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Summoner Spells Back to Top

21.png: I take barrier in 90% of my games because I love the all-around versatility of it and baiting potential. There's really no situation where barrier is inferior to another summoner spell, with the exception of cleanse in rare cases.

14.png: Ignite is great in lower elo's where you can actually kill your lane opponents, and is nice vs melee lanes where you have kill pressure. I have never used this summoner in diamond. 

12.png: Teleport I'm not a huge fan of personally but is still a strong choice and can really payoff sometimes if you have good map awareness. I just don't like how once the laning phase ends, you pretty much are missing a second summoner spell since TP is useless in combat and the only situation you use it in is to split with big minion waves. If you are going top however Teleport is necessary. 

3.png: Good summoner vs assassins/bruisers who have strong all-ins. I take it vs champions like Zed, Riven, Akali, Fizz. Exhaust also scales really well into lategame teamfights and dueling. 

1.png: Great situational summoner spell, and unquestionably the best one in the game against some teams. I usually take this VS Annie or TF especially if they have other hard CC on the team. You don't necessarily have to be laning vs someone with hard CC to take this if for example they have a Sejuani jungle and Leona support. 

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Basically all the masteries are self explanatory except for the 1 major difference; going for Deathfire Touch instead of Thunderlord's Decree. 

Deathfire Touch is IMO what makes AP Midalee viable again along with the RoA and Morello's buffs, and it synergies more with Nidalee than any other champion in the game. It adds a .25% AP ratio to every single spear, regardless of range, and a .25% ratio to your traps. Since your Cougar form is primarily used to execute/finish people off the DoT burn is negligible but to reiterate, DFT ADDS .25% AP RATIO TO EVERY SPEAR. Legit 25 damage for every 100 AP. At ~220 AP this effectively reverts the Nidalee spear base damage nerfs in pre-season 5(lost 60 damage on max range, level 5 spear). And at your 4 item powerspike (RoA, Morello, Dcap, Void), it adds about 150 damage to each spear and trap. This is about 30 less damage than a Thunderlord's proc, but you can't proc Thunderlord's without putting yourself into danger and you can't proc it multiple times. Lastly the 7% magic pen from the ferocity tree is better than the 8 flat magic pen at level 18 or the extra 5% CDR(I rarely get max CDR anyways unless I have blue buff) by a lot on a lategame scaling champion like Nidalee.  

Edit: Been trying out putting 2 points into meditation and 3 in merciless when I don't build a RoA or Athene's for the extra mana; overall I like it a lot and highly suggest it(but only if you build Morello's and not RoA or Athene's!). 

Abilities Back to Top


Your ability at level 1 depends on matchups, and honestly personal preference. I like Q first vs weak laners so I can pressure them with a spear, W against champions with skillshots that you can pounce away from, and E is just a good safe option. I find I start E more and more, but ultimately it is up to you. Just make sure to have all 3 abilities at level 3. At level 4 I ALWAYS take a second point into E, since level 1 heal is 45 HP for 60 mana while level 2 heal is 85 HP for 75 mana, a huge difference in mana efficiency. Also you have zero kill pressure pre-6 and very little kill pressure until ~level 9, so getting more sustain early so you can farm easier is better that getting a bit more damage on an ability you almost never use anyways. Next max Q, then finish maxing E, and lastly max W, and OFC put points in your ultimate whenever possible. 

In some lanes I max heal instead of spear first. These are lanes against champions with a lot of kill pressure + poke, like LeBlanc and Zed(good Syndras, Katarinas, and Viktors I sometimes max heal first against too). I don't max heal generally vs champions that have low poke but a lot of 100-0 burst like Fizz and Akali since your heal isn't going to do much against their all-in. Honestly though, you can put as many points into your heal as you feel you need, since you don't really land spears during the lane phase anyways and even if you did most of the damage comes from your passive + cougar form in the early game, not the spear itself. 


