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Summoner Spells Back to Top

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I also check the new comments in my guides on a regular basis, so feel free to leave a question!


Choosing your summoner spells depends on a few different factors.

The Summoner Spells:



Teleports your champion a short distance toward your cursor’s location.

Cooldown 300 seconds/5 minutes.

Flash should always be chosen. This spell will enable you to flash over walls, dodge skillshots and in a few cases chase/engage. Its main goal however is increasing your survivability. Accordingly you should play more passive when you don’t have Flash up. This also means that you should play more aggressive if you have Flash and the enemy midlaner doesn’t.


Heal the caster and target nearest to your cursor for 90-345 HP (based on level), and increase movement speed by 30% for 1 second for both targets. If no allied champion is close to your cursor, you will automatically heal the ally with the lowest HP in range. This means that if you want to save an ally with low HP, but he is standing close to other allied champions, that it is better to keep your cursor on yourself. This will automatically let you heal your low HP ally and lets you avoid the risk of missclicking.

Cooldown 270 seconds/4.5 minutes.

You will grab heal in most of the cases, since it will increase your survivability through the healing effect and the movement speed boost. In most matchups this is the best pick.


Remove all forms of CC, excluding knockups and suppressions from 90.png19.png72.png, and gain 65% tenacity for 3 seconds.

Cooldown 210 seconds/3.5 minutes.

You should only grab this summoner in matchups that rely heavily on CC to do damage with their skill combinations like 13.png and 45.png. Cleanse will allow you to dodge their (burst) damage and will give you the chance to trade back.



Side note: Unsealed spellbook and Ionian Boots of Lucidity lucidity boots


When playing against Unsealed Spellbook keep in mind that this reduces summoner spell cooldowns with 15%, meaning that 4.png will have a 255 seconds cooldown instead of 300 seconds while 14.png and 3.png will have a 178.5 seconds cooldown. Keep this in mind when timing enemy summoners ingame.


The same accounts for Ionian Boots of Lucidity, which gives a 10% cooldown reduction on summoners. Keep this in mind when timing enemy summoners. You can hover your mouse over the enemy summoner icons to see the cooldown of their spells when you aren't sure what the cooldown is. Make sure to time summoners correctly.

New Runes Back to Top


Summon Aery Summon%20Aerie.png?width=64

We pick Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32because:

This mastery will increase your damage output and the strength of your shield when using E on an ally (not when shielding yourself). The low cooldown of this keystone will allow you to do more poke damage with your auto attacks and Q in laning phase. Lategame it is mainly good for the shielding strength to keep your ADC alive.

Manaflow Band Manaflow%20Band.png?width=64

We pick Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32because:

This keystone will increase your laning sustainability by providing you with a full mana refund on a skill every 75 seconds, and by restoring 8% of your missing mana. This means that this keystone will refund more mana when you are low on mana. It is important to remember that this keystone refunds your mana, not gives you a free skill cast. This means that if you have 50 mana and this keystone passive up, that you won't be able to cast your ultimate which costs 100 mana. Your mana bar will glow whenever this keystone is available, so make sure to keep an eye on this.


Transcendence Transcendence.png?width=64

We pick Transcendence.png?width=32because:

Orianna is especially strong in the midgame when she manages to get maximum cooldown reduction. This keystone will allow you to achieve 40% CDR easier, and any CDR you get from your items that surpasses this 40% will give you an extra 20 AP instead. Around level 10-11 you will be teamfighting a lot, meaning that the additional CDR of this keystone can come in handy. 


Gathering of Storm Gathering%20Storm.png?width=64

We pick Gathering%20Storm.png?width=32because:

Since Orianna is mainly strong during the mid to lategame you will be wanting to focus on being as strong as possible in this phase. Gathering of Storm will provide you with a substantial amount of AP the longer the game lasts. The average duration of a game nowadays is around the 30 minutes, meaning that you will get an additional 48 AP. This becomes 80 AP at the 40 min mark, and 120 AP at the 50 min mark. 


Presence of Mind Presence%20of%20Mind.png?width=64

We do pick Presence%20of%20Mind.png?width=32 because:

This keystone will allow you to spam use all your skills as soon as you level up, meaning that you will be able to focus on either pushing the wave or poking the enemy champion. Make good use of this keystone whenever you level, since it can allow you to gain a huge pressure and mana advantage over your enemy.


