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Summoner Spells Back to Top

As Orianna has no escapes in her Kit, she needs the mobility of Flash to either get out of a dangerous situation, reposition in teamfights or to secure a kill. Pretty standard choice for an AP-mid carry. Ignite is the 2nd choice to finish off enemy champions.

With Patch 4.5 the buff to 7.png Heal makes this summoner spell really viable. Not only that Heal is providing you with a 30% speedbuff after Usage, it as well removes the debuff from Ignite. Hence, you should consider Heal over Ignite in Lanes where you need that extra safety. 21.png Barrier on the other Hand is a MUST HAVE against burst champions like 103_64.png Ahri or 134_64.png Syndra.

To sum it up:

  • My first choice in a lane where I have a high kill potential on my opponent is 14.png Ignite.
  • If I have to face a lane where I need the extra Protection, I take 7.png Heal or 21.png Barrier.
  • 3.png Exhaust can be useful as well to mitigate Ultimate Damage of a champion, for example 157_64.png Yasuo.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

This is the one and only build I am going with Orianna. With the changes in 6.9 you need that extra manareg and longer lasting blue buff duration!

Abilities Back to Top


Here's where the opinions are wide spread: In my opinion maxing Q over W is the right choice as the lower cooldown on Q makes up for the less damage it deals compared to W. In addition, I love to reposition the ball in a fight as often as possible. Another thing is, if you miss your Q and you can't follow up with your W or even miss it, you will be out of spells for a long time where you basically can't deal damage.

That's why my skill order is R>Q>W>E.

Another crucial point is the answer on "what is the best skill to start with"? Well, the answer isn't that easy as it depends on many factors:

  • If you need that extra vision level 1 to check brushes, you will want to start with Q.
  • If you face a harass heavy caster like for example 101_64.png Xerath or 115_64.png Ziggs, you will want to start with E as the defensive stats and the shield will be just superior to avoid early harass.
  • It's pretty obvious, but NEVER start with W as you can't position your ball without Q.

One more thing to mention is, as an advanced Orianna Player and in higher elos, you sometimes should consider giving some more points into E before maxing out W if you have to play a little bit more supportive for your team. But as I said, that's more for advanced games so you have to experiment with it on your own.

Now to the abilities: In depth explanation on how to use the spells in the section

"I came in like a wrecking ball: The Lady of clockwork!"

Clockwork Windup (Passive)


This is your passive Ability and it is very much needed to make up for your low base AD. Your basic attack is empowered by an additional magic damage with each hit, based on your level and your Ability Power:

Deals 10/10/10/10/18/18/26/26/26/34/34/34/42/42/42/50/50/50 + 0.15x Ability Power as bonus Magic Damage

The important part about this passive is, that subsequent attacks (up to 2 additional attacks) within 4 seconds will increase the damage by another 20%. That's why you should always try to get 3 AA's down on your enemy for maximum damage output.

The power of this passive is easily calculated. Let's say you have a solid 500 AP. Your AA's will be empowered by 50 + (500 x 0.15) = 125

That means, if you land 3 AA's on an enemy within that timeframe, you deal 125 + 150 + 180 = 455 extra AP damage (not mitigated against Magic Resist)

tl;dr Do not stop auto-attacking while casting your ball around the enemies as you will waste a lot of Damage!

Command: Attack (Q)


Deals 60/90/120/150/180 + 0.50x Ability Power as Magic Damage

This spell has the lowest cooldown from all of Orianna's Abilities and is your only way of locating the ball wherever you want it to be. On max level with 30% CDR you can reposition the ball around every 2 seconds. That's why I am maxing it first over Command: Dissonance (W). Once you hit that point in game where you can reposition your ball like crazy, it makes a lot of fun to play Orianna. Especially when you have 3116_32.png Rylai's Crystal Scepter.

People who are playing Orianna when she first hit the League will remember the incredible high range on her Q. Back in these days it was near impossible to catch Orianna due to that high range. Riot noticed that this range was to OP and lowered it to a medium range.

That's why your first step is to have the range of your Q in your mind all the time. If you do not need to think about "am I in range to place the ball on that spot" you will be an overall good Orianna player. So learn it!

