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2 years ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png You need it and you want it always because flash is just awesome to make plays or to escape.

3.png In most of my games my second choice is exhaust. It synergize very well with your namiQ.png. A slow of 30% allows you to land a bubble much more easier. In addition to this it reduce the armor and magic resistance of the target by 10 which is very good to increase the damage output of your carry.

14.png Ignite is a very good choice, too. You increase your kill potential and you can stop heal effects of super healer. Take if they have champions with strong heals like Soraka, Sona, Taric,... or another Nami? ;-)
It is also a good choice if you see many super healer in the enemy team. Champions like Dr. Mundo 36.png, Volibear 106.png or Swain 50.png can be very annoying. The Pre-Season liferegenerationbuffs on the masteries and the strong lifestealitems for ADC's too. If your team don't have already two champs with ignite against those bad guys, make sure that your one of the champs with it. 

Tipp for Pre-Season: If you play against many of those champs, try to tell your ADC to buy Mortal Reminder 3033.png in the mid game. It's very nice to stop those healers! 

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

This is my Pre-Season page. I will test it out more and edit my guide, but this is a pretty solid page which you can use on every AP support with heals or shields. For your masteries i want to give you the same advice like for your runes: If your playstyle don't fits with these masteries, change them. I don't want to hunt you if you change my lovely runes or masteries. Ok, maybe if you do it, you will be 1,5 sec in a bubble prison namiQ.png.

Let's talk about the Cunning tree!

5 points in Wanderer should be the only right choice if your not a troll. And in the rune section, you learn my opinion of Movement Speed on Supports.

Same for the Cookies. Fishies like cookies, so don't feed with Nami. Feed her with cookies 2009.png

5 points in Meditation are the better choice I think. Nami's mana problems are enormous. So her selfheal would be much better. Try to heal your ADC more than yourself. Your masteries are your best friend to increase your base health regeneration (Tip: If you want to increase it more, you can run Runic Armor on the Resolve Tree. Test it out.)

Bandit is unalterable if you don't want to have gold problems. You mustn't steal Minions, because you have Bandit. It grants you 1 gold for every killed minion which is killed by our allies. And it reward you with 3 gold for every AA or spell you hit on an enemy champ (5 sec cooldown). So again: Try to poke as much as possible!

I choose 5 points for Intelligence. you buy almost only items, which reduce your cooldown (CD). with this masteries you will get 5% CD and your maximum CD is 45%. This is ridiculous. Do it please.
If you choose Precision, well it's not bad, but you don't need it. It will increase your damage very good and maybe better than AP, because Nami's kit doesn't have the best AP scaling at all. But her Power with Magic Penetration scales very well. If you want to have more power, choose it. But remember: Your a support and it's not your primary role to deal damage. And: The penetration only increase your damage output, but not your healings namiW.pngand MS buffs namipassive.png, because they scale with AP! Try to take the support way and take CD reduction to spam your heals and MS buffs to help your team. Update: Pecision was nerfed in ptach 6.1. I think it's not worth on utility supports like Nami.

For the last mastery point I take Windspeaker's Blessing - vor every AP support with heals or shields it take this one. It increase your heals namiW.png by 15% for your allies and by 10% for you.  This is not only for your abilities. Items like Locket of the Solari and Mikaels Crucible will be buffed too. I often tried it out and this is op as hell. Every Tidecaller should take this!
Tip: I don't prefer this point for every AP supp with shields. If I play Morgana 25.png, I grab Thunderlord's Decree which procs your W tormentedsoil.png and is just awesome to poke the enem down. After the Morgana W nerf, the enemies don't fear her W very much - now they should! In addition to this it gives a levelbased MR and Armor boost for you and your ADC. Pretty awesome! 

Now the Resolve Tree!

5 Points for Recovery. You can also take Unyielding. It's a choice of preference. I take usually Recovery to have a little bit more health regeneraion. Yes, you have your W namiW.png, but don't waste it or your cookies 2010.png. The laning phase is long and you must choose well what you will do - or eat. But Unyielding is a good choice too! You often grab items which makes you tankier, so Unyielding will buff their resistances on you.
For example: Locket of the Solari 3190.png will spend you 1,2 Magic Resist more, so you will have 21,2 Magic Resist instead of 20. Frozen Heart 3110.png grants you 5,4 Armor more, so you will have 95,4 Armor instead of 90 through this item. Remember: This is much better than an Essence of Armor (4,26 Armor)! There are no "right" choice here. Try to analyze the situation and grab the one that adjust better to the matchup. Recovery for a poke/withstanding lane, Unyielding for a late game based game.

