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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Flash is the ubiquitous repositioning tool. Secure kills, dodge big skillshots, outplay, etc.

Windspeaker's, a very common support staple buffing heals and shields late season 7, was effectively nerfed and replaced by Revitalize Revitalize.png?width=32. This means that your support usually won't be taking heal anymore. But if they do, just take barrier because double heal is harder to use to full effect.

If your lane does end up being a double heal lane, use your heal earlier, instead of saving it as a last resort. That should stagger your CD's enough to avoid the recent heal penalty.

New Runes Back to Top

Most of this guide will be devoted to runes, as this is the big preseason change.

Primarily, there are three viable schools of thought when it comes to the new runes:

  1. Dark%20Harvest.png?width=32Dark Harvest - Scales better, but weaker early game. Relies on being able to collect souls safely. Note that the Domination primary tree gives 4 less base AD than the Sorcery primary tree. Consider this page when you should be able to survive lane, but expect the game to last awhile.
  2. Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32 Aery / Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32Comet - Better early game poke, but weaker later game. Aery being the more consistent, although lower damage, option.
  3. Press%20the%20Attack.png?width=32Press the Attack - Usually reserved for people who enjoy Crit Build (ergo, autoattack-based) MF. I don't, so I won't be covering PTA in this guide (since I don't really understand it). Note that this doesn't synergize with a lethality build at all - you won't need the attack speed boost that the Precision primary tree gives, and PTA requires you to hit a champion 3 consecutive times, which usually means you aren't optimally using your passive missfortunepassive.png. (Yes, if there are minions nearby, you can AA them to refresh your passive but not PTA.)

Other Keystones

First off, let us discredit Kleptomancy Kleptomancy.png?width=32 - while it is indeed exceptionally strong on Ezreal, the other strong preseason ADC, it is quite weak on MF. The main way that you poke is by using Q missfortunericochetshot.png - usually through minions. However if you cast Q on a minion, the kleptomancy flag will get used when the Q hits the minion. Yes, you can proc it immediately by Q'ing the enemy champion directly, but this requires either you or them to be overextended, and you lose out on the potential Q crit if you're hitting a low HP minion.

Another keystone worth mentioning is ElectrocuteElectrocute.png?width=32. I feel that MF's general poke pattern makes it quite difficult to proc this. However if your support can set up frequent all-in's (e.g. 53.png89.png), Electrocute is not the worst keystone in the world.

Aery vs Comet

Comet does more damage than Aery, but it's inconsistent. In fact, Comet will get less consistent as the game continues, as players acquire additional movespeed. After Aery nerfs in 7.23 though, they're more or less on parity. Since you're invested in winning lane hard with this keystone, you should consider how consistently you can hit Comets - this is generally a function of whether your support has enough CC. You can help increase your Comet hit rate by throwing in missfortunescattershot.png as well.

Alright, now what runes should I take?

Glad you asked. Let's take a look at the different trees:


You will very rarely be able to take advantage of Sudden Impact, so don't take it. Cheap Shot provides a fairly low amount of damage, and is usually overshadowed by the sustain that Taste of Blood provides - although you can at least proc Cheap Shot fairly easily with your E missfortunescattershot.png. Thus, you should take Taste of Blood unless you have a sustain support that can heal you up after trading with the enemy - then you can consider adding additional damage to your combo with Cheap Shot.

Take Eyeball Collection - the 18 AD is fairly substantial when fully stacked. You can stack it on wards, which does introduce a synergy with 3147.png.

Ingenious Hunter is not very useful on MF - your only actives will usually be 3142.png and your trinket. Ravenous Hunter initially seems like a pretty good deal - until you realize that the healing isn't applied on autos, which importantly means it isn't applied on missfortunericochetshot.png either. That leaves Relentless Hunter which is fine, as that's added mobility until the fight breaks out.


Manaflow Band is the clear winner of the set. The Ultimate Hat takes a while to scale up, and usually team fights don't happen frequently enough to justify reducing your ultimate's CD beyond 72/66/60 seconds, which is around standard for most ultimates. On the other hand, Manaflow Band lets you get several additional spells off in laning - even if you think you manage your mana well, Manaflow Band enables you to poke the enemy laners more than you would've been able to normally.

