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5 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Hello and welcome to my guide for Nami!

Before we start the Guide there is one thing I really want to say.
This guide is to show how I personally play Nami.
I play her as a real healer, with plenty of Health myself to stay alive, and so much healing power that the enemy team has trouble taking down my allies with my insane heals and 45% Cooldown abilities.

I might not play her the way you are used to, but if you wanna heal your team and keep them alive so long enemies get angry and your team praises you, give it a try. This way might need getting used to, but I find it really fun, and it works for me personally.

Feel free to leave feedback or ask me questions, I will answer the best I can,  please enjoy my guide and I hope you;ll give it a try sometime. 

Summoner Spells:

I 99 of the 100 times take Exhaust with me, it reduces the damage output from the enemy greatly and it makes it hard for them to get away, it helps your ADC secure some kills or help him survive.

The one game that is the exception is when I take Ignite instead of Exhaust, is when no one else in my team has it, and when the enemy team has ton of healers themselves or those with great regen, 36.png and 16.png being examples of such champions. Though most of the time Exhaust will be better than Ignite.

New Runes Back to Top

The Runes I take and why: 


Empowered abilities and resource manipulation.


With Nami, I take the Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32 keystone. This because the little creature helps your damage output, and gives allies you cast a spell on a small shield. Its cooldown also isn't that long, so it is great for Nami. What makes this one of the best keystones for her, is the fact she can shield an ally with each and every of her spells! Yes, even an ally hit by her namiq.png gains a shield thanks to her namipassive.png! This fact also makes 3504.png still a very strong. This is since she can shield everyone thanks to the Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32+namipassive.png ability! She can proc AND shield almost her entire team during a teamfight if she can get Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32 back fast enough.


Pick one that fits your style, as they are all nice ones for Nami, see here why:

Can save you in case there are many AP enemies or an AP Support. Because you survive, you might be able to help your carry enough to stay alive as well.
 is also great on Nami. As you might know, Nami uses a LOT of mana, and the sustain with this skill  each 60 seconds can save up quite a bunch in the long run!
 While this is the weakest one early game, once you got your namir.png it will be rather useful, as it adds cooldown to the skill each time you use it, reducing it even more and making you able to cast if more often to either engage or disengage.

Again, pick one. I find this row a little hard to choose from, as, again, both are good for Nami. The other one is great too, but I prefer one of these on my mermaid.
Nami has rather long cooldowns. Some free cooldown is always nice. Yes, almost all support items give cooldown, but don't forget that the extra cooldown gives extra AP, which allows you to heal your allies for more or deal more poke damage. Nami is a poke champion after all.
As long as you stay healthy, you get extra ability power. Extra ability power means more healing and sustain. And though you poke, Nami can poke from a great distance, or keep herself healthy enough for this ability to work.

I most of the time go for Gathering%20Storm.png?width=32 for the extra ability power. You could choose Waterwalking.png?width=32 as well, but I rather don't, I tried it and it just didn't sit well with me. If you roam a whole lot or are on the river often, it is a great pick.



For increased healing and shielding something that Nami does a lot :)

This makes you a little harder to kill so you can help your carry just a bit longer.

Abilities Back to Top


I level my skills this way for various reasons. Sometimes I change the pattern in which I level up my skills but this is what I use most of the time and what works really well for me.

Start with namiw.png So you can heal your Jungler at the first camp, and so you have sustain in lane, which helps your ADC stay alive and able to farm. This skill is also the main damage ability for Nami, which is why you most of the time take this skill first. There is an exception however, if you're up against a 412.png53.png111.png25.png etc, you might wanna wait leveling your skill until the timer hits 1:35 or so. Those champs are likely to invade, and to stop them you might want to start with namiq.png rather than namiw.png. If you're getting invaded and leveled namiq.png first, take  namiw.png second and namie.png third. 

Leveling your skills.

When all goes normal and I level namiw.png first, I most of the time take namie.png second, though it depends on the matchup. I level my namie.png second when my ADC is a long range poker like 51.png or 22.png or when our first minutes of laning are not going well and I want to make sure my ADC can escape. Yes, you can do that with namiq.png too, but this is a skillshot, if you mess it up, it might mean your ADC will not survive. If you are confident enough in your ADC that he can manage himself, or when they have an escape like 81.png or 236.png you can always take namiq.png second.

Your namie.png is a useful skill for many things, thanks to Nami's namipassive.png, your teammate gets a speed boost, which can help him escape from the target, chase it, or kite it, the slow effect this skill gives makes it perfect for kiting, or for slowing the enemy so you or your ADC can hit a skillshot. Yes you use this skill on your ADC often, but you can use it on yourself aswel to slow the enemy so you can easier hit your namiq.png

Nami's namir.png is also a very nice and strong skill. Is has a knock up and it slows the enemies it hits. A thing many people sometimes forget is that thanks again to Nami's namipassive.png allies hit by the wave gain movement speed. This skill is also very useful for disengage, or saving an ally that is in danger. It has a long cooldown though so becareful of when you use it!

