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Miss Fortune Statistics for SheerBrutality

Author's performance with Miss Fortune compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

These are basically the only two spell combinations that'd be used for MF or any ADC for that matter. 

Flash 4.png

Flash is a standard summoner spell used by almost all champs with few exceptions, so that doesn't need too much explaining. It helps you get out of the worst situations or helps you get that key kill in a fight, one of the most versatile and game changing spells in the game. 

Heal 7.png

Heal should be your primary second summoner spell of choice. Heal has been the standard for basically all ADCs because it gives you and gives movement speed, helping you to stay in the fight and re-position, or just stay alive and run away.

Barrier 21.png

As for Barrier, it's pretty much only used when your support is an Ardent Censor user and takes Heal with the Windspeakers keystone (Janna, Lulu, Soraka, Sona, etc.). Barrier is obviously different than Heal, so make sure you play accordingly, where you can't bank on that extra movement speed and you have to properly time your Barrier usage to actually block the incoming damage. 

New Runes Back to Top


This is the page I use most nowadays with the fast bruiser meta. 

Conqueror 13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=32 gives MF a bit more dueling power which she lacks naturally in her kit. Triumph Triumph.png?width=32 always helps in teamfights I find giving that extra HP after kills and assists and can really turn the tides. Bloodline Legend%20Bloodline.png?width=32 is chosen over Alacrity Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=32 because MF isn't your typical attack speed-based marksman, so getting some lifesteal, which isn't really part of her build either, can help. For the last rune, Coup de Grace Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32 is the standard go-to because MF is essentially a burst ADC and this only adds to that, giving more damage to lower HP champs. If you find yourself against multiple tanks on the enemy team though, it might be smart to switch over to Cut Down Cut%20Down.png?width=32, which deals more damage to tanks.

Despite the fast meta currently, games still can run long, and based on the items MF typically builds, even with a mixed build, she doesn't quite keep up with the "hypercarry" marksman in the late game. So Gathering Storm Gathering%20Storm.png?width=32 is a way for her to still have some scaling too. And for the second rune from the rest of the available runes to pick, Celerity Celerity.png?width=32 ends up being the best in my opinion. MF doesn't have any sort of dash or mobility spell aside from her Strut missfortuneviciousstrikes.png, so the increased movement speed definitely helps her. She's pretty much a run and gun marksman, so this adds to that strength.

Dark Harvest

This is more of the off-meta rune page and one that I don't really use, but I could see this becoming a popular thing when the meta slows down a bit and games go longer consistently, so keep this page in your back pocket! 

Dark Harvest Dark%20Harvest.png?width=32 is the real draw here, where it basically adds another Duskblade 3147.png burst of damage which adds to her seemingly assassin-like burst in the late game which can be pretty devastating against squishy targets and swing the entire game. As for the first rune, Cheap Shot cheap%20shot1.png?width=32 gives a nice little boost of damage with your E missfortunescattershot.png impairing enemy champs' movements and following it up with your ult missfortunebullettime.png. For the next set of runes, Eyeball Collection Eyeball%20Collection.png?width=32 is the obvious choice, where each kill, assist, and even ward kill contributes to giving you a small bonus of AD. As for the last set of runes, Ravenous Hunter Ravenous%20Hunter.png?width=32 makes the most sense, where each unique enemy champ kill increases a small healing from damage dealt by your abilities, which MF uses a lot of the time. It acts as a sort of lifesteal which is always nice. 

As explained above, I believe Celerity Celerity.png?width=32 and Gathering Storm Gathering%20Storm.png?width=32 are the best choices here. Especially with this more late-game focused rune setup, Gathering Storm goes hand in hand with that. 

Arcane Comet

This was the common page when the rune rework first happened. I don't use this anymore and it's a very early game focused setup, but if it works for you then go for it! 

Arcane Comet Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32 is one of MF's more useful runes due to her being at least partially a caster ADC. The added damage from the comet, especially noticeable in the early game, helps you enhance your lane bully skills with your Q missfortunericochetshot.png and even E missfortunescattershot.png. Manaflow Band Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32 is the only good rune in the first level and really works well with MF, enhancing her sustain in lane by restoring mana and can act as a pseudo-Doran Ring start. Celerity Celerity.png?width=32 was explained above and helps with what MF wants to do. And if having a quick game and getting ahead is your focus, Scorch Scorch.png?width=32 won't disappoint, adding some extra damage to your spells and, along with Comet, can help finish off enemy champs that always seem to get out of your ult missfortunebullettime.png with like 2% HP.

