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Summoner Spells

14.png  4.png  Ignite  /  Flash

The summoner spells you decide to use as Nami depend on your playstyle. As I like to play very aggressively as Nami I take Ignite/Flash 90% of the time. Any decent marksman, especially those with a good early game (Draven, Miss Fortune) has a lot of in-lane kill potential when paired with Nami.

Ignite can help you counter any heals the enemy is getting when going in for the kill, turn an enemy gank in your favour by quickly focusing down the jungler (if it's a squishy one) or catch a low health target off guard by a quick Flash + Ignite.

Lastly, you would be surprised how much damage Nami is able to deal in lane. She can pretty much finish off any half-health enemy marksman/support with her full combo and ignite.

3.png  4.png  Exhaust / Flash

That being said, Exhaust is an excellent choice as well. It can be used offensively and defensively. It is an excellent tool to follow up a succesful Aqua Prison, or as a means to land one. If you succeed in landing Nami's spells succesfully, Exhaust will most likely ensure a kill. Missed all of your spells and now your carries are in danger? Exhaust the threat and see them rage in 'All-chat" about what a lucker you are.

Flash is a no-brainer. Nami has no mobility apart from her passive, giving allies a small speed boost. Use Flash to get away from danger or to Flash onto fleeing targets so you can follow up with an Aqua Prison.

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Masteries Back to Top

Masteries - Cunning (18) / Resolve (12)

As Nami, I personally prefer to use Thunderlord's Decree instead of Windspeaker's Blessing. The amount of poke Nami is capable of putting out is pretty hefty, and Nami's kit is designed to use 3 spells in quick succession anyway. As Nami you will always be trying to autoattack enemy laners that are in your range and are not a threat (when their spells are on cd, they have shorter range, or when minions are in the path of their abilities). When you pick Thunderlord's, always look for opportunities to proc it when it is off cooldown.

Windspeaker's Blessing however, is very viable as well. Especially combined with 3174.png or 3107.png, the amount of healing Nami brings to the table is considerable. It arms your target with increased resistances as well, so if your laning partner is a late game shiner and you suspect that you will be on the defensive most of the time, take this perk.

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Spell Priority

I personally tend to start out with namiq.png,  since most of your opponents won't expect it and it increases the likelihood of an early zone/kill on your targets early on if you are confident in your ability to hit it. If you are just picking up Nami I recommend taking namiw.png at level one.

Most of the time it is a good idea to max out namiw.png first, then namie.png and lastly namiq.png. Put a point in your Ultimate (namir.png) whenever you can.

On some rare occasions, when you are really ahead, it might be a good idea to max namie.png first instead of namiw.png if you don't need the healing, for the added CC (the slow increases).

Spell Usage

Nami's kit is (in my humble opinion) one of the most fun kits to play around with and her abilities are very satifying to use, when used correctly.

namipassive.png Surging Tides

A very useful and unique passive. With this you can grant any of your allies the sweet gift of movement speed, and since all of your spells are AoE (except your E), you mostly apply it without even thinking about it most of the time. (Do however consider the synergy with your Tidecaller's Blessing).

namiq.png Aqua Prison

This spell is Nami's bread and butter as it allows her to make some great plays, catching people off-guard and protect her allies. It's also the spell that makes Nami extremely deadly in lane. The main drawback of this spell is that it takes some practice to land.

Since this spell has a travel time, you have to lead your target, meaning that u will aim the spell at your target's destination, rather than where he/she is right now. You have to predict where your target will be when the spell hits the ground. When doing this you have to consider movement spead and mobility as well. you have to lead an enemy Udyr more than you would when trying to hit an enemy Velkoz. Practice makes perfect, and you will get better at hitting those Q's when you practice a lot vs. different champions.

Use your E on yourself, followed by an autoattack to slow down an enemy before using Q to make your stun drastically more likely to hit!

A general tip that might prove quite useful though, is that when trying to stun people in lane, always aim your Q behind them. For some reason seeing you cast a spell automatically makes your enemies walk backwards (towards the safety of their turret), and more often than not, they'll walk right into your stun.

If you are being ganked, the morale of the enemy is usually higher. In this case it's safe to assume that they will move towards you no matter what so you position your Q inbetween the biggest threat (enemy adc/jungler) and yourself or your adc (whoever is in most danger). This will force them to stop, not to get stunned, or walk right into it. Whether it hits or not, it will have slowed down the attackers.

namiw.png Ebb and Flow

A spell unique to Nami, and a very useful one at that! This spell will keep your allies alive and damage enemies aiding in your poke and kill potential. The heal it provides when maxed out is quite potent, however use it sparingly as this spell is a mana drain. Maxed out this spell will consume 130 mana which is a lot (more than most ultimates). Do not use this spell early game to heal minor damage (70%+) health unless you have all your mana. However do use it when you have landed a Q on an enemy to deal considerable damage and potentially heal you or your ally.

