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9 months ago

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Hey everybody I'm mORNNing wood and I'm here to give you some insight into one of my favorite champions: the G.O.A.T. Man himself, Ornn. Ornn is a straight up lane bully that puts out a surprising amount of damage,  has a baffling amount of CC, and is a tough S.O.B. to kill. I carried myself from mid Silver to Gold 5 in about a week and a half with Ornn and a few other champions. Hold the applause I realize this isn't an incredible feat, but trust me I know my Ornn and a majority of the time I win lane and become a great asset to my team mid to late game.  Anyways lets get into it. 

12.png- Pretty much a necessity if you're playing any champion top lane. Let's you apply pressure to different lanes or can help you get back to your lane to bully whatever unfortunate soul is against you. You should prioritize using TP for the former though unless the rest of your team is pushed or winning lane the entirety of laning phase. Also because of Ornn's passive you shouldn't have to back too much unless you're having a rough time in lane and need to heal.

4.png - If you've played league before you know the drill. Flash is incredibly useful for getting you out of a rough spot as well as setting up plays potentially with your ornne.png.

New Runes Back to Top

So this rune page may look a little odd to some, but it's my go to currently with the new rune pages. I've tried some other pages and will continue to experiment with other pages. 

Keystone Aftershock.png?width=32- I go aftershock on Ornn although I know a lot of people are running Grasp%20of%20the%20Undying.png?width=32, but IMO you proc aftershock really easily with Ornn and the stats you gain from it are great for team fights and 1v1s as well as the damage, which goes really nice with your combo. You can proc aftershock with your auto after you make your opponent brittle with either ornnw.png or ornnr.png, knocking them up with you ornne.png, or knocking them up with the second part of ornnr.png.

Second Tier Demolish.png?width=32 - Demolish helps you take down towers a lot easier than normal because we won't be building any AS or AD so taking down towers can be bit of a b****.

Third tier Conditioning.png?width=32- I typically go Conditioning.png?width=32 because I don't usually have trouble in lane with resistances early since I typically build an early resistance item against whatever damage type I'm facing in lane and I'd prefer the larger bonuses for later. You can change to one of the other two in this tier if you're going to be facing somebody you think you could use the extra early resistances against, but that's up to you.

Fourth tier Revitalize.png?width=32- Makes your ornnw.png shield stronger and since usually I have a ton of health after full build that 5-10% bonus is quite substantial. You can also go Overgrowth.png?width=32 though it does give you extra health. 

Then I go into the sorcery tree although I've seen people go into the inspiration tree to make use of the synergy of the debt features of Future\'s%20Market.png?width=32 and ornnpassive.png

For the Sorcery tree I take The%20Ultimate%20Hat.png?width=32  and Scorch.png?width=32. The Ultimate Hat makes it so late game you're able to fire off your ultimate really quick I think the cooldown is around 40 seconds depending on build and since your ultimate can be such a game changer I think that alone is enough to warrant going in this tree. And I take scorch to add some damage to my bullying early game.

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ornnpassive.pngLiving Forge (Ornn’s Passive):

He can craft items in lane this lets you stay in lane longer to out cs and out level your lane opponent. Sometimes if I'm in lane and I know I can kill my lane opponent, but I'm low on mana or health I'll build a 

1028.png or 1027.png just to win the trade but both items will build into something in your build path so it's not like your wasting gold or anything. It takes a few seconds to channel the building of an item so just make sure you aren't in a minion wave or by anybody because getting damaged by a champion cancels the channel. Also there are the master forge items. These are nice as an end game stat boost, but shouldn't be upgraded until you're full build.


ornnq.png Volcanic Rupture (Ornn’s Q):

Max this last. Ornn’s set up skill. In any engage or fight you will pretty much always start by using this ability. It slows down your enemy so you can follow up with the rest of your combo. It can also be used to farm minions at range and poke although I don’t recommend using it because it does consume a decent amount of mana that would be better saved using your main poke.


ornnw.png Bellows Breath (Ornn’s W):

