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3 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png 12.png Flash and Teleport are the summoners that you should take if you’re playing Toplane. I would recommend using these summoners every time as they give you global map pressure.

4.png 14.png Flash and Ignite are the summoners you should use if you’re playing support. You can take ignite if you have kill potential in the bottom lane

4.png 3.png Alternatively you can use Flash Exhaust if the enemy has assassins or you have little to no kill potential.

New Runes Back to Top

I recommend this page on Ornn because it gives him a lot of defensive stats while also staying healthy.

Grasp%20of%20the%20Undying.png?width=32Grasp of the Undying is good on Ornn because you can deal damage through auto attacks relatively easy because of your kit.

Demolish.png?width=32 Demolish is good on him also as you will not always be able to kill the enemy laner. So having this damage against towers is very nice for winning lane.

Iron%20Skin.png?width=32 Iron skin will be standard on most toplaners, however you can switch it out for Mirror Shell if you’re against AP.

Overgrowth.png?width=32Overgrowth looks to be a good Rune on him aswell, because Ornn can stay in lane for long due to his passive- you will gain lots of stacks quiet quickly. Overgrowth will also allow you to get tanky fast.

Inspiration is the second tree I recommend taking.

Celestial%20Body.png?width=32 Celestrail Body might be good on him because it allows him to be tanky early. The reduced damage is fine on him as you will not be able to kill the enemy laner often.

Future\'s%20Market.png?width=32 Futures market is also good on him because you can buy your items and go into debt from lane. This gives you a huge item advantage over the enemy.

Abilities Back to Top


Ornn’s Passive is Living Forge


Ornn can purchase an non-consumable item from anywhere on the map by forging it himself. There is a forge menu that recommends some of his items that can be forged, however you can forge items from either the list or the shop menu. Forging takes 4 seconds to do and if it is cancelled then Living Forge will be disabled for 4 seconds. Ornn and each of his team mates can purchase one Masterwork upgrade which includes;

Forgefire Cape (Sunfire Cape + 1000 Gold)
BONUSES:  200 HP -  20 AD
Infernal Mask (Abyssal Mask + 1000 Gold)
Molten Edge (Infinity Edge + 1000 Gold)
The Obsidian Cleaver (Black Cleaver + 1000 Gold)
BONUSES: 150 HP - 20 AD
Rabadon’s Deathcrown (Rabadon’s Deathcap + 1000 Gold)
Trinity Fusion (Trinity force + 1000 Gold)
Salvation (Redemption + 500 Gold)
BONUSES: 100 HP – 100% Base Health Regen – 50% Base Mana Regen
Circlet of the Iron Solari (Locket of Iron Solari + 500 Gold)
BONUSES: 20 Armor – 15 Magic Resist

TIPS: Don’t use your passive straight away, if you’re low health then it is better to recall and regenerate. The best time to use your passive is when you can afford items however make sure that you are not in range to be auto attacked. The upgraded items are nice to buy, however don’t just buy them if you have the gold. Buy your core items first as they will be more beneficial in general.

Ornn’s Q is Volcanic Rupture


Ornn slams his hammer into the ground sending a wave into the target direction and stops if it hits an enemy champion. It deals physical damage and slows the enemies, After 1.5 Second delay a pillar erupts from the ground at the maximum end range and lasts for 4 seconds.

TIPS: The pillar can be used as crowd control in small spaces, it can be used to help with ganks making the enemy take different routes or pathing. Using this near the tower edge will prevent enemies from walking through it meaning they will have to take the more predictable long path which can be beneficial for other skill shots (works the same as Thresh Lantern).

Ornn’s W is Bellows Breath


Ornn shields himself for 12% of maximum health for 4 seconds and charges to a target direction dealing damage to enemies who are in his way. Enemies hit by this also become “Brittle” for 6 seconds- The next immobilizing effect against a “Brittle Target” has its duration increased by 30% and deals an increased 10% more damage. While W is effective, any crowd control abilties that hit him will not affect him until it has finished.

TIPS: Purchasing items that grant him health will increase the damage of the W.

