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HEY:  Go read the introduction first!

In very rare occasions could you justify ignite or exhaust if you're playing mid lane... but as an ADC, you want heal and flash.  No exceptions.

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Similar to runes, you have options when it comes to picking masteries.  As of recent patches, MF actually has 4 viable keystone choices.

I am partial to Deathfire in probably 80% of cases.  Your Q procs DFT as a single target ability (so full damage! ) and stacking lethality isn't as strong as it used to be, so taking Precision in the Cunning tree isn't as useful.  That said, don't overlook the strength of harassing with E and thunderlords.

Deathfire Touch can add a lot of damage to your Q pokes:

MF scales with AD above all other stats.  It's possible to have your Q burn enemies for significant magic damage, adding to your poke potential.

Fervor of Battle can give you a ton more AD, but is hard to stack up:

This is an awkward keystone for MF.  The damage you can add to your ult by stacking this up is massive, but it is very hard for MF to land 8 auto attacks to get stacks built up.  Only take this if you've taken some AS runes and are going up against a melee support.

Warlord's Bloodlust blows early, but gives you hilarious sustain lategame:

This keystone is very weak early, but by lategame it can heal you for a TON.  Use your Q when you have the proc ready, and the heal will proc on both bounces.   You can easily heal yourself for upwards of 1k hp on a critical bounce.

Thunderlords and the cunning tree are useful because of how easily your E applies it  Take cunning when:

-You're taking lethality runes or planning on a primarily lethality build.  In this case, lethality is best when spammed, and getting the free 9 from cunning makes thunderlords worth the pick.

-The enemy has no huge tanks, and the percentage armor pen from Brutality wouldn't be well utilized.

-You want more burst to compliment a poke-based support like Sona.

-The enemy lane is something crazy long ranged like Ziggs or Varus and you will struggle to land Q's safely without eating return damage.

Now that said, the rest of your masteries can be tailored to personal preference!

Deciding between Fury or Sorcery comes down to if you think you want that little bit of extra attack speed.  As I wrote earlier, even little amounts of AS can feel really good on MF.  But if you don't need it, 2% extra damage on your Q and R is great.

Fresh Blood will help you poke, but MF could always use the sustain from Feast simply because we aren't taking Warlord's.  

Vampirism gives you another sustain boost, but Natural Talent gives you a bit more damage.  (And MF scales well with both AD and AP)

Bounty Hunter, Double Edged Sword, and Battle Trance are entirely up to personal preference.

Always take Battering Blows.  Even AP MF does roughly 50/50 physical and magic damage.  AD MF does almost entirely physical.

Deathfire is the best Ferocity keystone for MF right now.

In the cunning tree, choose between Wanderer and Savagery based on how confident you are in your last hitting ability.

Biscuits will probably be best for an ADC in a duo lane.

Meditation is tempting simply because MF is mana hungry, but Merciless will help you destroy the enemy team.

Dangerous Game is probably better than its alternatives.

Precision is huge if you are going for a Cunning spec.  Sure CDR is big on MF, but you're going to build 40% CDR anyway, and if you're taking TLD in the first place chances are you're going for a lethality build, and Precision is too good to pass up.

Thunderlords is the obvious keystone for Cunning.

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This will be your skill order in most games.  If you're running thunderlords or opened with a D-ring, you can pick up E at level 2 instead of W.  Or if you're laning against Ziggs, you're probably going to want to max E to waveclear.

So let's look at MF's abilities!

Passive: Love Tap!

MF does bonus physical damage with her autos and Q every time she attacks a NEW target.  This passive is a HUGE part of MF's kit, and making good use of it is crucial to playing her well.  By level 13, every Love Tap deals 100% AD bonus physical damage.

This means that by alternating targets you are literally DOUBLING your auto attack damage compared to repeatedly hitting the same target.  DOUBLING IT.  That's crazy!

However, this passive is the reason MF's base damage is so hilariously low, and it means that MF deals pitiful single-target damage.  You lose a right clicking contest with every other ADC.  Miss Fortune needs to have multiple things to shoot to get the most out of her kit.  This means you want to constantly switch targets, and fire bouncing Q's off in fights or you are missing out on a ton of damage potential.

It is also important to note how Love Tap interacts with your Q and W.

Q: Double Up!

MF's signature ability.  You fire a shot with slightly more range than an auto which strikes one target and then bounces to another target behind it.  If it kills the first target, the bounce will crit.  Recent changes have hurt this skill a lot.  Your passive CANNOT crit, so it is not until you have an IE and 323 AD that a crit bounce will outdamage an old-MF crit bounce.  Poking without crits does nowhere NEAR as much damage as it used to.

That said, this is your bread and butter and your primary lane harass tool.  Get good at bouncing this skill and you can heavily punish your enemies' mistakes.