Another thing about your ball is, you have 3 range Indicators once the ball left your head:

  • Green: Your ball is inside or on the edge of the casting circle so you can reposition it with Q without big movement.
  • Yellow: Your ball is medium outside of the casting circle, meaning you can move the ball somewhere near yourself without moving or away of yourself with the need of a medium reposition.
  • Red: Your ball is far outside of the casting circle, meaning you can move the ball somewhere near yourself without moving or away of yourself with the need of a huge reposition.
  • For all cases the following applies: You can always use your W, E and R, no matter how far away the ball is!

If you are already in the red indication Zone, a little bit more movement away from your ball will instantly teleport it back above of your head. It's crucial to know this as it can decide a teamfight cause of a missed shockwave. Be aware of this max range if you use a teammate as the "Ball Delivery System".

Last but not least, if you need the maximum available damage of your Q on an enemy champion, try to position yourself in a way that the ball doesn't hit enemy minions before reaching your target as every enemy target it passes through is lowering the damage of it by 10% down to a minimum of 40%!

Command: Dissonance (W)


This is Orianna's most versatile Ability. It works as a main dmg spell and a utility spell. Once activated, Orianna's ball will release an electric pulse on it's location which damages all enemies in it's radius:

Deals 70/115/160/205/250 + 0.70x Ability Power as Magic Damage

For 3 seconds, the field will remain and every enemy inside of it will be slowed while allies and Orianna herself will be sped up by: 20/25/30/35/40% for 2 Seconds

The speedup is Orianna's only "escape tool" in her Kit. Remember it!

Command: Protect (E)


This spell is very crucial for Orianna, at least in the very early and the lategame. The ball shields Orianna or an allied champion from damage, when the ball is cast on the target, for 80/120/160/200/240 + 0.40x Ability Power (for 4 seconds) and increases the Armor and Magic Resist by 10/15/20/25/30 (as long as the ball remains above of the head)

That's why Orianna fells kinda like a support champion lategame as a good Command: Protect can save yourself, your ADC or another Ally in a crucial situation. Another thing that makes it so unique is the so called "Ball delivery System", but more about that later in this guide.

On top of that, the ball deals damage to all enemy units it crosses on it's path to the destination champion:

Damages for 60/90/120/150/180 + 0.30x Ability Power as Magic Damage

I can't count how many champs I already finished off with Command: Protect, as some guys just forget about the damage it deals when it's coming back to myself. So a full damage combo of Orianna will always include the Damage of Command: Protect. But you need to have some experience on Orianna to know the best placement of the ball for using Command: Protect as a damage spell. More about this later in this guide.

Command: Shockwave (R)


Deals 175/225/300 + 0.70x Ability Power as Magic Damage

Have you ever heard of " this Shockwave has decided the game"? Yes summoner, a good shockwave can decide a game. The other flip of the coin is, a bad shockwave can decide the game as well, but in a bad way for you and your team.

If you main Orianna you will have both, good and bad shockwaves. That's just natural as we are all human beings and we're not perfect. The key for you is, to learn when to use that damn sweet ability. A positive example you can see in the section "Last Hit: THE PENTA!"

Everything you need to know about it will be explained later on in this guide!

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    This is the typical start on Orianna. I use it for every champ I face in mid.
    If you want to deny vision at level 1, use your Ball to spot an enemy ward placement, clear it with your Lens and port back to grab the Warding Trinket!

Core Items

    I basically always use these 3 Items, no matter what lane I have to face. Once you have them, you deal tons of damage!
    You're a mage, you need magic penetration. The upgrade is a personal choice and depends as well on how the game is going.

Situational Items

    This is my most favorable build on Orianna. If I get to the point of the game where I need to pick up a 6th Item, I pick up Rylai's in 99% of the games as it's working perfect on Orianna.
    This is my 2nd build on Orianna. I use it situational when I need some extra protection (shield of Archangel's Staff) or if there is a sustain heavy champ like Mundo in the enemy team.
    Sometimes you just need that damn Tenacity. I use these Boots when I have to face Syndra or Twisted Fate. Less CC duration means you can shield yourself earlier again and move out of danger. Do not underestimate the power of these Boots and pick them up if needed! The upgrade is a personal choice, but I go for Alacrity most of the times as extra movement speed is always nice to have.
    If Zhonya's is not enough for you, you can consider picking up a Banshees to counter hard initiations. I overall don't like this item anymore after they nerfed it with the high cooldown in the latest patch.
    This Item is, in my opinion, more valuable than Banshees. If you die you can shield and speed up yourself again to get out of danger.
    Yes, Lich Bane can be used as well on Orianna but in the end you sometimes do not get to AA during a teamfight if you use the max range of your Ball. Then Lich Bane is a waste of AP.
    Another great AP Item for Orianna. I'd even consider using it over Zhonya's if you don't need the active of it. It adds another huge AOE damage and therefore is a great item for the Lady of Clockwork!