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    This is the most basic start. The potions are for sustain, and with spellthief you can gain extra gold by hitting your enemies. With the addition of quests, when you finish it, you'll gain movement speed when you hit enemies with abilities!!
    Also a possible start, useful when facing teamcomps that you want to kite like Darius or when the enemy team has a lot of AD. Now with the addition of quests, if you complete it, you get an elixir, allowing you to level 1 ability (except ult) right away, meaning you have all skill points at lvl 17 instead of 18

Core Items

    Try to have these items at your first back. if you do not have enough gold, try to go for the Sightstone first. Vision is very important. Take a control ward with you as well as possible, and if you prefer, get the Sweeping Lens Trinket.
    Try to have these items at your first back. if you do not have enough gold, try to go for the Sightstone first. Vision is very important. Take a control ward with you as well as possible, and if you prefer, get the Sweeping Lens Trinket.
    Upgrade your Spellthief now! I always go for Athene's Holy Grail first, so these items should be priority on your next back. The cooldown and mana regen on this item are really good on Nami, plus it gives some magic resist. If the chalice is still too expensive, buy the faerie charms first for the mana regen as you will really need it.
    I always go for Athene's Holy Grail first, so these items should be priority on your next back. The cooldown and mana regen on this item are really good on Nami, plus it gives some magic resist. If the chalice is still too expensive, buy the faerie charms first for the mana regen as you will really need it.
    From here on the next item you would want would be the Forbidden Idol. This increases your healing capabilities even more and your heals should be quite strong by now. Your next item to get should be Redemption!!
    From here on the next item you would want would be the Forbidden Idol to build it into Redemption later and to upgrade the Nomad's Medalion. This increases your healing capabilities even more and your heals should be quite strong by now.
    This is my prefered Core Build. I personally do not upgrade my spellthief at all except when REALLY behind and I can't ward without the Ghosts from Frost Queen's. With this build, you have a lot of health so you are not that squishy anymore, and TONS of healing. My team often praised me for my build because they went from abaout 25% health to 75% health with just one W (I do have stacks on Athene's when that happens) I also have 40% cooldown, with the extra 5% from Masteries. Sometimes people ask why I build Rylai's. Well, Rylai's is for extra health so you are less squishy, for the extra AP and so you are able to kite better and get away form enemies.
    This is the final build if you started the Ancient Coin.
    Other Core Build I use, but I only build like this when I have a lot of team mates benefiting from the Ardent Censer!!

Situational Items

    If no one builds any tanky items, you might want to go for one or two of these. Again, you need to leave a core item out, my advice would again be to leave the Ardent Cencer out.
    In stead of the final upgrade of your gold item, you could get either Eye of the Watchers or Eye of the Oasis, and this will give you an extra slot, since this item exists of you r gold item and your ward. With the last slot open, you can buy one of the other situational items!

Why do I buy these items?

Main Items:

You are a Support, you buy the Sightsone that gives the team the much needed Vision. This Ruby Sightstone is even better than the regular Sightstone, as it gives more wards to place, more Health AND it lowers the Cooldown on your items with Active's! So upgrade that stone!

I always go for these Boots. I am not much of a roamer and stick to my team most of the time, to help in fights, so Mobility Boots are useless on me. I have no need for Lucidity Boots, as I already reach 40% Cooldown with my build. Swifties are the best for me.

This item has so much too offer Nami. Is gives her much needed Mana Regen and Cooldown Reduction, it gives her Ability Power and Magic Resist, even more so as of patch 7.2, which is ideal against team comps with mages and AP Supports. Besides that, this item has a really nice Passive, which increases your healing abilities by a lot. It almost doubles.

A little less strong since its nerfs, but still quite strong and ideal for Supports. It gives them Health and Mana Regen, 300 Health and Cooldown, all stats that are great on Nami. With its passive and so the ability to help allies at a distance, it almost is a must-have on her.

Since it got cheaper, it became an easier buy for the Supports. And, it gives good stats for Nami, Health and Ability Power. With all these items containing Health, you will not be nearly as squishy.

Situational Items:

The stats are nice, and it gives you ghosts you can use for warding. Before the support items got quests, I never build upgrades of the gold items, but now with the tribute movement speed buff, I buy either this or 2301.png

Though it gives less health than the 2045.png, you do get another item slot so you can build another item to help you and your team gain the upper hand.

If you started the coin, this is an option. The movement speed active and the passive are nice, plus it gives you armor!

Same as with 2301.png you gain an extra item slot for another item!!
An item I also buy often in my main build, though this is more situational. The stats are good for Nami, Ability Power, Mana Regen and Cooldown Reduction. The secondary passive is also nice to have for your fast attacking allies, but in a team with mages or an ADC like 81.png the item falls off a little.

Another great item on Nami with its Magic Resist, also buffed since patch 7.2. It also has Mana Regen and Cooldown Reduction, and is an ideal buy against teams with lots of Magic Damage and Crowd Control. If the enemy team is full AD though, no need to buy this...

A nice item to make you more tanky, since it gives a bit of Armor as well as Magic Resist, and it has a nice passive. I rarely buy it since the Aura got removed though.

This item could also be a choice, to give ADC's that build little Crit chance some more Crit. The stats, Ability Power, Armor, Mana and Cooldown are also ideal for our fishy.

Also an option, but less common choices:

Ideal if you want to profit from your own healing power, and against those pesky AP champions that want to burst you down all the time like 84.png55.png105.png245.png7.png and many more.

3075.png>>>>>> With this item, you make these quick basic attackers like 157.png11.png102.png56.png and all ADC's cry, and they will think twice about picking you as a target, leaving you alive to do your job: Give your allies those insane heals and keep them alive!

It blocks a spell or CC, gives magic resist and a little health to make you able to survive longer.

It gives a whole lot of AP! Even more so thanks to it's passive, which makes this item great to make your heals stronger. But as it costs 3800 Gold, it is really expensive, and you might not get the opportunity to buy this unless the game keeps going and going as neither side gives up.

ARAM Builds for those interested:





Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Annie
  • Ashe
  • Bard
  • Blitzcrank
  • Braum
  • Caitlyn
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Graves
  • Ivern
  • Janna
  • Jhin
  • Jinx
  • Kalista
  • Karma
  • Kayle
  • Kindred
  • Kog'Maw
  • Leona
  • Lucian
  • Lulu
  • Lux
  • Miss Fortune
  • Morgana
  • Nami
  • Nautilus
  • Quinn
  • Sion
  • Sivir
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Tahm Kench
  • Taric
  • Thresh
  • Tristana
  • Trundle
  • Twitch
  • Varus
  • Vayne
  • Veigar
  • Vel'Koz
  • Zilean
  • Zyra




I myself consider this a Hard match up. 