It is important to note that this ability will proc Love Tap on BOTH targets, so you always want to bounce this ability if you can.  Autoing the enemy ADC, then Qing a minion for a bounce, and then autoing the ADC a 2nd time will deal slightly more damage than firing all 3 shots at the enemy ADC, because you will proc your passive once more.

W: Strut!

MF passively gains movement speed when not taking damage, and can activate the ability to instantly proc her full movespeed buff and gain bonus attack speed for 4 seconds.  Love Taps decrease the cooldown!

This ability is lovely.  As long as you can avoid taking damage, MF is incredibly fast.  This helps you dodge skillshots all game.  And the active ability gives you a nice boost to your DPS in fights.  Remember to alternate targets, and you can keep this skill up indefinitely!

E: Make It Rain!

This skill is the reason support and AP MF are viable.  You put down an AoE spell with a large radius and a huge cast range which deals magic damage and slows enemies for 2 seconds.  Since it deals damage every .25 seconds, this spell can proc thunderlords in under a second.  It's almost unavoidable as well due to its range.

As AD MF, you are primarily going to be using this skill to slow people for your ult, to harass in lane or dissuade an enemy from trading, or to escape ganks.  

R: Bullet Time!

Oh baby. This is without a doubt the most damaging AoE ability in the game.  MF stands still for 3 seconds firing a cone of delete in front of her.  This is the skill that lets you wipe entire teams, secure objectives, and keep up with other lategame ADCs.  

You can easily get your ultimate to deal upwards of 5k damage lategame.  And since it fires in waves, you can stack Black Cleaver's armor shred on the entire enemy team almost instantly, dealing absolutely bonkers damage.  This skill is what allows MF to be viable beyond the laning phase.  

This skill is so hilariously strong against Dragon and Baron as well.  Enemies clumping up in either pit are free kills waiting to happen, and the DPS it puts out often panics the enemy jungler causing them to smite early.  You can definitely steal objectives with this skill.

This ultimate ability is straight up disgustingly broken, and it is unfortunately the reason that the rest of MF's kit has had to be nerfed so hard.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Trading Lane
    Poke Lane
    Doran's shield is good now

Core Items

    First Buy
    First Complete Item
    These were made for Struttin'!
    Be a friend, buy a ward!

Situational Items

    Defensive Items
    If you need to upgrade your BF late
    The Lethality Build
    The AP build
    The only useful Crit items

Ok, items!  Remember that MF doesn't have a pre-set build path like a lot of other ADCs.  You don't NEED to get an IE/Hurricane like Twitch, Cait, or Jinx.  MF's kit is poorly designed for crit, attack speed, and really anything except AD and armor pen.  How you acquire those stats is up to you.  Remember:  All you need is AD.

Starting Items:

Yes, I listed Doran's Ring as an option.  No, I'm not trolling.  I do this about half my games in diamond.  

-MF is incredibly mana hungry. 
-Doran's Ring is an incredibly gold-efficient item.  (most efficient in game)
-With AD runes and your passive, you don't have a lot of trouble last-hitting.  
-MF often wins lane through a series of pokes
-It lets you grab a second potion
-The 15 AP actually increases your Q damage by 7.5, compared to the 8 of a blade. For its gold cost, this is actually more efficient.

So let's look at the bot lane when you're playing MF.  There's a good chance you're up against an enemy ADC running Warlord's Bloodlust.  The 3% lifesteal on Doran's Blade isn't going to keep up with that if you're trading autos heavily.  A second potion will give you more sustain.

Situations to open Doran's Blade:

-You're running a decent amount of attack speed in your runepage
-You've got some mana regen runes
-You anticipate an auto-trading heavy lane, either because of an all-in or hook based support, or an aggressive enemy lanecomp.
-The enemy picks a champion like Ezreal or Kalista who can get up in your face and often don't run Bloodlust themselves.
-You took the Vampirism mastery, giving you a total of 5% lifesteal
-You're running some lethality runes and are concerned about being able to last hit well

Situations to open Doran's Ring:

-You've got a support with plentiful heals, (Sona, Nami, Soraka, etc)
-You anticipate a primarily poke based lane
-You didn't run any mana regen runes
-You're running thunderlords and want to be able to use your E more liberally
-You're up against a mage botlane, especially Ziggs.
-You don't think you can effectively trade autos with your lane opponents (such as a Draven, or a poke-support like Sona)

Doran's Shield:  

This just got nerfed, but it's still pretty decent.  If you don't think you can kill your opponent, or you are worried about poke, this is a fine opening.

Bottom line, tailor your choice to the lane!

Your First Back:  

(7.2 Update)  After redoing my math, I'm still in favor of the early BF sword.  It's just so damned efficient, and the removal of the old passive from Dirk makes rushing that lethality less desirable compared to just having more AD.

