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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Take note of how all of the above options take flash. It's far too good a summoner spell on Morgana to pass up.

This guide only BRIEFLY relates to Support, as I'm not as experienced in it.


As you become more utility based teleport is core to counter gank for the bot lane. Most people don't run ignite now and you're not really looking to go for kills in the top lane as Morgana, only to have map wide presence with your utility.


Against an someone like 7_64.png157_64.png91_64.png266_64.pngexhaust is not too bad an option but you lose lane pressure.

The deal is the same with taking teleport but, you can use it for making plays all game. A random Morgana ult bot lane can really change things up yea? :^)

7.png21.pngI don't feel like Morgana can effectively utilize these in anyway, as the key to her is to snowball ideally. If you're worried about assassin matchups then in all honesty you make better use of Exhaust.


At current exhaust is way too good to pass up, but ignite could be an option too, for snowballing.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Bounty Hunter vs Oppressor I feel like Bounty Hunter wins out on this one

Precision vs Intelligence this is personal preference but I personally think that Intelligence is better purely because your snare cooldown will be even shorter.

Abilities Back to Top


 (Passive) : Soul Siphon

Her innate spell vamp will keep you healthy in the mid lane, so you won't have to chug potions as often. It can also save you from  the last tick ignite if you Q W over the raptor wall like this : 7f81dda2fa.jpg

(Q) : Dark Binding


This skill epitomizes Morgana as the duration is THREE SECONDS AT MAX RANK. The best way to hit bindings, especially in lane is to miss 1 very early on to gauge how your opponent walks. You should then be able to predict where he will walk. Another trick is forcing either summoners or just early on auto attack damage just by your opponent trying overly hard to dodge the Q. Sometimes dodging it can lead to them getting closer to your team or still getting hit:

(W) : Tormented Soil

Her main tool of waveclear through the game. Has 900 range so you can safely farm from a distance if you're behind. Always place your W immediately after you've shot a Q as they'll be hit for 3 of the 5 seconds of damage. (Often around 1000+ damage in the late game)

(E) : Black Shield

Her main utility. In lane this allows you to more or less walk away from a gank by denying a cc that would often kill mid laners. Don't be fooled though, it's actually very weak early and is often popped by one maxed spell such as Xerath's Q. You could use it if you know you're going to lose a trade heavily, but BE WARY of the jungler after. You're very vulnerable without your shield. 
In later teamfights you either spellshield yourself if their team is FULL of heavy disengage or you peel for your ADC instead. It would also be good to put it on your main initiator (If not you) It's a very situational skill that you have to get used to knowing when to use it.

(R) : Soul Shackles

Morgana's hefty tool of initiating a teamfight. You ideally want to use this if their entire team clumps to surprise them with a flash ultimate. The KEY thing is to know when to Zhonyas as if it's done too late you would of taken too much damage, and if it's done too early they'll simply walk out of your ult. Each game I tend to get the Distortion upgrade 3258_32.png for boots so I can have my flash up faster than the enemies. This is because often when you flash engage EVERYONE will want to flash out of the ultimate, and with distortion upgrade your flash will be up sooner.

The main skill build for support would be :2a9c507c48.jpg
If you opted to buy 3303_32.png, you can invest  a point into W earlier to proc it.

Mid Lane
Inititally you'll want to start with W for an early push OR if you're invading you start with Q instead. After you have 3 points in your W , you'll be able to clear the Caster Minions with one go so we invest more points in Q for the increased damage and duration of our bindings. Obviously, you skill into your ult whenever you can. Sometimes it might also be wise to put a few extra points into black shield early if you're getting bursted or if you fell hugely behind somehow.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Average Start
    Can be taken V.S AD mid laners or assassins. Couple this with defensive masteries and rune page and you start with over 50 armor and a significant amount of HP.
    General Morgana Support start. If unsure you can use Amulet coin instead. The ward is necessary
    Another Alternative option
    First Back should always be at least one of these
    This is ideally now my first back each and every time if I'm going the Morellos route as it offers so much sustain
    I do like the new Talisman with the CDR and the Armor.
    One of these items should ideally be completed by 20 minutes
    I almost exclusively rush this item now. Protobelt is actually surprisingly decent on Morgana, you use it in the same way as Kennen does with your ult for some extra burst and movement.

