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Summoner Spells Back to Top

12.png and 4.png

Teleport and Flash. Standard and pretty much all you'll ever want or need to run. Teleport helps ease that long walk back to top lane, and if you're ever killed you can just tp right back in and not miss too much gold or experience. Can help prevent a massive snowball from happening. More importantly, however, this spell provides a ton of map pressure. 78.png is a tank and excels in teamfights, teleport let's you join fights more often while still being able to push out side waves and force an enemy team member to come deal with you.

Flash is pretty simple, best summoner spell in the game. Helps you set up ganks, avoid enemy ganks, flash over spells and walls to get to the enemy backline, flash away from sticky situations, etc etc. By far the best 2 summoner spells to take on 78.png.

14.png and 3.png

If support Poppy, these are your options. Ignite gives kill pressure and reduces the adc's 7.png, whereas 3.png is a giant middle finger to whoever you put it on. Exhaust is FAR better later on, and basically mandatory vs assassins to keep your backline alive. 

For top Poppy, both of these provide a lot of lane pressure. The chunk of true damage and healing reduction from 14.png is great for all ins (especially since many top laners have some sort of innate sustain). The damage reduction and resistance shred that 3.png has gives a very similar advantage as ignite for all ins. Both are strong if you're looking to duel and have kill pressure, so take these at your discretion. Exhaust is a little better vs champs that have a very obvious all in and who rely at least somewhat on attack speed (238.png157.png92.png, etc), and ignite is great vs more heal oriented champs that can't just shield the damage (36.png8.png57.png, etc). However I feel both are far surpassed by 12.png14.png isn't all that great later on (the heal reduction is nice, but your mid laner will often have it and/or 3165.png , and the adc can get 3123.png/3033.png3.png scales well throughout the game (your support will often have it), but 12.png gives you SO MUCH MORE map pressure. This cannot be understated, teleport is extremely good later on and having a tp advantage gives you a lot more control over objectives and map movements. As such, I highly recommend 12.png over the others.


Was good on the pre-rework 78.png, but on the new Tank version 4.png is far better. Ghost helps with sticking to targets, but flash lets you flash and wall stun someone with poppyheroiccharge.png. At that point, you're more than able to do your job and just sit on their face and force them out of a fight. Ghost also makes you more vulnerable to ganks and all ins early, and makes it impossible later on to flash over skillshots such as darkbindingmissile.png or threshQ.png to get to the back line. With ghost, hard cc will still be a problem that can't always be outran or avoided whereas you can blink past it with flash.


For jungling, obviously. Take 11.png and 4.png, no exceptions for the same reasons as listed above. Smite is required for jungle and flash is far more useful on jungle 78.png than any other spell. Flashing away from jungle invades, positiong a gank for a wall stun, flashing over baron/dragon pit for a steal or when  escaping an enemy team collapse after your team took it.... too many situations where flash is the better option.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

My preferred page, but 78.png can run several different pages. Adjust your mastery page to your liking and playstyle. For choosing masteries, generally the first step to choosing which tree to go down is the keystone. So if you want Grasp/Courage, take 18 points in Resolve. If Thunderlords, take 18 in Cunning. I prefer the 18 in Resolve. Everything in that tree is REALLY good on 78.png


  1. I feel Grasp of the Undying is the best keystone on 78.png. It gives her a little bit of sustain, which otherwise she has none of. Also her buckler passive let's her apply it from range which is really really nice. Note that the buckler auto counts as a melee attack and therefore gets the full Grasp proc. It does NOT count and a ranged attack and is NOT halved like it is for ranged autos.
  2. Courage of the Colossus is a close runner up after its nerf. Far better for teamfights, but much less useful in lane. I prefer Grasp since any kind of sustain is better than the no sustain she normally has. But the shields from Courage will make you a monster in later teamfights. Can definitely run this in easy lanes, or even super hard lanes where you'll never be able to get Grasp procs off without eating a ton of damage in return (making the heal pointless).
  3. Thunderlords is the only other option. Both procs of poppydevastatingblow.png and an auto will apply it, as will a poppye.png wall stun and an auto.  Gives a some nice burst damage for short trades or later teamfights if you get in on an enemy squishy. I personally feel the sustain from Grasp is really hard to pass up considering 78.png's lack of sustain and how easy she is to poke in lane due to her short range. An okay option when jungling to give extra damage on ganks or when you run into that annoying enemy lee sin snooping around your side of the map, and since Grasp is far less useable when not laning. Courage is still possibly a better option for the shield in skirmishes/teamfights, but Thunderlords is not a bad keystone though. The damage is nice and is especially fun on a heavy AD and pen build.

Ferocity vs Cunning vs Resolve


Resolve Tree options


Health Regen VS Bonus armor/mr

Both are good, but 
  1. I like the extra scaling resistances to go with poppyparagonofdemacia.png . You'll reach some crazy high stats later on
  2. The health regen is a good lane option, especially in rough poke-heavy lanes

A little poke reduction which also helps in trades VS faster movement speed in river/bushes VS armor and mr when near your turret

Any kind of damage reduction is welcome. 
  1. Movement speed in brush/river is okay, but the other options are better for you.
  1. While the armor/mr near turret gives that, it's ONLY when near your turret. If your lane opponent doesn't poke with autos at all, this is viable since tough skin won't help you. 
  1. You'll trade autos with most every top laner, so an excellent choice. 100% TAKE TOUGH SKIN WHEN JUNGLING

A stronger shield from buckler and more health regen VS or the free 50 flat health

  1. Stronger shield and health regen for mid/late game.
  2. The flat health is good vs someone with ignite and true damage champs like 2.png and 39.png

The lower flash/teleport cooldowns VS increased health regen which boosts even further when low health VS Free bonus armor/mr another 10% of what you already have

This one is tough, all 3 are pretty good. 

  1. Insight shaving 30 seconds off your 12.png/4.png cooldowns is nothing to scoff at. More chances to pressure the map/join your team when they get caught out like idiots. Also more chances to set up a clutch wall stun on an enemy squishy and get a key pick. Useful the longer the games goes
  2. Some free health regen is never bad, especially in top lane where you'll be in lane for awhile slugging away. The bonus health regen gets even higher when you drop below 1/4th health, which is also when poppyw.png  gives double bonus resistances. Nice synergy there, useful almost only in lane but nice when said lane is a rough one
  3. MORE bonus resistances?! This one has a cooldown and doesn't last that long (only 2 seconds), but man does it give some nice free stats later on (to compliment what you've already built). This is especially strong when combined with Unyielding (up in the first row of the Resolve Tree) and poppyw.png. Gets even scarier if you face heavy AP/AD comps and you can stack one resistance.