Coup De Grace Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=64

We do not pick Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32 because:


This keystone will allow you to deal more burst damage on targets that are low HP. Orianna her full combo will be able to burst anyone around 40-50% hp, meaning that this keystone can allow you to secure kills. The additional takedown bonus on killing champions comes in handy during teamfights in which you will most likely be able to get an assist or kill on one of the enemy champions.

Abilities Back to Top


Detailed overview skills: 



Clockwork winding & The ball (Passive):

Orianna command The ball with her skills. She can retrieve her ball by walking over it, using her E or by walking far away from the ball. There is a 0.15s fixed cooldown between casting multiple skills. Orianna her basic attacks deal 10/18/26/34/42/50 (+15% AP) magic damage. These auto attacks apply Clockwork Winding, which can be stacked up to 2 times. Clockwork winding deals 20% bonus damage per stack and only affects a single enemy at a time. 

 It is important to remember the conditions for retrieving your ball, since placing your ball on a malphite for a wombo combo will fail when he walks too far away from you. The additional damage on your auto attacks from Clockwork Winding are great since it also applies to minions, making it easier for you to last hit.



Command Attack (Q):

Orianna commands her ball to fly towards your cursor, dealing 60/90/120/150/180 (+50% AP) magic damage to all targets it passes through. This damage is reduced by 10% for each additional enemy hit, with a minimum of 40% damage. 

Remember that this skill also does damage to enemies that it passes through, making it often better to let the ball fly a bit ahead of the enemy instead of right onto him. Remember that you can use this skill also to command your ball next to Orianna, allowing you to pick it up. You will be maxing this skill first for the damage increase and since it allows you to move your ball around a lot in teamfights. This will allow you to position the ball for a good ultimate.




Command Dissonance (W): 


Orianna commands her ball to deal 60/105/150/195/240 (+0.70AP) magic damage to all enemies around it and leaving an electric field on the area for 3 seconds. This field will give allies a 20/25/30/35/40% movement speed boost, and slows enemies for the same amount. 

This skill is Orianna her main source of waveclear in combination with the damage of her Q. This combo will most of the time allow you to kill the caster minions, allowing you to get quite some pushing power. Don't underestimate the movement speed buff and the slow this skill can give in teamfights, since the electric field will stay for 3 seconds even if you move your ball away afterwards. You will also be using this skill in combination with your ultimate to do most of your burst damage in teamfights.



Command Protect (E):


Passive: The ball grants an 10/15/20/25/30 armor and magic resistance bonus to whomever the ball is attached.

Active: Orianna commands her ball to attach itself to the selected ally or herself, dealing 60/90/120/150/180 (+0.30AP) magic damage to all enemies it passes through, and giving the target a 60/100/140/180/220 (+0.40AP) shield for 2.5 seconds.


Most people forget that this skill does damage. You can use the damage from this skill to help burst minions in lane when you notice that the minions are just barely surviving your Q+W combo. Make sure to position your ball behind the minions so that whenever you cast your E afterwards, that the ball will also do damage to the minions. I personally have the selfcast of this skill binded to my T, meaning that whenever I press T that the bell flies back towards me. This can make a huge difference in the execution of your combinations, since you won't have to move your mouse towards Orianna to cast it on yourself. 

Don't forget about the armor and magic resist boost that this skill gives, since it can give you a big advantage to get favorable trades. Keep in mind however that you only gain this buff when the ball is on Orianna, meaning that you become more squishy whenever your ball is gone.




Command Shockwave (R):

Orianna commands her ball to unleash a shockwave after a 0.75s delay, dealing 150/225/300 (+0.70AP) magic damage and pulling all enemy targets hit towards the center of the shockwave.


This skill is what makes the difference between a good and bad Orianna in a teamfight. Make sure to hit as many enemy champions with this skill as possible, or to burst one of the enemy squishy carries. This skill can be executed by placing Orianna her ball on one of her frontliners to create a CC wombo-combo. You can also just place Orianna her ball on a random spot in the teamfight and wait for the enemy to step close to it in the chaos of the teamfight. Orianna can also use this skill for waveclearing by hitting both the melee and caster minions. Due to the low cooldown on this skill it can be worth it to get a fast wave-clear so you can recall. This will minimize CS loss because the enemy midlaner will often need more time to clear the wave and recall.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    These will always be your starting items. Dorans ring will return you mana for killing minions.