The second choice is similar to the first of the Resolve Tree. I grab Explorer to improve my roam potential. It's very nice to have 372 MS in the river to roam the lanes. However in your bot lane, you can better catch people with your bubbles. Make sure to use the bushes so you can land spells with enhanced MS. 
Otherwise you can take one point in Tough Skin. This mastery reduce the damage of autoattacks from champions by 2. This can be useful against champions, who outranged you like Caitlyn 51.png or Varus 110.png or AA based abilities like Jinx 222.png Rocket Launcher jinxQ.png or Kog Maw's 96.png Bio-Arcane Barrage kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png. If you face against those guys, it's better to take Tough Skin. Personally, I like Explorer more, to ward faster around the map, to roam faster or help to secure objectives. But I will test it more!

At next point, my choice is Runic Armor. This mastery gives you 8% bonus for all shields and heals that targets you. With Windspeaker's Blessing our W namiW.png will be 18% stronger on you. Additionally items like Mikael's Crucible 3222.png and Locket of the Solari 3190.png will be stronger too and it buffs your Health regeneration and the additional Health regen from items by 8%. It's like a little Spirit Visage, which you can also take to increase these buffs to 28% and up to 38% if you cast a W namiW.png on yourself. I don't try it, but I will and tell you my experience!
I don't like Veteran's Scars at all, but you can run it if you want. It gives a slightly health boost, but i don't think it is noticible.

My Next choice goes to Insight. This thing is just awesome. Your summoner spells have 15% percent cooldown reduction. You know the CD of flash? Yes, 300 seconds (5 minutes). With Insight you reduce the CD by 45 seconds to 255 seconds. This can save your life or help to win with offensive flashes. Either way, you know you need it so I will request you to take this mastery. I only recommend Perseverance for melee tank supports. The heal is nice for withstanding sieges and works well with the heal buffing materies (Windspeaker's Blessing and Runic Armor). But your a ranged champ and you don't stay always in the front line. So I don't recommend it for Nami.

Abilities Back to Top


Now the ability kit of the Tidecaller!

namipassive.png The Passive, Surging Tides - Allied champions touched by Nami's abilities gain 60 (+ 20% AP) bonus movement speed for 1.seconds. This is doubled to 120 (+ 40% AP) when touched by Tidal Wave.png Tidal Wave.

This means that you can speed buff every allied champ, including you, to escape or catch up targets. This effect is doubled by Tidal Wave. So you can speed buff all of your team mates at the same time with this huge wave. If your a god Nami, and i know you are it, then you hit your allies and the enemies with Tidal Wave namiR.png. Speed buff and catch up, this synergy - delicious!

namiQ.png The Q, Aqua Prison - ACTIVE: Nami sends a bubble towards targeted area, dealing magic damage to all enemies it hits, Sight icon revealing them and Stun icon suspending them for 1.5 seconds. 
  • MAGIC DAMAGE: 75 / 130 / 185 / 240 / 295 (+ 50% AP)
  • RANGE: 875
    COST: 60 MANA
    COOLDOWN: 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 / 10
The bubble. This is your bread and butter. If you land it, the enemy is half life or death. If you don't land it, the CD of 14 seconds is insanely high.
So make sure that you will be 100% sure to land it. If not, you are almost like a Blitzcrank 
53.png without a grab.The enemies will don't fear you. I grab it at level 1 to be prepared for an invade or to help my jungler with his clear. He will have more health when you use your bubble right (pay attention of the AA animation from the jungle camps) than when you use your W to just heal him and spent more mana. Just trust me please, it is better than start with W namiW.png. But i max Q namiQ.png last because it gives your kit not more supporting power like the other ability. Less CD is pretty cool, but we don't need it very much. We're the fcking Tidecaller and hit ALL of our bubbles. Be confident!