The best start with Orianna is a 1056.png Doran's Ring plus 2x 2003.png Health Potion and 3340.png Warding Totem. The combat stats and manareg is really perfect to start with. Do not start with Boots or any other fancy stuff as it is really not needed!

The core build of Orianna consists out of at least one Item with 20% CDR and high manaregen. That's why we use 3174_32.png Athene's Unholy Grail. Next step is to get Ability Power to deal "Tons of Damage". 3089_32.png Rabadon's Deathcap is perfect for it. In between we need boots, best choice is of course 3020.png Sorcerer's Shoes for the extra magic pen. Last but not least we need some additional Magic penetration, what is covered by 3135_32.png Void Staff. Once you have these core Items you will hurt every enemy on the map. Time to kill! :)

After these items you should go for 3116.png Rylai's Crystal Scepter. It is such a powerful Item on Orianna that you really want to have it. Explanation why I like it so much is covered in the section "I came in like a wrecking ball: The Lady of clockwork!"

The last item is really a personal choice. I like to round up the build with a 3157.png Zhonya's Hourglass for the extra protection.

This is the standard build you will want to use most of the times. There is as well a 2nd viable build consisting out of Archangel's Staff and Morellonomicon.

To sum it up:

Morello's (first) Route:

3165.png + 3020.png + 3089.png + 3135.png + 3116.png + ( 3157.png or 3285.png  or any other situational item you'd need)

Archangel's Staff + Morello's (2nd) Route:

3003.png + 3165.png + 3089.png + 3020.png + 3135.png + (  3116.png or 3157.png or 3285.png  or any other situational item you'd need)

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Anivia
  • Annie
  • Azir
  • Brand
  • Cassiopeia
  • Cho'Gath
  • Corki
  • Diana
  • Elise
  • Ezreal
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Fizz
  • Galio
  • Gragas
  • Heimerdinger
  • Jarvan IV
  • Jayce
  • Karthus
  • Kassadin
  • Katarina
  • LeBlanc
  • Syndra
  • Viktor




As with all champs that have hard engages with gap closers, it is very crucial to keep a safe distance and ward your lanes.

In theory you can zone him with your ball and deny farm, but care of an all in!




Against Ahri you need a high awareness, especially when she hits level 6. If she can land some poke on you she will definitely use her Ultimate to finish you off. So always try to be topped of and use your minions as bodyguards, so her charm can't land on you.




This is a medium-difficult matchup. Pre level 6 you will dominate Akali. She has no gap closer and is melee, meaning you can free harass her and zone her with your ball. You need to get an advantage now, because once she is level 6 and equally farmed like you, she will kill you as she can burst you down very fast.




Anivia is an easy matchup for Orianna. You can easily dodge her Q and then harass her with your full combo. Make sure to not stay in narrow paths so that she can block your way with a wall of ice.

And always remember that you have to kill her twice when her passive is up!




The only thing you have to watch out for is when Annie's stun is available. That's the time where she most likely try to flash in and Tibbers on you followed with her other abilities. If you are quick in reacting, you can easily dodge it with your flash. If you are not, try to keep a safe distance to her if you see the stun is up and just farm.

Annies Burst Damage out trades you at all levels, so try to harass her and force her out of lane.




Azir has a high waveclear and is very annoying. This is most likely a farm lane and post 6 it's for sure a skill matchup. It can go either way - depending who gets more assist from the jungler! ;)




This lane isn't that hard for Orianna. If you are good in dodging skillshots, you will destroy Brand. You could consider starting with Boots to have an easier time dodging his Pillar of Fire. He has no escapes in his Kit so once you hit level 6 a well timed combo will kill him easily.




