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Flex points:
Fury and Sorcery - Personal choice as I love faster attack animations, and, while your abilities provide a lot of damage, I feel like 2% just isn't enough to pass up free attack speed. That's a playstyle choice though. Pick it yourself.

Savagery and Wanderer - I like last hitting, I'm not perfect so I need a little help wherever I can get it. I don't really roam enough every single game for Wanderer to be worth it. If you find yourself roaming at least 4 times a game then maybe Wanderer is for you, because you won't really be last hitting that much. Always keep an eye on your CS though, if you're not getting at least 80 by 10 minutes, and 150 by 20 minutes (-15 per kill you get) then you need to start focusing on CS a little more

Precision and Intelligence - Are you going to snowball this game easily? Take the CDR. If you're not 100% sure though, it's probably a good idea to get Precision. Like I alluded to in the runes section CDR is a win more stat, not a comeback stat. You need to snowball for it to be worth it.

Special mention:
Fervor and Thunderlord's - If you get attack speed then Fervor might be the right choice for you. It depends on how fast you need to kill your opponents. If the answer is "instantly or they'll get peel" then you need to take TLD because Fervor only breaks even at around 3 attacks which is normally too much in a teamfight for it to be worth it. In addition to this, the 3 hit combo with Nocturne in the lane is very easy to do. Q-AA-E/AA is a nice combo and doesn't take very long to do, extra harass is very important so I prefer to take TLD.

Special-er mention:
Stormraider's and Thunderlord's - If you like having fun boy is Stormraider's the mastery for you! Seriously, if you're ever bored of Nocturne for a while just try it out, It's definitely not as good in the laning phase, but if it's a normal then it shouldn't matter that much.

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One of my favourite passives. Lots of sustain, nice bit of bonus damage.
Pushes lane - This lets you farm and roam whenever you want.

Nice sustain - You can normally get 50hp at least from it, this lets you recover a lot of HP in the long run.

Extra damage - I'll go more in depth into the finer points of the abilities later, but this is important.

Pushes lane - Double edged sword, if you push you get ganked. It's also dangerous to dive someone under the turret once you've pushed them in. You can't control it either apart from hitting only 1 thing with it, but even that's difficult to do

Sustain is all melee - This is important to remember, if you use your pots and then get poked again you can't go in to sustain without dying. Use pots after you're low not once you take a little damage.

Main source of damage, the AD boost combined with the base damage make this a dangerous spell to enemies of all shapes and sizes.
High base damage - Lets you build slightly tankier and still deal decent damage with this spell
Gives a big AD boost - 45 AD is absolutely not to be scoffed at. Scales with itself too, if you're standing on it when it hits you get bonus damage from it

Large AD ratio - 0.75 of your total ad? ridiculously strong. 400 AD means 300 bonus damage, lets go boys.

Mobility - 35% movespeed and ghosting means you can orb walk effectively on a melee champ. Don't let anyone tell you this champion is easy.

High mana cost - Not quite "high" but it's high enough that you can't spam it in lane. It's dangerous to use it as hitting from a distance because if you need to do that it means you can't run up and hit it yourself, which means you're too low to farm, which means you should go back.

Pushes lane when you don't want to - Like I said just now, you can't last hit with it or it pushes your lane, and if you need to use your q to farm from a distance you're already behind and using it will just push your name more and cause you to fall further behind

Shroud of Darkness - Because "Shroud" was too short:
If you're bad it's a free 40% attack speed steroid at max rank, if you're good it's the script button. For real tho, is there any other kind of shroud? Shroud implies darkness.
It's a spellshield - Probably the strongest type of defence in the game. On a squishy champion it completely alleviates your biggest problem -> getting 1 shot
Steroids are legal - 20% at level 1, this does wonders for your attack animation I used to get nocturneunspeakablehorror.png level 2 but I just can't do it anymore, the attack animation is my drug.

Mana - the very fact that this costs mana means that it's one less nocturneduskbringer.png that you could be using. Using it in lane sounds like a great idea because you can come out on top of almost every trade if you block the right spell. The chances of this happening though is almost entirely on the player. You need to be a god to make Nocturne mid work at a functional level, you better get praying.

