot lane instead of ADC. Check this in lolking. He is another bully and your both poke damage and sustain damage in lane are insane. He have the hard CC that you don`t have, but if he is not good he can waste your ult. Anyway, AOE damage ziggsr.png and missfortunebullettime.png are dodgeble, but if they hit they secure a lot of kills, can secure/steal dragon and so on. Both of you have nice push power and destroying tower power. Also the problem of playing mage in bot lane is having too much magic damage and not having physical, well with MissFortune support you don`t have this problem but still need AD bruisers so your 3071.png to be effective mid/late game.

222.png5/10 : She have root but it is hard to get someone in it. She dont have escape except her jinxpassive.png  and it is hard to save her if it is need.

119.png3/10: Same as Vayne, check her below. The different is that your  3071.png is not so useless. There much better supports than MF if our ADC is going for Draven.

67.png3/10: She have stun,  so you are not so weak combo, but anyway - vayne is better with other supports. Supports which have hard CC and which can increase her damage. Mf + vayne damage is good but stil it is lower than just increasing Vaynes damage with Lulu for example. Also your 3071.png (core item) is not increasing her damage a lot. Half of Vayne`s damage is true damage because of vaynecondemn.png

29.png3/10: Your Ults stacks nice. Have slow same as yours. Don`t have Hard CC, his exscape abiliy is not always usefull for escape and it is mostly used for engaging in lane.  

236.png3/10 : He got buff last patch, but still he is not one of the strongest ADC at the moment. Also their is nothing special in your synergy. There is no Hard CC but at least he have good escape ability better than Kog`Maw and have better range than Vayne, so you can leave him and roam if you ae not facing Hard CC bot lane against you.

96.png2/10:Another Hyper Carry. First he is doing mixed damage and your 3071.png is not very usefull for him. Second, it is beter to play any enchanter with disange and tank with him than any damage dealer. 

42.png Not enought XP : I dont feel it as stong combo. Corki is unique carry, which go between 5 guys with his package. Also your 3071.png (core item) is not increasing her damage a lot. Half of Corki`s damage is magic damage because of  corkipassive.png.
In other hand building 3071.png stack with his ggun.png, also he have great escape and you can play as another carry, like when you do when you are playing with Ezreal. I will probably try to get 3091.png and see the result of stacking it with  ggun.png. It can be viable if other mates have a lot of CC. If someone try it with whole team, write in coments your results please.

Other Synergy With/Against Back to Top

This is the last Title for picking Miss Fortune support. If you know you have many of guys below "Synergy with" , You have good synergy with your bot lane ADC, your matchup is both easy, Miss Fortune is the perfect pick. 

Synergy with 

Hight level:

122.png He will build 3071.png because of the CDR, HP etc, but is not stacking it very fast. Doubling the 3071.png will in hand. Also, Darius have mobility issues.  He is very strong but fithing with someone who can kind him make him not very usefull. Your E will let him to catch everyone. Also , when he grab everyone with the axe, they are easy target for your ult.
420.png Same as Darius. If she can catch her opponents, she is a beast. And you are highly increasing her damage

106.png Have same issues as Darius and Illaloi. Even when he have MS increase, his highest problem is kitting. He have a lot of Physical damage but no one Volibear is going for Black Cleaver. Don`t  forget  volibearw.png is doing physical damage. 

3.pngIf he make nice ult, you can ult across and everyone take the full damage. Galio`s ult duration can not be reduced by tenacity!

85.pngNew kennen build is on hit and even when he do more magic damage than physical, he benefits from your3071.png and also have AOE stun which allow you to make full cast of missfortunebullettime.png and also channel 3814.png while ulting and there will be no one to stop the spellshield casting. Also Kenen he is one of the a few champions who can keep up with your high movement speed.

61.pngUtility mages are synergizing the best with you. You both have slows which stacks. She is using her auto attack because of her passive, and stacking the Black Cleaver insrease their physical part. Her ult can give a good opportunity for missfortunebullettime.png.

Middle Level:

62.png He will build black Cleaver, but the difference from Darius, is that Wukong stack it fast with his combo and with his ult. Anyway, Wukong`s ult give you opportunity for your ult 90% of the time. Just be carefull from enemy assassins who are not in Wukongs ult.

56.png At the moment new Assassin items and new lethality make him strong and common pick in all ranks. You Back cleaver befefit good for him as he can easy get an ADC but have problems fifghing35?cb=20140424011652or 35?cb=20140424011642. Also Paranoya give you the chance to get better position and ult from nowhere 

41.png Pirates and Bounty hunters can both help each other, money are money after all. His ult have 30% slow and it is not enough to keep enemy in it, with your missfortunescattershot.png 60%, there will be a total 72% slow, this is like a root but they still can use flash.  Also you can missfortunebullettime.png in this slow to increase the damage. 
427.png Kind of support but jungler. While you have lack of support abilities, this guy have the utility that you didn`t take with picking Miss Fortune for support. Even after 4 patches nerf Ivern is still one of the bet junglers in th game at the moment. 