You need to dance in this matchup, meaning run around in a weird matter so Cassio can't predict your movements. It's the same like vs Syndra. Both need to land their skillshots who have a brief channeling time before they hit. So if you constantly move you can frustrate Cassio very hard.

On the other hand, if Cassio hits a full combo she will hurt you. Always remember that.




Have seen a lot of Cho'gath's lately in Mid. No matter this is not a standard pick in mid, it is very effective against cast-heavy ap mid mages. This matchup is really hard as the natural sustain from his passive and high wave clear somewhat counters you. In addition, at level 6 he is as deadly as Annie: Flash, W (silence), Q, R combined with AA's + Ignite will eat you up with ease.

Pre 6, his kill potential is as well very high if he manages to land his Q on you.

Just farm from a safe distance. Don't use your skills to harass him as his passive sustain will let you waste your mana without any effect.

In the lategame you bring a lot more to your team, so farm up and wait for Teamfights. :)




With your Command: Protect you can negate a lot of Corki's poke. This will be a farm lane where no one really has an edge.




One of the easier matchups for Orianna: You can deny her farm as she is a melee champ. When she uses her Q, you can counter it with Command: Protect. Overall she needs to get an item advantage over you to be able to deal with you. Not to mention that your TF potential is a lot better than Diana's.




Very easy lane for Orianna: You farm a lot better than her and your AOE spells kill her spiderlings very fast. In addition, Elise is very mana hungry and farming in Human form is really weak on her. Harass and force her out of lane. As always, you can deny the poke of her skills with your Command: Protect.

Always remember that she has a huge gap closer with her rappel. Be ready to dodge her cocoon when she uses it as it is very likely that the enemy jungler is showing up.




Not seen a lot, but a possible matchup. Farming is very easy against Ez, but killing him in a straight 1v1 is near impossible cause of his build in escape. A skilled AP Ez can be a pain, but in the end Orianna brings a lot more to the table in a teamfight.




Push him to the tower as Fiddle is very weak in farming under it. Just ward the brushes when he is missing and expect a Flash+Crowstorm+Fear on you. Other than that, in a fair 1v1 trade you will punish him: He has no escape in his Kit and his natural low movespeed open up easy shockwaves.




The deal with Fizz is, that you should be able to outfarm him early on easily. Lately all the Fizz's I've seen in ranked are starting with flask and a bunch of potions. So they can stay in lane for a long time and keep up with the CS. Once level 6, Fizz has a very good all-in potential. He will out trade you in a short period of time while you do more damage over time if you kite him. You can consider using Exhaust to lower his damage and face him 1v1.




Galio will most likely go full magic resist what makes it impossible for you to kill him. If he uses his W correctly he is basically unkillable for you. But that's the nature how his kit works.

So just farm, don't die and let your ad carries kill him. :)




I think after his rework I haven't seen Gragas mid at all. Still, if you have to face him it won't be that hard for you. Unless he hits level 6, he can't actually do a lot to you. As he is melee you can zone him away from creeps and harass him. But be aware, once he's level 6 he can prepare jungle ganks very good with his Ultimate.




In a straight 1v1 lane, Heimerdinger is really annoying. If you play it correct, you can farm easily but killing him will be near impossible as you have to cross his line of towers. Try to roam to other lanes and hope he'll follow you. Then you have an easier time as there isn't that line of towers you have to cross.


Jarvan IV


Jarvan is a pain. His knockup and post 6 Ultimate are giving him 2 gap closers. In theory you can harass and deny his farm. But a skilled J4 will never let that happen as he flag&drags in whenever you wanna zone him. You'll lose the trade until he's retreating and you can make good use of your ranged attacks. My advice is to just farm and wait for ganks as it is near impossible to kill him 1v1.




Jayce has an easy time farming against Orianna. In the early game he has more dmg than you so don't be to agressive. If you see an opportunity to land a full combo, do it and combine it with some AA's. Never risk to much as he can set up ganks for his jungler with a good flash and a knockback.




Farming: +++
Kill Potential Pre 6: +++
Kill Potential Post 6: +++

Karthus is very slow and has no build in escape. You can easily dance around his Q and poke with your Q and W. Once you hit level 6 you can force his flash with an easy shockwave and the next time it's back from CD you will kill him, for sure!