When you recall for the first time, you want to grab a BF sword, boots, and as many longswords as you can afford.  Important to note is that we are not going to be upgrading this BF sword for a long time.  BUT, it is so damned gold efficient!   A BF sword is the single most gold efficient way to get more attack damage.  MF's base AD is garbage, and her ratios are disgustingly good.  You NEED AD, and a BF sword is the way to get it!  Hell, you can even build 2 before working on a completed item if you are really hitting people with good Q's.

Important to note is that with the season 7 lethality and dirk changes, a dirk is no longer a great first buy.  HOWEVER, there are some lethality changes being tested on the PBE which could change this.  I will update the guide after redoing my math if those changes go through.

For now though,  grab a BF sword if you can afford it, or a warhammer if you can't.  Both are good buys, but I prefer to have the extra AD of a BF before working on my first item.  

Your First Completed Item:

(7.2 Update) With the Lethality changes, the logic laid out here still stands, but gives even more strength to the Ghostblade.  I must now recommend ghostblade as a first complete item, unless you're getting clapped in lane or really need the lifesteal.  If you are stacking Lethality runes/masteries, pick up a ghostblade first!

When it comes time to work on your first completed item, you've got 3 choices.  Death's Dance, Black Cleaver, and Ghostblade.  They are all rather situational, so make your choice based on how the game is going so far.

Death's Dance is a fantastic item.  If the lane is even and it looks like it's going to drag out, this is a great first item to finish.  It gives you a massive amount of AD, terrific sustain, and a solid bit of CDR.  Even though it's pricy, it still gives you more AD per gold than ghostblade.  I like to build this first if the lane is even.  The sustain it gives to a poke champ like MF can be downright scary.  

Black Cleaver is almost always going to be your third item.  However, if you are getting destroyed in lane and simply can't tango with the enemy ADC anymore, you should suck it up and start building for teamfights.  No matter how far behind you are, an MF ult with black cleaver will ensure you pull your weight in teamfights.

Ghostblade is a great option for a first item if you are winning your lane handily and want to press your advantage, or if you are running some Lethality runes/masteries and want to start stacking it.  It's a nice cheap item, gives you solid damage and a nice active.  This will let you further bully the enemy ADC and help you roam to exploit your lead in lane.  

Regardless of which of these three items you are building, build the CDR portion first.  CDR is so crucial on MF.

Your Third Completed Item Should Be Cleaver:

Black Cleaver is just disgustingly good on MF.  It provides AD, some in-combat mobility, a tidbit of health, a staggering 20% CDR, and an armor shredding mechanic which procs almost instantly with her ultimate.  You are going to want to build this every game.  The only time I would consider delaying it is if my team already has like 2 or 3 cleavers and there's a scary mage on the enemy team convincing me to rush a maw or mercs.  But really, you can't go wrong with Black Cleaver.

Should I stack Lethality Items?  (7.2 says yes, maybe!)

Alright so let's talk lethality.  Patch 7.2 has given a SERIOUS buff to the impact of lethality in the earlier levels.  Especially with how they stack.  However, it's important to still remember how AD-reliant MF is.  Her base damages aren't the best, but her scaling is incredible.  We still want (ideally) a mix of AD and lethality.  To me, these changes have made lethality RUNES much more attractive than necessarily stacking lethality items.

So let's look at how these numbers stack together.  Ghostblade is now an incredibly attractive item.  Against another ADC at level 9 with let's say 55 armor, a ghostblade will increase your overall physical damage output by 11.51%.  Let's say you also took 14 lethality in your runepage.  The combined 34 lethality gives you a rough damage increase of 21.28%.  This is significant.  If you took the runes, and then completed a ghostblade, you'd gain 12.38% damage over not having the ghostblade.  So it's important to look at the efficiency of each item compared to what levels of damage you'd be putting out based exclusively on runes/masteries.  

Let's say you also took the Precision mastery, bringing your lethality to 43.  At this point against that same ADC, your total lethality is resulting in a roughly 32.9% increase in physical damage.  If you took a pure lethality runepage, complete with Precision and ghostblade, your damage against that same ADC is increased by 37.66%, which is crazy. But keep in mind how much early laning pressure you are losing out on.  MF needs a baseline of AD before those percentage increases in damage from lethality can really start kicking in.

Also keep in mind how tanks are going to factor into this.  A full lethality page and a ghostblade might make you a squishy deleting machine, but even all that investment is only going to add up to a 16.7% increase in damage against a 200 armor tank running your ass down.  an LDR would instead increase your damage by 37.9%.

So for now I must recommend keeping the early BF sword, as it's just so stupidly cost efficient, working on your ghostblade into cleaver, and then decide if you want to keep stacking lethality, or transition into utility items or percentage based armor pen.  Basically, do you need to bop squishies harder?  Are you getting deleted by assassins or mages?  Is their ADC already super far behind, but instead you need to be able to scratch Poppy?  Make your decision from here based on how the game is going. 

7.2 Buffs to Lethality items:  

EDGE OF NIGHT has been nerfed pretty heavily.  Get it in a lethality heavy build, but honestly I prefer simply more damage.  Throw more BF swords into your build, or pick up an early LW instead.

