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Summoner Spells Back to Top

3.png In most situations you are going to need exhaust.It is a great option for a hard trade, a disengage or even all in.

14.png Ignite is a situational choice. The are 3 things to consider in this following order when you pick ignite.
1) DONT get 14.png if they have a 67_64.png,  a bruiser like 24_64.png, or an assassin midlaner trying to reach your adc. 
2) Consider enemy line up. A lane vs a healer 16_64.png or  37_64.png, might require an all in to be won.
3) Sometimes your teammates pick 12.png,6.png but noone goes ignite. If you can get away without 3.png in lane, go for 14.png.

4.png Flash is a multi-tool for Nami-swan!!  Mostly used to disengage...Engaging with a flash + Q though, requires a HUGE amount of self-confidence, if you are not sure about it then it's definitely not going to work. You can also Flash to reposition for an ulti, that means you can hit an ulti with a better angle, catching more ppl , both friendly and enemy.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

0-18-12 is pretty standar, the only real choice is if you go thunderlord or windspeaker's Blessing. I think thunderlord for lane is better but it forces you into a mindset of doing 3 hits (vayne minigame) so this can cause some trouble. Go for better shields and heals! 

Tough Skin > Explorer since i auto a lot and take minion agro. If you are a camper and want just all-ins go for explorer.

Abilities Back to Top


LVL 1 start Q !! (trust me i know better) its just one of the best spells in the game. It can cancel an enemy invade, help your team in an invade. If you hit a Q in lvl 1 trade, its a huge morale boost, and applies a lot of pressure. While helping the jungler its also the best because it prevents 2 hits from the camp's monsters, it saves double the damage W can heal.

LVL 2-3 i take W because its more damage/heal+mana efficient than taking E. If on a lvl 3 harassment your opponents decide to trade back. W's heal makes sure you'll totally win the trade.

I max W first because its a heal that can also damage!!! . If your health bar is constantly full while theirs is not, it discourages opponents to go aggressive on you and force you to make mistakes. Its more possible to make a mistake while being the defender, than being the attacker.

Some advanced tips
LVL 1 = Q. TiP* when assisting the jungler, hit Q right before the golem lands the second hit.
LVL 8. I take second lvl on my Q before i start to max E, to benefit from the cooldown reduction.

267_passive_64.png Every time you hit you or an ally with an ability he gets some speed!!! 

q.png Q. An aoe stun!  This spell makes nami so OP if played correctly. But due to its huge CD it WILL be punishing if you miss it. 
w.pngW Sustain + damage, but never forget...its also a speed buff!!

e.pngE On-hit slow+damage (better than ashe Q)  + Speed buff with almost zero casting time
r.pngR Aoe knockback, slow and speed buff for teammates
Ill make a separate section on how to use all these spells.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard, i dont like the bottle!
    Start warding. Change to Lens after sighstone
    Safest start...good vs high kill potential, fastest sighstone means total vision control (sighstone is no longer a gold saving item though since you cant buy wards

Core Items

    First back, get frostfang Start-Finish sighstone & switch trinkets,
    Chalice is core-Mika only if 100% needed
    I always try to carry 1 pink ward
    After chalice you can pick one of the 2, or wardens vs heavy AD
    Season 6 OP! For other boots see below

Situational Items

    I was a huge fan of the old ZEKE'S i thought i was op but they changed it as underpowered...its not that bad, especialy if the adc has to go QSS or BT
    If vs AD team
    if ap is needed

The following text is OUT OF DATE, but it required a lot of work to be written so i cant just delete it :P ill update when i have the time


I start with 1028_32.png, for the following reasons. ! 

11/02/2015 1028_32.png is still good but the damage from 3303_32.png is significant.

1st) 150hp is more than you will get by masteries + runes. Without hp you are dead before your avarege adc can even react to a trade.
2nd) There is no armor item in your core build, so you pick armor seals and you make up for the hp with 1028_32.png.
3rd) Early sighstone is a gold income item. The gold you will generate from 3303_32.png or 3301_32.png will be worth of 2 2044_32.png. The biggest thing is that you will have wards + ward clearance in your first back NO MATTER WHAT with only 400 gold!!! considering you wont die lvl 2 or something :p. Dont die plz, no feederino!

4th) Warding with sighstone is much more effcient, since you dont care about the money, money money...