Ornn’s E is Searing Charge


Ornn charges forward dealing physical damage to enemies he goes through. The ability stops if it comes into contact with Terrain, once stopped he creates a shockwave that deals physical damage and knocks up enemies within for 1 second. The ability scales with your Armor and Magic Resist. Magma Pillars and terrain created by enemy champions are also destroyed (for example, Anivia Wall, Jarvan ultimate)

TIPS: Building items that grant armor and magic resist will increase the damage of his E.

Ornn’s Ultimate is Call of the Forge God


Ornn summons a monster at the end range of his target direction that charges forward towards Ornn. It deals magic damage to the enemies and slows them. If recast, he can charge towards the monster and head-butt him back dealing more damage to enemies in his path. It knocks up enemies hit.

TIPS: when your ultimate has passed its target, reactivate to make it come back to you knocking them up.


Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    This item grants alot of gold for yourself allowing you to get your items. In Patch 7.16 mana regen was reduced, however it is still good
    This item is good if you're wanting to get tanky early
    Dorans shield should be brought when you're playing toplane

Core Items

    For Support
    For Support
    For Support
    For Toplane

Situational Items

    ZZ’Rot Portal Gives extra Armor and Magic resist, which scales with your E. You can buy this item if you need to counter split push team comps. It is also a good item if you are fighting in another lane and wanting to push a lane on the other side of the map
    All these items benefit from Living Forge Passive. I wouldn’t recommend buying these items however they are good for your team.
    Other optional Tank items
For Support

There are 3 different ways to build Support. Each is the basically the same except for your starting item. You want to build the items that will benefit your team the most, as the support you need to provide as much as possible for your team. These are in order of purchase. Note: Buy Sightstone ASAP but don't fully upgrade it until you have FoTM.

Face of the Mountain, Boots, Ruby Sightstone, Redemption, Locket of Iron Solari, Knights Vow

Eye of the Equinox, Boots, Redemption, Locket of the Iron Solari, Zeke’s Convergence, Knights Vow

Eye of the Oasis, Boots, Redemption, Locket of the Iron Solari, Zeke’s Convergence, Knights Vow

2302.png1001.png 3107.png3190.png3050.png3109.png

Redemption and Locket of the Iron Solari booth benefit from your passive. I would recommend upgrading them when you need them but make sure you have your other core items first.

For Toplane

For toplane you want to be as tanky as possible and provide as much tankiness for your team, your job is to soak up as much damage as possible.

Sunfire Cape, Boots, Abyssal Mask, Thornmail, Spirit Visage, Gargoyle Stoneplate

3068.png 1001.png 3001.png 3075.png3065.png3193.png

What type of Boots should you buy?

There are a few different types of fresh booties that you can buy for Ornn. Each has its pros and cons, and there is no way to tell you which you should buy properly, so I have listed some reasons on what to choose and when.

Buy Ninja Tabi when; 3047.png

  • The enemy is mostly ad or the enemy is mainly auto attack damage based.

Buy Mercury’s Treads when; 3111.png

  • The enemy is mostly AP, or the enemy has a lot of magic damage, or the enemy has lots of CC.

Buy Mobility Boots when; 3117.png

  • You plan to roam a lot, and are playing support. I recommend buying these the majority of time.


Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Blitzcrank
  • Fiora
  • Garen
  • Janna
  • Jarvan IV
  • Leona
  • Malphite
  • Maokai
  • Morgana
  • Nami
  • Nasus
  • Rakan
  • Renekton
  • Riven
  • Shen
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Thresh
  • Urgot




Alistar is a tanky champion with lots of CC. In the early game you should poke him down so it would be suicide for him to go for a combo. Alistar heal was recently reworked so he cannot use it as freely. Alistar can do really strong layered CC via his WEQ combo. Alistar can W on to any enemy including minions and monsters, keep that in mind when positioning in lane as he might just W on to minion, flash and Q you. You can poke him down by using your Q and E combo




You need to stand behind minions and not get caught by his Q. His Q does not go through minions so you should stand behind them. If he wasted his Q you need to push up and play aggressively. If you can poke him early game it will make it near impossible for him to go for a hook because it would be suicide. Blitz is also a melee champion so it is an even lane.