Core Items

    This is THE CORE OF CORE ITEMS on Morgana especially. Allows you to initiate fights yourself and enter stasis. Even when support, often after Mikael's Crucible or even before you will get this item.
    My favoured build. Gives a bit of everything while still offering damage. If I don't need the GA I switch it out for Liandrys or Rylais
    I've had to use this once or twice when using heavy peeling from a hard engage comp and were behind.
    The new typical build vs a healing mid laner
    My new preferred support build
    I can see this working theoretically if you're the only initiator on your team allows you to catch up easily, but it's very pricey

Situational Items

    A good option as the pen from Sorc shoes isn't always needed
    When the enemy team have a very agile composotion OR have engage based on rnning e.g. Volibear, Udyr etc
    A good option if you're new to Morgana, even better now that it has CDR. IF you rush this however, you won't have any mana regen.
    A good defensive MR item especially combined with your spell shield, people shouldn't be able to CC you down during your ult.
    If you KNOW you're going to need to be making plays ("lower elo") then run this with move speed quints to be everywhere at once. However honestly, swiftness is almost the go-to in this scenario as mobility boots are very expensive
    Now a support item, rip. It DOES work on Support Morgana though, but will need more testing.
    I actually like this item on Morg, if the situation arises where you need one lane pushed and your team can't do it , or you're finding it hard to Siege this is a good buy
    Again, this is not actually that bad last item but unless your team is in dire need of initiation (And you're mid) pick up ZZ'portal or another defensive item
    Morgana actually utilises every stat that this gives, great pickup vs heavy AD compositions.
    I mean if you want CDR Health & some MR you could pick this up. This is more of a preference buy vs Banshees

Certain Situational Items

Luden's Echo

 From what I've seen so far it can be a good AP pickup for the late game as her bindings will do AoE damage on top. Also the 120 AP and movespeed both benefit Morg. So far I think it's best to pickup this after Zhonyas > Deathcap > Void / Luden's. What I noticed from rushing it, is you do clear waves REALLY fast with just 2 ticks of W at level 3 as when you use it, it automatically applies. You also can harrass while cs'ing simply if they walk near their minions. Right now it wouldn't be terrible to build this but I'll have to test more to find out. Now that it was nerfed I don't believe it's as good as pickup on Morgana, it's more of a last item purely because of the AP gain

3116_64.png Rylai's Crystal Scepter

I've been testing this out as a first item and honestly it's not too bad. You trade out a lot of cdr and mana regen for the ability to slow on your w and some health. Against several tanks (especially in this meta) it might be ok to rush this to have greater peel for your ADC and allowing your own team to catch up if the enemy walk over your Tormented Soil. I need to fully test whether Soul Shackles procs Rylais or not, and will do soon.

First Back (Should have around 1000-1200g)

1056_32.png1056_32.png Some people like to go the double doran's route, which I personally dislike. If I had 400 gold I'd rather buy a ruby crystal to work towards a RoA to get it stacking faster. But you do get a lot of mana back as this compliments Feast.

3010_32.png/1026_32.png1028_32.png  If you have around 1200 you can get either of these options. If you''re going to roam, the wand and crystal is better to give AP but if you're planning on just sustaining and farming the lane thena a catalyst is better. Both build into RoA obviously, so only take if you go that route.

1057_32.png1056_32.png The typical defensive route

3113_32.png If you plan on Rushing Luden's Echo(More discussion later)

3191_32.png Versus AD this should always 100% be what you pickup to rush into Zhonyas

Mid-Game (20 minutes ~)

3027_32.png//3001_32.png/3165.png You should have one of these and 3157_32.png should always be second  no matter how fed you are. I once purchased deathcap because I thought I could snowball further and got repeatedly focused every fight. You are NOT a long range mage, however certain occasions can call for this playstyle instead, where you purely bind a keytarget.

3089_32.png This should be your next pickup. For other champs I would suggest a Void Staff if they purchase MR but Morg's kit does well with AP increase, penetration won't help you much early if you only have say 299 AP instead of 415. Your shield relies on you having a lot of AP so you need as much as possible as early as possible.

