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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Hello, and welcome to my guide for Miss Fortune!

Before we begin:

This is a guide, made to show and teach others how to play Miss Fortune like I do.
What Masteries and Runes, why these? 
What Keystone?
What items and which do you get first?
That and much more is what I will try to explain to all of you through this guide.
You might not agree with my play style, which is fine, you don't need to play like me if you do not want to.
For those who do or are curious, welcome!
Feel free to leave a comment or so, and feel free to ask me questions if there is something you do not understand, I will do my best to explain it to you.
Feel free to leave feedback, or tell me your own thoughts!

The guide will be updated with each patch, sometimes even in between, so be sure to check back here every once in a while! 

Welcome, and enjoy my guide!

Summoner Spells:

4.png7.png>>>>>> Standard summoner spells for the ADC. I always run these.

4.png3.png>>>>>> Only take these when your support takes heal and there are no other exhausts on the team... this rarely happens though.

4.png14.png>>>>>> I don't run this myself, but I have seen it happen and could help you snowball...

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Masteries are quite flexible, I will describe here what I often use as I switch sometimes between them.

18/12/0  Warlords Keystone is what I go. (Fervor of Battle is also an option.)

Ferocity Tree

Fury: You're an ADC, you attack using attack speed, so no need for the other Mastery.
Fresh Blood or Feast: Fresh Blood is nice for the extra damage, but with Feast you heal a little extra, what you pick here depends on what you prefer, damage or sustain.
Vampirism or Neutral Talent: Bit the same as above, depending on what you prefer. If you go Warlords as your Keystone, Neutral talent is a good pick here.
Bounty Hunter or Double Edged Sword: Both options are nice, I prefer to take Bounty Hunter as I do more damage with each kill I make. Only take Double Edged Sword when you are confident you can hit your skills and avoid those of the enemy.
Battering Blows: for the armor penetration.
Warlords or Fervor of Battle: If you took the more damage like masteries, go for Warlords as your Keystone for the needed sustain, which you can do at a big distance thanks to your range. If you got the little sustain masteries, Fervor of Battle is better for the extra damage.

Cunning Tree

Wanderer: You need movement speed to move around the map quickly.
Secret Stash: Kinda speaks for itself. You're no jungler so you don't get any buffs early (later maybe if you got a nice Jungler but thats not worth it), which makes Runic Affinity useless, and you're basically never alone in lane, so Assassin is not needed either.
Merciless or Meditation: If you want more damage, go for Merciless. Afraid you'll run out of mana all the time, take Meditation.
Bandit or Greenfather's gift: Kinda the same as above. If you wish to do more damage every once in a while, go for Greenfather's gift. I personally like the extra gold better, so I always take bandit.

If you want masteries from the other tree and go 18/0/12, this should be good:

Resolve Tree

Unyielding or Recovery: Unyielding makes you more tanky, able to survive more hits, but if you take recovery, your health regens faster.
Tough skin: You take less damage from minion attacks this way, comes in handy when trading.
Runic Armor or Veterans Scars: With Runic armor, heals and shields from your support are stronger on you, giving you more sustain. It also helps with your life steal later on. Veterans Scars gives you extra health which is nice. 
Insight, Preservance or Fearless: All 3 can be good options. Insight gives you cooldown on your 4.png and 7.png, which makes laning a lot safer. Preservance helps you regenerate when wounded, and Fearless is nice if you manage to stick to an enemy and makes you a little tankier. 

Keep in mind that when you go the Resolve tree you'll gain Resistances but lose some damage masteries.

Abilities Back to Top


Skill leveling order:


Always put a point in your ultimate when you can!!

Why level skills this order?

You always max out your ultimate when you can, no matter what champion you are playing. It increases the damage it does, and decreases its cooldown, making you able to use more often. This skill does insane damage in most builds, but with the Armor Shred build even more so as you stack your 3071.png insanely fast.

This is your main damage skill besides your ultimate. With each rank it goes up, it deals more and more damage, especially on the bounce to a different target. This skill is even more important in the Armor Shredding build than in the Critical Strike build, cause if helps you can stacks with your 3071.png

This skill is really important in the Armor Shredding build, even more so than in the Critical Strike build. You build no attack speed at all in the Armor Shredding build (Or VERY late if you prefer that over damage) so the skill points in the skill are needed so you can still attack rather fast, even with no attack speed items. It also gives you a little mobility, as it gives you movement speed.

