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Summoner Spells Back to Top


Why Teleport?

  • Early
  • Your job is to stack, so using teleport to farm without losing any creeps is a really good thing to do, and if your opponent outrade you then u can buy stuff to be able to keep ignoring him.
  • Getting stuff, like cdr and armor is really important to Nasus, so being able to buy really fast can help you a lot in stacking and is needed

  • Mid
  • Use your teleport to help your losing team(they really count on you when you are D Cane), and bring them to the objectives they can't take alone.
  • You can also TP to start taking some towers when your team is turtling(only if you think these newbies can hold without you)

  • Late
  • TP to take some towers or naked inhibitors when you know where the ennemies are or tp on drakes/nashors to put some pressure.


Why Flash?

  • Flash can be really useful if you know you will suffer in your matchup, it can help you to avoid some damages by just running away.
  • In fights when you have to do some damages, a flash/combo on the carry can be a good way to prove that your damages are insane!


Why Ghost?

  • I don't often use this spell but i have to admit that the wither+Ghost combo is one of the most OP thing in this game when you are about to chase a scary/pussy adc(hi Ezreal)
  • Running fast is cool

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

The Disrespect Masteries

  • This kind of masteries rock if you are a really good Nasus, you have to be 9000% sure of your capacities of carrying a bunch of monkeys who don't even deserve to breathe the same air as you.(yes you don't breathe the same air as them anyway but you got it mate, right?

  • Against Riven/trynda/put another stupid squishy champ here/ it is really useful, because of Stormaider's surge. You deal a lot to these champs, but their gay (no offense) mechanics allow them to run away from you, so you will just get a lot of speed to chase them to foutain, and if you decide to fight, the tenacity it brings is... op?

  • Of course if you see nautilus/leona/gragas, take grasp, will be much better i guess.

Abilities Back to Top


Why Q first?

  • Are you serious? I mean did you just get how this champ was working?

W or E second?

  • In most of the cases, you will max E for extra damages, and pushing your waves under the ennemy turret to avoid freezing from your opponent.
  • Up W is a good thing against matchups who really count on their attack speed or their movement speed, like Tryndamere, Riven or Jax.

About passivenasuspassive.png

  • You get extra liefsteal, from 10 to 20% increasing little by little
  • The reason of why you are not so bad in early...
  • ...And so big in fighting situations.
  • Works on qspell(if u see what i mean)

About Qspellsiphoningstrikenew.png

  • Qspell, also called siphoning strike is the main Ability of Nasus, and maybe the greatest ability of the game because it is limitless.(veigar does not count, that is not a champ, os someone with one R is not something that exists)
  • So how does it works? You have to kill the creeps using the Q spell, in fact Q gives a buff to your attack that gives you extra damages, and everytime you kill a creep with that ability you get +3 extra dmg, or +6 on big creeps or champs.
  • Q works on wards and everything that has HP, like malz's things, or yorick one's or illaoi's tentacles.

About Wwither.png

  • It slows people.
  • It's annoying and op.
  • Slow increase for 35 to 95% during 5 seconds, and your ennemy's as is reduced by half this amount.
  • To use on AD carries, they won't appreciate.

About Espiritfire.png

  • It reduces armor of people who  are inside the area created.
  • Does damages on cast then dmg on duration
  • In fight this is really useful combined with Q spell, and needed if you want to destroy someone.

About Rgodofdeath.png

  • You turn from The Doge to D CANE
  • Like mega evolutions on pokemon but better
  • You get three heads(or just get bigger if you are a poor peasant)
  • Extra life instantly and more range, and also deals hp% to nearby ennemies.
  • Hyper useful in 1v2 or 1v3 situations.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Hi Darius... Works gainst big ad opponents and your sustain is quite enough in ealy.
    Pretty strong because you deal more dmg to ennemies when you use it and it refills by itself everytime you back.
    Kinda strong, adds life and then you can buy kindelgem for only 400!! and that's not because it's on sales!!

