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Summoner Spells Back to Top



Necessity. As of the state of the game right now, you'll always take Flash. Need I say more?
I do?
Oh, okay.

Instant repositioning? Check. dot-pattern.png
Clutch heals/bubbles? Check. dot-pattern.png
Grabbing the last hit on a Champion kill? Oh baby, you know that's a check.* dot-pattern.png

Seriously. Take Flash. Your namipassive.png Passive already provides you with regular hastes which let you kite in and out of battle regularly, so 6.png Ghost is unnecessary. This is the number one Summoner Spell to take on next-to-all Champions, and Nami is no exception.

So, my intrepid reader, you may be asking yourself: "what should I pair with the glory that is Flash?" Well, you have two options really:

3.png VS 14.png

Exhaust VS Ignite

3.png Exhaust is one of the best Summoner Spells for supports, and possibly the game overall, due to its versatility. Reducing movement speed and damage dealt makes for a potent debuff. Exhaust is amazing in that it can be used both aggressively and defensively. Slow your target and make them easier to kill, or Exhaust a diving enemy to peel them off your carries. However, you need to be proactive. Exhausting someone just before they finish killing your carries does nothing but waste a Summoner Spell.

14.png Ignite is very niche. It is reserved for special occasions where you and your partner just want to all-in the enemy duo. It cuts healing received by your victim, reveals them, and burns them to the ground. Now, as a support, you're not out to get kills for yourself - but this is still a great tool for helping your lane secure the early game pressure you'll want against certain matchups. For example, Ignite's great at pressuring farm lanes.

In short - Exhaust is all-purpose and suits any game, Ignite is only for when you want to play real aggressively and your enemy lane is squishy.

179.png*Flashing to steal the kill from your lane partner or team will often result in hilarity, but put them behind in gold. The guide creator does not advocate doing so unless you're close friends with your laning partner. In which case, go nuts.

New Runes Back to Top

If you're in a hurry and just want a quick rune page setup, use the 'Example' rune page. It is equipped to handle almost every situation well.

If you want to learn to build the ideal rune page for your matchup, keep on reading. There are some template rune pages above, not just the 'Example' page. Nami's incredibly versatile, despite her aggressive nature, and rune pages for her can be built in a number of different ways.

I'll separate the runes by their roles as primary and secondary runes, so view whichever section is pertinent to your interests or simply read on. To aid your understanding, try to visualize the different primary rune trees as such:
  • Sorcery - improves your harassment (damage and mana regeneration)
  • Inspiration - improves your gold income
  • Resolve - improves your sustain; perfect for needing to babysit your lane partner

Primary Runes

I outline three of the likely primary runes you'll choose from when playing Nami as a support. The Sorcery, Inspiration, and Resolve trees are all great options for her.

Primary - Sorcery (Most Consistent)

Summon%20Aerie.png?width=64 Summon Aery is the the most reliable and consistent Sorcery keystone to take on Nami. Its low cooldown (which is lower if you're nearer to the enemy) means Aery will be available for every namiw.png Ebb and Flow cast you make in the game, which strengthens your early-game bullying. Plus, Aery's shield boost will become more relevant as the game progresses and we pick up our later items.
Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32 Arcane Comet does more damage on paper and admittedly hits your targets more often than people may want to admit, but it has a considerably long cooldown. Since Nami has no good way of refreshing this rune's cooldown by a significant degree and it is still dodgeable, this keystone tends to perform noticably worse on average than Aery.
Phase%20Rush.png?width=32 Phase Rush doesn't fit our role as support.

Sorcery minor runes:
  • Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32 Manaflow Band allows us to perpetually harass the enemy and/or sustain our allies in all stages of the game. Admittedly, it's still too good after the nerf in 7.24b. You'll want to continue taking this rune until it gets gutted as it provides a huge mana regeneration effect in lane, just on a slightly longer delay. Unfortunately, The%20Ultimate%20Hat.png?width=32 The Ultimate Hat isn't quite good enough yet to justify taking over mana regeneration at all stages in the game.
  • Transcendence.png?width=32 Transcendence gives us free CDR, allowing us to cap CDR early with 3158.png Ionian boots and remain capped late-game when we swap those boots out for more utility.
  • Here is where some players are divided: Scorch.png?width=32 Scorch vs Gathering%20Storm.png?width=32 Gathering Storm.
    Honestly, I think it depends on your playstyle and the teams. Gathering%20Storm.png?width=32 Gathering Storm scales much better into the mid- and late-game than the other choice; the additional AP gives Nami's kit a noticable boost in all regards. However, even after its most recent nerf, Scorch.png?width=32 Scorch is amazing at adding extra damage to your poke - even at level 1. As a result, I take this rune as I believe aggressive Nami is best Nami.179.png

Primary - Inspiration (Higher Highs, Lower Lows)

Use the Inspiration tree if you're a gambler - you trade off the reliability of Sorcery's keystones with Inspiration's luck-reliant swings in power and increased gold income. Also, you'll always get +20% potion duration with a Kleptomancy primary, which is a strangely underrated bonus.

Kleptomancy.png?width=64 Kleptomancy was hit hard by recent nerfs. It generates a bit of gold on-hit, but its true strength lied in its early gold acceleration (which was the target of patch 8.2's changes). It reigns supreme in the Inspiration tree for luck-reliant power swings early, and a source of extra income later into the game. After its nerfs, this keystone is generally worse than Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32 Summon Aery for lane-bullying purposes, but if you're a fan of occasionally getting free items / extra gold, then consider Kleptomancy.
Summoner%20Specialist.png?width=32 Unsealed Spellbook is not valuable enough for the fish-lady anymore. It's too low-impact. If you want to be as aggressive early-game as possible, you'll want to commit to that and give yourself as much damage as possible (i.e. take Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32 Aery). If you want to hedge your bets and take a keystone that gives you with more utility, Kleptomancy.png?width=32 Kleptomancy accomplishes that goal better as it still rewards an aggressive playstyle.
Glacial%20Augment.png?width=32 Glacial Augment is redundant because we have namie.png Tidecaller's Blessing and other mana regeneration effects. Its buffs to its slow values won't change this, although the slow values are nuts. Although I personally wouldn't choose this keystone, I could see some utility-oriented Nami players trying it out. I still think our fishy friend is best suited for aggression.