It is a nice skill, as it has a slow and all, but since this skill scales of AP rather than AD, it does little to no damage and this is why you max it last. If you max this skill any sooner, you'll lose a lot of damage output so don't do that.

Skill leveling order (AP Miss Fortune:)

Always put a point in your ultimate when you can!!

You always max out your ultimate when you can, no matter what champion you are playing. It increases the damage it does, and decreases its cooldown, making you able to use more often. Even in an AP build, this skill still does insane damage!

While you max this skill on AD Miss Fortune last, you max it first when you play her AP. It decreases the cooldown, increases the damage and it increases its slow! This is the main poking ability of AP Miss Fortune, which makes her annoying because of the insane damage this skill does, the annoying slow it has and you can cast it at quite a distance! Combining this skill with your ultimate takes your enemy down easily or force him to use a summoner spell or two!

You max this second, this attack does magic damage with both hits, and while it doesn't hit as hard as with AD, it can still take a chunk of health out of your enemies, especially if it bounces.

The mobility it gives it nice, but that doesn't add up to the damage and CC of the other skills. Plus, with the AP build you don't need attack speed, and that is what this skill is for mainly, so this is why you max it last.

Good items for AP Miss Fortune:


To gain Gold early or when you play support, you can use/build 3303.png--3098.png--3092.png

3165.png   For Cooldown, damage, mana and a Grieves Wounds prock

3151.png   Your main poking skill, missfortunescattershot.png already slows, which makes this item really effective, plus it gives magic pen and health.

3285.png   For the Extra burst thanks to 100 AP and for the movement speed.

3135.png   To melt through their magic resist.

3089.png   For insane damage, it gives 120 AP +30% of your max AP, giving it a huge boost.

3020.png   The shoes for Mages

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Basic start
    If you think you'll win easily, you can start this way... you need the Longsword no matter which build you go.

Core Items

    Depending on which build you go, you buy these items. Try to get one of these at first back. B.F. Sword if Critical Build, Phage if Armor Shredding.
    Depending on which build you go, finish these items first. Essence Reaver for Crit Build as it helps with mana trouble and cooldown sstacking. Get Black Cleaver for Armor Shredding Build, for the Health, cooldown and its passive. Finish boots after or in between.
    Next items to build: Statikk Shiv or Phantom Dancer for the Crit Build, I always build Duskblade second with the Armor Shredding build.
    Now look at what the enemy builds. Do they stack armor or do you get one-shot? Build Bloodthirster (or Mercurial if AP) or a Last Whisper upgrade for the crit build, depending on situation. I most of the time go for a Last Whisper upgrade with my Armor Shred build, Though Ghostblade is possible too. Get the item you didn't get first, after this one. (So if you build Bloodthirster first in you crit build, get Armor pen next. If you got Ghostblade first in the Armor Shred build, get Armor pen next)
    Final items: Get either Infinity Edge, or another Attack Speed item for the crit build. You can buy Bloodthirster or Attack speed for the Armor Shred build, personally I'd pick the Blood Thirster
    Final Build crit
    Final build Armor Shred

Situational Items

    See description below.

Items to build:

Remember, you can build Miss Fortune two ways, with Crit, or Armor Shred! Both builds work, see which fits you the best!

As of patch 7.2, I personally find the Armor Shredding build better, this is thanks to the Lethality buffs this patch!!

Why do I build these items:

Crit Build.

Core items (You always build these, no matter the match up):

3508.png>>>>>>A must have for Miss Fortune who goes the Crit build. It helps you with your mana trouble, gives quite some AD, it gives crit and it lets you stack cooldown fast when building another crit item.

3006.png or 3158.png>>>>>>I always go Berserker's myself, but the other boots can help you gain 40% cooldown with no trouble at all.

3087.png or 3046.png>>>>>>I prefer Phantom Dancer myself, as it gives better stats and it's passive allows you to walk through minions and defy death in some cases. If you want more burst, you should go for the Statik Shiv

Items depending on what Champions the enemy team has (Always get one Armor Pen and one Life Steal item from the options below):

3072.png>>>>>> If the enemy has a balanced team or just a lot of AD, go for this life steal item. It has more damage than 3139.png, more life steal, and if you build 3139.png against a team with no AP and CC, you waste money for a stat you are not going to use. Plus, if you keep life stealing while you are full health, you gain a small shield, making you able to take a little more damage.