Core Items

    These two itemes give you some tankyness and enough CDR to have an intense stacking phase from 10 to 20minutes
    Against ad matchups rush these items to stack armor and become impossible to kill
    SV will increase your sustain against AP matchups, and this is also a core item to nasus
    Sheen is a must-have, it greatly increases your damages on Qspell, and on towers. AND NOW CDR, PLS RITO U KIDDIN????
    In most games, ennemy team will try to control you, mercury's are must-have to reduce control's impact.
    Typical Nasus end game stuff

Situational Items

About main items


  • This is one of your core items, and this is often your only damages item.
  • CDR, AS, mana, HP, crits, everything nasus needs to be op, the ms passive when you hit someone is op too.

  • To rush against ap matchups.
  • CDR is op, regen too and it increases your passive, and gives you tankyness, a must have

  • The first item you will surely rush, to tank a lot and have the CDR you need.
  • Not much to say, but this is the main item of nasus, and it's not expansive at all.


  • Surely one of the most op item riot ever created, you go faster every time you go faster, and the damages are huge.
  • Tankyness, etc... just take this item after he three above.


  • Take it against heavy ap team, not my favourite but that is rpetty strong 

  • Nasus' nemesis is the crowd control, these boots will help you a lot, increasing your tenacity and your mr.

About situational items:


  • Icerborn Gauntlet will Increase your CDR, and the slowing effect can be useful in fights.
  • BUT do not take this item in early because you will miss lots of stacked creeps, the area of damages is pretty powerful and that's why u should rush sheen, and only finish this item in last, when you know you wont try to stack.


  • Dying is boring.
  • You will see that the ennemies will be scared about you when you got this item.
  • Take it if you see that the ennemies love focusing the doge.


  • One of my favourite item, if The ennemy team has tanky jungler, top and support this item will make them understand who they are trying to fight.
  • Not as strong as it used to be but still rocks.


  • Tryndamere, Vayne, Zed and Riven will suffer.
  • Ennemy team often do the mistake of taking a full ad team.


  • Nice regen and HP's, but it is not my favourite, even if i have to admit that it often works well.

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Early:
  • If he takes ignite, dont try to trade him, ask for your jungler help to kill him as fast as possible and take lvl advantage.
  • His regen is better than yours in trades.
  • Farming is easy if you dodge his E, and because he will push, just try to freeze with your pots.

  • Mid:
  • You start to outrade him and he will try to help is team.
  • Wither him if he jumps in in fights and he'll get useless, but his survavibilty is strong with passive+ga.
  • He pushes fast, always keep your tp up to counterpush.

  • Late:
  • Wither him in fights, and try to take him down fast, and dont do a teamfight if he has passive+Ga, try to catch him or go as 5v4.
  • If you did a good stacking job you violently outrade him, it will take a lot of time before killing him, but he cant kill you.



  • Early
  • Akali can't take you dow in early, so just stack and forget her.
  • Try to get 6 before her, this will be the moment where she'll be able to kill you.
  • Ask for one early gank.

  • Mid
  • She will roam, so if you think your team is as much adviced by your pings and are able to hold her, hardpush her lane.
  • Akali isn't a danger for you, but it is for the rest of your team.

  • Late
  • If she is fed, it will be really hard to hold her, if she isn't it is a free win because she will be useless.
  • Once u got as much stacks, just kill her again and again everytime she tries to trade, in midgame then she becoms useless in late.
  • Buy pink wards.



  • Early:
  • In lane Cho can be annoying when you are trying to stack, by using his bump or his silence on you when you approach a creep, so just stay safe and farm under tower for the first stacks, then it will become easier.
  • Be careful not to trade him level 6, because you won't have so much stacks and he does true damages.
  • Back fast when you have enough money to buy some mr and hp.

  • Mid:
  • He can't kill you, and you can't kill him, or you will waste a lot of time, just forget him.
  • In fights your wither is useless on him he will just flash/eat your adc, and you can't dodge his skillshots for your teammates.
  • Use tp to pressure lanes when he tries to group.

  • Late:
  • Your lategame is stronger, if he builds tank he will have no damages and if he builds ap your team ca os him.
  • Forget him in fights if he is tanky.
  • Your push is way better, try to keep pressuring lanes, and the ennemy team will just come to you(to waste their time)




(Don't pick Nasus if he picks darius(i mean seriously do not))

  • Early
  • He completely outrade you so play pussy, dont stay in Q or E range and everything will be ok.
  • Ask for an early babysitt, you will kill him every time, because he pushes and doesn't have escape.
  • Do not dance.