Annie has a lot of damage, and most of the time builds full AP when she finishes her Sightstone. Yes, you heal a lot, but she can burst you down or stun you, so your heals are not enough.
Try to punish her and her ADC early on, so they cannot farm or gain experience, and try to feed your ADC and keep him alive. If the enemy comes ahead though, thread careful, respect their damage, and farm under the tower and ask the Jungler  for help. 
Keep an eye Annie though, once she has 4 stacks she can stun you and deal serious damage.




Medium - Hard

Ashe has a pretty long range, and the slow on her volley.png thanks to her passive is very annoying. On top of that, at level 6 she gets access to enchantedcrystalarrow.png which stun duration lasts longer the farther the arrow traveled. Keep your distance and try to poke her here and there, it most likely will become a farmfest. Sustain your ADC as wel as you can and engage on her when her summoners and or enchantedcrystalarrow.png are down so she cannot stun you. 

Once Ashe builds 3085.png, her asheq.png at max stacks will hit 3 targets at once, so be careful of that as it can hurt!




Bard is a champion that like you, has sustain thanks to bardw.png, but can also deal quite some damage and be tanky. He also has a small stun bardq.png that you don't want to hit,  and he is a good roamer and very mobile thanks to his barde.png. As long as his bardr.png is up, be very careful, he can use it while you and your ADC are trading to immobilize you and call in help from the nearby Jungler, which will turn the 2v2 into a 2v3.

Sustain your ADC as well as you can and try to fight when his bardq.png is down to avoid getting stunned.




A very annoying champion thanks to his rocketgrab.png. Trading will be hard unless his rocketgrab.png is on cooldown, but even when it is still be careful of his powerfist.png as it knocks you up in the air. Try to sustain the ADC and farm, under the turret if needed and call in help from the Jungler, try not to get hooked and keep your ADC out of harms way, and if he manages to land a rocketgrab.png try to namiq.png the enemy ADC so he cannot deal any damage to yours, and use your namiw.png and namie.png to heal your ADC and help him get away.




Laning against Braum is fairly easy, especially before level 6. Besides his braumq.png he has no way of dealing damage, and since it is a skillshot it is quite easy to dodge, especially when you stay behind minions. He is also a melee champion where you are ranged, so you can poke him easily and gain gold with your Spellthief where he can do nothing. He also has no way to sustain his ADC, so make sure to poke when his braume.png is on cooldown, without it he can't do much to protect his ADC and the cooldown is quite long. (longer than your namiq.png) Just dodge his braumq.png and you should be fine. Care for his braumrwrapper.png though it knocks you up and slows you while walking over it.




Being the ADC with the most range in the game, laning against this lady is quite a challenge in itself, as she will farm from a big distance and attack you when you want to poke her, as she has bigger range than you do. Be careful of her caitlynyordletrap.png when you try to namiq.png, because if you are not careful or fast enough, she wil trap you and deal insane damage with those headshots of hers. Just try to keep your ADC healthy and try to farm, dealing with her when her Support is away or when your Jungler is there for a gank. When she wants to caitlynaceinthehole.png and she is still close or just over the edge of a wall, depending on the situation, you may try to block it with namiq.png or namir.png

Once Caitlyn has build 3085.png, she gains her caitlynpassive.png stacks faster, so she headshots more often, and those attacks deal damage.




Though the self-centered man has a lot of damage, he is not that hard to deal with. Care for his damage output and sustain your ADC. Try to help your ADC outfarm Draven and to get kills and keep your ADC alive, a fed Draven is no fun. Draven is in the Medium catagory because when he throws his axes, he needs to catch them for the extra damage. You can see where they land however, and throw your namiq.png there, so he either gets hit, or has to walk away and miss catching the axe. This is also, depending on his support, a good time for trading since he can't do anything when stuck in your namiq.png




Medium in difficulty, depending on how well you and your ADC can dodge. The best way to deal with an Ezreal is to deny him his farm. Ezreal needs a few items to gain strength and become really useful, and denying farm will prevent him form getting those items. You also see him spamming his ezrealmysticshot.png and ezrealessenceflux.png a lot, (second goes through minions, keep that in mind) which makes him lose Mana quickly. Denying his farm early game will delay him getting his 3070.png. Delaying this item is good, so Ezreal has less Mana, and the item gets behind on stacking. Another reason you want to deny farm is because he will often go 3025.png after the 3070.png. This gives him a boost in damage and Mana thanks to the 3057.png that is in there, it makes him harder to kill thanks to the Armor, it gives him cooldown reduction so he can spam skills faster, and, when he hits you with skills or basic attacks, you'll be slowed, making it easier for him to hit his other skill shots.

Best time to engage is when his ezrealarcaneshift.png is down, so he cannot escape from any damage he is receiving, and will be forced to use 4.png7.png or even both, making him even more vulnerable to ganks.
Beware and ready to namiw.png or namie.png or if you think you're response is too slow or your heal not enough your to use your  4.png because when you are low and at a distance he will try to finish you off with his ezrealtrueshotbarrage.png
If you see Ezreal firing his ezrealtrueshotbarrage.png towards another lane, try to ping it so other lanes may be able to respond in time.




While he is played more in the Jungle than as an ADC these days, Graves might still become your opponent in lane sometimes.