Fiora recently was nerfed and isn’t as good as she was before, this benefits Ornn because he is a tank and it will give you slightly more freedom in the lane. However don’t take this for granted, she is a fighter champion and can bully you if you push to far. Fiora also succeeds in chasing down enemies.




In this matchup you will not be able to kill him straight away. Your job is to poke him with your combo’s and gain a CS advantage, use the Wave management section to improve your laning phase. Malphite can be squishy early so get an early gank and you can beat him. Garen’s silence is hard to play against. Garen also has a lot of burst damage with his Q and E combo.




Janna is currently strong because of the items that she buys, she has insane peel potential and she can carry her teams and protect her backline with her healing power. In this matchup you should not get poked by her auto damage. Focus on farming and gaining a CS lead because it can be hard to kill lanes with Janna in.

I wrote a small guide on Janna here:


Jarvan IV


Jarvin has seen a lot of play in LCS. Jarvin wins this lane if he is building damage, if he is going tank then it is a safe lane, however he can set up ganks with his ultimate and EQ combo. In this lane you don’t want to push to far because you have no escape.




Leona is very squishy early game and should be exploited because she is melee so if you can poke her. Her combo’s can be interrupted as well. If you can play safe in the early levels especially level 1,2 and 3 when her combo is at it’s strongest. In team fights leona will be really tanky, but once she has used her combo she will be out of position. You can use this to your advantage. And poke her with your Q and E combo.




Malphite is a tank and is easy to play against. In this matchup you will not be able to kill him straight away. Your job is to poke him with your combo’s and gain a CS advantage, use the Wave management section to improve your laning phase. Malphite can be squishy early so get an early gank and you can beat him.




Maokai is a tank and is quiet strong in the current Meta because of the CC he provides for his team. In this matchup you will not be able to kill him straight away. Your job is to poke him with your combo’s and gain a CS advantage, use the Wave management section to improve your laning phase




Morgana is annoying to play against because of her long lasting binding and black shield that can prevent ability damage and CC. In this matchup you should not get poked from her autos or damage. Morgana can be squishy early game so if you can deal early damage it will be good. Focus on gaining a CS advantage.




Nami is currently strong because of the different items that are available for supports such as redemption and ardent sensor. In this matchup you should not get close to her because she has damage and can poke you down from her auto attacks. You should try to focus her when you get ganks.




Nasus was recently buffed and his ultimate changed to 1 CD Q, Deny him as much farm as possible.In this matchup you will not be able to kill him straight away. Your job is to poke him with your combo’s and gain a CS advantage, use the Wave management section to improve your laning phase. Malphite can be squishy early so get an early gank and you can beat him.




Rakan has a lot of escape abilities and can be hard to trap with CC. Rakan will not do a lot in the early game because he can’t do much. You should push this and do something instead. If you can play aggressive early and exploit his early useless-ness then the lane should be okay. In team fights Rakan will protect his ADC very well so it’s best to try and catch somebody. Rakan is ranged and can poke you, don’t get poked by his damage.




Renekton is quiet frustrating to play against in general and for Ornn, that is no exception. Ornn is a tank and cannot compete with the damage from renekton. In this matchup you want to play safe and not die to renekton. Play around renektons fury bar and not get killed by him. Renekton wins the early game in this matchup so do not let him snowball. Don’t fight him.




Riven is annoying to play against because of her burst damage and her passive. In this lane you want to play safe and not get killed by her. Do not push the lane to far as you’re quiet immobile and riven can run you down. In this matchup you want to focus on farming and surviving, be prepared to drop cs for XP.




In this matchup you will not be able to kill him straight away. Your job is to poke him with your combo’s and gain a CS advantage, use the Wave management section to improve your laning phase. Malphite can be squishy early so get an early gank and you can beat him. When shen ultimates you must cancel it, you can cancel it with your ultimate



Sona is currently strong because of the different items that are available for supports such as redemption and ardent sensor. In this matchup you should not get close to her because she has damage and can poke you with her abilities. Sona is rarely played however she is very useful and can be strong in certain matchups.