Farming: +++
Kill Potential Pre 6: +++
Kill Potential Post 6: o

The key vs Kassadin is to zone him early levels and deny all of his farm. Kassadin has a hard time to farm under his turret so push the wave. (ward your lane!) With your ball you have an amazing potential to zone him away from getting last hits. If he's dumb enough to use his Q on you for poke, you have to remember that you can deny most of the damage with Command: Protect. Post 6, you should have an item advantage so if he starts jumping on you, just place your E on you and keep trading with him. If you know you can land a save shockwave do not hesitate to use it. (if he just recently used his jump)




Farming: +++
Kill Potential Pre 6: +++
Kill Potential Post 6: +++

Your kit is perfect vs Kata as your Ultimate counters her ultimate. As you can deny most of her poke damage thanks to your E, I really wonder cause I have seen a lot of guys picking Katarina into my Orianna. I never lost a midlane yet vs Kata.

So, if she jumps on you once she's 6 use Command:Protect on yourself, directly followed by your shockwave, then W, then Q. Then just follow up on her with AA's and whatever else comes back from CD. You will win every trade!




Farming: +
Kill Potential Pre 6: ---
Kill Potential Post 6: ---

A good LeBlanc is a pain for every Orianna player. She can jump out of your spells easily so it's very hard to land a shockwave on LB. The only advantage you have is your better waveclear. I figured that it's important to shove the wave to her tower. That's the time where you can harass her. On the other hand it's very dangerous early on as you are vulnerable to jungle ganks.

Overall it's a skill-matchup. Yet I have to say that LB has everything in her kit to kill you easily.




Farming: +
Kill Potential Pre 6: o
Kill Potential Post 6: o

In theory Syndra is a hard matchup. But if you know exactly how Syndra works (I main Syndra as well), it isn't that hard to play against her as Orianna. You can dance around her spheres while harassing with your AA's and Q/W Combo. Your shield negates a lot of damage of her Ultimate. If you take Barrier on top of it as well, you should be very safe.

This is a skill-matchup. It can go either way. Whoever gets an early advantage will snowball it for the rest of the game in this lane.




Viktor is a farming machine, post lvl 7  he will clear minion waves instantly. In a straight 1v1 his kill pressure on you is nearly zero, but he will pressure your lane in pushing it to the tower.

As he has no escapes you can basically chunk his health bar down and finish him off with a good shockwave.

But a good Viktor won't let that happen. ;)

Introduction Back to Top

Welcome everyone to my second written guide on LoLKing. I felt it's time for another high quality guide, that's why I am presenting you my Guide about Orianna, the Lady of Clockwork!

No matter this is already my second guide, I hope you will share your feedback and tell me if it is useful for you or not. Thanks for reading this and if you think it's a good guide, please like it! :)

Orianna is a very versatile and fun champ to play. If you give it some time and learn her mechanics to a maximum, you will be able to carry games on your own. (hello you damn missed shockwave :D)

It's crucial that, if you aren't doing it already, use quick cast for your abilities as you need to cast a bunch of abilities in a short time and every double-click to cast an ability is wasted time. (more about this in the section "Be smart, use quick cast!)

In the Matchups section I will upload Videos in the future to show how the laning phase is going against these specific champions. As I don't know if I will ever face for example an Ezreal again, I can't promise to upload a Video for every matchup, but I will try my best to provide as many videos as possible. ;)

And now have fun with the rest of this Guide! :)

Be smart, use quick cast! Back to Top

In this section I want to explain you why it's important that you use your Abilities with Quick Cast.

But first of, what is the difference between using quick cast and not using it?

quick cast.png

If you look at this image, we want to throw Command: Attack (Q) to a place on the map. If you're not using quick cast you need to:

  • cast Q -> select the target where you want the ball to be -> left click to execute it (3 Actions required)

Now, if you use quick cast, the execution will be as follows:

  • Hover the mouse-cursor to the direction you want the ball to be -> hit Q to execute it (2 Actions required)

As you can see, when using quick cast you are saving time and required actions to execute abilities. Especially for Orianna you would want to use quick cast as you need to cast your ball around like crazy in the lategame. If you do not get familiar with it, you won't ever be a good Orianna player. (sad but true)

To sum it up: All abilities you can cast somewhere onto the map, on an allied player or an enemy player you should use quick cast to lower the execution time. You just need to have the mouse cursor on the target where you want the cast to apply and then just hit the button. The spell is only cast once you get off the button. So you can still move around with the spell indication zone as long as the button is still hit. You can abort the spell while still holding the button and then right click with your mouse.