He is a little tankier than he might look and than you are used to of an ADC, which can turn trades dangerously around. He also has quite some damage.
Luckily, his range is not that big, and after two basic attacks he has to reload, which is the time to poke him a little, with or without your namie.png. Try to stay away from the walls, as his gravesqlinespell.png will explode right away if he fires it against it, which deals a lot of damage, and while trading, make sure you and your ADC stay out of his gravessmokegrenade.png as it blinds you making you unable to see ahead of you. In early game the resistances stacking on his gravesmove.png will be hard as he has no attack speed yet, but this is what makes him tankier later in the game. He is vulnerable to attack while this is down though, but careful when trading. Deny his farm, poke him when he is reloading and you should be doing okay, as his cooldowns are quite long early.




A weird champion, one I do not see often support. The times I laned against one, were easy. Avoid being snared by ivernq.png and stay away from brushes so he remains a melee champ, which makes you able to poke him for free. The iverne.png can be annoying when you remain to close to the champ the skill is used on. His ivernr.png is easy to avoid unless stunned. He has no way besides his iverne.png to sustain or shield his ADC, so this should be quite easy.




Easy lane in my opinion, I win it everytime.

Besides her eyeofthestorm.png Janna has no way of sustaining her ADC until level 6, and her reapthewhirlwind.png has a long cooldown. Many Janna's don't use it for just healing either, but for the knockback as well.
Though you both are ranged you can poke Janna easily, as she mostly will use her eyeofthestorm.png on her ADC. Janna is also a more passive play style champion, where you can be more of a bully thanks to your namiw.png and namie.png. Help your ADC farm and try to engage when Janna's eyeofthestorm.png is down. She can use sowthewind.png to slow you or your ADC, but she will lose the movement speed it gives her and you can speed yourself or your allies by casting namie.png. Her howlinggale.png can be annoying when you want to all in on her because of the knock up, but she is no real danger whatsoever.
Care when she eyeofthestorm.png her ADC, because he will get AD form that so his attacks will hurt.




Hard, he has high base damage, can hurt you from long distances, and his every 4th auto attack is always  a crit. Talk about annoying.

The best thing to do is help your ADC farm and keep him healthy and try to call for help from your Jungler to put him behind as fast as possible. Stay away from Jhin when he as one shot left, as it deals massive damage. Keep an eye on where he throws his jhine.png as it slows you and he can follow up with jhinw.png to try and snare you. He doesn't have to do it all by himself, if any of his or his allies attacks hit you he can use jhinw.png to try and snare. Stay away from his jhinq.png as each bounce deals more damage. Keep your namiw.png and namie.png ready in case you need to run from his jhinr.png. If you like playing risky, you can try to namiq.png or namir.png when he uses jhinr.png so you will cancel it.




If you have an ADC that stays in the middle of his minions while Jinx's uses the AOE on her jinxq.png this matchup will be hard. If he avoids that, it is more on the easier side. 

The rockets and her AOE are her main source of damage so if you avoid that it's good, any other damage you can heal away with your namiw.png. Her jinxw.png can do damage and slow you, but you see it coming and get some time to respond and dodge. Her jinxe.png are also easy to dodge as long as she doesn't get any CC help from her support, since the traps take a bit to arm. Her traps are dangerous though when she layers it with the CC of her support so keep an eye on that guy. Like with Ezreal, be ready to get out of the way from her jinxr.png as she will fire it at you to execute you.

Once Jinx has bought 3085.png, the rockets on her jinxq.png will fly too 2 extra targets, and also deal AOE damage on those, so care when you are behind your minions!




Hard unless you can deny her farm and her items. Her kalistaexpungewrapper.png will stack spears on you which she can pull out to slow you and, depending on how many spears were stacked, really hurt you. This ability is even more dangerous in combination with her kalistamysticshot.png  as when she kills you when you are full of spears, the stacks from kalistaexpungewrapper.png are transferred to the next target, which she then can damage really badly. She also makes it hard for your Jungler to gank, as she uses kalistaw.png to scout the river. Kill these ghosts when you can. Depending on her support, her kalistarx.png ult can be very dangerous and used to layer CC on CC on CC, to stun, snare, knock up and slow you forever.

Deny her farm and poke her alot in the early game, and call help from your jungler when her kalistaw.png is down to put her behind.

Once Kalista build 3085.png she sends stacks of kalistaexpungewrapper.png to 3 targets at once when they are in her range, making her able to stack kalistaexpungewrapper.png on multiple target and allies at once, and deal massive damage to your team.




Her damage out put is higher than your healing early game, but she falls off late game, especially when you build like I always do.

Her karmaq.png is blocked by minions, you can namiq.png her when she tries to karmaspiritbind.png (or use your namie.png for the speed buff if you don't trust you can land your namiq.png) and besides her shield she can not really protect her ADC. Poke her when the shield is down, from behind the minions so she cannot hit you, or dodge her karmaq.png. You have another advantage that you gain an extra skill at level 6, your namir.png where she gets a skill point in a skill she already had.
Play safe early game, keep your ADC healthy and you should be able to destroy her late game.
If you get behind, her attacks will hurt at all time, in that case, play safe from behind the minions or under your turret so she cannot poke you as easily. When you missed your namiq.png and your namie.png will not be enough to save your ADC from a karmaspiritbind.png you can use your namir.png to knock her up so your ADC can get away.




Easy matchup and you don't see her support often.

The only annoying thing is her judicatorrighteousfury.png which makes her ranged and gives her AOE damage. If she damages you or your ally with judicatorreckoning.png it can easily be healed away with namiw.png. Her heals on judicatordivineblessing.pngare also a lot weaker than yours, and because of the way she builds it will not get that much stronger, where yours does. Keep in mind, her target does get a speed boost, and she can use that boost to get in range and slow you with judicatorreckoning.png. Keep her judicatorintervention.png in mind while trading and don't recklessly tower dive, she will be unkillable when she uses that skill and the trade can turn around real bad. Poke her when her judicatorrighteousfury.png is down, cause then you win as you are ranged where she is not.




