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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Pretty standard stuff for mid lane. Flash always, other summoners optional.

I'm sure you can figure out the benefits of each summoner, but I'd like to go a bit in-depth on each of these.
14.png With ghost no longer being pretty much go-to at all times, Ignite has become my favourite summoner again. Your other summoners will be situational, Ignite will be your summoner if the situation doesn't call for any of the others.

6.png Still viable, would recommend picking it situationally. An example in which I would take it is if they have a safe skill-shot oriented mid, and their bruisers/tanks are kite-able.

3.png is the summoner you'll be taking vs anything that likes to jump you. It's super strong versus champs such as 238.png91.png126.png92.png. Normally, these champions are born with the upper-hand in lane. The thing about exhaust is that it denies them their all-in and gives you the option of returning fire as well. Pressure is hugely important, and exhaust is the tool to take the 20-80% pressure distribution and shift it to roughly 45-55%.

1.png Very helpful against champions that try to lock you down for their team to mess you up, e.g. 127.png1.png89.png150.png60.png.

21.png Useful versus very heavy burst+ignite users, but really those are generally assassin's, meaning exhaust tends to work better. Pretty much like heal, except it being a shield means Ignite doesn't cut it's effectiveness in half. Again a hugely situational summoner, but take it if you feel like you'll need it.

7.png Don't really pick it up much anymore if I'm honest, but in the rare situations where you need defense, ghost and exhaust don't work, but barrier is overkill, you could run it. Which, in all honesty, isn't very often.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

You can fiddle around with your masteries a bit if you'd like, But here's the build I'd recommend, explained starting at the top of the Ferocity down, then from the top of the Cunning tree down.

Ferocity talents
Sorcery6114.png: pretty obvious, ability damage > AS

Fresh Blood/Feast6121.png6122.png: I recently swapped to Fresh Blood instead of Feast6122.png, as the extra damage is actually stronger if you trade often. Assuming you proc it twice every 30 seconds, it'll give you more value than Feast does. That being said, I'd still recommend going whatever you feel more comfortable with.Fresh Blood is only worth it if you trade well. If you lose trades anyway, going Feast will most likely be better, as it allows you to sustain longer.

Natural Talent/Vampirism6134.png6131.png: I've been told 1 point in Vampirism is the way to go, as numbers are rounded. Whether it's true, I'm too lazy to prove, but it's what I'm running with. True or not, the difference is marginal.

Battle Trance6143.png: 3 seconds of combat isn't super long. After 3 seconds, it straight-up outclasses double-edged sword, and equals Bounty hunter on 3 unique kills (which is a hard thing to get in a game, by the way). Until the other options get buffed in some way, I'm sticking to Battle Trance.

Cunning talents
Wanderer6311.pngAnother debatable talent. I would argue that if you miss even just 4 last-hits with less than 5 health in your early-game, the Savagery mastery would have already been worth it by far. That being said, if this is not the case, the mastery will be largely useless. As a result, since I don't find myself missing last-hits by such a small amount, I opt for a little bit of out of combat movespeed instead.

Assassin6323.pngAlso debatable, I've personally swapped over to Assassin, primarily because I find myself going for 2031.png really early on, nullifying the bonus health/mana from the biscuits. If you prefer 6322.png, you do you!

Merciless6331.png: 2.4% increased damage to champions below 40% health is a pretty decent amount I'd say, and in my humble opinion more important than mana regen. I again take 1 point for rounded number values, even though I'm not sure if this is actually how it works (again, screw you, I'm lazy). I'm not completely confident about this though, as points in meditation does tend to give a few extra Q's if you're trading so often you run out of mana. It's a pay-off, I guess. Crown, as of writing (09-06-2017), has run 3 points in meditation in his past 10 Orianna games.

Dangerous Game6343.png: I think almost everyone loves those moments where this mastery saves their lives, and hates those moments where it saves the enemies' (That's why you always use ignite early guys, you want him to die asap). The alternatives are Bandit, which is a support-only mastery, and Greenfather's Gift, which, despite seeming pretty cool, is largely useless in the low-bush environment of mid-lane. The buff lasts 5 seconds, which is decent considering it's on a 9-second cooldown, but it's just too impractical to utilize, especially since stepping into bush will just increase your chance of getting blown up by a vengeful kitty-cat.107.png *shudders*

Precision6351.png: Debatable. I see a lot of pro's go for the magic penetration, and I'll happily follow them in this decision. I haven't run the decisive math on whether it's best or not, but from some simply equations, it seems to be the way to go.

Thunderlord's Decree6362.pngPretty much always better than Stormraider's, and I'm not even going to dignify Windspeaker's by acknowledging it. Huge damage spike for Ori. Try to utilize it whenever you can.

Abilities Back to Top


I use this skill priority in 90% of my games. Still, you can literally switch around anything and it will still be viable (except for R, don't even go there).

I max Q first because the placement of your ball is key to Orianna, and the short CD makes it an amazing harassing tool. W second because i'm quite aggressive on Ori and like the burst when dueling someone. Maxing E isn't bad either, however, and if you want to max it first or second, that's fine too! I've had games, particularly against Zed or Fizz, where I maxed E first just to deny their snowball.

abilities breakdown

Orianna%20passive.png Clockwork Windup (passive):

TL;DR: auto attacks hit harder and ramp up, fit them in whenever you can.

This ability is detrimental to Orianna's kit. Her auto attacks deal bonus damage equal to 10-50 damage(10+8 per 3 levels) , plus 15% of her AP. On top of that, every auto attack adds a debuff to the target, causing your passive to deal 20% extra damage per stack, stacking up to twice. In the laning phase, this makes last hitting so much easier, adding 14, 17, then 20 damage (1st, 2nd, 3rd hit on the same minion, respectively, assuming standard rune/mastery pages) to your basic attacks.

The extra damage makes it so good to trade with opponents. Always make sure you auto-attack in between casts if you can get away with it.

Make sure to beware of minion aggro though. Your lane opponent probably won't out-trade you, but if his minions help him, you'll take a lot of damage.

The 0.15 AP ratio on this ensures that it stays relevant throughout the game. At level 18, with a full item build, your basic will deal around 190->210->230 damage.

Orianna Q.jpg Command: Attack (Q):

TL;DR: Use in lane to harass if there are minimal minions in the way to reduce damage. Max first to halve the cooldown.

Orianna's bread and butter. It moves the ball, dealing damage as it moves. It's damage gets reduced each time it hits a target, to a minimum of 40% damage. Since the ball gives vision, your Q basically gives vision as well. This is also why, in some games, you'll want to level this before you arrive in lane to get vision of the enemy team early.

Q has an insanely short CD once you max it, reaching 3 seconds at max rank, and 1.8 with 40% cdr. It has a solid 0.5 AP ratio (which is really good on such a short CD), and 60 + 30 per rank base damage. I max this first purely due to the fact that the CD halves, whereas other spells don't get a reduced cooldown. On top of this the reduced cooldown helps you hit other spells as well. If you miss your Q, you can still move the ball after a short while again, making it less punishing to misplace your ball.

In lane, Q is a great harassing tool. With the recent buffs to it's mana cost (now 30+5 per rank), you can be more spammy with it. I tend to harass with it only if there's minimal minions in the way to reduce it's damage, or if I can get an easy thunderlord's proc on the opponent.

Orianna W.png Command: Dissonance (W):

TL;DR: Damage is good, Slow/speed up zone is great. Can be immensely effective if used right in teamfights.

A fairly small area spawns around the ball, initially dealing good damage and afterwards slowing enemies and speeding up allies.

The AP ratio and base damage on this is pretty good. It deals 70 damage at rank 1 (which is okay, not great), but increases by a good 45 per level, on a flat 9 second cooldown. It also has a good 0.7 AP ratio, making this thing chunk fairly hard in the lategame (~726 with full build). In the early game, with just a Doran's and rank 1, it'll roughly deal 70-80 damage to champs. It's fairly important to your burst combo, but at the same time, the utility it provides is insane as well.

