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5 months ago

Quinn Statistics for Bambi On Ice

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Standard ADC summoners here, nothing too extreme.

4.png Run this 100% of games, you have low mobility with no reliable escape so flash is self-explanatory.

7.png Better than barrier after the changes, you get a mini ghost with the 30% movement speed and barrier barely scales better into late game. A very versatile summoner spell that can be used both for chasing kills and running away.

21.png Not really worth it anymore, it does block more damage than heal, but heal actually gives you health, whereas it is very easy to use barrier and not actually block any damage. On top of this, you don't get a speed boost.

1.png Very situational, I would really only run cleanse if they have a super high cc team and you don't think you're going to have the gold to buy QSS, which is really a better form of cleanse (e.g. Annie, Twisted Fate, Sejuani)

New Runes Back to Top

Standard Runes

Basic ADC runes:

  • Attack speed is vital, and is much stronger for trading in lane. Flat AD is better for last hitting, but it is more worthwhile putting in time to practice this in customs instead of running the AD. Attack speed is what you should be running in season 5 on every ADC
  • I like running the 4 health/5 armour split, simply because health is much better early game stat wise.
  • Running flat/scaling Magic Resist glyphs is up to you, however usually you will not be dealing with a lot of AP damage early game, and the scaling MR will pay off later on.

Abilities Back to Top


Harrier.jpg Harrier (Passive)

Valor periodically marks a nearby visible enemy with Vulnerable for 4.5 seconds, and granting standard sight of them over the duration. This cannot occur again for a few seconds, decreasing if Quinn triggers the Vulnerable.

  • Quinn's bread and butter, this combined with your E (which procs harrier) is your main harrass tool and helps you trade early on. Wherever safe, you want to try auto with the mark, then E and reapply the mark to auto again.
  • You can apply Harrier to multiple targets at once
  • Applies on hit effects

Blinding_Assault.jpg Blinding Assault (Q)

Quinn commands Valor to fly forwards in a line, stopping when he collides with an enemy. Valor then deals physical damage and blinds nearby enemies with 210-range for 1.5 seconds.

Look Val, Buffs! As off patch 5.7, blind is much smoother than previously where sometimes an enemy auto attack would still damage you even if they appeared to be blinded. 
  • This is why you pick Quinn. You will be maxing this ability first, and this ability is what separates good Quinns from great Quinns. This ability has a small AOE radius, so your ability to land it on the enemy caster minions in lane and the enemy ADC will provide a lot of poke.
  • Main duelling tool, you need to hit this if you are planning on 1v1ing anyone.

Heightened_Senses.jpg Heightened Senses (W)

PASSIVE: Attacking a Vulnerable target will grant Quinn bonus attack speed and flat movement speed for 3 seconds.

ACTIVE: All area within range is revealed for 2 seconds.

  • Great to avoid facechecking and chasing down opponents running into bushes. Also if you think you're being ganked or clearing the area for an objective.
  • One of Quinn's main strengths is her versatility, this being her ability to make use of several abilities. Many Quinn players max this ability second, as it grants a huge amount of bonus Attack and Movement Speed. However I believe Quinn's biggest strength lies in her burst, which is ultimately amplified through maxing E second, also reducing the cooldown of her escape and chase tool.
  • This is though, largely down to personal preference. Play this one out and see which you prefer to max. Note that I max this second if playing against enemy AD with high attack speed (67_64.png)

Vault.jpg Vault (E)

Quinn dashes to an enemy, knocking it back a short distance, dealing physical damage and slowing the target's movement speed by 50%. This slow decays over 2 seconds.
Upon reaching the target, she leaps off and lands near her maximum attack range away from the target. Valor will immediately mark the target as Vulnerable.