NOTE: Manaflow Band still requires you to have enough mana to cast the spell you want to cast.
Some people may have success with Transcendence, although I generally find CDR-overcapping builds to be a bit awkward. (3142.png3147.png3071.png and 3508.png3142.png+2 Crit items both get you to 40% CDR exactly). While Transcendence theoretically has the highest ceiling of the three (you can reach 80% CDR without buying duplicate items with, for instance, 3142.png3147.png3071.png3508.png3031.png3094.png, although this lacks a Last Whisper item) this is a fairly expensive full build that will take on average ~22 minutes to hit 3 items, which is when Transcendence kicks in at +12 AD. This is when Celerity provides movement speed and a similar bonus all game long, and Absolute Focus does even better (although with a conditional). Instead, I prefer either Celerity or Absolute Focus. Absolute Focus is great when you have a sustain support to keep you near full health while laning (or if the enemy lane has few mechanisms to poke you down for free), whereas Celerity synergizes with W missfortuneviciousstrikes.png and allows you to dodge skillshots better while also providing a fairly reasonable damage boost. This choice is fairly interchangeable but can be optimized based on what the lanes appear to look like.
Waterwalking is too situational to be useful. Scorch provides yet additional damage while laning, whereas Gathering Storm is a better Transcendence that doesn't constrain your build but provides AD at a similarly slow pace. Generally take Scorch since games rarely last over 30 minutes which is when Gathering Storm starts to shine.

The Rest

MF doesn't really rely much on lifesteal (closest would be 3812.png which is a 4th item at the earliest) so Overheal is usually out. Presence of Mind is unlikely to be proc'ed much - takedowns would be better served with Triumph. None of the Legend runes are particularly good - attack speed / tenacity / small amounts of lifesteal aren't very good stats to get. Coup de Grace is probably the best rune of the third row, having potential effect early on, as well as granting a nice boost on takedown.

Getting Resolve as a secondary generally means you're up against a particularly annoying lane (think 22.png51.png81.png with a poke support, when you don't have a sustain support). You'll probably want Demolish since it's a nice perk that usually translates to 1k-2k turret damage over the course of the game. For your second rune, Second Wind is usually the correct option as it heals more of your health back in lane. Alternatively, Iron Skin may be useful against a largely full-AD comp where you expect to build several defensive items (3047.png3026.png+Lifesteal).
You don't need these. Biscuit Delivery can potentially serve as a substitute for Manaflow Band but then you would be getting The Ultimate Hat. Perfect Timing would jumpstart your GA by 600g at the cost of an item slot, constraining your build for an imaginary ~18 AD worth of longswords. Magical Footwear constrains your build less for an imaginary 10 AD worth of longswords. Future's Market is fairly situational. Cosmic Insight is hardly a gamechanger earlygame.

Abilities Back to Top


Not much has changed so this will be fairly brief. I take a second level in Q at level 3 to win lane harder (as well as to manage mana) but there are certainly valid situations when you'd want to take E at level 3 (for instance, if you're expecting a gank and need some nominal CC).

missfortunepassive.png - In lieu of more base damage, MF gets to increase her autoattack damage by 50-100% upon changing targets to do very front-loaded damage - which unfortunately suffers when you don't have another target to switch to, making it quite difficult to shred tanks or win prolonged duels. Thus, aim to make quick trades and then get out of danger as soon as possible.

missfortunericochetshot.png - Bread and butter poke ability. To succeed you will need to be able to identify opportunities where you can bounce a Q through a low HP minion to an enemy champion in lane. With practice you can get a feel for her Q bounce range.

missfortuneviciousstrikes.png - This is what makes you go fast, both in movement and in attacking. If your strut is broken, hit W to regain your full bonus. This lets you take turrets reasonably quickly, so you should throw your Q or maybe even an auto or two on enemy minions (if there are any) to proc and reproc your passive, which lowers the cooldown on your W, enabling you to maintain your AS steroid for longer.
missfortunescattershot.png - Not really meant to be very damaging or even a very large CC, it can help you escape sticky situations (combined with W) though.
missfortunebullettime.png - The first time I played MF, I accidentally moved after ulting, canceling it. So yeah, you're not Lucian, don't do that. It does mean that you're essentially a sitting duck while casting it so position it well, and it can be canceled by CC, so try to have your team zone away anyone who could cancel your ult or kill you. It's rather nasty when combo'ed with CC that groups the enemy team up or forces them in a certain region (orianadetonatecommand.pngjarvanivcataclysm.pngveigareventhorizon.pngcurseofthesadmummy.png etc. etc.)
And yes, a Yasuo windwall or a Braum shield can make you very sad, so try to bait that out before ulting.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Greedy start
    Standard start
    Difficult start