3139.png>>>>>> Ideal item if the enemy team is full of AP users and chain CC. This item gives damage, a bit of life steal and magic resist. Not only that, thanks to the 3140.png in its build, you can dispel CC you get hit with, such as stuns and slows and walk away from the fight. It might save your life.

3036.png>>>>>>There are two Armor Pen choices, but one is better against champs stacking armor and health, the other is good against champs that stack armor and have lots of healing or health regen. This choice if for the Health stackers. When the enemy has more health than you do, this item does all the more damage. Up to 15%, with a maximum health difference of 500.

3033.png>>>>>>There are two Armor Pen choices, but one is better against champs stacking armor and health, the other is good against champs that stack armor and have lots of healing or health regen. This one is meant for the healers. When you attack the enemy and have this item, you inflict grieves wounds on them, reducing their ability to heal and regenerate fast. This item is good if the enemy team has champs like 36.png50.png16.png

***NOTE: If no one builds any armor at all, you can decide to skip the Armor Pen item and take something else***

Items to finish your build, depending on your preference:

 3031.png>>>>>>If  you want another damage item with crit and make sure crits do more damage, this item is the way to go.

3094.png>>>>>>An item that gives attack speed, crit, and, when fully charged, more range. How neat!

3087.png or 3046.png>>>>>>Depending on what you bought the first time, you could get the other item now.

Crit Build:


Armor Shred Build:


3071.png>>>>>>Love the passive armor shredding, plus it gives decent AD and Health, so this is a good pick. You also need Cooldown, this item gives 20% of that.

3006.png>>>>>>Gives you some Attack Speed. You'll need these boots as you go no other Attack Speed items.

3147.png>>>>>>A strange item, with good Attack Damage and a few nice passive's. You'll know when you walked over wards. When unseen by the enemy, you will do true damage. 

3036.png or 3033.png>>>>>>Good for the extra AD and penetration. Get Lord Domink's when they stack Health, get Mortal Reminder when they have champs with lots of Health Regen or Healing.

3072.png>>>>>>Not an armor shred item, but if you really wanna do damage, you need some sustain, here is where the Bloodthirster comes in.

3142.png>>>>>>Extra AD, Cooldown armor shred and a Movement Speed active, very nice on Miss Fortune since she has low mobility. 

Other Options:

Remember you have to sacrifice a different item in order to build one of these:

3065.png>>>>>>This works well with your life steal, as the healing gets increased by about 50%, plus you get magic resist, health, and cooldown, all really nice stats to not get burst down at once.

3102.png>>>>>>It blocks a spell or CC, gives magic resist and a little health to make you able to survive longer.

3075.png>>>>>>>>>>>>The item to annoy fast attackers that like to focus you, examples being 11.png157.png23.png56.png102.png and ADC's.

3091.png>>>>>>Instead of a final crit item, be it 3508.png,3031.png,3094.png or 3046.png, you can build this attack speed item against an AP heavy team. 

3026.png>>>>>>You are the ADC, the main source of crit and physical damage, so when you die the team loses some damage. This item might be able to save you or at least get the chance to land another shot or two, plus it gives armor as well as magic resist.

Sacrificing an item for one of the above means less damage, but more resistances, so keep that in mind! You will remain rather squishy, so don't go playing frontline!

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ashe
  • Caitlyn
  • Corki
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Graves
  • Jhin
  • Jinx
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  • Lucian
  • Miss Fortune
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  • Vayne




She cannot poke you easily from behind her minions, so she has to step up to you to hurt you, and this makes you able to poke her. Try to make your missfortunericochetshot.png bounce from a dying minion on her to deal insane damage. Care at level 6 for her enchantedcrystalarrow.png though, the stun can really mess you up.




She has the longest range in game (except for a high level 18.png) plus she can poke you from behind her minions with her caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png. Caitlyn also has an escape with her caitlynentrapment.png and depending on her support she can mess you up with a support CC and her caitlynyordletrap.png combo. Not only that, when you think you survived a trade and want to walk away she can snipe you down with caitlynaceinthehole.png.

Caitlyn is a dangerous ADC to face, poke her by bouncing your missfortunericochetshot.png from a dying minion on her, and farm from a distance. Call your jungler and support for help, and to help you set up your missfortunebullettime.png so you can shut her down.