Dissonance slows/speeds up by 20% initially plus 5% per rank, which is incredibly strong, and it'll be of great use to anyone benefiting from it. Let's say an enemy tries to go for your ADC. You throw your shield on them and press W. Not only do they now have a pretty big shield on them, but they're also sped up by 40%, and any enemy chasing them through the field is slowed by 40%. That pesky 92.png isn't going to get anywhere near your ADC.

Just keep in mind that using EW on your ADC means you sacrifice damage. Do not use it on your ADC if he can't make up for the initial loss in damage.

Orianna E.png Command: Protect (E):

TL;DR: Shield is quite strong, don't neglect the damage portion though! Moves faster than your Q.

Shields targeted ally and deals damage if it travels through enemies. Also passively gives whoever is wearing the ball armour and magic resist.

This is your second option for moving the ball around. It will travel to anyone you E on, deal damage to enemies on the way there, shield the ally you E'd on, and then stick to him until he moves out of range or the ball is commanded to move elsewhere (or he dies, then the ball returns to you).

The shield has really strong base health (80 + 40 per rank), but "only" a 0.4 AP ratio. This sounds low, but it really isn't, as a lategame shield can reach up to roughly 600 health, which is insanely strong for such a short cooldown. It's a flat 9 seconds, but with 40% cdr, that turns into 5.4 seconds.

The damage on it is quite nice as well, but not insane by any means. It's definitely a great addition to her kit though, as it effectively makes her a utility midlaner with 4 damaging abilities, which is very rare. The damage is always 75% damage of her shield's health, making it deal roughly 60 damage to your lane opponent at rank 1 with only a Doran's. In the lategame, it'll deal roughly 400 damage, which is far from negligible. do not underestimate the damage it can help you deal.

It also moves much faster then your Q, making it a better tool for ulting or W-ing near an ally. Orianna's EW combo is a huge help to your ADC, but for the most part, you'll use QW for damage in teamfights, and command the ball back to yourself instantly afterwards, to get the return damage and allow yourself to push in a bit more afterwards. Having the ball on yourself also makes hitting Q's more reliable in most cases.

Orianna R.png Command: Shockwave (R):

TL;DR: Helps with all-ins early, can destroy an entire team late. Try to land it on at least 1 squishy in most situations.

Orianna's world-famous ultimate ability. After 0.5 seconds, it pulls anything around the ball a fixed distance towards the center. Note that this means that if they're close to the ball on, let's say, the north side, they'll land a fair bit on the south side of the ball.

The base damage is quite low, dealing a mere 150+75 per rank, but it has a 0.7 AP ratio, which is insanely good for a spell that has such a huge hit radius. As a result of this, your basic abilities will deal more damage to your opponents in the early game, and you only really use your ult to help commit in an all-in.

In the lategame, however, this spell becomes an absolute powerhouse. Entire games have been won solely from this ult hitting a good number of high-value targets. The radius in which it hits is quite big, just beware of the 0.5 second delay. Your ult also sets up your W perfectly, as it pulls everyone towards the centre. Yes, they sometimes fly over the centre towards the other side of the ball, but you can W as they're flying in order to hit everyone.

please beware of ulting while the ball is flying: the ball will ult where it was when you pressed it, not where it will be in 0.5 seconds.

To help clarify, here's an example. Let's say your 107.png wants to jump in on the enemy carry. If you have the ball on him, and you ult as he jumps, it'll usually miss, as your ult won't shockwave where he landed. This means that you need to ult after he's landed in order to hit it reliably.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Starting items

Core Items

    Full build 1. Standard build, You'll usually be going for Morello's first and Luden's second, giving you a huge powerspike early.
    Full build 2. The distinct difference here is the banshee's. It's used to survive certain match-ups early by allowing you to get a Negatron's early. When you upgrade to banshee's will depend on how hard it shuts down your enemy.
    Full build 3. Also fairly common, really strong versus teams that don't stack too much magic resist. Note that it has 10% less cdr than the other builds, but Liandry's sheer power, as well as blue buff, of course, makes up for that.
    Wanted to touch on this real quick. Can be very helpful versus certain losing match-ups. very niche, but definitely not to be underestimated. Leblanc players hate it.

Situational Items

    Other viable, but highly situational, items. (see description for more info)
    Can be very effective if given the right circumstances. (see description)

231.pngStarting Items


I never take anything other than this to start with. Dorans is just a great item, and I'd never consider any other trinket. even against 28.png, I prefer being able to check on her wraiths over being able to clear a ward every 2 minutes.

Core build

Disclaimer: I discuss item benefits further down the page.

Firstly, think about which route you want to go. You need to try to get 20-30% cdr from items.179.png
Going 3165.png means you're going to be squishy, but deal a hell of a lot of damage. It also gives you CDR early, allowing you to rush Luden's straight after for a massive powerspike.179.png
Going 3027.png means that you'll be able to sustain the lane, and generally avoid dying. That being said, you'll do considerably less damage in your early game, as this build takes time to ramp up. The damage is only slightly lower at 6 items.179.png
My main rush will likely be 3165.png->3020.png->3285.png. Tier 1 boots can be filled in anywhere, sorc shoes can be bought before Morello's, but preferably after 3802.png.


Individual Items
Here I'll be discussing the merits of individual items and give you advice on when to buy them.179.png
My usual go-to item nowadays. Morello's stat combination allows you to rush Luden's straight afterwards in most games, causing you to hit a massive powerspike ~15-20 minutes into the game.179.png
New passive gives you 15% of damage taken as mana. 25% of mana spent is restored as health. Really useful item to take against heavy pressure lanes, such as 7.png131.png. That being said, it's lower damage early on, thus you have less pressure on the enemy team as well. Definitely underrated as a niche, in my opinion.179.png
Standard second item for me. In standard games, this will be your second major item, after 3165.png. A very nice damage increase, as well as some very helpful movement speed to help you run around and kite.
Your go-to "stay away from me, you bullies!" item versus AD. It's strictly used for it's defensive bonuses. If your team needs damage, you can't afford to go Zhonya's. That being said, it's armour value, as well as it's active component, will be very helpful in a lot of AD match-ups. Looking at you, 238.png.179.png
Your go-to "stay away from me, you bullies!" item versus AP. The always helpful Null-Magic mantle build-path and it's very helpful defensive stats in general are what you purchase this for. It can shut down champs that rely on hitting an opening CC spell, such as 105.png99.png53.png, as well as disrupt combo-based champs such as 7.png63.png.179.png
This item gives a huge AP spike, but comes at a high cost. This really is the only downside to it. I'll usually by this as one of my later items. (5th or 6th)179.png
 One word: Penetration. Kappa. I usually get this as my third or fourth item after Luden's, unless they really refuse to build MR. The point where your usual targets in teamfights are tanky, is the point where you need this. For example, if their jungler is 76.png and their top is 92.png with no Maw, you won't see me buying this. However, if their jungler is 113.png and their top is 57.png, you'll most definitely see me buying this item early on to get them out of the way asap. (It's not likely they'll allow you to reach their backline without taking their lives first) ALWAYS PRESS TAB BEFORE BUYING ITEMS179.png
Actually really strong now. The 15 magic pen from 3136.png will be very nice versus low MR targets alongside magic pen boots, allowing you to basically do true damage. Liandry's itself has some very good stats, and makes you a bit bulkier as well. Would recommend picking it up if they're not too heavy on MR.


Other Items

3048.png Sorry boys, Orianna is not a Tear user. In general just straight-up outclassed by Morello's/RoA in almost any situation (if not any).

3152.png Gives some okay health, some okay AP, and 10% cdr. Also gives you it's insanely good active of dashing forward a little and shooting out rockets in a wide range of directions. On certain champions, it's pretty much a must-buy. Orianna is not one of these champions, and as a result, I can't recommend you buy it. Great in URF, though!

3026.png This isn't used so much against heavy tanks jumping you as it is for assassin's jumping you. buying this item, of course, will result in a big loss in damage, which is why I'll think very carefully before buying it. That being said, you're better off surviving 11.png and then returning slightly less fire than normal, than you are dying to him and not firing at all. It's immensely valuable versus squishy comps, where you can afford the loss in damage.