Inspiration minor runes:
  • Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32 Magical Footwear gives us F R E E   B O O T S. We save 300 gold and get better boots at 10 minutes. The only downside is if you are someone who loves grabbing early boots to roam super hard in the very early stages of the game. The other powerful option in this tier is Perfect%20Timing.png?width=32 Perfect Timing, which provides us with an incredible amount of utility at the cost of inventory space. After Patch 8.4, these two runes are now in competition with each other and unfortunately for free boots, I'd probably take Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32 Footwear (no bias here) over free boots in most games. However, make your decision based on your playstyle and the matchup. A free stasis might prove useful if you're scared of the enemy team comp.
  • Biscuit%20Delivery.png?width=32 Biscuit Delivery gives us free sustain which helps since Nami is quite mana-hungry. It's great for roaming, too. Alternatively, go for Futures%20Market.png?width=32 Future's Market, which lets you buy your core items a little faster, for those of you fish-people who aren't as concerned with roaming.
  • Cosmic%20Insight.png?width=32 Cosmic Insight is what we want is we're running Inspiration as choice of primary rune. It's a ton of stats for free that will always be relevant in all stages of the game. The other runes here aren't as useful.

Primary - Resolve (Best Babysitting)

Picking the Resolve tree is reserved for the cases where you want (or need) to run Nami as a healer. Perhaps the enemy team looks like they'll want to all-in you, so you wish to make that much more difficult for them; perhaps you're worried about playing aggressively and want a cushion to brace your education. In that case, consider taking the Resolve tree. Note: you can - and in most cases should - still bully your enemy lane when you choose Resolve; it's just you traded off bonus damage from Sorcery and Inspiration for extra padding.

Guardian.png?width=64 Guardian allows us a way to further protect our allies by giving our namiw.png Ebb and Flow targets a shield. If you and your lane partner are standing relatively close to each other when trading, you'll both receive a shield on top of your harassment through your W. On top of that, it also hastes you and your lane partner! The shields from Guardian are the major reason you would go for Resolve as your primary rune.
As for the other keystones, both Grasp%20of%20the%20Undying.png?width=32 Grasp of the Undying and Aftershock.png?width=32 Aftershock don't suit Nami because she prefers to stay outside of melee range.

Resolve minor runes:
  • Font%20of%20Life.png?width=32 Font of Life provides us with some light sustain when stunning and slowing enemies with Nami's namiq.png Q and namie.png E. You could consider taking Bone%20Plating.png?width=32 Bone Plating if you're shopping for damage reduction.
  • Conditioning.png?width=32 Conditioning is the optimal choice for when the enemy has mixed damage team comps (as they tend to), but consider taking 5abd57da0f30230001f3edd9?width=32 Chrysalis against harder matchups where you'll want the extra early health.
  • Revitalize.png?width=32 Revitalize is to boost our heals and shields. Great! You'll generally always want this.

231.pngSecondary / Splash Runes

So, you've chosen your primary rune, you selected your keystone, and completed the left side of your rune page. Sweet. Now all you've left to do is pick a secondary rune to either complement your primary rune or shore up its weaknesses.

Recall what I mentioned at the start of this segment:
  • Sorcery - improves your harassment (damage and mana regeneration)
  • Inspiration - improves your gold income
  • Resolve - improves your sustain; perfect for needing to babysit your lane partner

This still holds true even for our secondary rune selection (mostly). As you saw in the Example rune page, it's very much aggressively specced. Mix and match to select what best works for you in that upcoming game. Don't be afraid to move secondary runes around.

Below, I'll detail the secondary runes I'd recommend for each of the three trees we've covered already.

179.pngSecondary / Splash - Sorcery (Aggressive)

  • Scorch.png?width=32 Scorch is still by far one of the best early-game aggressive runes to take (the -10 damage nerf from 7.24b might look big on paper, but this rune still provides you with a large damage boost in the early-game). Although it adds considerable punch to your early-game poke, Scorch doesn't scale as well as Gathering%20Storm.png?width=32 Gathering Storm (as discussed above). If you want to hedge your bets, take the latter rune.
  • For your second splash, I would highly recommend Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32 Manaflow Band or Transcendence.png?width=32 Transcendence. Both effects are incredibly strong, although I prefer Manaflow myself. If you feel comfortable without the bonus mana regeneration, though, go for the free 10% CDR.

179.pngSecondary / Splash - Inspiration (Utility)

  • Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32 Magical Footwear. THE BOOTS ARE FREE. Honestly, there's a lot of choice in Inspiration for your first splash. If you really love to roam or your team asks that of you, I would recommend taking Biscuit%20Delivery.png?width=32 Biscuit Delivery instead to give you sustain as you wander the map without the need to recall. Another good alternative is Perfect%20Timing.png?width=32 Perfect Timing to bait the enemy, buy yourself time if you were to get dived, or to allow your team to catch up to you. Even if you're not interested in taking it yourself, it'll be worth checking enemy inventories more due to its increasing notoriety.
  • Cosmic%20Insight.png?width=32 Cosmic Insight is a fantastic splash to take, giving you CDR that's valuable in all stages of the game regardless of the primary rune you've taken. It's super useful and honestly one of the best splashes from Inspiration! You could, however, consider Celestial%20Body.png?width=32 Celestial Body. Only take this if you know for certain you'll be playing it safe in-lane. It reduces the damage of your early poke considerably, so take this splash only if your intent is to survive.