  • Mid
  • You will start to hold him in trades, just be careful not to let him ult with full bleeding stacks, because you'll die. For sure.
  • His passive counters your sustain.
  • Controls are more effective on him than on you.

  • Late:
  • Wither him in fights, and hope your adc can kite a 80% slowed ennemy.
  • You have better push, so use it.


Dr. Mundo

  • Early:
  • He can't deny your farming with stuns, or silences. Because he doesn't have.
  • Dodge Qspells and you will never be low health.
  • Don't get too close to him and just approach to stack.

  • Mid
  • Mundo isn't really strong in fights, he will just tank hard and won't die, but his control is't big.
  • When he roams, just push.
  • You can trade him but if he doesnt want to die, he won't so better let him do what he wants.

  • Late
  • In fights this is just a tank, when you are a tank who can do 800dmg each 2,4 seconds. Do u see what i mean?
  • He can't splitpush, you can.
  • Forget him, like a cho.



  • Early:
  • Fiora has early advantage because of her ad, just try to slow her every time she goes in, it will counter her E.
  • She will surely push, so try to freeze as much as you can.

  • Mid:
  • Thornmail can be a really good idea.
  • Ult everytime she does.
  • Try to wither him in fights, and if you trade her, bait her W with an autoattack.

  • Late:
  • Don't let her alone on top, her job is to push and get a high level, so stay with her, there will be a moment where u will be able to ignore her.
  • Don't let her breathe.



  • Early:
  • His lvl 1 is stronger, so just do not try to trade.
  • GP will use his Q to harass you, he will be out of mana really fast.
  • Ignore him, and ask for a gank if he has ignite.

  • Mid:
  • He can get easily fed with his ultimate, even if he doesn't move out of his lane and if your team sucks.
  • Only trade him if you think that this is the right moment, and don't let him push.

  • Late:
  • Try to take him down really fast then he won't be a problem.
  • He has no controls in fight that is a big advantage for you.



  • Early:
  • Just hope he missclicks his Q in lane then you can farm, if he doesn't play at turret.

  • Mid:
  • You can't really kill him so don't try... just keep stacking.
  • He will do useless roaming, so keep stacking and pushing.

  • Late:
  • Forget him.
  • Win the game.




Do not pick Nasus against gnar, and be sure that gnar is banned if you want to play a proper doge. really.

  • Early:
  • Outrades you.
  • Deny your farming by harassing
  • He can escape from ganks.

  • Mid:
  • He will roam and bring his team to victory.
  • Help your team and give ennemy team an ace.
  • Farm and push and maybe he will come to kill you and let your team alone.

  • Late:
  • He has three crowd controls.
  • You have 0.
  • I told you not to play this.



  • Early:
  • He can't deny your farming, or he'll run oom really fast.
  • He pushes and doesn't have enough damages to kill you.
  • Dance.

  • Mid:
  • You push faster, your only problem is his ultimate.
  • Between two stacked creeps, Give him a Q to show him who is the boss.
  • Push

  • Late:
  • Gragas is strong but your late scaling is better.
  • You can chose between helping your team or hardpushing is inhib.
  • If your team isn't retarded, i don't see how you can lose.



  • Early:
  • Getting close to a creep makes you lose 2/3 HP.
  • Stay at turret and pray.
  • You can stack his turrets...
  • ...but this is a really bad idea to get close to them.

  • Mid:
  • You will start to hold him if you rush mr.
  • You can't push if he is here, so that's maybe one of the matchups where you will need to help your team if you got at least 300 stacks at 20min.
  • In fights he is weak but a good use of his turret can be annoying.

  • Late:
  • He can one shot your adc with a good ultimate, and that is why you should have pick another champ.
  • Try to push if you know he isn't here.



  • Early:
  • Don't fight, like you use to do(or not do lol, u get it?) and avoid her from freezing.
  • Wait and stack as much as you can
  • Don't take any trades she will eat you.
  • wither.png her ireliahitenstyle.png and it will be nice.