Tenacity and Slow Resist vs Some armor and mr (near enemy champs)

  1. Free tenacity baby. Tenacity is fairly hard to come by and the slow resistance is really really useful as well since 78.png won't be getting that except through 3009.png, which won't be built all that often. Also slows make it really hard for this yordle to get in, position wall stuns, and stick to enemies. 15% free tenacity is really hard to pass up.
  2. 3 armor/mr when laning, can get up to 15 in teamfights. Not bad, stacks with Unyielding, Fearless, andpoppyw.png but i just don't think its enough to take over 15% free tenacity. Yes tenacity is that good.

The ones shown above are my personal favorites, but that entire tree is good on 78.png.

If you took Grasp and the 18 in Resolve

  • I prefer the other 12 in Ferocity. I don't think just the first 12 in Cunning is that great on Poppy, and not worth it enough over the 12 in Ferocity. 
  • A tiny little bit of extra out of combat movement speed or 5 extra damage to minions is not worth the 5% attack speed or 2% bonus spell damage
  • The Assassin mastery is actually very useful top lane, since you get the bonus from it a lot. But again, 78.png just isn't enough of a damage threat to warrant it, and its basically useless outside of the laning phase.
  • Merciless isn't amazing on 78.png either for the same reason as the Assassin mastery listed above. Also the other option, bonus mana regen, is almost useless.
  • Dangerous Game is nice, but you are a tank after all and the small boost in health isn't going to save you from much that you would have died to without it. Since you don't have a heal, you shouldn't get ignited in teamfights all that often, and you won't be dueling a top laner with ignite to the death all that often either. Your high tank stats and hp pool will let you survive stuff like that for the most part.

If you took Thunderlords and the 18 in Cunning

  • Both the 12 in Ferocity and in Resolve are good options. Ferocity gives more damage, whereas Resolve gives more tanky stats and/or health regen, and a lower cooldown on your summoners

Abilities Back to Top


  • The "well its off cooldown might as well use it again" spell. Best option at lvl 1, and best option to max. Your bread and butter spell useful for trading, waveclear, slowing enemies in chases or teamfights, and is your main damage spell. Maxing gives more damage, a lower cooldown, and a greater slow. Definitely max it first.

  • The "fuck your dash" spell. I can't say enough how much I love this spell. As someone who really dislikes the continual mobility creep, this was a godsend. When you activate it, anytime an enemy dashes into the ring they get stunned for a brief moment and knocked down, stopping the dash in its tracks. Note that this only works for 1 dash per champion, meaning if say an enemy 92.png and 157.png both dash through it, it will stop both the dashes and knock them down, but after that they are free to dash through it again as many times as they want. Keep this in mind when dueling multi-dash champs such as those.

  • Don't forget about the passive! It now gives 15% bonus armor and magic resistance, so for every 100 armor (or mr) you get another free 15 armor (or mr). This bonus DOUBLES when 78.png drops below 40% health. Nice little buff to your late game stats, and goess well with the Unyielding and Fearless masteries in the Resolve Tree. This is really funny vs all AD or heavy AP teams since you can stack 1 resistance and get a huge bonus. Stacking 300+ armor in items vs all AD teams and getting an additional 45+ free armor (which becomes 90+ when below 40% health) is pretty fun, and makes you a pain to kill. I've reached over 600 armor before with a full armor build.

  • Leveling this spell up gives it a tiny bit more movement speed, and a slightly lower cooldown. Not enough to warrant maxing it over anything else.

  • The "fuck this guy in particular" spell. Pressing e on a single target makes 78.png dash a short distance to them, and shoulder charge them back a bit and doing some damage. If she knocks them into a wall, the target is stunned and the damage is applied again (basically a melee version of 67.png's vaynecondemn.png). Your main hard cc spell, useful for trading, escaping (dash to a minion, scuttlecrab, etc), gap closing a really far target (can e through a minion wave and then hit them with a poppyq.png or buckler auto to apply a slow from something like iceborn gauntlet), and stunning people into walls during teamfights. Fairly self explanatory spell with a lot of different uses. Don't get too hasty and slam an enemy away from your team and into nothing, or push your laner into nothing when dueling them. Save it for when you know you can get that wall stun!

  • Leveling this up gives more base damage and a .1 second longer stun per level. Definitely max this right after maxing poppydevastatingblow.png, although you can max this first if playing support.

  • The "whose team is Poppy on?!" spell. This ult is a knock up/away in a small aoe area. Holding the button causes 78.png to swing the hammer around her head charging it. The longer its charged, the farther it knocks enemies away, and the further the spell travels out in a line away from you in the direction of your cursor. If you just tap the button, it acts like a  pulverize.png from 12.png and is a 1 second knock up in a small aoe area where you point your cursor. They nerfed all of the damage on this when uncharged, so its pointless to use it for damage unless they're REALLY low, everything is on cooldown, and you're just out of aa range. It still excellent for cc chaining, and keeps them from doing any damage to you or your team while giving you time to position for a good poppyq.png or wall stun.

  •  Enemies that are knocked up/away are invulnerable however, so they are immune to all damage and to stuff like 157.png's ult yasuoR.png. As such be careful when you use this, or you'll make the enemy immune to a big damage/cc spell like Orianna's Shockwave orianadetonatecommand.png , Amumu's aoe snare curseofthesadmummy.png, Lux ult luxmalicecannon.png, etc and make your team cry. I'm sure you've seen tons of clips like this where the enemy team gets ulted away and it ends up saving them. This is actually very useful for trolling your friends in normals though :^)

  • Defensively some ways to use this are to peel for your backline in a teamfight, or to knock enemies away on a gank while in lane. Offensively this is great for continuing your cc rotation on someone. Hop on a squishy, stun them into a wall, and once that stun is over ult to keep them locked down and out of a fight for as long as possible. Can also use this at the beginning or middle of a fight to knock someone (or several people) away and make it a 4v5 (or worse) for the enemy team. This spell has a lot of potential uses, don't be afraid to try out different things with it.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Corrupting pot is the standard pick. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dorans shield is useful for pretty helpless lanes where you just want to reduce aa and single target damage as much as possible and don't have much chance of returning damage. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cloth armor is only really taken for brutal early AD matchups where the enemy doesn't rely too much on aa's or single target, and/or there isn't enough time to heal up with dorans
    For support obviously
    Best option for jungling. Gives more damage and more healing than the other option, Machete, for a faster and healthier clear

