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Summoner Spells Back to Top


Three O’clock on EmojiOneSummoner Spells: Explanation Three O’clock on EmojiOne

-  The most common aggressive summoner spell combination is [For Mid Laners]

4.png  14.png

Note: This summoner spell combination isn't recommended because this combination is focused on winning lane or dealing with enemy champion(s) can heal a lot 

61.png doesn't have a dash/mobility ability [Besides 4.png] and her orianadissonancecommand.png [should use this for damage]

i.e: 119.png 69.png 154.png


- The most popular consistent spell combination for 61.png are 4.png with 7.png /21.png6.png

Note: These secondary summoner spell combinations are recommended to help compensate for 61.png's lack of mobility and to play around her cool downs.

--Here are some examples/why you should run these secondary summoners

  7.png: good versus anything really, using Heal before 3165.png can be applied  can mess up enemy mid laners all in trades/ when you get ganked in a 1 v 2 scenario.

Very popular choice because of the 1 second movement speed bonus, can save you from a lot of sticky situations when pushing up to the enemy lane or from an over aggressive gank.

  21.png: shorter cool down than 7.png, scales better then Heal's healing but doesn't offer any movement speed [ 21.png shields more than 7.png's healing]

Barrier also cannot be reduced, while Heal can get reduced by Reduced Healing Effects

  6.png: very useful for setting up orianaizunacommand.png or spamming your ball around in general without getting caught by CC and of course setting up your orianadetonatecommand.png.
You can also use 6.png laning phase to hit a lot more autos for your oriannapassive.png.
Ghost was nerfed to not be as impactful as Heal to escape ganks when extended [ Due to the MS needing to scaale up for a few seconds ], it is great to run towards the jungle to set up for your jungler to counter gank/bait your enemies into a jungle gank

12.png: The most common summoner spell secondary if you are focusing on farming and just "surviving" laning phase. 

This summoner spells allows for more mistakes to be made from you as well as punishing the enemies over extending past your minion waves in any lanes and do a very strong gank.

1.png: just a more risky summoner spell than 7.png 21.png 6.png, you can only save yourself from 1 major CC or even a minor one to avoid using 4.png or surviving a gank/1 v 1 engage. I only recommend this summoner versus very specific champions or if you have a good reaction time. 

EX:  103.png  ->ahriseduce.png

       142.png ->zoee.png

        113.png -> sejuanir.png sejuanie.png

There are many more, but note you cannot Cleanse certain CCs [Surpress/KnockUps] (Tenacity do not apply to these as well)

I.E: ufslash.png malzaharr.png 


New Runes Back to Top


Three O’clock on EmojiOneOrianna's Keystone Rune(s) Explanations:Three O’clock on EmojiOne

Aery: Summon%20Aerie.png?width=64

- Very strong rune and the most popular keystone because of how 61.png can easily proc due to her need/ability to auto [ oriannapassive.png], meaning 61.png can proc Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32 more often in one trade scenario and can chase aggressively to try and proc Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32 even more.

61.png doesn't proc Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32 consistently because 61.png has to hit orianadissonancecommand.png or orianadetonatecommand.png for CC to guarantee the hit. 
At best 61.png can hit Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32 only when enemies are CSing.

Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32' shield rule can also be applied for 61.png's orianaredactcommand.png, meaning she can also give extra shield amount as well as do extra damage from Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32

Arcane Comet:Arcane%20Comet.png?width=64

- As stated above, Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32 just doesn't get proc easily except during laning phase when enemy laners are CSing

- Offers extra burst for orianadissonancecommand.png and orianadetonatecommand.png usually comes up every time your orianadissonancecommand.png is up [assuming you need to use orianaizunacommand.png or position the ball for a bit before setting up to hit your orianadissonancecommand.png]

This extra damage isn't needed since in general as 61.png you will probably secure the kill on enemy champion(s) if you hit a good orianadissonancecommand.png/orianadetonatecommand.png combination or hitting orianadetonatecommand.png shortly after your orianadissonancecommand.png.

- I really do not recommend this rune, because you sacrifice 61.png's laning phase presence and she can do very well in lane might as well run Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32 to ensure she don't straight up lose lanes after dying once or missing a decent amount of CS.


Three O’clock on EmojiOneBasic Runes Explanations: Three O’clock on EmojiOne

Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32: very popular rune choice, with this rune you will never have mana issues so long as you focus on CSing and do not trade 1 v 1 versus your opposing mid laner. 

- You will run out of mana if you use orianadissonancecommand.png orianaredactcommand.png a lot on champions to poke/trade heavily

- It is recommended to use orianadissonancecommand.png orianaredactcommand.png only when your jungler is approaching and you are either trying to set up a gank by baiting or mind gaming your opponent to all in due to your cool down on W and E

Scorch.png?width=32 : Standard Mid Lane rune to dominate laning phase, the extra damage from scorch is very strong and can win you trades/secure kills early. Comparing to the other 2 rune choices in this category.

