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Summoner Spells Back to Top

100% of the time every game. Your second summoner spell you have a ton of choices for.

Is generally my choice for a second summoner. Obviously it gives you kill potential in lane to help get you snowballing but even if it doesn't result in a kill, this can help you send back your lane opponent and keep them behind. Late game teamfights it isn't as useful because you aren't the assassin diving for kills, so just drop it on whoever is diving your back line or hold it for cleaning up the remaining carries at the end of a fight.

Is a very undervalued summoner and is probably my favorite to use. It can take a bit of practice to really get a good understanding of when to use it but once you do it shuts down a lot of plays. It is good against teams with a lot of stuns or just for lanes against an 1.png or 4.png who will flash stun you so their gank buddies can easily get on top of you. Cleanse has a lower cooldown than their flash so you win the summoner spell battle not to mention the whole not dying part. If you are winning lane and have that for sure kill but they stun you and try to walk away - be quick to cleanse it and kill them anyway (I love doing this).

Is for games against all-in assassins (cough 238.png cough) or just high burst damage where you just need that extra shield to survive the initial burst. Typically I only get this against 238.png though, more about that in the matchups section.

I only take this against 238.png and 91.png because they are so transparent of when they are going to all in and you can just exhaust away most of their burst combos.

Is completely viable. Yes I said it. This is my summoner of choice for games that are going to be all about roaming and teamfighting. Use it to get to the fight quicker in early/mid game. Use it for ganking so if there is a ward at the end of the river they can't just sluggishly walk away from you and waste your time. Lastly for teamfights, use it for kiting . Don't forget to get distortion enchant on your boots.

Was big for mid lane at the end of last season but has fallen off a bit. I only really ever take this anymore if I know it is just going to be a farm lane and I want to have minimal downtime in farming and leveling early. And of course keep an eye on the map for the enemy team overextending and an easy TP gank. Late game it is also good for performing or defending a backdoor and can also be good just to back and regen before TP'ing back to your team's push.

Is my least preferred. The little speed burst isn't comparable to your W and the extra health doesn't compete with 21.png in trades/all-ins, especially if you are getting ignited before using heal. It is good for bailing out your teammates who started fighting without you and who you are desperately trying to save before they die. It can also be good for teamfights but keep in mind the reduced effectiveness of stacking heals with your ADC. I only take this in matchups I'm relatively sure the enemy wont take 14.png.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

The thunderlords changes in 6.2 make it less optimal for certain champions but it still suits Orianna well

The new Expose Weakness mastery that came with 6.4 is an option to run, it will be helpful later on but loses the little bit of sustain that Feast gives you for laning.

You can go for biscuits (secret stash) over the assassin mastery. I personally prefer the assassin mastery because biscuits are only really great for the early game while assassin will help you in 1v1's all game long. Runic affinity is also viable if you trust your jungler to hand you over blues.

Bandit mastery can be nice to help you generate gold and get your rather expensive build out a little quicker but the restore on Dangerous Game can help you survive the last tick of ignite in an early all-in. Bandit also loses all effectiveness later on in the game while Dangerous Game is GREAT because the restore is percentage based and can help you stick around to keep pushing.

Abilities Back to Top


The safest skill maxing is as listed and only once you really start to understand matchups should you consider deviating.

You can start orianaizunacommand.png first if you want to harass right away without running thru the entire creep line autoing. Get orianaredactcommand.png second so you can start abusing the shield to help you win trades.

You can also get a 2nd point in orianaizunacommand.png at level 3 before getting orianadissonancecommand.png if the harass game is going well.

If you start orianaizunacommand.png and have really established dominance at level 1 it is an option to get orianadissonancecommand.png 2nd and really push them out of lane or even go for a kill if you have 14.png. You will run out of mana quick with this option so only do it if you are certain you can get a kill or push them out of lane. If you are doing this you are target #1 for the enemy jungler so always get orianaredactcommand.png third and play smart with your trinket ward and positioning.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    every game start

Core Items

    These 2 items are your core.
    You don't need to rush this after RoA/boots but get it as soon as you see the enemy team starting to get MR
    seriously, at level 9 get this and spam it. It is OP af right now and I forget to get it all the time myself but try to remember.
    these are your two boot enchant options. get distortion if you have teleport or ghost. otherwise get alacrity

Situational Items

    These items are what make up the rest of the build and are what is situational.
    this item can look appealing but it delays your power spikes. i never build it but if you do get it first.
    pretty obvious but never get any of the other elixirs

Cookie Cutter Build for the Lazy

I highly suggest reading the rest if only just to get yourself to start thinking more in-depth about what you're building even if you disagree with my reasoning. Anyway, here's the quick "my game is loading what do I do"


First Back

Your goal is a 3010.png and a 2043.png (1275g)

For times you have to back without enough you'll want a second 1056.png because aside from the extra hp and AP having a second doran's ring also gives you decent mana sustain which is paramount. You'll want an extra 2003.png or two since you won't be getting health regen from a 3010.png yet and then you want to start piecing together the catalyst. Prioritize a 1028.png over a 1027.png. And of course you want to always have a 2043.png on the map.