Synergy against

Weak agaisnt:

2.pngHe is fucking unstopable. You can`t slow him, you are squishy and he have slow, so your high MS is not working. No one can stp him, but encahnters are best pick vs him. 

79.pngHis ult have very high range (1150 + 200 from exposion) and can stop yours in the second wave bullets.

55.pngYou cann`t handle her. She have no skill shots to dodge and also you don`t have any  hard CC in your pocked. Make sure you have 3190.png as early as you can if you face her or she will get a lot of free kills from you. Most of the time 3.png is not enought

Strong agaisnt:

8.png As Mage, Vladimir can take you one vs one. He don`t have skillshots and you can`t fight him really, but you have team. He can`t stop  your ult, you are rushing 3123.png and reducing his healing. And then you go for 3071.png which reduce his armor from the core item 3157.png3814.png  can be use in duration of vladimirhemoplague.png (4sec), but be sure to go away and not letting to be hit, so the channel (1.5 sec) will stop. 
3190.png is easy to use in the right moment vs his ult, just count to 4. 

106.png  Even when he have MS increase, his highest problem is kitting and this is your strongest part. Slow him when he use volibearq.png then move around and hit him. You will apply 3123.png when his volibearpassive.png proc. 

33.png His MS is insane but when you apply 60% slow he can`t come in range. Anyway, he stack armor , reflect damage, so we can`t talk about countering but still his ganks sucks when he face you :D Don`t forget he is increasing the speed in duration of powerball.png,  try to slow as late as you can. 

154.png Ruduce his healing powers, easy to kite with high mobility champion and reduce his tankiness.
When his passive proc there are 4 parts of him, lucky for your passive. Very easy to destroy his cells. Just change the targets between them. Aslo  your Q will deal damage to two of them, and if he is not alone and you have the chance you are just Ult across the cells. 3814.png Have easy use vs him, You can dodge this zace.png if he try to initiate with it but when you see the circle just start to chanel 3814.png so you can be sure he will not flash  ult after the jump. Moreover,  3814.png give you magic resist while he is doing magic damage, and give you MS for easy dodging. Keep in mind you loose the MS if you got hit but not when you hit.

Base about Miss Fortune Support Back to Top


Miss Fortune is a great damage dealer. So if you need a tank she is not your choice, nor if you need enchanter to heal you and shield you. If you have tank in the jungle and in top lane, your damage will not be enought to win so you can take damage dealer support. Then why to choose Miss Fortune than Brand? Because you need AD damage! Most supports which deal damage are mages, and if you have already a strong mid mage, Miss Fortune can be your pick.
Also it is not a good pick if you tanks are primary AP tanks, this mean your armor reduction will not be worth.   
Making composition in which MF support is the best support is not easy, but it will be not so bad even you have full AD team + 1 mage. Than you benefit more for your team. 
Rox Gorilla pick MF against Zyra, and she really is counter to this plant but this is not the only match where Miss Fortune is strong. Also it is import what ADC is next to you (Check synergy list)
Sometimes it can be a first pick. If your ADC is last pick, so if you get countered as support, your adc can get Miss Fortune as ADC and you can got for another support (When you are DUO is  easy, when you are solo no one is going to do that) Anyway, enemy team dont really know that you want to play MF as support.
Having last pick is best position so you can know what enemy team have, what your team have and choose the best support. But from strategic point of view, it is better to leave mid or top laners to be last pick. So they can counter enemy champion.

Poker or Sustain Damage Dealer?

You have to choose before the game start so you can pick the right runes (Check matchups)
With poker I mean , you are going to use only your E and maximum one AA for harrass, then go behind. Using Q cost a lot of mana but if you can hit both champions in lane it is worth. And this make it again and again  to the moment enemy can`t fight. And by Sustain damage dealer I mean, you are going for more than a singe attack. If you know your carry is going to follow, and if you are sure you can fight then in every single moment, this is better. Mostly Poker is better agaisnt Mage type support like Zyra, Brand etc and usstain damage is agaisn`t tanks which you have to kite. Ofcourse there ae an exceptions. 

How to play Miss Fortune Support in lane ?