Transcendence.png?width=32: Free CDR for a mage is very useful. 61.png is very reliant on having her orianaizunacommand.png available to get her ball in a good position to kill/zone her enemies. You do not tend to get the CDR->AP conversion unless you are building these defensive items together 3102.png 3157.png .

- You may benefit off Transcendence.png?width=32 's AP normally from blue buff's 10% CDR normally.

Ravenous%20Hunter.png?width=32: Although none of 61.png's abilities are AoE (Single target abilities grant more healing) her passive oriannapassive.png is single target and heals her for full value during laning phase or when trading with your oriannapassive.png auto attacks in general versus enemy champions. The healing is very noticeable and can be a big surprise heal factor combine with Triumph.png?width=32.

Perfect%20Timing.png?width=32: Faster Zhonya, you can also out play enemies early since you have a free 1 time  3386.png active effect. Not only do you save ~300g for Zhonya but you can deny enemies 300 gold from killing you or even gain 300 gold more killing them by using Zhonya.

Cosmic%20Insight.png?width=32: The CDR is very useful for orianaizunacommand.png  movements, also the CDR for item active for 3157.png is nice.

Triumph.png?width=32/Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32: Very standard runes for carry/damage champions very self explanatory why these are recommended.

Taste%20of%20Blood.png?width=3261.png auto attacks a lot its only natural to run this rune if you choose to run domination tree secondary for Ravenous%20Hunter.png?width=32 Eyeball%20Collection.png?width=32


Abilities Back to Top



Three O’clock on EmojiOneOrianna's Abilities Order/Points Notes:Three O’clock on EmojiOne

- Like all skill orders, very rarely do they change because it is very one dimensional and reasonable to have one acceptable skill order build. There are very minor exceptions 61.png included

61.png can consider starting orianaredactcommand.png first for a stronger harass level 1 into level 2, however your burst/poke potential from orianaizunacommand.png + orianadissonancecommand.png will be delayed until level 3. Consider starting orianaredactcommand.png level 1 into orianaizunacommand.png level 2 if you think you can harass/trade with your opponent and try and notice if the enemy jungler will respond to your aggression.

Note: This is the most common other skill build for 61.png since it was demonstrated in LCS/Worlds or notably by someone like Bjersen/Faker (TSM/SKT)

Note: This level 1-2 skill order is very risky if you get caught playing aggressive by a gank, and if you do not try and get a HP lead in lane your wave clear/trading will be bad (need orianadissonancecommand.png level 3/ no orianaizunacommand.png + orianadissonancecommand.png level 1-2 early for wave clearing or quick burst)

- Another option would be getting orianaizunacommand.png level 1 then orianaredactcommand.png level 2, this isn't recommended at all because your orianadissonancecommand.png is better if you start orianaizunacommand.png.

Only do this order if you are versus melee or laning versus someone who cannot wave clear good (usually melee champions)

i.e: 38.png

- The last change I would note is maxing orianadissonancecommand.png by level 9 then maxing orianadetonatecommand.png->orianaizunacommand.png->orianaredactcommand.png , this is to allow for a stronger orianadetonatecommand.png + orianadissonancecommand.png chunk to hopefully win team fights more easily, since you do more upfront/immediate damage.

Note: Maxing orianadissonancecommand.png will make your wave clear cost more mana but you clear faster without cycling your 3 basic abilities. [ You should avoid using orianaredactcommand.png to clear waves if you max orianadissonancecommand.png first]


Three O’clock on EmojiOneAbilities: The Nuts and Bolts of Orianna's Q/W/E/R/PassiveThree O’clock on EmojiOne


THE BALL: Orianna is accompanied by The Ball, which she commands with her abilities (has a 0.15seconds global cooldown between casts) The Ball attaches to / blinks back to Orianna if she is near it / too far away from it.

CLOCKWORK WINDING: Orianna's basic attacks deal 10 / 18 / 26 / 34 / 42 / 50 (+ 15% AP) bonusmagic damage and apply Clockwork Winding, stacking up to twice. Clockwork Windup deals 「 20% bonus damage 」 per stack, up to 「 140% total 」.

Clockwork Winding can only affect a single enemy at a time (Orianna attacking a new target will remove all stacks from the previous one).

- Basically 61.png kit is tied to her ball, wherever it is and whatever is around it will take damage. The only exception is on her orianaredactcommand.png, where it depends on how the ball is moving during the E cast towards 61.png or her allies. 

- As a bonus 61.png gain empower auto attacks that stacks up to 2 time  on the same target, due to how "short range" her kit is. Her range does feel "longer" when you are using orianaredactcommand.png towards your allies to set up for your orianadetonatecommand.png/orianadissonancecommand.png

oriannapassive.png can only travel so far from 61.png, there is green->orange/yellow->red range indicator. As the color approaches red means that your ball is getting farther away from you and will snap back if you go further away.