In the mid game , you'll be looking to either co-ordinate teamfights with your main engager by flashing in on their engage or if your ADC is the most fed on your team for example, you will "sit" beside them in teamfights, keeping them alive rather than going for the backline. Also don't worry about your W too much, your other abilities are the main part.

Late Game

3135_32.png Void Staff is a good pick of course, the rest is noted above and completely situational and preference dependant.

3026_32.pngIs always a good pickup as Morgana can make use of both the stats and the active.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Alistar
  • Anivia
  • Annie
  • Azir
  • Brand
  • Cassiopeia
  • Cho'Gath
  • Corki
  • Diana
  • Ekko
  • Elise
  • Ezreal
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Fizz
  • Galio
  • Graves
  • Jarvan IV
  • Kassadin
  • Katarina
  • LeBlanc
  • Lissandra
  • Lulu
  • Lux
  • Malzahar
  • Mordekaiser
  • Morgana
  • Nidalee
  • Orianna
  • Pantheon
  • Taliyah
  • Talon
  • Veigar
  • Viktor
  • Vladimir
  • Xerath
  • Yasuo
  • Zed
  • Ziggs



  • Solely depends on your ability to dodge both her Q and her E, or spell shield the correct ability. Note the true damage is obviously not shielded
  • Her ult denies your ult but note that one charge of an Ahri ult is still in your ult range. So normally it will cause her to flash immediately if shes low enough.
  • Early on, your best bet is to shove her under tower. 
  • You have better teamfight presence (utility wise)
  • Often she'll give up lane and decide to roam instead.
  • Her new movespeed on her Q can often make hitting bindings tough at times



  • Now that her Q cannot be procced by her E anymore Akali is literally redundant mid lane now
  • Carry a pink ward for easier bindings, although Soul Shackles animation is still visible if they're in range.



  • Fun fun fun. I've actually seen this, but Morgana does well against him depending if you can guess when he'll do his combo. Grab an extra point in your shield at level 5 and you'll be fine.
  • You won't be able to kill him when his ult is active.



  • This is probably the most stale matchup. Neither of you can kill each other after 6
  • Depends solely on jungle presence
  • Don't get baited by her Egg
  • Try to deny her early game by shoving to tower
  • Try to deny her a blue buff.
  • If you get a gank, try to save soul shackles especially if she has egg. A common strategy is to teleport away once your CC has been used up.



  • Grab an early negatron cloak. She will burst you otherwise.
  • Her range on her skills is quite low. Both your q and w out range her spells so farm from afar.
  • She can't kill you without flash.
  • Grab an extra point in shield at 5
  • Take note of how many charges she has, play passive when she either has 3 or 4
  • Take care of Tibbers when Annie dies , especially if you killed her



  • I haven't played this matchup much but Morgana seems to do ok versus Azir. You more or less have the same pushing strength
  • Could potentially run move speed quints to dodge his W > Q combo
  • If you ever want to kill him you need to time your spellshield to prevent the ult knockback
  • If you see him use his E, capitalize on it! The cooldown is long and it's his only escape



  • Depends on you dodging his skill shots
  • If you get stunned you're going to take a LOT of damage and not be able to shield it.
  • Movespeed quints would be a good choice here.
  • Try not to all in him with minions around
  • If he's 6 and you do get a gank, try to wait until you're sure you can burst him, otherwise he'll cheese both you and your jungler with his ult.



  • Movespeed quints are a must here
  • If she lands a Q on you shield yourself if she begins to walk towards you. 
  • WARNING : Don't make this a habit as often it can be used to bait your shield, which in turn could lead to your death by jungler
  • Very difficult lane, 1 landed Q leads to you wanting to recall normally. Try to avoid this matchup



  • This lane is farm based
  • Force him to use mana early on
  • You're far more useful in teamfights
  • Push out to his tower and try to roam
  • Contesting blue buff really hurts him
  • This is the one time I was consider rushing a Liandrys due to the amount of health he stacks but not sure if it's worth it due to loss of damage elsewhere but it might be a nice pickup
  • As this is becoming more and more popular I've increased the difficulty because you're almost forced to purchase 3111_32.pngfor the silence.