He is rather annoying, as he can throw his phosphorusbomb.png from behind his minions. His likes to stay close to his minions though, so poking him with missfortunericochetshot.png should be rather easy. Just make sure to lock him down before you use your missfortunebullettime.png, as he otherwise will carpetbomb.png away from it, making you waste it. Also remember that when he has his package he can use carpetbomb.png giving him a huge gap closer, and he has a long range on his missilebarrage.png




He has high damage, so he needs to be put behind early, do this by bouncing your missfortunericochetshot.png on him when he goes to catch his axes so he gets trouble counter attacking you. He has no escapes so dealing damage with missfortunebullettime.png should be easy when he is locked down. Care for his own dravenrcast.png is it has insane range and can kill you when running or backing.

He is between medium and hard, because of his high damage, but easy to avoid skills if you keep distance. Don't let him snowball though!




Though he can poke from a distance, he also tends to stay close to minions to lower his cooldowns with his ezrealmysticshot.png, making this perfect for you to hit him with a bounce of your missfortunericochetshot.png. He is very mobile though and has an escape with his ezrealarcaneshift.png so lock him down before using your missfortunebullettime.png and take care when he tries to snipe you with ezrealtrueshotbarrage.png. Try to keep vision on him when you're running away or backing, so you can respond in time when you see his ezrealtrueshotbarrage.png coming for you to finish you off.




Besides his high damage and gap closer he is not much of a threat as long as you can shut him down early. Give him kills and you might be in trouble.




Long range, 4th auto-attack always a crit and a jhinq.png that does more damage with each bounce... jhine.png that reveal and slow you and give him the perfect opportunity to snare you with jhinw.png and him being able to disable your missfortuneviciousstrikes.png and slowing you again by using his jhinr.png makes hima hard ADC to deal with. That, and he already has a high base damage of himself. Best shot is to try and poke him down with your missfortunericochetshot.png, get some ganks from your jungler and get him behind, and hope your support will save you when he goes for jhinr.png.

Bright side is once he gets locked down, he has no escapes and is rather slow, so you can kill him with missfortunebullettime.png or force a 4.png




She is rather easy as long as you avoid the AOE on her jinxq.png and avoid her jinxe.png. She most of the time stays rather close to her minions so poke her down with your missfortunericochetshot.png. She also has no escapes, so locking her down with some CC and then using your missfortunebullettime.png will hurt her a lot. Keep an eye on her when backing with low health though, as she'll try to snipe you with jinxr.png




Hard match up, she can scout the jungle and prevent ganks with her kalistaw.png, her spears now keep stacking even when kalistaexpungewrapper.png is on cooldown, and your missfortunericochetshot.png is hard to hit because she is jumping around all the time. Once she finishes 3085.png things get worse, as she can stack spears at three targets at once. She also has a knock up when she throws her support with kalistarx.png making her really dangerous. Best is to get her behind with some help of your own jungler and focus on farming and getting your items. As once she does get locked down, she is a rather easy kill. Getting there is just hard.




She has been nerfed so much last season, her damage output is, and will stay low when she does not get her stacks from killing champions or jungle camps. She also has no sustain anymore so she can't heal back up either. Plus, her range isn't the longest. You don't see her often as an ADC, but when you do, she is rather easy to deal with as she has no damage where you have a lot. Lock her down, make sure she can't kindredr.png and fire away with your missfortunebullettime.png.

Care in team fights or when diving her with your team, her kindredr.png might save her life and screw you up, but that's all there is to her at the moment.




Fighting against this weird thing is easy, as long as you don't give him any room to farm or to poke you down. Kog needs his items, especially his tear, and without it he is useless. Delay his tear as long as possible and get your items fast and this is an easy peasy lane.




He will most likely rise again now that Lethality has been buffed. His already was annoying, but that buff and the buff to himself in 7.1 will probably make him more dangerous than he was before. He already had high damage and his lucianpassive.png, which will now hurt even more. Plus, you can engage with your ult on him as long as he doesn't get locked down or has his luciane.png up.


Miss Fortune


You won't face her unless it is a Blind pick, and then it will be a skill match up.




More a jungler these days, Quinn is easy to deal with as long as she does not snowball. She can't poke you from behind minions and her range is rather short, so you can either poke her with missfortunericochetshot.png or fire away at her when she gets in your face with quinne.png. Just care when you are marked by her quinnpassive.png as that can deal quite some damage.