Cooldown - The main reason I level it, apart from the attack speed, is the cooldown. From 20 to 12 seconds, and with CDR from 12 to 7.2. Trust me the difference between level 1 and level 5 is big enough from the cooldown alone to level it up to max second.

Even if Nocturne had no E he would still be playable:
Says more about this ability than it does about Nocturne. Seriously, this spell is so strange. It feels so weak but it's actually so... no, just quite strong.
It helps proc TLD - In the early game this is about as good as it's going to get. Only use it pre-6 for two things, escaping, and killing. Don't use it in trades unless you can't proc TLD and you need 1 more hit.

CC is long when maxed - This (and the next point) is probably the only reason that it's even remotely useful. You can use it on someone when they have Zhonya's up, then it will proc just before they get out of Zhonya and so you have ~1.5 of beating on them for free.

Mana - Much like nocturneshroudofdarkness.png, when you use this in trades you're essentially giving up long term damage for short term shields. You have to look at the lane in the long term to decide whether to use it. When are you going to go back? Are you going to need the mana for an ult q e combo later? This all must be thought about before using nocturneunspeakablehorror.png and it's part of what makes 56.png so hard at a high level.

Short duration before maxing - 1 second is so weak for something that takes 2 seconds to charge up. Seriously
Negligible damage - Sure, it's nice, it's an auto attack. But when it's broken instantly it's just a waste of mana, and no damage is even dealt.

Very easy to waste - It's point and click, you just want to use it because you're all inning someone right? Yeah probably, the problem is people will just save their dash/cc for this and it will be a big waste of mana.
Mana goes up when you level it - 5 per level, not that big, but 80 mana is quite a lot when you can use it every 7 seconds if you want.

The Tears Button:
Either the enemy ends up dead and curses to all known deities about how Riot can allow such damage to be left in the game, or you end up sobbing alone in a corner as the enemy walk away with most of their health...
Damage - In all ins, this is where the majority of your burst comes from. The AD scaling on it is huge and the fact that it cannot be dodged means that sometimes it's worth it to just ult someone on 100 HP and then fight the person next to them rather than trying to hit your Q on the low health person.

Map pressure - Sweet mother of roams this ability is strong at map pressure. In the early game as soon as you leave your lane red flags go up everywhere, the enemy team knows that someone is about to get one-shot. The map pressure only goes up as the game goes longer. From level 2 onwards it becomes a "I'm 2 screens away but you're still dead" button. From level 3 it becomes a "I'm split pushing and you're still not safe" button. There's never too much range, pls buff again Rito.

Vision - Vision is the most important thing in the game, without vision you cannot make the correct decision. This ability removes the opponent's ability to make correct decisions for a short while as chaos ensues and the supports try to gather up their carries and suddenly you end up going for the tank who dies in 2 shots as well.

TELEGRAPHED - The only fair part of this ability. There's no way that the enemy doesn't see it coming. They have ample time to get ready for the strike. This is important as sometimes you should use it from behind them even if they're going to flash away as soon as you land on them and you want to be behind them already so you're closer than they want you to be.

Cooldown - You get 2 ults in the early game, 3 in the midgame, and 2 in the lategame. If you fail one of these you lose the game 75% of the time. Good luck. There's no coming back

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Starting Items

    Standard start. You need mana, you need sustain. Doesn't really matter about the matchup this will always be a good item to start with.
    Aggro "I don't need mana" lane.

Core Items

    90% of the time this is the core. Highest damage combo in the game (probably) for how cost effective it is.
    BC is a very strong item in the current meta. Low cost, high damage, high CDR. Perfect.
    This is kinda weird, I personally don't like it too much but who am I to argue with the great Korean Nocturne Midlaner himself.

Situational Items

    Defensive item suggestions
    Offensive item suggestions
    Crit build. High sustained damage.
Starting items:
This is a list of the items that you should start the game with, while not all of them are equal they can all be considered depending on how you think the game will play.