I came in like a wrecking ball: The Lady of clockwork! Back to Top


We already talked about the abilities. But what makes Orianna so special? Well, it's not that easy to answer this question. There is a lot of stuff that makes her special.

Here are some Pro's and Con's:

  • Pro: Good farming potential
  • Pro: Very good 1v1 trade potential against other cast-heavy AP mages
  • Pro: Can decide a game on her own with a good Ultimate
  • Pro: Supportive for her Team (Command: Protect)
  • Pro: Amazing Zoning-Power with her ball
  • Pro: High Skill Cap (There aren't a lot of good Orianna players out there, so you can most likely always pick her in ranked games, at least on EUW :D)
  • Con: Easy to gank as she has no real escapes in her Kit other than slow enemies or speed herself up
  • Con: Very vulnerable to Assassins with gap closers
  • Con: Can lose a game on her own with a bad Ultimate (Everyone expects you to land only perfect Ultimates!)
  • Con: Needs her core-items to deal a decent amount of damage
  • Con: High Skill Cap (If you don't know how to play Orianna, better let it be!)

As you can see, some pro's can be as well con's. It just depends on how good you are with Orianna!

Now into some basic gameplay with Orianna:

  • Without 3174_32.png Athene's or some other Manareg Item you will run out of mana very fast. So do not waste your mana easily before you have one of it!
  • The full damage-combo with Orianna includes the dmg from her Command: Protect (E) as well. Try to aim your ball in a direction that if the enemy runs for you it will pass him while coming back to you!
  • You hit a high damage spike once you have your core items. This is the time where you should shine. Play aggressive and force teamfights. Man, you have one of the best ultimates and it's hungry for 5 foes! ;)

The ways to use your ultimate

1. The "I will do it from a safe distance" method:

2_command_attack.png -> 3_command_dissonance.png ->5_command_shockwave.png

Use this combo if you are unsure if your Shockwave will hit. The flip of the coin is that you delay your Shockwave for a bit and your enemies can react to the ball for a little bit longer.

2. The "There's no time left to hit with Command: Dissonance" method:

2_command_attack.png -> 5_command_shockwave.png -> 3_command_dissonance.png

Use this combo if you need to land a fast shockwave. This can happen if the enemy team is stuck together in a beautiful way that you really can't waste any split second on your W. YOU HAVE TO HIT IT! (Check out the last hit in this guide)

3. The "I am a superhero and will surprise you with it" method:

4.png  -> 5_command_shockwave.png -> 3_command_dissonance.png -> 3157_64.png

Use this combo if you need a surprise engagement. Your flash is faster than the traveling time of your Q and if there is an opportunity to get all 5 enemies with a Flash->Shockwave, you can consider it. If you have Zhonyas you can use it after R->W, maybe even ->Q to give your team time to finish off the hurt enemies. Be aware that the ball needs to be above of your head for this engagement!!

In general you need to know when it's the best time to use your shockwave. Some guys always, and I mean ALWAYS, use the shockwave at the start of a fight and maybe catch only 1 or 2 guys with it. Ever thought about that there will be a chance to hit 3 or more guys if you just wait a little bit longer? Your Q and W are doing enough damage as well, so you aren't completely useless if you wait for a better time to use your ultimate. 

All of the above mentioned methods are ofc including 4_command_protect.png at some point. The best is if you use it on cooldown to shield your ad-carry or whoever else is in need of a shield.


As an Orianna player you will want to have your thumb (or any other finger that fits best for you) on the ALT-key on your keyboard to quick cast Command: Protect on yourself. If you cast it with hovering over the mouse-cursor onto your champion you are losing time.


3116_32.png Rylai's Crystal Scepter on Orianna:

I actually like to get it as my last item over Banshees or another defensive Item. It is somehow a defensive Item (you get 400 HP on top of 100 AP), but what makes it so fun to use is the incredible potential of kiting backwards: 

Whenever a melee champ without a hard engage tries to run for you, you just throw a Q at him, then another Q maybe followed by a W, another Q etc. 