Max this first. Ornn's bread & butter, the ability that makes the top lane bully that he is. This ability not only does percent max health damage but also provides a substantial health shield and makes you unmovable. Meaning you cannot be CCed. And wait there’s more It also applies brittle! An Ornn eclusive debuff that can be followed up with an auto to knock back your opponent as well as doing bonus percent health as magic damage. If you don’t auto though Brittle increases all CC durations by 30% and does the same bonus damage. This is such a great ability it melts tanks late game and makes you unable to be ignored by the enemy team during team fights. Because of this ability I typically do the second or third most damage in the game.


ornne.png Searing Charge (Ornn’s E):

Max this second because it scales with your resistances. A charge ability that leads to a knockup if you hit terrain including player made terrain such as the pillar that comes up at the end of your q. Your e damage scales off of your magic resist as well as armor. A great initiation and peeling ability.


ornnr.png Call of the Forge God (Ornn Ult):

Ornn calls a giant goat and it applies brittle on the way in and slows and can be reactivated to knockup and apply brittle again. This is your late game engage tool if you can get 2 to 3 of the enemy team knocked up with this ability and your team follows up that’s the fight. The hardest ability of Ornn’s to master so play around in practice mode to get down the timing and angling of it. Can also be used to snipe low health targets but not recommended.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    VS. AD
    VS AP or Lanes where you need more sustain

Core Items

    Vs AD
    VS Attack Speed AD ex. Fiora, Jax, Tryndamere
    VS. MR
    Full Build VS. AD Team
    Full Build VS. Mixed Damage

Situational Items

I always build a mana item first and cater it to whatever I'm dealing with in lane. If say I'm versing a  17.png I'll build 3010.png --> 3001.png. If I'm versing a 114.png or 62.png I'll build 3024.png-->3110.png or 3025.png. You'll need the mana in lane to bully and spam your ornnw.png. You don't really need to build damage at all because the your w does flat damage and doesn't scale with ad or ap. The shield from your W scales with health and your E damage scales with your resistances. These builds will keep you hard to kill and let you dive into the enemy team and take quite a few hits.

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  • Teemo




Since you are doing a majority of your damage through abilities Teemo's blind isn't too much of a problem and your W shield will negate his poison damage for the most part. Also if you run into a shroom you can use your w so you don't take any of the damage.

Laning Phase/Early Game Back to Top

This is a Top Lane Bully Guide for Ornn emphasis on Bully. When you go into lane you're going to try to poke with your ornnw.png and follow up with an auto as often as possible with the shield and damage you will win most trades as long as you don't start trading auto for auto because that is a battle you will lose. Use your ornnw.png  generously it can be used to negate damage and dish out damage and get you out of a gank if the jungle goes to cc make sure you pop your w for the shield and unstoppable. If you ever get dove with low health don't underestimate how much your shield will protect you it might give you that extra second or two needed for the tower to take them out. When you hit level 3 you should try to combo your enemy ASAP depending on your current Health and mana of course. Your combo is ornnq.png->ornnw.png->Auto ->ornne.png(into the pillar from your q if they are around it)-> then auto once or twice while they are knocked up. Your combo does a lot of damage that your lane opponent probably won't see coming. But don't get greedy unless they're low don't keep fighting. Realize that your W and Brittle proc is a majority of your damage so don't fight without it.  Your damage comes from that burst primarily. That and your W. Make sure you keep wards in the river because you will most likely be pushing your lane because of the AoE damage of ornnw.png and the fact that you don't have to back too often because of ornnpassive.png. When you hit 6 you should be looking to utilize your teleport to pressure the rest of the map or using it to bully your lane more. 

Mid/Late Game Back to Top

Don't stay in lane too long just because your lane opponent is. Keep an eye on the map and try to make picks and get objectives. Your ultimate is both an engage and a disengage. If your team is ahead you should always try to use it for an engage and push your advantage. Unless they have a lot of assassins or champions who can make your ADC's life a living hell. So if your ADC has a reliable peeler you should be in the front line trying to knock up the enemy team with either your ultimate or setting up a pillar with your ornnq.png (a lot of people will be oblivious to the pillar) and then ornne.png into it. Both of these can knockup and put a lot of the enemy's team out of commission. Try to get in the middle of the enemy team because your ornnw.png does great AoE damage and the enemy team will need to focus you, while the rest of your team puts out damage. Other than that play smart and carry your team.

WIP/Last Words Back to Top

This guide is a WIP, but if you enjoyed it or feel like it helped throw me a thumbs up. Thanks for reading.

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