  • Mid:
  • She will move so say the ss otherwise you will lose and get reported
  • You outrade her, completely
  • Keep stacking

  • Late:
  • Late depends on her feedness, she will be strong, or very strong, but if u make enough pressure, thats ok.
  • If you fight, wither.png her and focus her to protect your carries.



  • No real advices, this is kinda the same as Irelia but in easier, wither.png when hejaxcounterstrike.png(these images are great it is really intuitive to ppl who can't read properly)
  • You have more dmg really fast and he cannot kill you if you stay safe.
  • Dance



  • Hard mu because it has great damages and range
  • Stay safe and rush armor, there will be a point where he wont be able to kill you
  • just use W to hold him outta range
You are better in late but if he got fed he will be horrible in his roaming/siege phase and your team wont hold him.



  • Out of meta pick but if she plays against you, ask for ganks and destroy her lane, then you will be ok for a while.



  • Dodge is the key to the win.
  • He will teamfight and is very good at it so don't try to face him when you group.


Lee Sin

  • I don't see what could happen if you just don't take his Q spells.
    So dodge them



  • Medium matchup because her harass is intensive and she pushes hard so in early it's quite impossible to freeze.
  • With some mr it is free matchup for you



  • Same as mundo, etc... just farm and don't stay on lane with low hp and mana if he has ult, the dmg are often unexpected.



  • Mundo, malph, etc, that's the same




Nobody takes my cdr/ls runes, so you will just stack way faster than him, and just freeze everytime you can to deny him as fuck.

+go play in ranked srsly



  • Axes do alot dmg in early but he has to use his mana, so look for it and see when you can farm or not.
  • His E is a joke, and every other abilites to, so be safe.



  • Just ask for jungle help because he will destroy you in early.
  • Once he is in 0/5 you should be ok.
  • When you want to q him, wither then use autoattack before the Q to make sure he has no shield.



  • New poppy is really annoying because of her passive, so wait, and never get near to the walls.
  • You can't really kill you but she can't either



  • Be careful to his rage, because the W renektonpreexecute.png is completely broken and will kick your ass really often, in fight you may want to wither.png him, to protect carries and prevent his mobility



  • Zed-like matchup, just don't die in early and it is ok.
  • All the sites which say that riven counter nasus are bad sites, riven sucks against nasus, you can "not die" but you can't kill Nasus, never.
  • Be careful to her roaming which is pretty good



  • Surely too much harass to handle before you get double mr items.
  • So be careful



  • this mu depends on the ryze player skill, if he is good, well have fun waiting your t1 to fall
  • if he is bad then you can free stack(and it's all you want, don't you?)



  • Same as all the tanky toplaner who deal great dmg but not enough to kill d cane



  • Don't die level 3 and it will be ok, her dmg are insane but with a right stuff you win
  • her teamfights are pretty bad so if she moves it is op for you



  • Just hope this is a proxy singed and rush armor to tank the creep
  • If it is the proxy singed you will just free stack and maybe reach 600 at 20 and become a monster



  • Easy mu, same as maokai, mundo etc... they deal lotta damages but can't kill you
  • Just farm and say ss for his ult



  • If swain plays well he destroys you, if he is bad and spams his mana to farm, you will free farm
  • Anyway, don't take Nasus vs swain



  • pretty hard matchup but just stay at your tower and hope he takes some hits by the turret then you can even kill him
  • Ask for early help from your jungler to destroy teemo
  • Rush mr 



  • Play safe in early and try to make him push
  • Once he has lvl 6, just slow him if he R on you because his R is completely broken.
  • Without his R you outrade him if you have enough stacks



  • Don't die lvl2 if he has ignite
  • enjoy free elo
  • one one side you got a splitpusher, on the other side you got another one but one can one shot the other.
  • tip: you are the one who os the other






  • He completely outsustains you in early so wait for him to use q on creeps to stack
  • stack mr, don't even go cdr in early, just big mr and it should be ok
  • You will outrade him in late if you play right




He can't kill you in early so you will freefarm

but be careful about his ability to destroy everyone in fights, just farm and push