179.pngSecondary / Splash - Resolve (Sustain)

Unfortunately, Resolve as a splash isn't as exciting as the other trees in its utility. It shines more as a primary rune, if you're so inclined to play Nami as a less aggressive support. That being said, the bonus AP granted by patch 8.1's changes is nice, though ultimately not enough to warrant taking Resolve by itself. Still, if you're dead set on taking Resolve as a secondary:
  • Font%20of%20Life.png?width=32 Font of Life adds extra healing to your stuns and slows. The extra healing accumulates and becomes very noticable when pushing an advantage in-lane, coupled with your lane partner's rune choices. You could consider taking Bone%20Plating.png?width=32 Bone Plating if you're shopping for damage reduction.
  • Revitalize.png?width=32 Revitalize boosts your healing and shields. It's a must-have if you're going for a Resolve splash.
  • New to Nami? I recommend Resolve with Sorcery splash. You sacrifice mana regen for offense & defense!
  • Comfortable with playing aggressively? Try Sorcery with Inspiration splash, or vice versa!
  • Enemy team full of assassins? Resolve with Inspiration (taking Celestial Body) splash.
There are many interesting combinations with these pages that you can pull off with Nami. Remember to build your rune page depending on your playstyle and what the draft looks like.

Abilities Back to Top

Quick Guide: R>W>E>Q
Take R whenever possible, max W first for better heals and poke, E next to increase its damage and slow, and Q last because it's effective enough at one point.

Don't skill immediately at Level 1.

You may need to take namiq.png Q if you can make an easy pick.

You can safely put your skill point in W if you see nothing interesting is happening and your jungler is beginning their first camp. Cool? Cool.

namipassive.pngPassive: Surging Tides

All your skills haste allied Champions when struck by them. If your allies get tagged by your Q or R AoE, they'll get hasted (repeatedly, in the case of your ultimate).

When you heal with your W or buff with your E, Surging Tides puts a spring in your (or your ally's) step. It's incredibly useful, for instance, in giving your jungler that extra bit of movement speed needed to catch up with the enemy. Or perhaps a situation where you have overextended to ward and are now being chased, so you haste yourself with namiw.png Ebb and Flow and namie.png Tidecaller's Blessing to escape.

namiq.pngQ: Aqua Prison

Mid-range targeted AoE stun. Landing namiq.png Nami's Q by itself is kind of a pain as the projectile is relatively slow. Therefore, you can use namie.png Tidecaller's Blessing first to slow your enemies, making it easier to land your bubble.

QUICK FISH TIP: Aqua Prison is definitely a stun, although visually it resembles a knock-up (and even works with Yasuo's Ult, yasuorknockupcombow.png Last Breath). Don't be deceived, though - it is a stun so it can be removed with 1.png Cleanse, 3222.png Mikael's, or 3140.png QSS (unlike knock-ups).

We max Q last primarily to reduce its cooldown. The stun duration remains the same at every level, so there's no incentive to level it early.

namiw.pngW: Ebb and Flow

Your mid-range, point-and-click, damage-and-heal bread-and-butter. This skill is how you will crush the hopes of the enemy bottom lane.

namiw.png Nami's W is fantastic for applying lane pressure as it heals and does damage. Although the numbers may seem underwhelming, the total difference in health created by just one use of namiw.png Ebb and Flow is quite large (especially when you factor in items and runes (like Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32 Aery and Scorch.png?width=32 Scorch)).

If you're having trouble understanding the bounce mechanic, it's really not so bad. Upon hitting your first target, the wave will try to bounce to a nearby champion of the opposite team, and then try to bounce back one last time. You'll generally want to use this skill offensively (i.e. target an enemy first) to deal more damage and receive more gold from your 3303.png Spellthief's Edge. To clarify:
  • If you target an enemy first, the pattern of bounces will be: Enemy -> You/Ally -> Different Enemy
  • If you target an ally first, the pattern will be: You/Ally -> Enemy -> You/Different Ally

QUICK FISH TIP: For you players wanting to get eke out more damage in your Nami games, you can animation cancel the recovery of your basic attack with namiw.png Ebb and Flow. As soon as the basic attack projectile leaves to maximize the efficiency of your harassment in lane.

We max W first to bully / sustain hard in the early game.

namie.png E: Tidecaller's Blessing

A short-range point-and-click buff on either you or an allied Champion which makes three basic attacks deal bonus damage and slow their target.

The slow and bonus damage on this skill are surprisingly noticeable in the early- and mid-game, though you do need to communicate with your lane partner to maximize its utility.

QUICK FISH TIP: cast namie.png Tidecaller's Blessing on you/an ally as your/your ally's basic attack is in the air towards its target. The buff will be applied immediately, slowing the enemy with a guaranteed basic attack. (This works best with smartcast or selfcast enabled.)

We max E second because its slow and damage increase. Although Q's damage increases with levels, your E is much more reliable and gives your team better chasing and kiting.

namir.pngR: Tidal Wave

Wide and far-reaching knock-up and slow. Tidal Wave, however, is somewhat slow (despite the buff to its projectile speed close to Nami's release) and has a ~0.3 second cast time. By the way, Tidal Wave is also considered a projectile (so watch out for braume.png Braum and yasuowmovingwall.png Yasuo).

Tidal Wave is useful as a disengage tool, but can be used to initiate if need be. In lane, it is often an effective way to engage the enemy and/or split up the enemy duo. namir.png Tidal Wave is almost the width of the lane, so you'll find it easy to land during this part of the game. Plus, if you hit an enemy laner and they're slowed, it means they're an easier target for namiq.png Aqua Prison.