Complete your core first

After 3010.png you want to prioritize finishing the 3027.png but you can mix in 1001.png if you haven't got the gold yet.

After 3027.png get the 3158.png asap.

Damage or supportive/utility role?

This is the big question you have to ask yourself once your core is completed because it will decide your build. Most of the time you'll want to go with damage so I'll quickly cover cases for going supportive.

  • Your team has a lot of damage threats already; i.e. carry top laner and jungler.
  • You are behind
  • Your ADC is fed, has taken bot tower and is now looking to group up with you
  • The enemy team is dive heavy and aggressive so you just want to shut that down

I've created a supportive/utility build section separately in order to keep more clarity for this section. So skip down to that if you are interested.


I knew you'd ignore that spiel about going supportive and want this one =]

Second Item

  • 3285.png is my personal favorite because of the good AP stats, the extra burst, and the little extra movement speed to help maneuver.
  • 3089.png is another option for just maximum AP. This is the other damage option other than 3285.png but keep in mind that it is 600g more and doesn't give you the extra poke or movement speed that luden's does. The extra amount on your orianaredactcommand.png can be extremely helpful tho. Also keep in mind the passive AP increase isn't going to be that much at this stage.
  • 3001.png is a good option if they have a lot of AP. It gives you decent AP and the passive magic resist debuff to enemies is helpful too, so it has a good balance of defensive and offensive stats.
  • 3136.png is an option if they have a lot of tanks (3+) but this scenario is rare. Hold off on completing this into a 3151.png for now.
  • 3157.png can be an option against a 238.png but building it here feels too clunky and out of place with the damage build. You can also consider building a 3191.png and sitting on it while you get some more useful damage items.

Third Item

  • 3135.png if they are getting MR.
  • 3089.png for damage because at this stage of the game you'll have enough AP to make buying it really worth it due to the passive AP gain. 
  • 3285.png  is an okay damage option but is outclassed by 3089.png at this stage.
  • 3157.png if you're doing a ton of work in teamfights and the enemy team really wants you dead. The active can buy you much needed time in the middle of a fight.
  • 3001.png is good here if they have good AP damage coming online.

Fourth Item

  • 3135.png if they are getting magic resist. If you went maximum damage 3285.png/3089.png for second/third item this is a good pickup even if they aren't getting magic resist because it rounds out the maximum damage.
  • 3089.png you'll have gotten this already in most games but if not it's really starting to be effective due to the percentage gain on your AP which should be getting rather high by now.
  • 3157.png is good here if you are playing aggressive because the active can cover your ass if you get turned on. I would say it is also good if they are jumping on you but in that case you should've got it third already.
  • 3151.png if you went 3136.png earlier is good to complete now.

Fifth/Last Item

  • 3135.png if you don't have it.
  • 3089.png if you don't have it.
  • 3151.png if you went 3136.png and haven't finished it or if the enemy team got a ton of magic resist and you just need the extra magic penetration.
  • 3001.png if they have a lot of magic resist and some AP threat. If no AP threat exists don't bother and just get 3151.png instead.
  • 3285.png if you just want the extra raw damage.
  • 3157.png if you don't have it by now you probably aren't too concerned with having to use the active but it does give good AP and a decent bit of armor.
  • 3116.png if you want the passive slow on your orianaizunacommand.png for chasing/kiting on top of the extra 100AP. At this stage of the game the extra health is kinda meh considering how much damage the enemy team should have.

When to get your boot enchantment

If you are using 6.png or 12.png you should look to complete 1333.png either as soon as you get 3158.png or after completing your second item.

Any other summoner spell you will want to pick up 1331.png but since this doesn't give you anything really game changing hold off on this until you are full build or working on your final item and have the extra gold for it but not enough to complete the final item.

When to buy 2139.png

Obviously when you are full build you have nothing else to spend gold on so always refresh this on every back even if the previous one hasn't run out. Another good time is when you are working on your final item but don't have the gold to complete it.

The harder times to know when this is good to buy is when that game ending fight is about to happen. Don't prioritize it over completing an item tho.

Example scenario: 35minutes in, inhibs are down, baron is spawning; whichever team has the upper hand is looking to close the game here. If you are on the team that is behind it is do or die so saving the gold for your next item wont matter if your nexus is blowing up. If you have the upper hand it can give you that little extra push in damage to ensure you are leaving as little chance as possible for the enemy to come back.

