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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Summoner Spells


This champion has only three real choices for Summoner Spells.

4.png I would always recommend that you take Flash on this champion because Flash is a very reliable Summoner Spell and it can help you survive a multitude of occasions and scenarios. I would recommend that you take Flash every time.

However, for your secondary Summoner Spell, you have some freedom. You can take either Ignite or Exhaust. You have to know which one you want to take, and on some occasions- your decision will directly influence the end game outcome. Because each game is different, I’ve listed some situations when you can take either Exhaust or Ignite.


14.png When to take Ignite:

1. You are comfortable in winning lane and can win it quite easily. If you are playing in an easy matchup and can easily snowball the lane- then take Ignite.

2. If the enemy bot lane is squishy. If they are easy to kill, and you can quite easily kill them then you should try to snowball your lane.

3. You and your ADC want to play aggressively. If your ADC is very strong early game, then take Ignite and snowball.

4. The enemy Support is weak and melee. In some cases, you can snowball the lane quite quickly thanks to trading autos and going for short trades against melee champions. This will allow you to be lane dominant and make the enemy have to play safer in the lane. This will result in lane dominance.

5. When your ADC has poke and has high kill potential. For example, when your ADC can auto attack and harass the enemy with their autos freely in the early game- especially when they come to ward.

6. The enemy Support is a heal or utility Support. Take Ignite versus these types of Supports.


3.png When to take Exhaust:

1. You’re in a bad matchup or countered. If you are against a champion that counters you, then take exhaust and survive the early game.

2. Your ADC is not very strong early game. If your ADC is rather weak early, then you can take exhaust and allow them to survive and farm till later on in the game.

3. The enemy is mostly AD. If the enemy has a full AD team or AD champions that can quickly snowball such as assassins, then take exhaust and completely take out the enemy from team fights.

4. The enemy champions are slow and immobile. If you can catch up with the enemy, then take exhaust and make them practically immobile during the fights, this will allow you to pick up a free kill!

5. You are not comfortable in winning the lane. This is kind of an iffy subject because you can win lane with ignite and exhaust. However, exhaust is really good even when behind.

6. The enemy is late scaling team comp. Whilst technically you can take Ignite or Exhaust, if the enemy is late-game dominant with late game carries, then take exhaust and make them useless late game. Ignite is not always good in this situation because it falls off late game, whilst exhaust is still very strong.


New Runes Back to Top



After testing, retesting, theory crafting and a lot of blood sweat and tears, this is the Rune page that I recommend you take.  For your core Rune page, you are looking at taking Domination. Originally, as many players may think- I tested Resolve as the main tree, however testing this Rune page mixed in with the champions dynamic, I noticed that they do not match. That is why I recommend that you take the Domination first, and resolve secondary

I recommend that you takeElectrocute.png?width=32 Electrocute as the keystone in the Domination tree. This Rune will give you high kill potential in the lane as well as the ability to kill other laners when you roam. This Rune will also give you a surprising amount of damage in the early game which can give you a higher chance of winning the lane. For your next Rune, I recommend that you take Sudden%20Impact.png?width=32 Sudden Impact. This is because your kit includes multiple abilities that can give yourself bonus lethality. This is very helpful when going for trades and combos on the enemy because you will do extra damage thanks to this Rune. This Rune also works well in conjunction with your items that you will be purchasing. For your next Runes, you should take Zombie%20Ward.png?width=32 Zombie Ward followed by Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32 Relentless Hunter. Zombie%20Ward.png?width=32 Zombie Ward will give you extra-vision control and allow you to ward the map more, while Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32 Relentless Hunter will give you out of combat movement speed that will allow you to roam and rotate as well as get back to lane quickly. Technically, you could take Ravenous%20Hunter.png?width=32 Ravenous Hunter instead of Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32 Relentless Hunter but that's up to you. 

For your secondary Rune tree, you do have some freedom with your choices. Personally, I feel that Resolve is better than Inspiration. Just because of your pykepassive.png Passive and your champion design. As you do not get health through items you will lack sustain and health points which can be slightly made better by the fact you're taking Resolve secondary. Bone%20Plating.png?width=32 Bone Plating and Second%20Wind.png?width=32 Second Wind go hand in hand with each other which can allow you to sustain in the laning phase. As stated previously, because of your pykepassive.png Passive you will lack health, so taking these two Runes will benefit you. If you want to take Inspiration second instead of Resolve, for the first Rune I recommend Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32 Magical Footwear because it gives you free boots that will allow you to roam and help your team out. This will also save you some gold down the line. For the secondary Rune, I recommend Biscuit%20Delivery.png?width=32 Biscuit Delivery OR  Minion%20Dematerializer.png?width=32 Minion Dematerializer. Biscuit%20Delivery.png?width=32 Biscuit Delivery can make you money by giving your biscuits which you can sell. It is also good as they can grant you regeneration which can help you out in the lane. However, in some lane matchups, you may need to take Minion%20Dematerializer.png?width=32 Minion Dematerializer. This will help you out on getting Cannon Minion's when you're being denied and also allowing you to get level advantages over the enemy.


Abilities Back to Top




Pyke’s Passive is Gift of the Drowned Ones 

555.png Pyke stores damage received from enemy champions as grey health. When 555.png Pyke is unseen by enemies, he rapidly consumes the grey health and heals for the amount stored.



Pyke’s Q is Bone Skewer

There are two parts to 555.png Pyke’s pykeq.png Q.

First cast: 555.png Pyke charges for up to 2 seconds, increasing the abilities range whilst being slowed by 20% during the cast.

Second cast: After a brief delay, 555.png Pyke hurls his harpoon forward dealing damage to the first enemy who is hit with the ability. It then pulls them slightly back towards 555.png Pyke and slows them down.

If 555.png Pyke releases the ability early (within 1 second) 555.png Pyke will thrust his harpoon forward in a line dealing damage and slowing the enemies. If 555.png Pyke is interrupted during the charge completes the charge without re-activation, then the ability will be cancelled with half the mana cost refunded.


Tips and Tricks:

Your pykeq.png Q can be used to poke down the enemies in the laning phase. This ability can go through enemy minions which will allow you to poke even against the most passive of laners. This can help you in getting kills as you can poke down the enemy before you go for a duel. However, it is important to note that this is only possible with the early release.

If you hold down the ability then you can pull an enemy champion closer towards your team. This can help you out when you’re looking for picks in team fights. This only works if you directly hit the champion, unlike the quick release pykeq.png Q, it does not go through minions. In the laning phase, you can use your pykeq.png Q to pull the enemy Support or ADC towards your ADC so you can deal damage to them. This will also allow you to set up ganks for your Jungler. Your charged pykeq.png Q is best used when enemies are caught out of position in the lane and in team fights.


Pyke’s W is Ghostwater Dive

Upon casting, 555.png Pyke enters camouflage and gains bonus movement speed which decays over 5 seconds. Attacking or casting abilities will immediately end 555.png Pyke’s invisibility.


Tips and Tricks:

This ability is a great way of escaping ganks, setting up ganks and ultimately- to leave your ADC and get out of dodge! It is also very good at allowing you to help other lanes out through ganks and rotations. You can use this ability in the bushes and river to surprise gank enemy laners and assist your allies.

Thanks to the bonus movement speed, you can also use this ability to get back to lane quicker after basing too!