  • Putting this at the top: CANNOT INTERRUPT JARVAN E-Q but can jump out of his ult!
  • Can interrupt all channelled spells (e.g. 90_64.png ult, 21_64.png ult, 9_64.png ult and drain, 55_64.png ult, etc)
  • Can be used to jump over walls if you position correctly up against it
  • Can be used to follow an enemy champion's escape including flash! - hard to master but brilliant once you can do it consistently

Tag_Team.jpg Skystrike.jpg Tag Team/Skystrike (R)

First cast: For 20 seconds, Valor replaces Quinn on the battlefield as a mobile melee attacker with alternate versions of Quinn's abilities

  • Can move through units
  • Level 1, you get 80% movespeed out of combat and 20% in combat - note that if you pick up homeguard after backing when a fight is going on near your base, you can ult in with homeguard and clean up
  • 4 second cooldown between first and second cast
  • Do NOT use this to start/go into a teamfight; you are still a squishy ADC and will be 1 shot.
Second cast: Quinn returns to perform Skystrike, dealing physical damage to all enemies within range.
  • This is an execute. The damage is increased by 1% for every 1% of the target's missing health.

Things you should be aiming do with your ultimate on Quinn:
  • 1v1 assassinating targets - every ad loves solo farming that bot lane Doublelift style, punish them for it
  • 1 shotting a squishy carry on the edge of a fight
  • Similarly to above, cleaning up fights. If only squishy targets remain, then you can dive into their faces
  • A fun fact: If you are flying at a low health target possibly under tower in Tag Team form, you can cast Vault on them, then quickly hit R mid flight, triggering Skystrike but also making you jump back to where you Vaulted from, 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Every game
    Warding Totem until you get IE, then swap to Scrying Orb

Core Items

    If enemy team is squishy, this build is your dream
    See description
    Situational Core
    Late game elixirs

Situational Items

    Defensive possibilities
    Some people swear by these, I disagree
tl;dr don't copy pros 

Just before I get into explaining item paths, one thing has to be noted: I don't recommend learning Quinn if you're just starting out learning how to play ADC. Not only is she mechanically quite difficult, but her whole kit is hard to get used to and master (there's a reason she's underplayed). To quote Doublelift "all you need to do on AD Carry is have amazing mechanics. Don't over think the game too much or you'll just confuse yourself." So focus on learning the popular, standard AD Carries before moving on to the more indie ones.

By extension, I realise that Pro Players in the LCS and streamers that you watch will build certain things. This DOES NOT mean you should necessarily copy them just because you've seen them do it. This time a quote from Phreak " I think players mis-estimate things a lot. Last Whisper second Corki and Kog'Maw are prime examples: They are literally NEVER the correct choice.

With that in mind, let's talk about pathing and a quick answer to the current debate of 3046_32.png vs 3087_32.png

I'll try to keep this short and sweet. Basically, after the nerfs to Shiv, Phantom Dancer is for tanky teams and Statikk Shiv is for squishy ones. No, the magic damage proc from Shiv is not a reason to buy it for tanks building armour. It's a myth and doesn't proc often enough or do enough damage to discount the buffed extra crit chance and attack speed you get from Phantom Dancer.

In the current meta, a lot of the time you will be forced to build Phantom Dancer if you want any hope of killing anything. However if you are presented with a no-tank team, go Shiv. Not only is it better for snowballing, it plays into Quinn's strength of being a mobile melee assassin. The burst you get from a Harrier auto attack crit is insane, not to mention when you charge at a helpless carry. I was running this shit back when people were going first item BT every game, and the LP was rolling in.

Core Items:

3006_64.png Standard ADC boots. Get these 100% of the time

                  In an ideal world, these are your first 2 items. I finish Statikk Shiv after boots 2 are completed.

3072_64.png Loads of attack damage and is a necessity in most games due to 3075_32.png being meta.

Situational Items:

3035_64.png High armour front lines (most games), build this either before or after your Bloodthirster depending on enemy team

3153_64.png Huge in the current meta, big debate of BORK vs BT which I will go into later. Basically run this if enemies have stacks of health, but no thornmail.

3142_64.png If you are stupidly far ahead and enemy team has no tanks, build 3031_32.png 3006_32.png 3087_32.png 3142_32.png

3078_64.png Used to run this for cheese but not worth the high cost anymore

3139_64.png Run this against suppresses and anything with a targeted stun or similar that is difficult to outplay and features high interaction -_-(1_64.png  4_64.png  89_64.png  113_64.png etc)

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ashe
  • Caitlyn
  • Corki
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Graves
  • Jinx
  • Kog'Maw
  • Lucian
  • Miss Fortune
  • Quinn
  • Sivir
  • Tristana
  • Twitch
  • Varus
  • Vayne




Difficulty: 2/10 - Effortless

Ashe is one of the easiest champions to play against as Quinn. Once an incredibly popular choice with Zyra in the bottom lane, Ashe has fallen out of favour with the season 4 meta. 