As explained above, Triumph Triumph.png?width=32 is always a great rune to have and can be very clutch. The second rune again comes down to the choice of Coup de Grace Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32 and Cut Down Cut%20Down.png?width=32 as explained above as well.

Masteries Back to Top

This will be getting reworked as well, so take this with a grain of salt as it'll have to be re-done soon anyway.

Deathfire Touch 6164.png

Starting with the keystone, Deathfire Touch is your primary choice. MF has little 1 on 1 dueling power, so it makes Fervor and Warlord's very inefficient in comparison. MF is more of a caster ADC because she's always looking for missfortunericochetshot.png poke, which does trigger the mastery, along with all of her other spells aside from missfortuneviciousstrikes.png. Deathfire Touch did get nerfed awhile back, but this is your only choice until the new system comes out.

Secret Stash 6322.png

This is the only other mastery worth touching on for now. For me, the mana regeneration from the Biscuit seems necessary due to MF's playstyle and how she wants to poke down her lane opponents from a relatively safe distance. 

Abilities Back to Top


Passive: Love Tap missfortunepassive.png

MF's passive is one of the key things to separate a great MF player from a decent one. She deals extra damage when she attacks a new target with her auto attacks (including her Q), with a recognizable heart on her most recently tagged target. To compensate though, MF does have a lower starting AD than all other ADCs, so make sure to utilize this passive during laning phase especially.

Love Tap does effect turrets as well (but not inhibitors), which is the real difference maker here. When taking turrets, make sure to alternate your auto attacks between the turret and minions. This also works in conjunction with her W, Strut, which will be talked about more below, but essentially it helps you activate your love tap bonus even faster because of the attack speed steroid, with added cooldown reduction when different targets are hit. One of the best uses of this is when your team is pushing up to the final two turrets before the enemy nexus. You simply stand in between them and alternate turrets with your auto attacks, triggering your passive over and over, which allows MF to really burst them down and quickly end the game shortly after. 

Q: Double Up missfortunericochetshot.png

Aside from her ult, this is probably MF's most recognizable spell and it should usually be maxed first. Double Up is relatively simple, but can be difficult to pull off effectively. The range of the spell is the same as MF's auto attack range (including when having Rapidfire Cannon's bonus range if you Q first and then auto attack immediately afterwards). 

There have been several changes to this spell throughout Season 7, but it comes down to wanting to kill your first target with your Q so that you get bonus damage on to your second target. When MF comes back with even just a couple items, this bonus damage can really chunk the enemy's HP, giving you immediate lane advantage and kill pressure. In lower elo especially, people tend to not respect or be aware of the bounce, so make sure to always be looking for these opportunities. The bounce goes into a mini cone shape, so maybe take the time in the Practice Tool to get used to how much leeway you have. From my understanding the bounce does try to prioritize enemy champs, but usually you need to hit minions on the backline or where there's a clear path to the enemy champion for it to connect (reliably at least). 

Also, you don't have to use this spell only when the first target can be killed. It can be used simply for poke damage despite the lack of bonus damage. Also, on the bounce, the second target has a crit chance, so especially for those who incorporate crit into their builds, it can make a big difference using this is team fights, like on a frontline tank and having it bounce to a priority backline target for example.

W: Strut missfortuneviciousstrikes.png

This is quietly one of MF's best spells and should be maxed second with the off-chance of you wanting to max it first if it makes sense for that game specifically. The passive gives 25 bonus out of combat movement speed (after 5 seconds of taking no damage) and after an additional 5 seconds, up to an extra 100 movement speed at max rank, which, coupled with a Ghostblade, can make for extremely fast rotations around the map and chasing down enemy champions. The active automatically grants that maximum bonus movement speed along with an attack speed steroid for 4 seconds, which not only helps to obviously put out more damage in general, but also helps a lot with her love tap combos. 

As mentioned above, Strut is great with Love Tap because Strut's cooldown gets reduced each time a new target is hit. Strut's cooldown begins once your W is pressed, so you can in theory have an endless attack speed buff if you continue to hit unique targets during the duration of the spell. 

Also note that this is MF's lowest cost spell, so when you're getting pushed under your turret or looking to push a wave, this is your best waveclear tool. Your Q works nicely as well, but the mana costs are too high to waste on just clearing minion waves. 