However, as the game transitions to teamfights, you may find it more useful as a follow-up to other CC on your team or to exit from a fight-gone-wrong. If your team needs you to initiate with it, try to use namir.png Tidal Wave to hit or disrupt as many enemies as possible. In this case, to ensure you'll hit as many foes as possible, try to fight in areas where enemies are sandwiched between walls (e.g. near Baron or dragon) or in the jungle.

Always skill R whenever possible.
So, taking this all into account, we can see that Nami is equipped with lots of CC and tools to play aggressively. Her regular abilities all have mid-to-low range, however, and she's got pretty high mana costs (especially on her namiw.png W). Nami is definitely a support champion, but by no means is to be played as a passive heal bot in lane. Given her fair range, though, Nami's role in the game shifts towards being more of a traditional support as teamfights becomes more prevalent.

Do your best to make full use of Nami's kit and play aggressively in lane! When teamfights break out, stay back if possible and ensure your team's carries survive.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Typical starting items. We want Spellthief's to play aggressively.
    Start Coin if you're quite certain you cannot play aggressively in lane.

Core Items

    Early core example. Swap out the Frostfang for a Nomad's Medallion if you're starting Coin.
    Transitioning to mid-core example. Replace Ardent with any situational item.
    Mid core example. At this point you should have definitely finished your quest.
    Late core example. You may want to keep a 6th item slot open for Control Wards.

Situational Items

    A strong first purchase. Amazingly gold-efficient. Usually first. Activates on Redemption/Locket
    A strong first purchase. Buy this if you want more teamfight presence. Makes you tankier, too.
    Good later in the game. Get this earlier if the enemy team has lots of AoE or you need the resists.
    Typically bought later into the game. Get this if your carries are struggling with CC.
    Niche buy. Get this if you're often in the frontlines and you want to provide more damage to your ADC.
    Niche buy. Get this when your team needs better repositioning, engage, or disengage.

Don't buy the same things every game. Supports have to be flexible with their item order.

Your items need to fit the situations presented to you now and in the future. Support itemization is largely about knowing when to get something. With that out of the way,


Starting Items - Spellthief's vs Coin

First of all, always grab 3340.png Warding Totem as your starting trinket. Early wards are good.
  • 3303.png Spellthief's Edge is for the aggressive player who bonus damage and rewards for poking. We will generally want to get this as our starting item, as even if you simply poke with your skills, you will generate a good amount of gold. The bonus AP we get will also strengthen our heals!
  • 3301.png Ancient Coin is for those who want safer gold generation with reasonable mana regeneration. I'd suggest playing more aggressively where possible, but this is a good option when stuck in a rough lane matchup or you want to roam more.

179.pngEarly Core (Laning)

You have three priorities as you work towards your first items.
  1. 2055.png ABC - Always Buy Control (Wards)
  2. Upgrade your starting item (so either 3098.png Frostfang or 3096.png Medallion)
  3. 1001.png Boots of Speed (ignore this if you've taken Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32 Magical Footwear)
First and foremost: After your first back (or even on it), try to budget 75g to ensure you'll always be able to come to lane with a 2055.png Control Ward. This is crucial for denying enemy vision, which makes them more vulnerable to ganks and gives you more control over dragon. Your dot-pattern.png jungler will love you for it.

As for your more permanent items, you will typically want to upgrade your starting item to its second stage (3098.png Frostfang or 3096.png Medallion) because of the increased gold generation effects. It's an investment: you're sinking 500g into an item that will allow you to earn more gold for the rest of the game.

If your quest finishes early, you should almost always want to swap your trinket out for a 3364.png Oracle. There is a corner case situation where having access to 4 ward charges at this stage in the game would be beneficial, but usually you'll be fine with just 3 - so take the red trinket and start clearing enemy wards.

Your basic 1001.png Boots of Speed will also be an important buy somewhere in this phase of the game, too. However, it may be more prudent to buy earlier boots against foes with lots of skillshots (e.g. 101.png Xerath, 81.png Ezreal, etc.), which means you may in fact forego upgrading your starting item immediately. Alternatively, if you know for sure you're going to be roaming a lot, the early movement speed bonus will help cut your travel times down considerably.

Consider your purchases carefully as you proceed through the early game.

179.pngMid Core (AKA Puberty)

So mid-game is the awkward transition phase where a lot of players aren't sure what to do with themselves, their team, or even their enemies. Your (enemy's) tower is down and what's a support to do? Put pressure on objectives across the map (e.g. dragon, other lane's turrets) and flex your vision-giving muscle.

So what does this mean for us and our items? Things start coming together. We'll complete one or two of our big items here, but we are already fac- oh wait, nevermind.

  • Your general build path will look something like this:
    1. Vision suite (2055.png Control Wards & 3364.png Oracle)
    2. 3098.png Frostfang / 3096.png Medallion
    3. First item (3504.png Ardent Censer, 3107.png Redemption, 3190.png Locket)
    4. 3092.png Remnant
    5. Upgraded boots (See below)
    6. Other situational items
  • Try to always remember to buy 2055.png Control Wards.These will remain crucial throughout the game as a way to deny enemy vision and provide your own, especially as your team takes more objectives around the map.
  • In case you need a reminder, the 3364.png Oracle trinket is an invaluable tool for supports to get at this stage of the game for similar reasons as the Control Wards above. Get it when your starting item changes into an 3092.png Remnant.
  • As for boots, you've got a number of choices: 3158.png Ionian Boots give you some nice CDR that will last you for a while, if not the whole game. However, you could also go for 3117.png Boots of Mobility. These boots are unmatched in the utility they provide when roaming and warding alike, but become less useful after the fight gets started. If you're worried about getting locked down by CC, consider 3111.png Merc Treads.