Or you do it like this (if you even need more distance): Use Q to slow him down, wait for the ball to be behind him and use E to slow him again and get shielded. Then you use W on yourself to speed up and use Q again on your enemy. That way you are able to kite endless and poke down that poor champ that's "chasing" you. 

You can even outplay a champ with a hard engage if your Shockwave is available: When he jumps on you use your E on yourself, use instant W once you aren't CC'ed anymore to speed up yourself and slow him down, then place the ball a little bit behind (in the opposing direction where you wanna run) the enemy and use your shockwave. The enemy champ will be pulled to your ball, you can start kiting and rinse and repeat what I wrote above.

(These scenarios do not include possible Flashes to avoid getting hit)

Laning phase and your role in the team Back to Top

Early Game:

As with every other champion as well, you will want to farm up as much as possible. In the current meta a well-farmed Midlaner shines. Once you have your first core item (3174_32.png Athene's Unholy Grail) you should as well farm your Wraiths as you can get them down very fast and with nearly no loss in HP thanks to your Command: Protect. If you just farm and don't give up kills to the enemy midlaner, you are doing well. Ward the lanes so you're not in risk of ganks:


On blue side:

I like to use a pink ward on spot (1) and a green one on spot (2) or a very deep one on spot (4). With these wards you have enough time to react to a gank. Ask your support to place a ward on spot (3) so you are overall covered.

On red side:

I use my pink ward on spot (1) or spot (3) with a green one on spot (4). With these wards you have enough time to react to a gank. The pink ward on spot (1) is easier spotted by enemies so if you wanna save gold, place it on spot (3). Flip of the coin is that you will see the gank incoming a little bit later. Ask your support to ward on spot (2) or somewhere else in the river so you will see the enemy jungler if he comes up the river.

For both sides apply: The black spots (X) are not the best ones. If you see a jungler coming in there with a gap closer and you are far into the lane, you will be dead or you have to burn flash. If you think someone is in there, just run back and use your Command: Attack into it and see if it's true.

While farming, try to harass your enemy with your passive and zone him with your ball. Don't make it to easy for him to last hit minions. He has to work hard for it! (While harassing, do not lose CS on your own!)

Mid Game

In the midgame with 2 or maybe 3 items completed, you hit a huge spike in damage. Instead of pure farming, you should begin playing more aggressive. At this time around it's already possible that your team is grouping up for objectives like Dragons or Towers.

Your positioning is now the key to win fights or lose them. If you have a team with strong engages like 54_64.png Malphite, 154_64.png Zac, 254_64.png Vi or 32_64.png Amumu, you can use them as a BALL DELIVERY SYSTEM. Just use your Command: Protect (E) on your engage teammate and see if you can get a good Ultimate off once he engages. But always be aware of the max range before the ball is automatically delivered back to you: If your ball delivery champ is going in, you have to follow or else it can be possible that you use the shockwave on your own, what kinda hurts your team:

(Example of a fail Ball Delivery System)

Always remember that your ball is an amazing Ability to zone enemy teams. If you're fighting in a narrow path and they have to cross your ball to engage on you, you sometimes can easily get out a 5-man-shockwave.

If you have to disengage try to kite backwards. With your speedbuff and shield you have amazing possibilities to kite.

Late Game

If you get to this point of the game, you already have 5, maybe even 6, completed Items. No matter you won't get to this point very often, it is the most fun point of the game as an Orianna player. Your damage is insane and one shockwave can decide the game on it's own.

In the lategame everything is about vision and denying vision. If you can surprisingly catch an entire team with your shockwave (hello lovely 5-man-shockwave), you won the game for your team. (Check out the Last Hit in this guide) That's fact. So always place wards, use your sweeping lens or pink wards to deny vision.

What you need to be aware of is, that not only you will have completed Items: The enemy AP-Carry and AD-Carry will have their completed builds as well, meaning they do hurt as well. Always consider them to flash in for you cause you are hell of a threat to them. If you get caught by a flash/flay/death sentence from 412_64.png Thresh for example and end up dying, it's possible that you just lost the game. So always be aware of your positioning as this is crucial at this point.

Other than that, teamfights are not different compared to the ones before. Just try to hit a good shockwave, use your shield on the teammates who really need it and finish off the priority targets first.

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