E: Make It Rain missfortunescattershot.png

On the surface this spell seems pretty weak, but it definitely has its key uses. I personally take this spell at level 3, and not level 4 like most people, simply for its overall coverage. It provides a relatively decent slow even with just one point in it (28%) until you start leveling it again at level 14 where it eventually maxes at 60%. There are primarily three main uses for the spell aside from waveclear, which isn't really recommended unless you're trying to last hit a couple minions at long range when you're struggling to keep up in lane. 

1. This is a good spell to slow down or ward off enemy ganks completely. You'll usually get ganked several times in lane, and if you have appropriate vision of the enemy jungler, you can throw this spell in the jungler's direction, slowing down their gank, often making the difference.

2. Great tool for chasing down opponents. Between all of MF's extra movement speed and potentially a Ghostblade active for more speed, you're able to pretty much catch up to any champ and land your E to slow them down for you and your team to pounce. 

3. The classic combo of MF where you place your E in a strategic spot in a fight and then ult immediately afterwards. The slow really helps them stay in your ult's range, making her E deceptively key to her ult's potentially game changing effects.

R/Ult: Bullet Time missfortunebullettime.png

MF's ult really compensates for her lack of dueling power and is the reason why she's known as a teamfighting ADC. Bullet Time puts out waves of damage in a large reverse pyramid shape that even has the ability to crit based on crit chance and can single-handedly win your team the game. There's no damage reduction when your ult passes through multiple targets, so you're able to freely fire away despite usually a tanky frontline between you and the priority enemy targets. As mentioned above, you should try to use your E before your ult to keep enemy champs in your damage.

Keep in mind though that this is a channeled spell, so you should always try to make sure you can get out at least half of your ult's duration before you get interrupted. If you do buy an Edge of Night, use its active to get the spell shield and then use your ult to try and lengthen your ult's duration.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    For awhile this was the typical start for MF. I personally alternate between this and the Doran Blade start depending on the matchup. Regardless of whether or not you're going a lethality, crit, or mixed route, the Long Sword is an important component to building your items. Also, you arguably have more sustainability in lane as compared to a Doran's Blade and only 1 Biscuit. It can also be a great start to rush an Executioner's Calling (built from a Long Sword) when up against a Soraka or other healing champs in your lane.
    The old tried and true standard starting build for virtually every ADC. It still works and I will take this start depending on the matchup. With the faster pace of games and with many bruisers in every lane, this can be a good way to keep up with the early damage.
    This is a safe starting build for very oppressive lanes. Usually this would be good against enemy ADCs such as Caitlyn, Draven, Lucian, and Twitch (because of the poison getting neutralized). It's rare that I choose this starting option though.
    This start is a personal favorite of mine, but unfortunately not really up to par with the fast bruiser meta right now. The Doran Ring really helps out with maintaining mana so that you're able to use your spells (mainly just Q and W) more often to maintain pressure in the lane. This is a way to counteract sustain lanes by having some sustain of your own. It does take away some of your raw AD, but you make it up by getting off more spells and she does have AP ratios on her Q, E, and Ult! (just try to ignore any flame for this start, as most people aren't experts at MF but of course feel that they know what's best)

Core Items

    This is usually my first completed item, with Duskblade as an alternative. Out of the lethality trio of items, the Ghostblade is one of the more versatile ones for MF, regardless of the enemy team comp. The movement speed passive and active are useful for chasing and rotations and give MF useful speed to compensate for the lack of any dash or jump spell.
    This should only be your first completed item if you're ahead in lane and believe you can snowball or the enemy team has either one or no tanks. Duskblade is most known for the out of vision bonus damage, which does come in handy a lot in extended fights in the jungle/river, but it also has the useful sweeper aditional ability too, which can help during all phases of the game. The reason why you don't build this first if there are two or more opposing tanks or if you're not ahead in lane is that it'd have less of an effect than Ghostblade in useful stats. MF needs a few items before being able to shred tanks, so the movement speed from Ghostblade is more worthwhile as a first item. I don't want to be misleading though, as it's almost always my second completed item, as it's great when alongside the Ghostblade, building your lethality core.
    This is usually your third completed item and it's where tank shredding begins. MF's ult stacks Black Cleaver's armor reduction passive with each wave of her ult, making it very easy to get at least a few stacks on to multiple enemy champions. In turn, this boosts your team's effective physical damage, making this an important core item.
    One of these Armor Penetration items is usually the third or fouth completed item, necessary to continue the tank shredding fantasy. Unless the enemy team isn't building armor at all, this is a worthwhile buy for literally any ADC to continue to put out meaningful damage later into the game. Choose the Mortal Reminder if the opposing team has healing, or else just go with Lord Domink's.
    In my opinion these are the best boots for MF, adding to her already high movement speed potential. The time you need to buy these though can vary heavily based on the enemy team comp. Some people choose to just not even buy any boots at all, stay on the first tier boots, or buy it after a few core items are completed because of Strut and Ghostblade giving movement speed. Since MF doesn't really rely on multiple auto attacks in a fight, this the second tier boot to go with most times (aside from some defensive ones mentioned below), and will help compensate for when your Strut gets removed after taking damage.