And just for fun

3100.png this is a fun item to get when you're stomping. It gives you the extra 10% CDR, it helps you push down towers, and it also gives you good immediate burst from your combo if you remember to auto with it.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Anivia
  • Annie
  • Azir
  • Brand
  • Cassiopeia
  • Cho'Gath
  • Diana
  • Ekko
  • Ezreal
  • Fizz
  • Galio
  • Gangplank
  • Heimerdinger
  • Jayce
  • Karma
  • Karthus
  • Kassadin
  • Katarina
  • Kayle
  • Kennen
  • Kog'Maw
  • LeBlanc
  • Lissandra
  • Lulu
  • Lux
  • Malzahar
  • Morgana
  • Ryze
  • Swain
  • Syndra
  • Talon
  • Twisted Fate
  • Varus
  • Veigar
  • Vel'Koz
  • Viktor
  • Vladimir
  • Xerath
  • Yasuo
  • Zed
  • Ziggs




A good Ahri can be hard to deal with when she all-ins you which is the only reason I label this as medium difficulty. If their jungler has hard CC too then consider 1.png to break the CC chain. Otherwise pick a summoner that fits how you want to play against their team. I often run 14.png against her and have serious kill potential against her even pre-6.

Start orianaredactcommand.png because she will start ahriorbofdeception.png and it will outdamage your orianaizunacommand.png + autos.

At level 6 put on your dancing shoes. She will most assuredly ahritumble.png in and try to land a ahriseduce.png but if you can dodge it you're golden. orianaredactcommand.png yourself immediately to absorb the non-skillshot ahrifoxfire.png + ahritumble.png damage. There is a slight delay between when she can use her ahritumble.png charges so with a little practice the second she uses her first ult charge orianaredactcommand.png yourself and orianaizunacommand.png to where she is. If you successfully dodged the ahriseduce.png you can orianadetonatecommand.png + orianadissonancecommand.png her, drop 14.pngif you have it and start auto'ing. If you don't think you have the upfront damage save your orianadetonatecommand.png and 14.png for after her ahritumble.png charges are down so she can't just use remaining charges to get away from you.

In teamfights orianaredactcommand.png whoever on your team she is going after and throw a orianaizunacommand.png + orianadissonancecommand.png at her if it's your back line. She will be so squishy and if you aren't really far behind that will be enough to chunk her to the point of being afraid to get in the fight again.




A joke lane. Her invisibility means nothing to you in that small ass circle, none of your abilities are point and click. Start orianaizunacommand.png run 14.png harass her until you can drop the ignite and kill that bitch before she even hits 6.

You should only lose this lane if you get camped.




This is a farm lane. You can start orianaizunacommand.png if you want and go for harass but getting an early kill on her is difficult with her passive. If your jungler wants to get her you can consider the early aggression but otherwise just start orianaredactcommand.png and sit back and farm with only casual trading to remind her you aren't a passive bitch.

In teamfights you should both be playing back far enough from each other that you shouldn't even have to worry about her. Just orianaredactcommand.png someone if she traps them with flashfrost.png + crystallize.png and wait for her entire team to jump them for a perfect orianadetonatecommand.png




Take 1.png to shut down her 4.png + infernalguardian.png stun. Remember 1.png will also remove her 14.png

Start orianaizunacommand.png and abuse the range to harass her away from easy farming. Try not to shove too hard on her tho because even with 1.png a stun on you in front of her turret while her jungler comes up behind you is probably going to result in your death.




Farm lane. Start orianaredactcommand.png and focus on farming while trading pokes with him. His azirW.png can be hard to deal with so keep your distance and last hit with orianaizunacommand.png if you have to. Only go in range if you're ready to trade him.

Summoner spell to take is personal preference, you can go a lot of ways with it.




I only label this medium difficulty because I believe the burden is on you to be on top of your game to outplay him and he can get by with sloppier gameplay to win. If you play well this is an easy lane.

If you're feeling confident you can run 14.pngbut 21.png is another good option (you can't dodge his ult) to just keep you from dying. 1.png  is an option but I would only take this if more of the enemy team has hard CC.

Start orianaredactcommand.png and use it to absorb his brandfissure.png damage that he will most likely be harassing you with at level 1. If he gets too close or misses his brandfissure.png then walk up to him for a few autos and orianaredactcommand.png the minion aggro. If he lands it just try to get an auto or 2 in but don't chase him back into the wave because minion damage will win the trade for him.

After level 1 keep your minions in between you because his brandblaze.png stun can't travel thru them. orianaredactcommand.png his initial damage and just return a little bit of damage to trade. Your goal is to fight his mana pool while trading evenly and get CS. If you play it right you can free farm while he has to back because he spent all his mana.

Once you get 3010.png start clearing waves and forcing him to use his spells on creep. You will out-sustain his mana pool leaving you to roam or shell out damage to his turret.




This is mostly a farm lane but if she gets good positioning on you and lands a cassiopeiamiasma.png she has serious kill potential on you with her cassiopeiatwinfang.png resets.