3100.png Truly underrated. Increases damage by a good chunk, gives CDR, and helps you push turrets. The movespeed passive allow it to effectively replace 3285.png in the lategame. You have short cooldowns and improved basic attacks, making this item fit your kit well. I usually find myself relying more on my spells, which is why I don't buy it. However, if you find yourself often able to use basic attacks safely in teamfights, it's not bad to replace Luden's with this.

3116.png In very rare occasions, it can help you kite effectively. Unfortunately, the terrible gold-value of the item, and the fact that 3285.png does a pretty good job at helping you kite, while 3151.png is there if you need the HP, I find that Rylai's is often outclassed by more useful items.

3041.png An item that's only good if you're already doing well. Which is why you won't want it. There will be games where your team does badly but you, alone, are doing super well. Thing is, these games are rare, and even if a game like that arrives, it's still super risky to buy this. If you don't manage to survive every single fight, while still picking up kills or at least assists, you may just have thrown away a bit of your lead. I never get this item. That being said, I die a lot in my games, sometimes to be a team player, sometimes because I suck. You're definitely a baller if you buy this.


Elixirs & Boots
3111.png Commonly picked up to help against hard match-ups and heavy CC teams. Don't be afraid of picking these up if you're struggling in lane against something like 134.png7.png.

3047.png Similar to Merc's, Tabi's can be very helpful in dealing with difficult match-ups or heavy AD teams. Again, don't be afraid of picking these up if you feel you need them.

3158.png Can be helpful to cap out your CDR if, for example, you went for a no-Morello build. I don't usually go for them, but they do serve a certain niche, I think.

2139.png Super high gold value, until it expires. Getting this for a fight will prove immensely valuable, and I would recommend getting this if you know an important team-fight will erupt. That being said, don't delay your items with it. If you're really desperate for an item and know you won't win fights without it, don't bother buying an Elixir. You'll prefer being slightly less useful in a fight over not having an essential item in the next.

2138.png Can be very useful if you find the enemy team's CC too heavy. usually you'll want to avoid CC rather than tank through it, but I can understand you getting hit by some CC's in fights. If they have a Leona who always goes for you, or they have a 33.png who flat-out refuses to help his team and just runs at you instead, it's not bad to buy this Elixir. It works very well in conjunction with some defensive stats and Merc's against heavy cc teams.


Matchups Back to Top

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TL;DR, care for her all-in, dodge her ahriseduce.png and at least the return of her ahriorbofdeception.pngConsider 3102.png.

You shouldn't have anything to worry about pre-6. You should even have a slight advantage on her, as your poke is easier to land.

Post-6, however, she can all-in you if you mess up. To do this, she needs to be able to hit all of her spells, OR have enough space to chase you around with basics and a second rotation of ahriorbofdeception.png and ahrifoxfire.png, so make sure you don't step too far into lane, and if she ults into you, sidestep her ahriorbofdeception.png and ahriseduce.png. You can tank through it with orianaredactcommand.png and 1033.png if you're close enough to your turret, but I would never recommend it, as it leaves you very vulnerable to their jungler diving you.

If you find yourself all-inning her, and she's fighting back, it's important to not throw out your Q if she has an ult charge to dodge it with. Her ult has a 1-second internal cooldown between charges, so if you can throw your Q post-ult, it'll be more likely to hit.

Her lategame is usually worse than you, but if she gets ahead, you aren't very likely to get through the midgame. She's also quite a potent roamer, so make sure you ward river. Your support/jungler should also help ward against her roams (and their jungler)

As a final note, Ahri players will often step up if they have ahritumble.png. I usually ask my jungler to throw a simple gank every 60 seconds roughly, just to burn her ult. They rarely hesitate to ahritumble.png to escape the gank, relieving pressure on your lane if you need it.



TL;DR: Don't get cheesed early, her ult range is short nowadays. If she's aggressive, let your jungler know. Aggressive champions like Akali tend to be overly vulnerable to ganks.

Pre-6, bully her. If she uses akalismokebomb.png, don't get near her shroud, as her Q+AA combo deals pretty heavy damage at any level. Her Q on it's own does very little.

post-6, She can all-in you if you get too close to her, but for the most part, you'll be fine. If she's overly aggressive she's easy to bait. If she's not overly aggressive, she won't be able to snowball to win the game.

Make sure you try to avoid her Q+auto combo. Her best trick, before all-inning you, is to Q first, back off for 5 seconds, then jump on you, proc the Q with her auto attack, and then Q straight afterwards again for huge burst. Try to avoid this.

Ward up if she roams, and have your jungler/support help you ward as well. If her roams don't net her kills, and you continue to farm well, she'll get behind on you, making her basically insta-lose the game



TL;DR: Don't get hit by Q, care for wall-assisted ganks and just the wall in general. Your ult interrupts hers.

So pre-6, you can poke her quite a bit. She's got one of the lowest base health stats in game, so getting her low shouldn't be too difficult. Just make sure never to get hit by her Q. Her QE combo, both at rank 1, will deal ~250 damage. Yeah.

Post-6, once you get blue or a decent mana pool, you'll be able to constantly zone her away from waves, as her range is too short to fight back. That being said, you do need to be careful while doing it. A single wall behind you in a jungle gank, and you lose your life, or worse, your flash.

Her lategame is highly situational and she struggles with heavy dive comps. She can roam quite well but her base movespeed is really slow so she's quite vulnerable when she does it.



TL;DR: 3102.png allows you to perma-bully her in lane. Care for her 4.pnginfernalguardian.png, both in lane (to set up jungler), or in teamfights (to pick you off and win the teamfight).

Pre-6, her bully game is weak. You outrange her and she doesn't hurt that much.

Post-6, she only has 1 trick: infernalguardian.png stun into her full combo. Thing is, you can tank through this and live, even without any items. Once you get some levels, and especially if you have 3102.png, her 1 trick goes away, and you can freely bully her in lane, as her sustain damage is inferior to yours. Be careful for jungle ganks though.

She roams very well, so make sure to ward up at all times, and since they removed green wards in s6, ask your jungler/support to help ward as well. In the lategame, she's quite weak without flash, but incredibly deadly with it.

1.png can be a good choice here. In lane, it eases the pressure from her high-range on-demand stun, giving you the ability to bully without worrying about getting killed by their jungler before the stun ends. In the lategame, it completely removes the pressure of her engage, allowing you to flash, zhonya's, or simply stand your ground, if she ever has the nerve to 4.pnginfernalguardian.png you.


Aurelion Sol

TL;DR: He sucks against jungle pressure, and is easy to pick off. Dodge stun if possible, dodge stars almost always (melee-ranging him works well). Make sure to track his roams as well as possible.

pre-6, you'll be fine, so long as he doesn't land a stun on you, which should be fairly easy to dodge. Harass him at will. His goal is going to be to push you out, then roam to bot/top for a quick kill. If you can track his movements and ping your team accordingly, you'll have a much lower chance of your team dying to him.

post-6, You can generally zone him away from farming. Just be careful for junglers, and if you find yourself in an all-in, pop 6.png and dodge the stars. Your damage output will be far superiour if you manage to stick to him.

His roams are very good, so make sure to always let your team know when he's out of lane. Wards help a lot, so tell your jungle to help you out with warding around mid. (something your jungler/support should already be doing post-6 anyway).

Lategame, he sucks. Medium-range mages with no reliable 1-shot, they struggle once everyone has damage.



TL;DR, don't stand near soldiers, he's vulnerable to heavy focus (by your jungle, for example)

Pre-6, He's got a decent harass game. That being said, he can only actually harass if you're near his soldiers, so just make sure to get out of their range asap and harass him whenever you get an opportunity. He's too mana-hungry to spam Q on you.

Post-6, You should be able to take him on, but try to dodge his E. Be aggressive if you can manage it, but make sure to ward up. Heavy jungle focus also tends to mess him up. Never stand near his soldiers unnecessarily!

With the nerfs to rylais, I don't see him being much of a problem anymore, unless you let it get to 6 items.