Core Items

    Depends on the situation, explained more below in Author Notes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ever since Poppy's damage got gutted it isn't 100% mandatory to have a damage item. She can go full tank and still do her job well, especially if your comp or the situation calls for it. So none of these damage items are truly "core" as you don't always build them, but having one is nice to give you some relevant damage. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bami's cinder isn't necessarily mandatory or 'core', but is a really nice buy when possible since it constantly hits minions, keeping you in combat and Grasp of the Undying up pretty much all the time.
    You're the tank. Get tanky baby and go sit on the adc's face. Be hard to kill and annoying. You should aim to get at least 2 of the armor items and the Spirit Visage (if they have an AP champ). You can get these before or after (or both) one of the core damage items depending on how the game is going and each team's composition. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Randuins is my preferred armor item. Most stats, aoe slow active, attack speed slow, crit reduction. Beautiful against ADCs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Deadman's gives you up to 60 extra movement speed, until you're hit by a slow or stun and the stacks fall off. Good for catching or escaping ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sunfire is a good rush if you went Bami's Cinder in lane. Might as well finish the item and get those nice tank stats.
    All 3 are good on Poppy depending on your build and playstyle, and that particular game.
    Warriors and Cinderhulk are the only 2 real options. Warriors for early damage and cdr, Cinderhulk for early health and the bami cinder burn.
    Depends on the situaion. ninja tabi's and merc treads will be by far the most common buys, but all four have at least situational usage. Further explained below in notes

Situational Items

    I used get zz'rot fairly often before they nerfed it especially in certain matchups. Ton of armor and mr, the passive speed up makes you hard to lock down, and the active lets you split push or pressure a lane for almost free ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Don't overly love warmogs. While the huge stack of health is nice, I'd rather get a randuins or spirit visage and get a bunch or armor/mr for only a little bit less health. It's nice for splitpushing, especially with zz'rot. Plus a lot of times you'll find yourself at 30% cdr, this tops you off at 40%.
    Meh items on Poppy. Not as much bang for their buck as other items generally (when on poppy), but may have some use. Check notes below, but for the most part these are a no.
    Both of these are good vs aa and attack speed reliant team comps. Only get frozen heart if no one else on your team is going to get one

Starting Items

= Top =

  • 2033.png- Most common start, and useful all around. Gives you health and mana sustain and some extra burn damage on those trades. Gives a decent amount of sustain to survive bad poke lanes as well

  • 1054.png- Not the greatest item ever nowadays, but when against aa and single target heavy poke (17.png) lanes , especially when you have little chance of poking or trading back, this is nice. You can always start this and rush a 2033.png on an early back to really help you survive rough lanes. * WILL BE GETTING BUFFED/CHANGED SOON, CAN'T WAIT TO TRY IT)

  • 1029.png- Only really used in brutal early AD matchups where you don't have time to sustain with 1054.png, and/or the enemy laner doesn't utilize enough aa's or single target spells to really make it worth getting (80.png92.png58.png107.png). While all of these champs use autos or some single target spells (pantheonq.pngrenektonpreexecute.png) there usually isn't enough time for doran's to heal, unless you drop back and completely give up a ton of cs.

= Jungle =

  • 1039.png- The better option for jungling. 78.png doesn't aa enough or do enough damage with them to get much out of 1041.png's passive, whereas her autos and spells do apply the heal and damage from 1039.png.

= Support =

  • 3302.png-  Please take this and not 3301.png or 3303.png. While 3069.png's speed up is really good later on, it makes you so much squishier early, especially for all ins. So much so to the point it's not worth going support Poppy anymore. The AP and mana regen on 3303.png is pretty much useless, and good luck getting the passive gold procs without eating a ton of poke. Also, poppypassive.png will apply the execute damage on 3302.png since its considered a melee attack. You're welcome to trade out for a 3069.png later if you really want, but I don't recommend starting with it.
  •  *SUPPORT ITEMS ARE GONNA BE CHANGING SOON* I still thing relic shield will be the best for Poppy, but I'll update this as I try them.

Core Defensive Items


= Armor = 

  • 3143.png- Randuins is my preferred armor item. The aoe slow is super nice for chasing, sticking, escaping, everything. Crit reduction helps against those pesky adcs (and gangplank/yasuo) and it gives the most raw stats for the same price as the other armor items. If the enemy team has no crit (like a 3142.png & 3071.png build adc), then I'll sometimes get a different armor item. But even against zero crit, this item is hard to pass up: great stats, attack speed slow, and the aoe slow are amazing.

  • 3742.png - Dead Man's Plate gives you up to 60 movement speed until you're hit by a slow or hard cc. A nice item, the speed helps you get to people faster, or to run away. At full stacks you can hit them with a ranged poppypassive.png auto and apply the slow from a distance.

  • 3068.png- A very nice first item rush when against an AD top laner. The 3751.png burn on minions counts as you constantly being in combat so the heal and damage from Grasp of the Undying is always up. It also gives you a little more trading power, especially against melee champs, as they're forced to eat that burn damage as long as they're on you. Also helps a bit with waveclearing, especially once fully upgraded to 3068.png. If you don't rush this or at least 3751.png first, however, then in my opinion its not really worth getting at that point. As a 3rd, 4th+ item the 30-40 magic damage isn't all that amazing at that point in the game, and you're better off getting 3143.png for its better stats, utility, and crit reduction.

= Magic Resistance =

  • 3065.png- Best mr item without a doubt for 78.png. Big stack of health, nice mr, a little CDR, and extra health regen. Everything you could want in an mr item, and its buildpath is nice too for lane. 3211.png is great for surviving ap lanes as its passive lets you heal off some damage.

  • 3102.png- The other health and mr item (not counting 3105.png). A good item, but worse than 3065.png for our little yordle. Get this after visage if they enemy team has a bunch of AP, though. The passive is good for squishies as it lets you block an important cc or damage spell, but you're a tank. You don't give 2 hoots about blocking a single spell, and since you're on the frontline it will get popped by random and unimportant poke spells.