Here some tips to land a bubble:

1. Exhaust the enemy before you bubble. The slow will facilitate your bubble landing or will force an enemy flash!
2. Use your E on yourself, hit the enemy with an AA. The slow will help to land a bubble too.
3. Use items like Frost Queen's Claim 3092.png to slow the enemy and catch 'em with your bubble.
4. If your cocky and want to land it without CC, analyze the moving of the enemy and try to forecast their next move (will he go straight, left, right, and so on). If you now want to put a bubble, assure yourself that the enemy is on the bottom side of your skill cycle (I will try to add a screenshot soon!), so he run straight to your Bubble Prison namiQ.png. This is a further reason why I love MS on Nami. The cathing potential is way better!
And here's the Tip: I don't use smartcast for my bubble and my Tidal Wave namiR.png. These are abilities I must hit them with 100%. They can decide for a winning lane/game or a losing. 
Second Tip: Remember that your Bubble Prison namiQ.png can also be use to cast it on yourself and your allies as a speed buff.

namiW.png The W, Ebb and Flow - 

ACTIVE: Nami unleashes a stream of water onto the target champion or herself which then bounces to nearby unaffected champions up to twice, alternating between allies, including herself, and enemies.

Ebb and Flow heals allies and deals magic damage to enemies, with each bounce being 85% (+ 7.5% per 100 AP) as effective as the previous one.

  • HEAL: 65 / 95 / 125 / 155 / 185(+ 30% AP)
  • MAGIC DAMAGE: 70 / 110 / 150 / 190 / 230 (+ 50% AP)
  • RANGE: 725 
    COST: 70 / 85 / 100 / 115 / 130 MANA 
    COOLDOWN: 10
This ability is your main source of damage. You can poke AND heal with it which is pretty cool. Try to heal yourself and in the most of the times your carry, if you're close enough to the enemies, so the wave will heal you and damage them. This spell is just awesome! Don't forget the speed buff. I always max W namiW.png first, because the heal and the poke will be increase at every stage. But try to pay attention of the incredible high mana costs and use this spell wisely.

namiE.png The E, Tidecaller's Blessing - ACTIVE: Nami blesses the target allied champion or herself for 6 seconds, causing her target's next three basic attacks to each deal bonus magic damage and Slow icon slow their target for 1 second.

BONUS MAGIC DAMAGE PER HIT: 25 / 40 / 55 / 70 / 85(+ 20% AP) 

TOTAL BONUS MAGIC DAMAGE: 75 / 120 / 165 / 210 / 255 (+ 60% AP) 

  • SLOW: 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35%(+ 5% per 100 AP)
  • RANGE: 800
    COST: 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 MANA
    COOLDOWN: 11

When I began to play Nami, I understimate this spell so much. It provides the champions, on whom you cast the spell with a slow, additional damage and through to your passive namipassive.png with MS. Tip: Try to cast this spell as much as possible on yourself an hit the enemy with AA's, so you can set an E-AA-Q-Combo! Why I don't use it often on carries? On the one hand they will get more damage, which is always good. On the other hand, they often will surprised of the spell, since they are concentrated for farming. Keep in mind that your the Tidecaller, the playmaker. As a support, it is your job to create a situation, to bring kills to your carry. You have the kit to do it. Play offensive with your E namiE.png and your carry will love you. In the rare cases of cast it on another champ, I try to give it to a champ who needs a slightly MS buff to reach the target. If you see those situations, don't be hesitate to use it. You can also use it to have a better escape. Remember on lession one: MS can be used offensive and defensive. Nami's kit is just perfect to show people this harmony of the functionality of MS. I max this ability ususally second, cos of the increased slow buff. This is very important for your E-AA-Q-Combo!

namiR.png The R, Tidal Wave - ACTIVE: Nami summons a tidal wave that surges forth, dealing magic damage to all enemies it hits, briefly Airborne icon knocking them upand then Slow icon slowing them for 2 - 4 seconds, based on how far the wave traveled.
  • MAGIC DAMAGE: 150 / 250 / 350 (+ 60% AP)
  • SLOW: 50 / 60 / 70%
  • RANGE: 2750
    COST: 100 MANA
    COOLDOWN: 120 / 110 / 10

Ok, and here it goes, the ultimate! This ability is just great, it knocking up hit targets, slows them up to 4 seconds by 70% on the last stage and give all of your allies a doubled MS buff. The hitbox of this skillshot is heavy and is a wonderful engage - and in some rare cases a pretty decent disengage. It combined a skillshot Sivir Ult "On the Hunt" onthehunt.png with a much more width Braum "Glacial Fissure" braumR.png. Skill this ability as much as possible. This thing is just awesome and a must have for every Tidecaller. 
Tip: If you hit an enemy with your R namiR.png, send a Bubble Prison namiQ.png on his head so that he don't be able to escape from your carries.