Core Items

    Get this combo if you are forced out of lane early with only 500g.
    Rushing Seraph's embrace will be your first priority together with boots.
    Get these boots when you are winning lane.
    Get these boots when you are having a hard lane and against a heavy magic damage teamcomp.
    Get this after your boots and Seraphs.
    Get this as your 4th item
    Get this as your 5th item. If you notice that the enemy team is building a lot of Mres then you can get this as 4th item.
    Get this as your last item. This will be the point where you benefit the most of the % AP increase.

Situational Items

    Optional against certain matchups if you notice that you are getting burst.
    Against a teamcomp with heavy healing.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Anivia
  • Corki
  • Fizz
  • Katarina
  • Veigar
  • Vladimir
  • Xerath
  • Yasuo
  • Zed




This is a medium matchup, because Orianna has a stronger early push. This allows her to grab early control over the lane and keep the lane pushed. Make sure you make good use of your auto attacks, since these do a lot of damage due to the Wind Up passive. Focus on keeping the wave pushed early and getting a CS advantage. 

This matchup becomes a bit harder when Ahri becomes level 6. This is due to the mobility that her ahritumble.png gives. This will allow her to be a better roamer in the midgame and will make it harder for you to land your own ultimate on her. Orianna is stronger in teamfights, but be careful of the pick potential of Ahri. 




This is an easy matchup, since Anivia has bad waveclear in the early game. This will allow you to keep the wave pushed under the turret and get a big CS advantage in the early game since Anivia has a hard time farming under turret. Focus on keeping the wave pushed and grabbing river control with your jungler to avoid getting ganked.

In the midgame it will become harder to put pressure on Anivia due to her superiour waveclear. Focus on pushing the wave under the turret and then roaming. This will allow you to get objectives like top turret, bot turret and drake. As soon as you get these objectives you should get Herald, since this will allow you to get midlane turret against Anivia.




This matchup is hard because Orianna loses one of her biggest advantages she has for the early laning phase, her auto attack damage advantage. Corki his auto attacks are stronger in the early game, meaning that he will be getting the pressure advantage and will be having an easier time pushing early. Corki will be able to out-push you most of the game unless you somehow get a few kills. Due to the fact that Corki will be pushing you most of the time you will be able to set up easy ganks for your jungler.




This is an easy matchup in the early laning phase. Due to the ranged vs melee midlane matchup you should be able to poke fizz while keeping the wave pushed. The only way that you lose this matchup in the early game is by being ganked by a jungler. Pay attention to the starting camp of the enemy jungler (red or blue) and ward accordingly. Most junglers do a double camp clear before doing any ganks, so you could expect a gank around the 3 min mark. When Fizz becomes level 6 you have to start playing safer and the matchup becomes harder. Try to keep the wave pushed and then roam, make sure not to get engaged on by the fizz ultimate. 




Orianna has a hard time dealing with high mobility midlaners. This is because the movement of her ball is quite slow, allowing the enemy to just dodge all of your damage output. Try to push the wave and then play safe, since a good Katarina player will be putting a lot of damage onto you. Try to survive laning phase and focus on teamfighting.




This is an easy matchup since Veigar has a hard time waveclearing in the early laning phase. Focus on keeping the wave pushed under his turret so he loses CS. Veigar needs a long time to scale, while Orianna is quite strong in the midgame. Make use of this to force midgame teamfights by roaming a lot whenever you have the wave pushed against Veigar. He won't be able to follow you when you roam, allowing you to move towards toplane or botlane.




This matchup is Medium, because Orianna has the early game lane advantage. Orianna will be able to outpush vladimir in the early game due to her stronger auto attacks and more efficient waveclear. Use this advantage to keep the wave pushed under the enemy turret to slowly gain a CS advantage. Make sure to roam with your jungler whenever you have the wave pushed and to not overextend. During the midgame Vladimir will not have that many issues with waveclearing, meaning that the lane will be on a stand still. Try to avoid this situation by pressuring other lanes and getting your team to midlane to get the turret.