Long range, very mobile, high damage and insane wave clear once she got a few levels, Sivir is rather hard to deal with. She can block CC with her sivire.png and flee or engage with sivirr.png, plus her sivirq.png and sivirw.png are insane wave clearing tools, even more so when she crits with her sivirw.png as it will crit on everything. Thanks to her sivirpassive.png she also gains movement speed when she hits enemies, making her really dangerous. Best is to bait her sivire.png, then lock her down with all CC your support got and try to kill her with missfortunebullettime.png. If you have a Jungler with a lot of CC, ask him to help.




Easy lane if you get her behind easy, mostly thanks to her short range. Don't let her farm, poke her with missfortunericochetshot.png and stay away from her tristanae.png and you should be good. Keep in mind that when she starts getting you low, she will tristanaw.png to clean you up, and then tristanaw.png again to the support as the cooldown is refreshed upon assist/kills!




Avoid his poison stacking damage, stay safe when you can't see him and poke him with your missfortunericochetshot.png. Lock him down with CC and your missfortunebullettime.png and you should be good, but keep his rather high damage in mind.




Long range insane poke and damage AND CC of his own! You basically don't want to face a Varus... if you do, hope you get a support like 12.png111.png412.png that can take a few hits and lock him down, otherwise.... you can be kinda screwed.




Easy match up if you put her behind early, hard if you let her farm/get kills.

She has a very short range so poking her with missfortunericochetshot.png should be easy, just lock her down and kill her before she gets kills or items, because if she gets these the match up will be hard.

About Me Back to Top

Hi! I am CrystalWolf, a League player from the Netherlands.

I made an account back in 2013, because a friend thought I would love the game, but since he forced it on me a little and explained nothing I never really played.
This was until 2015 or so, when a new friend of mine who also plays League calmly and quietly taught me how to play the game, how it works with runes and masteries, everything. Ever since then, I play League on an almost daily basis. I started with ARAM's, and started practicing on Summoner's Rift much later.
Despite that, I became GOLD V in season 5, and ended in GOLD III in season 6, because I had not enough time and focus to play due to private reasons. My friend told me if I had more time, I could have easily reached Platinum. 
Oh well, better luck this season right?

I main the Support Role, but I also like to play ADC or Mid-Lane. Jungle is fun too but I still need to get used to the new changes. Sometimes I play Top, but only when I am playing solo as my friend loves the Top-Lane. My favorite champions are Nami and Ashe, but I play lots of others.

The guide is not completely done yet, so please be patient. 

Why do I play Miss Fortune? Back to Top

Second ADC that I started playing.

Sure when you just start playing League it can help you a lot by focusing on just one champion and master it, and its lane completely, but it made the games a little boring for me after a while. 
I still loved the Bot-Lane, but Ashe was getting boring so I went to look for other ADC's that I could buy with my IP and I decided to give Miss Fortune a try.
Together with Ashe and Caitlyn, she is in my top 3 favorite ADC's.

Miss Fortune can be a challenging ADC to learn and play, if you don't know how she works and where most of her damage comes from.
I learned this rather fast, so it became a little easier for me.
The fact her missfortunericochetshot.png can bounce to a target behind the minion/enemy it was cast on, is really nice, even more so as the damage from the bounce gets increased by 50% when the first target dies. Depending on your build and items, this deals insane damage!
She can also go two ways, an Critical Strike build or an Armor Shredding build.
While she does not build any Attack Speed items in the Armor Shredding build (or very late, depending on the fact if you want Life Steal or Attack Speed.) this isn't really a big deal as she gains Movement AND Attack Speed with her missfortuneviciousstrikes.png, which cooldown lowers faster if you use your missfortunepassive.png all the time!
Next, her missfortunescattershot.png is a useful tool for long range poke. While it does not deal that much damage, it does slow the enemy, giving you time to escape or combine it with your ultimate. 
However, missfortunescattershot.png is THE poking skill when you build AP Miss Fortune, which I often go when I play Miss Fortune in the support role. It deals insane damage, and you can earn your gold with 3303.png easily with this ability. In case of AD Miss Fortune Support, this skill not only triggers 3303.png easily, but also 3123.png which inflicts grieves wounds, reducing the healing capabilities of certain champs.
Last but not least, there is her ultimate, missfortunebullettime.png.
No matter which build you go, this always deals crazy damage to all those who are hit, with the Armor Shredding build even more so as your 3071.png keeps stacking during the ult.
The only downside of it is that this skill needs set up, otherwise enemies will easily escape or flash away from it.