Three O’clock on EmojiOne(Q) :Three O’clock on EmojiOne orianaizunacommand.png

Command: Attack

- remember there is a limit to how far you can be from your ball when playing 61.png. It may take getting used to but you want to avoid running towards your ball as 61.png after using orianaizunacommand.png in mid to late game especially. Laning  phase it is acceptable to pick up the ball as a zoning tool because it allows you have to orianadissonancecommand.png orianaredactcommand.png available if needed.

- you may also pick up the ball in mid to late game in sieging scenarios but be careful about getting caught 

- lastly, orianaizunacommand.png is an extension of 61.png to hit her crucial abilities orianadissonancecommand.png orianadetonatecommand.png, hitting orianaredactcommand.png tends to happen after you hit your orianadissonancecommand.png.

Three O’clock on EmojiOne(W):Three O’clock on EmojiOne orianadissonancecommand.png

Command: Dissonance

- this ability is the biggest basic damage ability 61.png with decent range.

- it is also her safest ability to wave clear, since it does a lot of damage enemies do not want to take the damage to deny you from hitting orianadissonancecommand.png on minions

- in general, orianadissonancecommand.png  is best used after hitting orianadetonatecommand.png (usually after using orianaredactcommand.png on ally)  or orianaizunacommand.png+orianadissonancecommand.png into orianadetonatecommand.png (61.png is engaging/poking/surprise all in)


Three O’clock on EmojiOne(E):Three O’clock on EmojiOne orianaredactcommand.png

Command: Protect

- this ability is pretty unique in that it can be casted onto allies and yourself, but you cannot cast it onto turrets/minions like a regular shield.

- on top of the shield, the traveling animation/line after casting orianaredactcommand.png can do damage and a respectable amount on top of that

orianaredactcommand.png can also be considered as the "longest range extension" for 61.png to hit her orianadetonatecommand.png when casting towards your ally (preferably a tank or when a squishy gets jump on by an assassin)

orianaredactcommand.png is also great for casting on allies and using orianadissonancecommand.png strictly for the speed up 

- be careful about using orianaredactcommand.png when your  Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32 rune is up you want to use the damage part of this rune more then the shield effect.

Three O’clock on EmojiOne(R):Three O’clock on EmojiOne orianadetonatecommand.png

Command: Shock-wave 

- I briefly mention orianadetonatecommand.png through all of 61.png's basic abilities, her ultimate is hugely tied to her basic abilities and/or her teammates.

- The range/hit box of this ult is unique since it is dependent on where the ball is and creates a big field around the ball that pulls people towards the ball/center (ideally you want orianadissonancecommand.png slow effect or a CC to make sure to tip of orianadetonatecommand.png hits your opponents if your trying hit it max range)

- I will go into detail more on orianadetonatecommand.png in the tips and tricks section

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

Three O’clock on EmojiOneOrianna Start/Core Item Notes:Three O’clock on EmojiOne

1082.png is a great starting item because if you can get 10 stacks you get ~875 gold worth of AP , on top of that you get increase healing effects from potion, great combination with 2031.png or even just regular potions if you can avoid using them before your first back timing/purchase

Note: Always start 1056.png or you risk losing lane as 61.png due to mana issue/gold value issue

1083.png 1054.png are very situational items and are only recommended to be build for 61.png when you 100% focus on farming and avoiding 1 v 1 laning phase. You will still be useful in fights as long as they aren't directly 1 v 1 early on into the game. Once you complete cull you make ~150 extra gold, while Doran Shield allows you to take more poke but be able to stay in lane more so long as you aren't getting a tower dive from the enemy jungler.

1001.png early is great for 61.png since she needs to move around and control her ball  as well as even get free hits easier with her oriannapassive.png

3136.png: Penetration (Magic) is very strong as of patch 7.24(B) because of the overall lower MR tanks/champions have. You do not have to finish 3151.png too early /in your first 3 item, just then pen is enough, the extra HP bonus is nice to prevent "1 shots" in 1 v 1 scenario or even vs assassins in top/jg. 

3135.png: Again emphasizing on penetration, it is very strong on patch 7.24(B), instead of flat pen Void Staff offers % Pen overall. [The more MR built the more damage Void Staff will offer]

3020.png: Standard boots for mid laners, and again pen is just very strong in patch 7.24(B) for AP champions. 