Core Items

    Core Lethality
    Some crit if desired
    Otherwise, more armor pen
    And a LW item

Situational Items

    Defensive items
    Boots for every occasion
    Your support wants you to get me!!
    Kill squishies faster
Start: Longsword + 3 pot allows you to hit your lethality core build faster. It's relatively susceptible to poke though. Doran's Blade offers reasonable amounts of sustain, and Doran's Shield if you're in for a tough time (try it with Resolve Secondary for best lane survivability)

Boots: Get boots when convenient, although don't upgrade them until you finish at least 1-2 items. They're not a complete requirement given that MF already has a decent amount of movespeed baked into her kit (plus more movespeed once you finish Youmuu's 3142.png). Since you don't want attack speed, 3006.png is out. 3047.png is a very good item against AD-heavy comps.3158.png is mainly good if you're running Transcendence (+12 AD!). 3111.png is fine if they have a ridiculous amount of AP and there's some CC that you wished were a little shorter. 3009.png for faster and cheaper boots, and slightly more damage when paired with Celerity - sure, buy when ahead and don't really feel pressured defensively.

Executioner's Calling 3123.png is "the 800g item supports wish their AD's bought". And you can and should rush it if you feel the enemy team's healing in lane is oppressive. (This will usually be the case against 16.png, to a lesser extent maybe also 267.png. (By contrast, Sona's (and other supports') healing ability is relatively weak until later, so you should definitely still get it, but later in teamfights)) You should also buy it after 1-2 items against heavy healing champions like 36.png8.png

Get a LW when you spot the enemy team building armor.

So, we have 2 items, boots, plus an eventual LW. That leaves us with 2 items. Afterwards, there are several potential build pathways:

  1. 3031.png -> (3094.png or 3508.png) - I know, RFC has attack speed!? But it's pretty good if you just need some additional range to hit the enemy (it also affects Q's range - try hitting Q first and then autoing to get both off the extended range). Otherwise ER+IE gives just enough to hit 40% CDR. This is a little bit more auto-focused, although the raw AD+crit will boost your ult and Q damage a bit more. 
  2. 3071.png -> (A defensive item or 3031.png) - Offers more flexibility in build. Neither IE nor ER is particularly good by itself, although with BC you're already at CDR cap, so ER is worse. Otherwise, a GA is usually standard fare against assassins. If you just need to dodge a single CC to channel a full ult, Edge of Night is a good choice too.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

Support MF Back to Top

I wouldn't say she's back in the meta just yet, but it's alright if you know what you're doing. General outline is as follows:

  • I would not blind pick support MF (doubly so if your ADC picks at the same time, revealing the support pick and allowing them to counter), and instead first see what their botlane looks like. Your goal as support MF in lane is to bully their ADC out of lane, with a fairly safe kit for doing so. As such, you want the enemy ADC to be immobile (approximately in order from easy to medium, 96.png222.png29.png15.png110.png22.png202.png498.png), and the enemy support to have minimal sustain and all-in (usually mage supports and especially 90.png143.png, as you can beat their pets with ease).
  • Take Comet masteries. Comet will be particularly easy to land given your reliance on missfortunescattershot.png. Manaflow is a must given how mana hungry E spam is.
  • Of course, as support, instead of 7.png take3.png.
  • Skill order: E > W > Q missfortunescattershot.png missfortuneviciousstrikes.png missfortunericochetshot.png (E is your bread and butter peel/lane poke mechanism, W for safety, Q is relatively irrelevant since you won't be ahead of the item curve.)
  • Start 3303.png2003.png. Get 2301.png.
  • Use E to annoy the enemy botlane. Auto, Q when you can but it's not a priority. Just try to stay alive.
  • If you just want to win, transition into lethality afterwards.
  • If you're feeling memey let's play AP MF!
  • 3020.png3151.png3165.png3285.png3089.png gg wp (The first two items are situationally good in serious builds.)

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