  • 3156.png- On paper this has everything you could possible want on Poppy. Flat AD, cooldown reduction, flat mr, and a shield that scales with total mr. The shield also pops around when poppyparagonofdemacia.png gets the double bonus, so that shield is even harder to get through. Overall, however, since you are the tank you usually need the health from 3065.png to be able to survive their burst damage. But this item is very good in some situations, such as if they only have 1 source of AP and it's very burst heavy (1.png45.png, etc) as the shield lets you tank the burst, or if they have a lot of AP and you already have visage. Maw is usually for when you're fairly squishy since it helps negate getting 1 shot by a single rotation. The health from 3065.png helps when taking damage for longer (more than 1 rotation, etc).

  • 3105.png- Not a great item slot-wise, which is why supports usually get it (since they already get screwed over in every way, might as well make it harder on them). If no one on your team is smart enough to get it and you're facing some monster AP damage, not a bad pickup. It's aura passive is way too strong when affecting 5 people, but otherwise it isn't anywhere near as good as 3065.png.


  • While some may disagree, I once read of guide by a C9 player that said something that I've found to be very accurate. DON'T BUY THEM FOR ARMOR/MR. Buy them for their passive.
  • 3047.png are one of the two you'll build the most. Good against heavy auto attack reliant teams and teams without a ton of cc. Most of the damage you take late game will come from the mage's burst (and if they're wasting it on you that's a good thing) and the constant dps from the ADC. As such, if a decent amount of their damage is aa based (as in at least one aa heavy ADC like 222.png) these are a good pickup.
  • 3111.png are the the other pair you'll get very often. Tenacity is hard to come by and sometimes these are a must have. 78.png is melee and needs to be on top of someone. Hard CC keeps her at bay and prevents her from doing her job. Tenacity reduces the CC duration so get these when facing a ton of CC.
  • 3158.pngaren't too common, but I still find some situational viability with these. If the enemy team doesn't have enough CC to warrant mercs, or enough auto attack damage to warrant tabi's, these aren't a bad buy. Gives an early 10% CDR, and that all important 10% that is often missing at the end of a build. The lower cooldown on 12.png and 4.png is extremely handy and gives you more map and teamfight pressure.
  • 3009.png give slow reduction, which except for the mastery deep in the Resolve tree, is impossible to get on 78.png. There are a some situations where you will HAVE to get these, and even then it feels like not enough. Teams will multiple, massive, or consistent slows such as 22.png150.png3022.png, or 3116.pngbuilders (which are way more common now) will be able to keep you slowed pretty much constantly. Merc treads3111.png won't help much with this when they're constantly reapplying the slow before merc's can shrug them off.
  • 3117.png are really only an option while jungling, and even then I don't like them. The extra speed definitely helps getting better positioning on a gank for a good poppye.png, but once in the fight and when her one gap closer is down, it makes it really hard to stick to people or kite around cooldowns. I feel the other boots above are better on 78.png overall.

Core Damage Items

3025.png, 3071.png, and 3078.png are the best damage and CDR options.

CDR is really nice on 78.png, and these 3 give that as well as damage and utility. As such these are your core and primary damage options

  • 3025.png- Iceborn has a nice build path in lane when against AD champs. CDR and mana early lets you trade more often and longer with some armor to back it up. The 3057.png is nice for some extra oomph in trades. You can q the enemy or the wave and hit them with the buckler passive to proc sheen from range. Combined with a Grasp of the Undying Proc and you're almost assured to win that trade.

  • 3071.png- Black Cleaver gives health, AD, and cdr. Pretty much everything Poppy could ask for in one item. The armor shred is really useful when against multiple tanks (such as the top laner you're facing) and when your team has a decent amount of AD damage. Phage proc is helpfuil for sticking to targets. Also has a nice build path for lane.

  • 3078.png- Triforce is the most damage oriented of the 3, and isn't something you'll buy too often. The phage and double damage sheen procs are definitely nice, but the attack speed isn't the most useful thing ever on Poppy in a lot of situations. Phage and Sheen are also good lane items, but Stinger doesn't give her much of a spike, and the total price is really expensive. You need to be tankier sooner than this item allows. 
  • Overall this item doesn't give quite as much bang for it's buck when compared to the other 2, but gives noticeably more damage and isn't too bad if you get ahead. Makes your damage much more relevant in fights, and gives you a lot more staying power in pure auto attack wars when everything is on cooldown. Basically makes your dueling a lot stronger, but if you can't get a lot of auto attacks off you're wasting almost a third of this item.

Black Cleaver + Iceborn used to be very common, and is still okay if you get ahead. You get max CDR in two items, a decent chunk of health and armor, the iceborn slow and bonus damage, some raw AD, phage passive, and the armor shred. Let's you hit squishies harder and stick to them better and duel tanks since you're shredding their armor and getting a lot of %max health damage off with more poppyq.pngs from the CDR. Downsides are you're lacking true tankiness to be able to wade through their damage to get to the backline, and to be able to survive for a bit once you're there. So generally choose ONE of these three and move on to tank items.

Jungle Items


  • 3706.png- Might be the most common, and a pretty safe pick. The slow is nice for ganking, escaping, sticking to the backline in a teamfight, etc. Pretty much never a 'bad' choice.

  • 3711.png- One that I used to not get too often, but as I've climbed higher and higher it has become on of my favorites. I especially like this in gank/movement heavy junglers (64.png35.png76.png) as it lets you track their movements and keep your teammates safe. Helps prevent their jungler from getting unseen ganks off and snowballing lanes since 78.png usually struggles to keep up with most meta junglers. Also a lot of these champs you won't be able to duel or catch anyways making the other 2 smites less useful.

  • 3715.png- Good for damage heavy builds, or for early AD builds such as 1412.png. Let's you skirmish well with the other jungler. Also good for teamfights since you take 20% reduced damage from whoever you smite, letting you sit on a key damage target for even longer. The damage reduction is good on both heavy AD, and heavy tank builds. With a very tanky build on a team with low dive threats (such as you have no assassins/bruisers) but you KNOW your team can shred their frontline/bruisers/assassins this lets you stall the enemy damage threats long enough for your team to kill 2-3+ of the enemy team. Useful against adcs you can't catch or kill anyways (protect 96.png comps, 81.png, etc) on a tanky build.