The rest of the items are very self explanatory, but as of now pen and %pen should be your core/rush 1-3 items to do big chunks of damage to champions. [ You will not clear as fast but the damage to champion increase is crucial to rush ASAP, since games tend to end faster] 



Three O’clock on EmojiOneSituational Items Explanation:Three O’clock on EmojiOne

3157.png:  Very standard situational item versus AD champions/assassins [ 91.png 238.png ]

May also be rushed versus mages with channel abilities, so as61.png you can make sure you can get off your orianadetonatecommand.png and basic abilities ( go on cool down). [ just get off some damage61.png  before using Zhonya, at the same time you are stalling for your cool downs during Zhonya animation]

i.e: 161.png 112.png 142.png 134.png

3285.png: This item is usually consider a core item, but as of patch 7.24(B) this item isn't as strong due to flat magic pen/ magic pen% being way stronger due to buffs to the item and the nerf to MR in general for every champion(s). You can still build this item as 61.png  due to the synergy the item has  with her kit (orianadissonancecommand.png primarily).

i.e: orianaizunacommand.png + orianadissonancecommand.png+  3285.png proc 

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Anivia
  • Aurelion Sol
  • Azir
  • Cassiopeia
  • Kassadin
  • Katarina
  • Ryze
  • Syndra
  • Twisted Fate
  • Viktor
  • Xerath
  • Ziggs
  • Zoe




This is a hard match up for 61.png for clear reasons

61.png does not have "hard CC/Crowd Control" like flashfrost.png

Even crystallize.png is a CC since this ability creates a wall that forces you to path different, and for 61.png's short range that can get her killed easily.

Dodging flashfrost.png and predicting crystallize.png placements is your best bet. Consider using Cleanse or Ghost to ensure you cannot get one shot with Anivia's jungler.

34.png has 2 lives thanks to her passive aniviapassive.png, bit of a problem for 61.png due to her kit being a "kill in 1 orianadetonatecommand.png" style, otherwise 61.png has to slowly DPS Anivia's Passive down and risk getting caught by enemy players.

Focus on letting your team deal with Anivia after hitting orianadetonatecommand.png

1.png is a good counter to flashfrost.png (stun) and even glacialstorm.png movement speed debuff

glacialstorm.png range is fairly short, but flashfrost.png and crystallize.png makes up for that

As 61.png, in sticky situations focus on using orianadissonancecommand.png movement speed to bully 34.png with auto attacks and orianaizunacommand.png then threaten an all in with orianadetonatecommand.png when orianadissonancecommand.png is close to coming up again (2-3 cast of orianadissonancecommand.png needed early game, 1-2 mid to late game)


Aurelion Sol


Medium match-up for 61.png

- Unlike 61.png136.png has a free movement speed buff with a certain condition of walking in straight lines/parallel thanks to his aurelionsole.png

Try to cancel this as you play 61.png by using orianadissonancecommand.png  or throwing Q and forcing Asol to try and kite [aurelionsole.png passive MS is not interrupted by being in combat]

- Asol is not a popular champion so do not worry too much about playing against a good one especially.

61.png main issue is dealing with fast CC, because it can lead to her dying easily to the enemy jungler. aurelionsolq.png is somewhat fast, but requires a minimum distant. Focus on using orianadissonancecommand.png to juke or just sidestep and turn the tables on Asol.

aurelionsolw.png is like free auto attacks, be careful when trading with 61.png's auto attack since this is an ability with very big range and can hit multiple times/people. Make sure Asol cannot continue DPSing you with this ability without dying if you make him turn it on.

- Lastly, aurelionsolr.png can be an issue since it outranges 61.png's kit/orianadetonatecommand.png. This ultimate ability can easily be followed up with a jungler gank. As 61.png just note that Asol has to be in range of your kit due to his basic abilities range being short and you can turn the tides if possible. [Keep track of aurelionsole.png movement speed buff]




Medium Match-up for 61.png

- same with Asol there is not much "good" players that plays Azir, althought Azir is more popular 

- Azir's poke is very strong and has high range. . . so as 61.png you have to be careful about farming/trading since Azir can use azirewrapper.png easily to go in or out.

Make sure to choose wisely when to trade/all in an Azir as 61.png, so make sure to focus on farming near your turret until the time is right. 

Note a good Azir can easily shove into an 61.png much easier.

- Use an aggressive secondary summoner such as 14.png 21.png 7.png 6.png to try and secure your laning phase 




Easy match up for 61.png

- known for being the easier match up for 61.png due to LCS/Faker/League Esports

61.png can easily out trade a 69.png due to her orianaizunacommand.png and orianadissonancecommand.png combo

- Cassio needs item before her cassiopeiae.png and cassiopeiaq.png is lethal, and will run into mana problems early if she doesn't secure the kill or secure your HP to be low enough so you cannot farm easily as 61.png

Cassio also needs to make sure she has enough mana to farm/reset on cassiopeiae.png kills for mana if she cannot kill you (61.png)

- Overall very easy laning phase, mid to late game or early jungle pressure is your main issue when playing versus Cassio as 61.png




Medium Match Up for 61.png

- a melee match up tends to be easy, but 38.png is an exception

-kassadinpassive.png is a big issue for mages that % magic damage reduction makes it very hard to kill Kass.