179.pngLate Core

Teamfights and picks make up the bulk of this phase of the game. Vision control is as important as ever in this phase, as you'll want to deny enemy vision and pressure them into making bad plays. It's in this phase where you probably will not reach six items, nor should you always aim for that. There are some things to keep in mind during this part of the game:
  • Don't neglect to buy 2055.png Control Wards as long as you have inventory space open.
  • If you have nothing else to buy and are over-capped on CDR, swap out your 3158.png Ionian boots for one the aforementioned boots (3111.png Merc or 3117.png Mobility are suitable replacements).

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Bard
  • Blitzcrank
  • Braum
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Janna
  • Karma
  • Kennen
  • Leona
  • Lulu
  • Lux
  • Morgana
  • Nami
  • Nautilus
  • Rakan
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Tahm Kench
  • Taric
  • Thresh
  • Vel'Koz
  • Zilean
  • Zyra




Alistar is melee and, as such, is vulnerable to being poked out by you. Punish him and his lane partner when they want to share a 3302.png Relic Shield stack. Try to stay the maximum possible distance away from Alistar while harassing him and his lane partner. He's still a CC machine, though, so getting caught yourself is almost certainly going to be your death.




Be wary of Bard's bardq.png Q - make sure you're positioned so that you won't easily get stunned. Also, you'll need to watch out for his ult - you can typically flash out of it, or haste yourself/an ally if you/they're on the edge of the circle. Thankfully, Bard is a ranged squishy support early on and is vulnerable to your bullying. Once he misses his Q, he doesn't have anything with which to retaliate.




Blitzcrank instills fear in the hearts of many bottom lane players. Respect the rocketgrab.png hook and ensure you're behind a minion or moving unpredictably. If Blitz is trying to walk up on you and then powerfist.png fist you, just kite backwards while harassing him. Do not panic. If you know his hook is on cooldown or if he's playing very passively away from turret, harass him and his carry.




Braum brings the no-fun-zone with him. While he himself is not terribly threatening, make sure to position yourself away from an easy braumq.png Q. If you deny Braum his stun, he's just there to put up a braume.png shield that will eat Nami's projectiles (Q, W, R, basic attacks). Try to bait Braum's shield and then harass him and his partner when it goes on cooldown.




If someone runs Fiddle support, props to them. Fiddle is a long-range support with lots of CC that relies on poking through his fiddlesticksdarkwind.png E, but punish him for doing so whenever you can. If he tries to drain.png sustain himself on a cannon minion or channel his crowstorm.png ult, toss him a namiq.png stun. It may be prudent to keep a ward in the lane bushes so you can maintain vision on him at all times.




Janna can do a surprising amount of damage to you and your carry, but she is squishy and she must enter into range of your skills if she wants to harass. This makes her vulnerable. Her eyeofthestorm.png shield target loses the bonus AD when the shield's broken and it's on a rather long cooldown, so you can opt to break the shield and counterattack, or simply wait it out and retaliate afterwards.




Karma is a bit of a lane bully herself, although her range is shorter than your own. If she tries to fish for a snare wit her karmaspiritbind.png tether, there's likely a gank or all-in coming. Try to disengage ASAP and then retaliate after the bond is broken. Karma may try to hit you through the minion line with her karmaq.png Q. Her cooldowns are somewhat short, but you can typically get the first hit on any fight with her in lane.




Kennen support is a bit of a meme pick. Dodge his kennenshurikenhurlmissile1.png Q then punish him immediately. At 6, watch out for an all-in with his kennenshurikenstorm.png ult - disengage quickly (remember: you can haste you and your ally through your passive). Outside of Kennen's poke, he cannot defend his carry without putting himself in danger. Abuse this.




Leona is like a more telegraphed Blitzcrank in that she can either try to walk up and leonashieldofdaybreak.png stun you or fish for a kill with her leonazenithblade.png E. Especially with her dash, you know where Leona will land and you can drop a namiq.png bubble at the target's feet to deny her any follow-up. Avoid getting leonazenithblade.png Zenith Blade'd and poke her as much as you want. At 6, you can haste or flash out of her leonasolarflare.png ult easily.

That being said, if you do get caught, you're almost definitely dead. Leona's lockdown and burst damage are quite scary.




Lulu only really has luluq.png Glitterlance to poke with, and when that's down she's fairly vulnerable. If she uses her lulue.png E offensively, don't back down - punish her as she and her partner now lack a shield. After 6, Lulu will often try to bait with lulur.png Wild Growth. Keep track of its cooldown and play aggressively when it's down.




Surprisingly annoying albeit not an incredibly difficult lane, Lux support can outrange all of Nami's skills. If you want to punish this unorthodox pick, abuse Lux's long cooldowns and innate squishiness. You'll definitely want to watch out for luxlightbinding.png Light Binding, but when it's down, Lux doesn't have much to stop you or your carry.




Morgana is one of the worse matchups for Nami for a few reasons:

  • Morgana is innately tankier than most ranged supports, thanks to her higher base stats and blackshield.png Black Shield.
  • blackshield.png Black Shield blocks all of Nami's CC reactively; unless you've already caught Morgana by surprise, she can often walk away from most of your skills. Try to bait it out with pressure from your namie.png E, and either break the shield with your namiw.png W or wait it out.
  • Morgana's darkbindingmissile.png Q and tormentedsoil.png W can both hit fairly hard if you or your partner are caught out. Make use of careful positioning and your hastes (remember: namipassive.png) to navigate these skillshots and retaliate during their long cooldown.

You'll definitely need to keep an eye out during this matchup. Consider playing more reactively.




This should almost never happen, but if you're in blind pick then may the better fish win. You know all of her moves and tactics, and she does yours. As is the case with all mirrors, it comes down to a game of player skill.