Make sure to early push the wave. Xerath has a hard time farming under turret in the early laning phase. Abuse this to get a CS advantage. You will be able to outpush Xerath for a big part of the early game, allowing you to roam and pressure toplane and botlane. Xerath will not be able to follow your roams, except for the usage of his ultimate. Always keep this in mind since his ultimate can turn fights. 




This matchup is greatly determined by how good the yasuo player is. In the early game Orianna should be able to outpush and poke yasuo. A good Yasuo can however outplay you and turn the trades. Always keep in mind that Yasuo can dash onto your minions, meaning that he has high mobility which allows him to dodge your ball. Also keep in mind that his Windwall stops the movement of your ball, blocking it from doing any damage. Keep this in mind for teamfights, because it can stop your ball mid-air just before you get the perfect Orianna ultimate. 




Orianna has a hard time dealing with high mobility midlaners. This is because the movement of her ball is quite slow, allowing the enemy to just dodge all of your damage output. Try to push the wave and then play safe, since a good Zed player will be putting a lot of damage onto you. Try to survive laning phase and focus on teamfighting. Keep your ball close to you to be able to use your ultimate to CC zed after he engages onto you. You will however need to use your Flash most likely.

About Me. Back to Top

Hello and thank you for reading my guide! I hope you find it helpful in getting a better understanding of Orianna and League of Legends in general. It might be a huge wall of text to read, but if you take the time to read everything it should be really helpful. I have already gotten a lot of good feedback from people that started climbing with my guides and also started enjoying the game more. I hope it is also helpful for you!


About me:


Hi, my name is Maurits and I am from the Netherlands. My League of Legends account is Mutatie which was ranked S1 Bronze, S2 Gold, S3 Diamond 1, S4 Diamond 1 and S5 Diamond 2. My highest achieved elo was promos to Challenger in S3. I have recently started writing guides for LoLking, because I was getting a lot of question in my stream from viewers. So I hope you guys enjoy my guides!


I have been playing League of Legends since S1, and started maining the Support role towards the ending of Season 2. I really wanted to become Gold in S2, so I started maining the most unpopular role in League of Legends, the Support role. This resulted in me suddenly climbing really fast towards Gold, and when S3 started I was D1 within a month after the start. The great benefit of the Support role is that not a lot of people play it. This means that if you like playing Support you will be able to play your main role in 9/10 games. Whenever I don't get the Support role I will be playing midlane. 


A good Support player can have a huge impact on botlane and the game, so don't underestimate the role. You will however have to accept the fact that you will rarely get any credits for carrying as Support (#NoSupportCredits). People will in general tell your ADC how hard he is carrying and how good he is. This is something you have to accept and live with, don't get annoyed by it. The nice thing is that the higher ELO you get, the more people respect the Support role. I have had enough games that both my own team and the enemy team told me that my plays/calls/vision control carried the game. Enjoy these small rare moments, and don't get annoyed when you don't get any credits.


My all-time favorite champions is Janna and this was also the first guide that I wrote. Shortly after I started streaming my games and I started getting quite a few requests for other guides. So I am currently making more and more guides in the hopes of helping everyone. 


My currently featured guides:


Alistar: Carrying with the cow. -  Live and updated
Janna: Carrying with the wind. -  Being updated
Sona: Let the music carry you. -   Being updated
Nami: Let the waves carry you. - Being updated
Orianna: Carrying with the ball. -  Live and updated
Any nice comments/feedback in the guides will be appreciated and will keep me motivated to write more guides!
Also feel free to visit me when I am streaming, or to leave a donation! The guides that I am writing take up a lot of time and are comparable to pay-to-read guides. I however wanted everyone to be able to benefit from my guides, so I decided to make them publicly available for everyone.
Feel free to join me at my stream!

When to pick Orianna. Back to Top

Position in Champion Select:


When playing Orianna the positioning in champion select doesn't matter that much as it does for other midlaners. This is because that Orianna is a rather neutral midlaner, meaning that she doesn't have that many hard-counters but that she also doesn't hard counter any other midlaners. This makes Orianna a rather "safe" blind pick, since you will almost always be able to waveclear even in bad matchups.