2033.png - Standard starting item. This item gives you all the mana you need to be on track to farming your Tiamat as soon as possible. It gives you the option to use your abilities more liberally in lane which can sometimes be more important than the AD given by long sword.

1036.png - Lets just say you hate free mana and you want to go aggro in lane. I'd probably get this against matchups that fight from level 1 onwards, and that I can easily first blood like 157.png and 105.png as the AD will definitely make a difference then. If you do get this please get the biscuits though, they're really tasty. Free mana.

1055.png - What's the point of sustain if you have to be high health to use it? Lifesteal is not a good stat in the early game no matter the way you look at it. In a winning lane you should just get long sword and get your core faster. In a more standard or losing lane you should just get the potion instead. Do not buy this item for midlane Nocturne.

Core items:
These items are items that I feel are the strongest on Nocturne and should be built almost every game. Something to note about all of them is that they are relatively cheap and have easy build paths. You will always be able to buy something when you go back no matter how small it is. This is a contrast to some of the more expensive items listed in the "Nearly-Core" section

3077.png - A 1200 gold core item, we have it good don't we? This item is all you could ever want from an item so cheap and more. It gives you moderate AD and a little HP regen (if you haven't forgotten) but we all know that's not the real reason why we get this item. It's for the Passive and Active components. The passive is a free autopush that combines skill of proper positioning with the required game knowledge to know what to do afterwards. The active is a free auto attack reset, a large burst of damage, and a range extender to help you last hit. It really does it all. Never delay this item.

3142.png - Nocturne is probably the best Ghostblade user in the game. Every part of this item screams Nocturne so not getting it would just be a mistake in my opinion. Sure, it's not core in every Nocturne build, but that's just because it's an all-round item that bolsters him in every way, sometimes specialised builds need specific items in order to function. Still 3200 gold for such an amazing item is too good to pass up.

3071.png - Since the most recent buffs to this item it has become a core item in most of my builds. It gives 50 AD, 20% CDR, penetration in extended engagements, and a really good movespeed boost. It's super cost effective and it gives enough of everything to be worth it. Sure the % penetration isn't great on Nocturne due to his lack of being able to proc it reliably but that is just a bonus on top of the already delicious black cake.

Nearly-Core items:
These items fall short in just one or two areas while still being solid situational picks that can be bought most games to high degrees of success.
3147.png - I had such high hopes for this item. I really wanted it to be the next amazing item that was good on Nocturne while meaning other assassins got nerfed because of it. Much like the old rageblade. Unfortunately, it ended up being entirely mediocre on Nocturne. While it does give a large AD boost, and the armour pen is really nice. The passive ends up being way too counterable and too hard to use effectively. I will always consider this item, it's just that others do more.

3074.png - Some people like to rush this after Tiamat, while this isn't bad, it's just not as good as Cleaver. It gives no CDR, and my that point in the game you're starting to need it in order to be relevant. The laning phase is now over, you are only useful for your ult. That said, the 75 AD is nothing to laugh at, and combined with a 3812.png it makes it almost impossible to die lategame as you will lifesteal too much.

3812.png - Speak of the devil it's my favourite item in the game. Much like 3147.png though, it just doesn't do enough for me to consider it core. I used to rush it after 3142.png but I just found myself to be lacking a bit in certain areas. Item actives are great on Nocturne, this one doesn't have one. Meh. I rarely get this item now because getting 40% CDR is so easy that I just pass it up.

3036.png - Another used to be core item (back when it was 3035.png). Now the item is great against tanks, but there are better items if you're against squishies. Definitely get one if tanks make you cry which, you know, they should. That said, you really shouldn't pick Nocturne against a team of tanks though. This should be in most full item builds as even in the lategame most item builds get at least 1 armour item so the damage bonus is really nice.

3153.png - Yet another used to be core item, man I'm on a roll when will it end. The old build back in season 4 was 3142.png3153.png3035.png, but man, times have changed. They removed so much AD from this item it barely resembles its former self. The attack speed is nice, the damage is a bonus, and the passive is ok, but the main reason to get this item is the active. Suddenly, champions that used to be able to escape you with a simple dash can no longer escape at all. I usually get this item against teams where their main carries are impossible to kill without it. due to having too much mobility.