I take the ability informations from:

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    I take this start in almost every match
    First Back (1300 gold) If you have lower gold: Don't switch your yellow with the red trinket and upgrade your support item over buying sightstones for higher gold income!
    Upgrade it early you can
    Take this early and you will never have any mana issues!
    As much you can
    In hard matchups a good choice aswell
    Don't forget boots

Core Items

    My usual items. Solari and shoes can be switched off for different situations
    Zeke's is a pretty good choice, too and works well with your E.

Situational Items

    Shoes are a situational choice. I like to grab Boots of Lucidity or Mobi's to roam more - more in the section below!
    Need Mana?
    Magic resist?
    You can buy it but I like to have Frostqueen's more
    Snowballing? Damage!
    Pretty good choice if youre ahead. gives now MS
    Decent choice too, if your ahead and want to have damage and splitpush energy.

If I play Nami 267.png I like to have utility items. I try to explain the most important items and when you should buy them. I know, you as a real Tidecaller know what do you want to buy in different situations. So yes youre right, your build shouldn't be the same at all. But we all have a few items we personally buy every single game, because they suit with our playstyle so well. Let's explain my choices, maybe they fits our style to!

First the starter items

3303.png During the Pre-Season I like this item very much. Riot improve the upgrades of this item. Here are the change on Spellthief's Edge: spellthief changes1.png
You see the starter item is 15 gold cheaper than before and grants you now 8 gold for AAing an enemy champ (11 with the mastery Bandit!) or structure and 10 additional damage. The old base stats (5 AP, 2 Gold income every 5 seconds, 25% Base Mana Regen) are still the and good. AP buffs your abilities, gold for getting items, mana regen is always good for Nami.

The total cost is here decreased by 15 to 850. It builds now of Faerie Charm 1004.png  and Spellthief's Edge 3303.png which means that your base mana regeneration is doubled to 100%! So here's a further argument why I don't need mana runes in the Pre-Season. The gold income for any spells or damage to champs is now increase to 15. As Nami, you'll poke a lot. Your gold income lies in your hands, be aggressive and this item will reward you.

Frostqueen's Claim:
Here it goes, the new blue last upgrade of Spellthief's Edge 3303.png. Before the Pre-Season I don't liked this item at all. The mana regeneration was a bad joke, the AP to less for the costs of 2200 gold and the range of the active was like our AA range. Now they put an item in to Frost Queen's Claim, which I really liked when I was far ahead with Nami: Twilight Shadows. The active spawn now two little bubble helper that reduce the MS by 40% for 4 seconds.That's pretty long and the slow is higher than with your Tidecaller's Blessing namiE.png on the last stage (35%). And the ghosts reveal enemies they hit - fantastic. You will hit your bubble on them while they feel save in bushes. At all a very worth active. The item now gives 150% mana regeneration. And you know what Nami like: Mana and MS.

In season 5 i always start with the Ancient Coin 3301.png. The gold income was much more worth and it granted you 20 MS. But Riot nerfed this item hard. The extra MS is removed now, the passive gold income isn't as high as before (from 2 to 0 every 5 seconds). The amazing acitive of Taliman of Ascension 3069.png is now by 60 seconds (40 before). This is the same cooldown like the active of Frostqueen's Claim 3092.png. So there isn't a big difference between this items right now.
Tip: Don't forget that the new Ruby Sightstone 2045.png reduce the actives of your items by 10% which means that you'll have a CD of 54 seconds if you buy it.