DUSKBLADE on the other hand doesn't look as nice compared to Edge.  Honestly 75 true damage on your first hidden-auto isn't much to write home about when your ult is probably hitting for 4k at this point, and the stats gained by completing this item (finished vs components) are similarly unimpressive.  If you are going for a lethality build, build this item LAST to use up that BF sword we built earlier.  Edge of Night just gives you so much more utility and its combine cost isn't as prohibitive.

The only downside to both these items is that they lack CDR.  This will leave you with 30% in most cases.  If you are going a heavy lethality build, do yourself a favor and pick up Lucidity boots to cap off your cooldowns asap.  I can't stress how important this is for MF.

Defensive Items:

I personally feel like MF should only build defensive items that also help you kill stuff.  A Mercurial Scimitar gives you an impressive 65 AD, some magic resist, lifesteal, and arguably the best item active in the game.  Always build this if there's a Morg/Lux/Ahri on the other team and slipping up and eating one snare could throw the game.  

Maw on the other hand will give you less AD, but compensate with CDR and the shield passive, great for surviving burst mages.

Guardian angel is a viable defensive item, but I much prefer to take one with damage or an active that allows you more agency.  Chances are as MF if you died in a teamfight, you're just going to die immediately again once you revive.

Zhonya's is also a viable pick in VERY rare situations.  If the enemy team has no mages and if AD-assassins are gunning for you, this is actually a good pick.  You've got solid AP ratios on your Q, E, and R, and the armor, CDR, and active are great for MF.  You'll get yelled at, but honestly if Zed and Talon are champing at the bit to tear you a new one, this is a hilarious way to shut them down.  Also lets you survive a Syndra R lmao.


Honestly all boots are viable for MF.  

Zerkers are stupidly gold efficient, and if you find yourself able to get off lots of auto attacks in fights, they are a great buy.  Remember, even small amounts of attack speed feel really good on MF.  However, because MF doesn't NEED attack speed, all the other boots are good options too!

Swifties are cheap, make you faster, and help mitigate slows.  A great buy.

Ionian boots can let you focus on pure damage instead of picking up a 3rd CDR item.

Mercs can be useful if the enemy has lots of CC that can't easily be handled by a QSS.

Tabi offer armor at a great price and a crazy strong passive, significantly boosting your ability to handle enemy ADCs.

Mobis are hilarious on mid MF.  Combined with your W, you can roam so stupidly fast.  Good times.

Why Death's Dance over Bloodthirster?

Especially when I'm recommending picking up an early BF sword, why do I advocate DD over BT?  Two big reasons: Build Path, and CDR.

-Death's Dance simply has a much nicer build path than BT.  It builds primarily out of longswords, the warhammer component is easy to pick up early, and its finishing cost is about 60% of BT's.  

-CDR is Queen on MF!  Miss Fortune is an ability-focused ADC, and having your Q and Ult available more often gives you so much more utility.  I'll take 10% CDR over 5% extra lifesteal any day!

Why don't you like a Crit build?

OK SO:  MF's Q has been redone.  This sucks to be quest honest.  I really dislike this change.  Riot really wants her to be a crit-ADC, but her kit is just NOT built for it.  So much of her damage comes from her passive (which cannot crit) and her attack speed and range don't allow you to get off tons of autos like Jinx or Cait.  

Almost all Crit items are  garbage on MF.  There are two exceptions.

Infinity Edge gives you some solid damage, and increases the damage on your crit bounces.  DO NOT GET THIS ITEM FIRST.  This is a lategame item to pick up 2nd or 3rd to increase your damage.  It is most useful once you've got  enough AD that your Q will always kill a caster minion, guaranteeing a crit.  You will never want to get 100% crit chance on MF.  She needs AD, not AS, nor Crit chance.  

Rapid Fire Cannon.  This is the ONLY zeal item worth getting on MF.  And it's because it lets you poke really really hard from further away.  Run in circles until you have the proc ready.  Run forward, and Q into auto VERY quickly.  You can fire both the Q and the auto before the range runs out, allowing you to fire both from much further away.  You can really chunk enemy squishies like this.

Again to stress, these are the ONLY decent crit items for MF.  Do NOT build ER, and do NOT build hurricane.  You need AD way too much to waste on these items.  Without early damage, armor pen, or CDR, MF is very weak.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Ashe
  • Blitzcrank
  • Brand
  • Braum
  • Caitlyn
  • Corki
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Janna
  • Jhin
  • Jinx
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  • Morgana
  • Nami
  • Sivir
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Laning against an Alistar can go either way.  On the one hand, he can get on top of you and land a Q very easily.  He can interrupt your ult from very far away, and offers sustain to your lane opponent.

However, he is still a melee support and vulnerable to being harassed out of lane.  Beware the level 2 all-in and do your best to poke him to death.