  • Shove him under tower early on
  • If you can bait his Valkyrie, the cooldown is 20 seconds so exploit that
  • Run armor seals 
  • You have more map presence so try to roam 



  • Early Negatron is a must - you deny her burst here. You either rush Abyssal or go RoA route
  • Post 6 she will try to snowball the lane
  • Other than flash she has no way to stop your ult in lane
  • Make sure to dodge her Q's in the early game to avoid unnecessary harrass



  • In my opinion this matchup is winnable but you need to be smart and take note of the windows of opportunity
  • He cannot use his Phase Dive (E) to escape Soul Shackles if he was in Auto Attack Range
  • At Level 6 you really need to burst him correctly and make sure to ignite AFTER your ult, to prevent great healing from Chronobreak (R)
  • If he uses Phase Dive to trade, as soon as he ports to you immediately bind him & step back for some free autos
  • 2041_32.png and a few health potions goes a long way in this matchup
  • 3001_32.png should be rushed in this matchup.



  • Sure she has targeted damage but...if she goes full ap she'll be too squishy for anything.
  • Really easy lane 



  • Levels 1-5 and before Ezreal's first back is your chance to punish his weak early game
  • He has nothing to offer the jungler in terms of CC
  • If he falls behind its hard for a comeback so ask for a gank
  • Dodge his Qs
  • Run Armor Seals and/or Experience Quints for the level 6 all in



  • It does happen from time to time...all you have to do early is shove him under tower, has no real method of cs'ing under tower.
  • His pushing is weak unless he maxes E
  • Ward over the walls of the lane so he doesn't surprise you 



  • Fizz was gutted and I haven't seen one do well since
  • If you dodge his ultimate his damage is more or less a wet rag
  • Early on trade with him loads as his damage is weak
  • You'll want both armor and magic resist here as hes more mixed damage now



  • Similar to any matchup with skillshot only champions, shove them under tower constantly, they'll lose out on CS and will eventually run oom
  • His only real way to catch up to ult is to flash after running towards you. SO expect the jungler if he turns aggressive
  • You outscale him very well towards the late game
  • Just roam honestly , there's no point staying mid lane



  • You're not going to have a fun time in this lane, you'll need quite a bit of jungle presence
  • He can dodge both your bindings and your Soul shackles
  • Your spellshield isn't really useful in this matchup
  • I'd honestly suggest going top if you can


Jarvan IV

  • Very tough matchup, you need the most perfect reflexes to stop getting knocked up by his E=Q combo
  • Await your jungler to help as your shield does not help against physical damage
  • Armor Rune Page and 3191_32.pnginto ->3157_32.pngis an absolute must.



  • You do well versus Kassadin as you can shield his burst and retaliate with your own
  • His main strength relies on him getting kills from a roam, punish him for roaming or roam yourself to counter gank.
  • The later the game gets the more he scales so try to close it out early before he becomes a monster.
  • 3102_32.png would be a good pickup mid-late game



  • A lot harder to play against after the rework.
  • Keep in mind katarinaw.png has a slightly larger range if Katarina shunpo's to the edge of the dagger.
  • Rush MR



  • 2 points in spellshield after level 6 helps quite a bit in nullifying the damage taken
  • Rush either 3027_32.png or 3001_32.png to survive her burst early on.
  • If she uses her W then uses another spell you can actually force an all in as her escape is down
  • AT level 2 level your shield instead of your Q to negate the Q-W damage, but this won't be as necessary especially due to the recent nerf to Distortion's speed.



  • The key to winning here is to force her to use mana to farm under tower early on and then force  a trade. Her CDS are far longer and cost more mana.
  • Predict her Q at it's extended range by walking away from minions close to her
  • If she uses her E at level 6 and doesn't go aggressively you can turn and go for a kill or a flash with your ult



  • Lulu's mana costs lie on her E more than anything so try to force her to use it under tower to farm
  • If she Whimsy's herself she'll be able to run out of your ult range if she's not binded
  • Her ult will prevent her killing you
  • Just wait for mid game teamfights, you scale far better.