Allied team composition:


For Orianna it is essential to have some sort of "ball-delivery" to be able to make use of her full kit. This means that Orianna goes well with champions that have high mobility, or have some sort of AoE CC that allows Orianna to followup with her combo. It is important to note that the enemy team can't see Orianna her ball when it's placed on champions that are in stealth, meaning that you can abuse this for good combo setups. Good examples are:



Early/Mid/Late Game. Back to Top

Early game


In the early game Orianna is decent when it comes down to pushing the lane. Her combo costs quite a bit of mana, meaning that you have to balance your mana pool. Make sure to use your auto attack a lot in the early game for poking and pushing, since Orianna her auto attacks are extremely strong early game. This is due to her passive which gives extra magic damage through Wind Up, meaning that last hitting is easier for you. After your first recall you shouldn't be having any mana issues and you should be able to keep the wave pushed for pressure.


Mid game


During the midgame you will have midlane pushed, allowing you to roam the map. Pay attention to your botlane mainly, meaning that if they get first turret on botlane that you provide pressure on toplane as soon as they swap. This will allow you to retain the game tempo and give you a good snowball for the midgame. Orianna is especially strong in the midgame due to her strong teamfighting.


Late game


Late game you will be either focusing on bursting the enemy squishies, or peeling for your own squishy carries. This means that if your ADC is fed, that the best way for you to win teamfights is by peeling for your ADC. Getting a good combo with your ultimate is often quite hard, so focusing on peeling for the ADC will give you a more solid chance at winning the fights. Pay attention to possible wombo combos that your team comp can have, since the timing of your ultimate can win or lose you the game in lategame.

General Tips. Back to Top

This will be a section containing general tips that work for every role. It mainly contains general knowledge and tips about the game that can help you. You might already know quite as few of the tips, but I will try to teach you something new. The order of the tips is random and based on what I can think of.

The list:


- Don't flame people if they make mistakes. Try to keep team moral high with saying that you can still win and that the enemy can still make mistakes.
- Don't respond to flamers, put them on ignore and focus on your own game.
- Always double check your runes before the game starts, they might bug.
- Don't go AFK during champ select/loading screen. Your team might want to invade.
- Remind your team to buy blue trinkets when they're level 9 even if you have to tell them 10 times.
- Focus on dying less in games, if you die less than 4 times on average per game you will notice an increase in your winrate
- Fun and all if you see a perfect 5 man ufslash.png opportunity, but if your team can't follow up then you’re just going 1 v 5. Don't look at enemy positioning, look at your own team's positioning. If your team can follow, then you should start looking at the enemy team.
- When recalling always keep watching your champion. Don't go into shop till you're safe in base.
- You can bind keys to selfcast on yourself. This is handy for most champions since most shields/buffs are on E. I bind my Spell 3 (E) to T, so I can keep my mouse above my ADC. This allows me to shield him when needed and to press T when I need to shield myself. This also works well with Orianna orianaredactcommand.png.

General tips 1.png

- CS is more important than kills. If you get the choice between taking a chance to chase a kill, or to grab 20-30 CS then you should go for the CS. The CS is a sure thing and every 20 CS advantage can be seen as 1 kill advantage.
- When wanting to fight/trade with an enemy look at your own CS wave and the enemy CS wave. If the enemy CS wave is big, you will take a lot of damage from CS when fighting. If your own wave is big then you can fight since you have the CS damage advantage.
- Push the wave into the turret when you see the enemy go back to base. This allows you to recall yourself after your wave hits enemy turret, resulting in you losing less CS/Exp than the enemy.
- Freeze the wave if you can zone the enemy. Freezing is boring but can lead to huge exp and gold advantages.
- Let the wave push towards you if the enemy is ahead. Don't push the wave back because then they can freeze and deny you a lot of gold and exp.
- When your jungler is coming to gank you, don't change your playstyle. If you have been playing passive for 5 minutes and suddenly start poking then they will know that they are about to be ganked.