1.png is an option for her ult but I'd only take it if more of the enemy team has hard CC as well. Fighting her can turn into kite wars so taking 6.png can really help you in this area. For the most part running 14.png should be fine.

You can start orianaizunacommand.png to harass and get in her head but generally just starting orianaredactcommand.png and focusing on farming works out better for me.

Don't be the aggressor first unless you have your jungler coming and are baiting. She can easily turn around with a slow and combo her cassiopeiatwinfang.pngs on you and kill you.




Farm lane. 14.png for kill pressure and 21.png to absorb his ult. Generally in this lane I would pick my summoner spell based on the rest of his team.

Start orianaizunacommand.png just to annoy him but with his passive you don't have much kill pressure. Be careful about getting too cocky because you've been winning trades because if he lands his rupture.png + feralscream.png he can turn on you to do a lot of damage and he is still innately tanky.

Just don't feed him and you should be way more effective in teamfights.




Start orianaizunacommand.png and harass. If she has 12.png don't go overboard and burn thru your mana pool on the harass. You will run oom and she will just tp back to lane and make you look silly.

Pick your summoner spell based on the rest of the enemy team and not her.

Dodge her dianaQ.png and you are golden. Once she hits 6 if she still dianaR.pngs on you after you dodge the dianaQ.png then orianaredactcommand.png and wait for her to dianaE.png and then orianadissonancecommand.png and kite back while dishing out damage.

If she does land her dianaQ.png just retreat with a orianadissonancecommand.png if you have to and wait for the passive to drop.




This little guy's damage is deceptive.

Pick your summoner based on the rest of the enemy team. The options are: 21.png1.png14.png

 Start orianaizunacommand.png and harass. Early on he can clear waves easier than you so keep autoing creep if he is using his ekkoQ.png on the wave.

When he is out of vision always keep in mind that he may be setting up a ekkoW.png on you. So respect it whenever he comes back out of fog of ward and is running straight at you.

Try to keep an eye on his trailing clone and don't stand on top of it giving him an easy ekkoR.png




Run 14.png start orianaizunacommand.png and harass with focusing on farm. He can be hard to pin down with his ezrealarcaneshift.png but he is squishy and if you catch him you should win.

Otherwise just farm and clear waves once you get 3010.png because he cannot keep up with the waveclear.




This lane is really easy pre-6 but his all in potential with fizzmarinerdoom.png should be respected.

14.png or 21.png

Start orianaizunacommand.png and harass his melee farming. Whenever he fizzjump.pngs at you just orianadissonancecommand.png and run back to avoid the dmg. Then throw the ball at him and auto.

Once he is 6 keep some distance unless you are ahead. Hold your orianadetonatecommand.png until after his fizzjump.png so he can't easily dodge it.




Hard to kill but just farm it up. Start waveclearing after 3010.png.

Pick summoner spell based on the rest of the enemy team.




Easy lane early on. Start orianaizunacommand.png and auto his raisemorale.pngs before he can detonate them. I typically run 14.png into him. You can out harass him early and maybe get a kill. Don't burn your mana pool tho, treat it is an easy farm lane.

Once he starts scaling it gets tougher because he can match your waveclear easily and his damage gets insane. Just focus on that CS lead early.




Start orianaizunacommand.png and run to lane asap to clear any turrets he is preemptively laying down.

Harass early and aim for the 3010.png then start clearing his turrets and waveclearing. Once you have the sustain you can start looking at killing him.




Stay behind your creep wave and harass him. You have better sustained damaged output. Bring 14.png and you can usually kill him as soon as you get orianadetonatecommand.png because he doesn't have that same power spike.




She is annoying early but you outscale. Just farm early, chill, and follow her roams.




You have kill potential in this lane but it's safer to just farm it up with heavy harass. With his wallofpain.png and the fact a lot of Karthus players run 3.png he can really punish you for going too hard on him. Remember his passive also.

He is also good at setting up ganks with how good of a slow wallofpain.png is so just make it hard for him to farm and only go in on a sure thing.




This lane is difficult because of Kassadin's passive 15% reduced magic damage he takes and the shield he gets from his nulllance.png which is his main harassing ability. He almost always comes to lane with a 2033.png which is difficult to go thru while retaining enough mana.

So you don't have much kill potential. Remind your jungler that Kass is significantly easier to gank pre-6 and don't shove your lane. Post 6 try to bait out a riftwalk.png in as your jungler is coming in so his only escape is to flash.




You out-range her, she has no shield. Harass her a lot with orianaizunacommand.png and autos early. The only thing you really have to worry about is her jungler. Many junglers see a Katarina on their team and their eyes get wide with the dream of "just get her fed then easy win."

You can go 14.png if you want to just kill her and keep her down that way. Otherwise you can go 3.png or 21.png to deny her getting kills.




You can bully her out of lane extremely easily. The only thing that gets annoying about her is her kayleR.png.

Start orianaizunacommand.png and just push her around then worry about her team more.