Though being in the marksmen class, you almost never see her as an ADC, and for good reason. The nerfs she has gotten made her really weak, even as a Jungler, let alone as an ADC.

She needs the stacks of her passive to make her kindredq.png deal more damage which she can't cause she has to stay in lane. Her kindredewrapper.png is the only ability you should really be aware off, as the third proc can deal a lot of damage. Reckless tower diving could end in a disaster if your response time is slow thanks to kindredr.png so keep that in mind. 
Though she is nerfed so bad, she should be easy to deal with.




If you let him farm and get his items, you're screwed. This little machine gun can attack so fast with a few items, and when he uses kogmawvoidooze.png to slow you you are done for. When you do  manage to escape he might be able to finish you thanks to the long range on his kogmawlivingartillery.png. Help your ADC denying Kog any farm, punish him when he comes in for last hits so he will not get any items, this is your best way of dealing with him. If need be, call in early help from your Jungler to put him behind fast.




Leona is a very strong tank with lots of CC to lock you down for ages, but she has one weakness: Her CC skills are skillshots.

So if you both are great at dodging, laning against Leona should be easy. Dodge her leonazenithblade.png before level 6 and she has no way to engage on you (unless she uses 4.png but that leaves her open for ganks) if she does land a leonazenithblade.png on your ADC however, you can namiq.png right away so she cannot combo it with her leonashieldofdaybreak.png. Past level 6 avoiding her leonasolarflare.png and leonazenithblade.png are the key to winning, as, again, she has no engage besides that. Go for trades when her leonazenithblade.png is down, but keep enough distance so she cannot stun you with leonashieldofdaybreak.png. Also keep in mind her leonazenithblade.png has a 1 second shorter cooldown than your namiq.png when you do not use cooldown masteries or runes. If Leona lands her leonasolarflare.png and leonazenithblade.png and you are to far away to namiq.png right away, use your namir.png first for the knock up, preventing Leona from using leonashieldofdaybreak.png and before the knock up ends, you use your namiq.png. This gives your ADC enough time to either kill her/enemy ADC, or to get away.




Since penetration has been nerfed, Lucian has become a less played ADC as these nerfs hurt him a lot, but that doesn't mean he doesn't deal any damage.

Best is to poke him out of lane and keeping your ADC happy and healthy.
Try to make sure Lucian can't last hit, and engage on him when his luciane.png is down so he cannot dash away. Sometimes a Lucian will spam his skills to clear the wave, even his luciane.png, to Double Shot. When he goes for the double shot it is the perfect time to namiq.png him, namie.png your ADC and deal some nice damage. Make him fall behind though, a fed Lucian is not one you want to deal with.




Lulu has a lot of poke with herluluq.png and utility with her luluw.png, but besides her lulue.png she has no way to shield her ADC from damage. Yes, her luluw.png can transform your ADC in a cute squirrel, cat, snowman or whatever (depends on the skin haha) which is really annoying, but if she does that she cannot speed herself or her ADC, making it harder for them to dodge skills or to get away. Care for her lulur.png because besides the health it gives, it also knocks you into the air. When the target is low, you and your ADC should stay out of the knock up range, but still close enough to deal damage. Lulu on her own is no real threat.




Though she has a high damage burst like Annie, and most of the time builds full AP after her sightstone, I still find her rather easy to deal with. Her luxlightbinding.png can snare up to two targets, but is easy to dodge and even when you get snared, you can still casts spells do defend yourself. Her luxprismaticwave.png is a shield, but unless she builds items like 3174.png and 3107.png it will not be that strong, plus it is a skill shot and if Lux aims it wrong it can miss her ADC. You can see her luxlightstrikekugel.png coming before it even hits you and is rather easy to get away from as well, especially since you can give speed buffs with your skills. Her luxmalicecannon.png can be dangerous, and if not responding in time she can snipe you down. Making sure her and her ADC don't get kills and are pressured prevent her from getting her burst items, so ask your Jungler early for help if a 2v2 looks to hard.


Miss Fortune


An easy ADC to lane against, as long as you stay away from the weak minions, cause she will use missfortunericochetshot.png on them and that bounce will really hurt. Her passive missfortunepassive.png makes her need to hit a different enemy each time to deal the most damage, so long trades in which she can only hit one of you works in your favor. Care for the movement speed and attack speed she gets when she uses missfortuneviciousstrikes.png and remember that the cooldown of the skill decreases each time she basic attacks someone else with her missfortunepassive.png.  Her missfortunescattershot.png has a long cast range, but since it is most of the time maxed last the slow and damage will not be enough to stop you, especially since you can speed everyone up. Her missfortunebullettime.png is something to watch out for, especially when her support has lots of CC, like 412.png111.png53.png hooks and 99.png25.png snares. You will take full damage when the supports CC you and that is something you should avoid. 

Keep your distance from weak minions, and poke her down with your ADC, Avoid her support's CC and you are golden.




Morgana can be medium - hard to deal with, depending on how good the Morgana is.

Care for any darkbindingmissile.png she throws your way, as she will often follow up with tormentedsoil.png and if a Thunderlords procs with that, you take quite some damage. Remember her darkbindingmissile.png is a snare, when snared you can still use skills. Her blackshield.png absorbs magic damage and prevents CC effect, countering you. Best thing to do is is to bait her blackshield.png as it has a long cooldown, by using your namie.png as your basic attacks do magic damage, but still be careful of her darkbindingmissile.png. Do not use your namiq.png or namir.png when her blackshield.png is up as she will block the CC from it and then darkbindingmissile.png + tormentedsoil.png you or your ADC instead, turning the trade in the enemies' favor.  Care for Morgana from level 6 on, as she will 4.png + soulshackles.png engage on you, her soulshackles.png deals damage, slows, and when you can't escape, snares and deals damage again, making it very, very dangerous and something that can turn the battle around. After her 4.png is down, she is open to ganks as  she has no way of getting away besides landing a darkbindingmissile.png which can be dodged.