Chances are you will run out of mana or lose too much HP due to Kass' insanely high base damage if you aren't careful as 61.png.

To prevent this build early MR, boots, and early MPen (tier 2 boot or 3136.png)

- Once Kass hits level 6 with riftwalk.png available that is when you have to respect him in lane if he isn't too far behind.

Before and after 6 you still have to try to keep aware of where the enemy jungler is when playing 61.png otherwise a gank can easily put you behind to not be able to bully her 

- Watch out for nulllance.png silence effect, it also has a very strong base damage and grants Kass a small Magic Damage Shield. Try and play around it as 61.png by auto attacking since you are ranged and use your abilities when the shield wears off.




Hard Match Up For 61.png

- overall 55.png is very mobile for a melee and can force you to place your orianaizunacommand.png/ball in bad places which can lead to her all in engages on you very easaily

As 61.png remember you will lose MR/AR if the ball is not on you directly or have orianaredactcommand.png skilled up at least once.

- As 61.png you can still auto attack her easily just watch out for where Kat's daggers end up, the daggers on ground with katarinaewrapper.png cast do a ton of damage and can let her chase you down easily if she has the better HP Pool. 

- A main issue in this match up is 61.png's orianadetonatecommand.png is too slow to stupid Kat's basic abilities burst combo with katarinaq.png katarinaw.png katarinaewrapper.png and even Kat's ultimate ability katarinar.png. There is a delay (even if its not much) to 61.png combos and that delay can be an issue if she falls behind.




Easy match up for 61.png

- this match up is fairly simple

- Ryze takes time to scale and needs items , in general Ryze cannot bully an 61.png early lane unless you get hit by ryzee.png ryzeqwrapper.png combo Ryze can do on minions and spread towards you 

ryzew.png is easily countered by 1.png as well as 61.png's innate ability to force enemy mid laners back with her orianaizunacommand.png orianadissonancecommand.png combo and orianaredactcommand.png orianadetonatecommand.png  if needed.

- Lastly, Ryze players tend to use ryzer.png to get out of a bad trade unless the Ryze has 3157.png ,61.png can easily interrupt with her orianadetonatecommand.png CC effect to negate the travel destination cast




Easy Match Up For 61.png

- Syndra requires to hit all 3 of her basic abilities while 61.png needs to hit only 2 ( orianaizunacommand.png orianadissonancecommand.png)

61.png's skill shot ( orianaizunacommand.png orianadissonancecommand.png) is more precise while Syndra heavily depends on a small hit box of syndraq.png then the angel for her syndrae.png

orianaredactcommand.png is great to deny Syndra's Damage from her basic abilities as well as even save you from her syndrar.png

Also note  21.png is very strong versus Syndra to save you from syndrar.png one shot potential when you are ahead as 61.png or even behind


Twisted Fate


Medium Match Up For Orianna

- Fairly simple laning phase/match up 

- TF main threat is a hard CC from pickacard.png

However as 61.png, note TF main weakness is that he has to auto and doesn't have the best auto attack range (to stun you with the Yellow card)

1.png is the hardest counter to TF throughout the entire game, especially laning phase if you do well 1v1 chances are you can make him feel very hopeless trying to stun you with yellow card as long as your cleanse is up.

- Be careful about TF roams with destiny.png , ping the R up as 61.png or run 12.png




Easy Match Up For Orianna

112.png like many mid laners need time to scale with items ,viktorpassive.png is a prime example of why Viktor needs time before he can start dishing out real damage.

**Viktor's damage is very small compare to when he actually has a full 1-2 item**

61.png in general does damage throughout the game, even just starting from level 1 to 3 because of her good base damage on abilities,passive/auto attacks.

- Unless you get hit by viktorgravitonfield.png CC this match up should be no problem

Remember 61.png main weakness is instant CC and viktorgravitonfield.png takes a bit to CC

7.png 1.png 6.png are great summoners when playing against a viktor to avoid Viktor's only major threat as well as kiting his primary damage [ viktordeathray.png ]




Hard Match Up for Orianna

101.png simply out ranges 61.png in every aspect [CC/poking/trading/ and "engage"]

Xerath has the luxury to engage with xerathlocusofpower2.png because his ultimate forces his enemies to kite around or take the damage and get 100-0 most likely.

Xerath basic abilities out ranges 61.png, this means xerathmagespear.png is a major threat if you try to trade with Xerath as 61.png

xeratharcanebarrage2.png not only CC's but does heavy damage when combine with xerathmagespear.png or when even you as 61.png accidentally step onto the center 

- Overall, let your team engage/take Xerath's combo since it has decent cool down [most notably xerathmagespear.png xeratharcanebarrage2.png] then engage with 61.png's combo/orianadetonatecommand.png




Medium Match Up For 61.png

115.png CC isn't the best, like 61.png, however 61.png actually has a strong CC with her orianadetonatecommand.png unlike Ziggs who just have more damage with ziggsr.png

61.png and Ziggs play style is similar in that they play to "zone", it is just 61.png has threat as well to CC/engage/lock down/kill non tanks easily.