Just farm this lane. You are both teamfight-centric and he is difficult to 1v1 because of his stun and his kennenlightningrush.png for escape. You may be able to trap him for a kill with your orianadetonatecommand.png and 14.png but otherwise wait for ganks.




This is a lane you want to bully. He has no escape and takes some time to come online.

Get your jungler to come for a few easy kills then snowball the map.

Go 14.png for the single kill pressure or go 6.png to facilitate running around the map while he sits in mid trying to stack his 3070.png and farm.




Like most assassins this is all about whether or not she gets that early kill. If she doesn't get to snowball you will be more effective.

Start orianaredactcommand.png and auto harass while keeping up autos on the creep wave. You don't want her hitting level 2 ahead of you.

When she leblancslide.pngs in stick in your minion wave to not let her get an easy leblancsoulshackle.png off.

Harass her with orianaizunacommand.png and be quick about getting your orianaredactcommand.png off on yourself when she jumps in. orianadissonancecommand.png when she does jump in because she will be right on top of you. Remember if you drop a 14.png or 3.png on her it will let you know which one is her if her passive pops.




Just go 1.png and you are fine. You don't have much kill pressure unless you can time a good orianadetonatecommand.png to cancel her lissandraE.png escape.

Pretty much a farm lane, you have to be afraid of her all-in if you don't have 1.png though. Otherwise you are playing for teamfights.




Treat this as a farm lane. AP Lulu's damage can really catch you off guard but what you have to worry about more is how excellent she is at setting up ganks.

You both have good range for harass so just try to keep even.

If she misses her luluq.png you can go hard for a winning trade but she is just really difficult to outright solo kill.




Mostly a farm lane. Start orianaredactcommand.png to absorb her harass from luxlightstrikekugel.png. Stay behind your minions to dodge her luxlightbinding.png.

You both can easily sit back safely in your lanes and farm from range. Her luxlightstrikekugel.png is annoying because of the slow and how it can zone you for a few seconds. Your biggest concern is being caught in her luxlightbinding.png which sets up her full combo burst and also makes it easy for her jungler to get on you. What is most annoying is that you can dodge it 9 times but the 10th time if it hits you cancels out all the dodging.

You have a lot of options for summoner spell but a 1.png is one of my favorites because no matter how good you are playing you will eventually get hit by her luxlightbinding.png.




Waveclear lane. Unfortunately you just have to accept that at some point in the game he will flash alzaharnethergrasp.png you and probably kill you with his jungler.

A 21.png can help you survive his ult. Do your best to dodge his alzaharcallofthevoid.png and you should be fine in the lane. orianaredactcommand.png his alzaharmaleficvisions.png. Mostly play for teamfights because you outmatch him easily.




Waveclear lane. She is really annoying because she just maxes tormentedsoil.png and drops it right under your wave to clear.

Start orianaizunacommand.png and poke her out early. Get a 1.png to counter her all-in.

It's a boring lane and you both have good teamfights, but you outscale her.




Start orianaizunacommand.png and harass him as much as possible. You are both scaling monsters but you out-range him and can get a lead on him early. Keep an eye on his passive and keep your distance when you see it about to fully stack.

Going 1.png to counter his runeprison.png lock is preferred. 14.png can also work if you want to try and start killing him early.




You out-range him so abuse it. He can be difficult to kill and has deceptive damage with his damage over time so don't overstep.

You can go 1.png to cancel his all in when he lands a swainshadowgrasp.png.

I prefer to just focus on waveclearing because your waveclear is better than his.  Then roam while he is stuck trying to get the CS under his turret.




You outscale Syndra hard but her early game damage is great. Your main goal is to not let her snowball.

You both have good range so just try to out harass her. A lot of the lane comes down to dodging her syndraE.png.

1.png can be good for cancelling her syndraE.png
14.png can be good if you think you can kill her early
21.png helps to survive her point and click syndraR.png
6.pngis great for dodging her skillshots and chasing her down with her low movement speed




Typical assassin, don't give him the early kill and life gets easy. Keep your distance and harass him.

Try to get a good understanding of his taloncutthroat.png range and avoid it until you see him use other abilities. Since he is melee orianaredactcommand.png + orianadissonancecommand.png yourself when he jumps on you and leave the ball on yourself for the bonus armor it gives until he starts to run away. Then you can orianaizunacommand.png him for the last little bit of damage. Don't forget to auto him!

Like most assassins your options are 14.png3.png and 21.png


Twisted Fate


His mana sustain early is the most annoying thing. Start orianaizunacommand.png and race him for level 2. With orianaredactcommand.png you can win trades but his primary goal is rush for destiny.png and roam. Keeping his lane shoved to his turret will keep him in mid lane.

1.png is good for the 1v1 or surviving getting ganked in this lane but 12.png is good for following his destiny.png.