Max R>Q>E>W but put two points into E before maxing Q. If you are having a hard time in lane/in a difficult matchup you can max E before Q. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Always start this, it is so versatile with the offensive 15 AP and the defensive 60 HP. Also the mana regen is really helpful for more heals in lane.

Core Items

    RoA is 170% cost efficient at max stacks (compared to a Rylais which is only 100%, or Luden's which is 85%) and gives literally all the stats Nidalee wants. Morello's is in a similar boat, very cost efficient (and very cheap!), and gives you 20% CDR to really keep the spears flying and heals coming. Sorcerer boots are to take advantage of Nidalee's high base damage.
    Your big ticket damage items, Deathcap nearly doubles your damage and Void staff makes you hurt tanks, and makes it so they can't just meat-shield the spears.

Situational Items

    Good 1st or 2nd item when vs a hard AP laner like LeBlanc, or when vs 3 magic damage sources.
    Most common last item, also good item to get early vs AD assassins or all AD comps. Against the likes of Zed and Talon I usually get this after RoA and skip Morello's entirely (and get CDR boots to make up for no CDR).
    Get this if you didn't get Morello's 100% of the time, or if you really need your summoner spells on shorter CDs + want max CDR.
    Decent last item if you don't need Zhonya's. Really makes your spears chunk, a max range spear on a squishy with Luden's can kill them from full HP(if you're full build). The 10% movespeed is great too.
    Alternative last item, I've never actually bought this but I guess it would be nice mixture of AP and tankiness.
    These are the 3 defensive items that are good on Nidalee, as a last item of course. Guardian Angel is if you need to be an assassin and dive in. Spirt Visage is if you're against a fed AP burst champion or if you are vs a heavy magic damage team(the 10% CDR and 20% increased healing is amazing too). I get randuin's vs all AD teams.
    I'm actually a pretty big fan of Dark Seal on Nidalee since its so cheap and if you get a few stacks with it gives a nice amount of AP. Very little risk for anywhere from a small to large reward. Mejai's on the other hand should almost never be bought unless you are pubstomping.
    Decent item sometimes vs all AD teams. Very very very rare that I actually get it though, but some Nidalee players like this item and its kite/auto based playstyle.
    If vs AP laner and looking to go the poke mage glass cannon build this is a strong alternative to Morello's. It gives substantially more mana regen and MR for survivability in lane at a higher cost and 20 less AP.
Always start Doran's ring two potions.

A / means interchangeable and/or situational build order, but always complete all of the items before moving on to the next stage of your build. 

Midalee has 3 general build paths:

General build path: 


Vs AD Laner or all AD build path: 


Spear bot glass cannon build path:
 3041.png this item can be built if you are in a team with a lot of peel/big front line and you just want to be a literal spear bot. If you are building it get an early dark seal and upgrade it into Mejai's when you have decent stacks. 

This last build is something I've been experimenting recently with and I've come to like it a lot when I'm laning vs an easy match-up, and my team is dive oriented (i.e has a lot of tankiness and CC) or the enemy team is dive oriented because either way you can land a lot of guaranteed spears. I don't suggest using this build in ranked until you have a lot of experience with Midalee because it is extremely squishy + no catalyst makes laning harder and much more dependent on skillshots. 

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

Introduction Back to Top

Hiya! I'm GetLeBonked and my smurf, DntLeblame, is a Nidalee 1 trick pony that currently has a 68% winrate in diamond 5 ( A little half of my games are as Midalee and I really enjoy her and more importantly think she is very viable in that position. Midalee might be the champion for you if you are looking for:

  • A passive laner with a very strong midgame and strong lategame
  • One of two champions who combines poke, 100-0 burst, and mobility, the other being LeBlanc. Nidalee puts more emphasis on poke while LeBlanc the burst. 
  • A champion with a potent heal
  • A shape-shifting champion like Elise or Jayce. 
  • A mechanically challenging champion with a lot of outplay potential

