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4 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top


Currently Ignite is the strongest Summoner Spell for Supports, it simply gives you more damage, but your other option in Exhaust 3.png is has been nerfed over time, while Ignite has been buffed, and in solo queue it's more consistent to have the damaging spell in your hands rather than not.


Flash is standard on most champions Morgana is not exception, you should always be looking to use your Flash aggressively on Morgana, either to get on top of an enemy to use ULT soulshackles.png then CC them, or to gain distance to land a Dark Binding on them darkbindingmissile.png.

During the laning phase you will often be put in a situation in which you will have to flash past a minion blocking your Dark Binding darkbindingmissile.png to hit the enemy champion.

New Runes Back to Top

Summon%20Aerie.png?width=64 Arey has a lot of Synergy with Morgana's Kit, during the laning phase you get a ton of value out of it, since it in combination with Scorch Scorch.png?width=32 makes the poke damage from proc'ing W tormentedsoil.png build up very quickly over time, later into the game the added shield you give to an ally after using Black Shield blackshield.png on them isn't bad either. For the most part though Arey is just more free damage for Morgana Support.
Manaflow%20Band.png?width=64 After the change Manaflow band is good for every mage support, giving you free mana, that you can quickly build up during a laning phase by spamming W tormentedsoil.png on the enemy laners.
Celerity.png?width=64 Free movement speed, Morgana is pretty slow and has no gap closer, so it's nice to go a little faster, and get a small amount of AP from Bonus Movement Speed as well.
Scorch.png?width=64 More damage from poke during the laning phase really matters, and will whittle down the enemies health bar over time, later into the game gives you more initial damage at the start of fights.

Running Resolve 2nd will give you Health per level which helps Morgana continue to be useful later into the game, if you don't have the health pool to tank a few hits from the enemy carries late game you will have a very hard time accomplishing anything proactive. 
Bone%20Plating.png?width=64 Take less damage for free is too good, especially as a support, nobody will be shielding and healing you.
5abd57da0f30230001f3edd9?width=64 Start with slightly more health that becomes AP after 4 kills or assist, being able to get AP from the resolve tree is just great, and getting free AP as support is nice!

Abilities Back to Top


Skill Order

soulshackles.png dot-pattern.png darkbindingmissile.png dot-pattern.png blackshield.png dot-pattern.png tormentedsoil.png 

morganapassive.png Passive

Morgana heals 20% of the damage she deals with her Abilities.

This isn't hard to make use of, any time you are in a fight it will happen automatically, when you hit an enemy you will be healed, but it makes you tankier in a sneaky way. 

darkbindingmissile.png Dark Binding

Morgana shoots a projectile with the hitbox of a rectangle, rooting the first target hit and dealing a lot of magic damage.
  • This is Morgana's main ability, if you can hit it you become widely more impactful than if you cannot not hit it, so practice it, A LOT.
  • During the laning phase throw this ability to the side of the minion wave to try and catch an enemy, since you can shoot it into the minion wave because it will be blocked.
  • To land a sure to hit Dark Binding darkbindingmissile.png, ULT soulshackles.png the enemies first and wait for the ULT stun, then shoot a Dark Binding darkbindingmissile.png at them.

tormentedsoil.png Tormented Soil

Morgana places a circle on the ground that deals magic damage to all enemies in it over time.

  • During the laning phase you can cast this on top of enemies without landing a Dark Binding darkbindingmissile.png simply to proc 3303.png to get gold, and Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32 Scorch.png?width=32 to damage them.
  • Using this ability after landing a Dark Binding darkbindingmissile.png to maximize your damage on the target.

blackshield.png Black Shield

Morgana shields or self or an ally from only Magic Damage, while the shield is up the target is also immune to CC 

  • Use this to negate CC abilities such as rocketgrab.pngthreshq.pngskarnerimpale.png etc
  • Make sure you are watching the enemy champion with the threatening CC to see who they are aiming for before they use an ability, they can aim at you while you are trying to protect your carries.

soulshackles.png Soul Shackles 

Morgana latches onto nearby enemies dealing magic damage ( enemies that leave a circle radius around her are unlatched) and after 3 seconds the enemies still in range of Morgana are stunned and delt addition magic damage.