If you are using this spell to heal or to poke, always try to use it to its full effect, meaning that you have to consider that it bounces. It's less effective to heal yourself while you are standing back, if you need to spend the mana to heal yourself, try to make use of the fact that it bounces, get close enough to an enemy and then heal to get some free poke in as well (getting hit by a Blitzcrank hook at this point kind of defeats this purpose, at which point you should feel embarassed).

The spell can bounce a maximum of 3 times, always alternating between ally and enemy. This means that if your initial target is an enemy, it will damage twice (if there are 2 targets) and heal once. If your initial target is an ally, it will heal two people and damage one.

namie.png Tidecaller's Blessing

This spell might not seem like much, but it can prove very potent in the right hands. Use it when your ADC is poking to slow the enemy and deal extra damage.

However, the extra damage provided to autoattacks by this spell is a fixed amount, so whether you use it on yourself or on your laning partner makes no difference (in terms of damage). For this reason I prefer to use it on myself whenever I want to poke or slow down someone to land my Q, as more often than not it goes wasted on my laning partner (if you don't voicechat with him/her) because they didn't expect it and aren't in range anymore to poke safely.

Do consider that the effects of this spell will apply to the target if the projectile is already on it's way when you use it on an ally. This means that if you time it correctly, you can E an ally after they have autoattacked and still apply the extra damage/slow.

One last thing to mention is that this spell has no cast time, meaning that you won't slow down or stop moving while casting it. This will prove very useful as it can surpise enemies because it instantly grants you (or an ally) your passive namipassive.png, which grants movement speed to the target, making it a very valuable spell when trying to land autoattacks and poking.

TL;DR: Use it on yourself to reliably poke and slow enemies down to make your Q ezpz to hit :3

namir.png  Tidal Wave

The spell that makes Nami exceptionally good in teamfights as it not only is very wide, knocks people up and applies a slow afterwards but also has a very long range, making it ideal to surprise enemies in the jungle or when approaching a lane when coming out of the jungle.

When the enemy team is stacked this spell might prove to be a deathsentence since you can follow up a succesful Tidal Wave easily by your Aqua Prison, thereby extending the time they are basked in complete helplesness and desperation.

When using this spell to initiate a teamfight or catch some running targets, try to line the targets up with your chasing allies, as this will grant them the movement speed of your passive.

Last but not least it can also be used to snipe low health targets (while they are under the impression that they are safely recalling under turret :3).

If you feel really heroic, you can also try to snatch away Drake or Baron with this spell or at least get everyone to die in dragon/baron pit after brutally engaging on them with your team.

If the enemy team has a Yasuo, all of the above does not apply.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

    Frostblade > Sightstone > Mobility Boots > Frostqueen's Claim > Morellonomicon > Athene's Unholy Grail / Rylai's Crystal Sceptre. This is what I usually build when I'm well ahead (most of the games with Nami ^^'). It's a build that makes Nami pretty irritating. It gives all of Nami's abilities an extra slow (Rylai's), she gets some tankiness and puts out a lot of damage and healing (Unholy Grail). Also supplies Nami with near infinite mana and a lot of CDR. The mobility boots, combined with the slows make landing your Aqua Prison piece of cake :3
    First Back
    The moment you get your Sightstone, you swap trinkets. (Warding Totem > Sweeping Lens)

Situational Items

    These more support-like items do very well on Nami as well (if you make good use of them). I personally rarely build them, as I find that their use is too situational. However if the enemy is AP - heavy, get locket to mitigate some of that Magic Damage. Ardent Censer is a very good item paired with marksmen that scale very well with Attack Speed (Vayne, Twitch, Kalista,...). The heals/damage Redemption provides is particularly good in teamfights.

There isn't really an allround solution when it comes to item builds. When getting items it is your job to predict or to react to what your enemies are doing or to what your team needs. Is the enemy team AP - heavy or do you spot that the enemy Syndra is getting fed, get that 3190.png. Is your ADC getting pinned down by a enchantedcrystalarrow.png a lot, get 3222.png.

If the enemy team has an Udyr, Quinn, or another champion with broken movement speed, use 3092.png to keep them  from getting to you or your allies. Don't forget that this item generally hunts down invisible champions and reveals them to your team as well. It always goes for the closest enemy champions, use it to scout ahead if you need to, enabling you to ward the map safely. Frankly, this item is very strong and might catch an enemy jungler off-guard.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Annie
  • Bard
  • Blitzcrank
  • Braum
  • Leona
  • Morgana
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Thresh




Alistar's CC can make him hard to deal with. Generally when he manages to knock your partner up, try tonamiq.png the enemy marksman, heal namiw.png your ally through the damage he/she takes and slow down the enemy carry with your namie.png.