5th) I treid everything else, believe me, this was the best, i m bored to do the math, if you do it pls contact me!

FInish 2049_32.png switch trinkets!!!!!
 If you can buy 3096_32.png along with 2049_32.png thats good . One 2043_32.png is always usefull to carry with you. Also get 2003_32.png.


After 3096_32.png finish 2049_32.png then take . You can take 1001_32.png.   Now its time to start the 3028_32.png and 3222_32.png.

After this point every item is situational. Do you want to go full support? Do you need the extra survivability?

Full support path
After 3222_32.png, go for 3105_32.png then upgrade 3069_32.png.  Close your core with 3190_32.png , 2045_32.png and 3364_32.png. You can skip the 3 last upgrades and go for a situational item that will help you build or expand an advantage.

Not full support

This item 3082_32.png  and especialy this one 3143_32.png will help you survive. 3105_32.png is sthill good for the magic resitance. With these 2 items you are safer, but you will miss some cdr and team utility.


3111_32.png If vs heavy CC
3047_32.png If vs heavy AD
1001_32.png just get that if you are way behind and survivabilty doesnt matter at all.



3050_32.pngIf 2 of the rest members in your team (jungler/mid/top) use AA a lot, or can benefit from the stats. Give it a second thought and build this! You are never gona tank, or make a huge amount of damage, so forget about defensive stats and to str8 to that.

If your team lucks initiation, then 3290_32.png is a very good option.
If you need to becaome tankier, vs an ad team,  you can get 3047_32.png and  3082_32.png or even upgrade on 3143_32.png.
If the enemy team has a lot of AP then you can go 3065_32.png. If you already have max CDR, dont go for it.

 The problem with nami in S4 is that she doesnt scale into a secondary ap damage dealer or a tank. Namis Q has a prety decent base damage and E also adds a lot..but thats it. Your utility scales with AP. This means its better to go flat AP than building mpen or more utility ap items. After the core items you can go str8 for 3089_32.png . If you go 3151_32.png  use E on yourelsf !!! 

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Annie
  • Bard
  • Blitzcrank
  • Braum
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Janna
  • Karma
  • Leona
  • Lulu
  • Morgana
  • Nautilus
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Taric
  • Thresh
  • Zilean
  • Zyra




This matchup is very easy, just harash this cow with autoattacks, your heal gives better sustain. If he is going relic, punish him harder when he goes for a last hit, especially if its a cannon minion. Care for a Flash all in




The key here is to survive the all-in. Nami is better at trading. Small trades are in your favor because nami can heal. Annie's auto attack animation is very slow so every time an annie tries to AA, punish her.  Try not to get out of position, if you succeed, annie will have to over-extend for her all-in and your chances of surviving are great. You can also get advantage of it and get kills.  If you survive the All-in you must try to recover fast, and become a lot more aggressive. Annie is squishy.



Bard has insane sustain for unexplained reasons, even better than nami, its not that hard to win this matchup but it can be tricky

(Too izi...w8 for more buffs) 5.11 now that bard is buffed, just dont get double stunned. Good spacing and not overchasing will win you the matchup. Season 6 still aplies




Just avoid the grab. If he fails you have 18 seconds to party!




That is actually EASY! Auto attack all the time, juke the Q and thats all. If Braum uses W, its like the perfect situation to land a Bubble :P Have fun! For teamfights just care for his braumE.png, its not that hard to check if he used it or if he can use it to block your ULTInamiR.png




All you need to win this matchup is 1 good trade. You will turn fiddlesticks into a passive defender, instead of an offensive bully!




Previusly marked as HARD, now at medium because it is hard to win this lane, and you might totaly fail trying to win it. Instead, if you make it a farm lane, there is no way you can lose it!

A good janna + her adc will stay passive, then w8 for you to make a wrong move. If you dont hit Q they will punish you hard. Even if you hit it they can still punish every mistake you make. Thats why janna has the best win rate%.  What you should do is push and ward harder than normal. Janna cant counterpush. Be patient




All you have to do is land a bubble when karma is overextending for her poke, she is squishy and she builds squishy, so probably a single bubble can 100-0 her if your adc can follow up.

DODGABILITY MODE on? Well...meeeeh. You can force karma aim her poke on you and then try to dodge it, but even if you succeed, your lane partner will be left on his own since you will be playing your own game of dodge-ball!