This is overall an easy lane.  Go for a poke-build, and harass her down with Q's.  She will still beat you in a right click contest, but Ashe's playstyle means she'll want to spend a lot of time behind minions, and you can easily bop her down with repeated Q's and E's.  

Aside from her potential to all in at level 6, this should be an easy lane.




If you get hooked, you're dead.  He can instantly interrupt your ult with 3 of his 4 abilities.  You can't run from him.  

He's still a melee support, so if you dodge everything and poke him down, the lane can still be won.  But a SINGLE misplay resulting in you getting hooked is likely going to lose the lane instantly.  




Brand support is horrifying.  Basically it comes down to your ability to dodge his spells.  If he combos you, you're gonna die.  But if you can dodge his abilities, he is very easy to poke to death.  Just a few Q's will send him packing.




Laning against Braum isn't the end of the world.  He's still a melee support, and you can find ways to bait out his shield.  His passive makes him scary though, and combined with an aggressive support can kill you very easily.

But the fact remains that he can completely negate your ult at ANY point in the game.




Caitlyn is actually pretty easy to bully as MF.  The biggest thing you need to worry about in this lane is to not take too many free auto attacks.  Cait outranges you, and if you aren't careful she will be able to hit you with an auto without you being in range to fire back.  

That said, her movement patterns are predictable.  When she's walking towards you to auto, bounce a Q off the melees, and run forward to also land an auto.  If she's playing back to exploit her range, bonk her with Q's from the ranged minions.  

You are fast enough to dodge traps and peacemakers.

Once you are level 6, play VERY aggressively with your ultimate, and look for Q+E+R combos whenever possible.  Force her out of lane early and often.

As long as you don't take too much free damage, you can poke her down very easily.




Corki's tough.  Any champion that can close the distance and get in your face is a tough matchup for MF.  He can burst you hard too.

Play safe, try to poke, but save your W and E to disengage when needed.  Try to simply come out of lane even in farm and look to being ready to teamfight.




Similar to Caitlyn, Draven's movement patterns are very predictable.  And you KNOW he's going to be hyper aggressive.

Exploit this knowledge to poke him with Q's, and drop an E on him when he's looking to catch axes.

As long as you don't get all-in'd, this is an easy one.  Beware of how hard he crushes you in a right-click contest, and poke him to death.  Once you get ahead of Draven, you can wipe the floor with him all game.

Be sure to bait out his E before trying to ult, or he can interrupt you immediately.  But post 6 as SOON as he throws out his E, drop your E+R on his face.




Ezreal is tough.  He beats you in an auto contest, and has plenty of mobility to get in your face and brawl.  It'll be hard to hit him with Q's, and he can always shift out of your E+R.  

He's got the range to counter-poke you, and significant burst with his ult.  This is a very hard matchup against a good Ezreal.




Janna is a strong support.  No question about that.  She can block some of your poke, but she usually has to either flash ult to interrupt your R, or let a Q charge for a bit.

Bait out her shield and poke the other one.  She doesn't bring much aggression to the table, so look to play a bit forward and poke your opponents out of lane.  Once you've got some items, a Q crit can completely pop her shield in one hit.




Look to land a Q+E when you see him walking up with his 4th shot.  Don't stand near minions.  Run side to side looking for opportunities to Q.

The early levels are very important here.  If you get ahead, it's an easy lane.  If you fall behind, it can be tough.

Try to poke without taking damage in return, and go ham with your ult as soon as you are 6.  Beware of prolonged trades because if you both get low and you fail to finish him off, he'll simply retreat and ult.




Focus on poking and zoning her with Q and E.  If you ever get trapped on chompers, you're probably dead.

Stand far away enough from minions that she can't poke you with rockets without drawing minion aggro.




Now seems to think this one is a sweep for MF, but I honestly find a good Kalista player to be a nightmare.  

She can get RIGHT up in your face quickly, and force auto trades, which you lose heavily.

She's very mobile to boot, and will be hard to reliably poke down.




Dodge her empowered Q's, don't stand too close to minions, and don't let her land harass without hitting her back.

Aside from her all-in potential to assist ganks, she's not that bad.




Poor Lucian.   This used to be a very engaging and skillful matchup, but he's in such a bad spot right now that you just crush him.




Morg's pretty easy.  You should be fast enough to never get hit by a binding, and her shield doesn't really do anything to you.  

The most annoying part of morg is how easily she can disable your W passive by dropping a puddle under you.

Aside from her all-in potential with her ult, you should be able to poke her and her ADC to death without taking much punishment.




Nami is a pain.  She's got a quick harass tool you can't dodge (W), sustain, and several ways to interrupt your ultimate.  

Normally you are quick enough to dodge her Q's, but a smart Nami will open up with a W to disable your W speed, hit you with an empowered auto for the slow, and land an easy bubble.  Her ult is also hard to get away from as MF.