Like zed, it is very easy if you don't take too much dmg in early




This isn't often played, but:

  • be careful, he can harass a lot so stay safe
  • dont even fight in early
  • you can stack his monsters but it's very hard to do it




Nobody plays zed top atm, but if someone does:

  • you destroy him as long as you dodge his spells in early
  • when he ults, slow him and wait.
  • say ss because he will try to roam

Nasus combos Back to Top

The E+Q combo

  • Well, when you use E then Q you do alot of damages, combined to the sheen you MUST have very early in the game.
  • Your E reduces armor so try to hit the ennemy as much as possible once he's inside it, use your Wwither.png to make sure the ennemy stays in the area.
  • Use autoattack+Q to make your damages bigger as long as Q resets your aa timer.

The /dance combo

  • spam ctrl+3 everytime you can it scares the ennemy.
Erm, i'm afraid thats all...maybe 4.png+siphoningstrikenew.png can be considered as a combo too. lol.

When must i pick Nasus? Back to Top

Never, that's a bad pick

  • Hehe, that's indeed a pretty bad pick atm unless you're really good at it.
  • You need to have a good vision on the game, because there aren't any real mechanics like high speed canc..combo by riven, or dashing like a pretty skilled person between creeps like canc..Yasuo.

Can i first pick Nasus?

  • Haha, no.
  • Make sure to know who is your opponent before taking Nasus, the worst thing that could happen to you is getting countered.

So what do i need to pick Nasus?

  • First of all, you need a team with great depusing/siege power, because you will try to splitpush so your team must be able to hold 4v4 or 4v5, orianna, ahri, sivir fit perefctly in this role.
  • You need to be confident in your pick, if you cry min 2 because you can't farm then play vladimir.
  • You need to ask for an early gank if it is possible, the goal isn't to kill the ennemy but to make him lose some xp and allow you to farm easily for a while, then you begin op.
  • Ward a lot, i'm not a good warding player but i played so much toplane that i know when a gank is coming so i am very careful and i do useful wards, like tribush, or deep in ennemy jungle to know when you have to go back.
  • You need a good vision of the game, to know when to split or when to fight, but if you play well you will never have to fight.
  • Never go in a real 5v5 fight, Nasus is strong in 3v3 or things like that but in real fight you will get rekt.
  • You are not someone who can engage, you can come by behind if you want but you aren't a real frontlaner, you are like a not-ranged ad carry who tanks as hell but can't really tank.
  • If you don't see what i mean in the last part, then it's no big deal.(in fact it is but nevermind)

Early game tips Back to Top

What is my job as Nasus?

  • As Nasus, your job is to get strong enough to be able to help your team in mid/late game. These 5 newbies really count on you, because they know that your skill will bring them out of bronze.
  • Be really careful when you pick Nasus, look the matchup section for more infos.
  • Your only way to deal damages is to stack your Qspells, by last-hitting minions(or weak champs) with it, this spell reset autoattack, so use autoattack+Q to be sure to deal enough to get the creep. The job of your opponent will be to deny you from farming these creeps.

How to do this?

  • Always rush your lane and try to get one creep or two as fast as possible(stack one of them) then just stay in xp range and look at your opponent pushing.
  • You will miss lots of creeps in early, but this is needed .
  • As fast as possible, try to freeze your lane by tanking minions damages, in early your lifesteal is sufficient to let you stay alive if you just constantly autohit one creep, if you are tanking.
  • Rush CDR, that's the only way you will stack faster, your stacking phase goes to 2minutes to 20, if your team rocks and can hold even 4v5 you can stay 10 more minutes farming, but be sure they can do it alone.
  • The number of stack at these 20 minutes has to be between 350(very hard matchups) and 600(yasuo)if you want to be helpful to your team really fast.

Mid game tips Back to Top

How can I help my team?