If you go back atleast with 1100 gold, always buy Sightstone 2049.png first. You need vision for your team. Remember, that your adc got now two wards if he choose for the Warding Trinket 3340.png. So he can help to ward the bushes and you can ward the river (a ward at drake is especially vs. jungler like Nunu 20.png and Warwick 19.png important. These guys can do it early solo.) and the bush of the mid lane. Don't forget to switch your Totem to Sweeping Lens 3341.png. Sweep as much as possible. I like to sweep the river bushes near the lane so my jungler can easy gank. You also should buy some Pink Wards 2043.png. If you face against Shaco 35.png or Evelynn 28.png there should be always a Pink Ward in a item slot. Otherwise, I like to place them in the first bush near to my tower. the enemy have problems to destroy it and my jungler can make an easy lane gank. At level 9, don't forget to upgrade Sweeping Lens to Oracle Alteration 3364.png. I know, in the patch notes they write it upgrades alone. But not in my game. Just make sure, you have the upgraded one at 9.


There are different boots for different situations. I show you which boots are possible so grab one of these. Personally, I like to grab Boots of Mobility 3117.png because the allow you to roam faster and help your laner. In addition to this you will reach your lane faster to get more passive gold from your support item and more experience. If you face against a CC comp, I really like to take Mercury's Treads 3111.png. The passive CC reduction was nerfed to 20% but they are still good! If the enemies have only AD champs, Ninja Tabi 3047.png is the best choice. The new Ionian Boots of Lucidity 3158.png are just amazing. I will test them more, but they are maybe better than 3117.png, cos they now gives you 10% CD reduction and 10% CD reduction for your summoners. Remember, that you will have 25% summoner Spell reduction and can reach 45% total CD reduction with your masteries. 1 minute and 15 seconds earlier flash than all other? This is just wow. This Boots can be a go to pick. I will test them more! After a lot of testing I must say that both are good. Grab Mobi's for roaming and CDR boots if youre lane presence is much more needed.

Core items

There isn't really a core. But if you play more and more, you will have some favourite items. I like to buy an early Chalice of Harmony 3028.png and upgrade it into Mikael's Crucible 3222.png. It is now 150 gold cheaper (2300), but grants you only 30 magic resist. But I don't buy it only to have more magic resist. I like to have this insane active which save lifes and gives healh. Now 10% more because of Windspeaker's Blessing. And this is a huge buff. Furthermore this item solve all of your mana problems. Trust me, if you have this guy, you'll always have mana.

Another item I like to buy is Aegis of the Legion 3105.png and build it into Locket of the Solari 3190.png. This item works against AP comps well, the shield of the active is always a nice buff for your ADC and your team mates. try to use it in team fights. I test it out with the new masteries and the shield is pretty strong right now. The base health regeneration works well with the mana regeneration from Mikael's.
If your far ahead and need to push lanes while your grouping, I like to upgrade 3105.png into a Banner of Command 3060.png. This item increase also your gold incoming. Every minion your bubble command minion slay, will give you the gold for it. This is pretty good.


I don't want to write to much about all items, the most important items are over this section. But here are the most important ones.

3050.png Zeke's Harbinger - It's a potential core item too. Gives you AP, armor and a nice active for you and your ADC (crit, crit, crit, which works also to objectives!)

3110.png Frozen Heart - Was slightly nerfed, but is still awesome. In this ADC meta it grants you 90 armor and a good attack speed debuff of 15% for nearby enemies. For you, it gives 400 mana and 20% CD reduction. Very good to reach your goal of 45% CD reduction!

3742.png Deadman's Plate - I like to buy it on tanks. The passive MS is pretty cool, but I miss the utility stats, which helps me as a support. Only buy it, if they have 3 or more AD champs.

3143.png Randuin's Omen - If you are focused hard and they have many crit champs, you can buy it. Don't forget to use the active if they try to catch you. Or use it for a active- namiQ.png- combo!
3800.png Righteous Glory - Pretty good stats, but don't buy it for Nami please. If your team miss initiation, the initiation is in your kit. You don't need this item. Don't please.

3504.png Ardent Censar - It's pretty cool, when your ahead and buff the attack speed of your ADC. Works well with attack speed ADC's like Vayne 67.png, Jinx 222.png or Caitlyn 51.png. It gives you 40 AP, 8% MS, 10% CD reduction and 100% Mana regeneration. Works with your W namiW.png and Locket of the Solari 3190.png. But I don't buy it very often, there are better options.
3065.png Spirit Visage - Everytime I want to test it. After this cool passive buff (20% for all self heals) and now the magic resist is buffed again. There are better (utility) items, but I swear I will say you how it works with masteries, heals and items. Good stats at all, but there are better magic resist options.