Stay behind minions to avoid her volley, and keep in mind her ult when all-inning her. Otherwise you simply have too much burst for her, you should be fine.




Difficulty: 9/10 - Challenging

This is hard. I like to think that most Quinn matchups are skill based, simply because not a lot of people play Quinn giving you an immediate advantage, however Caitlyn simply outranges Quinn. By a lot. Going aggressive on a Cait especially if she has an aggressive support is pretty much suicide. If you're gonna choose Quinn against her I would recommend farming passively with a good sustain support until level 6 (37_64.png is great for this). Most smart Cait's will shove you hard into tower, while simultaneously zoning you off cs with her ridiculous range and aggressive support (let's be honest it's probably a Thresh).

Having said this, the fact that very few people play Quinn is a big advantage. If you are a good Quinn and your opponent is an average Cait you and Valor will eat her, I promise. Unless she has the best disengage support in the world. You also outscale her and outdamage her 1v1 and past laning phase.
Also try not to get trapped cause TRAPS OP.




Difficulty: 9/10 - Challenging

Need to update




Difficulty: 5/10 - Medium

This matchup ranges from easy to medium difficulty and is heavily skill based. Draven outranges Quinn a tiny bit, so get too close and you'll cop a Q enhanced auto attack to the face. However, all of Draven's damage comes from his Q, so if you can land your blind at any stage on him, you will out trade him. Having said this, he is a huge lane bully and will definitely out trade you in a minion wave. Also, if he has an aggressive support like Leona or Thresh trading back with him could be dangerous. If you're really really super quick you can interrupt his ult with your E.

Draven is prone to all ins because of his required mobility for catching his axes, so if he hangs around by himself a little too long on 3/4 health in lane, don't be afraid to R>E>Q in and fight him.




Difficulty: 7/10 - Hard

Ezreal, like Corki is not your typical adc, being that he is more of a caster. I rate this matchup from medium to hard difficulty because of a few reasons: He has the best escape in the game, a 14 second flash that directly gets him out of Blitz grab, Zenith blade, Annie stun and more, and his kiting ability with Mystic Shot being on a short cooldown lowers your chance of killing him and snowballing early. Blinding Assault also doesn't affect his Q or any of his abilities (which is bullshit because Jax dodge dodges it). Ezreal and Caitlyn are the two adcs I usually don't pick Quinn against if I have the option - food for thought.

This is also a skill matchup, as both Ezreal and Quinn's Qs are blocked by minions (but yours has a tiny bit of AOE). If he tries to straight up trade with you Harrier and your E will ensure you win the trade, but any decent Ezreal will stand off, farm and throw Mystic Shots at you all day.

Be careful at all-inning him at 6 because he will most likely arcane shift away and kite you with his Q. Like all champions with a dash/jump though, the same principle with your E applies in that timed correctly you can follow him to his destination.




Difficulty: 4/10 - Moderate

Graves isn't very common currently but is still a medium matchup. Mainly based on skill, be careful about using your E too liberally as you will most likely cop a Buckshot to the face. Quinn and Graves' range is about the same, so get your positioning right and you can trade with him by blinding him and auto attacking.

If he has a squishy support, (37_64.png) you're better off focusing them. Graves' passive makes him deceptively tanky as a fight goes on.




Difficulty: 5/10 - Medium

Jinx is one of the more popular ADCs at the moment due to her hyper carry late game power. Combined with a Thresh to make up for her relatively low mobility, she can be devastating in both teamfights and 1 on 1s with her passive. However, it is this lack of mobility which Quinn thrives on and thus makes this matchup not too difficult.

Laning phase is farily equal, Jinx will be maxing Zap! first and so trading in minion waves will be level and if she is in a position to land Zap!, you should also be in a position to land blind.

Post lane phase, you can 1v1 Jinx no problem. The additional attack speed from her passive on her minigun is what makes Jinx such a monster in 1v1s, however a swift blind from Quinn will see her easily dispatched. Be careful of fighting her if she has picked up more kills in teamfights, however, as she has the potential to outplay you and has more of an impact in teamfights.