Try to get wards in the top of the banana bush by their blue and also in the bush/area in front of their red. These will spot almost all of his attempts to destiny.png and your job is to spam ping top or bot to fall back.




This lane is annoying because he out-pokes you with his varusq.png. He will keep his distance unless you are really low so just do your best to orianaredactcommand.png his harass and dodge it. Harass him when he comes up to auto creep.

1.png is standard to drop his varusr.png. 14.png can also work.

Remind your jungler how easy this guy is to gank.




Mostly difficult because of his veigareventhorizon.png.

Start orianaizunacommand.png and begin harassing him early to make it difficult for him to farm his veigarbalefulstrike.png.

His veigardarkmatter.png is really easy to dodge so just keep an eye out for the animation.

If he traps you inside his veigareventhorizon.png just start doing damage to him and dodge his veigardarkmatter.png when he tries to drop it on you.

1.png is what I always go in this lane. It can be helpful when you get trapped inside a veigareventhorizon.png and you see a gank coming to just walk thru the stun and cleanse it. Keep in mind you can also flash out of it.




Mostly a poke lane. You can either farm it out or go for the kill. This is mostly about dodging his abilities, so if you're doing well with the dodges go more aggressive but if not play back a little more and farm. Be wary of his passive damage, it can surprise you.

Start orianaizunacommand.png and get the early harass in. You can go pretty much whatever you want for your summoner spell.

Remind your jungler that this is an easy gank because he has no escape and is reliant on landing his skillshots to survive.




This is mostly a skill matchup. Your ranged harass is a little bit easier to hit than his viktordeathray.png and he will most likely be trying to use it on you while also using it on minions, so use that knowledge to not give him good angles.

You are both rather good at punishing each other for going over aggressive so just sit back and poke while farming. If you are heavily winning the poke war you can consider going ham for a kill.

For your second summoner spell you can go 1.png to power thru his viktorgravitonfield.png which is in my opinion underutilized.
14.png21.png can work for obvious reasons.
6.png is one of my favorites for this matchup because he can also run it, and the movement speed he gets from his augmented viktorpowertransfer.png can also be worrisome. This helps you keep up with his movement and also helps you dodge viktordeathray.png and get out of his viktorchaosstorm.png




Go 14.png and bully him with your superior range. There isn't much more to it really. Respect his vladimirsanguinepool.png and don't go too ham for a kill and get yourself killed.




He out-ranges you and out-pokes you because of it. Start orianaredactcommand.png and even consider getting a 2nd point in it at level 4-5 to absorb the damage from xeratharcanopulse.png

This mostly turns into a farm lane because of how safely both of you can sit back and farm. Harass with orianaizunacommand.png and if he comes in range punish with orianadissonancecommand.png and autos but don't chase beyond your wave and give him an easy xerathmagechains.png.

Call for ganks because he is susceptible to them. Otherwise just aim for teamfights because while his teamfight isn't bad yours is better.




Yasuo is annoying because of his lack of mana, his passive shield, and the yasuoW.png can be a massive problem for Ori because it shuts down your autos and ball movements. Like many of the other assassins if you make it to level 7-8 either even or ahead he becomes a lot easier.

Start orianaredactcommand.png and attack the first creep wave a lot while throwing an auto at him when he comes in range. You really don't want him to beat you to level 2.

Try to auto him every time his passive shield is up just to burn it and not let him have it for easier trading/all-ins.

Keep in mind that the only real way he has to get to you is to yasuoE.png his way thru the wave to you, just to retreat back thru other minions with the dash. So be careful of him doing this whenever you have about 4+ minions in your wave for him to easily skate around with.

Now the hardest part is dealing with his yasuoW.png. A good Yasuo likes to dash in and throw up the wall to stop most of your damage while he gets off some auto's and Q's then he backs off as it disappears. Whenever he dashes on top of you orianaredactcommand.png yourself (remember that even if his wall stops the ball from traveling to you it will still reset on you just without the shield) then orianadissonancecommand.png and fall back a little bit drawing him in front of the safety of his yasuoW.png if he wants to continue. You can also orianadetonatecommand.png to pull him out from the safety of the wall but don't waste it unless you are either sure you can kill him or need to in order to buy yourself time to survive.

14.png or 21.png or 3.png work for your 2nd summoner




This is in my opinion the most difficult lane. You can harass him early but he always comes to lane with 3x2003.png and laughs at you for having no mana if you've been trying to heavily trade him.

This lane is to me all about who gets the first kill. Trading kills I would say is a loss for you. Remember, he is an assassin and he wants kills so he can jump in and easily burst. If you don't feed him a kill his burst wont be enough to easily run around picking off whichever squishy he wants when his ult is up.

Take 21.png and start orianaredactcommand.png and just focus on farming for the first few levels with minimal harass, conserve your mana and remember he has 3 pots to heal anything you do at this time. All your damage to him is purely for the mental aspect of showing him he can't just do whatever he wants.