Lategame, Azir is a monster. It's best to end the game asap, but if it gets to endgame, it's not 100% lost, just tough to deal with. His roaming is situational but can be quite good, try to judge it for yourself.



TL;DR: Don't get cheesed and you're good. Dodge his stun at all cost. Don't let brandwildfire.png bounce. Consider 3102.png and/or 3027.png.

Pre-6, his harass hurts, so take movespeed quints and try to dodge. He will be maxing brandfissure.png, so try and dodge this, and his brandblaze.png stun.

Post-6, His all-in is really strong. His main setup is the brandblaze.png, which doesn't hit through minions, but his brandfissure.pngbrandconflagration.png will AoE, forcing you to worry about taking harass, or taking a stun, depending on whether you duck into minions, or stay away from them.

5 AP scalings, good poke with 3151.png3116.png and a nasty CC makes him a damage threat in the lategame, but no escape and medium range spells make him susceptible to getting destroyed in most comps. His only defense is his huge damage, meaning that flanks tend to be the way to go on this guy. His roams are okay, but not amazing. Still, as always, do make sure your team knows when he's roaming.



TL;DR, care for her cassiopeianoxiousblast.pngcassiopeiatwinfang.pngcassiopeiatwinfang.pngcassiopeiatwinfang.pngcassiopeiatwinfang.png "combo",  so dodge Q's. Her lategame is shit.

Pre-6, she'll try to bully you. One cassiopeianoxiousblast.png hits and you're forced to run back to your turret, getting blasted with cassiopeiatwinfang.png's as you do so. If this happens, try to hit W on her so she can't chase too much.

Post-6, you should get your jungler to gank and just keep picking her off with ult. If he doesn't gank for you (looking at you 77.png), just farm and wait for mid-lategame.

Her dps, through the entire game, is gonna be huge. Always look away from her ulti, cause if that shit hits, you're in a lot of trouble. I've had instances where I got cassio to 50hp, got ulted right before I hit the last auto, and died before I got out of said ult.

Her lategame has taken a bit of a hit now that Rylai's is in the gutter. Just make sure not to get cheesed or behind on her. I would also recommend not to get into skirmishes in the mid-game. In the lategame, her medium range forces her away from high damage threats, so make sure she is always threatened in fights.



TL;DR: Try to dodge his Q, don't let him get in ult range, don't let him snowball, he's shit lategame and/or when behind. Consider 3102.png.

Pre-6, you can try to harass him if he's too greedy for minions, but if he plays it right, his passive will sustain him decently well.

Post-6 he can bully you super hard, but only if he lands his Q's to threaten you with an all-in. His W hits like a truck and silences for roughly 3 million years, and his ult deals about a gazillion damage, so try to never get in range of him.

Cho is weak to heavy ganks, so long as nobody is low enough to get oneshot. He's also really bad in the lategame. His frailty comes from the fact that he has no mobility. He gets kited like a madman by anything that can slow him consistently. His tankiness is also very deceptive, as he stacks health, rather than armour/magic resist. Meaning anyone with consistent dps can take him out.



TL;DR: Do whatever you can to learn to dodge her Q's. She can all-in at level 6 and snowballs hard. Don't feed. Consider 3102.png and/or 3027.png.

Pre-6, you can bully her a bit, but her dianaorbs.png and 2033.png will probably get her through the early laning phase.

Post-6, she can bully you way too hard. One dianaarc.png hits and her entire burst combo will smack you in the face. You need to try to dodge the Q. And yes, I understand the skillshot is weird and hard to get used to. I agree. On another note, her aggressiveness is very easy to read, as her window to go in is basically whenever the fuck she likes, and manages to hit a dianaarc.png. Ask your jungler to help you out, just be wary of counterganks! You can't win the 2v2.

She snowballs hard and roams hard, but if your jungler gives you enough pressure, or you manage to survive her in lane, you should be okay lategame, mainly because she scales poorly with items.



TL;DR, try to predict his stun area. Don't get near his clone. Punish him when his E is down. He prefers skirmishes over 5v5's, so don't give him that satisfaction.
pre-6, he'll try to bully you a bit with his ekkoq.pngekkoe.png combo, getting 3 hits off, then either committing for the kill or backing off with the movespeed increase. If he fails this, you can punish him for the remainder of the time his E is down.

Post-6, things will be roughly the same, except his all-in is even better. You can see his W animation, but then have to predict where he will throw it, or get to a safe area before it pops. Ask your jungler for help if he's overly aggressive.

He roams fairly well and his lategame is very dependent on the comp, so try to judge your best course of action in every game. In general, I would suggest you don't play with too much risk; farm it up and you'll outscale.



TL;DR: punish early, don't let him snowball. care for jungle ganks and roams. Getting 3102.png will help.

Pre-6, bully him. He can't really all-in you, as you poke him down before he hits level 3. Just make sure to beware of jungle ganks. You don't want to give him a lead early.

Post-6, You'll have to make sure to avoid his fizzmarinerdoom.png, even though the hitbox is kind of bullshit right now. His ult is basically his main engage tool and if he misses it, he'll struggle to all-in you for the next ~90 seconds. If he E's in aggressively, let your jungler know.

He roams quite hard but his lategame is usually quite bad (dependent on comp, though). Ward up at all times and don't let him snowball.



TL;DR: try to kill his turrets before minions spawn. Prepare for farming under turret. He hits E = turrets will try to laser you.

Pre-6, he will try push you in constantly. If he sets up turrets before the minions have spawned, try to take them down. In general, actually, just try to take down his turrets non-stop. If you couldn't, however, do your best to get minions to a health where last-hitting under turret is do-able. Care for his E, if he hits it, his turrets will shoot lasers in a line towards you, so be aware of that.

Post-6, just make sure not to get destroyed by his unexpected damage from turret lasers and rockets. Other than that, just farm up. Jungle ganks work well on him, but you'll need to take down his turrets first, or you risk dying to them. Ulting him when he's in between his turrets is a great way to clear them quickly while simultaneously all-inning him.

His lategame is okay at best and he doesn't roam very well and he's got some very exploitable weak points, namely when his stun is down or he's got no turrets to defend himself.



Tl;DR: Take exhaust, you can all-in at later levels ONLY if he has no 3156.png. He snowballs pretty well.

Pre-6, he can all-in you if you step too far, but so long as you're in minions to avoid getting hit by EQ, and a bit back, he can't hurt you too much. You can harass him a bit if he steps near you, so long as you remain in a safe position protected by minions.

Post-6, you'll just want to keep farming. The only difference is that now that you have ult, you can assist ganks on him well.

He can roam decently, but what's important is that he doesn't get ahead, so make sure to ward up always. His lategame is highly comp-dependent, and I suggest you make sure to look at it to decide whether you want to shut him down or not.

He works well, for example, against a squishy comp who struggles with poke. He won't work well if you have an incredibly tanky team, or a team which can sustain well.



TL;DR: crush him in lane, try to end early. He struggles with heavy focus and heavy mobility.

Pre-6, he can all-in you at any level, but only if you step too far and he lands a lot of Q's. I'm never really afraid of him, he's easy to harass and easy to dodge.

Post-6, You'll want to deny him the ability to fast-push. He can get a lot of farm that way, and he'll also have a good window in which he can get ults off. So make sure to freeze and deny him last hits. Just make sure to ward up against jungle ganks!

He doesn't roam well but his ult, obviously, gives him global presence. It's up to you to pressure him hard if your teammates are in danger of getting ulted. His lategame can be very strong, but it's dependent on comp. You, for example, outrange him hard. If you have a tanky/mobile team or a huge range comp, you may be able to deal with him. His damage will be huge lategame, though!



TL;DR: Take E level one, harass him whenever he goes for last hits. Try to pressure objectives asap.

Pre-6, you can harass him super hard. His nulllance.png absorbs magic damage and deals slight harass, which makes taking E level one perfect. His Q will only absorb a slight bit of your damage from passive, and deal no damage. He will have 2033.png, but you can burn through it.

Post-6, he can actually harass you a fair bit. Thing is, his waveclear isn't great and you can harass back harder if you don't get outplayed by his ult. If he always jumps on you, tell your jungler to get off his ass and you'll shut him down hard.