Unless you do a blind pick, you will not face a Nami. If you play blind pick and lane against a Nami, this will be a skill matchup.




The annoying, hard-to-kill CC tank as I call him is no fun to lane against as Nami. He has anautilusanchordrag.png that has a really long range (longer than your namiq.png) which can be used as gap closer as well. He has a shield to protect himself and deal more damage which is annoying as can be. On top of that, after he nautilusanchordrag.png you or your ADC, he will use nautilussplashzone.png afterwards, slowing you and making it hard to get away. His nautilusgrandline.png is a long range knock up that keeps follwoing you until it hits, so using your 4.png here is useless. Best thing is to call in early help from the Jungler and put his ADC behind. You help your team to stay alive so he cannot get assists and get even more tanky and annoying. If he uses his CC on you, try to counter it with you own. 




More a jungler than a ADC these days, Quinn  is most of the time not that hard. The quinnq.png is annoying, especially since the AOE range inscreases with each point, but she most likely won't use it on you. When she uses her quinne.png she dashes at you or your ADC, just counter it with your namiq.png and trade damage by boosting your ADC damage with namie.png. Getting a gank might be hard, depending on when she uses quinnw.png, just tell your Jungler when it is down so he knows when and when not to try and gank. quinnr.png Does not that much damage, but she will use it to chase you down when you're low, so careful of that. Quinn has a short range so dealing with her should be fine.




I often see Sion support lately, but he is rather easy to deal with. Avoid his sionq.png or cancel it with your namiq.png. Care during trading for his sionw.png though and for his sione.png which can slow you. Just avoid his sionr.png when you hear him coming. Focus on the enemy ADC and take him down, and heal yours when he's hurt.




Early game, when she has no crit and attack speed yet, this match up is not hard but not easy either. Her sivirq.png costs a lot of mana so she runs out of it fast when she uses it a lot. Her sivirw.png can crit and when it does it does so on every bounce, but early in game she does not have crit yet so there is no danger. Before you try to namiq.png her, try to bait her sivire.png so she cannot block it. If you and your ADC have trouble dealing with her, ask the jungler for a gank and put her behind.




Sona is a real poke champion, which she can do at quite a big distance with her sonaq.png, and she is even more annoying as she can heal herself and her ally with sonaw.png. It doesn't heal that much, but enough to be annoying. Like you, she also has to ability to give allies movement speed using her sonae.png. She has strong CC with her sonar.png when it hits, making those hit unable to do a thing for 1,5 seconds. The only luck you got with that is that her sonar.png has a longer cooldown on early levels than your namir.png.

All her other skills are on shorter cooldowns than yours, so she is able to poke more often and if you keep getting hit, you will not be able to keep yourself and your ADC healthy. Keep distance, let your ADC farm and don't get hit yourself so you can namiw.png your ADC when needed. Call in your Jungler for help early, especially when your own ADC has short range like 67.png and put the enemy lane behind as soon as possible.




Soraka. Almost eveyone I know dislikes this champion.

I can see why, as her heals are so annoying and most often saves her allies in trades.

But, to heal her allies with sorakaw.png she loses a bit of health herself. Poking the enemy ADC will force Soraka to use sorakaw.png often, getting her low on health. Soraka will try to prevent herself from getting low by using sorakaq.png on you or your ADC to heal herself up. It is a heal over-time though, so she doesn't get a bunch of health right away like your namiw.png does.

Early game, poke the enemy ADC, force Soraka to spam her sorakaw.png so she gets low and needs to get in range to sorakaq.png. Which is most of the time the perfect moment to engage. She is low and can be killed easily. In trades, normally you always go for the ADC first, but depending on the situation, you might now want to go after Soraka first, as she will sorakaw.png her ADC during trading otherwise, keeping him healthy. Yes you have a heal too with your namiw.png but is has a 2 second longer cooldown.  When chasing Soraka, you only have to watch out for one thing, her sorakae.png. It silences you and makes you unable to use skills or summoner spells, and when standing in it too long you become snared. Past level 6 you might want to wait after she used sorakar.png otherwise it can turn the fight in her favor, as a sorakaw.png + sorakar.png heals quite a lot, especially when she builds like you do. You could always take 14.png instead of 3.png against Soraka, when someone else in the team already has 3.png.
But Soraka is a passive support so poking her ADC shouldn't be difficult, making this a rather easy, but annoying lane.


Tahm Kench


A rather annoying lane more than anything else, you can't do much against it. Best thing you can do before you decide to go trading with your ADC is to bait his tahmkenchw.png so he cannot save his ADC. Help from your Jungler here would be very nice. Stay out of range of his tahmkenchq.png as it slows and gives a Aquired Taste stack, and at 3 he can devour you and spit you under his turret or at his ADC. When trading on him remember he has tahmkenche.png so you almost have to kill him twice, which is hard.




Except for his taricr.png that can be annoying past level 6, Taric is not much of a big deal. He has trouble dealing damage to you as he is a melee champ and you are ranged, and his tarice.png is a skill that can rather easily be dodged. His taricq.png doesn't do that much either, so you out-heal this guy by far. Only his taricw.png is a bit annoying, but not enough to make it hard to deal with. Let your ADC farm, focus the enemy ADC when trading, avoid his tarice.png and all should be okay.