  • 1412.png- Gives AD and CDR early. That damage may be useful/mandatory for dueling or getting a lot of damage off on a gank. You can always get this as your one damage item and transition into full tank, or build a more hybrid item (like 3156.png3025.png, etc) if you're snowballing the game. Up to your personal preference and playstyle, the team comps, and how the game is going.

  • 1409.png- Gives health and aoe burn early. Also gives scaling bonus health, really nice on full tank builds. You're more than welcome to build this early for the safety, and then get 2 or 3 damage/hybrid items after. Cinderhulk and Tracker's Knife (1409.png) has become one of my more common buys. Let's me get some map pressure/vision and reduce the enemy jungler's impact without having to always be in every lane. Also nice for protecting yourself vs invade/duel heavy junglers (35.png102.png203.png64.png). Same as above, its up to your personal preference and playstyle, the team comps, and how the game is going.

Situational Items

  • 3512.png- I used to get this fairly often. In really rough matchups (122.png) I'll sometimes rush this so I can throw it down and get the heck out of there. I also like this against split pushers I have no chance of ever dueling, and therefore stopping them (266.png5.png114.png, etc). I can toss this down and slow their push and join my team to fight for an objective elsewhere. The passive speed up near turrets makes you really hard to lock down, on top of your tankiness, w speed up and dash negation, and ult.

  • 3083.png- I don't get this too often by itself, I'd rather have 3143.png or 3065.png. The health helps to survive burst, but you're gonna be tanky as balls anyways. Not much will burst you down. Nice paired with 3512.png in a game where you can/need to split push a lot. The passive lets you shove in a wave with Zz'Rot minions and then back off to heal off any poke they could possibly throw at you. And with one of the core damage items and 3065.png you'll have 30% CDR, this gets you 40%.

  • 3075.png- After its nerf its not my favorite item ever, and I usually only get in specific situations. When against a heavy aa reliant team (like a 203.png jg, 222.png adc, and 23.png top), against an all AD team that has an aa reliant champ or two, or sometimes as my early armor item against a heavy AP team and aa reliant adc that doesn't have lifesteal. The reasoning for getting it (sometimes, and even then rarely) against a heavy AP team is I'll have a lot of health from the health/mr items. This let's me get a cheap 100 armor so I don't get eaten alive by the ADC in fights. I'll be hurting for amor since I just had to invest in 2+ mr items so the ADC will hit HARD. Also the damage reflection is nice that early on since the ADC won't have much lifesteal, whereas I'll have a lot of health.

  • 3812.png- Uh please don't get this in ranked. I have to admit, I do sometimes (rarely) get in in normals, however for fun :^). In a lot of matchups 78.png just gets slapped around and then the enemy backs off and sustains while you have none. Getting that raw AD early lets you hit HARD in those early trades, and then you can also match them in sustain. Only your autos and poppyheroiccharge.png get the full heal, poppydevastatingblow.png (which is a lot of your damage) gets reduced by 2/3rds, so later on the heal is basically useless in teamfights. Not a great item in general on 78.png, but I have to admit its kinda nice to have during early/mid lane phase once you understand matchups and your damage output in lanes where champs normally back off and  frustratingly outsustain you forever

  • 3748.png- Better on health stackers that have a lot of attack speed so they can proc this often. Used to be sorta okay when her poppypassive.png was an auto reset, but now its just not that great an option. Poppy has like sub 1.0 attack speed naturally and even with attack speed runes and masteries it's just not enough to warrant getting this over several other options. If you have a TON of health (like a full health 1401.png build) its passive and active start to get a little oomph, but poppyparagonofdemacia.png gives no boost to health. Both health and resistances are important and you NEED both. Side note, its a good pick up on an all AD fun builds as a 3rd/4th or later item.

  • 3053.png- I pretty much never get this anymore, but an okay option if you're basically the only frontline and you keep eating a ridiculous amount of burst in fights. But similar to 3083.png, you'll general get better surviability out of 3143.png or 3065.png. The base AD that this item gives boosts NONE of your spell's damage, but it will give 3057.png a tiny bit more I suppose. The shield is nice, I have to admit, but I still don't think its anything more than a very rare and situational item. Somewhat viable on a pure health build. Some people really like this item, I don't. Dunno who's wrong or who's right, probably just up to personal preference again

  • Anything else- Pretty much useless. Some items have very VERY situational uses (3123.png cheap 800 gold that blocks some healing) but for the most part if it isn't listed above, probably not a good option. Sure there are items that 'could' have some use on her, but odds are they gives less stats/utility/etc for what 78.png needs for their price/item slot efficiency.

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Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Cho'Gath
  • Darius
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Ekko
  • Fiora
  • Gangplank
  • Garen
  • Gnar
  • Illaoi
  • Irelia
  • Jax
  • Riven
  • Teemo
  • Tryndamere
  • Wukong
  • Yorick




Early on he'll take vorpalspikes.png and just shove the wave while poking you. Don't let him do that, get up on the wave and make him eat a poppydevastatingblow.png. After that, however, it doesn't get much better for you. He has monster sustain and you have none. Overall fairly boring matchup, you have basically zero kill pressure on him unless he's super high AP with no tank and misses his rupture.png. Additionally once you have some health and mr he can't really kill you unless you let him get some serious poke off beforehand.

Rush 3211.png into 3065.png for the mr and health to soak his magic and true damage and health regen to stay in lane. Get 1001.pngs as necessary to kite around his rupture.png and stick on him when he wastes it. If he does miss that knockup, you're pretty safe to fight him. Keep in mind though that he has sustain and you don't. Don't get caught in a minion wave and lose a trade. He's also fairly easy to gank. Just walk up and slow him with poppydevastatingblow.png. Don't let him rupture.png both you and your jungler, and save your poppyheroiccharge.png for when you know it will stun.

Don't let him cheese you at level 6, especially if he has 14.png and/or started with a bunch of ap in his runes and a 1056.png. Don't let him poke you too much with feralscream.png and vorpalspikes.png, as he always has that all in threat if you're low enough. 