Situational Items

    Completing the lethality trio, Edge of Night has its place where you find it necessary for the spell shield active or want to pile on the lethality against squishy enemy champions. Just keep in mind that the spell shield is a little difficult to pull off due to the required 1.5 second channel time before being able to attack/use your spells, namely your ult. It can be tricky, but it can also be a lifesaver in the right situations.
    One item to definitely consider, especially if the enemy team is very tanky or it's getting to late game. you only build a Ghostblade as your one lethality item, is Infinity Edge. With the Season 7 updates, where crit chance was added on MF's Q bounce, and the Season 6 update giving MF's ult crit chance as well, this does have some use aside from the raw AD stats. Due to the Seaon 8 update of Infinity Edge though, this should now only be built after building your Rapidfire Cannon to amplify your crit chance. Crits on your Q and ult can be absolutely devastating and really round out your build in the late game.
    As was stated with the Infinity Edge, crit does have a place in MF's kit now, so this is a greta item to pick up towards the mid/late game to boost your damage. The attack speed does help despite not having as much of an impact on her as it does with other ADCs. You can quickly fire off a Q at the extended range and then auto attack right after though as a cool bonus!
    A great item to consider later on in almost every game because if you get caught and die before you get to put out any significant damage, it can cause you to lose the game. Having the ability to come back to life can be key, plus it does build out of a BF Sword now, giving you more AD anyways.
    Mercurial Scimitar is always a situational item based on the enemy team comp. If they have hard CC such as a Malzahar ult, Elise cocoon, or Taric stun, just to pick a few random examples, it may be worth considering at least its component item, Quicksilver Sash (QSS). Even if you've queued up with a friend as your support, I wouldn't want to purely rely on Mikael's saving me every time.
    If you find yourself looking for some extra sustain and need a final item, this could be a decent late game pickup. Some scenarios would be if you're trying to replace your used-up Guardian Angel or swap out your boots for extra damage.
    Death's Dance is decent for MF due to some synergy with her ult to heal you up a bit, along with the AD and cooldown reduction. This, like the Bloodthirster, is something to consider as a 6th item.

Regardless of what starting items you choose, I typically rush the Serrated Dirk 3134.png for its AD, lethality, and passive, which grants an extra damage every 30 seconds after killing any enemy. At that point, I start to consider whether I'll be going Ghostblade or Duskblade for my first item, depending on how I've been playing so far, what the enemy team comp is, etc. If there's an enemy Blitzcrank, Thresh, or Nautilus support, I'll also probably be picking up boots 1001.png very soon to help avoid the hooks. As the game progresses, I'll consider what items to buy based on what I've written above in the item descriptions. 

NOTE: Ninja Tabi 3047.png, Mercury Treads 3111.png, and Lucidity Boots 3158.png can all be considered as boot upgrade alternatives to Swifty's 3009.png if the situation really calls for it. If you're going for a full crit MF build, only then would you go for the standard ADC Berserker Greaves 3006.png

As alluded to above in a couple spots, you can do a full crit MF build, where you'd build Essence Reaver 3508.png, Rapidfire Cannon 3094.png, and Infinity Edge 3031.png as your core, but in my opinion the ramp-up time isn't worth the payoff. I only find these items useful if incorporated later on into your standard Lethality-driven build to create a hybrid.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ashe
  • Caitlyn
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Jhin
  • Jinx
  • Kalista
  • Kog'Maw
  • Lucian
  • Sivir
  • Tristana
  • Twitch
  • Varus
  • Vayne
  • Xayah
  • Ziggs




This is a classic positioning matchup, where Ashe wants to hit you with her volley.png poke, while you want to hit her with your missfortunericochetshot.png poke. MF generally will output more damage than Ashe in lane but you still have to be careful. Starting at level 6 and through the rest of the game, my advice would be to not open with your missfortunebullettime.png on her or her teammates (if she's nearby) unless one of your teammates can block enchantedcrystalarrow.png, which will cancel your ult. 