Pyke’s E is Phantom Undertower

555.png Pyke dashes and leaves a drowned phantom behind him. After a second, the phantom returns to 555.png Pyke dealing damage and stunning enemy champions that the phantom passes through. 


Tips and Tricks:

555.png Pyke’s pykee.png E is really good as it can be used in a variety of ways such as a form of engaging as well as disengage or an escape. Your pykee.png E will be one of the main sources of CC as it can be used after using your pykew.png W to gank and help laners.

You can also use your 4.png Flash in conjunction with this ability to increase the distance and surprise the enemy.


555.png Pyke's play style relies on preying on isolated, vunerable targets. It can be helpful to keep an eye on your Picks and Skirmishes Mobalytics Score!


Pyke’s Ultimate is Death from Below


555.png Pyke strikes in an X-shaped area executing enemies that are below a certain amount of health. You can also deal damage to enemies that are not within the threshold for execution. If the pyker.png Ultimate hits an enemy champion, 555.png Pyke will blink to the centre of the X.

If 555.png Pyke executes the enemy, the assisting ally is granted full kill 2319.png gold whilst 555.png Pyke gains the ability to recast within 20 seconds.


Tips and Tricks:

Your pyker.png Ultimate will mainly be used to execute the enemies in lane and in team fights. If you’re unsure about the damage on this ability, there will be a small indicator on the enemy’s health bar that can help you out.

pyker.png Death from Below can also be used to dash away from enemies if you’re low or the enemy is ganking your lane from behind.

And finally, now you can justify KSing your allies!


Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Always start with these items. They will give you sustain in the laning phase, allow you to ward and also give you bonus AD thanks to your Passive.

Core Items

    You should upgrade your starting item to this as soon as you can. You need to get this upgraded ASAP so you can start providing your team with vision.
    Remember to get a fresh pair of sneakers for your champion. Boots are really important and they are a must-have on all champions.
    Dusklade is going to be your first AD item. You should pick this up after Boots. This will be first item that provides us with lethality.
    Youmuu's overall a really good fourth item thanks to its CDR, Lethality and active. Make sure to use the active when you're engaging or disengaging.
    Great item and Great active to stop enemy burst damage and enemy CC. The active on this item will protect you and allow you to deal extra damage before your death.
    Your final item is going to be Guardian Angel. This is good as it can give you a second chance to come back alive in team fights.

Situational Items

    Read Below if you're unsure which Sneakers to take.
    Theoretically a good item thanks to your Ultimate.
    There is nothing situational about these bad boys, make sure you pick them up often.



On 555.png Pyke, you should always start 3307.pngRelic Shield because it gives you more sustain in lane thanks to the stacks it gives you. It will also give you more damage in the early game because of the bonus health being exchanged to damage by your pykepassive.png Passive. You want to try and get as much gold out of this item as possible so you should always try to use your stacks on the minions. On the first wave, you should use both of the 3307.png Relic Shield stacks on 2 of the melee minions. You need to avoid using the stacks on the ranged minions as they do not give a lot of gold compared to the rest. When you use your two stacks, on the third wave- one stack will be back which you can use on the Cannon Minion. On your first back, you need to upgrade your starting item and upgrade it to 3308.png Targons Brace. This will not only give you more attack damage, but it will also give you other bonuses and allow you to get free wards which you can use to provide vision for your team. After you've upgraded this item, you want to purchase 1001.png Boots. The 1001.png Boots that I recommend are: 3047.png Ninja Tabi, 3111.png Mercury Treads, 3117.png Mobility Boots or 3009.png Swiftness Boots. Each has its pros and cons, so here's a break down. 3047.png Ninja Tabi if you're against a heavy AD team, 3111.png Mercury Treads if you're against heavy AP team or enemies with high amounts of CC, 3117.png Mobility Boots are good if you're wanting to roam a lot and the same for 3009.png Swiftness Boots. After you've brought your pair of 1001.png Jordans, you want to get your first AD item. Because of your pykepassive.png Passive, you should not be buying many Support items. Instead you want to build items that give you damage. Your next item is going 3147.png Duskblade, this is going to be your core item on 555.png Pyke. It gives you a range of stats that can help you deal damage and kill enemies. It also has bonus cooldown reduction that's to the 3133.png Warhammer. This means you can use your abilities more often and potentially get more kills. The fourth item you want to get is 3142.png Ghostblade. Like 3147.png Duskblade, this item gives you damage and CDR which will allow you to get more kills. You also benefit greatly from this item because of it's active. The items active gives you bonus 3693.png movement speed that you can use to your advantage by getting in and out of the team fight. For the next item, you're looking at getting 3814.png Edge of Night. This item gives you a spell shield that can protect you against enemy abilities. This is very helpful and can prevent hard CC from stopping your engage. Like 3142.png Ghostblade, remember to use this item active as without it- you will be unable to shield yourself. For your final item, I would recommend that you 3026.png Guardian's Angel. This is a great defensive item that will prevent you from being burst down in team fights and will give you a second chance and allow you to be revived. Alternatively, you may want to go for some Supportive items like 3190.png Locket, 3107.png Redemption or another Support item.  Also, remember to upgrade your starting item later on in the game- it doesn't matter when.

Generally speaking, this is a good build for 555.png Pyke because you will be getting tons of AD that will allow you to one shot the enemy! You want to avoid building tanky (Health) items as you will not benefit from the bonus health because of your pykepassive.png Passive. Instead, to save money and to save item slots, it's best to build pure damage with lethality which this build consists heavily of. 


Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Brand
  • Braum
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Janna
  • Karma
  • Leona
  • Lulu
  • Morgana
  • Nami
  • Rakan
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Thresh
  • Zyra




Brand often uses his W which has a 10 second CD as his main source of waveclear - it's also his main source of damage early on. Look to harass him while it's down.

If he ever uses his Q for poke, look to immediately all-in or trade into him because it's his only way to defend himself. Bonus points if you can do this away from the minion wave post-6 so his ult doesn't bounce to you.

Brand's burst comes from the combination of landing 3 abilities that trigger his passive Blaze. As long as he's not able to trigger Blaze, he won't be able to kill someone during an all-in.

Avoid standing close to the minion wave to prevent waveclear abilities like his W or his E from hitting you as well.

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Braum has two ways to engage: jumping onto his allied minions that you're standing next to or landing a Q from a distance. Don't overextend into enemy minions to deny him from being able to jump, and hide behind allied minions so that he can't easily land his Q.

Once his Q is on CD, Braum has no real way of trading besides going for a full all-in using auto attacks to proc his passive. Use the 10 second window from his rank 1 Q to poke him down.

Stand Behind Me is the main thing that makes Braum so tanky - it has a 14 second CD at rank 1. Look to bait it out with poke damage and once it's used, you can easily kill him or his partner.

Try to avoid his Q poke damage since it can result in his ADC zoning you from farm or the wave. Stay in the your wave to make it easier to dodge them.

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Crow Storm, his most deadly ability, has a 150 second CD. When this ability is up in combination with his Flash, do not attempt any risky plays like dives or staying on the map with low HP. He will easily be able to punish you.

He is very good at diving towers and countering a tower dive. Do not attempt a tower dive or staying under tower with low HP while you have no vision of him.

When playing against lane Fiddlesticks the most annoying part of it is his Dark Wind (E) as it can deal a heavy amount of poke damage at random. It has a 12s CD at rank 1 with no CDR, so to play around it stay away from your minion line when you know it's up and you see him start to cast it.