Fuck this guy is about all I have to say. People that pick Darius into Poppy are literal bags of scum. Before they nerfed Poppy into the ground she could win this lane if played well. No you really have no chance, not much to say about it :(

Pre-6 if he pulls you in with dariusaxegrabcone.png don't panic and give him a bunch of free damage. He's going to slow you with dariusnoxiantacticsonh.png and immediately dariuscleave.png. You can poppyheroiccharge.png him towards the end of his dariuscleave.png windup so that you're on top of him and won't eat the bonus damage or give him the heal. After that lay down a poppydevastatingblow.png and get the heck out of there.

Post 6 and once he gets some CDR if you get pulled dariusaxegrabcone.png start panicking. If you're full health and have some health and armor you can probably get away with your life. Use the poppydevastatingblow.png slow, maybe poppyheroiccharge.png to a minion, whatever you have to do to get away. If you aren't full health or don't have much health and armor yet, USE YOUR 4.png OR ULT poppydiplomaticimmunity.png. Do not give him a free kill as he will make this lane even more god awful than it already is. If his dariusaxegrabcone.png is down, you're safe to ult him (although he may 4.png it), but if it isn't down yet he can pull you during your ult wind up and cancel it while still putting it on cooldown.

He's pretty gankable, but still hard to kill for you as he'll just heal off both you and the jungler with dariuscleave.png and maybe kill one (or both) of you. If he kills the jungler and you kill him, that's kinda worth it as you can shove the wave in and back. Any other scenario and you lose that trade 100%. Another lane where rushing 3512.png and getting the heck out of there isnt a bad option. But getting any health and armor item will help a lot against his damage.

Possibly her worse matchup (imo). Really unfun and you have very VERY little (if any) counterplay here. I try to rush 3512.png, not die, and get the heck out. Make 12.png plays around the map if you can, anything to get you out of this lane


Dr. Mundo


Basically a farm lane. You both have percent max heath damage and slows, so you both can potentially do some damage to each other given enough time. However, he has sustain and you have none so don't take bad trades. You can usually poppydevastatingblow.png him behind your minions and not have to eat a cleaver infectedcleavermissilecast.png

Once he's 6 he's pretty much impossible to kill. 3211.png into 3065.png and try to keep your cs up. Generally speaking, he has the advantage thanks to his sustain, and it only gets more and more in his favor as the lane goes on. Don't worry too much about harassing him, there's not much kill pressure here on either side.




Easily one of my most hated champs. Early on his damage is surprisingly high for whatever reason, so be careful about eating a lot of poke and then suddenly finding yourself on the wrong side of an all in. His ekkoQ.png let's him farm and harass pretty much for free, but he will have to come in and auto to finish them off for awhile until he gets more levels in the spell, or gets some AP if he's going that. His ekkoW.png is another free farm/harass tool as you really can't challenge him when he throws it on the minion wave. Great balance, Rito.

 Do NOT let him ekkoE.png you for free. He can only q poke for the most part, so if he ever tries to hit you with anything else, hit him back with poppydevastatingblow.png and some autos.

Overall, however, this lane isn't too terrible. It's a VERY annoying one, and he has all the control and freedom in it, but he can't kill/all in you without you having a chance to fight back or run. Since he'll probably go tanky, neither one of you can really kill each other unless one person sticks around too long. He has ridiculous mobility and his ekkoQ.png and ekkoW.png stops your chase dead in its tracks, so just worry about avoiding too much ekkoQ.png harass and don't let him auto or ekkoE.png you for free.

3211.png is a good pickup to help heal off some damage, but if he goes AD, or you can tell he's going AD from the get go based on runes or his starting item, then go 3751.png so Grasp of the Undying is always up. You can keep getting that heal anytime he comes in to trade, or whenever poppypassive.png is up. 3211.png into 3068.png is a decent option against him as the passive from cowl is nice for getting through lane while blocking his ap base AP damage, and sunfire is good for grasp procs and health and armor for extended trades and later teamfights vs his AD teammates.



  • Level 1 she'll predictably fioraq.png in the general direction of your vital. As long as she's within 6 miles of it, it counts as hitting for some reason. Try to poppydevastatingblow.png her back as she lunges at you or farms the minion wave. 
  • Another matchup where you can NOT eat too much poke. She, for whatever reason, gets to heal off of this spell and will whittle you down very quickly. If you're able to avoid some of her fioraq.pngs and get some good poppydevastatingblow.pngs and autos back of your own, you can out trade her. But if you miss your stuff and she dashes on you and starts an auto war, she will win by a mile.
  • If she all ins you, she can chase you forever with no real counterplay so don't get caught low and not near your tower. Your poppyparagonofdemacia.png does block one of her dashes though, but it's cooldown is too long to be used constantly in lane, you need it up to protect from an all in.

  • Post 6 you have absolutely no chance of beating her. If she ever ults you fioradance.png, turn on that poppyparagonofdemacia.png and get the heck out of there. Keep in mind she can very easily parry fiorariposte.png your ult on reaction, so don't rely on it as a get out of jail free card.

  • If she rushes 3071.png you can still do small trades with her and outplay her for little advantages here and there. Avoid longer trades as she'll be shredding your armor while doing %max health true damage, because that's always a balanced mechanic.
  • If she rushes lifesteal (1053.png,3074.png3072.png) well you pretty much can't do anything. She'll trade whenever she wants and whittle you down while sustaining off you and the minion wave. On the bright side, she'll be squishy and without much utility for teamfights. 

Look to 12.png around the map and make plays elsewhere and abuse this. If you tp bot, get some kills or burn summs, a dragon, and a tower while she trades and takes your tower, your team comes out way ahead AND you now no longer have to lane against her. Win win!




Thank the Rito gods they finally nerfed this guy. Instead of being pick/ban blatantly broken, he's just top tier. A step in the right direction, so I'll take it.

1054.png and 2033.png are both good starts. Dorans helps reduce some of his parley.png and auto damage, and the health helps against his passive true damage. With these latest nerfs, you can try to trade/push the wave early and it does somewhat force him to choose between parley.pnging the wave for farm, or poking you. For the most part though, he still dumpsters basically every melee tank.

Health and and armor are the way to go here, to try and survive his poke. You may be able to outlast his mana pool (probably not since they often go 1056.png/2033.png with an early 3057.png). gangplanke.pngs ignore 40% of your armor, so don't neglect early health. 3047.png are a good pickup as they help reduce his main damage, and give you the mobility to hopefully dodge some raisemorale.pngs.