Later on into the game, make sure to buy a QSS. You can then let her engage with her ult on you, and as long as you have good reaction time, you can use your QSS and take minimal damage while soaking up Ashe's ult.




This matchup ends up being very skill based due to positioning. Caitlyn wants to be aggressive with trades in lane by keeping her opposing ADC at the proper distance to where her range gives her the advantage. MF though, despite the shorter natural range, is able to access a longer range via her missfortunericochetshot.png bounce and reach Caitlyn relatively reliably. It all just comes down to who positions better in lane around the minions and range-wise. 




This matchup is probably the most difficult in my opinion. Supports aside, Draven hits hard starting from the beginning of the game as long as he catches his axes. MF isn't known for her dueling power, and Draven's dravenfury.png speed steroid coupled with MF's slow speed when missfortuneviciousstrikes.png is knocked off after she takes damage, doesn't make for fun trades, even if you manage to get some nice missfortunericochetshot.png bounces. Draven's lifesteal and raw damage will get on you in a hurry and will certainly outdeal MF 1 on 1.




One of the easiest matchups in my opinion as long as you play it properly. MF is a lane bully, and Ezreal is notoriously weak in lane and just wants to farm to stack his 3070.png. You can choose to either push him into his turret because he has poor waveclear, or can look for the many missfortunericochetshot.png bounces due to his inherent style of staying back in seemingly the perfect range for MF.

The only thing you have to watch out for is if he's able to find trades with his ezrealmysticshot.png in between minions. The damage can definitely add up over time if you're not trading in response.




Both Jhin and MF are not too good at 1v1 dueling, so it all comes down to how you play it. With MF's missfortuneviciousstrikes.png out of combat movement speed, and your (likely) eventual 3142.png, it will be hard for Jhin to tag you with his jhinw.png. Simply press W or your ghostblade active once hit with either his auto or something else that triggers his W, and do your best to dodge the CC. Due to Jhin's low fixed attack speed and reloading, MF can try to keep him at a distance and whittle him down before he can do the same. Just always be careful for the crit 4th shot.




One of the late game hyper carries where her early game generally suffers as a result. Her jinxe.png for hard CC isn't generally too reliable unless her support has a way of facilitating it. MF can exploit Jinx in the early game by bullying her with missfortunericochetshot.png bounces and land her missfortunescattershot.png and missfortunebullettime.png combo due to Jinx's lack of mobility.




Kalista is a pretty tough lane opponent because of her constant hopping and the chase down potential. MF can be vulnerable to Kalista's all-ins with not much in the way of dueling power or movement speed to run away and retaliate. Kalista's kalistaexpungewrapper.png really shuts down a lot of your escape potential, so try your best to poke her down from a distance and respect the potential killing power.




Kog'maw isn't really known for his great early game, so this is where MF can really get the advantage. With his kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png not adding too much range at it's early levels, he'll usually still be in missfortunericochetshot.png range and MF can take favorable trades. Kog'maw's lack of mobility also makes him very vulnerable to MF's classic combo of missfortunescattershot.png then missfortunebullettime.png

Supports can really swing this one because shielding supports giving Kog'maw that extra boost can really be frustrating. Also, later on in the game, you really don't want to be trying to duel Kog'maw ever, just because of his extra range, but if you get ahead early then you can have significant impact when sticking with your team.




Aside from Draven, this may be the most difficult matchup for MF. MF struggles to land proper bounces with missfortunericochetshot.png against Lucian because of his mobility with luciane.png and even lucianw.png, and the famous "level 2 powerspike" does ring true here too. If Lucian gets level 2 first he'll dash right onto you and you'll be in a tough spot from the start. Aside from that, Lucian at any point can dash towards you, hit you to knock off your missfortuneviciousstrikes.png bonus movement speed, and continue to win trades.