Be aggresive lvl 1. Extra carefull lvl2.  Poke is the key. If you succed in early trades...leona will be passive and you can zone or push.




Nami is better overall than lulu. Care not to overextend because lulu will punish you if she lands her slow.




Well...thats hard.(not as hard as janna)..try not to get hit by her Q...CDR is the key here. Start wih 5% cdr from runes and 4-5-21 masteries. That is 15% cdr at lvl 1 wich brings your Q's cd on 11.9s while morgana's E is 21.85s  and she wont even get it until her lvl 2 or 3.

So when you dodge a Q, force her E (or force both Q and E) and you have a 10 second margin to do anything you like in lane. After 10 seconds you only worry about the Q since E will be down for another 8-9 seconds.

One other tactic is force the shield on either morgana or the adc and then focus the unshielded champ.

You can also count 5 seconds for the shield to wear off...




Be carefull! Nautilus counters nami ;) 1 small mistake and you burn summoners, second mistake and you are dead! Try to AA from distance and care for the hook..




Sona is always a hard matchup for nami, sona has more damage and better sustain. If you try a lot of trades and stay at least even in HP, you can WIN the lane at lvl 5 since Sona will run out of MANA.




Dont try early trades with the adc, neither soraka. Try to force soraka go aggresive by your passiveness then go all in on her. Dont even bother going for the adc, bubble 14.png flash and good luck.




Easy lane. Poke hard but keep a distance. If you overextend taric will punish you. In teamfights nami will shine. 




Just avoid his grab, then punish him everytime he gets close... he cant reach you.

Always judge your adc's mechanics and his concentration before going aggresive. 99.5% of adc's WILL get hooked after a totaly won trade. This 0.5% is in Diamond 1 :P So if you see he is missing cs or if he is bad at dodging skillshots, play more passive than usual.




Zilean (patch 5.4 updated) has become pretty hard to play, so for now its easy. He need to land 2 skillshots equaly difficult to Namis Q in order to stun something. The slow is strong though. For now, just punish all those new Zilean wannabes!

5.19 eddit. Not many tried to pick him up as support, probably will see it in worlds.




Zyra's damage is OP right now (6.12) play it safe with heals without trading

Runes 6.18 runes for elo hell Back to Top

ELO HELL If everyone is dying and you fight and fight all the time this will work for you to survive and recast your spells.
Quints 3 x MS
Marks  9 x Armor
Glyphs 6 x CDR + 3 MR flat
Seals   6 x Health + 3 Armor

Pros/Cons Back to Top

I tried rating the match-ups as if all bot players had the same skill. Also i only rate how easy or hard is to WIN the lane. By winning i mean having a significant gold or lvl difference, or forcing jungler/mid/top to help the enemy laners.


  • Aoe stun + knocup
  • Hard cc + buffs + heal
  • Can disengage
  • Wins early trades
  • High killing potential early game.


  • Wasting Q is extremely punishing
  • It takes skill to play nami
  • Runs out of mana if skills are not used wisely
  • It takes time to understand nami's full potential and that requires pushing to the limit and making mistakes.
  • Nami's initiation is not optimal, and can cost you the game

How to support with nami swaaaan!! Back to Top

Your role...
    Some people believe that supporting is all about protecting your adc-team, warding and CCing enemies.......well...i kind of disagree...For me support position is mostly about making things happen, making plays, creating for your team. Its like the Point Guard position in Basketball. In the following parahraphs ill try to break down each of your responsibilities, focusing on playmaking!! 

  • Warding - Map control. You can only place 3 greens-1 pink. Thats all. Convince your teamates to buy wards!! I am not going to teach you where to place wards. Thats another guide. All i can tell you is to always have a ward on dragon and if you can on tribush. Just do this and your lane will be safer. Make sure to watch the minimap whenever you can! Make it a habbit of yours to watch the minimap. Search for the jungler first, then check if lanes are pushed and enemies miss. A pushed lane to your mid touret and mid missing is a possible danger. In late game you are the one to place the smart wards...Deep wards in their jungle, mid entrance wards...etc. In my opinion warding baron should not be supports responsibility. Remember, convincing your teamates to buy wards and lens is actually more important than placing your 4 wards in the map! And significantly harder to achieve.