If he gets too close or tries to all in and misses raisemorale.png, or uses his removescurvy.png to heal and is near a wall, don't be afraid to trade. He's squishy and once you're on him he has to raisemorale.png on himself to get you off. Otherwise just trying to hide in the brush to avoid free gangplankqwrapper.png harass and trying to zone him as best you can may be your only option.

Pretty unfun matchup where you sit at his mercy and watch him farm up for free. His kill potential on you isn't too much, but he's damn near impossible to zone or outright kill, so he's gonna farm up and get big. Lane phase isn't too bad but he gets digustingly strong fast, I personally hate facing him. Fun champ all in all >.>







Not terrible unless he rushes 3022.png. Once he finishes that this lane gets REALLY ugly. He's VERY squishy, and your poppyparagonofdemacia.png blocks his escape gnarE.png. So early on if you see an opportunity to walk up to him (somehow) or poppyheroiccharge.png to him or a minion, feel free to turn that poppyparagonofdemacia.png on and start trading. You'll win much of these early and mid trades IF you can get it. Don't let him poke you out of lane, and don't mess up an engage lol. He will kite you to hell and back and shred your health with that %health magic damage from gnarW.png.




Illaoi is considered to be a pain for most melee champs and tanks. 78.png is both. She's extremely hard to trade with since she'll at worst get either a illaoiQ.png or a illaoiW.png off back and go even or come out ahead. She's impossible to trade with if she lands illaoiE.png, which isn't hard to do since you're forced to walk into her face to trade, and ESPECIALLY if she ults illaoiR.png3751.png is nice to keep Grasp up, and getting 3068.png afterwards helps you survive lane.

If she misses or uses her spells, however, you can definitely start a good trade. Keep an eye out for tentacles along the wall, and try to dodge them if they come down on you as they will hurt and also heal her.

When she finishes her 3071.png, don't even bother dueling her.







He's melee and early on doesn't hurt too bad. Take 2033.png and trade aggressively early while you're poppydevastatingblow.png and poppypassive.png are stronger than what he can put out. If he wants to last hit a minion, lay a poppydevastatingblow.png down. If you miss, or are balls deep in his minion you should probably back off and respect that he will outdamage you in a pure auto attack war.

Get 3751.png into 3068.png. Grasp will be up a lot and will help you outtrade and outsustain him. If he rushes 3144.png and 3153.png, that's pretty bad news for you but good news for you team. He'll beat the crap out of you in sustain and trades now, but he's really squishy and without a lot of damage for teamfights.

In lane if he hops on you, TRADE BACK. If his jaxcounterstrike.png is up, don't bother autoing it. poppydevastatingblow.png is your friend in this matchup. Also you can poppyheroiccharge.png to a minion to avoid the stun, but usually you'll want to keep that up to threaten, or get, a wall stun. He WILL win an all out auto attack war. Kite around your poppydevastatingblow.png and Grasp of the Undying cooldowns.

After level 6 and parts of 3078.png he'll start to do some pretty stupid damage. undefined.png plus the undefined.png auto reset and maybe a 3057.png proc his burst damage is pretty stupid. On top of that, especially with the fervor mastery, his sustained trades are strong too. It's jax, you're a tank, it's only gonna get lamer as the game goes on. Don't worry about it too much, he's meant to crush 1v1s while you're meant to wreck havoc in teamfights.

He's Jax, so later on he'll do jax things. Don't worry about it, just join your team. Throw a 3512.png down if you got one to slow down his split push



Level 1 she'll usually outtrade you since she can do 3 riventricleave.pngs, and autos in between them.
I usually take poppyparagonofdemacia.png in this matchup at level 2. poppyheroiccharge.png isn't bad eiher, but I like to stop her 3rd riventricleave.png,the knockup, while she's in the middle of my minion wave eating a ton of damage.
You easily win trades as long as you don't let her get the 3rd riventricleave.png off, the one that knocks you up. Both your poppyparagonofdemacia.png and poppyheroiccharge.png can interrupt it midway through, so don't be afraid to trade with her, especially when she comes into your minion wave. Grasp will let you sustain whereas she has none.

Don't eat too much rivenfeint.png rivenmartyr.png harass. She can dash in, stun you, auto/q, and hop back out. Most of your damage will be blocked by the shield or you'll be stunned long enough for her to get out of range. Other than that, as long as you interrupt that 3rd riventricleave.png and aren't balls deep in her minion wave, you'll win trades.

3025.png , 3047.png, and 3068.png are all good options in this lane. With 3024.png's early mana and CDR you can keep up fast pace trades with her, while the armor gives you some breathing room. 3057.png is nice if you get an early kill, or after 3024.png as it makes your trades, and your sheen and/or grasp boosted poppypassive.png HURT.

3068.png is the safer option as it makes you tanky and far harder for her to kill, all while burning her free damage and giving you constant Grasp of the Undying procs to sustain you and whittle her down.

There will come a point, especially after she gets 3071.png, where you will no longer be able to duel her. Welcome to the life of a tank. It's fine though, as long as you haven't fed her and have kept your cs up, maybe made a 12.png play around the map you've more than done your job. Join your team and fight for objectives while 92.png is forced to split push or be useless in fights.




The lil devil does what he does best, bully melee champs. Very little you can do here early on. I recommend 1054.png to help against his poke, and just don't die to him. You'll lose a ton of cs and there isn't much you can do, but don't die to him. He'll be pretty useless in teamfights later on whereas you'll be much more useful to your team.

Get 3211.png early, helps sustain against that nasty poke. 3512.png is a good first item as well, especially since a lot of satan's (at least in higher elos) go a attack speed/ad/on-hit build and will do considerable physical damage as well as magical.

Bottom line, just survive. You'll be useful later on, he won't. And he's pretty weak to (good) ganks. You'll punish him eventually, just be patient!

An AP teemo build isn't too scary, you'll get a ton of health/resistances eventually and shrug off his damage. The AD/fervor builds are the real scare. 3022.png3153.png3085.png3146.png, etc makes him a nightmare to face. He'll sustain forever while slowing you down so you can never catch him. Just survive lane and get the heck out. He's much less useful in teamfights than you are




I, and I think most players, hate this champ. I only hate him because he's lame and boring to play against. But alas, enough of my salt.