Good Supports for Miss Fortune Back to Top

Take Miss Fortune when you have a Support with Stuns and other Hard CC!!

As described above, Miss fortune needs a bit of set up, especially when it comes to her ultimate, so a support that is able to low the enemy down in one place for a bit are the best supports for her!

Since his passive and skills changed a little, the bull now has even more CC than before thanks to the extra stun.
Yes, he lost a little of his ability to sustain you through lane, but his combo with headbutt.png+pulverize.png+alistare.png sets up the perfect situation for your missfortunebullettime.png. Plus, he can use ferocioushowl.png to make him really hard to kill so using his combo or towerdiving is no problem for him.

Bard is a nice support for Miss Fortune, and definitely not a bad one, but not the best one either. He has quite few heals he can leave for you while he roams by using bardw.png, but his roams make him a little less viable support compared to a few others, since he will be away quite some time. His bardq.png however, when used right results into a stun which is the perfect timing for you to use missfortunebullettime.png. Miss Fortune also isn't really a mobile character, Bard's barde.png and bardr.png might save your life.

Everyone who faces him basically hates him, but when side-by-side with Miss Fortune, he can even be more annoying and deadly than with some other ADC's. First off, he helps you farm with his 3302.png, as the gold as well as minion kill are registered in your minion kill count. Secondly, he has quite the long lasting CC with his rocketgrab.png+powerfist.png combo (or powerfist.png+rocketgrab.png combo depending on situation) perfect timing for you to missfortunescattershot.png to slow their running and to missfortunebullettime.png right afterwards. Plus Blitz himself does quite the damage as well, so when timed right, you'll get the kill or at least force a 4.png or something.

While before level 6 Braum is countered by lots of supports by keeping distance, at level 6 and after, he can be a deadly duo with Miss Fortune. His braumrwrapper.png knocks up the enemy and slows them while they walk over the torn ground, which gives him time to stack his braumpassive.png by using braumq.png and basic attacks, while you missfortunebullettime.png away at the enemy. If Braum suspects danger or some kind of skill shot like Nami's  namir.png Morgana's darkbindingmissile.png or Zyra's zyrae.png, he can block it with braumw.png+braume.png, making sure you can use your missfortunebullettime.png to its full potential, denying the enemy their shut down on you, as these skills interrupt your missfortunebullettime.png when they hit you.

Remember I told you supports with hard CC are good? Well, Leona is nothing but hard CC, and at level 6, this makes the duo even more dangerous. Leona can engage with leonasolarflare.png and get to the enemy with leonazenithblade.png, and once there stun the target again with leonashieldofdaybreak.png, which makes it a CC chain lasting at least 3 seconds (if all is timed right) which is VERY long in fights, giving you enough time to deal a lot of damage with your missfortunebullettime.png. Most of the time, you can finish your opponent or force one or two summoner spells from either ADC or Support.

Together with the high damage of her luxlightstrikekugel.png and luxmalicecannon.png, which already helps in itself, Lux also has a shield on her luxprismaticwave.png. This is not what makes her a viable support though, it is her luxlightbinding.png that makes her, as it snares her opponent in place for 2 seconds. That gives you time to use missfortunebullettime.png which will often result in a take down or a forced summoner spell.

Has risen to the support role after his nerfs made him weaker in Mid-Lane but stronger for supporting, Malzahar is one of them more annoying Supports for your enemy to face. He has long range and a lot of damage with his malzaharq.pngmalzaharw.png and malzahare.png, but it is his ultimate that makes him dangerous and deadly to the opponent, as his malzaharr.png locks an enemy in place for 2,5 seconds, enough time for your missfortunebullettime.png to do its thing and finish off the enemy.

Morgana can be a difficult Support for the opponent to deal with, since Morgana has quite the CC, and at later levels she can do quite some damage, depending on her build. While Morgana doesn't heal or shield against physical damage, she does have a 3 second snare when her darkbindingmissile.png is at max rank, plus, she can shield you from magic damage and CC with her blackshield.png. Downside is that her blackshield.png has a 21,95 second cooldown at rank 1 which is really long. She has even more CC with her 4.png+soulshackles.png combo, which slows at first, and, when chains remain unbroken, stuns them after a few seconds. This skill together with her darkbindingmissile.png make for a deadly set up, making landing and dealing insane damage with your missfortunebullettime.png easy.