Yeah because people totally play Kog'Maw



Difficulty: 6/10 - Formidable

Currently the most popular AD Carry in the NA LCS, Lucian is seen to be more of a "safe" pick than a game-changing one. Without a typically weak matchup, he is strong all around and is kind of a half normal/half caster adc, I think WildTurtle called him a more updated version of Ezreal.

In regards to the Quinn matchup, both champions have the ability to outplay one another. The laning phase leans more so in Lucians favour, however land a blind at him at any time and you cancel out his passive. Recommend playing safely until help from your jungler arrives.


Miss Fortune


Difficulty: 3/10 - Easy

Miss Fortune is a huge lane bully. Her AA>Q combo does a surprising amount of burst damage early in lane. She will out trade you if you're standing in the middle or behind a minion wave. However, she has zero escapes, and her steroid is the enhancement of her auto attacks which your blind easily takes care of so any sort of aggressive-all in support (89_64.png) should see her easily dispatched.

As soon as you hit 6 you want to be looking to dive her as Valor. Save your E and you can interrupt her ult/chase if she flashes and you should pick up an easy kill




Difficulty: 10/10 - INSANE

WARNING this lane might explode.
Never played this matchup before but your toughest enemy is yourself. Try to bait out her blind and then back off before engaging I guess.




Difficulty: 5/10 - Medium

So while previously this matchup was rated as "3/10" and I talked about how Sivir's range is trash and no one plays her, she is now one of the 3 pretty much exclusively played champions (Cait and Lucian) in the NA LCS :/ So with that in mind, let's revise!

I maintain Sivir's range is absolutely trash and one of the few champions Quinn outranges, however this is not where her strength lies. You'd better duck (lol) if you sense she's about to throw her Q at you because it does a deceptively large amount of damage.

If she uses her shield on your E, perfect. It doesn't do much damage anyway and you'll still get the Harrier proc for your auto attack, then feel free to line up a free Q. What makes this a skill matchup though is that she does however have the potential to spell shield your Q, in which case you will get out traded.

While Sivir does generally lose against most standard adcs due to her range, the reason she is either picked or banned by every team in the 2014 LCS is because of her mid-game and team fight power combined with absurd wave clear. Be incredibly careful of feeding a Sivir, as On The Hunt + Talisman of Ascension will end you and your team.




Difficulty: 7/10 - Hard

Tristana's early game damage is insane, always be prepared to E away and back off quickly if she jumps on you. She outranges you as well and can burst you down with her combos before you can do a thing.However having said this, if she does jump to you she has no escape, so this could work in your favour. Play it safe early, and remember my tip about your E. Wait for the animation and you can interrupt or follow her all the way to where she lands.




Twitch... I see you




Difficulty: 5/10 - Medium

An interesting matchup, I would probably rate this anywhere from easy to hard. If Varus is just csing with auto attacks you'll have no problem, however if he has an aggressive support and is constantly sniping you with stupidly long ranged high damage arrows (wtf) then you're going to struggle a bit.

I recommend playing this matchup as passive-aggressive until level 6




Difficulty: 2/10 - Effortless

Any good Quinn player should destroy Vayne. The main reason being that Vayne's mechanics are so hard to master and all her damage comes from her auto attacks. Vayne is very weak early so try grab an aggressive support and deny her as much as you can. She has no escapes, so save your E and if she condemns you away then jump back on to her.

The only reason this matchup isn't 1/10 difficulty is because if you encounter a solid Vayne you'll struggle to kill her, rolling around to dodge your blinds before condemning you into a wall and having her nami throw a bubble at you. Vayne's mechanics are difficult to master but if done properly she is a menace. In that case, this matchup becomes medium-hard difficulty. Suss it out fairly quickly and otherwise play aggressive and shut her down early, she'll do nothing mid game and you'll one-shot her late game.

Support Synergy Back to Top

Supports that work amazingly with Quinn:

Every Braum lane is ridiculously strong at the moment, and Quinn is no different. He has poke, engage, disengage, and a mad shield that blocks projectiles.


Can either be brilliant or horrible, completely depends on whether he can land grabs/if he knows who to grab.

My favourite support! Tanky, good zoning ability, has a ton of cc and is amazing at initiating and somewhat peeling. The only issue with Leona is that her kit is based on constantly all inning. If you're ahead this is awesome, whenever her ult is up is practically a guaranteed kill, however if you're behind it can be a bit sketchy.