The main difference is Ziggs focuses on poking into an instant kill, while 61.png is dependant on hitting the CC combo with her orianadetonatecommand.png

- Just knowing the play styles of Ziggs and 61.png should help you in this match up

Ziggs laning phase should be very passive when versus an 61.png, unless he wants to risk an 1 v 1 all in. [Note Ziggs can also be baiting for the enemy jungle if such a situation is to occur]

Late Game Ziggs range is superior but he doesn't have any heavy CC try and take advantage of that 




Medium Match Up For 61.png

- Recently Zoe got hit with quite a lot of nerfs, she isn't as annoying as she was before the recent nerfs

1.png is an excellent choice versus Zoe to deal with Zoe's zoee.png one shot combo with zoeq.png and zoer.png

- Zoe is very mobile since she builds a lot of MS in general, as well as when zoew.png is active.

- When playing 61.png it is very easy to hit Zoe with everything you got when she uses zoer.png for an aggressive move, assuming you dodged the bubble.

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Three O’clock on EmojiOneOrianna's Abilities Tricks:Three O’clock on EmojiOne

- I will demonstrate some of the following in the video section to make the tricks for61.png more clear.
- Q
  1. 61.png can use orianaizunacommand.png + orianadissonancecommand.png towards her escape pathing or just orianadissonancecommand.png when ball is on her strictly for the movement speed.
  2. 61.png can hide her ball (oriannapassive.png) with orianaizunacommand.png by casting the ability into walls, not all spots are "good" in order to try and engage with orianaredactcommand.png or another orianaizunacommand.png right after. Some spots are also "more visible" when trying to hide 61.png's orianaizunacommand.png in terrain/structure/etc.
  3. orianaizunacommand.png grants vision  (think about crystallize.png), usually these kind of skill shots won't grant vision but since 61.png's ball (oriannapassive.png)  is coded as a minion/an "object" in order to cast abilities it does. Use this ability to check brushes/ area without vision.

- W
  1. 61.png's classic combo is orianaizunacommand.png into orianadissonancecommand.png instantly, there is a "buffer trick", where you can cast orianadissonancecommand.png as orianaizunacommand.png is traveling to its destination. Avoid pressing orianadissonancecommand.png only until orianaizunacommand.png travel animation is done.  (exception: zoning as your ball is in red range/almost out of range)
  2. orianadissonancecommand.png can also be used to speed up team mates (best used with orianaredactcommand.png) and even on top of 61.png, it is recommended to cast the ball (with orianaizunacommand.png) further back or ahead then casting orianadissonancecommand.png to maximize orianadissonancecommand.png's movement speed bonus duration
  3. orianadissonancecommand.png also slows enemies, best used to set up to hit 61.png's harder to hit abilities orianaredactcommand.png and orianadetonatecommand.png.

- E
  1. Self casting this ability is crucial when playing 61.png to maximize your damage output as well as 61.png's ability to survive, highly recommend to learn/get used to self cast if you play 61.png due to her orianaredactcommand.png.
  2. orianaizunacommand.png->orianadissonancecommand.png->orianaredactcommand.png is a standard combo 61.png does during lane and in heated moments of the game to quickly get off damage then have her ball on her to give her extra MR/AR
  3. orianaredactcommand.png offers extra MR/AR to anyone that has it, meaning 61.png can lose stats in MR/AR and be more vulnerable if you are not too careful, but offers stats to her allies/teammates as well.
  4. orianaredactcommand.png is great for orianadetonatecommand.png when used on your allies that can engage, however as 61.png you must learn how to manage her max range on how far her ball/oriannapassive.png can go

- R
  1. Not much to say about this ability, heavily tied to 61.png's basic abilities.
  2. You can hold back your orianadetonatecommand.png to get off more oriannapassive.png auto attacks before using it in 1 v 1/trading/poking into all in scenarios. [Best done in laning phase]
  3. orianadetonatecommand.png has a unique range, it creates a vacuum/black hole/suction that slightly grows (into the full hit box range of orianadetonatecommand.png) then immediately pulls any enemies into the center starting from the "tip"  or max range indicator of 61.png's orianadetonatecommand.png