Stand behind creep because his zedQ.png does less damage for each unit it passes thru.

Harass him when he goes to auto for CS but just aim for getting your thunderlord's proc off and nothing more. Keep the wave on your side of the lane so if he ever wants to jump in and all in you he is going to have to eat turret shots.

Once you hit 6 he WILL all-in you the second he thinks he can get away with it, even if you are under your turret.

When you see him zedR.png put your orianaredactcommand.png on yourself and time your orianadetonatecommand.png for the instant he appears on top of you. It takes some practice to time it right but when you do you can delay him using the rest of his abilities while you finish your combo out with orianadissonancecommand.png/orianaizunacommand.png and if you are low enough that you are afraid of dying flash to the side. If you flash directly in a line his shadows have a nicely setup line to land his zedQ.png. Remember to start auto'ing him and orbwalking to make it hard for him to finish it up. With how strong he is right now I just pop 21.png immediately to absorb initial burst. If you want to try and hold it keep in mind that there is a spinning shuriken indicator above your head if the detonation of zedR.png is enough to kill you. If he backs out and that indicator is there pop 21.png otherwise just back away.

If you can survive the early game until you get your 3010.png without dying or getting bullied out of lane consider it a win. It is a lot easier to survive his all-ins if he isn't ahead once you get that sustain going and your scaling is starting to show.

Also keep in mind that while Zed has a very high skill ceiling, his skill floor is low. Most Zeds you play won't be very good Zed players because they haven't had to learn how to be due to being able to win with lower effort. Remembering that can help you to keep your cool.




Mostly a farm lane. He can get a little cheesy on you at level 2-3 but otherwise it's poke and waveclear.

Start orianaredactcommand.png and just focus on winning short trades and poking. Don't hug your minion wave because he likes to use his abilities on the wave and since they are all AOE they will hit you too.

Call for ganks if he is being aggro and it should be an easy kill.

If you are going in for a trade turn around as soon as he drops his ziggsw.png and/or ziggse.png

He is good for disengage and has good damage in teamfights but you bring more utility

PENDING - New Build Update Back to Top

I've been experimenting with new core builds, mainly 3027.png+3165.png or 3174.png+3285.png or 3027.png+3174.png.  Sometime soon I will update everything nicely here to explain scenarios and everything. Until then you can either experiment with these cores or go for the build(s) that the guide already has (still viable).

Supportive/Utility build Back to Top

What a wise soul you are to have transcended the "omg I must carry EVERY GAME" mentality =]

You are for the most part looking at the same items between both styles but the difference is your priorities for buying them. It should go without saying but when you're playing more supportive you are focused on facilitating your teammates to carry rather than deleting enemies yourself.

Second Item

  • 3116.png is my standard second item here and a really solid choice due to the passive slow you get on every one of your orianaizunacommand.pngs. It also comes packaged with a good 100AP and the 400HP is quite useful for surviving at this stage.
  • 3001.png is good if you have AP threats on your team outside of yourself. If the enemy team is full AD don't build it but so long as there is 1 AP threat on the enemy team the magic resist isn't completely wasted on you.

Remaining Items

Beyond the second item since you aren't restricted to doing a ton of damage so the order largely becomes a question of "what looks good for the team comps?" and "what does my team need now?"

  • 3116.png is standard in this build at some point because of the extra slow passive. Don't wait too long on building this.
  • 3151.png is a valid option if they have a couple tanks that are making your ADC's life difficult and you just need to assist in burning them so you can move on.
  • 3157.png is good if you lack engage and want to bait out the enemy cooldowns. Stand in front of your carries a little bit with this one and try to get a good orianadetonatecommand.png off when they dive you, then orianadissonancecommand.png + orianaizunacommand.png followed by a orianaredactcommand.png on your most fed ally and pop the 3157.png active.
  • 3001.png is good for the passive debuff aura if you have some good AP threat allies.
  • 3089.png is good because although you aren't focused on being the primary damage you still want to do damage and the more AP you have the more you orianaredactcommand.png for. If you get this don't build it until later on.
  • 3050.png this can work better than people expect. The stats aren't great but they aren't useless either. It gives you an extra 10% CDR to cap you, 50AP, 30 armor, and 250 mana. The big thing is the active; 20% AP increase is like a baby 3089.png and the crit chance buff is great on most ADC's.

Laning Back to Top

An extremely efficient way of trading with thunderlords is to orianaizunacommand.png and then orianaredactcommand.png back thru the enemy throwing an auto attack at them (this will proc thunderlords if you are using it). It is cost efficient in terms of mana.

Do not use your orianadissonancecommand.png pre-3010.png unless you are retreating or going in for a heavy trade. The mana cost is too high and it will run you oom before you know it.