Nautilus is slow and imposing, but can't do much if he whiffs his nautilusanchordrag.png Q. Constantly kite outside of his basic attack and nautilussplashzone.png E range and punish him hard during his long cooldowns. You can also disrupt his Q with both namiq.png Q and namir.png Tidal Wave. At 6, stay away from whoever Nautilus nautilusgrandline.png ults (if he targets you, avoid contact with your team). He will usually all-in the primary victim, so be ready to disengage or retaliate.




Avoid Rakan's rakanw.pngknock-up and you're good (or throw namiq.png a bubble at his landing spot). His shields are annoying, but you outrange him. Try to avoid his rakanq.png Q as best as you can, as you will deny him a heal in doing so. He is quite mobile, so take advantage of the slow from namie.png Tidecaller's Blessing before trying to land.




Sona's squishy and has comparatively poor healing. If she goes in for her sonaq.png Q, punish her immediately. Try to kite outside of her range or position yourself in the minions to reduce the risk of being poked yourself. Hit Sona's lane as hard and as early as possible.




Soraka is squishy and has solid poke, but relies on the enemy hitting her carry. When Soraka casts Q, try to play aggressively and get in her face. Like with Sona, she's most vulnerable in the early game. At level 1, you can establish a strong advantage by pressuring her with namiw.png W and basic attacks. Move out of her sorakae.png E and continue the aggression.


Tahm Kench


Tahm's got decent poke for a melee support and tank, but is easily kited. Focus on dodging his tahmkenchq.png Q and try to sneak pokes in on his carry - making sure you stay outside of range for Tahm's basic attacks and tahmkenchw.png W. At 6, watch out for any ambushes with the jungler if you and your lane partner are pushing the lane, and use Nami's amazing disengage tools to flee or counter attack.




Taric's only threatening if he can land his tarice.png E. Do your best to avoid it and then bully him and his partner hard with basic attacks and namiw.png W. When Taric casts his taricr.png ult, they can still be damaged up until the invincibility lands; if his ally is already weak, try to burn them down before they can go invulnerable. Otherwise, haste your team away and re-engage as it wears off.



threshe.png Flay is similar to your basic attacks' and namiw.png W's range, so be sure to poke Thresh at its maximum range. Punish him for trying to poke you, but stay vigilant - be ready to dodge threshq.png Q. Many Thresh players will try to threshe.png Flay into threshq.png hook to reduce the risk of missing, so be sure to kite the spooky ghost as much as possible. If Thresh tosses his threshw.png lantern backwards, haste away from the potential gank. Don't panic and overreact, though, as it could just be a bluff.




Vel'koz has some nasty poke with his velkozq.png Q and velkozw.png W. He is quite squishy, but reaching him may be a problem. Try to punish Vel if he gets greedy with his harass. Also, if he tries to channel his velkozr.png ultimate, break it ASAP with namiq.png bubble or namir.png ult. However, if his skills are on cooldown, take this opportunity to go after Vel'koz's carry instead.




Watch for Zilean's zileanq.png time bombs, taking great care not to get double bombed and stunned. He may try to slow down the bomb target, but you should counteract with hastes of your own. However, when they're down, Zilean is largely defenseless. Punish him hard. If he held his timewarp.png E, use yours namie.png to pressure and slow Zilean down, then go for namiq.png a stun. At 6, keep cool and play like normal - however, if you see his chronoshift.png ultimate go down, try not to kill the target and instead keep them low. Execute them only when the Chronoshift buff goes away.




The long-range nightmare support. Zyra certainly makes it hard for you to get in as your skills are too short-ranged to hit her reliably. Do your best to navigate around her zyraq.png Q plants and bait out her skills by (safely) popping seeds near you. Her plants make up the bulk of her damage, so avoid or pop as you see fit. Zyra is, however, incredibly squishy and your best opportunity is to either catch her by surprise with a gank or go aggressive at level 1 (while watching out for plants).

Synergies Back to Top

This section will be brief, but generally Nami works well with any ADC due to her flexibility (she can play the role of a lane bully or a babysitter). However, given Nami's tendency to play aggressively, you will prefer lane partners just as aggressive.

Preferred Marksmen:


These carries all feature a mixture of mobility and aggression in lane. You'll want to poke often with basic attacks and namiw.png W. Among these, I'll highlight 119.png Draven, 81.png Ezreal, and 67.png Vayne as picks with high synergy, but they're all strong partners.
  • 119.png Draven is aggression-incarnate. Help him secure a dravenspinning.png Q-empowered basic attack with namie.png Tidecaller's Blessing. Furthermore, you offer Draven disengage - something which he tends to lack.
  • 81.png Ezreal is a safe pick for whatever style of Nami play, but the two of you set up a disgustingly scary poke lane with the power of ezrealmysticshot.png Mystic Shot and namiw.png Ebb and Flow. You both also have strong disengage and offer Ezreal hard CC in the form of namiq.png your Q.
  • 67.png Vayne is perhaps an unexpectedly strong partner. This is due to namie.png Tidecaller's Blessing (and haste from namipassive.png) allowing Vayne to more easily secure vaynesilveredbolts.png Silver Bolts procs. In addition to this, you offer Vayne valuable disengage. Having access to two stuns in lane is just icing on the cake.

Preferred Non-Marksmen:

When the meta calls for a non-marksman role to be your lane partner, Nami doesn't really care. She just goes with the flow and can support nearly any champion well. Here are some ideal partners, though:
  • 30.png Karthus, 163.png Taliyah, and 8.png Vladimir all make for great magic-damage carries to look out for. Karthus and Vladimir may play more passively and farm up, which you can enable quite well. You're also able to play forward and poke with them while not overcommitting.
  • 39.png Irelia and 157.png Yasuo both make great partners as well. Irelia in general is just strong and can take advantage of your poke, and Yasuo has a bit of extra cute synergy on your bubble (namiq.png) counting as a knock-up for his ult (yasuorknockupcombow.png).