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Janna's main tool in the laning phase is her shield, which has an 18s CD at level one. Pay attention to the duration and engage her slightly before it wears off to give yourself the biggest window possible to punish that CD.

Janna is very fragile. If you're able to coordinate your damage when you lock her down with CC, you can take her down quickly before she has a chance to push you back.

Do not trade into her, you'll likely lose against her and her ADC. Instead, remember that she doesn't have a very good hard engage, so grab some sustain and look to out farm her.

Since she has no real forms of hard engage, you can safely farm against her and her ADC. Do not get over aggressive and trade into her shield.

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Karma is incredibly strong in the first few levels. Consider playing patiently for your first back before going in for hard aggression.

Avoid her Mantra Q poke by using the minions to block its path (watch out for splash damage). Emphasize maintaining good mid ward coverage to discourage her from roaming.

Minions are your best friend in this match-up - use them to avoid Inner Flame / Soul Flare (Q). Without Karma's Q, much of her damage goes down the drain.

Karma will mostly look to shove you in with Inner Flame (Q) in order to go roaming using increased speed from Inspire (E) if she falls behind. If she uses an empowered Q on the wave, immediately look to fight her before she leaves the lane - she won't be able to fight back without the damage boost from her ult.

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Leona will be looking to engage in the early game, so use this to your advantage. If the Leona engages from too far away from her ADC, her CC won't actually have any damage to follow it up. This mistake gives you and your ADC an opportunity to turn around and punish her for being over zealous.

Her tankiness comes from Eclipse (W), which has a 14 second CD, and its extra armor/magic resist for 6 seconds. After it's used, she is squishy - look to turn on her for an easy kill.

Solar Flare (R) has a 90 second CD, which is quite short for a rank 1 ult. Be careful whenever you don't have Flash because she'll be looking to engage with it ASAP. Do your best to stay out of the middle of it so you are slowed instead of stunned.

Leona has no form of poke or sustain. If you can poke her down, it should dissuade her from wanting to engage on you and allow you to farm safely.

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Lulu is a champion that makes great trades, but her durability comes through her spell usage instead natural tankiness. Look to lock her down with CC and take her out before she can save herself with Wild Growth (R) or Pix! (E).

Help, Pix!(E) is the main way Lulu protects herself or allies in the early game. It has a 6 second duration and a 10 second cooldown, so when you see her cast it on an ally, try to trade back as it's about to expire.

Trading into a Lulu lane is quite difficult due to her shield and target CC. Look to safely farm under your tower instead due to her lack of engage options.

Trading into her Whimsy (W) will often be a losing trade for you. Instead, look to push her into tower since she has low all-in threat.

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If you see her cast Black Shield, which has a 23 second CD at rank 1 with a 5 second duration, look to all-in her as it expires - it's her main source of defense pre-6. Alternatively, if you have multiple magic damage abilities, look to use those to break it during a fight and then land your CC for an easy kill.

Morgana has almost zero pressure if her binding misses. If it does, go fully aggressive on her for the next 11 seconds, even to the point of walking past the wave since she has no way of stopping you.

Whenever she has Flash + ult and you don't have Flash, she'll attempt to Flash onto you and use Soul Shackles (R). Stay on your side of the map whenever this timing happens to avoid the heavy burst of this combo and its 4.5 second CC chain.

She has low threat outside of her bindings, so put the minion wave between you and her while farming to avoid your chances of being hit.

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Nami brings a plethora of damage, sustain, and CC - frequent, short trades favor her heavily. However, she's extremely fragile and has no real escape. Coordinate well with your ADC and look to easily bring Nami down in one or two clean engages.

Ebb and Flow (W) has a 10 second cd, look to trade with her right after she uses it on herself or her adc for sustain. She is unable to trade back with you and will be forced to try and land an Aqua Prison to disengage, sidestep this and easily win a trade.

Avoid trading with a Nami when behind, her ability to out sustain you while also have good chase down potential with her Tidecaller's Blessing is too great. Instead if you want to contest the lane you must avoid poke until you see a chance to engage on her while she is too far forward attempting to poke.

No need to force trades with a Nami when attempting to farm out, instead since she has no real way of helping with waveclear you can shove the lane in. Be careful whenever she has her Tidal Wave up as it can be used for a great gank assist tool, while it is down though she isn't much of a threat.

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Keep in mind that Rakan’s Q can be blocked by minions and has a 12 second cooldown at level one. It's his only real tool for poke, and if you can avoid it, you can out trade him.

Outside of all-ins, Rakan doesn't do much in farm lanes. However, his ability to assist ganks is very high. When looking to maintain a farming situation against Rakan, be on the look out for the enemy Jungler so he can't use his amazing CC combo.

If you notice Rakan's W is down, then you will a massive window where he will not be able to fight back effectively. Look to all-in him or his ADC. If it isn't down, you can force him to use it by looking to fight him after he uses his E, Battle Dance (20 second CD, rank 1 with no CDR) to shield his ADC. Once it's down, he won't have a way to escape other than using Flash or his W.

Rakan is incredibly scary when ahead due to his powerful all-in capabilities with his ult, The Quickness (120 CD, rank 1 with no CDR) and Flash. Respect this combo even at the cost of losing last-hits or you may die.

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Sona has no escape and is the most fragile support but has incredible poke and sustain. Play around this by not giving her the opportunity to do small and efficient trades. Instead, bide your time and stay on high health until you find the opportunity to do aggressive all-in trades with her.

Try to trade with Sona while her Power Chord is down, she does very little poke damage without it.

Crescendo (R) is an extremely powerful engage tool with a 140 second CD at rank 1 with no CDR. When she is ahead, she will be looking to Flash ult you, so keep track of its CD and her Flash.

As long as you avoid Sona's Power Chord damage, she won't be able to do much harm to you. Just be careful of her Jungler coming while she has her ult up.

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Do not be fooled by her Q's low damage, dodge! Avoiding them during poke phase and all-ins is very crucial because it enables extra healing for both Soraka and her ADC.

Soraka's laning in the early game is very poor because her heal and silence have 8 and 24 second cooldowns with no CDR. This means that she is very susceptible to all-ins before she scales up. Avoid letting her out sustain you and get a free early laning phase by playing aggressively against her and her ADC.

Trading into Soraka when behind is pointless because she will just heal it all back. Instead, look to save your CDs and HP for one all-in when you catch her out of position, or for when your Jungler arrives.

She doesn't have a very good way to stop you from farming, but you should be trying to dodge as many Qs as you can to reduce her ability to sustain.

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Thresh's Q (Death Sentence) is his major form of CC and lane pressure. It has a 20 second cooldown at rank one, so if he misses don't be afraid to just walk up and poke him down. Even if he lands Flay (E), he won't have any follow up without Death Sentence.

When looking to snowball on a Thresh lane, always focus Thresh down first since he won't be able to use Dark Passage (W) to save himself like he would a teammate. Thresh gets his armor from his passive, Damnation, so in the early game he doesn't have much of it yet and can be easily killed. Look to go in on him after he misses Death Sentence (Q) because its cooldown extremely long at 20 seconds when it misses.

When Thresh is ahead, he will be looking to walk up to you in an attempt to use Flay (E) so he can slow you and either hit you with his Death Sentence (Q) or into The Box (R). Respect him when he looks to walk forward and back off even at the cost of missing last hits or you'll be easily chain-CC'd to death.