Your best bet is to pair up with a support with some hard CC and burst her down, because she is incredibly squishy.




She can block your Q's with her spellshield, but really the worst thing she can do is just shove the lane into your tower.  You can't match her pushing power.

Dodge her Q's and farm as best you're able.  Try to bait out her E by canceling a bunch of autos very quickly.  The sound glitches a tiny bit and people can mistake it for the audio of your Q.  Her Q is on a 22 second cooldown at level 1, so baiting it out gives you a HUGE opportunity to harass.




She can't harass you without eating a lot of damage in return.  

The biggest threat sona brings to the table is her ultimate.  But hit her a few times early and she'll be too scared to try to poke you.




Ugh.  Soraka is a huge pain in the ass.  MF wins lanes through poking the other ADC out of lane.  Soraka with her infinite heals can negate all of your harass.  

And post 6, a smart Soraka is going to save her E to instantly interrupt your ult, denying you a lot of your kill pressure.




As long as you don't get caught alone and she jumps on your head, this is an easy one.




You've got to poke him down early.  You can't trade blows with him.  Harass to the best of your ability and really try to get an advantage early.  Use your ult liberally at level 6, and look to end the game early.  Be very aware of how much harder he scales than you.




Varus has a pretty similar playstyle to you.  He wants to poke you down.

Do your best to dodge his Q's.  

If he hits you with his ult, IMMEDIATELY fire yours back at him.  




Her mobility makes her a pain.  She can get up in your face, and no one really out-autos a vayne late game.  

Try to poke as best you're able, and save your ult until she's backing off or has recently used her E and tumbled.




Uggghhhhhhh.  Ziggs is a butt.  You can't really play conventionally against him.  

Open ring, max E, and just out-shove him.  

You'd be surprised how much less an impact Ziggs has on a game when he isn't able to get an 8 minute tower first blood.

Introduction Back to Top

I've been playing LoL since its release, and I remember when Nidalee first came out.  Miss Fortune has been my favorite champion for a long time now, and I tallied up about 450 ranked games with her in mid diamond last season.  I won't claim to be the best player out there, but I think I've gotten a pretty good grasp of her gameplay.

So MF has gone through some changes over the years.  Gone are the days of on-hit red smite which allowed for a brutal jungle MF.  Gone are the days of impure shot stacking, which allowed for a hilarious rage-blade rush strategy.  AP Miss Fortune is still somewhat viable, but your team is going to yell at you for it.  All the recent reworks have cut down on the variety of ways that MF can be played.  However, it is very important to note that there is no ONE way to build MF.  There is no "ideal" runes/masteries/items choice that will be best for 100% of your games.  


You have a LOT of leeway when it comes to build paths, runes, and masteries.  Deciding how to spec and build your MF in EACH game is a very important part of mastering this champion!  You will need to analyse each matchup before the game starts to plan our your runes and masteries, and then contemplate how the game is going every time you base to decide what to build!  Going into a game with a pre-determined build that you try to run every single game will leave you less successful than tailoring your build to each game.

I hope to be able to adequately explain my decision making as I walk you through each step.

I also stream, which can be found here and you are more than welcome to join.  I am not the highest ELO player, but I try my best to be insightful and relaxed.  I'm a 30 year old housewife, and my reflexes aren't what they used to be.  I'm in diamond 3 right now, so don't expect challenger gameplay, but I feel my Miss Fortune play is solid enough to learn a thing or two from!

Anyway, let's look at MF's strengths and weaknesses!


-Her ult can literally wipe teams in seconds.  Highest damage AoE ability in the game.  If the enemy clumps up, you can seriously pentakill them alone.  Disgusting damage.
-Oppressive lane bully.  Your poke with Q can easily force your opponents out of lane.
-Incredibly mobile out of combat.  Your W passive lets you get around the map very quickly.
-Great build paths.  Much of what MF builds can be made from longswords, meaning you are rarely stuck recalling with awkward amounts of gold.


-Pitiful single-target damage.  Much of MF's damage comes from her passive and resetting her W.  MF will lose a right-click contest with just about every champion out there, and is very bad at killing Dragon and Baron with autos.  This also means you are very weak in 1v1 situations without minions to bounce Q's off of.
-No repositioning skills.  E is your only source of self-peel, leaving you very vulnerable to enemies that can hard engage.
-Fairly mana hungry
-You are highly reliant on your team for CC and peels
-At higher ELOs, your opponents will know how to exploit these weaknesses.  Enemies will get in your face, forcing unfavorable trades, you will be heavily targeted by CC and assassins, and enemy teams won't clump up together for your ult.  MF definitely struggles in the highest ELOs.
-Every other ADC destroys you in a straight 1v1 fight
-Every other ADC destroys you in a straight 1v1 fight.

Pairing MF with supports! Back to Top

MF can work with a variety of different supports, but it's important to consider going into the game how differently certain lane combos are going to play.