I think laning versus Annie can be a bit of a pain, especially once she hits level 6. Pre-6 you can go pretty agressive on her when she hasn't got her stun up. Try to safely poke her with autoattacks when it is safe to do so. Getting her low will decrease the chances of her succesfully all-inning you with her 4.pnginfernalguardian.png-eeeers.



Bard is pretty easy to deal with if your laning partner knows how to deal with him as well and stay away from lone minions / walls in his path. Bard does do a lot of damage, but you should be able to dodge his only damaging ability bardq.png (apart form his autoattacks) most of the time. Be careful not to stack up with your ADC, as that will allow Bard to surprise you with a 4.png + bardq.png.  Be especially careful when Bard is laning with Vayne, as shares the 'stun into a wall' mechanic and you might just find yourself being locked down for a long time.

Don't follow Bard through his barde.png when you are not sure it is safe to do so. Once you go through he can simply bardq.png you into a wall for a free stun. More often than not, this will result into a kill for his team.




If he manages to grab either one of you, he will inevitably follow up with his knockup. If he does, CC his laning partner as he himself is pretty much out of spells to use already.

But try not to get grabbed >.>




Braum is pretty irritating as he can intercept all of your abilities.

Be wary not to namir.png into his shield, especially in teamfights, as this might lose you the game.

In lane, try to deny his passive from reaching 4 stacks. Do this by CCing the champion that is most likely to proc it (e.g. an enemy Vayne with 2 minions inbetween you and the target can proc the passive, while a melee champion would not).




Be careful when she uses leonasolarbarrier.png, as she will probably follow up with leonazenithblade.png + leonashieldofdaybreak.png (leonasolarflare.png).

Try not to stack up with your laning partner too much as this makes you susceptible to her leonasolarflare.png.

If she manages to lock down your ADC, try to lock down hers with  namiq.png.




Morgana is creepy. She can lock you or your ADC down for a pretty long time with her Dark Binding, so try not to get hit by it. If that isn't bad enough, you will probably not be able to lock down any of them afterwards because of her Black Shield. However, she can only use her shield on 1 person, and it has a big cooldown. Use your spells on the other person.

Try not to get too close and don't stack, as past level 6 she can force your flashes with her ult, or kill you if you don't have it.

If she uses her Tormented Soil, get out of it ASAP, since it will give her free poke and it will proc Thunderlord's Decree pretty fast if she uses it.

If the enemy laners are freezing the lane under their turret, you can force a lane with Morgana in it to push, by standing in between your minions.




The main difficulty when laning versus Sona is dealing with the amount of poke she brings to the table. Use your namiw.png wisely (when it will bounce to the enemy) as this will get the most use out of the mana spent. (W is very mana heavy)

Most of the time it is pretty obvious when Sona is coming in to poke (when her passive animation is up or when she's walking towards you hornily), try to use this to your advantage to stun her with your namiq.png. Be careful of her ult however. If you both get hit by it in lane you will likely die.




More irritating than hard to play against, Soraka brings a lot of healing to the game for her allies. This might result in a lot of escaping enemies with barely any health. Try not to get frustrated too much.

Be wary of diving a lane with a Soraka in it. Her heals might surprise you and her tear inducing sorakae.png will leave you with no means to defend yourself.




Whenever he manages to CC you or your laning partner you follow up by CCing his. Be careful as he can poke pretty heavily, next to having tons of CC.

Be wary of unwarded bushes, as he might try to initiate a gank by the enemy jungler (or midlaner) by throwing his lantern threshw.png at them. The good news is that if you manage to stun (namiq.png) him while he tries to do so, you'll probably catch the jungler in your bubble as well.

TL;DR Back to Top

If all of the above is too extensive for you and you are just looking for some quick tips and tricks here they are:

  • All of Nami's spells apply a movement speed boost (Passive). Use this to your advantage.
  • Lead with Nami's Q. In lane: aim behind enemies. They generally walk backwards when they see you cast something.
  • E has no cast-time, you won't stop/slow down when casting it. Use it on yourself for a quick boost in speed, to escape, poke or to greatly facilitate hitting your stun.
  • W consumes tons of mana, don't use it to top people off and always try to make it bounce at least once.
  • W bounces three times. First cast on an enemy means it damages twice, heals once. Heal first, and it will heal two people, and damage one.
  • Use R to initiate a teamfight, disengage or to hit your Q on multiple enemies. Catch your allies in its path and they all get a speedboost.
  • Yasuo's Windwall will screw you and your team over and take your dignity. Avoid hitting even a fragment of it with your wave as it will consume the whole thing. When Tidal Waving towards a windwall, mentally enlarge the wall by 200%, aim away from that.

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