When your jungler is coming for a gank try to set him up with your orianadissonancecommand.png and/or orianadetonatecommand.png to make it easy for him to get on top of the enemy. If they have a good gap closer you can also wait for them to get on top of the enemy and orianaredactcommand.png them then cast your orianadetonatecommand.png/orianadissonancecommand.png/orianaizunacommand.png combo.

If you are having lane dominance then try to keep your ball behind their minion wave so it has a shorter distance to travel with your orianaizunacommand.png to hit them. It is a lot easier to land it if the ball is already right next to them than if it was on top of you.

Use your ball to zone. Enemies won't just walk right over the ball if they are smart so use that to your advantage. Put them in positions you want them to be in, whether that be away from CS or towards the side of the lane that your jungler is waiting on to gank.

I'm losing lane...what now? Back to Top

This is the place no guide likes to go because it is so easy to say "don't let this happen and just win outright!" But I'll try to help out because even Faker himself gets behind in lane but a truly good player still knows how to keep relevant.

If you die our get pushed out of lane early back and pick up a second 1056.png and some more 2003.pngs. Has it gone really bad and you don't have enough gold for that? Just pick up the 2003.pngs to sustain you and back as soon as you can for another 1056.png.

Try to keep a 2043.png on one side of the lane and a 3361.png on the other side. Ask your jungler to place another 2043.png on the other side of yours so you have that permanent vision until the enemy clears it. This helps to keep track of ganks coming and also for you to stay on top of warning your top/bot lane that mid is roaming to their lane.

One of the good things about Ori is that you can safely farm from a distance with your orianaizunacommand.png. Ask for ganks if you think you can kill the enemy mid or just for pressure. Focus on clearing the waves and keeping distance. While losing the enemy mid in SoloQ will usually be so far up on your lane and tunnel vision you that your jungler is a fool if he doesn't gank. Or the enemy mid will try to roam which is where you have to stay on top of your warding. Spam the ever living hell out of lanes you see roams going to. When you follow your lane make sure to take the safe route thru your jungle, don't go thru river and run into the enemy waiting in a bush for you.

After your core items you want to consider 3116.png/3157.png/3001.png if they are killing you and you need defensive items or you can look at 3089.png/3135.png if you aren't being focused.

When to pick Orianna Back to Top

There are two reasons why Orianna is never a bad pick:

  1. Due to the variance of her playstyle she has a place in every team comp.
  2. While she does have some harder lane matchups, nobody completely shuts her down, thus she is a "safe pick" that can be comfortably blind picked

Synergies with Orianna

Some good CC lock down teamfight combos to look for

Some other champs that can give you easy ball delivery onto a high priority target

If you have a 157.png you can set up his yasuoR.png with yourorianadetonatecommand.png

Sub-optimal scenarios for Orianna

When your team lacks CC and a front-line while the enemy team doesn't. The last place you want to be as Orianna is being dove on by a bunch of CC/tanks while your squishy team runs away because they have nothing to help you with, and due to your kit you don't have much to help yourself get out.

It can also be difficult on you if the enemy team has a lot of heavy damage assassins/fighters that are looking for 1v1 fighting on you. You are a teamfighter, being forced to use your abilities against a single person reduces your effectiveness. This can be manageable with warding and smart map movements if there is just 1-2 of them, especially if they are the squishier assassins, but if there are 3 and your team doesn't have great peeling/teamfighting they are going to make your life hell by removing your ability to have a huge orianadetonatecommand.png because they are always zoning you out. Champions in this category are:

Latest Patch Changes - 6.6 Back to Top

This section is a quick jump to for anyone who just wants to see what's new.

Patch 6.6

  • Our orianaizunacommand.png got a significant early game buff with its early levels mana cost. It won't change a thing later on, but it will help us spam in lane (more poke and ball re-positioning) without running out of mana.
  • There was a bug fix on our orianaizunacommand.png that before would give us reduced damage. Won't make a difference in how Ori is played but it is a bug that could sometimes cause you to lose a fight.
  • Great patch for us!

Patch 6.5

  • Nothing directly affecting us with this patch.

Patch 6.4

  • Nothing big on this patch for us to be concerned with but a couple small notes
  • New Expose Weakness mastery: Damaging enemy champions causes your allies to deal an additional 3% damage to them. This is okay for Ori because of where it is in the Ferocity tree. You give up Double Edged Sword or Feast for it, neither are all too important.
  • 112.png's viktordeathray.pnggot a slight nerf in damage which should make it easier to control him in lane

Patch 6.3

  • A nice new skin is coming!
  • 3191.png now builds out of two 1029.png and gives a little more armor - this makes getting it earlier into AD matchups smoother and more efficient. I'd still suggest waiting to complete 3157.png until you get a damage item or two.
  • The new AD item is looking great for the difficult 238.png lane but the item doesn't seem viable as a first item to rush and Riot has compensated the synergy with him by nerfing his zedR.png. So all in all that lane got a little easier but you might want to finish your 3157.png around the time he is getting the new item.

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