Playstyle Tips Back to Top

Nami's Playstyle:

267.png Nami is a versatile support, capable of both playing the role of a babysitter as well as a lane bully. However, she is best played as an aggressive support who pokes often with basic attacks (sometimes empowered by namie.png E) and namiw.png W.

Your team's carries are your top priority, so make sure to double back and peel off enemies.

QUICK FISH TIPS (with a few repeats):

  • When trading in lane, keep in mind that namiw.png Ebb and Flow does more damage if it targets an enemy first and does more healing if it targets an ally first (unless you have an absurd amount of AP). Therefore, you should treat your W as either a poke with conditional heal, or vice versa, depending on what the situation needs.
  • Cancel the attack animation of your basic attacking using namiw.png Ebb and Flow to optimize your lane harass. Generally, you'll also be in range of the heal-bounce if you don't back away as you cast it.
  • Cast namie.png Tidecaller's Blessing on yourself as your basic attack is flying towards its target. It'll consume one charge of the buff without need to wait for a new basic attack.
  • Speaking of namie.png your E, try to slow enemies with empowered basic attacks to land an easier namiq.png Aqua Prison.
  • Alternatively, keep your eyes peeled for when the enemy ADC will try to get a last hit on a minion and toss out namiq.png your Q to punish them.
  • namiq.png Aqua Prison will give sight of any enemies you stun. You can scout out bushes with this skill if you're worried about a potential ambush.
  • Don't throw a 2055.png Control Ward down in a bush at random. Use it to deny vision of common ward hotspots (see the Warding section. If you're unsure if a ward is nearby, use your 3341.png trinket if possible.
  • There may be times where you'll have to use namir.png Tidal Wave to initiate, even though it's awfully predictable. If you can save it, wait for the enemy to try to initiate and aim to disrupt them as much as possible.
  • Ctrl+4 or /laugh is your best friend when baiting enemy skills. It's incredibly obnoxious.

Roaming Back to Top


/roʊm/ (NA)     /rəʊm/ (UK)
  1. To move around the map with a purpose (e.g. pressuring a lane, taking an objective, warding, etc.)
  2. To waste time and piss off one's ADC

179.pngRoaming is an important aspect of playing League of Legends, and this is no less true if you're a support player. In fact, one could argue it's a vital aspect of playing the role. It's vital because it allows your team to effectively have two junglers. In less sensationalized words, roaming gives you the power as a support to impact other lanes and help carry your team to victory.

But before we start roaming, we need to know when to do so.

When is it appropriate to roam?

Ask yourself (in order of descending priority):
  1. Are there any opportunities? (Are any lanes overextended? Is Dragon/Rift Herald/Baron up? Did nearby wards expire or get cleared? Does your ally have CC? etc.)
  2. Will you roaming actually accomplish anything? (e.g. If you're trying to gank a 122.png 4/0 Darius with a 92.png 0/4 Riven, you're just walking into a double kill.)
  3. If you leave, are you putting your ADC at risk or preventing them from farming safely?
  4. Did you communicate that you wanted to roam to your team? (Seriously, use the 'On My Way' ping at least!)
Generally, if you answered 'no' to any question, you're likely not in a good position to roam right now. Otherwise, let's roam.


Oh, and remember:

You don't have to roam alone!

Roaming is a lot safer and has a higher success rate if you can pull another teammate along to help out (usually the jungler, but sometimes even the other solo laner may come).

Make sure to communicate with your team and try to see if they're comfortable with you roaming up to help them or if they can assist with a nearby objective. Even if you're just going out to ward the nearby area, just type a quick "warding" if you can. Some people may not want you to gank their lane, but you can simply drop a ward in the area.

Speaking of warding...

Warding Back to Top

The Art of Warding

tl;dr - look at the mini-map; ward early and efficiently

Anyone can just slap a ward down and call it "vision," but a support player will take warding to the slightly-higher next level. We will cross the boundary of what is and isn't truly "vision." We will make warding an art.

... okay, well, not really. But there ARE ward spots that will vary in usefulness depending on the state of the game. So many bushes and so many intersections, yet so few wards. Before we eagerly expel our ward charges, try to consider that to ward effectively, you must ward before things happen.

Think upon your experiences: have you ever had a game where you warded - only to realize you're now facing the enemy ambush? Any situations where you went "I wish I knew [person] was coming down earlier?"

Well, don't blame your teammates for not communicating - hone your map awareness and look for problems before they arise. This will become easier and easier as you practice it in-game, so try not to get flustered or frustrated as you play.

Lastly, warding will generally fall into either aggressive (proactive) or defensive (reactive) wards, though some outliers exist.
  • The overall idea is that aggressive wards are riskier to place, but reward your team with deeper vision (meaning your team can see where the enemy is moving in their own territory).
  • On the other hand, defensive wards are safer for you to place, but yield less fruitful information.

Ward Here During The First Minutes

You should generally communicate with your jungler during this phase. If your team wants to invade early, then aggressive wards should help (like at enemy buffs). Likewise, if your jungler just wants to start at their own buff, ward defensively to get information about any enemy movements.

Here are some examples of early defensive wards:

Ward Here During Laning

Ward 1 - This is a good aggressive ward spot for red team. As blue, you'd probably want a ward near wraiths instead.
Ward 2 - Aggressive ward for both teams. Great for spotting incoming ganks and dragon attempts. You can put it closer to the lip of the dragon pit, but be careful not to put the ward too far inside.
Ward 3 - This location is good for either team if they're trying to cover as much area as possible with just a single ward. However, doing this will limit the amount of time you have to respond to ganks (as it is closer to lane).

Try to avoid warding the lane bushes as it's often unnecessary due to the minion wave ebbing and flowing (heh). Some exceptions to this rule would be if you're facing off against 53.png Blitzcrank or 412.png Thresh.