3078.png - Part of the 6 item final build, but at least now, I would never get it before that. It gives pitiful ad for the cost, and the burst just isn't there. Besides, one of the passives is wasted if you have a 3071.png. Sure, the attack speed is nice, and the CDR is solid, but there are just better items for these things. I'd rather have a BorK for its utility/versatility. The burst it provides is nowhere near enough to justify its cost.

3046.png - Some people like to build Crit-turne, I am not one of those people. Their arguments for this item, however, are quite convincing, and in a Crit-turne build I would definitely get this item. All the stats given are very useful to you, the bonus MS is amazing, the huge crit is great for the build, and the attack speed is incredibly high for such a cheap item. While it may lack burst compared to the other 3086.png items, it more than makes up for it in other ways.

3053.png - My personal favourite way to round out a build, with a defensive/offensive item. It gives you great statistics for the cost, and a massive shield that ensures that you can at least get your full OS combo off in teamfights. If you're ever stuck on which item to get next, maybe this is the right choice for you. It gives a good mix of tank and damage and unless you already have a 3155.png it's almost never wrong to get it somewhere in your build.

3155.png - Specific matchups require specific answers, and this is one of them. Some matchups make you pull your hair out with frustration. While I'm not saying that this item will prevent that, I am saying that it will certainly make it a little more manageable. While it does delay your core by a hefty amount I feel that it is indeed worth it sometimes to get this item because:
1. If it stops you dying then it's no longer delaying your core, because the death would have delayed it just as much.
2. It's not a bad item stat wise, even if it does delay your core.
If 3156.png ever becomes core on Nocturne then expect this item to be built every single game immediately after 3077.png just because of how good the item is in the laning phase.

3026.png - The best "actually defensive" defensive item. No health? No health needed. I've consistently found this to be the best defensive item for Nocturne, and probably for most champions right now. The stats are okay, but the main reason you get this is for the 2 lives. While you're respawning the enemy squishies can't move up for fear of you murdering them. This is a super underrated part of the item as it actually acts sometimes as an offensive item due to the sheer amount of fear of moving up experienced by ADCs and mages. Of course, that is just a bonus on top of what has already been said about this item.

Other items worth mentioning:
While not core, this is a rather extended list of items that I have either built in the past or considered on various occasions. They should always be in the back of your mind because sometimes they are the perfect item.

3065.png - Against all AP teams this is the item to go for, along with 3155.png and 3156.png. Again, every part of this item is fantastic for what you buy it for. The HP and MR are obviously for tankiness. The CDR is just a nice bonus on top of what you already have. The healing bonus is also amazing as normally magic damage teams only have burst and without sustained damage you can survive their burst and lifesteal up to full quickly.

3748.png - Special mention to Titanic for being underratedly strong with full tank builds. If the enemy team is full AD and they have carries that I can't OS like 67.png then sometimes the best thing to do is just to go for the core and then go full tank. This build gives you great stats against AD and still lets you be a huge threat to the carries with the huge burst from the active of Titanic.

3143.png - Can be built as part of the full tank build mentioned in 3748.png's section, but can also be built just as a 5th/6th item to counter AD teams or specific champions. Buy this against 157.png and suddenly the 1v1s become trivial. Most ADCs crit lots now so this is a great item. On top of the stats and passive it also has quite a nice active which slows down enemies in a large AoE. It's like a defensive 3153.png in this respect as the actives both fulfil the same purpose. For this reason I'd advise against buying them both in the same game.

HE2QnhK9zjYnjdqlOzFcWvJwSETnU2P6AjqEhE8k - Specifically only buy this if you have at least 1 health item built (No mfmG1I_Zqc1vwgCLIpomkoX9pLdpJA8DxoAN1-jg does not count). Its stats scale better the tankier you are so if you get this item you should also be building at least 2 more tank items which basically should be your entire build after your 2 core items + boots. Also, consider how much the enemy team will actually be auto-attacking you. Sometimes, because you're building tanky if you're even considering this item, the enemy team will just not focus you (at least not with auto-attacks). It's just not worth it to build this item if you're not going to be hit in fights as part of the gold spent on this item goes towards the great passive.