  • The 4 feeders of your team will permanently ask for help and crying because "Nasus no help report", just mute everybody in the game, except the ennmy toplaner because you have to taunt him as soon as possible.
  • In midgame, most of the toplaners are going to help their team to do the dragon, when your opponent does this, you have two choices, Helping them or pushing, at 20minutes you are supposed to have your sheen, just look the minimap, if you see that the ennemy toplaner is at drake and you don't have enough time to come, just ignore your team and ping the top turret, and destroy it by spamming E+Q on creeps.
  • Never forget that your Q works on turrets, that is why Nasus is one of the best splitpusher, potentially THE best.
  • If you do this pushing job when your team get rekt, try to push as fast as possible, then the ennmy team will maybe try to go back, if you take two turrets in less than 40 seconds, you can consider you did a great job.
  • Keep an eye on the ennemies and tp on your mid/bot turret if you think they want to push it, of course if they are 5 this is suicide, so just look the situation, and dont forget you have a great tanking potential, and depushing too(E is op).
  • If you decide to help your team, wither their carry and try to zone him, your E+W+Sheen combo can make every squishy very low, and if you see your carry getting zoned, dont forget to wither his opponent, people must say "D Cane" every teamfigh in /all which means you are doing nice.

Late game tips Back to Top

And now this is won?

  • In very late, you are either very strong or strong. Being very strong depends on your farming and can grant you the win because you will have enough damage and sustain to be godlike in fights.
  • Stay with your team, they need you to show them how to play, just depush with them and follow their(stupid) moves.
  • If you see that your team has great depushing power, like orianna and that the third tower is open, with a wave of creeps from your side, just tp and destroy turret+inhib, ennemy team will have to chose between diving or going back, if they dive, you can end the game, if they back, you can take inhib, and then go away, or maybe die but it won't be a problem.
  • Keep withering the carry, and focusing the squishy ones, try to make the ennmy team focus you, taking a Nasus takes a lot of time and then your team will be able to damage others.
  • Always keep a ward between ennemy's lines, then buy Homeguards and do a flanking when they try to fight.
  • If you do an ace and you stay alive, you will be able to end the game really fast.

About the farming Back to Top

What is a good farm as Nasus?

  • Many people say that you must have around 180 creeps around 20minutes, but it is different as Nasus, your farm doesn't matter, your stacking does.
  • Consider you made a great job if you have 400 stacks at 20, just take this as a goal and everything will be fine.
  • Always let your kills to your jungler, because it will be worth for your team, indeed
    Let jungler take kill>jungler gets fed>jungler gets items>jungler ganks other lanes>other lanes won>Nasus solo carried the game by letting a kill.
  • Of course, if you can stack the ennemy don't let the kill.

Some other tips Back to Top

  • Buy Nasus Infernal skin, the argument of snoop's dance is enough i think.
  • If your toplane matchup is easy and you have like 200stacks at 11min, just spam your dance between all stacked creeps, and go near to your opponent to do this dance, he will try to kill you, then just Q him and go back to stacking.
  • When you want to end fast, get 400 stacks, push your lane, go under the ennmy turret, wither him and hit the turret. Just the turret. If he keeps fighting you, EQ him and let him go away(but force him to flash it is funnier)
  • Speak with your opponent, saying "friendly?" or "if you touch me one more time i swear to god that i will f*ck you next time", makes the soloQ much more intersting.
  • If you die by taking a turret+inhib, say "wurf"
  • Don't hit inhibitors when your team is with you, just last-hit it when it's around 800 hp, the ennemy team must be scared about you.
  • You can stay all the game in your lane, but only if you do a yasuo match-up, with 600 stacks at 20min, all ennemy team will come to you and you'll be able to win 1v3, and the rest of your team will do the usual sh*t to win.
  • Go full ad if you got a leona/nautilus in your team.

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Who the hell are you to tell me how to play???

  • As you can see, i'm nobody, just a regular toplaner in platinium.
  • My highest rank was plat 1 last season.
  • My main is Nasus since s3, when i started to play ranked games, and i always had a big winrate with this champ.
  • I only play toplane in ranked games, and only stupid champs.
  • I have enough experience with Nasus to tell you some of my tips in this game, this champ made me climb up the ladder from bronze 4 to platinium.
  • I have a skin on Nasus.

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??/04/2015: Guide created

02/04/2016: Guide FEATURED!!! Thanks lolking for the support !
25/04/2017: Trying to improve guide
Later: Video/Guide with Nasus(big project)

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