Why play Nidalee mid? How is it strong? Back to Top

The preseason 6 changes contained huge indirect buffs to midlane Nidalee. Deathfire touch was added, and since her spears proc the full .25% ap ratio on it, her spears actually do the same damage they did before the nerfs in season 5 at ~220 AP, and obviously do more than they used to at more than 220. Additionally RoA got buffed, which is honestly an amazing item on Nidalee. Catalyst gives so much sustain in lane with its passive + high base mana giving more heals. Also Morello's got buffed, which is another fantastic item on Nid. With those two items complete you have 200 AP, essentially unlimited mana, 20% CDR, and 500 HP. Your midrange spears now do ~475 damage, and max range nearly 700. And you heal for 300 on a ~9 sec CD. Nid's mid-range spear damage with RoA, Morellos, and Dcap is 260 + (1.05 * ~490 AP w/ runes, d-ring and masteries) = 780 damage. So with 3 items, mid-ranged spears are hitting for almost 800 damage. Lets compare this to other poke champions like Ziggs, Lux or Xerath. Their main poke ability's have .6-.75 ap ratio (mid-range nid spear is 1.05 with DFT) and 240-255 base damage(Nid's is 260). And they don't have the heal for about 450 HP at this point(205 + .5*490), or any mobility, or the assassination/dueling Nidalee has. AND this is a mid-ranged spear, not the max range nuke that does 390 + 1.45% AP. All in all, Nidalee is downright abusive with the synergy she has with the buffed Morellos and RoA + the new DFT keystone. Heck, DFT actually even makes her traps do damage now, since it makes the total AP ratio a mediocre .45% from the measly .20%. Lastly the overall meta favors Nidalee, since a lot of her hard counters in lane aren't popular anymore (Syndra, Annie, Katarina, Fizz, Diana, Talon), and the hard lanes that are popular are much more manageable because of Catalyst rush and Abyssal + Seeker's Armguard buffs. Also since bruisers and tanks are currently dominating the top and jungle meta poke mage Nidalee has easy targets to hit and kite, and overall poke compositions are regaining popularity with the addition of Rift Herald, 2nd Dragon giving increased damage to towers, and the popularity of siege oriented ADCs. 

Laning Phase and Matchups Back to Top

Lolking is bugged for me right now and I can't use the match-ups section for some reason, so instead I'm going to explain Nidalee's laning phase here. 

As Midalee you always need to keep in mind you are not a strong laner by any means and instead your strength is in your skirmishes, poke + heals, and grouping with your team. Nidalee is a very good farmer however and can easily clear waves after level 6 with sustaining herself with heals; she also clears jungle camps faster than any other mid. 

Easy/Free farm matchups:

These lanes you should have no problem getting 10cs/min and scaling into mid+lategame. Many of these matchups you also actually have kill pressure in post-6 by playing aggro in cougar. 

Skill matchups/Even lanes: 

Generally speaking by even lanes I mean that you should be able to match their CS the whole game; you have next to zero kill pressure against these champions if they are your skill level(some exceptions though are Yasuo, Veigar, Katarina, Ekko, Diana, Akali; these matchups are very dynamic and snowbally on both sides). 

Hard lanes: 


Some of these are quite a bit harder than others, namely the assassins and burst mages. All-in all your goal in these lanes is to not die, keep up reasonably in CS, and make plays with your team once you have RoA. 



These guys are complete and utter counterpicks and should be avoided/banned if possible. In both matchups I always max heal and usually rush Catalyst then Negatron cloak for LB or Armguard for Zed before finishing my RoA. They have immense kill pressure on you and if they do get ahead, have an arsenal of tools to snowball the game. Hard times. 

Spear damage at powerspikes Back to Top

This math accounts for optimal runes, masteries, and starting items(equals anywhere from 32-52 AP). It does not account for situational AP buffs, like Baron, Dragon, Blue, champion abilities ect. The first number is mid-range spear, the second is max range. Lastly, since some of the powerspikes differ in gold, I added the AP of an Amp Tomb or Blasting Wand to make them equivalent in gold value. 