Soraka can be annoying to lane against especially if she has early AP. In this matchup you want to focus her when you get ganks. Take ignite as well to reduce her healing ability. There are some strong items for support right now and soraka benefits from them greatly, keep this in mind when playing against her.




Thresh is currently picked/banned in Diamond. In this matchup you should focus on not getting hooked and protecting your adc if he gets hooked. Ornn can poke thresh down with his Q and E combo. Beware thresh is very strong and can start ganks and can roam quiet easily, Make sure you know where he is.




You have no chance in this lane! Jk. In this matchup you want to play safe. Reworked urgot has increased damage because of his passive, he is also quiet annoying to play against because of his movement due to the passive. His Q and W combo is also hard to play against. In this matchup you want to get ganks and just farm safely. Sacrifice CS for XP to stay in the game.

When to roam as Support Back to Top

There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re roaming as a support, making sure you tick all the boxes and follow some rules will make roaming much easier for yourself, your team and will make you a better support in general. Starting from what I think the most important to least important- I will go through the Golden Rules to roaming as a support.

But first, what is roaming?
In simple, roaming is leaving your lane to do something else. There are two main types of roaming, the first being roaming to ward and the other to apply pressure to another lane or objective.

The optimal time to roam to another lane is when your ADC has backed. If your ADC has recently backed to buy items, heal or just randomly backed then it is a good time for you to roam and try to do something- unless you need to back too. There are a few options on what you can do; for example gank mid to either get a kill, blow summoners or show dominance and pressure them. If you can kill the enemy mid and get your midlaner snowballing then it will be a huge bonus for your team. Not only will they get ahead- you will too. If you do not get a kill, or get anything from it then you should return to your lane ASAP to get back on track with XP and Gold.

Deep warding can be tricky business because it relies on you knowing where the enemy jungler is. If you know that the enemy jungler isn’t going to be there then it is probably safe for you to go into their jungle to ward. However you must also know if the enemy have the potential to collapse on you. If you don’t know where the enemy jungler is, then don’t go in unless your jungler is with you. Deep warding is important as it allows you to track the enemy jungler and gives your whole team information on them. For example warding his jungle camps will tell your ADC if the enemy jungler is nearby, or it will tell your jungler that this camp is up for the taking. Also it will allow your toplane or midlane to play aggressive if they can see that the enemy jungler is nowhere nearby to counter you.

Before even attempting to roam, you must keep these in mind;

1) Will you put your ADC Behind?

2) Will I achieve anything?

You should never roam if you are going to put your ADC behind. Your ADC cannot be left alone in a bad matchup, you must stay holding their hand. If your ADC is left in danger then you should not roam. Roaming should be done if it will not put anyone on your team behind especially your ADC, that is- unless they can 1v2 which is highly unlikely. The ADC should still be able to farm and stay safe while you are gone, if the enemy has a lot of kill potential and your ADC is not very good early or mechanically then you should not leave them.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is will you achieve anything from roaming? If you will not achieve anything then it is not worth roaming because you’re wasting your time. Time is a valuable resource in League of Legends and should not be wasted. If your Midlaner for example doesn’t have much health or no kill potential on the enemy midlaner then you shouldn’t be roaming. Warding is very good if you know where the enemy jungle is.

Roaming on some supports is not recommended, at least- they are harder to provide successful ganks to your other lanes. Champions that provide no CC such as janna or soraka will make roaming much harder, they both are squishy and can be jumped on easy if they are caught trying to help mid out. Champions that can roam easily are champions such as Bard, Thresh, Blitzcrank and Braum.

If you understand when you can roam then you will become a better support. Providing vision for your team and getting your other lanes ahead while not putting your ADC in danger is the way to win games!

TLDR: There are some golden rules to keep in mind when roaming. Roaming should only be done if you can get something out of it, such as a kill or provide vision for your team. Roaming should not put you or your ADC behind and your ADC should still be able to farm and stay safe when you’re gone.