He roams hard but his damage early is meh, so just ward up and push the wave into turret. The later the game gets, the stronger he becomes, so try to pressure objectives as soon as you can.



TL;DR: Don't let her get kills. Ever. Ever. Consider exhaust or barrier. Consider 3027.png.

Pre-6, You can bully her a lot and I suggest you do. Just make sure you don't get low yourself and care for jungle ganks. You don't want to give her a lead early.

Post-6, Don't waste your Q and E both at the same time and you'll be okay. You can beat her at any point, but you need to make sure to ult when she ults asap. If she's constantly trading, you can get your jungler to gank her when her E is down.

She roams super hard against non-CC/squishy sidelanes, and I strongly suggest you ward up to avoid her from snowballing. A fed Katarina can spell an early GG. Her lategame is completely dependent on comp, so try to judge appropriately. She struggles with tanky teams, CC, and heavy peel in the form of shields etc.

As a side note, Exhaust denies Katarina's cleanup potential in an instant. Consider this spell if you need it lategame.



TL;DR: Don't let her get ahead. Care for cheese. She assists jungle ganks super well. Consider 3027.png or 3102.png.

Pre-6, she can harass you by either hitting W, waiting 1.5secs, then hitting Q, or just hitting E alone and waiting for it to root. Be very careful, her passive chunks hard, and if she hits E on you, best case scenario you take a ton of damage, worst case her jungler shows up to high five you in the face. With a sack of bricks.

Post-6, She's going to be even safer, and even bully-er (that's a word, fuck you). You basically want to get resilience asap, as that's the point where the match-up turns in your favour. Once you have 3102.png or 3027.png, you'll find yourself suddenly not having to take her crap anymore. She loses the all-in's now.

Her roams are strong and she snowballs hard, so make sure to ward up and deny her the chance of getting kills. Her lategame has been nerfed too hard for her to have an impact, so it should be a win if she's not fed.



TL;DR: harass her, you can all-in if you do it right.

Pre-6, she'll look to use her passive to chunk you with lissandraq.png. Other than that, she'll control waves and farm. Harass is advised.

Post-6, You can really bully her hard if her jungler isn't there to help her. However, if her jungler is there, her lissandrae.png will give her ridiculously strong gank-assists. How to deal with it? Well my friend, come sit on uncle Ebzz's lap as he explains how to deal with it. The way to deal with it.. is to just suck it up. Your jungler/support will have to help you ward, because her roams and gank assists are super strong. 

Her roams are insane. Like insane insane. That being said, her damage is lackluster, it's just the CC and mobility that makes her strong.



TL;DR: Lategame decision making will be key here. She's difficult to shut down early. Farm lane.

Pre-6, she's gonna try and trade with you, as her waveclear got dicked by her Q nerf. (it does less damage to targets beyond the first), meaning that you can push equally hard, and trade harder if you play it well.

Post-6, she'll try to harass you quite hard, but if you make sure to save Q for when she does, you should be able to out-trade her, even allowing you to all-in if she really oversteps. That being said, if she doesn't, she won't allow a successful all-in or gank, like, ever. Really it's mostly a farm-lane at this point, aside from the occasional poking.

Her roams aren't devastating, but her W gives her the ability to roam quickly, meaning that she'll be difficult to track, unless your jungler helps ward against her roams.

Her lategame is only really good alongside a hypercarry. If there are none, you outscale.



TL;DR, she can't waveclear easily without ult, she's weak until lategame, long CD's make her an easy target to outplay. Elementalist Lux's visuals are bullshit.

Pre-6, there's not that much you can do, other than farm up and throw in the occasional auto if she steps too close to you. luxlightstrikekugel.png+aa procs an easy Thunderlord's, so beware of that.

Post-6, You can kill her if she steps too far. Other than that, you can take advantage of the fact that she can't clear waves without following E with a barrage of basics or an ult.

Make sure she doesn't get to absolute endgame and you'll be okay. Her roams are pretty bad as well, so really all you have to do here is not outplay yourself.



TL;DR: Kill his minions with with literally any spell or AA. You need E to make trades worthwhile. You out-scale super hard. Make sure to respect his flash-R at all times, inb4 jungler gets free kills.

Pre-6, it's gonna be trading E's with him early. Once you hit level 3, you out-trade him. His Q costs a ton of mana to use, meaning he can't keep trading with it. His voidlings also die from pretty much just a light breeze, so AA or hit any spell on them to kill them off quickly.

Post-6, you win all-in's, but his outplay buttonmalzaharr.png makes for an easy set-up for junglers, so always make sure you know where the enemy jungler is.

His roams are slow but potent. He'll usually try to just shove waves, at which point you should be killing off his voidlings, then if he allows it, him afterwards. His lategame is really bad, so really this should be free.



TL;DR: Your team's Ori>their team's Ori.



TL:DR; Don't get cheesed, he falls off as the game goes on. Super strong when fed though.

Pre-6, you'll want to harass him without getting harassed back. You can do this, as your orianaizunacommand.pngorianadissonancecommand.png will outrange his swaintorment.png, and his Q shouldn't hit more than 1-2 ticks on you if you move quick. Just be wary of his swainshadowgrasp.png. It hits on top of a Q -> you take huge damage.

Post-6, he'll look to kill you. His only real engage tool, outside of you running into his range for no reason, is his W. That means that you'll be safe so long as you don't get hit by it, and if he throws it out often, you could even bait an easy jungle gank on him by letting it hit 'by accident'. It's a long-ass cooldown as well.

His roams are slow but somewhat potent. Not as strong as other champions though.
His lategame is pretty bad, since vamp doesn't do much in the lategame and his damage isn't as good anymore by then. Damage over time is also easier to overcome, though harder to calculate, in the lategame.



TL;DR: She wants to all-in post-6. Never line up with her orbs or you'll get stunned. Vulnerable to ganks.

Pre-6, she'll try to poke you a bit. Dodge her orbs whenever possible, and never line up between her and her orbs. If she hits her stun, she'll throw a quick combo on you and back off. If you dodge this, you can fire back for the duration her stun is down.

Post-6, she'll look to all-in you if you step too far. Her damage skyrockets when she gets ult, so make sure to watch out for her main engage, her stun.

One of the most typical setups Syndra players will use, is a trick where they Q, seemingly randomly, in hopes of catching you off-guard with a stun about 3-4 seconds later, when their Q is back up. This'll allow them to hit a 5-orb ultimate, as well as every spell they have. So, again, never line up with her orbs.

Her roams are really strong. To make matters worse, she assists ganks incredibly well. In return, however, she struggles against heavy ganks. 2v2 should be in her favour, unless she gets caught out by heavy cc right away, should both junglers gank mid at the same time.

Her lategame is usually weaker than yours, luckily for you. She's not as bad lategame as people claim she is, and her stun is definitely something to watch out for endgame, but in most comps, you have the upper hand.



TL;DR: Consider exhaust or barrier, rush 3191.png if needed. Ward up a lot and make sure he doesn't get ahead. A fed talon snowballs his team to victory.

Pre-6, you want to freeze waves as best you can, so you can deny him all-in and harass him a bit. Make sure not to get cheesed against this guy. If he hits his W and it's return, as well as a Q, he can auto you afterwards for insane amounts of damage. Getting hit by both instances of W means you have to back off for 6 seconds for his passive to wear off.

Post-6 is where Talon becomes really scary. His ult gives him a huge power spike and a safe all-in. You can outplay him with exhaust and clever kiting, but it's definitely difficult to do.

On top of his huge all-in, he also has good waveclear and super fast roams.

I'm gonna cut you some slack here though. If you manage to survive the early game in one piece, and your team did as well, he can't really do a whole lot. He struggles when behind, and with him losing his blink for a dash instead, he can't get to his targets very easily in lategame teamfights. He's somewhat lacking in burst as well, instead his passive deals heavy damage over time, meaning you'll be able to survive him much easier through the use of shields, 3157.png, etc. He'll still drop you in a second if you're ever caught split from your team though, so make sure to always go as 5.


