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Summoner Spells Back to Top

No real deviation from this. No other options are really viable. 

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Masteries Back to Top

This is the all around best page for Nocturne because he needs the extra burst from thunderlords. Now strength of the ages is pretty OP right now but Thunderlords is still kind of necessary to maximize burst. but i often take strength of the ages vs really squishy comps that have high damage that make it difficult to survive in a fight after assassinating your target.  

Abilities Back to Top

This is the standard skill order for Nocturne. You want to take W second because it gives passive attackspeed and also really protects against invades. For example lets say you are doing your normal clear and lee sin comes in you can W his Q and instantly win the fight since that is his main gapcloser and damage ability. You also put another point into Q before you even get your E since you are using the level 6 by 6 minutes clear which you should be using since it really is the only reason nocturne is strong right now in my opinion, but ill talk more about that clear path later. Now on to an explanation on why I max what skill When: Q because it is your main damage ability and has the most benefit when maxed first, E second because it increases both the damage and the length of your fear quite significantly, And W last because it yields the least benefits of your abilities when maxed since it only gives small amount of passive attackspeed and lower CD for spell shield. 


Umbra Blades

Nocturne's Passive is probably one of my favorites in the game. it gives Waveclear,Burst, and helps immensely with clear  (as well as giving you a bit of health back on hit). His passive does 120% of your total AD as a basic attack in a aoe. This means that because it scales off your AD you want to Q first to maximize the damage that it does both while clearing jungle mobs or dueling. Qing first before you hit with the passive allows you to do around an extra 60 dmg with a max rank Q while on the shroud. 



Your main ability provides a lot of damage itself but being on shroud gives 50 AD a max rank which allows you to outduel most champions that cannot kite you. 

A main mechanic to Nocturne is being able to cast his Q mid flight while he is ulting. Due the the AD that your Q gives it increases the full damage of your combo significantly by about 80-132 damage depending on the rank of your Q. To pull this off you want to be casting the ability right before you make contact with your ultimate. This is a major part of playing Nocturne and you definitely want to practice doing this as much as possible until it is second nature.


Shroud of Darkness

Your only defensive ability in your kit. The spell shield gives Nocturne massive outplay potential and makes baiting your enemy into doing something really easy. Also Nocturne's spell shield is actually the longest in the game at 1.5 seconds which is longer than Sivir's shield and Fiora's riposte. Nocturne's spell shield also gives passive attack speed (20% at level 1) which is why you want to be taking it second to maximize our clear speed, said passive attack speed also doubles when you block an ability. As for using the ability you want to be trying to block main CC abilities of champions some of which are much easier than others, but doing that often just comes with experience. The spell shield also has the capability of block every CC effect in the game ranging from a standard Morgana binding to Azir wall and Janna ultimate. I feel the strongest part of this ability is the fact that you can block an ability that the other player heavily rely's on, this usually catches them off guard and easily allows you to pick up the kill. For example i've found Azir is one of my favorite champs to face as Nocturne because they rely on their wall so much. The second they see you ulting them they will throw their wall in your direction and then using spell shield you go through it and instantly kill them, often times they will hesitate to flash because they felt safe from the wall, allowing you to pick up kills you often should not be getting.


Unspeakable Horror

A really strong ability which gives Nocturne amazing dueling power. it requires a 2 second channel to fear your opponent but at max rank provides a 2 second fear. A really strong CC ability that can heavily punish other duelists who stay in your melee range. Once feared you also gain a massive 335 movespeed buff when walking towards feared targets which allows you to get ahead of targets that you believe are going to try to run away once fear finishes.



Now this is what makes Nocturne. A nuke with semi global range that removes all non self given vision for 4 seconds on enemies. Using this correctly in conjunction with your other abilities allows you to one shot most carries faster than other assassins. It is also your main ganking tool. Now early game is lacks range significantly meaning that for the most part you want to be ulting from behind your own tower into the lane to avoid wards. As you rank the ability up the range grows significantly which by max rank turns it into a semi global gapcloser. Now the thing I love about this ability is the fact that unlike Rengar it gives no indication to your target that you are coming, it just tells the whole map you are ulting. This means that you can even ult when not in range of anyway to scare enemies out of a dive or objective. I really love it because it fits his theme so well and is a really versatile ability. It does have a hefty cooldown though which is why you want to be rushing 40% CDR with items and runes as detailed in the rest of the guide.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Best start since you really dont get too low in the jungle if you are clearing correctly therefore you don't need the more gold efficient normal pots
    After First clear of basic camps

Core Items

    Get this every time. You want to finish boots before ghostblade to maximize CDR
    Maw if vs heavy burst AP. Dusk if they are light on AP or if their ap is not much of a threat to you
    4th item if you are vs all AD Get Steraks or Randuins if you are getting popped in fights and need the early defense. If not get duskblade
    5th item-Randuins is a better item right now therefore you want to get it unless their team has 0 crit then get DMP
    6th item- pretty situational i more often then not get steraks but depending on your comp you can get these other options

Situational Items

    Both are viable if you don't feel like you need the tank stats. But with the runes I listed you will go over CDR cap so you might want to get swifites if you plan on getting tri
    Get when you are full build, sell boots and get this.