Your best bet in this matchup is play back enough to farm and not take too much abuse from Lucian's trading. As with all matchups, support choice can make a big difference here, so if you have the option, having a support like a thresh can be very helpful in flaying him back, etc.




The matchup looks easy on paper due to Sivir's short range and not too much dueling power herself, but Sivir's seemingly endless pushing power along with her sivire.png do make a bit of a tricky time. Her spell shield will nullify your missfortunericochetshot.png, so you have to really try to bait it out or have her use it up on something else and you exploit the cooldown time. With the pushing power you'll end up finding yourself at your turret just trying to last hit minions a lot of the time, so it may be hard to full engage on her, especially once she hits 6 and gets access to sivirr.png.




Tristana has always been known to be a late game hyper carry, but her early game has always been a bit hit or miss. With the right support, she can do a decent job in lane and make your life miserable with her tristanaw.png to really stick to you. Other times though, MF can really poke out Trist can give her some trouble. Aside from using her jump aggressively though, Trist also uses it plenty of times to avoid damage, so it'll probably to difficult to secure many kills without a real playmaking support or ganks with hard CC. 




Due to MF's lack of dueling power, Twitch's twitchvenomcask.png slow, extra poison damage with twitchexpunge.png, and that Twitch has the luxury of being invisible at the start of the engage with twitchhideinshadows.png, AND having twitchfullautomatic.png that gives him extra range, it really doesn't make for a fun time. Your best chance against him would be early in the game to poke him out with missfortunericochetshot.png, but once he returns to lane after a recall, he'll usually try to surprise you and get a quick lane advantage. Always respect where he could be, and try to play safe when unsure of his whereabouts, especially in teamfights.




Varus is generally strong post-6/mid game, so MF can generally exploit him before that. Earlier in Season 7 when they nerfed his varusq.png, it took away his oppressive long range poke that could make it difficult. Now, Varus primarily relies on close range combat, being able to proc his varusw.png multiple times in a duel. Though MF wouldn't want to duel him, that means she has more of an ability to poke him out in lane. Also, Varus' varusr.png acts as a snare and not a root, so MF's missfortunebullettime.png will not be interrupted.




Vayne is notorious for being weak in lane due to her short range, but one of the strongest late game carries if no one can properly deal with her. It rings true against MF as well for the most part, so do your best to assert your early dominance and use that advantage across the map with your team as well, forcing the enemy's hand and not giving Vayne proper time to catch up. 

It can be tricky though if Vayne exploits any positioning mistakes you may make, giving her the opportunity to Condemn vaynecondemn.png you into the wall. Also, Vayne is a better duelist than MF, so you still have to be careful in fights.




Xayah's feathers will outrange MF, so be careful about taking too much poke damage from them and make sure you're not behind 3+ feathers in a line to her, or else you'll get chunked and rooted from her xayahe.png. If you can keep all of that in mind, you'll be able to at least keep even in the lane and look for your own advantages.




Not commonly seen in the bot lane anymore as an "anti-ADC," but if he's your lane opponent, play safe unless you have an aggressive support that can lock him down. Your best bet is to farm safely at your turret, where you'll always be, because of Ziggs' seemingly endless pushing power. Successful ganks should also be easier in theory as a result!

About the Author Back to Top

First and foremost, thanks for checking out my Miss Fortune guide!

IGN: SheerBrutality
Current Rank: Platinum 4
Server: NA

I started playing League back in Season 3, but didn't truly start getting into ranked until Season 4 where I was so happy just to have achieved Gold 5. Up until really the end of Season 6, I've been bouncing around different roles and champions, trying to figure out what I really liked playing while I continued to learn the game. I finally decided to work on ADC as my main role and soon discovered Miss Fortune. She seemed like this quietly good ADC, and I love how she doesn't play like other champs in the role. So as of Season 7, I've pretty much become a Miss Fortune main! I do have my sights on Diamond and hope to reach it this season.

My goal is to keep this guide regularly updated (oops), so keep checking back every patch or so when there are notable changes! There really aren't many current guides for MF around, so hopefully you all find my unique perspective on the champion very helpful. 

Thanks again and be sure to leave any questions or comments about the guide below. Also, feel free to give this guide a thumbs up/like if you want!

Update Log Back to Top

10/13/17 - Guide for Miss Fortune is live! - 7.20
10/19/17 - Minor grammatical corrections and cleaning up the guide
6/27/18 - Finally updated with the rune rework and item changes
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