Twisted Fate

TL;DR: Try to all-in him whenever he steps too far without gold card. Ward everywhere to avoid or at least react to his roams. 1.png helps against his coreographed stun.

Pre-6, just try to bully him when he goes for last hits. If he pulls gold card, just back off until it expired, then zone him a bit.

Post-6, you can actually kill him. I suggest you ask your jungler to help ward to avoid jungle ganks, freeze the wave, and harass him whenever he tries to shove wave or last hit.

He roams super hard, obviously, and it's essentially you and your jungler's job to control him as well as you can. He's pretty easy to kill in a straight 1v1, but he'll generally gank, not 1v1.

His lategame is insanely strong, but short ranged, making him fragile for you. I think in most comps he'd dominate late, but against something like Ori, he would just struggle, assuming you do it right.



TL;DR, He will poke a ton, but he's fragile to heavy jungle pressure. Q does less damage as it travels through minions.

Pre-6, he'll harass you a ton. He'll run oom after a while, but by then he can easily back for 3070.png. Try your best to avoid his varusq.png, and if you can get harass back on him, it's nice, but won't necessarily stick, as he'll have 2033.png.

Post-6, you've got a bit of an all-in on him, but he doesn't lose an all-in unless you hit every spell and don't take too much minion aggro. The biggest problem, however, is that if you fuck up and he lives with 100 hp, he'll pop some pots and poke you out of lane with varusq.png.

Jungle presence is key in this matchup. He's easy to gank and needs to be shut down.

He's not the best roamer, but he excels in small skirmishes, so make sure you don't create opportunities where he can harass your crew from a distance, say, at dragon.

His lategame is retarded, but does depend on whether he can keep safe while poking. That said, not many people can jump him, as he can land Q's on your crew at baron roughly from base. Try to end it quickly. Your team should try never to relieve pressure on him.



TL;DR: His R is a high damage execute. Try to dodge stun and punish if he farms with Q. 3102.png ruins his day.

Pre-6, he doesn't do much. Make sure to harass him if he uses Q to last hit.

Post-6, he'll start (if he hadn't already) farming with Q. You can all-in him so long as you have some defenses. His ults no longer scales with your AP, meaning you can safely build 3165.png without risking getting oneshot anymore. Just watch out not to get caught out in his stun, or he'll do some nasty damage. I'd also recommend getting a 3102.png so you can easily run him down through the stun.

His lategame isn't very good and his roams aren't either, but his one-shot combo can be scary, probably starting around roughly level 13, depending on items and his passive stacks.



TL;DR: Dodge laser, all-in if he messes up post-6. Lategame he's a monster but with 'only' medium range nuke and no escape. 

Early on, he's got slightly superiour harass to you. If he uses E, however, you can trade afterwards. If you do it well, you'll get a full rotation on him without him being able to return fire, as his Q has a lower range than your Q.

As soon as he gets his 3196.png, he'll be able to push waves very quickly. If you can force him to base before he has 1250 gold, that'll push him back quite a bit.

If he does get to this item on his first back, however, prepare to be shoved in constantly. He'll also be able to all-in you if you both hit everything. That being said, if you get the first hit on him, you should be able to beat him if you dodge at least his E aftershock, and maybe flash out of one pulse of his ultimate.

One thing Viktor particularly struggles with is heavy focus. He's got no escape and only a zone CC, so he struggles to run from players.

On the other hand, his roams, with his strong waveclear, are quite potent, as he has good on-demand burst. His lategame is also quite insane in most comps, so I wouldn't let it get to the far stages of the game.



TL;DR: Take movespeed quints and dodge a lot. His lategame is super strong but he's vulnerable to heavy focus.

Pre-6, just try to dodge his xeratharcanopulsechargeup.png's. Other than that, you can harass him a bit if he gets close, and just farm otherwise. Don't let him auto you when his passive is up! It'll give him a lot of free mana.

Post-6, both of you get killing potential, but only really if one of you makes a mistake. Again stick to dodging his spells and de-pushing waves. He's also very vulnerable to ganks. If you plan to all-in him, you'll out-damage him, so long as you manage to dodge the xerathmagespear.png.

His roams are lackluster, but his lategame more than makes up for it. Like Ziggs, he can de-push super hard and poke very well, making it difficult to siege versus him. As a result, you'll want to push objectives at any given chance, as you may not get another one.



TL;DR: Don't let him all-in using minions. Try to harass when his shield is down. Don't fall behind. Try to freeze waves near your turret. If he's super aggro, smart junglers will camp him.

Pre-6, he may try to cheese damage on you by dashing around minions while hitting you. Thing is, this pushes his wave up, and I suggest you use that to freeze the wave to your turret. Freezing near turret is super strong against him. It makes him so vulnerable to ganks, and completely denies his ability to threaten with an all-in.

Other than that, make sure to auto him once to get his shield down, then harass with QW if you know he won't dash away.

Post-6, there's 3 things to note. First of all, if you're pushed up and he lands a tornado, he'll probably go in on it. Secondly, if you're not too far up and play it right, you can 1v1 him for a kill. Just make sure to be ready for his dashes. It has a 0.5 second cooldown early, so hit spells in between. Also keep in mind aggressive Yasuo = vulnerable to ganks Yasuo.

His roams are strongly dependent on comp. For example, he can work well with champs that engage the fight with a knock-up, such as 54.png, but not so well with other champs, such as 41.png.

Same goes for his lategame, really. Hugely dependent on comp. For the most part though, your lategame will be much stronger than his.



TL;DR: Dodge Q's. Q deals less damage if it's hit at least one other target before you. Survive lane 0/0 and you've basically won the lane. Ward so your team's safe from roams. Rush 3191.png if you need it.

Pre-6, You can harass him a bit, but there's 2 things to be careful for. First of all, don't get hit by Q's, or at least duck behind a minion first. Secondly, Don't get near his shadow, he can all-in if you allow him to melee range you.

Post-6, be very careful. Rush 3191.png if you need it. He can all-in pretty hard if he lands all of his spells. When he ults you, he'll have a 0.5 second delay before he can swap back, giving you a fairly easy shockwave on him. Trading ults is fine, as you just want to survive the lane.

Try to not give up farm. If you have exhaust, a 3191.png, and proper ward coverage, he shouldn't be able to outright kill you. You want to stay roughly equal in CS, as your lategame is much stronger.

His roams are incredibly potent, so make sure to ward up. Not just to keep yourself safe from jungle ganks, but to keep your team safe from Zed. Your jungler WILL need to help keep him in check, or he'll roam for free, knowing you can't follow him.



TL;DR: Farm well, dodge a lot, try to take objectives early, as he de-pushes too hard late.

Pre-6, you want to dodge his ziggsq.png's. He may clear waves with it, which means you have to push back using auto's. If he's harassing you, the matchup will rely entirely on your ability to dodge them. Try to get some harass back on him as well.

Post-6, you can kill if he messes up and he can kill if you mess up, but for the most part you'll just want to de-push waves, and try to take objectives when he's based/dead, as you need to end asap.

His roams are meh, but his lategame is solid. Specifically he can poke hard and de-push waves well, making sieging versus him incredibly difficult. Not to mention his ability to nuke towers in 2 seconds. The earlier you can take objectives, the better.

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Why play Orianna Back to Top

I want to talk a little bit about Orianna as a champion. Orianna has been my go-to champion from my very first ranked season and I've always loved her. Not everyone is a big fan of her, though, and I'll try to explain what makes people like or not like her.


As a utility midlaner, Orianna Is incredibly versatile, being able to fit almost any team comp and adapt her playstyle to the demands of the game. She can support allies with shields and speed-ups, burst single targets, burst entire teams, dish out consistent dps, and poke from good range.

Orianna is famous for being one of the most difficult champions to play and master. All of her little interactions and mechanics give her such a huge skillset and honestly her complexity makes her so fun to play.

A great bonus about playing Orianna is that she never really falls out of the meta. She's not often a highly contested pick, but always viable and strong. I've played her since roughly the start of season 3 and not once has she been considered a weak champion.