  • With the nerf to mana regen items, force her under tower literally all game.
  • Her mana costs are STEEP and if you can deny her blue she won't even be able to lane
  • You won't have to flash to ult her as her only way to stop you is her Q and you have black shield to negate that.
  • In teamfights you can actually lock her down yourself with a flash ultimate
  • One binding leads to a lot of damage because she's naturally squishy.



  • This one I haven't played much myself
  • Just don't stand next to minions for his Visions to past onto you
  • Most Malzahar's will attempt to 100-0 you at 6 after first back, so calling a jungler can significantly turn that around
  • Even after his rework the matchup is mostly the same, just take special care with his alzaharnullzone.png



  • From what I know, this was an incredibly hard lane before his change to skills
  • He would shove you under tower, go farm something else come back to lane shove you... you get the idea
  • You can't trade with him with his shield up
  • You push way slower than him
  • A gank is 250% necessary to shut him down 






  • I hate Nidalee
  • Dodging her spears is key as it's a big part of her burst damage (Funny I thought they reworked this)
  • At 6 you have a huge advantage as she has no actual ultimate.
  • 3165_32.png will prevent her healing herself after an all in.



  • Skill matchup with the advantage leaning towards you at level 6.
  • Stay away from your creeps and try to get her to harass you instead, her damage isn't terrifying early on and you can sustain up with your passive whereas she'll run oom eventually.
  • Jungle presence is key here as a gank for either of you can often decide the lane.



  • Start flask, you outsustain his poke in every way
  • Force him under tower the entire game
  • Watch him fall off in the mid-late game



  • Your blackshield.png negates the knockup of taliyahW.png, the slow of taliyahE.png
  • Try and trade with Taliyah while she's on worked ground 
  • It really relies on how well she can hit taliyahW.png
  • Try to get a gank on her as she has no escapes



  • Similar to 238_64.png in the sense that you really need to respect his level 6 burst
  • Rush 3191_32.png
  • Your goal in a teamfight would be to bind him as he's useless when CC'ed obviously
  • Force him to use mana in unfavourable trades
  • Keep a pink ward handy at 6 to make for an easy kill



  • Apply as much pressure as you can early, even level 1 with constant autos
  • Shove him under his tower, he's going to farm eventually, your best best is to snowball the rest of your team
  • A good Veigar will always Q before you can walk through his stun with spell shield on so bear that in mind - getting stunned often tips the lane in his favour



  • His viktordeathray.png along with his first augment pickup will make his waveclear much stronger than yours
  • You can try to make a flash soulshackles.png play at 6 as getting out of it is hard for Viktor
  • More of a tough skill matchup
  • Take extra care of tanking too many ticks from viktorchaosstorm.png



  • Vlad outsustains you, outdamages you (after backing anyway) and will outpush you eventually
  • He's an easy gank though if you can bait his pool earlier (24 second CD)
  • He can only dodge your binding with pool, he CANNOT dodge your ult if it's already shackled.
  • Look to roam, there isn't much you can do 



  • I often ban Xerath because of the range advantage he has over Morgana is extreme
  • If it's an aggressive Xerath (i.e he would rather hit you with his Q than the minion wave) as long as you can dodge skillshots you'll be able to retaliate
  • If it's a pushing Xerath then you'll basically never be able to trade with him or it'll be very difficult to outpush him too.
  • He is a very easy gank for almost all junglers though so try to force a flash early on.



  • In lane you should more or less dominate him
  • Don't waste your time trying to hit your Q, just push to the tower and make plays around the map
  • You should never be getting knocked up for an ult due to your spell shield
  • Generally you'll want to ult him when you have no minions to all in, and WAIT for the Wind Wall



  • Make sure you rush Seeker's into a Zhonya's first item. You have to respect his level 6 damage or you're GOING to die.
  • Use your autos early on whenever he walks up for a creep
  • I like to put my W on minions he has to walk on to kill.
  • In teamfights he can't realistically ult you as you have Zhonya's so CC him when he ults somebody else
  • Now that he cannot teleport back to his "ult shadow" landing the full duration of Soul Shackles on him should be easier.
  • Now that 3157.pngis cheaper and offers CDR, this matchup should be a bit easier.