The mermaid of the rift is also a good combo for Miss Fortune.
Nami can stun people with her namiq.png, heal you with namiw.png, give you some extra damage with namie.png and create a knock up and slow with her namir.png. On top of that, if she hits her allies with any ability, that ally gets a movement speed buff thanks to her namipassive.png.
This means Nami has CC, healing and protection in one, and a namir.png+namiq.png makes for a great set up for your missfortunebullettime.png plus, after your ultimate is done, you can do even more damage thanks to Nami's namie.png. You'll at least force a summoner spell or two if all goes right.

One of the most annoying CC tanks in the game, Naut makes a nice combo with Miss Fortune.
He is hard to take down, has insane damage and can prevent the enemy from getting away, by either using his nautilusanchordrag.png or his nautiluspassive.png and when het gets the enemy, he can slow them as well with his nautilussplashzone.png. When Naut has all his skills and starts to engage, it is a good time for missfortunebullettime.png, forcing enemies to either take the damage or 4.png away, making it easier to take them down next time.

While he has no real long lasting stun or anything, Trundle can still combo well with Miss Fortune. This is thanks to his annoying trundlecircle.png which slow you can is hard to get around. Plus, he is tanky and deals quite some damage as well so doing a lot of damage will be easy with Trundle at your side.

When a Thresh is good and knows how to use his skills, he is a deadly support together with Miss Fortune.
He has quite the CC, and, thanks to the threshw.png a good tool for setting up ganks.
At level 6, once Thresh lands his threshq.png and combo's is with his threshe.png and threshrpenta.png, it is your time to shine with your missfortunebullettime.png. If the enemy is getting to close and tries to shut you down, Thresh can always walk away and cast a threshw.png to take you to safety.

While the snare on her zyrae.png is not very long, it are her plants that are the deadly force.
They can easily help push in lanes, deal damage to enemies from a safe distance, forcing them to stay at a distance and lose farm, or stay close to farm and take a lot of damage. When Zyra support really shines is when she combo,s her plants, with a zyrae.png+zyrar.png creating so much CC it is time for you to shine with her using your missfortunebullettime.png

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I have also made other guides besides this one, feel free to look at them and leave feedback, or ask me questions!

Guide for Janna: (in progress) 

Other guides may be added later. 

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 I do not accept random friend requests on League of Legends. If you sent me a request without me knowing you or having heard of you, it will not be accepted. So please, don't do that. For questions, you can use the comment box for now. I will set up my e-mail account for questions later.

Miss Fortune Things Back to Top


Personal things people asked me about Miss Fortune:

What do you like about Miss Fortune so much?

Despite the fact she has no escapes, nor any gab closer, she is still quite mobile thanks to her missfortuneviciousstrikes.png if she loses her movement speed in a fight, she can bring it right back up with this skill. Plus, this skill gives some nice attack speed, very handy when going the Armor Shredding Build.

Is there something you dislike about her?

Just her squishiness... and that her ultimate is canceled easily by any form of CC.

What is your favorite ability/skill?

Her missfortunebullettime.png. Love it even more so with the Armor Shredding Build. It deals so much damage!!

What is your favorite skin?

Secret Agent Miss Fortune and Captain Fortune. Though they have no special animations, I still like the looks of the skins.

Least favorite skin?

Waterloo Miss Fortune. I don't know why, I just dislike that one the most, though it isn't bad.

How many Miss Fortune skins do you have?

I have all of them except for Waterloo Miss Fortune.
Yes this includes the Legacy skins, I have these too.

What is your favorite kind of support to lane with?

One that can create set up for Miss Fortune's ultimate missfortunebullettime.png which means support with high CC such as:

Favorite Miss Fortune build?

At first it was the crit build, now it is the Armor Shredding build.
3071.png3147.png3142.png3036.png3814.png3006.png... though I sometimes swap 3814.png for 3072.png

AP Miss Fortune...?

Yup. All her skills have AP rating (except missfortuneviciousstrikes.png). Often when I play Miss Fortune support, I play her AP (unless the team has a lot of AP damage already) and on ARAM I use it as well.

Favorite AP items?

Pfff I have a lot. Basically the way you build her are my favorites...
But for those who want a visual:
These items are nice and worked too (though they're not favorites):

Are you going to make an AP Support Miss Fortune guide?

Maybe, not sure yet.

What is your Mastery level on Miss Fortune?

At the moment level 6!


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