3041.png Mejai's Soulstealer - If you know you can't die and you feel this will be a killing lane and a winning game, buy this as early as possible. The new MS buff is very good.

3089.png Rabadon's Deathcap - Your snowballing hard and must carry your ADC not in the usual support way? Well, you can buy it. I don't like it because Nami's AP scalings aren't good. She's more a bubble penetration champ.

3135.png Void Staff - This should be a better damage buff choice. Gives you much magic penetration, but be careful, it don't increase your heals. I really don't like to buy damage, because I'm the support and here to create plays, not to make them. But if you want damage, here it goes.

3151.png Liandry's Torment - The tank shredding damage variant. But I tell you the same like in the Void Staff section: Utility over all! Your mid laner should grab this, not you.

2301.png Eye of the Watcher - In the extreme late game (after minute 45) you can sell your Fostqueen's Claim to upgrade your Sightstone 2049.png into this guy so you have an additional item slot. Before this time, I don't recommend it. Frostqueen's Claim 3092.png helps me so much to catch people and create plays that I don't want to missed it. The new Ruby Sightstone 2045.png is very good too. Update: Gives now 10% CD reduction, but I still prefer the Utility of Frostqueen's!

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Annie
  • Ashe
  • Bard
  • Blitzcrank
  • Caitlyn
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Graves
  • Janna
  • Jinx
  • Kalista
  • Kog'Maw
  • Leona
  • Lucian
  • Lulu
  • Miss Fortune
  • Morgana
  • Nami
  • Nautilus
  • Sivir
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Tahm Kench
  • Taric
  • Thresh
  • Tristana
  • Twitch
  • Varus
  • Vayne
  • Vel'Koz
  • Zyra




Poke him as much as possible. He gives you so much gold and must spam his Etriumphantroar.png, so he will run out of mana. You can bubble namiQ.png this fat cow so easy. Just avoid his W-Q-Combo and you win this lane easy. When he catches you with his W + Q - combo, youre pretty dead, coz of your squishyness

Tip: Vs. this guy and other melee supports with less damage output, you can grab Hybrid Penetration Marks for your runes. An run your MS peed page!




I don't like this matchup. She always hits her Q disintegrate.png and her AA range is still high. At level 6, make sure to avoid her flash-tibbers-combo. Try to stay not to close to our ADC, because he will her target number. If your a God Nami, you can send a fast Tidal Wave namiR.png and then a Bubble Prison namiQ.png after her combo, to disengage this. Your ADC will not be dead, because support Annie doesn't instakill at all at 6.

Make sure to buy Mikael's 3222.png for the stun and Locket of the Solari 3190.png for protecting you and your ADC of the burst. I like to buy Mercury's 3111.png to reduce the stun duration and the burst for me.




I hate the new Ashe passive so much. This ADC got the second highest base AA range of all ADC and a passive which slows on every hit, wow. This utility ADC can easily catch you. Try to stay behind minion if she shot her Volley asheW.png. After 6, she is dead. She has no escape, so you can Tidal Wave namiR.png and bubble namiQ.png the shit out of her.




TO increase his power, he must roam. The problem is, if he leave his ADC, you will shine, because your E namiE.png is predicted to catch the carries. If he's on the lane, no problem. Your range is higher. An easy E-AA-Q-Combo for you! If he must spam his W bardW.png to escape or to heal, he will run out of mana. Just avoid his Q bardQ.png stun and try to stay don't close to walls or minion.




Medium matchup for me. If he lands his Q rocketgrab.png, your dead. But with your dodging skills through to our Passive we can easy avoid it. Don't forget to use abilities in synergy with your passive to dodge.

If he use his W overdrive.png, wait until it slows him, so you can Q namiQ.png him easy. 
It really depends on the skill. The champ who miss his Q will have a bad time, coz of the high cooldown times.
If you both missed your skillshots, youre in a better situation - because you're ranged.

I recommend the MS rune page for dodge n' catch!