USGwl1A05HSUajDpf_mKXTWkrBchSsV-eL9Q2kc0 - I find it rarely worth it to upgrade this item from u-rBxJe9alhza2ge4eYeO4d_AHbNpNR5_coblsvU but sometimes it will be. This is specifically if you're facing a mostly AP team and you're finding yourself a bit slot-capped when you've already built a jh3_EqrNsuT5gKvvZG4VJH6G6dnVeoMvZq1g86oW. It's not the most gold efficient upgrade anymore after they nerfed it a little but it's still a very solid item against the right teams. At times the armour pen given is also a major factor in the game so it must also be taken into consideration when you're building vs a magic damage team.

W4kaid26PePRcNwy6g9lFwhGLKC4avAutjjQ4MmA - I generally steer clear from this item because I just find it to not be that useful as either an aggressive defensive item or a straight defensive item. Aggressively it's not actually that good because you scale so well from AD and other damage stats that I'd rather just build an actual damage item. As a defensive defensive item it's.. just not great. The stats for the cost really aren't worth it. That said, there are a few situations that I would consider this item. Against a full AD team, I start building defensively but then start snowballing: After this point the movespeed on it actually becomes really useful because when you're ahead moving around the map quickly is a very valuable stat as you generally dictate the flow of the game (especially on uq2rCnlaK5HPoW4CEFPhq0Xryvej7uoBLI3RrdGI).

9dsJ8UuYCw50-flMJuHgrI13DvJiODbR3yIyP75S - Oh boy I'm gonna have a field day talking about this item in its own section.

C3BqSYWdueDdnIQLS4IaJwJGGpER81Ubca3vvonf - Can replace B7tHrybmRGcwysUVQEN-J_fwjvewg9Iq9bDPoH5W against AD teams if you feel like you won't need the armour shred from the Cleaver. I haven't actually tried it but my good friend Zedism (the only other NocMid main I know) says it's a good idea and I trust him enough to at least mention this item. As with all my suggestions, try it out, let me know, decide for yourself if you think it's worth it.

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Ahri is a champion that I've always hated playing against, but not because she's unfair. She's just too forgiving in my opinion. In the same vein, she's not the hardest champion to lane against, it's just that her incredible safety means it's hard to snowball against her.

Pre 6: Dodge her ahriorbofdeception.png, don't ever have minions in between her and you unless you're dodging her charm otherwise she'll be able to ahriorbofdeception.png you and minions in the same cast
Post 6: Try to bait out her ult and flash, both need to be down for you to have a good chance at killing her, it's nice to call the jungler over sometimes to blow these as you can't do it alone very well.

Spells to nocturneshroudofdarkness.png:


Aurelion Sol


Stay close to him when you fight and he don't do nothing




Just stay back and farm pre 6

post 6 you have to nocturneshroudofdarkness.png his wall when he ults you
get jungler to pop his flash




one of the hardest matchups possible

good luck




prepare to get poked super hard

pop his e before you dive him




hard counter, not that bad in lane but after that she's just so hard to play against if she knows what she's doing




block her q

all in after she uses w




don't stand behind your creeps or you'll get hit bylissandraQ.png

blow her lissandraE.png before you all in her




almost impossible, hard counter in lane and in teamfights




hard to survive in laning phase, hard to kill post 6, can rush Zhonya without batting an eye




does more damage than you can w through

hard to burst down




I once beat Flame's Viktor playing Nocturne mid when every team came to Europe to play at worlds. Trust me, this is not a lane that you can go autopilot in.

Pre 6: It's not hard, it's just... boring. You'll push, he'll farm. You can't really pressure him because he has so much range.
Post 6: Go for a kill if he ever uses his viktorgravitonfield.png, can be done even if he has it it's just that timing your nocturneshroudofdarkness.png to that is really hard, plus you want to save it for one of his damaging spells because he might just murder you.

Spells to nocturneshroudofdarkness.png:




winnable, nocturneshroudofdarkness.png his zedR.png when he first uses it and you win all ins

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