Three O’clock on EmojiOneOrianna's Abilities Tips with 4.png:Three O’clock on EmojiOne
- I will demonstrate some of the following in the video section to make the tricks for61.png more clear.
- Q
  1.  When chasing or running 61.png can throw her orianaizunacommand.png slightly forward(chasing) or slightly backward(running away) to maximize her orianadissonancecommand.png movement speed duration. To make it more surprising, 61.png can 4.png towards the orianadissonancecommand.png field to get away easier or chase and surprise burst her opponents with ease.
  2. You can 4.png forward while orianaizunacommand.png is traveling to maximize oriannapassive.png passive auto attack damage or to distract your enemies from keeping track of the ball/oriannapassive.png 
  3. You can cast orianaizunacommand.png as your auto attack animation completes and use 4.png as well to surprise your enemies
- W
  1. There is no 4.png tricks with orianadissonancecommand.png
- E
  1. while orianaredactcommand.png is traveling towards back towards you or towards your allies you can use 4.png to angel orianaredactcommand.png's traveling line to hit your enemies as well as shielding yourself/your ally 
- R
  1. a common 4.png trick is when you have the ball/oriannapassive.png you can orianadetonatecommand.png first then flash forward (usually)to surprise your enemies and set up a good chunk of damage,teamfight, and etc.
  2. you can use 4.png to  orianaizunacommand.png  or orianaredactcommand.png towards your enemies/allies to the Q or E max range indicator then follow up with an immediate orianadetonatecommand.png. This may seem like common sense, but it should be emphasized that you can do this as well when playing 61.png
  3. Be very knowledgeable about 61.png's max range for the ball/oriannapassive.png, remember the ult is a skill shot around the ball if your ball snaps back you will be doing a classic 61.png fail ult play where she hits nothing in her orianadetonatecommand.png since it's on top of her on accident.

Orianna Laning Phase Back to Top


Three O’clock on EmojiOnePassive Laning Phase:Three O’clock on EmojiOne

61.png is a ranged champion (decent auto attack range and animation on top of that), meaning her laning phase is very hard to punish. 61.png has fast trade mechanics as well as wave clear with the common combo orianaizunacommand.png + orianadissonancecommand.png. This section we will focus on how 61.png plays the lane passively, focusing on farming/shoving/and rotating around the map (bot and jungle most common). 

orianaizunacommand.png and orianadissonancecommand.png is a very safe farming tool, but at the same time it can be used aggressively especially versus melee match ups you can farm and trade (focused on farming) at the same time, you may or may not hit ranged champions tho

- The upside to playing 61.png laning phase passively is that the enemy jungler chance of ganks/diving you is very skewed since your opposing mid laner won't have a kill/lead in general. Make sure you avoid auto attacking the enemy outer turret, avoid staying past half of mid lane to zone/etc [focus on shoving into the turret so the wave is even again], and playing around your jungler. There should be no need to force 1 v 1 as 61.png heavily unless you need to in certain match ups by playing passive you have more room for mistakes and do not have to rely on yourself to carry, rather focus on getting your ADC/JG more income/gold.

- Roams, a passive play style roam for mid lane in general is either give up a wave of CS or shove your wave of minions to your enemy turret. Either is fine, it is recommended you have a 2055.png and/or your wave of minions pushed into the enemy turret before roaming Bot/JG.

- Make sure to use orianaredactcommand.png defensively when playing 61.png laning phase passively that extra 50~100 hp each trade can add up and save you from recalling early.

orianadetonatecommand.png is best used when you are getting ganked [1 v 2] or when your jungler is ganking for you [2 v 1], just saving your orianadetonatecommand.png in 1 v 1 scenarios will greatly increase your chances of surviving. You may also use orianadetonatecommand.png to chunk your enemy mid laner HP to the point they can no longer safely farm then focus on farming/shoving, eventually the enemy mid laner realizes he/she needs to recall ASAP otherwise your CS lead will skyrocket out of control. If your enemy "melees" or "overstay" their welcome try securing the kill after, but note chances are the enemy JG will be around if a scenario like that happens.


Three O’clock on EmojiOneAggressive Laning Phase:Three O’clock on EmojiOne

61.png aggressive laning/play style is a very common habit players tend to use/practice since she is a big lane bully/dominant champion. Her short range means nothing since mid lane laning phase  is focus on short trades and CSing which 61.png can do easily with her oriannapassive.png/passive autos and basic abilities. I recommend mixing passive laning play style and aggressive play style overall when playing 61.png . But if you are unsure/notice you are getting pressure by the enemies (Top/Jg/Supp) then by all means focus on playing a passive laning phase.