- Walking towards baron/drake takes around 30 seconds. Make sure to go back to base at around 50s if you want to shop.
- Place your active items on the same slots every game. This allows you to get used to using active items. 
- If you have a mouse with keybindings, then bind your item slots to your mouse. This may take some time to take used to but will allow you to use your actives better.
- Play with smart cast this allows you to react way faster.
- Always use a potion/cookie at the start of a fight for optimal survivability.
- Wait with leveling your skill at level 1 till around the 1:40 mark. Then you are sure you won't be invaded. You don't want to be the tristana that could've leveled W instead of Flashing.
- Always look at the enemy items before fighting. If you notice that they have better items than you, then the chance is quite big that you will lose the fight. If you are ahead in items then you can play more aggressive.
- Drake does Area of Effect damage, so if you get targeted by his breath make sure to keep clear of your teammates.

Warding Tips. Back to Top

This section will not only help Support players, but every player in general. Warding is a really important factor in the game and I can’t believe how many people just randomly place their wards in bushes. It is really important to think about the following things when warding.


Is it safe to ward?

The biggest difference between a high ELO player and a low ELO one is the amount of times that they die needlessly. One thing that I've noticed is that low ELO players just walk into an enemy jungle without having any clue where the enemy team is. This will often result in them walking into an enemy player and dying. Always keep an eye on the mini map when warding. 


- If you see midlane heading in your direction, back off.

- If you don’t know where the enemy jungler is, back off.

- If you don’t know where the enemy bot lane is, back off.

- If you don’t know where the enemy toplaner is, back off.


All of these factors can easily be solved by keeping an eye on the mini map. If you just saw an enemy die, then you know that he will be around enemy base. If you just saw mid go gank top, then you know that he will be around top side. If you just saw the enemy jungler around top, then you know that the enemy jungler is around top. If you just saw the enemy botlane recall, you know that the enemy botlane is around enemy base. By paying attention to all these factors it allows you to safely place (deep) wards and give your team vision control. It is however important to ping your team regarding these things, since they will often not pay attention to the mini map. A thing to keep in mind is that moving from enemy base to the Drake pit it takes around 30-40 seconds.


Which locations are key to keep sight on?

In most games it is the toplaner his job to keep sight on Baron Pit till around the 22min mark. After this mark enemy teams are able to do Baron without it taking too long and they will often attempt to force/sneak baron. At this point in the game it is the Support his job to keep at least 1 ward around Baron Pit at all times. You will however also need to pay attention to Drake. If you see that Drake will spawn within 1 minute, then you should already start warding Dragon Pit. Your wards will last for 2.5 minutes which is long enough to keep control over Drake. If you ward drake at the 1min mark it also gives you time to recall back to base to get new wards and walk back towards dragon pit. This will give you the edge over the enemy support, since you already have vision control over dragon pit + have 3 wards left in your inventory. The same accounts for Baron if it is respawning.


Where do I see my team in the next 1-3 minutes?

It is key for any player to think ahead during the match. If you expect your team to go push bot lane, then get control over the jungle close to bot lane. If you want to go push top lane, get control over enemy top lane jungle. If you are being pushed by the enemy you have to predict which lane they will most likely push and get control over your own jungle there. It is also key to remind your teammates to get 3363.png for vision control. This is currently the best trinket for roles beside support since the wards last till destroyed. Due to the low cooldown this allows your teammates to spam this trinket in all bushes on the map for maximum vision control. Try to keep this item on cooldown at all times by spamming it every time that its up.


How to place your ward.

It is really important to pay attention to how you place a ward. As seen in the image below the vision given by a ward in a bush differs greatly depending on how you place it in the bush. Never use smart cast to place your wards unless you know exactly how the bush works. Place the ward as far as possible to the outer point of bushes for maximum vision. As shown in the images below the difference in vision can be huge.




The same accounts for Control wards. As shown below the vision given can differ greatly. The left ward will allow you to clear Raptor Pit (popular place to ward) of wards. The right ward is how most people place their wards, which doesn't cover Raptor Pit.




Update Log. Back to Top

18-1-2018: Alistar guide written and published

23-1-2018: Updated guide for keystone changes patch 8.2, summary: More early-game tankiness from Aftershock, together with a small damage nerf.

02-2-2018: Split the objectives section into Dragon Pit and Baron pit for a clearer overview. Also fixed some formatting issues.

13-5-2018: Updated for patch 8.9

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