Your damage is awesome, but you are pretty squshy. Also your only defense is missfortuneviciousstrikes.png and eventually your summoner spells. Also your squshinest > your damage a lot of the times. That mean, if you have better damage than the enemy, you defense is weaker than his, and you will take more damage than him if you go like a bot. So you have to dodge every enemy spell and if you have opportunity, then you can deal damage with AA. Damage with your E is easy. It have a lot of range but your AA range is only 550. 
In trades don`t forget your First attack agaist the target have a lot of damage, but it is because your passive. Next are weaker than the enemy AA for sure. You are the champion with the lowest base AD in all levels.Try her first in normal game, and practice the trades. When the enemy carry go for a creeps this is your chance to harrass. E for slow + AA. After you have been attack you can use W, for gaining MS again and dodge incoming spell. Be carefull with your mana. If you use W very often you will end up without mana for harass. 

Keeping vision on river give the chance to get honey fruits. Because of your MS you can roam to take it fast. Honey fruits restore a lot of hp and mana base on your missing HP and MANA. If you are sure you can get the fruits, you can even make a bad trade for you maximazing your damage and then restore a good amount of HP, the result will be in you side.  

Mid Game

21.png have great teamfight potentional because of her AOE damage and swiching target power, but not always is a good idea to go for teamfight. It depend on your team composition. Late game for sure you are going to TF but around 20th min is not sure. For TF read below. MF also have a strong pushing power without having many items. Switching attacks between minions and Tower greatly increase your push and also maxing missfortuneviciousstrikes.png  second you have a lot of AS. Think of this and if you can let your ADC alone in bot tower to farm,  you can go ward baron and top lane is in the same direction, so you can take tower MAYBE (just a strategy which was available in like 20% of my games with her ) Swapping bot and top was always good strategy if there is a destroyed bot lane tower.
Be anoying as support is the thing that I most like in this role. If you can stop someone recalling, stop him. Your range for missfortunescattershot.png is better than any target spell and you can dodge almost every skillshot => stopping them is mostly a good idea. 
Backing to base : keep an eye n your placed wards. You need to have 3 of them in the map and some in you, if you go fighing in bush. If your 2301.png is empty, ping it (ATL + RB click on it) and go back. Your high MS allow you to back a lot of times without loosing a lot of XP. Anyway, be sure your team will not going to engage without you. if enemy team is low hp and your are sieging, it is not the best idea to leave it and go back to base.
Don`t facecheck bushes, your missfortunescattershot.png have high range and you can use it for checking bushes. What more, your missfortunericochetshot.png allow you the same. Position your self and use it on  35?cb=20141111231735&format=webp, if enemy is in the bush behind the scutler he will be hit. Same for 35?cb=20140620025405&format=webp behind the wall. Also you can AA  35?cb=20140703132201&format=webp and move back, if they go after you, bush behind is clear, if they go to the bush, there is someone. 



Your missfortuneviciousstrikes.png give you the ability to roam fast between bot and mid/enemy buff. Also the plant system in season 7 help you a lot if you go in the enemy jungle to ward. Also our ganks are not bad. I like to roam mostly when my mid laner have some kind of hard CC, so I can do a lot of damage with missfortunebullettime.png. Keep in mind using your ult to win mid lane can loose your bot lane fight. So this strategy is best when your mid laner also have roam potentional. For example  13.png , 85.png , 80.png , 127.png have both hard CC and some kind of roam abilities. Ryze and Path can teleport, Lissandra have dash and kennen have MS with kennenlightningrush.png
But is your ADC going to be ok in lane alone? Well if your carry get a lot of damage and had to go back, but you have no reason to go with him, you can roam. If you know enemy jungler is death or is top lane and also enemy bot lane don`t have potention to kill or isolate your carry it is OK too (they have 89.png obviously, you can`t let your ADC alone vs her and other champ) If you just get a kill or force enemy to go back, you can ward for enemy jungler and go roam mid.

Team Fight 

Playing in team fight with Miss Fortune support is kind of unique. On one hand you have to peel for your carry with missfortunescattershot.png slow [ and 3116.png in some sitations ] it is not so hard. Don`t forget to use 3.png in the first moment when enemy assassin is in range. On other hand you have to position yourself to get maximum enemies with your ult.
Play wise, slowing enemy chaser is not only way to save your carry. You are playing for the team, so if there is an enemy who chase your ADC and your slow and damage are not enought but your position is good to ult other 4 enemies go for it. Then if the chaser still go after your ADC  your team will kill the other 4 and you will lose your ADC (worth) or the enemy who chased your ADC will go for you (saving your ADC confirmed) 
Sometimes is better to not get an assist. If your team is chasing one enemy, and enemy team is coming from behind, it can be better to slow enemy team with E, devine from your team and get position for Ult if your team decide to fight after get the enemy that are chasing (This is just an example, not always this is the best decision. Just think of it for half second while you and your team are chasing someone and you know where the enemy is)


-Attacking minion reset your passive, and then your AA do a lot more damage to the enemy champion. Be sure your carry don`t want to freeze the lane when you are hitting minions. 
-If you get mastery for Lifesteal, you can lifesteal and spell vamp from both champs and minions. Pushing WITH your ADC keep your hp higher. 
-Be carefull when you use W, it reset your MS from it to the moment when you get hit again. You can use it for faster ward clear or for escape if you have been attacked while clearing it.
-Be smart about using Flash, you can use not only for escape but for getting better position for ult. 