If you stand in the minion wave and pay attention to Thresh's Flay range, he is quite manageable in a farming situation. He does have a trick up his sleeve though - he will often look to Dark Passage (W) his Jungler in from over a wall or through lane for an aggressive gank attempt, so if you see him positioning oddly close to a wall or farther back, be ready to react.

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Zyra is incredibly squishy early on and has no escapes. She's vulnerable to ganks and aggressive all-ins.

Keep her away from her tower. Her lack of mobility means that if she's remotely far down lane, it's easy to chase her down and kill her when you're ahead. Diving under tower is risky unless you have CC. She has a lot of CC to try to get the trade kill on you.

One mistake can be costly when playing against a fed Zyra. Bait out and dodge her root before committing. No matter how far ahead she is, she's still squishy and slow until she purchases Rylai's/Liandry's, so don't be afraid to chain CC her and burst her down if you have the champions for it.

Make sure to avoid getting pushed in when trying to stay even with Zyra. She has an easy time poking and landing skillshots on you when you're forced into the small space around your turret.

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Early Game Back to Top

Early Game


The early game for this champion can be quite difficult. Your main job in the early game is to survive, sustain and not die. In every lane, you want to hit level 2 before the enemy laners- which is the first wave followed by the next 3 melee minions on the second wave. After you hit level 2, you can go in for a trade with the enemy as long as they are not level 2 as well and that you've not pushed the wave under the enemy tower. This technique is very good against champion's who are squishy early such as 117.png Lulu or 267.png Nami. However, you may struggle to do this if you're against tanky champions or enemies with hard CC in the early game- champions that spring to mind are 497.png Rakan or 412.png Thresh as they can both cancel your combo.

For 555.png Pyke, you have the same gameplay as many tank champions in the early game- except that you will not be very tanky... Your main job is to roam whenever you can. This is very good as you can help other lanes out and get global map pressure.

If you want to learn more about Roaming, you can check out this guide over at Mobalytics.


Mid and Late Game Back to Top

Mid and Late Game


During the Mid Game, your main job is to eliminate the enemy and team fight. Thanks to your kit, you're very good at catching enemies out of position and starting team fights. During this time of the game, you should try to maximize your effectiveness by trying to take down as many champions as possible and achieving an objective or gold lead over the enemy. 

You can often start team fights by flanking the enemies, which is quite easy thanks to your pykew.png W and pykee.png E but before going for any team fights, make sure that your team is on the same page as you and that they are able to follow you up. It is vital that this is the case.

In the later stages of the game, your job is quite similar to the Mid game where you will be looking for picks and team fights. It is more-so important that before going for any team fights that your team is onboard and with you before going for any kills.

You should try to avoid being caught or team fight before a major objective is up such as Baron or Elder Dragon. Instead, you want to try and catch enemies out of position and then take the objective.

Remember to do your best in team fights and take down whoever you can with your pyker.png Ultimate, CC as many people as possible with your kit, and don't be afraid to kill steal your allies!


Pros and Cons Back to Top

Pros and Cons


Each champion in League of Legends has their pros and their cons. 555.png Pyke is no exception to this rule and you will often find yourself experiencing the good as well as the bad moments while you play him.

Pros of Support Pyke

  • Pretty fun champion. Unlike some Supports, you actually feel like you're contributing heavily towards the victory.
  • Is good against Utility or Ardent Supports. Champions that have low sustain but lots of utility do not fare well when playing against 555.png Pyke. You can use this to your advantage by picking him in these sort of matchups.
  • Very good at roaming. Unlike some champions, you can actually roam on Pyke! You can use this to your advantage by roaming to help your team. As 555.png Pyke has two forms of CC (his pykeq.png Q and his pykee.png E), you can roam quite effectively.
  • Has good sustain thanks to your pykepassive.png Passive. If you've just had a battle with the enemy and are running low, go hide in the bush until you're back to full strength!
  • You have multiple forms of CC. You have your pykeq.png Q which can pull an enemy towards you and your pykee.png E that can stun targets.
  • Gets bonus damage through health giving items. Because of your pykepassive.png Passive, you do not grow with health. Instead, you get AD that replaces the health.

Cons of Support Pyke

  • Relies on your ADC to follow up. Unlike burst champions such as 63.png Brand or 143.png Zyra, you need your ADC to follow up and help you to deal damage.
  • No health. Because of your pykepassive.png Passive, you do not get bonus health through items- instead you get bonus AD.
  • 555.png Pyke is a melee champion. Melee Supports do not have the greatest of time in the lane- especially when they lane against ranged champions. You need to keep an eye on your positioning in the lane and not allow yourself to get burst down.


Tips and Tricks Back to Top

Tips and Tricks


  • If you’re running low on health after a trade gone wrong, run into the bushes and regenerate some of your health.
  • Whilst you cast your pykeq.png Q, you will be slowed down. Avoid using this ability if you’re trying to out run or escape from the enemy.
  • If you’re wanting to roam and help your team, make sure that your ADC will be safe and not die whilst you’re gone.
  • If you are wanting to engage in lane, make sure your ADC can follow up and assist you.
  • Do not be scared to steal the kill with your pyker.png Ultimate. If you last hit and execute the enemy, your ally will get the gold for it.
  • Try to make your engages more surprising when possible. Avoid going in from the front, instead flank from the side and surprise the enemy with your engage.
  • When you want to engage on the enemy, make sure that you focus the squishiest and lowest health target. This will allow you to execute the enemy and allow you to reset your pyker.png Ultimate for those game winning penta kills.
  • If you are not regenerating health, that means that the enemy can most likely see you!
  • You can use your 4.png Flash to increase the range of some of your abilities!
  • If you are wanting to engage in the bottom lane, you can out-smart the enemy by using your pykew.png W out of sight of the enemy.


Champion Synergy Back to Top

Champion Synergy


Synergy in League of Legends is incredibly important- especially in the current state of League and the meta. That is why it’s a good idea to pick 555.png Pyke with an ADC that would benefit playing with him in the lane. If you pair Pyke with an ADC that is not strong synergy wise, then you may have a harder time in lane and you may be unable to use your kit to it's fullest extent.

This means that you want to pick a champion that has good synergy with 555.png Pyke. Here is a list of Marksman that work well with 555.png Pyke theory wise:

222.png Jinx: she has a form of crowd control thanks to her jinxe.png E that will allow you to CC chain the enemy champion. She is also very good as she is a hyper carry Support that benefits from hard engage champions such as 555.png Pyke. Because of her aggressive nature,555.png  Pyke will be able to go for combos frequently and he will know that 222.png Jinx is there to back him up.

51.png Caitlyn: like 222.png Jinx, she has a form of crowd control with her caitlynyordletrap.png W that can be used in conjunction with your pykee.png E or pykeq.png Q to double CC enemies. Another benefit of playing with 51.png Caitlyn is that she is very good at following up thanks to her range and caitlynpassive.png passive. She is also (like 222.png jinx) able to take turrets and towers quickly thanks to her auto attacks. This means you can win lane and open up the map.