Early on your poppyq.png outranges his autos. Keep him off the wave so he can't just heal with tryndamereq.png after getting fury from smacking the wave. He's very killable, just don't let him get on to you for free and trade autos. poppyw.png blocks his tryndameree.png, feel free to poppyr.png
 him away if he pops undyingrage.png and you get low.
3068.png3025.png3047.png are your items (unless you REALLY need 3111.png, which some games you will). Health and armor, and the fire for Grasp procs, and CDR and slows to help you kite him. You CAN kite him, so don't be afraid to. Just because he slowed you with tryndamerew.png doesn't mean you're hopeless.poppyr.png,  3025.pngpoppyq.pngpoppyw.pngpoppye.png into a wall are all very easy to do vs Trynd. Other than kiting away, yeah you have no chance of trading autos with him so don't bother. He's going to split forever, so push out the wave as best you can, maybe get a 3512.png, and look to make plays with your team around the map.




Wukong's been struggling in lane for awhile now. Your poppyw.png blocks his monkeykingnimbus.png, but is on a much higher cooldown (and mana cost), so don't worry about blocking every single one. He has to get more or less in melee range (monkeykingdoubleattack.png does give him a bit more range) where you can trade with poppyq.png. Don't get too complacent early on, Wu's damage is kinda scary and you aren't that tanky yet. After some armor and health (get health too, he shreds armor with monkeykingdoubleattack.png and 3071.png) he's much easier to fight. To the point of not really being a threat.

His monkeykingnimbus.png gives attack speed and monkeykingdoubleattack.png shreds 10% of your armor, so don't stick around too long and exchange autos this him, you'll probably lose. Drop a poppyq.png and an auto, maybe another if it will proc Grasp, but don't let him aa you too much if its clearly going in his favor



Lane phase is pretty brutal.

Really can't say I'm fond of his rework. He's still unfun as ever to lane against, at least as 78.png. He waaay out sustains you, outduels you with %health damage from yorickravenous.png and his ghouls yorickpassive.png, and can lock you down to force bad fights or to prevent you from chasing him with yorickdecayed.png.

He outpushes 3512.png with his kit so you'll pretty much never get his tower. I'd say either rush that, or 3068.png and try to get through the lane phase. An eventual 3512.png is nice to slow down his non stop split pushing, even when he's with his team due to yorickreviveally.png. He isn't that great in teamfights, especially when not fed so just keep him off your adc and chew threw him. Lane phase though is pretty damn rough for 78.png imo. But I give it a medium since its survivable and teamfights are a thing

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Laning Matchups

I honestly feel 78.png doesn't win many lanes now atfer her nerfs. But that's no reason to not play her! She's still got super fun matchups even when they aren't in her favor, and her teamfight presence is still strong. I put most of the matchups at yellow/medium because while she may have a slight (or major) disadvantage in lane, she ALWAYS has a place in those teamfights. So there aren't too many champs that can truly shut her down for the entire game.

Trading and Fighting

A huge part of trading and fighting as 78.png is kiting around your poppydevastatingblow.pngpoppypassive.png, and Grasp of the Undying cooldowns, especially when they hop on you in your minion wave. Most champs will beat you in a pure auto attack war, 78.png's AD isn't that high, and her base attack speed is atrociously low. But with the slow on your poppydevastatingblow.png, you can back off and let 3751.png damage tick (if you have it), and let poppydevastatingblow.pngpoppypassive.pngand Grasp come back off cooldown.

Don't panic during fights/trades. Look for a good time to use your spells. Don't just toss a poppydevastatingblow.png down just because 39.png hopped to a minion near you. She'll dash away from it and beat you in an auto attack war easily. Understand that you're going to use your poppydevastatingblow.png, so make sure you can get both instances to hit, or make it so she has to walk around a slower path and eat random minion or 3751.png damage. Turn on poppyparagonofdemacia.png so they can't dash away. Pay attention to where the poppypassive.png landed and kite towards it. Getting that, even if you eat an extra auto is usually well worth it. Save your poppyheroiccharge.png for a good looking stun. Just the threat of it is often enough to make them save a spell or position weirdly so they aren't near a wall. The damage from a level 1 poppyheroiccharge.png probably isn't going to win you a fight, just save it unless you KNOW you're going to win the trade. In which case dash to them or a minion and get more autos and poppydevastatingblow.pngs off.

Also don't randomly turn on poppyparagonofdemacia.png just because, I see that a lot. Save it for not only a dash, but an important one or for escaping/chasing.


Mid game you're probably tanky enough and have enough damage through items or raw base stats to sit on their mid or adc. Same as during trades, don't use your spells just to have them off cooldown. poppydevastatingblow.png when you think you can reasonably get both to hit, poppyheroiccharge.png to wall stun or to dodge a spell, pick up your poppypassive.png. Sometimes its good just to waste their damage dealer's time and keep them out of a fight.

Look for a good poppydiplomaticimmunity.png. Doesn't have to be a 4 man knock away, doesn't have to be a 5 man knock up. If you can ult just one at least semi important target out of a fight, you've probably won the fight right then and then and there. If 32.png dives in on your backline and you weren't able to stop it with poppyparagonofdemacia.png, just poppydiplomaticimmunity.png their backline away. If you get a good wall stun on the adc, after both parts of poppydevastatingblow.png hit, quick tap that ult and knock him into the air for another second. Waste his time, keep him busy, buy time for your cooldowns to come back up.

This is a work in progress, any suggestions, errors found, questions, etc, feel free to let me know. 78.png mains are the best, keep rockin the cute lil yordle of death. 

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Everyone has their own playstyle, even on the same champ. As such no guide, rune page, build, etc will work for everyone. Sometimes certain runes/builds are just mathematically better (for example AD Quints on Poppy will obviously be better than AP Quints), so understand when that is the case. But for many other things such as matchups, flat health seals vs scaling health seals, and even builds to an extent, it comes down to playstyle and familiarity.

So don't read a guide and cut and paste it exactly. Naturally guides by better players (if Bjergson has a guide on Syndra, for example) can be followed more literally, but otherwise read a lot, learn a lot, UNDERSTAND why that player recommends that, and combine everything you've learned with your own playstyle. As an example, for Poppy some players like to rush 3155.png in AP lanes, whereas I prefer 3211.png. The players that like the more offensive 3155.png also happen to take more offensive runes and masteries, whereas I prefer scaling and mid/late game teamfight focused stats and builds. Is 3211.png better than 3155.png? Who knows, both have their pros and cons and both work better with different playstyles, and in different matchups.

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