I usually don't pick Nami vs. this matchup. You can never reach her and when? She can E caitlynentrapment.png her out of your Q namiQ.png. Hard matchup, she will poke you down. Take a heavy armor page to survive until 6. 

If you play this match, take the Ancient Coin 3301.png and play passive until your Jungler arrives.




From all matchups, this is the easiest. If he try to grab his axe from Q dravenspinning.png, you see the cycle where he must go to get it. Bubble namiQ.png on this point, hit him, easy gg.




Not the easiest matchup, due to his ability poke. With his E ezrealarcaneshift.png he can easy escape your Q namiQ.png. A E-AA-Q-Combo don't work well. His range isn't high, so tr to poke while stay behind minions.




What did Riot do with this guy? His early burst of his Q gravesclustershot.png is insane. After an E selfcast, he can W gravessmokegrenade.png if he is good. And if you try to land a Q namiQ.png, he can E gravesmove.png away. A good graves can easy duel you. Don't forget his tankiness through his new improved passive.




She have no escapes so she's an easy victim for a Q namiQ.png. But if you don't land it, she will punish you hard. Don't understimate her disengage potential. she can knock up you with her Q howlinggale.png, slow you with point and click W sowthewind.png and protect her ADC with her E eyeofthestorm.png. If you try to catch them with your R namiR.png and get close to the enemy, she will R reapthewhirlwind.png you away. All in all I like to play Nami vs. Janna. But: You must know that this is a farming lane for your ADC. Nobody will die because of her undefined.png and your sustain. There mustn't be a jungler, because you will have a big powerspike at 6. If your ADC is safe or going back, I really recommend to roam and purchase 3117.png. I main both of them and this is quite an balanced matchup.




Not very difficult. Her Bazooka jinxQ.png is annoying but all in all she have no escapes, so don't be fear of the poke and be aggressive. E-AA-Q and you will do it!




I really hate to play against this champ. It's so hard to study her movement through to her passive, so a bubble namiQ.png is hard to set. Maybe after her jump sclaing with attack speed it will be better. I try to test it (but I don't want). 

Don't understimate her damage and CC to her E kalistaE.png and if you want you want to engage with R namiR.png she can disengage with her R kalistaR.png.




Still no escapes, still an easy victim for your bubbles namiQ.png. His W kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png can be annoying like Jinx 222.png bazooka jinxQ.png, but if will be request if you're a cocky fish!




Don't pick Nami into Leona. You can't disengage her Zenith Blade leonazenithblade.png until 6. She's a CC machinery of doom and her R-E-Q will kill you instantly, because of our squishyness.

If youre confident enough in your leonazenithblade.png-dodging, Buy Mikael's 3222.png and take a heavy armor page, so you wouldn't die instantly!




With W lucianW.png he gains MS and with his E lucianE.png he dashes away. Two abilities to dodge your Q namiQ.png. In this matchup i recommend to poke until 6 or wait for the jungler with strong CC. Your R namiR.png will hit him always. If he's in the middle of the hitbox from Tidal Wave, his dash of E is to short, to get away.




Hard for me. "No E-AA-Q for you!" will say her W luluw.png. Her early damage is much stronger than you and she have neough CC to catch you.


Miss Fortune


Still easy to catch. Her W missfortuneviciousstrikes.png MS buff isn't that high and her E missfortunescattershot.png slow too.




Her E blackshield.png blocks your Q namiQ.png, R namiR.png and E namiE.png slow and her damage is much higher than yours. Her Q darkbindingmissile.png is 2 seconds and longer (your Q namiQ.png stuns for 1,5 sec at all level). Make sure that she will don't catch you.

In this matchup you need Mikael's 3222.png very much.




You read until this point and she not? Easy game.




Skill matchup. He's a CC machine like you and you both can catch each other easy. Just avoid his Q nautilusanchordrag.png hook and his passive AA, which stuns you. 

Without his Q, he is totally slow (slowest base MS of all supports). E-AA-Q or just Q namiQ.png him. That should be fine.




She was nerfed hard. Her R onthehunt.png gives her less MS to escape and her attack damage feels weaker than before. You must try to bait her spellshield E spellshield.png. She has no escapes, so it's without CC easy to bubble namiQ.png her.




