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2 years ago

Nunu Statistics for Raddatatta

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Basic jungler summoner spells. You could go ghost if you wanted instead of flash but I'd recommend flash. 

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

These are my favorite masteries for tanky junglers. Strength of ages is really good for jungers as you stack it quickly and it's free stats. Otherwise you want tankiness and sustain. I like Runic affinity as buffs last longer on you from blue to red to baron buff. Nice little boost. And I also like expose weakness as with cinderhulk and your ult you'll do damage to a lot of them but you are not the carry, this increases the carry's damage. 

Abilities Back to Top

nunupassive.png Every 5 basic attacks you get a spell that costs no mana. So keep autoattacking in the jungle (its a good idea anyway) and you get some extra mana sustain. Pretty basic don't need to worry about this. 

consume.png This ability is why he is the best farming jungler in the game. Your ganks are meh at best but your jungle clear and objective control are stellar. You have extra true damage to monsters and minions and it heals you. You max this first for the extra damage and heal. Once you max it it does 1000 True damage to monsters, so it does more than smite will do for a while. Use this to secure dragons and barons. The cooldown is pretty low so you can use this regularly in the jungle. Also now it has a stack system. When youve used it 5 times you get a % increase to your max health, and a movement speed out of combat buff. Both very nice make sure to keep it up at 5 when you can. 

bloodboil.png This is nice for farming and objective control and teamfights. It gives you and a target ally a boost to attack speed and movement speed. So the best use of it is on your adc in teamfights, when you're pushing towers, or objectives and they can attack faster and kite better. But it's not worth maxing it first but get it as it has a nice buff. It also can help you chase people down. 

iceblast.png This is a nice tool for you. It's your only real ganking tool and it's not great but it's something. It also slows attack speed too so use it on the enemy adc in teamfights. It also does good damage in the jungle too to help your clear. Max this second. It also has a very good ap ratio if you pick up a tanky ap item that can be good or if you want to troll build and build ap this works nicely with that (although prob don't ranked with it but it's still fun). 

absolutezero.png Nunu has a very weird ult. He does a TON of damage with it, if you channel to the end. If not it doesn't do all that much. But you don't have to land all the damage to have this ult do work for you. First of all it has a huge attack and movement speed slow. Then it has the threat of a ton of damage which means the enemy team either has to get away, which is hard because of the slow without buring flash, or disrupt or kill you by focusing you, which is perfect as you're the tank they never want to focus you. But you do enough damage they they kind of have to, you can't be ignored. Also the ap ratio on this if fully channeled is 250% so even a little ap really does a ton of damage. It works really nicely if you can hide and do most of the channel in a bush and have them come up into range on their own etc. Also a great zoning tool as they can't really go into your circle of death. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    This is my standard start. You are mana hungry so you need that, and I like getting hunters potion on most junglers including him so you can just always sustain and be healing and getting mana back.

Core Items

    You can go either way on this. I like trackers so you get more vision, but you don't have a lot of ganking tools so stalkers blade gives you some help there so that works too. Depends on playstyle.
    I prefer mobies as he needs to farm and get around quickly, but if they have a lot of hard cc or a lot of ad then the two other boots work nicely.
    All good but it depends on the circumstances in the game on which you build when. But go tank. Look at the passives and actives too as those are important.
    Both of these are good on him as they help you split push. When you buy them put them in the side lanes (cannon or caster minions for banner) and keep an eye on what the range is for zz. Then you push another lane. This makes it so they either have to go deal with the side lane pushing and be down a player or let it push and get a tower. It also gives you a lot of free gold.
    Both of these are very good against multiple or fed autoattack reliant champions, such as Yi, trynd, yasuo, and most adcs. I usually won't get them if they don't as it doesn't give you health which is universally helpful. This does nothing against an ap champ but is very good against autoattackers!

Situational Items

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Nunu Jungling Back to Top

With any champ know and play to your strengths. Nunu's is farming. You can sustain and keep farming indefinitely. So you want to be the one who farms your jungle, and the enemies, and gets the objectives. This is how you get ahead and snowball the game. You don't have great ganks but you can always countergank. This is the reason nunu is so hard. If you want to play him well you have to invade and countergank, and sneak objectives all of which require tracking the enemy jungler and paying attention to where he is etc. This is why I usually go trackers knife for the extra vision. Also make sure to get those vision wards try to set them up for your lanes. 

Just because your ganks aren't the best doesn't mean you can't gank. You can go in with your e and try to get a kill, maybe burn a flash or who knows get a kill. It even helps just to apply pressure to prevent the enemy from going all in on your laner. Your ganks work even better if the lane has some cc of their own. 

Late game you want to get in the middle of a fight, and ult. Then get focused ideally. Also make sure to use your w on the adc (or other autoattacker) so they can do some more damage and you get all the assists!

General jungling advice: 

When one of your lanes gets behind usually people tell you to camp for them. This doesn't work very well. If they've given up one kill then it's not a bad idea go for it if you can. But when you go into a lane against a 6/0 champ with your backup being an underleveled 0/6 champ the two of you are going to lose and maybe give up a double kill. So often I see junglers struggling against these fed champs when the real way to win is get another lane or champ ahead. Snowball somewhere else, that works much better than trying to maybe get a kill against someone way more fed than you are. 

Farm up! Secure and steal those objectives! Have fun!

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