81.png Ezreal: this guy is pretty good with 555.png Pyke because of his ability to last hit under the tower and the fact that he has an escape ability. Because of his ezrealarcaneshift.png E, you can leave him in the lane alone to soak experience and still be able to farm. He can use his ezrealmysticshot.png Q to last hit, and his ezrealarcaneshift.png E to escape if the enemy engages him. This is a good match as he can also poke during the laning phase which will allow you to make your lane into a high pressure and high kill lane.

145.png Kai’Sa: she is good because of her ability to follow up. 145.png Kai’Sa loves Supports with hard CC which is what 555.png Pyke has. This means she will truly blossom in this lane.

18.png Tristana: 18.png Trist is really good with tanks or champions with any form of engagement. This is a good lane duo because you can go in and 18.png Trist will be guaranteed to go in with you. You can use this to your advantage by going for early all in’s at around level 2 or 3. If you can pick up early kills with the 18.png Tristana, you can quickly open up the map.

There are also so many other ADC’s that we hadn’t mentioned that can have good synergy with 555.png Pyke. Just remember what each champion’s kit does before playing 555.png Pyke- think, does this champ have the ability to follow up?

It’s not just ADC’s that you should look out for. Because 555.png Pyke is a roaming assassin, he is very good at helping out Mid laners or Junglers who have any form of hard CC. This is because they can often layer the CC and shut down the enemy target. For example, if you have a 101.png Xereth in the Midlane with a immobile enemy mid, if you can layer the CC you may be able to kill the enemy. This is very good as you can obtain global map pressure.


How to Position Correctly in Lane Back to Top

Indepth Positioning Guide- With Team Dignitas


Positioning in League of Legends is one of the hardest things to master and actively do in game. It can be hard to always be in a position where you can help your team but doing so will aid in help winning your lane. Showing your dominance by being in the correct position every second of the game will allow your ADC to farm better, and overall give you a better chance of winning the lane and coming out ahead.

Before we get into each role and position, you should know the true benefits of being in the correct position during the laning phase.

1) It allows your ADC to farm better and safer.
2) It will act as a deterrent for enemies wanting to engage.
3) Make the lane 2v2.
4) Allow your ADC to have more freedom in lane.
5) Your ADC can play more offensively rather than passively.
6) You’re able to poke more and earn more gold.

For Tank Supports

Tank supports can sometimes be difficult to position well with because there are a plethora of tank supports out there. The positioning of these champions is next to or slightly in front of the ADC. The positioning is important for these champions because you do not want to give the enemy an opportunity to harass your ADC for free. This can make it much harder for you and your ADC to lane against them and farm. Positioning here allows your ADC to play more offensively and it gives them more freedom in lane.

In this example, I am the Thresh and my carry is Xayah. We are doing well in this lane because of my positioning. As we can see I am standing next to her in the lane and not behind. This not only protects her from the enemies but it also gives her the information that I am here ready to fight. You do not need to “hug” your ADC, but should always be in a position where you can protect them and jump in if and when you decide to trade.

For Shielding Supports

Positioning of these types of champions are usually just behind the ADC or next to them. The positioning is slightly different because they do not do much of an active job compared to the others in lane. The main job of a peel Support is to shield the ADC and protect them from the enemies. If we compare them to other Supports, the Mages will be constantly looking to damage the enemy, tanks will be looking to engage on the enemy and peel Supports will just be there shielding... You’re not doing an active job because your main job is to protect your ADC.

In this example, we can see that I am positioned next to, but slightly behind my ADC. I am in a position where I can easily protect them from the enemies’ damage with my shields. I am also in a position where I can trade autos with the enemies if they are to engage on my ADC. I am not only giving my ADC more freedom to farm, but I am also giving her the survivability that she needs to sustain and keep farming. My job is to protect them and keep them going throughout the game- including the early part where they are at their weakest.

For Damage Supports

For supports that deal damage through either auto attacks, abilities or burst, you should be constantly moving back and forth. You should always be standing around your ADC and in a position where you can deal damage to the enemies. This is because your main job in the laning phase is to deal damage and poke the enemies. You should try to put them behind. This is the most difficult to learn and execute properly so practise makes perfect!

In this example, you can see I am in front my ADC. I am in a position where I can use my poke on the enemies and harass them. Because I am standing here my ADC can farm with ease. After I have used my abilities and some of my mana up, I will fall back in line and stand next to them. My positioning here also makes me earn respect and the enemies have to give me it or they will receive a beating!

Why should you be doing it?

If you stand far behind your ADC, then they will have to be further up in the lane alone. This puts them at greater risk because they can be either poked freely by enemy autos and abilities or they will be in a position where they can get be hooked or caught. If you’re standing behind your carry, the ADC will not be able to trade back and neither will you. The enemies are going to get free damage down on your carry before you’re able to react. This is because you will not be in a position where you can get to the enemies in time. Before you can get in an offensive position, the enemy may have backed off with a won trade.

You’ve now put your ADC behind in lane because you were standing too far back. The ADC has to play safer and sacrifice some CS to stay alive, depending on how bad the trade went. They may have even burned summoner spells or need to recall. This could have all been avoided if you were standing closer to them in the lane.

Additional information:

For Tank Supports:

  • If you’re in a melee versus ranged matchup, you will need to play more passively but remember to still be in an offensive position. You need to be in a position where you can collapse on the enemy if they come too close to you. Do not allow them to harass you for free.
  • If you’re winning your lane, you must stand even more offensively in lane. You should position much further up in the lane to apply pressure. This means the enemy will have to respect you and the possibility of you engaging on them. If your ADC can follow up on your engage, this works even better.

For Shield Supports:

  • Try not to stand ahead of your ADC unless you’re trying to poke. Peel supports such as Soraka or Janna do not have the best time in lane versus tanks or champions that deal a lot of damage. Poke when you can, but always be safe. You’re not a tank after all!
  • In the current meta, Ardent Censor supports are very strong. In a lot of situations you can turn an aggressive lane defensive just through your champion pick. Try to dodge the enemy damage from their abilities by running around them. Do not let the enemy harass you for free at all and remember that you need to use your shielding on your ADC rather than yourself.

For Damage Supports:

  • Do not always stand aggressively. Remember your damage isn’t always constant and you will need to fall back sometimes. Move forward, poke the enemy, and then retreat next to your carry.
  • You will be squishy so do not stand to close to the enemies. You need to stand in the minion wave when using your poke. If you are targeted, they can trade back with you. Also, if you’re against a champion with a pull or stun, the minions will sacrifice themselves for you if you stand slightly behind them.

Closing thoughts

Remember to always play an active role in the laning phase. Just because you’re not actively farming does not mean you can stand around doing nothing being AFK. Stand with your ADC and win that lane together! Do not stand still, make sure you’re proactive with your movements, and harass the enemy when possible, but don’t get too aggressive either.


Please Note: This was taken and written by myself for Team Dignitas. You can find out more here.


How to Roam as the Support Back to Top

Indepth Roaming Guide- With Mobalytics


The Support role is by far my favorite role in League of Legends and I’ve been maining it on and off since 2013. From a Support main’s perspective, there are plenty of different ways you can impact the game directly with your early game actions, however, not every Support knows how to directly impact the map and solo carry games through their early game movements and rotations.

The most obvious way of impacting the map out of lane is by roaming. Roaming is when you move to another lane and apply pressure. There are many different occasions where you can roam, and listing them all is near impossible. At the end of the day, knowing when you can roam and when you can’t roam is all about knowledge and experience; the more you play the role, the more opportunities of roaming will become visible to you.