My personal favorite supports to go along with MF are Janna, Morgana, Nami, Sona and Leona.


Janna offers a wonderful shield to block damage and boost your AD, and perfect escape tools.  You struggle to self-peel, but Janna can keep you safe all game.


CC and a spellshield.  It's simple - she lands a Q, rooting the enemy for about 3 years.  She then throws black shield on you, and you cast your ult while the enemy support tries unsuccessfully to interrupt it.


She helps you poke, has heals to help sustain, has great CC, can add a slow to your autos, and provides solid disengage from ganks.  She's got everything you need.


Leona has amazing all-in potential and the ability to hold someone still for a long time.  By level 6, you just all-in with your ults.  Because of how your ultimate fires in waves, you can instantly proc every instance of Leona's passive, resulting in enough damage to delete almost any lane opposition.


Sona poke can hit almost as hard as MF's poke.  The two of you can put out a lot of burst damage from significantly far away.  Sona also brings sustain to the table, and at level 6 your ult combo can quickly win a lane.

Mage supports can work well with MF as well, as they add to your already oppressive poke ability.  HOWEVER, it's very important to note how vulnerable this leaves your lane to ganks.  Someone like Brand or Zyra who naturally pushes a lane and also has no escapes, means that while you can definitely destroy the enemy ADC/support, you are going to get camped HARD.  Because of this I prefer to pair up with a support that can assist in disengaging from gank attempts.  In higher ELO, a jungle is going to look at an MF/Malzahar lane and just see free gold.   

Hook supports such as Blitz, Thresh, and Naut are decent, but keep in mind that if Blitzcrank suddenly positions an enemy in front of you, you might have nothing to bounce Q's off of.  As we're established already, MF doesn't win right-click contests, so be sure of your positioning when laning with a hook champ.  Consider running attack speed runes and thunderlords for burst if you have a blitz or thresh as your support.

Sustain supports like Soraka are viable, but you give up a bit of kill potential in favor of not risking getting poked out of lane.

Braum is a good pick with solid protection and CC, but keep in mind that you will struggle to make use of his passive early game with your low attack speed.

General Lane Strategy Back to Top

Early Laning:

First things first!  Beware of enemies gooning bushes looking for early kills.  MF is pretty weak at level 1 without anything to bounce shots off of.  If you're going to be running to lane through any bushes after helping leash for your jungle, be sure to ward them before leashing.  A comp like blitz/cait or thresh/draven can easily kill you if you facecheck a bush.

Once everyone's in lane and no goons are found, start looking for opportunities to land some Q bounces.  MF does not trade well this early, but landing even ONE bounce Q crit which chunks 20% of the enemy ADC's healthbar can do wonders for you.  A single big hit like that and the enemy playstyle will change.  They'll start playing more cautiously, giving you the freedom to CS and get to level 3-5 where you are much stronger.

This is especially important against heavy brawling ADCs like Draven or Kalista who naturally want to get up in your face.  Bonking them with a few Qs to settle them down can be the difference between poking them to death later and getting run over at level 2.

As you feel out the lane, watch the enemy's movement patterns and run side to side in lane a lot.  Try to land a Q bounce at every opportunity.  Running side to side will force the enemy to do the same thing, as once you've gotten a good feel for Q bounce patterns you can really harass people into awkward positions.

If the enemy support comes forward to harass, be sure to answer it.  Don't let a sona Q auto you without hitting her with a Q auto back.

If possible, let the wave push towards you.  By level 4 or 5, you have the damage to really start chunking the enemy ADC.  If the wave is pushing to your tower and you land a couple of good Qs, you can start denying the enemy CS.  This also allows you to use your E aggressively to zone with, whereas if you are pushing the wave you need to save your E to escape ganks.

Always try to hit enemy minions a few times to get them low enough that a Q will kill them.  This gives you more targets to potentially bounce crits off of, extending your zoning potential.  Don't finish a creep off until it's going to die anyway.  Leave yourself as many opportunities to crit Q as possible.  

Use your E either defensively to put slightly in front of an ADC who looks like they're running up to trade, or offensively behind an ADC trying to retreat.  The damage and slow usually gives you enough time to back off or land another auto.

At level 6:

The lane changes at level 6.  Start looking for kills with a Q E R combo.  Essentially, look for a guaranteed Q-crit bounce that will hit a champion, fire the Q, and IMMEDIATELY drop your E and R on their head.  This can easily and instantly get a kill or at the  very least force your opponent out of lane. 

Here are a few quick shots of the destructive power of an MF combo.  (I have no idea what I'm doing with video so forgive the quality and editing lmao)

In the first, a quick Q bounce off a Zyra plant into an E and R gets a nice kill.  In the second, Kogmaw underestimates how much damage MF can put out, and a Q crit bounce into E R finishes him off from full hp!  