Ward Here During A Push

I'm not going to detail every single possible tower and its corresponding ward spots, so I'll just use one example to illustrate where might be worthwhile spots.
Ward 1 - High value ward spot. Spots enemies leaving their base via gates, trying to flank from another lane, etc.
Ward 2 - High value ward spot. Same reasons as Ward 1.
Ward 3 - Moderate value ward spot. Common intersection for flank/ambush attempts.
Ward 4 - Moderate value ward spot. Same reasons as Ward 3. You'll have to make a choice between this and #3.

You can also choose to put a ward further back in the same lane as where you're pushing.

Ward Here When Taking Objectives

I'll use Rift Herald / Baron as an example, but these ideas can be applied when pressuring/taking Dragon as well.

When playing as the Blue Team:

C Ward - Deny enemy vision and make it riskier for them to approach. Make sure the Control Ward's radius covers everything in the pit.
Ward 1 - The infamous 'trick ward'. Covers an important bush. To ward from within the pit, aim for the top of the tree (like so). For Dragon pit, aim for the peak of the rock (like so).
Ward 2 - Gives vision behind the pit. Allows you to monitor enemies who want to try sneaky plays.
Ward 3 - Try to get this ward in as early as possible to reduce risk of running into enemies. Gives vision of nearby intersection.

When playing as the Red Team:

C Ward - Deny enemy vision and make it riskier for them to approach. Make sure the Control Ward's radius covers everything in the pit.
Ward 1 - A useful intersection to cover. You can move this ward further south into the bush.
Ward 2 - Another useful intersection to cover. You'll want to keep this ward south enough to see who's hiding behind the wall to the right.
Ward 3 - Depending on the enemy's location, having this ward as insurance against flanks is a good idea.
Don't let these examples be the only wards you place down. Use your head and judge what's safe or useful for your team in that situation.

Update Log Back to Top

2018-08-01 (Minor tweak)

  • Though Nami typically didn't need it, you can no longer start with a gold generation item and 2031.png Refillable Potion due to the item cost changes. RIP.


2018-06-23 (Minor tweaks)

  • Although the shield/heal nerf hurts Nami, fear not! She's as strong as ever!
  • Updated synergies section.
  • Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32 Manaflow was changed, but is still good.
  • The example rune page has been changed to include Revitalize.png?width=32 Revitalize.


2018-05-14 (Minor tweaks; I've been away for a while!)

  • Overall, no huge sweeping changes have hit Nami. Some Resolve tree options for added tankiness got hit, though.
  • Removed Knight's Vow from item suggestions.


2018-04-17 (Minor tweaks)

  • Updated items section: Sweeper gone, Oracles earlier. That's all.


2018-04-05 (No real changes)

  • Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32 Manaflow Band was changed and it's arguably better for us in the mid-/late-game. We'll also stack it fairly quickly. Still the rune of choice.
  • Updated items section slightly. 3190.png Locket's still good, just not as good as a rushed item (which it was never on Nami).


2018-03-07 (Minor tweaks; Banner's a great situational item, y'all)

  • Updated runes section. Conditioning and Chrysalis are both fine options, now that Iron Skin and Mirror Shell are gone.
  • Updated items section. When to start with coin has been made more clear and... oh my god... 2065.png Shurelya's is back after how many seasons? GOTTA GO FAST
  • 14.png Ignite is buffed! Aggressive fishes, eat your heart out.


2018-03-07 (Minor tweaks; Banner's a great situational item, y'all)

  • Updated items section to include 3060.png Banner. Even post-nerf, it's still useful for pushing and sieging, especially against pesky wave clearin' nerds.


2018-02-21 (Minor changes; in response to Patch 8.3 and 8.4)

  • Sorry about the lack of updates. Nami hasn't really been touched much lately, though.
  • Updated the runes section. Resolve is better as a splash thanks to the new rune, although (Perfect%20Timing.png?width=32) Stopwatch now competes with Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32 Magical Footwear.
  • Updated the items section. Replaced all mentions of 2301.png 'Eye' with 'Remnant'. Functionally the same, though. 3301.png Coin is now less bad, but still not nearly as good as Spellthief's.


2018-01-24 (Major changes: Kleptomancy and Item Changes)

  • Updated the runes section. Kleptomancy.png?width=32 Kleptomancy hit hard. Long live, Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32 Aery!
  • Updated the items section. Rest in peace, 2049.png Sightstone / 3092.png FQC. Item build diversity early- and mid-game just became a lot simpler.


2018-01-23 (Minor tweaks in response to stopwatch)

  • Updated the runes section. Specifically, Inspiration (both main and splash). Watch out for Perfect%20Timing.png?width=32 Perfect Timing.


2018-01-09 (Happy New Year! Minor tweaks in response to patch 8.1)

  • Updated the runes section. It's a small buff to those taking Resolve.


2017-12-30 (Minor tweaks)

  • Updated the playstyle tips and items sections. I am property of a Goddess Mari and her divine feet and shoes. I am nothing if I cannot huff the stank from her disgustingly worn in flats, or drink from her rancid socks


2017-12-24 (Minor tweaks)

  • Updated the runes section wording. Redundancy removed and reduced! Merry Fishmas, y'all.


2017-12-18 (Minor tweaks)

  • Updated title formatting. Version number, ho!
  • Fixed conjugation error with "express intent." Whoops.


2017-12-15 (In response to patch 7.24b)

  • Updated the runes section notes to reflect the recent nerfs to Scorch.png?width=32 Scorch and Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32 Manaflow Band.  Spoilers: they're still good.
  • Updated the items section to reflect more selfish defensive options late-game.
  • Minor update to wording in the Synergies section.
  • Changed title formatting to be more clear from a glance.

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