When I see a Thresh picked first, I don't pick Nami. Thresh has to much CC and can deny escapes so easily, I don't find this lane fun. It happend often enough that I thought I was safe to pick Nami, and the enemy picked Thresh. Ungh... Not my kind of matachup.

While he has no heals, Thresh is still hard to deal with. He is tanky, and becomes that even more by collecting these souls. His threshq.png stuns you, and he pulls you towards him a bit or he comes right at you, to combo it with threshe.png making escaping hard. This gets even worse as he then uses threshq.png + threshrpenta.png + threshe.png, forcing you to 4.png and leave you open for ganks. His threshw.png gives a small shield, and with it he can either save his ally from danger, or use it as a gap-closer for his Jungler when he comes in to gank. Put the enemy ADC behind early with help from your own Jungler, keep your ADC healthy with namiw.png and farm. If you can respond fast enough, like, REALLY fast, you can interrupt his threshq.png with your namiq.png but you gotta be real fast. It can also be done with namir.png but remember this skill TRAVELS and once the hook is thrown, nothing can be done to stop it.

My advice: when you see Thresh be picked, do not pick Nami.




Easy lane if you punish her hard enough early game. 

She has a short range that increases with level up, so punishing her with your ADC on early levels is the way to go against Tristana, as well as denying her any farm. Without items, she stays rather weak. Care for her tristanae.png as at low health it could kill you, and keep in mind if she uses tristanaw.png and she gets a kill or assist, the cooldown is refunded  and she can tristanaw.png again.




Like Thresh, this champion is really tanky and annoying. While he cannot heal, shield or anything, his trundlecircle.png is often enough to slow you down and kill you. He still has damage even when he builds tank, so he is hard to deal with. Put his ADC behind as early as possible, namiq.png him or his ADC when they come for you after using trundlecircle.png and keep your distance.




High damage, going invisible and poison that can stack, this rat is an annoying adc to go against. Put him behind early so he cannot get his items and you should be doing quite alright.




An ADC I do not see often these days, but man, even without a support he has CC varuse.png + varusr.png of his own and he can poke at a great distance with varusq.png. His long range poke makes it hard to trade with him, so try to deny his farm and keep your ADC healthy. Let him push you in a bit and then calling your Jungler early might force him to 4.png, he dies, or maybe even both. Getting Varus behind is the key to winning, otherwise this matchup will be really, really hard.




This matchup can be either really hard or really easy, depending on how you and your ADC play and his support. Vayne has a very short range, and so is easily poked. As long as you don't get his by a third vaynesilveredbolts.png you should be able to heal most damage away. Stay away from the walls, this can turn a trade around thanks to Vayne's vaynecondemn.png which stuns you if she fires you against a wall. Her vaynetumble.png increases damage and she'll use it to get closer (or escape). Put her behind early, deny her farm, deny her items. Vayne needs items to be able to do something. No items for Vayne = Easy win.




Same as with Annie, but even stronger thanks to his passive. All you can do here is avoid being hit by his skills and help call the Jungler for help early to put the enemy lane behind.




A strong poker but the skills can be dodged. Avoid getting hit by his skills cause they deal damage even at low ranks and levels, and ask the Jungler for help getting your lane ahead. A fed Vel'Koz, even a support, is no fun and you have no way to out heal his poke.




Annoying poker with his bombs and speed up, and having the ability to save his ADC at level 6, but he has no heals, nor shields to defend his ADC with. Ganks before level 6 can put a lane with Zilean really behind, because by then your ADC got items, where his does not, so even when he saves his ADC, he is not much of a threat.




Not much you can do here, heal your ADC as much as possible and farm under the tower, call your Jungler in for help here and there. She has such strong poke, making it even worse if she is paired up with a 51.png or 110.png. Getting the enemy behind is the best thing to do, and stay away from the plants if possible. Care for bushes too, as Zyra likes to use her zyrae.png to snare you from there.

About me Back to Top

Hi! I am CrystalWolf, a League player from the Netherlands.

I made an account back in 2013, because a friend thought I would love the game, but since he forced it on me a little and explained nothing I never really played.
This was until 2015 or so, when a new friend of mine who also plays League calmly and quietly taught me how to play the game, how it works with runes and masteries, everything. Ever since then, I play League on an almost daily basis. I started with ARAM's, and started practicing on Summoner's Rift much later.
Despite that, I became GOLD V in season 5, and ended in GOLD III in season 6, and Gold 5 again in season 7 because I had not enough time and focus to play due to private reasons. My friend told me if I had more time, I could have easily reached Platinum. 
Oh well, better luck this season right?

I main the Support Role, but I also like to play ADC or Jungle. Sometimes I play Top, but only when I am playing solo as my friend loves the Top-Lane.  (now he is less online, I play it more often) Mid lane I do try every now and then. My favorite champions are Nami and Ashe, but I play lots of others.

This is the first guide I ever made, so I know it might not be perfect and flawed here and there.
Also, this guide shows how I play Nami, and is meant to teach people my way so they can try it out and use it if it works for them. I try to explain as clear as I can why I think some items, spells, masteries etc, are better, but if you still have questions, feel free to ask me!

This guide will be updated each patch if I get the time for it!!

Why do I play Nami? Back to Top

Second champion ever played.

When I started playing League, I first played Ashe. I loved her right away, but the second game I tried someone else. It was Nami, she was free to play that day.
I right away liked her, all the CC she had was nice, she could heal her allies when they were in danger, and she could buff herself or her ally. What more did I want for the support role? Not that much!