In the laning phase, unless you anticipate a big fight happening at dragon in the next minute, be VERY aggressive with your ult.  Even if you don't get the kill, you'll force them out of lane.  Anyone who sticks around under tower with low HP against MF is just begging to get bopped with a Q.

Transitioning into Teamfights:

As the game goes on into the later stages, much of your teamfight potential is wrapped up in your ult.  ALWAYS be pinging your ult CD or availability as it heavily influences your ability to contribute to a teamfight.   

Hang around corners or just out of LoS and look for any opportunities to land your ult on as many people as possible.  As soon as either team commits and engages, drop your ult.  The enemy cannot fight in it, so they'll either immediately bail, try to CC you, or explode.  Paired with some AoE CC like Oriana or Amumu, your ultimate can instantly win games.

After ulting, or if you didn't have your ult, auto attack whatever's closest to you so that you stay safe.  Always look to switch targets with each shot if possible.  Always fire a Q that bounces, even if it means bouncing to a tank.  The only way you can keep up with the DPS of other ADCs without your ultimate at this point in the game is to make full use of your passive.

MF's W makes her very good at running enemies down after a fight.  Without risking your life, feel free to chase and clean up kills after a battle.

Try to save your summoners for defensive use if able.  By all means use flash aggressively if it means lining up a Q double kill or finishing someone off, but flash is often your only form of self-peel against things like Riven or Fiora, and you are going to sorely miss it if you teamfight without it.

Keep your W active and run around on the outside of fights.  After you've blown your ult, your job is mostly done and you don't need to gun for their carries (if they're still alive).  Keep yourself safe and deal your damage where you can.

Feel free to use your ult defensively if it looks like the enemy is hard engaging in an unfavorable position.  Late game your ult has a pretty short cooldown with 40% CDR, and not many teams are going to want to walk into an MF ult to force a fight.  Drop it on them if you need to help your team escape. 

And finally, in the late game and especially while sieging, be on the lookout for Q bounce opportunities.  Tell your team to not immediately clear the wave if you can.  A lategame Q bounce crit can easily kill an enemy ADC, support, or squishy mage, like so:

Tips and Tricks! Back to Top

-Your Q can bounce to targets you cannot see.  So an enemy hiding in a bush, or a sneaky Evelyn can be dissuaded from sticking around by hitting them with a Q.  

-Q into auto shoots faster than auto into Q.  Not sure why.

-Q prefers to travel in a straight line rather than going for a closer target.  By running side to side you can often force a Q bounce to hit an enemy champion over a closer minion by making the path between you as straight as possible.

-Aim your Q carefully in trades!  It's tempting to fire your autos and Qs at the same target, but always bounce the Q if you can.  You'll deal more damage, proc your passive again, and reduce the cooldown on your W!

-If a minion isn't quite low enough to kill with a Q for a crit, you can fire an auto and Q at almost the same time, possibly surprising your opponent!


-When you land a Q crit, your passive ALSO gains the extra 50% damage.  This is why you can 1shot people lategame.

-In trades, try to reposition between autos to better line up Q bounces.  Chances are you can bounce a Q off one champ to another when the enemy is trying to retreat!

-Your passive resets on impact, not on shot.  This means if you fire a Q  that you want to bounce, but your Love Tap is already on that target, you can very quickly shoot a closer minion with an auto, allowing your Q to Tap its target, potentially turning a bounce into a crit bounce!

-When starting a trade, don't activate your W until your first shot is in the air.  You won't miss any auto wind up time, and your first hit will proc the cooldown effect on W, meaning you'll have it ready to activate again sooner.

-If building Death's Dance, be aware that the DoT effect will cancel your W speed if it burns for more than one second.  If you are running from a fight, don't activate your W if you still have damage burning on you.

-E gives vision of bushes.  Use it to avoid facechecking or to peek for sneaky Blitzcranks or junglers!  It costs a lot of mana but it's a good way to make sure you're safe to run forward and ward a bush.

-Be a friend, buy control wards every back.  MF is super gankable, so having vision is very important.

-Use your ultimate to try to force enemy teams off of Dragon or Baron.  Obviously if they're clumped in the baron pit you pretty much guarantee yourself a pentakill, but your ult also does so much damage to objectives that many junglers will panic and miss their smite, giving you a steal.  I've stolen a LOT of drags/barons with my ult.

-Use vision and your out-of-combat speed wisely.  Hide around corners during sieges, or sit behind the team in a bush during a skirmish.  Many LoL potatoes lack a concept of object permanence, and simply not being able to see you makes them much more likely to clump up for your ult.  You can instantly win a game by landing a good ult if the enemy team didn't know you were around.

-When you have RFC, be sure to Q -> auto as quickly as you can to fire them both with the range bonus.  This gives you a lot of poke.

-Always flash your mastery when you fire a Q you know is going to kill someone, before it hits them.

FAQ? Back to Top

Thanks for reading!  I hope you guys enjoy.  Feel free to ask questions, and I'll do my best to answer 'em in here!

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