Team synergy
Another reason people love playing her is her synergy with teammates. She's not like 238.png or 23.png, she likes to make plays alongside her team. She can assist others in making plays and make plays for her team to follow up on, but either way she performs best alongside teammates, making her a great pick for people who like the comradery a team-oriented game such as league provides.


Doesn't snowball like 238.png and 92.png.
One of the reasons people may choose to play other champions would be this. Some people like champions that, by default, stomp lane and snowball. Orianna is not like this, and rather relies on you farming up well, shutting down the enemy laner is a bonus, but it's not your goal, and thus shouldn't be what you focus on.

Difficult to play
Some people may be put off by the fact that she's mechanically quite intensive. She's not a champion that you quickly pick up and you can't really get a good feel of her until you've played a decent amount of games on her.

No real escape or gap closer.
There are players that like a champion based on whether they have an escape or not. Unfortunately, Ori doesn't have one. She has good mobility thanks to her W, but she can't close a gap very easily and if she's in a sticky situation, she'll have to hope her W and E are enough to escape it.

Team Oriented
You've seen it in the pros section, now you find it in the cons section. It's all about preference, some people love team-oriented champions, some people hate it. If you don't like to rely on working alongside teammates, I would consider different champions. I'm not saying she's bad at solo-carrying, but she's not as good at it as perhaps a champion like 55.png.

Tips for laning Back to Top

There's a couple of helpful tips I could give to hopefully help you in your laning. I won't be giving specific advise in certain match-ups here, but rather just general tips for laning in any situation.


  • Your Q has a huge damage-to-mana ratio, 30 mana at rank 1, going up by just 5 per rank, means you can do huge amounts of damage with this ability at a very small cost. Assuming you're not hitting too many minions on the way, Q is a great harassing tool, even just on it's own.

  • Note that your auto's are a great tool for trading efficiently. If you E to avoid minion harass, you can get a decent amount of damage on him at a small cost.

  • Try to pay attention to Thunderlord's cooldown. Unlike lux's passive, your bonus auto-attack damage does not trigger thunderlord's, so keep that in mind.

  • Apart from this, your QW can chunk a fair bit for harass as well, just note two things:
    Firstly, your Q will deal 10% less damage per minion it hits, up to maximum 60% reduced damage. So when harassing an enemy, make sure your Q won't have to travel through a wave.
    Secondly, your Q has a fair bit of travel time at max range. If you want to harass, I suggest you place the Q in a position where the enemy champion will likely stand near, to reduce travel time. (see bottom of this section for screenshots)

  • At level 5, you can usually push the back wave with 2 Q's and a W. I wouldn't recommend doing this on every wave starting at level 5, but it's useful to know that you can if you want to push the wave up.

  • Your ult isn't just an all-in or defensive tool, you can also use it to harass if you want to relieve pressure on you. It's on a pretty long cooldown, but if you need to use a ~100 second cooldown so that 134.png is too low to all-in you, I would say that's worth.

  • Make sure to farm up well. In the end, your lategame is what matters most, and the best way to be relevant in it is to have good farm. Never underestimate how important it is.

  • Try to freeze waves to your side early. It's an incredibly powerful tool for zoning and denying CS, as a jungle gank is very risky for them.

  • Once you get 3165.png and some levels (roughly level 7+), you can push waves very efficiently. If you have blue, I suggest you push waves and look to either clear raptors, or roam around the map for ward coverage or ganks. If you don't have blue, just push the waves in with 1 or 2 Q's and auto's. W has a fairly large mana cost, so I wouldn't recommend using this to clear with if you can't afford the mana cost.


Ball placement 1.png
So here you see Orianna's ball placed forward, slightly outside of her max Q range. Because of this, she's ready to move it in position to hit Viktor.

A few seconds later, she's able to move the ball towards Viktor as Kha'zix jumps in.

Ball placement 3.png
As a result of Orianna's clever ball positioning, she's able to ult Viktor when Kha jumps in, netting them an easy kill.

Tips for mid- and late game Strategy Back to Top


Alright so starting this off, mid game is roughly the time when people stop laning and decide to group up for objectives or skirmishes.

As Ori, your midgame isn't bad, depending on comp and situation, but if you're behind, oh moly are you going to be weak. Ori's base damage is quite low, she relies mostly on her scaling, as she has 4 damaging spells and a shield.

Your lategame, however, is usually sick. You'll struggle landing ults on some teams, but overall Orianna is a very strong lategame champion.

I'll try to help you get a bit of your mid and lategame strategy going here, but really what you need is a strategy for every specific situation, and obviously I can't give that. Instead, I'll try to explain some (not all) strategies and thought processes behind choosing these strategies.


There's a number of things you can do in the mid and lategame. A few things, for example, would be pressuring objectives, defending objectives, going for ward coverage and subsequently picks, forcing or baiting fights, and contesting dragon. The most important thing, for every strategy and every game, is wards. If you don't have wards, you may as well not run a strategy.

Example 1, from team A's perspective

The first thing I suggest you do, is checking which team has the better mid game, and which team has the better lategame. A team such as 131.png59.png126.png42.png161.png, for example, has a huge mid game, but doesn't have a plausible lategame against non-squishy comps.

Once you've figured out who has the better mid game, you'll want to think about each team's strengths and weaknesses. The earlier mentioned comp, for example, can easily force a drake, and can push objectives quite well. What they struggle with, is getting overwhelmed by CC and damage(heavy engage). They're quite squish, so when the lategame hits they'll be very quickly wiped out if your team can get a good engage on them.

So, let's check the situation. Assuming both teams thought things through, the enemy team will force your first and second drake. You can do something about this if they miss-position, but if they play it right, you'll have to give them up. Once drake is down, they'll look to 5-man push a lane. You could deal with this depending on your own comp's strengths.

Now that we've thought out their mid-game, let's look at our own. Let's say our comp is 54.png35.png61.png18.png40.png. Now with this specific comp (for the sake of the example), you could counter their 5-man siege by sending Shaco top, Tristana bot, and having the other 3 champions remain in mid to de-siege as best they can. No, they can't hold it forever, but presumably Tristana and Shaco would put enough pressure to force the enemy team back.

Note that, in this example, two things are crucial. Firstly, you can't get picked off. If you die, or one of your mates die, you won't be able to stop them from diving you straight up. It is important that you safely try to de-push waves. On the plus side, if they try to dive you but you're not in a bad position, Malphite and Janna can easily push them away temporarily, effectively stalling their push at the cost of cooldowns.

Secondly, you need wards! I cannot stress the importance of this, if your team splits, you need to keep them safe through wards, so they can back off when they rotate towards one of the splitters.

Another strategy, less risky but not as effective in higher ELO's, would be to try to meet the enemy team's rotations and keep de-sieging waves until the lategame. Problem is, it denies you exp on two lanes. Now, you're the stronger lategame team, so you want to keep the experience and gold incoming as high as possible, since getting behind is what really costs you the game at this point. Note that Shaco here is also quite useless as a defender, as nothing in his kit allows him to help protect his team from the siege. As of that, it's definitely recommend to at least send Shaco to solo push.

Once you get items, you'll notice you start dishing out damage. That's the thing about this specific situation, really. They're forced to play pro-actively and you're forced to play re-actively, as they have their power spike in the mid game, whereas you have yours in the lategame. Basically, once the lategame arrives, you become the pro-active team. In this example, the optimal strategy would be to send Shaco to split, as there's not much they can do to react to it. If they send a member back to stop him, Malphite will be able to engage, allowing you a strong ult on pretty much anyone he ults. If they push as 5, you can still de-push waves super easily. The only real risk is that you get hit by too much poke before Shaco can extort meaningful pressure, but even then if Janna is smart she'll have a fairly AP-heavy build so she can heal everyone back up. 

Example 2, from team B's perspective

Now, that looked victorious for team A, but really I could just as easily swing favour in team B's side. The mid-game hits, and you're looking to make plays. Firstly, you try to bait a dragon fight. 161.png and59.png make sure to buy enough wards to light up everywhere around drake. Your comp has huge poke and single target burst, whereas their team doesn't have considerable burst yet. As a result, you can take drake, and if they contest, you'll throw some poke first, then all-in if they still foolishly try to contest afterwards, blowing up whichever squishy shows up first.