  • Dodge his skillshots obviously, you should have no trouble if you can
  • Getting some boots earlly goes a long way in doing the above
  • If you see him use his Satchel Charge to farm (W) you can actually all in him from there

Who am I?! Back to Top

I'm a Morgana main on EUW , I mostly play her mid but I know how to play her in the support role too.

I peaked at Plat 3 in Season 4 and am currently climbing in Season 5.
I roughly have 250 ranked games with Morgana ranging from Season 3, and obviously she's my favourite champion.

Stats from previous seasons:
Season 3
Season 4
7a593848aa.jpgSeason 5 (so far):

Why Morgana? Back to Top


Morgana is still (IMO) a safe pick mid lane champion that can transition into teamfights extraordinarily well. She can lock down the teams carry with one binding or can peel off bruisers with her black shield.
3 second Snare at max rank, also has huge range
Safe Waveclear at early stages
An AoE slow into stun
Utility from CC with black shield
Lane sustain
Can be played versus almost any matchup

VERY linear. If you miss a binding half your damage is already lost
Very weak without her ultimate in a teamfight
Her W is vulnerable to moving minions (they have to be stationary)
A lot of responsibility on when to shield
In champ select people will automatically assume you're support and pick a mid laner...

Stream/VODs/Commentaries Back to Top

I will now start to stream here after I've setup for the rest of my climb in ranked, do stop by and follow:

If enough  people want I will also try to do commentaries on my gameplay for certain matchups (Mostly the ones labelled hard as shown above)

Top Lane (Credits to Quas) (May not be as efficient now) Back to Top

Obviously, Quas pulled out Morgana Top Lane v.s CLG. IMHO Morgana can actually transition top lane very well with some tweaks to her maxing order. The point of Morgana top lane is not for mainly for her damage, but it's more utility (You still build damage though). I've tried it myself and have compiled a small guide (along with Quas' notes from his interview)

Skill Order


As Morgana top lane is more of a support with damage rather than a carry, maxing Black Shield would provide better for your team. The playstyle changes from initatior to a counter initiator: "The thing that makes top lane Morgana work is her Black Shield. She has a lot of utility with that. If you max Dark Binding and you miss it, you've got a pretty weak Shield. So instead you go for the safer option top lane and max the Shield.

'Even if you're behind, if you're maxing that second, you'll have that for your carries in teamfights," he says. "Even though you're never going in on teamfights, you can always counter-engage with her [ultimate] and [Zhonya's Hourglass]. She's a counter-initiation champion. You're not going to be a Gnar jumping, it's the opposite. If they have a Vi or something, you can provide some protection for your team." '

Item Builds

As you're looking at being a more supporty build, CDR cap is an absolute must:

3165.png3157_32.png3089_32.png3135_32.png3278_32.png3102_32.png Your build would most likely look something like this. Both Lucidity boots + Morellos & 5% CDR from Masteries you'll have 40% constantly. Combine this with maxing shield second instead of your binding and your shield will have a 9 second CD with 4 seconds downtime. Deathcap Zhonyas & Void Staff are all core and non-negotiable. Banshees could alternatively be switched out for 3026_32.png/3800_32.png/3116_32.png/3512_32.png/3143_32.png

Overall Morgana is a safe pick top lane that would synergise with:

238_64.png/157_64.png/91_64.png Mid lane assasins as they won't be as easily peeled off with a spell shield on them

222_64.png/96_64.png/22_64.png The less immobile ADCs


Credits for Quas interview:

Support Morgana Back to Top

Will soon be complete

Jungle Morgana Back to Top

Will soon be complete

Edit Log Back to Top

1.3 - 03/07/2015 -
  • Updated "Who am I?" Section
1.2 - 15/06/2015 - 
  • Edited Top Lane Guide
  • Changed LeBlanc & Cho'gath Matchups
  • Added Jungle Morgana Section
  • Added Support Morgana Section
1.1 - 14/06/2015 -  
  • Added Rylai's Crystal Scepter 3116_32.png Discussion as a first item. 
  • Tweaked item set descriptions.
  • Added Ekko Matchup.

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