  • Use this ability to engage onto enemy champions, and set yourself up for an easy Dark Binding darkbindingmissile.png
  • Use this to deal with enemies diving onto you or your team
  • Later into the game be cautious of how tanky you are, you can Flash 4.png > ULT soulshackles.png 5 enemy champions, if you're not tanky enough to survive long enough for the ULT to stun them

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

3303.png Spellthief's Edge is the best Support Item for Morgana, it's easy to proc, earns you the most gold, and gives the most useful stats for Morgana.
2003.png From level 1 you will have 3 health pots, you should look to exchange them during the laning phase for gold from 3303.png and for lane advantage, take a small trade to temporarily lose health, then regen it with the Health Potions. You can buy 2031.png after using all 3 Health Potions.
3340.png You will hold onto the Warding trinket until you complete the Gold quest for Sightstone 3092.png

Example Full Build


Early Build Path 
3303.png > 3311.png > (optional) 2031.png > 1028.png > 3158.png > 3092.png > 3113.png > 3067.png  > 2065.png

What and when you build as your 4th item is purely situational, base on your potential gold income, and the enemy team composition.

Other Items
3041.png For Snowballing 
3174.png Athene's is great since it will make all your mana regen items, which you buy lot of most likely give you AP, gives you some magic resist, CDR, and makes a shield heal an ally as well.
3107.png Redemption gives you health, extra shield power, which is as useful on Morgana as most supports since you only block magic damage, the AOE heal this item offers is ok, but it doesn't have to be rushed early.
3157.png More expensive than most items, but offers more engage ability for Morgana since you can go untargetable temporarily.
3222.png Can Cleanse CC instantly on an ally, sometimes you will have to get this if the enemy has to much CC for just your Black Shield blackshield.png.
3905.png Twin Shadows gives you AP, Movement speed, and the active to send out 2 ghostiest that slow the first 2 enemies hit, it's good for scouting out the fog of war, it's an ok item on Morgana and is cheap so buy it when you want.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Bard
  • Blitzcrank
  • Janna
  • Leona
  • Lulu
  • Rakan
  • Sivir
  • Thresh




Easy laning phase , you can farm spell theives stacks easily from a distance with W tormentedsoil.png.

You can block the CC from his combo with blackshield.png, watch to see who is aiming for though.

Alistar is very tanky, if you are spending abilities on him, it better be for a good reason.




Bard's Q bardq.png can break black shield if you only have 1 point in it and stun. So put 2 points in it early.

In lane spam your W tormentedsoil.png on bard, if you land a binding on him he most likely dies.




Gotta Black Shield blackshield.png the right target quickly as he shoots his hook rocketgrab.png 




You have a good matchup into janna, your Black shield shuts down her W sowthewind.png poke early game, and in general it's really hard for janna to do anything against you, the problem against Janna is that if she plays a more passive style, it's hard to do anything to her, basically negating the advantages of the matchup. 

Catch her out of position when she moves forward with CC, and look to single her out during fights.




You counter her completely because of Black Shield blackshield.png blocking her CC & damage. 




You get to block a lot of her damage early with E blackshield.png, and if you catch her out with a binding, all in.




Morgana beats Rakan.

Rakan has the strongest level 1 in the game, he simply has to walk up and use W rakanw.png and ignite a champion to get a flash or a kill, so avoid that.

You can stop his W rakanw.png dash by landing a binding Q darkbindingmissile.png on him. 

blackshield.png black shield also shuts down his engage.




It sucks that Sivir can block Binding with Spell shield sivire.png, once you are 6, you can get on top of her with ULT soulshackles.png, then be able to land a free binding darkbindingmissile.png



blackshield.png Black Shield shuts down all of Thresh's kit. Make sure to black shield the target he is hooking.

Early Game Back to Top

Levels 1-4 it's important to be spamming W tormentedsoil.png on the same target over and over, to proc 3303.pngSummon%20Aerie.png?width=32Absolute%20Focus.png?width=32, this damage will build up over time, and set you up for lethal, or give you a health advantage to play with.

Hitting a binding at any point in the lane will net you a bigger advantage, rather or not you all in off a hit binding is situational, but when you do use Ignite 14.png as early as possible.

If you look for a roam early, Morgana isn't the fast champion to move from one lane to another, but can be very effective when you show up and hit a dark binding darkbindingmissile.png 

3098.png On your first back you should get Frostfang, which makes your gold generation much, much faster, so keep spamming W tormentedsoil.png on enemies for gold, Frostfang also adds a good amount to your damage.

The ways you lose lane is by moving to far forward at the wrong times, or without your ADC, you can't take on any 2 champions by yourself.