Hard until 6, much easier after you get your R namiR.png to catch this immoveable champ (325 MS like Nautilus 111.png). But before 6 she will poke you down with her Q sonahymnofvalor.png and her passive. Her heal of her W sonaariaofperseverance.png is very strong too and protect her and her ADC from much damage. She provide more sustain than you.

It's a passive lane until 6, in which you can start with the Ancient Coin 3301.png if you want, but you can go cheesy too - depends on your and the opposite ADC. 




You must be aggressive, so take the poke rune page. Try to focus her, because her heal W astralblessing.png is ridiculous. It's very hard to secure kills on a Soraka lane, but if you Q namiQ.png her, she's pretty dead. Another way is to bubble her ADC and harass her with your E namiE.png. Until 6, i hope you know how to focus! :)

I put this matchup from medium to easy, because she's after the last patch in a pretty weak spot. A 8 second cd on her heal robs her biggest strength. And after the starcall.png max nerf... it's to much and i feel bad as a Soraka main too. But for you as a Nami player, you will even outtrade AND outsustain her.


Tahm Kench


His base Q tahmkenchQ.png and W tahmkenchW.png damage is very high. Don't understimate his Q tahmkenchQ.png range. He can catch you easy and spite you with W tahmkenchW.png in another direction. You must poke him first down because his W tahmkenchW.png can save his ADC easy and can get him out of your bubble namiQ.png. Make sure that he have two lifes because of his E tahmkenchE.png. If he use his R tahmkenchR.png you can say Hello with a bubble namiQ.png on the cycle.




This guy is tanky like hell. His heal imbue.png is nice. Avoid his E dazzle.png. It can be difficult to handle so i recommend to take your MS speed page. His ult tarichammersmash.png needs years to apply but makes him and his mates unvulnarable. So kill his ADC as fast as you can. But he is without escapes and a melee. You can easy catch namiQ.png and poke him down. Make sure to buy Mikael's 3222.png for his stun.




I think a good Thresh will catch you always. But with a good self-cast passive MS buff, you can dodge his Q threshQ.png hook. If you try to catch his carry, he can protect him with his strong CC kit or give him an escape with his W threshW.png. You can catch him easy, but please not alone. He's a support which can easy 1vs1 other champs.




She can jump (W) rocketjump.png away from you if you CC her with your E namiE.png and want to Q namiQ.png her. But the CD of her W is insanely high. Try to wait until her slow and you catch her easy. If it's post 6 and you get close to her, she can shot you away with her R bustershot.png.




His early is very weak and he have not escapes. It's not difficult to catch him. Tip: Buy early as possible Frostqueen's Claim 3092.png. The new active will show him, when he try to go in stealth twitchQ.png!

An level 9 Oracle Alteration 3364.png should be fine too.




His poke is very annoying. He's not very mobile, but can poke you to th death like Caitlyn 51.png. I don't like to play this matchup with Nami. If you want to get close to him, he can slow you with his E varuse.png and in the worst case (post 6) he will get his R varusr.png to stun you and your allies. But he will run out of mana very quickly, this can be your chance.




She can Q vaynetumble.png away if you try to Q namiQ.png her. But you will CC her with E namiE.png so she don't will have any chance. The only thing she can do is her E vaynecondemn.png but this CD is high. Poke her down because you have more range than her. Her laning phase isn't the strongest.




If you dodge his E velkozE.png knockup, he can't get away from your Q namiQ.png cos he's not very mobile. He must poke with abilities, because your AA range is stronger so you will have more mana than him.




Don't understimate her damage. If she have Rylai's 3116.png it is much more easier for her to hit her E zyraE.png stun. Try to aware of it. On the other hand, it's a champ with no escape so you can bubble namiQ.png relatively easy. But care, if she is good, she can cast her E zyraE.png, while your Q is in the air. It can protect her from much damage.

Thanks for Reading Back to Top

If I should discuss some points or explain some things or if you have some new ideas for my guide, just write me in the comments, I try to answer you as soon I can. I'm sorry for my english which isn't the best. Maybe I can upload some gameplay videos.

If you want to hear some of my league experience, well, i'm a support/jungle main, who is specialized for squishy supports like Janna, Nami, Soraka and a tank jungle expert, mainly Sejuani, Zac and Skarner. So if you have questions about these roles or champs, feel free to ask me something about that too!

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