Level 9 w/ 3010.png: 314, 465

Level 9 w/ 3027.png: 399, 581
Level 9 w/ 1056.png+3165.png: 415, 603

Level 13 w/ 3027.png+3165.png: 525, 755
Level 13 w/ 3165.png+3089.png: 630, 900

Level 15 w/ 3027.png+3165.png+3135.png: 608, 871
Level 15 w/ 3165.png+3089.png+3135.png: 743, 1057

Level 16 w/ 3027.png+3165.png+3135.png+3089.png: 898, 1272
Level 16 w/ 3165.png+3089.png+3135.png+3285.png: 1001, 1381

Level 18 w/ 3027.png+3165.png+3135.png+3089.png+3285.png+2139.png:1160, 1602
Level 18 w/ 3165.png+3089.png+3135.png+3285.png+3157.png+2139.png: 1132, 1563

For those interested, jungle Nidalee's spears:

Level 9 w/ 1410.png: 399, 564
Level 13 w/ 1410.png+3027.png: 509, 723
From here the builds get too variable and situational. In most cases Nidalee jungles don't have the luxury of building a Deathcap until their very last item if at all, and generally Void Staff is not built until later too. (Conventional items for Nidalee jungle are 3001.png,3157.png,3025.png,3065.png. At least one of these is always built, and often times 2 are). 

What skin should I use? Back to Top

Let me just say I'm so glad you asked. 

I personally only use 3 skins, and each one has their pros and cons. These three are superior in my mind to the rest in aesthetics, intimidation factor and overall awesomeness. Here they are in order of how frequently I use them:

3rd: Snowbunny. This skin is an all-rounder; it has a decent intimidation factor to it since it is seasonal, while also having fantastic human form aesthetics. The spears are relatively inconspicuous and IMO the second hardest to see of any Nidalee skin (but a very distant second). This skin just has a very clean and sleek feel to it. 

2nd: Bewitching. If it wasn't for the fact that Bewitching Nidalee had the most obvious spears and spear throw animation of any Nidalee skin it would be hands down the best Nidalee skin. It as everything going for it; its legacy, so you cannot purchase it anymore and the only way to obtain it now is through mystery gifts, (very) rare events and hextech crafting. With its rarity compared to other Nidalee skins comes an implied message of mastery and intimidation. The color theme and bats that fly around Nidalee are so spectacular. Lastly, holy shit the cougar form has a little hat. It's actually adorable as hell and by far the best Cougar form of any skin. 

1st: Headhunter. TBH, I don't like this skins aesthetics much at all; sure its pretty badass, but to me it portrays Nidalee's persona incorrectly. Also, the cougar form's animations are bit overdone and the pounce sound effects are kind of distracting. Nevertheless this skin is the best try-hard Nidalee skin simply because it legitimately gives you a combat advantage. Her spear is without a doubt more difficult to see as is the spear cast animation. All the other Nidalee skin spears are yellow and have a highlighted outline making them stick out on the background terrain, but Headhunter's spears are dark gray and very difficult to see especially if you aren't looking for them. 

Season 7 Update Back to Top

I took a 6+ month break from League and only recently started playing again. A lot has changed and frankly patch 7.3 was the worst experience I have ever had on a single patch except maybe the Juggernaut rework patch. The lethality meta is absurd and playing Nidalee is miserable, they all counter you and kill you on sight. Thankfully patch 7.4(current patch) and upcoming 7.5 have alot of nerfs for the lethality champions and items. 

Anyways, so what has changed? 

Overall, I think Nidalee is in a slightly worse spot than she was when I left; all the nerfs intended for jungle Nidalee feel pretty rough. Pretty much all the reworked assassins counter you, especially LB, Kat, and Talon. All 3 of those lanes are hard counters. Additionally Corki and Jayce are staple picks now and also counter you.

I will say that I discovered RoA->Lichbane is a really strong build now, almost always better than Morellos. Definitely try it out. 

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