Tips and Tricks Back to Top

You can reactive your ultimate and knock your ultimate back into them, point in the direction you wish to go.
  1. Building mixed Magic Resist and Armor will buff your W
  2. Use your Q behind the gap in the tower to prevent enemies from using that path.
  3. Ornn's E doesn't go through terrain
  4. Ornn's E can destroy player made terrain (Jarvin ultimate, Anivia wall)

Champion Combos:

Q + E | Standard Combo
Q + W + E | Combo with extra damage/Shielding
E + Q | Standard Combo
Q + E + W | Combo with extra damage/Shielding
R + R+ Q + E + W | Full engage/Damage combo
R + R+ Q + W+ E | Full engage/Damage combo

How does Brittle Work? Back to Top

When Brittle is active, enemies lose Tenacity. This means stuns and slows last longer when an enemy is Brittled' If enemies are hit with CC then they will take bonus damage and consume Brittle. If Ornn auto attacks a Brittle enemy then he will knock them back and consume the Brittle.


How to Impact the Map from the Support Role Back to Top

Support is one of the least mained role and it’s easy to see why, many players believe that the support has the least impact in the game and is the worse role. I disagree.As a mid tier diamond support main, i know how to impact the game and here are my secrets.


If you cannot kill the enemy then it is best to roam and help other lanes. As long as your ADC can stay safe then it is fine to start roaming. If you’re playing a champion that has an easy time roaming such as Alistar, Thresh and Rakan, then you should start roaming and help other lanes. When roaming you should provide vision as well.

You can check out my roaming guide here

Provide vision

Providing vision is one of your main jobs as the support anyway, but using wards and having them scout areas to prevent ganks is also very important. Use your pings to their full potential and spam ping your laners when you see the enemy jungler coming.

Following on from that, keep your eyes on the map at all times. While you’re not actively killing creeps like other laners or champions, you should watch the map and help your team by notifying them when the enemy jungler is approaching their lane.

Play passive

Games don’t need 100 kills, ADC’s don’t need to buy 10–0 in lane to win. If your ADC is not very good, then don’t fight. Don’t go for kills if they can’t follow you up. It is best to gain a farm advantage instead of dying in lane. For example, if you have died 3 times in 10minutes, you’ve given up around 900 gold to the enemy, and put yourself behind as well as your ADC because the enemy will have item and XP advantage, just farm and focus.

Pick your fights

While playing passive is good in a lot of situations it is good to play aggressive and pick your fights when their are good opportunities. Picking your fights and playing around ability timers, summoner cooldowns and other factors are a very good way of improving your laning phase. For example, if i am playing Thresh and I see the enemy ADC has wasted or used their escape ability, I will then engage on them.

Focus and don’t give up

A lot of players seem to forget that the game is team based and is not over until either team wins or surrenders. You need to focus on yourself and keep playing to your full potential. If your ADC is having a bad game, you have to pick up the slack and be extra careful on not dying and giving pressure to the enemy. You need to be on high alert and focus on yourself and not on what your other lanes are doing. You have 4 other team mates that are relying on you to do your job.

You will sometimes have games that seem to be unwinnable. As long as you play well and try your best then you still have a chance of winning the game.

We’ve all been in games where it looks hopeless, but remember that time you came back and won?

That feeling it gave you?

Don’t give up- Go after it, Kid.

How to Help ADC farm Under tower Back to Top

In the bottom lane there are two champions against two champions. The job of one of those champions of each side is to a farm successfully and get ready for the mid game. It’s the job of the other two players- the supports, to help them successfully farm and get strong for team fights. How can you as the support help your ADC to farm more efficiently? There are lots of Farming guides out there, and some of them are slightly out of date, some are wrong and some are perfectly made. This guide will hopefully be more productive and help your AD carry to farm more efficiently.

If you are playing in a losing lane, or a losing match up- you as the support must help your AD carry farm. If you have to play Under Tower to survive then do so. Your ADC will find it hard to last hit correctly. You need to help them last hit under Tower.

There are three types of minions in the early game;

The first is melee minions. These minions take two tower shots and one auto attack to be killed.