That was years ago, and now, I started to main the support role, with Nami in the lead. With the way I build her nowadays, she heals for so much, and not just one ally, more even, if you can get it to bounce the right way. The new item 3107.png gives her an extra heal with a very long range. So she can CC with namiq.png+namir.png, buff herself and allies with namie.png, plus she has an awesome poking/healing ability with her namiw.png. Her namipassive.png is also great, as it grants the ally she casts a spell on movement speed. She has all I want on 1 character, and she works really well with my favorite ADC, which is 22.png


Good ADC's with for Nami Back to Top

One ADC fits a Support better than others. These go well with Nami:

22.png>>>>>> Thanks to her ashepassive.png which slows enemies when she attacks them, she can go well with Nami. The slows from Ashe combined with yours make it hard for the enemy to get away from you. You both also got a lot of CC, if Ashe fires her enchantedcrystalarrow.png you can follow it with namir.png and then with namiq.png while boosting Ashe with namie.png. This often means a kill, or at least a summoner or two blown.

51.png>>>>>> A real lane bully, and one with the longest range in the game (except a level 18 18.png) the can really profit from Nami's skills. When she has her caitlynpassive.png ready, boost Caitlyn with namie.png for massive damage. If you can communicate well with Caitlyn, you can namiq.png the enemy, and while he is in the air she can place a caitlynyordletrap.png under them, giving you time for namir.png. Caitlyn can then either basic attack and caitlynentrapment.png+caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png the enemy, or, if timed REALLY WELL, kill the enemy with a caitlynpassive.png+namie.png
81.png>>>>> Ezreal is a really annoying ADC to face, especially when he got his 3070.png so he has almost infinite mana, which gets even better when he finishes 3078.png or 3025.png. This last item of his combo's real well with you, as it makes it easier for you to hit your namiq.png as his item slows the target. This way, you don't need your namie.png to slow first and you can use it on Ezreal. Once you his someone with namiq.png, Ezreal can deal massive damage with his abilities, and when in danger, flee with ezrealarcaneshift.png

202.png>>>>>> Long range, strong poke ADC, Jhin is annoying to face in general. With him on your side, you can secure quite few kills, like when you power him with namie.png when he has 1 bullet left, (it always crits) You can also set up a snare by attacking an enemy with anything, so Jhin can use jhinw.png, and you can follow with namiq.png + namir.png and he can finish it off with jhinr.png

222.png>>>>>> The AOE and range on her rockets are strong, and like with Caitlyn, if you can use your namiq.png in a combo with her jinxe.png it makes for a deadly combination. If the enemy escapes, Jinx can always try slowing them with jinxw.png or finish them with jinxr.png

21.png>>>>>> Is a ADC with high damage of her own, but, with the lack off CC, needs set-up, especially for her missfortunebullettime.png, cause otherwise people walk or flash out of it. You are quite strong with Miss Fortune, you have the CC. Try to namir.png and then  namiq.png the enemy, so Miss Fortune has set up for her missfortunebullettime.png and can deal massive damage.

29.png>>>>>> Twitch is strong, even more so when he gets his venom to stack on the enemies. He can use some help with this though, and this is where you come in. You can namiq.png someone so that Twitch can use his twitchvenomcask.png on them to slow the enemy and get the poison to stack, so his twitchexpunge.png does a lot of damage and he can finish the job with twitchfullautomatic.png. If enemies get out of his range, you can try to namir.png them so they get knocked up. 

Other guides by me Back to Top

I have also made other guides besides this one, feel free to look at them and leave feedback, or ask me questions!

Guide for Janna: (in progress) 
Guide for Miss Fortune:

Other guides may be added later.    

About Sending Friend Requests On LOL Back to Top

 I do not accept random friend requests on League of Legends. If you sent me a request without me knowing you or having heard of you, it will not be accepted. So please, don't do that. For questions, you can use the comment box for now. I will set up my e-mail account for questions later.

Nami Things Back to Top


Answers to questions people asked me about 267.png.

Why do you like Nami so much?

Well I have always liked her design since she represents a mermaid/siren, and I love sea creatures. Other than that, she is fun to play and heals a lot with little items.

What's your favorite Nami skill?

Difficult one. I don't have a real favorite, but I love her namiw.png since it can heal as well as deal damage, and I love her namir.png. a big solid wave and a nice knock up!

What is your favorite Nami skin?

SKT T1 Nami and Koi Nami. Without doubt. I even have all the chromas for Koi Nami, just love the skin and its design! The SKT skin makes her look so pretty, and I love the colors and the effects of her abilities with this skin. Plus, the Sushi recall is just very funny.

Least favorite Nami skin?

Urf the Nami-tee skin. I don't know, feels like her whole design is gone like she is a human in a costume rather than a mermaid.

Who's you favorite ADC to pair Nami up with?

No idea really, Nami fits with most ADC's. If I had to chose, it would be an ADC that has some CC of its own, so that would be ADC's like 22.png51.png202.png110.png

Favorite items on Nami?

Depends on how and where you play her. Support, I love items that increase my healing, such as 3174.png3107.png3504.png3222.png, but when on ARAM or building damage Nami I like 3165.png3089.png3285.png

What Mastery level are you on Nami?

As of May 17 2017, I got Mastery Lvl 7 Warden with 267.png!!

How is AD Nami possible?

I didn't want to believe it either at first, but after I saw someone do it and tried it myself, it went insanely well. This is mostly because Nami has a lot of CC with namiq.png and namir.png, a heal in her namiw.png, and, her namie.png makes her basic attacks stronger. That ability is insanely strong when you play Nami AD. It is fun so try it sometime, but I wouldn't recommend doing it in ranked, it is more for some fun rather than anything else.

What are good items for AD Nami then?

Depends, a lot of items are good on her. You can build her just damage, crit, or sustain, it all can work. 
Here are items I used and that worked for me:
Armor Shredding items are terrible on her, as she can't stack it up fast enough.

Are you going to make an AD Nami Guide?

I don't know. As of right now, the plans for it are not there. Maybe when I get enough requests for it.

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