Before Roaming

Before attempting to roam, you must first think about a few things such as how your roaming may affect the game and your ADC.

“Will my ADC stay safe and still be able to farm?”

The first thing to think about before roaming is “Can my ADC still farm and stay alive while I’m gone?” It’s important to know this and for the answer to be that they can continue safely. If they cannot farm safely or run the risk of dying in lane, I would suggest not roaming at this time. You should avoid leaving your ADC alone in lane if they cannot safely farm or may die if they try to do so.

You should avoid roaming in lane if your ADC is: defenseless, squishy or behind. If they do not have any escape abilities, then it will be incredibly hard for them to farm safely in lane. While roaming is good to open up the map and help your other lanes, you want to avoid putting your own lane into a bad situation.

Example Situation:

Vayne + Thresh vs. Caitlyn + Alistar

In this example, Thresh should never roam whilst Vayne is in lane. This is because Vayne will be engaged upon as soon as Thresh shows up somewhere else on the map. Alistar and Caitlyn are a very aggressive Bot lane duo and can easily kill and outrange Vayne, making her useless in lane. Caitlyn has a bigger auto attack range compared to Vayne. She also has the CC thanks to her Yordle Snap Trap (W) which she can use in combination of Alistar’s Headbutt Pulverize (W+Q) combo.

If Vayne is to be caught by this, then she is practically dead. Either leaving her without Summoner Spells or having to recall and miss out on gold and experience. Alistar can also deny the ADC farm and experience by placing himself behind the allied minions. This is a lose-lose situation for the Thresh-Vayne duo.

To avoid this issue, you should not roam while the enemy duo is in the lane. Instead, you want to roam if they have recently backed to purchase items, or are not in the lane at all. Alternatively, you can roam while your ADC is not in the lane either. However, you need to remember that if you are choosing to roam when your ADC is not in lane, that you need to be quick and return shortly after or even before your ADC gets back.

“Can I roam with this champion?”

Champions such as Braum, Thresh, Alistar, Leona, Rakan, and Blitzcrank are good at roaming. If you’re playing one of these champions, then you should roam on every possible opportunity. These champions all have reliable CC that can keep the enemy in place, allowing your ally to follow up with damage. If you decide to play a more utility Support such as Janna, Nami or Soraka then you will be roaming less often. This is because they are harder to successfully roam and help your other laners out as they do not have damage or reliable crowd control.

Some Supports are not cut out for roaming and that’s the unfortunate truth about the Support role. A Support that has CC, hard engage or kill threat can be really good at roaming because they can layer their abilities with an ally champion and apply pressure.

That being said, it is still possible and you should continue to look for roaming opportunities on Utility and Mage Supports.

“Is the lane I’m wanting to gank in a good position? Are they gankable?”

If you have ever played the Jungle role, then you should know how hard it is to gank certain lanes. Unfortunately, that is the exact same problem for roaming Supports. Some lanes are rather straightforward to help such as an Ahri who can set up the gank and also follow up once you go in. If your ally doesn’t have any way to set up the gank or they can’t follow up on your engagement, then it will be very hard for you to roam and help them.

Map awareness is key when roaming to another lane. If you see that your ally is on low health, then they may not be able to follow up once you engage. If they cannot physically follow up on your engagement, then there is no point in trying to help them as they may die. Another thing to look at is the position of the wave. Is the enemy pushing your ally in or is your ally constantly pushing the enemy in?

If it is the first case, then you could try and help them. If your ally is pushing, then you may not be able to get anything out of it. If you are somebody like Alistar who can dive post-6 then you can try to dive. This is very situational and depends on many other factors, you will need to make your own judgment here.

A common misconception among players is that you have to roam at a certain time or have a certain number of ganks by 10 minutes. This is wrong. You should never aim for a certain number of roams because every game is different. There are situations that will occur during the early game that will allow you to roam and impact the map, but there will also be times where you cannot roam at all.

How to Roam

We’ve listed some things to know before roaming and what roaming is. But how do you actually roam? Below is a basic idea of how to roam and the main paths you can take.

Base roam

The white line is the recommended route you should take from base. This is one of the best routes to take because it is very time efficient. Time is incredibly important in game and every second matters. If you take this route from base then you can do more than 1 thing whilst taking this path. This route is all about time efficiency and optimization:

  • You can place offensive and defensive control wards on your journey
  • You can clear enemy vision
  • If the roam doesn’t seem to work out, you can quickly get back to lane

Tip: If you cannot gank the Mid lane, then just run back to your own lane.

Mid roam

Assuming that the roam is going to work out and that the enemy is in a gankable position, you have 3 main choices to get into the lane. Depending on the location of the enemy and the position of the wave, you have to choose which entrance you wish to use to gank:

  • If the wave is pushed against your ally, then you can approach from all 3 entrances.
  • If the wave is even, then you can go from the river or from behind the enemy.
  • If the wave is being pushed (frozen just outside of tower) then you can go for the sweep around and behind them.

Ideally, the wave will be in the blue section when you gank. The Blue box is where the wave is in the middle of the lane. The white is where the lane will be harder to gank depending on which side of the map you are.

Tip: Ganking and taking each route depends on a range of different in-game factors. Try your best to get the most out of your roam by taking the appropriate route when possible.

bot lane roam

You have two main roaming paths from Bot lane when you are in the Blue team. The more defensive route is best if you do not have a sweeper or control wards. This is because the river may be littered with wards and enemies which will render your roam pointless as the enemy Mid and Jungler may react and be able to collapse on you. Instead, you can go for a more defensive route and then split off at the end taking a different path. This will make the roam more surprising and has a higher chance of getting the desired result.

On some occasions, you may be able to invade the enemy jungle, provide vision and attack from behind the enemy. This is very risky because the enemy Jungler may be around, or the enemy Bot lane may attack you. I only recommend using this path if you’ve either killed the enemy Bot or the enemy Jungler is spotted Topside.

The same rule as above applies about which entrance you should take.

Tip: Remember to clear vision, place wards, and keep an eye on the map whilst you are roaming.

Red Side bot lane roam

When you are in the Red team, you have a wider range of possible roam paths. This is because you have 3 possible entrances to mid! If you are winning your lane and pushing the wave, you can take the more offensive route and go through the enemy Jungle. This is risky, but can often be worthwhile; especially if you catch up with your Jungler to a 3-man gank mid. The more common route would be through the river as this is more accessible for you. However, like Blue side, this is the more obvious route to take. The final route is a defensive route that you take from behind your lane. You can then decide to go through the river or through your Jungle. This depends on where the enemy wave is.

Try your best to take the more surprising route and the one that will get you the desired outcome. Don’t be afraid to try different paths each time!

Tip: Remember to ward, watch the map and ping. If the enemy has backed off, then return to lane. Do not force anything. If you cannot get anything out of the engagement, then recall or return to lane.

While you’re roaming, you should make sure to place wards and deny enemy vision with your trinket and support item. If you see the enemy Mid laner start to move towards you, or the enemy Support to move to a more offensive position in lane, then you should back off and retreat back to lane. You should also walk in every bush to seek out and destroy any wards that were placed.

Surprise is the main element to make many roams work. Try your best to clear vision, and place wards whilst you’re roaming. This will not only save yourself time, but also save your team from dying and being caught out by enemies hiding in bushes.