Middle Game Back to Top

Mid Game Morgana is still scaling in AP and Health from items and levels, depending on how far ahead you are, or if the enemy miss-position will determine if you can get good ULTs soulshackles.png onto enemies. 

After the first tower goes down Bot Lane you can start moving to other lanes more freely, you will most likely rotate to the top lane and start laning against the enemy bot lane there, during this time you can also look for plays against the mid lane before you move to the top lane, moving with your jungler is also a big plus. 

If you have a completed 2065.png Shurelya's Reverie than making aggressive plays becomes a lot easier, simply because you can have the burst of movement speed to move towards enemies, and present an actual threat, or the threat of your Dark Binding darkbindingmissile.png, you can get as close to them as possible, before actually shooting your Dark Binding darkbindingmissile.png,  the closer you are the better, the Dark Binding becomes easier to hit and when you are moving towards an enemy and posing a threat they may flash, and if you haven't thrown your binding yet, than you are practically setup to hit one after they flash.

Unlike other shielding supports, your Shield blackshield.png can only block Magic Damage, but it can prevent CC, making it more useful as an aggressive ability more often than not, using it on yourself when you go in for engages & ULTs soulshackles.png, or on an ally when they move forward 39.png238.png141.png11.png. Only in certain matchups can you make use of Morgana's Black Shield to a higher degree.

To make a counter play with the use of Black Shield blackshield.png would look like you stand in the fog of war near say Mid lane, when your laner is against an AP Mid laner 7.png, or a CC / Magic damage Jungler (113.png60.png) in which you show up at the start when a fight is beginning and quickly change the direction of a fight with Black Shield blackshield.png blocking their damage and CC. 

Late Game Back to Top

Late Game your highest impact will come from hitting Dark Bindings darkbindingmissile.png and casting proper Black Shields blackshield.png offensive and defensive, so you have to be watching enemies when necessary, and your allies.

soulshackles.png If you are ahead you can still get good ULTs onto multiple member that misposition, but if you aren't, and you flash into 5 enemies for an ULT you will quickly die and have wasted your life. 3190.png Locket also loses value when you aren't close enough to your allies to cast it. 3193.png Gargoyle's helps you move into multiple enemy carries. Having a huge lead and 3157.png really lets you force fights with Morgana's ULT soulshackles.png 

At the start of Late Game Team Fights look to play near your carries (Mid & ADC), look to protect them at the start of fights, then look at the enemy carries and see if you can get into position to attack them.

Positioning in the fog of war 2055.png and looking for a Dark Binding is also an easy way to gain a great advantage. 

Or if the enemy team is sieging against you standing in the fog of war and looking for bindings is always a good play.

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • Morgana is easy to play in many aspects, items and runes really synergise with her kit more so than other champions.
  • Threat of Dark Binding darkbindingmissile.png will always be on the enemies mind
  • High Damage, medium tankiness, and CC negational peel.


  • Short Range
  • Shield Blocks Magic Damage
  • Can be shut down by strong AD champions

Sawyer Back to Top


Hi, my name is Sawyer I am 22, I'm going to be the Best North American League of Legends Support player there ever was. I currently write guides for Lolking, coach, and stream on twitch to financially sustain myself.

I believe in the power of Games, and think they will have a great impact on the future.


You can see Challenger Support gameplay live on my Twitch stream ,for the love of god please follow lol.

League of Legends Coaching.jpg

$15 per hour coaching or $20 for 2 Hours.

ADC Synergy Back to Top

Morgana's binding can be very followed up on to a greater degree by certain ADC's such as:

51.png After landing a Dark Binding darkbindingmissile.png Caitlyn can place a trap caitlynyordletrap.png under them for an even longer lock down, and more damage.
202.png Jhin can follow up a dark binding with his jhinw.png W for a root, and then ULT, or move towards them for auto attacks.
222.png Jinx can place Traps jinxe.png on a rooted target, to lock them down longer, it also setup up Jinx to have a free shot to land her jinxw.png W & jinxr.png ULT
145.png When you CC a target you make it so Kai'Sa can ULT to them briefly if she is in range, so landing a Dark Binding darkbindingmissile.png can set her up for a very unexpected gank

Other champions simply get a ticket for immediate free DPS /Skillshots such as 81.png21.png110.png498.png

The other ADC's that are mostly auto attack based will have to move forward to DPS the champion you have binded, make note of this before all inning or moving to far forward yourself, if you move forward into the enemies without your carries you will be in for a bad time. 


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