- As mention before, starting orianaredactcommand.png level 1 is a great way to start your laning phase as 61.png playing aggressively. 
3020.png early is great to play aggressively since then Magic Pen and extra movement speed is great for 61.png's kit when used to play aggressively

- Focus your orianadissonancecommand.png on damaging enemy mid laner(s), just use orianaizunacommand.png to CS or poke/set up the ball/oriannapassive.png in a good position. As your opponents need to respect the ball location for orianadissonancecommand.png and orianaredactcommand.png combo on top of moving the orianaizunacommand.png on them, you can get off a lot of auto attacks when playing aggressively to maximize your trading during laning phase (aggressive).

orianadetonatecommand.png can be used aggressively, but this heavily relies on you knowing your damage 61.png's Crowd Control/CC isn't that long unless they are on the center of your orianadissonancecommand.png (usually happens after orianadetonatecommand.png). During laning phase you prob can't 100 to 0 someone but can use your orianadetonatecommand.png in 1 v 1 scenarios when your enemy is around 70~50% to try and all in them afterwards with auto attacks/orianaizunacommand.png/pathing forward/using summoner spells aggressively.

- You may roam with your orianadetonatecommand.png up, before even your jungler is there you can start the fight and let your jungler/laners (usually botside/bot laners) come help clean up shortly after

- Lastly, capitalize on orianaredactcommand.png damage, not only does the shield amount add up overtime/accumulate to saving your HP you can also whittle down your enemy with orianaredactcommand.png's damage. 


Orianna Mid Game Back to Top


Three O’clock on EmojiOneMid Game: What You Should Do/Not Do and More!Three O’clock on EmojiOne

61.png 's Mid game play style is very straight forward, like most mages depending on whether your team or you is ahead/behind/or even. As you improve on 61.png mid game play style/strategy will be straight forward since her kit/play style is heavily around her orianadetonatecommand.png.

- Let's start with when you are ahead, as 61.png this just means you try and rotate to pick off enemies trying contest objectives (dragon/herald/20min baron). You can also zone enemies easily with your ball/oriannapassive.png, the threat of orianadissonancecommand.png and orianadetonatecommand.png when ahead is lethal. Lastly, when 61.png is ahead in the mid game she can generally do ~50% of any squishy HP just take a note on that.

- When 61.png is behind in the mid game/playing from behind this is where her orianadetonatecommand.png must be used correctly. Your team in general want to be grouped(to try and come back with orianadetonatecommand.png engage), with at most top lane or jungler fixing side lane(s)/ the enemy top laner. Your threat of zoning enemies is not as high since you are behind, so just focus on wave clearing and going in when the time is right (engage from you or preferably your team's tanks/engages).

**You can still try and zone b all means since if orianadetonatecommand.png hits a squishy chances are the fight can go well for your team**

Roaming is a great when playing from behind, a numbers advantage in most cases can let you win fights easily, especially as 61.png since she has quite a decent amount of threat/CC she can bring to the table. Try and practice this more, since 5v5ing from behind is best avoided for the team that is behind until one or more of your enemies get(s) caught.

- Lastly, when you are even as 61.png during the mid game consider the following. 61.png base damage is great as you put more points into your skills, which makes her excel at building Magic Pen items early. [3020.png3135.png 3136.png]

The game can go to either side, but as 61.png you can easily set the odds in your favor because your orianadetonatecommand.png is still strong, but not as weak as when you/your team is behind.

Roaming when the game is even and pulling off a successful roam that leads to a kill(s) or objective lead will easily put the game into your favor.

Consider using your orianaredactcommand.png towards your engages so they can feel more confident when the game is fairly even (5 kill lead or 5 kill behind for your team)


Orianna Late Game Back to Top


Three O’clock on EmojiOneLate Game Game-Play: Emphasis on Advance Combo(s) and PositioningThree O’clock on EmojiOne

61.png's' late game is prob a bit harder than playing her during laning phase and mid game. You should keep a habit of relying on your front line/support before you try and do damage in team fights/objective fights/skirmishes/sieging or poking fights, because if you get caught it's all over and at most you can get your orianadetonatecommand.png off. [Think about her short range and requirement of using orianaredactcommand.png for best engages]

61.png can play aggressive during the late game, its just that it takes time to do so efficiently. Learning her max ranges and max hit box for her kit/abilities is crucial. The damage you don't really need to learn/know completely since most mages will tend to "one shot" someone if their ultimate hits them. [ At most learn orianadissonancecommand.png damage very well]

61.png can be both strong at defending and sieging whether or not she is ahead or behind because of her orianadetonatecommand.png threat. Although sieging may be harder to understand because if you wiff orianadetonatecommand.png you can lose a fight almost immediately ( or forced to use orianadetonatecommand.png defensively for you or someone else).

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Three O’clock on EmojiOneOrianna Tips and Trick Video [Playlist]Three O’clock on EmojiOne


Three O’clock on EmojiOneVideo Notes:Three O’clock on EmojiOne

- for some reason 2. cannot be uploaded, 

But it covers a video demonstration of Q+W -> Self Cast E to do the "most damage"

- I recommend trying these tricks in practice tool as well, maybe with no cool down 100%, but with standard 20 to 40% CDR to utilize these tricks to their full potential

- Let me know if I should talk as well for these kind of videos!

- There is a playlist so make sure to check all of them (1-10, except 2)

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