The second minion is ranged minions. These will die from two tower shots and it is your job to auto attack once and let the tower attack them once and then let your ADC finish it off. You must do this for every ranged minion in the early game.

The final minion is Canon minions (siege minions) these require seven tower shots followed by one auto to kill.

Often in the early game champions will not be able to hit all the minions on the tower because they do not have the required attack speed to do so. It is your job as the support to help them CS under tower. In situations where your ADC will completely miss the farm you can take it for yourself.

If you are in a solo lane you have to do all the work yourself.

How to Ward Objectives Back to Top

Warding objectives is incredibly important, it gives you the ability and knowledge to know if the enemy are doing it or are nearby. Warding in itself is important and so is having vision of dragon and baron.

Scouting Dragon

Warding is one way to get vision around the dragon pit. Another way is picking up the rift scuttle, not only to give vision of the dragon pit but also to scout out any champions coming through the river. Rift scuttle is very good as it provides basically a free ward and can give lots of knowledge- for example, if it has recently been killed you will see enemy vision there, this also means that the jungler is or was nearby.

Warding the dragon area is important because it will tell you if the enemy team is doing it. There are a few different wards that you can place to see if the enemy is doing it.


Use your ward inside the pit

The first is pretty obvious, warding inside the pit itself, this is the more common one but I see many people doing it wrong. You want to ward around this area (see picture.) You should do this because it grants vision to the pit but also the river nearby.

Doing Dragon

Being aware of the enemy team is important and knowing where they are is valuable information. When doing dragon you should always have areas around it warded. I have broken down where you should place wards depending on what side you’re on.


Blue side Dragon wards

If you are on Blue side, then you should ward in these 3 areas. Wards here will allow you to see if any enemies are approaching you if they are coming then it is good to either back off and let the dragon reset or try and rush the dragon down. If you cannot finish it, then change targets and focus the enemy instead. Use your control in the pit to scout out any wards that might be placed


Red side Dragon wards

On red side you should ward in these places as they will show you where the enemy is and if they are in good position to contest the dragon. If the enemy is coming and is spotted, then make sure to either back off and reset the dragon or pull the dragon out of the pit but do not let it reset. To do this, walk backwards until the dragon is out of pit and go back in range to finish it off.

Scouting Baron

Scouting baron is slightly different to scouting the dragon. This is because there are more valid places to ward. If the rift scuttler is alive, make sure to kill it and gain the free ward from it.

As the red side, you want to ward in these areas as it will show vision when the enemy is approaching or doing baron, this also shows if the are baiting the baron too. When scouting baron i like to place a defensive pink ward because it is harder to destroy compared to one in the baron pit (it’s in our jungle so the enemy has to invade us to get it)


Red side Baron wards

On the blue side you need to ward in these areas. I recommend using a offensive pink ward because the enemy have further to get to it and clear it, this means that your team can follow up and kill the enemy if they try to get it. I tend to ward around the side of the pit as this is usually a high traffic area.


Blue side Baron Wards

Doing Baron

While doing baron, you need to beware of where the enemy is and make sure to have the important areas warded. Here are the ideal wards to protect you from the enemy counter. If you see the enemy coming you should back off unless the baron is almost done, this is because smite wars around baron are incredibly difficult and can cost games. This is also where games are thrown. On the blue side you should ward these areas.

Blue side Baron Wards

When doing baron as the red team you must give your team as much information as soon as possible, so it is important to ward in these areas to grant your time the maximum chance of escaping if need be. This also allows your team to prepare an engage on the enemies.


Red side Baron Wards

Overall, it is important to keep vision of the enemy and give your team a big chance of securing objectives with useful vision. This serves as a guide and a go-to guide to warding objectives such as Baron or Dragon, in some situations you will need to ward different areas depending on the enemy team and other in game factors.

Finally, if you see any enemy wards spotted by your control ward while doing baron or dragon do not destroy them as they grant vision for a brief period showing the monsters health. Also use the plants to your advantage, destroy anything that may give the enemy information of the monsters.

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