  • Potecting. You are the player with the most cc in your team. You must try to stop a running udir going for your adc, or heal a teammate dying from ignite. Should you stay behind your adc to do all these??? NOOOOOO. In early game if your adc is engaged on, you must Q enemy adc, self cast E and slow both supp and adc, or even the jungler :P. Use W first to give your adc a boost, then self cast E and use Q while you autoatck, or AA with E first, for increasing the succes rate of Q. In early game you should be able to turn any aggresive move of the enemy team into your advantage. Never be affraid, be in front of your adc, take some damage for him. Never run back if your adc is being hit. AA the shit out of everyone trying to get to your adc. Your aa mechanics should be better than your ADC's! Always orb walk (cancel animation of aa and skills). Offense is the best defence. In late game you must try to  Q the enemy apc -adc + R. Then you must protect your adc... If you cc enemy carrys but your adc dies before you start to peel for him...its his fault!!! 

  • Playmaking!!! This is it, this is nami swaaaan, this is all the fun on playing support!! If you miss this part, playing support will always be lame, its going to be this last pick (pick order) that will make you miserable...You are a playmaker, you are Magic Johnson of LoL or better John Stockton of LoL, your adc is Malone. Dont expect your adc to be Jordan. He will never be... Too many references, why not? Basketball and LoL have a lot of things on common!
  1. Early-mid game. Laning phase is all about TRADING. Search for TRADES. You must always AA every opponent thats out of position, while he is going for a Last hit, for a trade, or for a ward. If you see the oppening in 1 of these situations use Q, dont hesitate. Never use Q if you dont feel its going ro land...Its like shooting a 3-pointer in Basketball or a penalty kick, you must picture it landing before you even cast it. Your adc should always follow you. If he doesnt, you can still make a clean trade, Q+E +AA+W+AA. If your adc is bad and doesnt follow, then search for a Q when your adc is close, to "force" him trade.That means that you will hold yourself and w8 for the perfect moment. In lower ELO you can start a trade with E first then Q, because ppl tend to make a lot more mistakes and wrong steps. In higher elo you should start with a  Q, or E at your adc that has a better position or a gap closer. A succesfull Q is always the best situation cause it means that you will win the trade. If enemies are Full hp, dont go all in, the damage is not enough for 100-0. You should first win a small trade. If you cant take the early advantage in lane...can mean 3 things...1. you are being passive, 2. Enemies have a lot better mechanics. 3 you made mistakes. Always be aggresive dodge skillshots and keep the preasure going. Never stay back after a won trade. Always be the annoying person you always hate to deal with.
  2. Late game. This is tricky. You are NOT the initiator of your team. You are not leona. I've seen a handfull of LCS teams drop a game because they tried to initiate with nami. You need someone else to start something small and then unleash your power. Chaining CC after an initiaton is Nami's best. BUT there are ways to initiate!! Clear vision and make a trap. Bait enemies on a pink ward, or bait by pretending to be out of position. You can use ulti from a bush, or behind a wall while you click shurelias. Your opponents will have less time to react. AND if you feel GOOD, flash+ Q at the apc or ADC if your team is ready to kill it. This is the ultimate challenge for a nami player. (like Knife in LEON the proffesional) You need a ton of confidence and a pair of Big Balls to land this small bubble :P. Trust me, nothing feels better than catching 2 carrys with a flash+Q on minute 45! Never be afraid to follow a good CC with your ulti. You must do this fast cause the wave travels very slowly.
  •           Disengaging. Nami is propably the best support for disengaging. Maybe Janna and Zyra are equal. If they run on your team just use R and its over...they will abort! Q alone is also that good. Q their initiator, they abort, then your team repositions... You can also speed up your teamate who's out of position.                           
  •    Roaming. Its the new season 5 meta. Roaming is when you leave your lane to gank or assist a gank somewhere else. There are some things you must consider before that. 1 Your adc must be safe (either he recalled or 1 v 1 on bot or clearing jungle camps until the minion wave arives, or with you :P. 2 You have enough vision both for your ADC safety, and your safety (wards on tribrush, enemy jungle entrance, river entrance from mid). 3 Make sure you wont be seen, there are a couple of ways to do that i) vision clearance ii) the person you will gank is absorbed in trading-lasthiting (tunel vision). 4 Check if your laner has lvl 6, you dont want to share his exp and delay his spike. 5 Make sure your teammate saw you and understood your intentions (you dont want to engage solo and die). 7 In general make sure you dont make anyone angry from your team by "breaking" the laning phase rules. Seriusly if you fail people get angry more than usual and its fact, its not their faul! BUT if we succed its you who carried them!
  • Lane momentum-setting last hits. You can always AA minions, either to stop the lane from being pushed, or for pushing the lane. If you see the enemy adc-supp pushing the lane, start autoattacking minions. If you got a kill and you want to recall, use Q on minions and aa like crazy. You can also set last hits. This is very important and only high elo supports do it consistnently and effectively. This is more essential while under your tower. Try to learn when a minion needs an additional AA for your adc to last hit it. Or when the lane is not under your tower, use AA to set a last hit. This gives time to your adc to harash, insetad of w8ing for the minion to go low enough for him to last hit.
  •             Timers announcer. Objectives timers. This should be mostly your junglers job, because he is always involved at taking and contesting all 4 buffs and he is most of the times the one to kill the dragon. If you see a timer that he doesnt, f.e. a sneaky dragon or a buff steal, then call it. write in chat. (OB-TB-OR-TR) + respawn time. OB = our blue...etc