Now, you took the drake and maybe got a kill or two, what to do next?

Well, your team is considerably stronger at this point and quite mobile, so you'll want to get many deep wards in the enemy jungle and start pushing each wave so you can siege turrets. If they show up as five, simple rotate to another lane. Now you've got them in a bind: either they follow you through their own lanes (so not through the jungle), and they arrive late each time, taking major tower damage and probably poke as they arrive, or they follow you with the faster route through their own jungle, and you can pick them off with the previously placed wards.

Important for this team is to end as quickly as possible. Let's say you reached the point where they became stronger. By this time, you've used your comp efficiently enough to get 4 dragons, mid and bot inhibitor, and tier 2 top turret. Now, you can use your superior ward coverage (as they couldn't leave base as much to ward), and their 2 constantly pushing lanes, to take the fifth dragon and baron. Afterwards, you'll want to use this 5th drake and baron buff to put heavy pressure on them in an all-out siege...

The most important thing during this siege, is that you have heavy pressure at all points. One moment where you release pressure, and Malphite will be able to engage on you. Push the top wave up towards their turret, and collapse on them at the point where your mid minions meet your bot minions to form a massive wave. If you keep poking their squishies while your baron'd up minions do work, they shouldn't be able to safely engage on you. I would send 42.png to push top while the rest pokes and puts pressure. Just care for the wombo and you'll be able to end the game.

Closing statement

As you can see from this example, your strategy can be a huge factor in determining the outcome of the game. I definitely suggest that you try to think about your strategies beforehand, and never be afraid of trying something out. After each game, try to reflect on why your strategy worked, or why it didn't. Sometimes you'll find that the strategy was good but the execution was lacking. Other times, you'll find the exact opposite to be the case. The important thing is to never be afraid of trying things out.

Also, very important, is that you realize that your ELO is also a hugely relevant factor in determining a strategy. An LCS team will build a strategy assuming the opponent plays perfectly (In the previous examples, I also assumed no huge mistakes would be made). However, in solo queue, I would be much more likely to run a pick-off strategy, as these tend to work very effectively in solo queue. Also, I would use previously mentioned strategy in diamond, but I wouldn't use it in bronze, as the players there wouldn't be able to execute it properly (as an exaggerated example).

Tips for teamfights Back to Top

Disclaimer: I make a lot of generalizations in this section. Please note that every game is different and so is every teamfight. You'll have to judge for yourself how the teamfight turned out, i'm just trying to give you an idea of what a teamfight could look like.

Think about your primary role in a teamfight

Basically what I mean by this, is to think about what you want to be doing in a teamfight. Below are some examples of roles you could fill in a teamfight. Please note that in most teamfights, you'll fill in a couple of roles depending on the situation. The most common example would probably be the strategy where you dps the frontline early in the teamfight, then burst the backline when the opportunity arrives.

Aid wombo combo
If, for example, you have a 107.png on your team, you may be looking to destroy one of their carries (or both) by placing the ball with him and helping him burst the squishy down.

Dps the frontline
Your go-to role as a mid laner in the early stages of a fight. In most cases. as soon as a teamfight erupts, you'll want to just shield whoever is taking damage (assuming there's no threat of your carries to get bursted, otherwise shield said carry), then dps with basic spells and auto's whoever is close to you.

Burst the backline
Also known as cleaning up, this is what you'll usually be doing later on in the fight. You usually can't do it right away, because if you're able to reach their backline straight at the start of the teamfight, either their backline is out of position, or you are.

That being said, if a teamfight has been going on for a while, you'll usually find that the frontline either has no cooldowns or is too dead to be a threat to you. As a result, their backline won't be as safe from you, and you'll be able to burst down whichever squishy is foolish enough to get near you.

Support your team
One of the reason's Orianna is such an amazing champion, is her utility. She does an amazing job at keeping her team safe, and I suggest you use this to your advantage if the situation demands it.

You could try to keep anyone on your team safe, but your shield and movement speed boost will go a much longer way for your ADC then they will for your tank. I have won a plethora of games not because of my own performance, but because of my ability to shield and speed up my ADC while he carried fights. I wanted to get a clip for this, but I'm afraid I couldn't get it to work. Sorry about that guys. If I manage to get a good clip for it at any point, I'll make sure to put it in.

Think about where you want to teamfight

Again I struggle to just give advice for any situation. Instead, you'll have to make judge for yourself where you'll want to fight. I'll try give you some general, but oversimplified, tips on comps and their preferred battlefield.

  • Open areas are best for organized teamfights. Strong teamfighting compositions will enjoy this area, whereas squishy comps will hate it. A good frontline will be able to protect their carries more easily, allowing you to go for the 'proper' teamfight structure of fighting the frontline until they fall, then cleaning up the backline.
  • Jungle areas are great for comps who strive off of discord. Teams can split up and flank heavily here, which makes Orianna's job difficult. At the same time, however, if you have good vision and the enemy team is more grouped up and together, it becomes much easier for Orianna to do her job. Her ability to land a strong ult increases, and she can use her Dissonance (w) ability to engage hard when even the slightest mistake is made. TL;DR: creates messy fights, which can be good or bad depending on vision, execution and comp.
  • Near the enemy turret is really not very beneficial to Orianna. If you have a 'normal' comp where your frontline and backline is balanced, you won't want to fight under their turret. That being said, some comps do very well on them, specifically poke comps and Tristana/Jinx comps, are very good at taking down turrets. Poke comps like to force enemies away from the turret with poke, then harass it until the enemy forces them to disengage again. Jinx/Tristana comps simply utilize their huge range to poke down turrets.
    Orianna herself doesn't fit very well into these comps, as she doesn't have the range needed to poke their backline. However, if the rest of your team decided to push turrets, I would say your job is to poke their frontline and keep your teammates safe. Peel, shield, and disengage. 

Think about how you can land a good ult

It seems pretty obvious, but I just wanted to touch on this topic a bit. Here's a few things to keep in mind:

  • Champions with good mobility are risky to try to ult.
  • CC'd champions can't escape your ult. Try to pay attention to the CC your teams used.
  • Obvious ults are usually dodged. Ult when the fight is chaotic, and they won't spot it as easily.
  • If their backline is useless without their frontline, ulting the frontline can be worth.
  • To contradict my previous statement a bit, the threat of your ult can be enough to force their backline away. Having used your ult already will relieve this pressure.
  • If you want to wombo, for example with Malphite or Rengar, make sure to ult AFTER they landed. This is crucial! If you ult while they're in the air, the ult won't pop where they land 0.5 seconds later, but rather where they were when you pressed ult. Again, I wanted to have a clip for it, but I couldn't get anything to work. I'll make sure to add one if I can manage it, sorry guys.

Ebzz's Golden Tip

Alright so about 6 months ago, I found out about this one particular thing that instantly improved my effectiveness in game immensely. The one big secret I found is that, when a teamfight erupts, you can place your ball at max Q range, leave it there, then back off a bit. When the teamfight erupts and the frontlines start duking it out, you'll find that their backline can't move forward. They're stuck. If they move, they'll walk into the ball's radius and get ulted instantly. They essentially have 2 choices, hope you'll move your ball for basic abilities on their frontline, or move all the way around it. In a lane, this will take incredibly long. In the jungle, it'll usually take quite a while as well. In river, there's usually enough space for them to move around the zone, but if they do, you'll be able to move the already close ball right on top of them, then ult them anyway.

I've added some pictures to hopefully help visualize what I mean, but I'm afraid, and I repeat myself saying this, I couldn't get any of my replay files to work. Instead, I hope you'll look past the fact that these are bot games to just see my point. Sorry about this, guys.

Archmage Orianna Back to Top

So yesterday the rank 6 and 7 mastery came out. You better believe I went ham on stream to earn myself the title  "Archmage Orianna". Here I am, proudly, and perhaps a bit arrogantly, showing it off.

Orianna Archmage.png

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