The strongest, most popular support (and champion!) at the moment for good reason. With tons of zoning potential and ability power enhanced ranged auto attacks, if he can land hooks on the enemy adc they will usually take a ton of damage, and his lantern offers a sure-fire way for junglers to burst into lane unexpectedly.

The thing that makes Thresh that much stronger that Leona is his versatility. Where if Leona lands her Zenith Blade she is 100% all in, Thresh has so many more options if he lands Death Sentence. Lanturn is the perfect solution for immobile AD Carries such as Jinx and Twitch, and Flay and Box are awesome both offensively and defensively.

Targeted stuns... need I say more? Well I will, Taric is a very tanky support with an ability that grants you more armour, reliable cc and a solid heal. Plus he does a ridiculous amount of damage like wth don't try and duel a Taric if you're adcing Taric op.

Supports that work well with Quinn

Alistar is interesting because usually unless your jungle ganks or he gets grabbed by a Blitzcrank he has to combo/flash in order to get close enough to Pulverize (unless your opposition is just letting him walk up to them). A good Alistar will never let the enemy adc get anywhere near you, while also having the ability to turn defence into offence incredibly fast.

While being one of the most squishy champions in the game, Sona does a crazy amount of damage with her Q/powerchord and has a great heal. I usually request Sona in a passive pre-6 lane such as Cait-Thresh or something similar, that you can just burst once you hit level 6.

An interesting option and one that I haven't played with too often, a good Nami support is generally determined on whether she can land bubbles or not. If she does, and uses the ability that makes your auto attacks do enhanced damage, your harrier mark + auto attack will do a ton of damage.

I really like Karma at the moment and a good Karma is excellent in lane and for the team. Like Quinn, she does a surprising amount of damage with Mantra + Q, she has a shield that scales with AP and gives you and/or the team a speed boost and a root. Just an all round strong champion if played properly, has the tools to poke, engage and disengage. The only reason that she's not in the above section is because she's a mage support and I prefer tank supports :P

Lulu is broken. So so broken.

Definitely viable and strong if played correctly however even though I'm putting this in the "supports that work well with Quinn" section I personally am not a massive fan of Annie support. She would probably be more of a "supports that work okay with Quinn and amazingly with the team" if I had a section called that. Maybe I haven't had enough good Annie supports, but she is not one I request. She does have great scaling as well as a targeted and AOE stuns though so not the worst idea in the world.

Supports that aren't great with Quinn

16_64.png OUTDATED holy fuck soraka is broken now

40_64.png Has a billion methods of disengaging but again can't secure you kills and will fall off mid/late game.

99_64.png Unless you're duoing chances are Lux will be 'securing' kills for herself with laser. Doesn't have a heap of damage and highly unlikely that she'll max her shield, not a great pick.

76_64.png My least favourite support even moreso than Soraka. Unless you have Hotshot smurfing with you hitting spears left right and centre she is a shocking support and does nothing for you as she won't be maxing heal.

About Me Back to Top

Hey guys, my name is Liam and I am an adc main currently in Plat living in Australia trying to work my way the ladder. I only started playing LoL half way through last season, where I landed in Silver 3 from my placements in the North America Server. Shortly after this, the portal for free Oceania transfers opened and when I swapped over, struggled a little with placements and ended up in Bronze 5 :/ a long, long climb out of Bronze began, and it was during this time that I discovered Jax was the champion to get me out.
Quinn has carried me all the way from Silver 5 up to now Plat 5, simply because I absolutely love playing her. To be honest, if you're looking to gain elo, you can do it with a almost any champion, effectively anyone besides 17_64.png. The key is to find someone you love and master them. I admit, there have been quite a few games where people on my team in champion select have abused me for taking Quinn, but you have to remember this will be the mindset of the opposition as well - barely anyone plays Quinn, and so few people have a lot of experience against her.
For some reason my season 3 Quinn stats disappeared at the start of this one (cheers Lolking) but I can tell you honestly that over around 150 games my kda was approximately 10/6, with a win ratio of around 65% (my s4 stats are close enough) and I'll upload some screenshots of some victories soon.
Good luck everyone and remember, Demacia needs heroes.

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