Summoners+ spells. You should always keep track of your adc's and the 2 enemy bot players' summoners spells and all other spells. You should only annouce summoners and ulties. Your adc should always keep track of those in his mind but it never hurts to revise them to him. When you see your jungle-mid coming for a gank, then announce those timers. Cait no flash or Leona no ulti. Whenever you see blitz or thresh miss a hook, "count" those 18sec and  become more aggresive.

           Ward timers. In s3 you could keep easier track of wards since the vast majority of wards lasted 3min. Now its harder but in high elo it is good to write the time of wards that are being placed. f.e. You see a green ward placed on tribush. You can ping and just write warded, or Ward or Wrd or w/e :P The ward will be off 3 minutes later. You can also help your jungler by giving him the clear path for a gank at bot. f.e Tri clear, lane clear etc... 

  •  Making the calls. In many pro teams its either the support or the jungler to make the calls early in the game. If you feel like a leader, if you strongly feel your calls are correct, and if you have it in you to lead, make the calls! You should never look bossy because lol players, are narrow minded :P

About the Author Back to Top

I am mad4u, call me mad  EUW (D5). CaLL me MaD eune, season3/4/5/6, all diamonds.  I started playing ranked in season 3 ( the week 267_64.png got released ) I started at silver 4, being a total noob and got to d5, just 1 week before the real season 3 ended. I had ~ 400 nami games, with over 60% win ratio

            K      D       A 
 KDA   1,5   3,6   15,5   thats 4.8   KDA ratio.  season 3  Diamond 3

          1,5   3,1   13,6             4,87                   season 4  Diamond 4
          1,3   2.0    18,7            10                      season 5  Diamond 5 (in just 17 wins)

I had been playing DOTA for many years before i started LoL. My mentality and mindset are ideal for support roles. I feel the need to create plays for my teamates and i am also tired of farming!! Nami is great for this job, her playmaking skills are amazing, throughout the game. 

Nami is fun to play and also very satisfying since you can affect the game proportionately to your skill.

Why pros can't Nami? Back to Top

Western supports have not practiced enough with nami, in different game scenarios, to comprehend when to do what.  Ill list some mistakes i ve seen.

1) Trying to force engage with R when in vision in late game. To engange you need a flash+Q or a Mirana like wave (start from fog, and make the wave travel most of the distance by the wall)

2) Using E to adc for damage output (using it on you, means more damage and MOST important, AUTOSPACING :P means you slow for more time since your attack speed is low.

3)The most common "mistake" is that they are slow with the ulti, or position it wrong. For shooting faster you need low hesitation and experience). For position you need to fix your angle, sometimes flash ulti can save everyone instead of 2-3 members or even win teamfight.

4)Auto attack cancel animation in nami is gamechanging. 

5) Match up understandings. People thaught morgana was countering nami, back when nami was popular so you could see a lot of morganas after a while. I believe that that was wrong (check match ups)

Call Me mad 69.7% in 33 games EUNE  D4
Call Me mad 69.6% in 46 games EUW   D5

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