Matchups Back to Top

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Has amazing peel and makes it really difficult to kill the ADC making him one of the harder supports to deal with. 




top tier jungler and toplaner right now, hes difficult to kill but his current tank build means you wont be really targeting him anyway




Can outpressure you pre 6 and can invade you




By a massive margin your worst matchup. I ask her to be banned or ban her myself every game, it is very hard to kill someone before she can react and her ult can just remove you from teamfights entirely.




Literally free kills, I often just farm these guys like creeps without flash jhins will die no matter what


Lee Sin


Can out pressure you but not nearly as hard as the other two listed. He can also invade but because of spell shield you can often outduel him




Also can out pressure you Pre 6. If shes good shes brutal, but if she isnt you can often kill her very easily and countergank against her.




By far the hardest ADC to kill, she can block your ult which is a huge amount of your damage and then kite you with her ult which makes her extremely difficult to deal with.


Tahm Kench


Can eat the enemy adc before you can burst them, very annoying. 

Introduction Back to Top

Hi, My name is Dankdanio and welcome to my Nocturne guide. Nocturne in my opinion is one of the strongest junglers right now and in the right hands can singlehandedly dominate games even at the higher elos. So who am i well im a low Diamond nocturne main and ranked 25th Nocturne in NA according to lolskill, I would call myself a onetrick pony considering i play him so often but i do play other champs from time to time. The intention of this guide is to teach you indepth how to play nocturne. But before I do that i'll start off with what makes Nocturne strong. So Nocturne in essence right now is a better Rengar, I really liked nocturne before the Rengar nerfs but right now Nocturne for the most part out performs Rengar in most cases. Hes similar to Rengar in the sense where there is just no counterplay because he does immense damage and can ult from miles away. Nocturne fits well in the current meta and using the level 6 by 6 minutes clear he can often dominate games with his ult. 

25th Nocturne NA.png

Pro and Cons of Nocturne Back to Top

-Huge Damage, great bust assassin but has excellent dueling potential with fear and Q
-Better Rengar than Rengar
-Massive Pick Potential
-Heavily punishes mistakes at all elos but especially effective at low elos
-Great outplay potential with spell shield
-Literally 0 counterplay when fed

-Weak early game can be outpressured by many top tier junglers right now
-Long ult CD early gmae
-Lacks good intial CC
-Weak without gold
-Falls off super late game

Jungle Route/Early game Back to Top

So for Nocturne you are going to want to do the level 6 by 6 minutes clear.
Here is a video from Scrapcomputer detailing the clear path: (Again not my video)

After doing said clear you are going to be wanting to pickup 2 longswords and Blue smite then head bottom and check for a gank. Usually if your bot isnt super behind and has good burst/CC you can get a double or at least burn 3-4 summoners with a gank. Jump on whoever is lowest even if it is the support because free kill is always better than no kill. From there you just want to look for easy ganks while ult is on CD and if there is none just powerfarm and look for counter ganks. Once ult is up again try to do the same thing bottom but if there is no opening head to other lanes. 

Big tip: Communicate with your team about your ultimate, Constantly type in chat when its going to be up and where you plan on heading with it. This allows your team to prepare and follow up on your ganks

Mid Game Back to Top

For Mid game on Nocturne you want to be looking for a squishy who is alone preferably without flash or another defensive summoner. Using the build detailed above you will most likely one shot them or at least get close to it. Ulting on someone with full summoners is fine since your ult has about a fourth of the cooldown of a flash or heal. 
Also Nocturne can solo dragon extremely easily with his high DPS from Q and autos as well as the spell shield being able to block dragon auto attacks. If you see the enemy jungler show somewhere away from dragon you want to clear dragon to make sure there is no wards and then quickly kill it. For the most part you should not need teammates but be mindful of bottom or mid laners who leave lane to kill you.

Late Game/ Teamfights Back to Top

Late game is where Nocturne falls off but hes still an immensely strong assassin with great vision denial and aoe with his passive. Often you want to do one of two things depending on the situation. You either want to catch someone out who is alone and kill them quickly to make a 4v5 or wait until your team engages and wait out CC then jump on the enemy carry or whoever is low that you can kill quickly. You have to be careful though because if you are full build you are still not as tanky as other champions. 

Heres a good example of Nocturne's teamfight power. Even though this looks like a once in a lifetime thing this actually happens pretty often on a smaller scale just due to the immense amount of aoe your passive gives you in fights.


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