Why not taking 12 Resolve but taking 12 Ferocity? 

 Ofcourse you can change some damage for Utiliry, after the from Ferocity was nerfed in 7.4 lifesteal will not heal you more than 32?cb=20131122000310+32?cb=20150713004703 in early stages of the game. Also 32?cb=20131122000353 50 hp are good for you if you are going to play agast burst mage support like Brand. There is also a very good mastery in resolve which give you summoner spell reduction 32?cb=20131122000802. If you decide getiing utility is better, you will loose some damage in lane but it is not so much early game. I am still trying it and see which is the right choice. 

Aboud Me Back to Top

I am Nikola, from Bulgaria and I am 21 years old. I am playing League of Legends since end of season one (I got level 30 and get elo for bronze :D ) In season 2 mostly played with team and we got together35?cb=20130928162204, in season 3 get 35?cb=20130928162204in solo que and in season 4 finally I get 35?cb=20130928162320. In season 5 played only in the start and get plat then I stopped with league of legends to  September 2016. So in LoLking is displayed I was plat but acually I end up Gold because of decaying. Anyway, for 2 mounth  get plat for season 6 and now I am going for Diamond Border again [Diamond 5 in flex atm , PLat 5 in solo ranked I will go further when I have time] 
I am maining support from the start, and prefer to play enchanters but there a few other champs like Miss Fortune which I like. I don`t have so good mechanics, I never had and I can say other diamonds will beat me if we play one on one, but I have good strategy skills and always know what I have to do and what my mates have to do. Thats the way I get Diamond first time, I believe it`s enought to be smart for getting high elo and you don`t really need fast reactons. If I had both I would be already Master or Challenger :D 
Anyway, I always like strange picks and when I had to go mid I went with AP 12.png, AP 96.png or, AP 18.png (not so strong after the rework) Maybe I got this from wathing Shushei from Fnatic Season one. He was my favourite player then :D  

Why is strong in Low Elo? What about higher? Back to Top

I start playing Miss Fortune support from the start of preseason 7 in both my main account, my East account and my lower account in west. Versus low elo player I got a lot of flame "This is not real support" "This is only for countering" etc but still while my allies don`t know the power of MF support, my enemies don`t know it too. There was a lot of free wins in a row. And I don`t mean I am winning because I play better than silver players. It is just about the champion. Very high damage, easy skillshots, easy for dodging spells this is what you need in low elo. Also when enemy play vs champion which don`t understand, you are one step ahead. Yes, you are not Urgot but in laning face enemy bot lane have no idea what mean to play against Miss Fortune support.
In higher elo (plat 1- diamon 5 and I am playing with higher Diamonds from the season 6) I am still feeling comfortable to play her, but pick her only when I am sure she is in good composition (enemies in higher elo make less mistakes, so getting good position is harder)
Also in high elo, I see more and more mages instead of ADC (like Ziggs, Lux, Cass). Picking a buly like MissFortune with them in lane is strong. 
I have friends in 35?cb=20150418014914, some of them played in LCS, and I wached them playing Miss Fortune support. Mostly play her against Zyra, so you can be sure this is 100% counter pick. So this pick is legit and more important thing is that she is fun to play.

Changelog Back to Top

I made this title to write the things which I add or rewrite in the guide, so people who are following it can check only the difference and not read the whole guide. I made this Guide in patch 6.24 but the title is from Patch 7.2 and I am not sure what I had change in 7.1 and earlier so I will skip it and start from 7.2. 


23.02.2017 -Items: Add some more description about getting MortalReminder and when build defense item. 
                 -Masteries: Some minor changes 
                 -Base About Mf: changes to why not to take 12 points in resolve


16.02.2017 -Minor Changes to matchUps. Added lick for Malzahar counter.
                 -MatchUp: Added Soraka
09.02.2017 -Minor Changes for minor Patch. Riot didn`t touch anything about Miss Fortune. Now new changelogs will be write in the top of the section. 


04.02.2017 - Bot Lane Synergy: Added Lucian
02.02.2017 - About me: Delete some useless info about me and update my current rank
30.01.2017 - "Patch Update" title renamed to "Changelog" and also change the method of wrinting in it.
28.01.2017 -Other synergy with: Kennen as High Level Synergy because of his new on hit effect build.
26.01.2017 -Items: Edge of the night
                  -MatchUp: Lulu because of her buff
                  -MatchUp: Added Malzahar because his more frequent come into ot lane
25.01.2017 -Runes: Marks because of Lethality changes


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