Roaming Scenarios and Examples

Like stated previously, there is no timer for roaming. You should roam when you can help your team, but you never should force anything on your team. This will result in you wasting time and you’ll be missing out on gold and experience. The best way to impact the map and improve your ability to roam is knowing when you can actually roam.

Because every game is different, I’ve listed some variable examples on when you can roam. Try your best to improve from and use these examples as a basis for roaming.

Example 1: Once your ADC has backed

If your ADC is no longer in the lane and has decided to recall, then you can look for an opportunity to gank and help another lane out. In some cases, you may be able to recall and roam from base. If your ADC wants to back then you should not stay in the Bot lane. This is because you will not be able to get anything out of staying Bot side. Instead, try to apply pressure by roaming.
If you cannot physically roam because you are low on health, then you can recall and then roam from the base.

In this example video, I recently recalled to purchase items after we got the enemy’s tower. I bought my items quickly and looked to roam. I saw that Top lane was in a position where I could gank them. Thanks to my items, I can quickly roam around the map and then return to my lane.

This is a good time to roam because of a few things:

  • I missed out on no experience or gold because we got first tower and needed to recall anyway.
  • My ADC was safe and not in danger. This is because we both recalled and were both safe.
  • I had Mobility Boots and could easily roam to another lane and get back to my ADC soon after.
  • We had won lane and I could help other lanes that were not doing too hot.

Example 2: You’ve killed the enemy Bot lane

If you have recently killed the enemy Bot lane, then you could try to roam straight after. This will allow you to apply even more pressure on the enemies thanks to the pressure being applied on two lanes. This will force the enemy Jungler to panic and either counter gank, protect a tower or continue farming. Either way, it is a win-win situation for your team. However, if you and your ADC can easily push the wave and apply tower pressure; then you should do that instead of roaming. This is because tower damage and first blood tower is more important than 1 roam as it opens up the map and grants your team a gold lead.

In this example, I avoided roaming because my Mid laner has killed the enemy and I am unable to a get anything out of it if I go there. Instead, I stay with my ADC and apply pressure to the tower. Taric made a rookie mistake in which we abused his error resulting in tower damage and another kill.

This is a good example of optimization in League of Legends. Just because we killed the Bot laner, that doesn’t mean I should roam. This is something that experience and map awareness tells you.

  • Look at the minion wave before you roam. Can you push it in and get the tower?
  • Look at the Mid lane before you roam, is the enemy Mid laner there and is he in a gankable position?
  • Instead of applying pressure to the tower, I could have gone to ward. However, the enemy Jungler is spotted and out river is warded. This means we can freely dive without fear of being ganked.
  • Patience is key when you tower dive. Prepare and wait for the best chance to go in. I waited patiently for his mistake, and also for the Rune to pop on the tower.

Example 3: When your ADC can farm safely alone

If you have an ADC that is either stronger early or is currently ahead in the lane; then you could try and leave them alone whilst you go and help another lane. You can only do this on a select few champions such as Lucian, Ezreal or Varus. You can also do this is the enemy is a pair of weak laners who prefer to farm rather than fight. Wave Management plays a huge factor when pulling off this specific roam example because your ADC must have common wave management knowledge and understand how minions work.

If your ADC can farm safely from range or has an escape ability then this method should be fine.

My ADC had just backed and so had I. He got to lane quickly and before me. He was farming in a good position with no immediate danger. I had to make sure to get back to lane as quickly as possible because he would start pushing the wave. So I went in, knew nothing else was going to happen from it and I returned to lane. This is efficient timing and I then had up to 5 minutes of being able to re-gank her lane.

While we didn’t get the desired goal when I roamed to Mid, we did however blow her Flash and gain a few other things from it:

  • She is now gankable for the next 5 minutes. Especially as Sona is an immobile champion, we could easily force another gank.
  • Provided vision on the way back to lane.
  • My ADC could farm and I missed out on minimal gold and experience.
  • I roamed from base and the enemy didn’t expect the gank.

Example 4: When your Midlane has CC, high kill potential or their Ultimate ready

In instances where your laner has their Ultimate or has high kill potential then you can attempt to gank their lane. This will likely result in a kill for either you or your ally. Ganking and helping your laner will allow you to put your Mid laner ahead and get yourself some gold. It is important to gank allies when they are strong as this will gain a lead.

Having a fed ally or having an ally who is strong makes ganking them easier. It can be hard to gank a laner that is immobile, low on health or is not a very strong fighter.

In this example video, I was rotating Mid lane to try and help my Mid laner out and apply pressure, as she was receiving a lot of heat from the enemy and needed help. On my way there, I found a stray Rakan and we quickly cleaned him up. Leblanc is a very good champion and has high kill potential and CC. I went there originally to provide assistance, and instead we got a kill. She might have died if I hadn’t come to help her.

  • Had to roam defensively because of the enemy Duo.
  • Came and warded for my Mid laner and provided vision for the team.
  • Went on the only threat, and waited for them to use their main dodging ability before going in.
  • ADC is under tower and is drawing no pressure. This is a good time to roam.

Example 5: When the enemy Mid is missing key Summoner Spells

Coordination between your team is one of the hardest things to do successfully in League of Legends because everybody hates each other. Well, not exactly, but communication can be quite hard especially when you’re not concentrating. Make sure to keep an eye on the minimap and read chat looking for missing Summoner Spells. If the enemy is missing core defensive spells, then you should try to gank that lane and abuse their weakness.

Map awareness is incredibly important so keep an eye on the map and where you’re walking throughout the game. If you notice that the enemy Jungler is preparing to gank the Mid lane, then you could try to roam and counter the gank. In short, ward and keep an eye on the minimap and you will find more gank or roam opportunities – even opportunities that you first thought were not real!

In a previous example, we saw how I roamed from base to Mid lane and ganked a Sona. She blew her Flash which allowed me or my Jungler to return within 5 minutes and pick up kills. Because Sona is relatively squishy, and as I am a Support that deals damage, I know that me and my Mid can quite easily kill her again.

Awareness of the map, chat and the how the game is going will allow you to create and abuse opportunities in attempts to future your lead. This was a good roam because:

  • I knew she had no Flash to protect herself.
  • My ADC should not die against an Ezreal and Lulu lane.
  • My Mid could follow up or start the exchange.
  • I applied a range of vision before roaming so I knew my ADC was safe in this 1v2 lane.

Example 6: The enemy is roaming and you need to match it

One of the most important things to do during the laning phase is to match the enemy roams and be prepared at any moment- to help your team. You want to follow and try to catch up with the enemy by either zoning them away from your ally or the lane.

Alternatively, if you’re not able to follow the enemy then you can engage on the enemy ADC instead- as long as you see the enemy has gone away and is not baiting you. If you are unable to engage on the enemy ADC, then you could position in front of your minions and stay in a more offensive position where you are “preparing to engage on the ADC.”

However, it is possible that the enemy may be baiting a roam. If you think that they are baiting, then I recommend you keep constant vision around your lane to protect yourself against enemy ganks and baits and avoid going in on the ADC.

In this example, we had backed after a bad trade but as we are getting back to lane, we see the enemy has invaded our jungle. Me and my ADC both roamed to help our team out and provide the numbers advantage over the enemy. We were lucky and killed one of them.

Roaming like this is important, so be aware and focus on the map. This is a good roam because:

  • Our team would’ve lost out on XP and possibly died if we didn’t come to help.
  • We would have the numbers advantage and outnumber the enemy.
  • Kept an eye on the map, and walked early to the correct area of the map and did not waste time.
  • Returned to lane as soon as the engagement had ended and placed vision on the way back.

Example 7: To counter gank or gank with your Jungler

Ganking and helping your laners can be hard especially if you’re on a champion who doesn’t have strong CC. There will be games and situations where you and your Jungler can roam to a lane and both gank it. Coordination is needed from your team to create these types of ganks and they are rare- especially in Solo Queue.

If you are a champion who doesn’t have the greatest of kit and ability to roam such as a Janna, then it can be hard. In games like this, I recommend requesting Junglers assistance to help you in your journey around the map.

In this example, I am roaming from my lane to our Mid lane in attempts to help my Jungler and Mid laner out and turn this 2v2 into a 3v2. My ADC is relatively safe during this time as their Support is not in lane either.

  • Both Junglers were mid and it didn’t seem that any team was going to get a kill. Instead of wasting their time and putting my team behind; I went and helped them get something out of it.
  • My ADC was safe during the whole time I was gone and was in no danger.
  • We could not do anything Bot side, so roaming is the best option to gain a lead.
  • I placed wards and left vision to make sure my ADC was safe whilst I was gone.

Common Misconceptions, Questions and Answers

Q: I’ll be missing out on experience and gold by roaming, should I roam?

A: Time is crucial in League of Legends and is not a disposable resource. Time is very important and you need to be efficient and not waste what little time you have on the rift. While you are roaming to another lane, make sure to keep an eye on the lane you’re going to, and the one you’ve left.

It is important to “pull the trigger” and go for it if you’re going to go in, or go back to lane if you’re not. If the enemy has backed off, then don’t waste your time walking to Mid lane. Instead, return back to your lane.

During the laning phase, minions spawn every 30 seconds with each third wave being a cannon minion wave. If a wave is approaching (roughly between the two towers) then you may not be able to roam – especially if it is a cannon wave. This is because the enemy will deny your ally the cannon minion gold and you will miss out on the hefty experience that bad boy gives. In short, don’t roam when cannons are approaching your lane.

To counter this, you should roam if you will not be missing out on any experience. Such as roaming from base or roaming after you’ve pushed into tower or when your ADC has backed.

Q: I’m falling behind in experience and items from roaming, how do I catch up?

A: It’s common to fall slightly behind when roaming, but you shouldn’t see a huge difference in leveling or item differentiation. If you are falling behind, then you need to stay in one lane and avoid roaming. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. However, you should not try to roam as often and instead, catch up in gold and experience by sticking with your ADC.

Q: My Mid sucks. Should I help them?

A: In games where your other lanes are lackluster, you should try to help them out, especially when they are behind. If you are playing a champion with CC, spam ping that you’re coming and go and help them. If they are lacking damage after being blasted in lane, then ask your Jungler to roam with you and turn that 2v1 into a 3v1. You may even be able to get even more from it such as a tower or dragon.

While the saying goes “never help a lost lane.” You should try to help who ever you can and get yourself ahead and bring them back into the game.

Q: I’m playing a Utility Support. Should I try to roam?

A: Yes. Even Supports that do not have any CC can still roam. However, it’s much harder. In situations where you’re playing Janna, Soraka or Lulu, you should ask your Jungler to 2-man-gank the Mid lane and make it 3 versus 1.

Q: I’m behind, should I roam?

A: Your own judgement should be taken with this question. If you’re useless and under-leveled, then you need catch up in experience before roaming.

It is important to know when you can gank and roam. There is unfortunately no right time to roam and it’s incredibly important to be efficient when roaming to other lanes. You want to maximize your chances of roaming by looking out for scenarios like I’ve listed above. The most important thing to remember is: be efficient when choosing to roam. Be quick and be precise, don’t take too long getting back to your lane!


Please Note: This was taken and written by myself for Mobalytics. You can find out more here.


How to Ward Objectives Back to Top

Warding objectives is incredibly important, it gives you the ability and knowledge to know if the enemy are doing it or are nearby. Warding in itself is important and so is having vision of dragon and baron.

Scouting Dragon

Warding is one way to get vision around the dragon pit. Another way is picking up the rift scuttle, not only to give vision of the dragon pit but also to scout out any champions coming through the river. Rift scuttle is very good as it provides basically a free ward and can give lots of knowledge- for example, if it has recently been killed you will see enemy vision there, this also means that the jungler is or was nearby.

Warding the dragon area is important because it will tell you if the enemy team is doing it. There are a few different wards that you can place to see if the enemy is doing it.

Use your ward inside the pit

The first is pretty obvious, warding inside the pit itself, this is the more common one but I see many people doing it wrong. You want to ward around this area (see picture.) You should do this because it grants vision to the pit but also the river nearby.

Doing Dragon

Being aware of the enemy team is important and knowing where they are is valuable information. When doing dragon you should always have areas around it warded. I have broken down where you should place wards depending on what side you’re on.

Blue side Dragon wards

If you are on Blue side, then you should ward in these 3 areas. Wards here will allow you to see if any enemies are approaching you if they are coming then it is good to either back off and let the dragon reset or try and rush the dragon down. If you cannot finish it, then change targets and focus the enemy instead. Use your control in the pit to scout out any wards that might be placed

Red side Dragon wards

On red side you should ward in these places as they will show you where the enemy is and if they are in good position to contest the dragon. If the enemy is coming and is spotted, then make sure to either back off and reset the dragon or pull the dragon out of the pit but do not let it reset. To do this, walk backwards until the dragon is out of pit and go back in range to finish it off.

Scouting Baron

Scouting baron is slightly different to scouting the dragon. This is because there are more valid places to ward. If the rift scuttler is alive, make sure to kill it and gain the free ward from it.

As the red side, you want to ward in these areas as it will show vision when the enemy is approaching or doing baron, this also shows if the are baiting the baron too. When scouting baron i like to place a defensive pink ward because it is harder to destroy compared to one in the baron pit (it’s in our jungle so the enemy has to invade us to get it)

Red side Baron wards

On the blue side you need to ward in these areas. I recommend using a offensive pink ward because the enemy have further to get to it and clear it, this means that your team can follow up and kill the enemy if they try to get it. I tend to ward around the side of the pit as this is usually a high traffic area.

Blue side Baron Wards

Doing Baron

While doing baron, you need to beware of where the enemy is and make sure to have the important areas warded. Here are the ideal wards to protect you from the enemy counter. If you see the enemy coming you should back off unless the baron is almost done, this is because smite wars around baron are incredibly difficult and can cost games. This is also where games are thrown. On the blue side you should ward these areas.

Blue side Baron Wards

When doing baron as the red team you must give your team as much information as soon as possible, so it is important to ward in these areas to grant your time the maximum chance of escaping if need be. This also allows your team to prepare an engage on the enemies.

Red side Baron Wards

Overall, it is important to keep vision of the enemy and give your team a big chance of securing objectives with useful vision. This serves as a guide and a go-to guide to warding objectives such as Baron or Dragon, in some situations you will need to ward different areas depending on the enemy team and other in game factors.

Finally, if you see any enemy wards spotted by your control ward while doing baron or dragon do not destroy them as they grant vision for a brief period showing the monsters health. Also use the plants to your advantage, destroy anything that may give the enemy information of the monsters.

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