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1 month ago

Quinn Statistics for Dumbledore Bot

Author's performance with Quinn compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Flash heal is a nobrainer for ADCs. However, if you have an enchanter support with windspeakers and this support takes heal, you can take barrier instead. This combination makes your trades really strong. Windspeaker's and all forbidden idol items increases heal summoner spell's healing.

New Runes Back to Top

Press%20the%20Attack.png?width=32Press the attack seems like the best possible keystone for ADC Quinn. Quinn can easily apply this keystone by doing AA + E AA + Q AA to apply the debuff on the opponent. (Recommended)

 Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32Fleet footwork is also a viable keystone when playing against a poke heavy bot lane (which is quite likely considering how support meta is shifting towards Mage supports again).

Lethal%20Tempo.png?width=32Lethal tempo doesn't fit onto Quinn's bursty playstyle too well but on ADC-Quinn it can work since Crit Quinn relies her auto attacks to do most of her damage. Lethal tempo and Quinn's heightened senses is able to grant her a massive auto attack buff.

8112.png?width=32Electrocute is still a viable option on Quinn even after the nerfs. If you combine it with statikk shiv crit and stormrazor, it grants a massive burst when leaving the flight mode.

Triumph.png?width=32Triumph is generally the best choise for Quinn, it heals you quite alot when you get a takedown and you also get bonus gold.

Overheal.png?width=32If you are paired with a healer support, taking overheal rune is an option. Excess healing is converted onto a shield which decays over time, basicly this mastery grants you a smaller version of bloodthirster.

Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=32On legend section, Alacrity is generally the best option. Truth to be told Quinn doesn't really care much about any of those legend runes but extra attack speed doesn't hurt an ADC.

Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32 Lastly, coup de grace is the best option to have. It makes you deal more damage to opponents with low health which makes it easier for Quinn to assassinate targets. Most notably, Quinn can bring a squishy opponent down to low health with Q Harrier statikk shiv auto E harrier auto, you can then auto attacks to defeat low health opponents when your burst tools are down.

As for your secondary rune tree, there are multiple viable options.

Sudden%20Impact.png?width=32Quinn's Vault counts as a Dash, which activates sudden impact. This boosts your damage by a noticeable amount.

Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32Since Quinn is made to be roamer, relentless hunter grants her some extra out of combat movement speed. Helps you to get back to lane faster and grants a nice little boost when roaming to other lanes.

Abilities Back to Top


Always max your Q first. It's your major burst, waveclear and dueling tool. It's also one of the strongest CC-abilities in the game since it applies nearsight on the target for 1.5 seconds.

Next up, you can max either E or W. Maxing E slightly increases Vault's damage and reduces the cooldown, E should be maxed next if up against heavy engage team (Leona support, Maokai top or jungle for example). Maxing W is also viable. Everytime when you proc harrier, you are given a noticeable movement speed boost and AS-steroid for 2 seconds.


Valor periodically marks visible enemies as Vulnerable. Quinn's first basic attack against Vulnerable targets will deal bonus physical damage. Quinn's Blinding assault (Q) and vault (E) Apply harrier onto targeted opponents. Critical hit chance reduces Harrier's cooldown.

Harrier is a big part of Quinn's kit. With it, Quinn is able to have bursty, short trades when you combine her Q and E with this passive.

quinnq.pngBlinding assault (Q)

Quinn calls Valor to mark an enemy and hinder its vision before damaging all enemies in the immediate area.

Valor flies in a line, marking the first enemy he hits as Vulnerable and reducing its vision radius dramatically for 1.5 seconds. He then deals 20/45/70/95/120 (+ 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120% AD) (+50% Ability Power) physical damage to all nearby enemies. If the primary target is not a champion, it cannot attack for 1.5 seconds.

Everyone who has played against Quinn hates this ability with fiery passion. Opponents will be nearsighted which makes them unable to fight back for 1.5 seconds, and it also applies harrier onto first target opponent hit. It also causes massive AOE-damage after it lands which makes this ability an excellent waveclear tool.

quinnw.pngHeightened Senses (W)

Passively grants Quinn Attack Speed and Movement Speed after she attacks a Vulnerable target. Activate to have Valor reveal a large area nearby.

Bonus attack-speed (20, 35, 50, 65, 80%)

Bonus Movement speed (20, 25, 30, 35, 40)

Heightened senses may not get much credit but this passive greatly enhances your harrier even further. When you unlock this ability, you are given a really decent attack-speed and movement speed bonus when you attack harrier-marked opponents which lasts 2 seconds. This ability is also basicly 2.png spell, it reveals nearby area for a couple of seconds when activated.

quinne.pngVault (E)

Quinn dashes to an enemy, dealing physical damage and slowing the target's Movement Speed. Upon reaching the target, she leaps off the target, briefly interrupting it, and lands near her maximum Attack Range away from the target.

Quinn dashes to an enemy, dealing 40/70/100/130/160 (+20% bonus Attack Damage) physical damage while Valor marks it as Vulnerable. Upon reaching the target, Quinn leaps off, briefly displacing and slowing it by 50% (diminishing over 1.5 seconds).

Vault is a pretty unique ability. It's a dash, it knocks up opponents briefly and slows opponents for 50% after the knockup expires. It also has multiple uses, you can use it offensively to CC targets, you can use it to pass over terrain on certain places of the map and it also applies harrier on the opponent. This ability tends to take a bit of getting used to since it's one of a kind ability in the game.

Things you can do with vault!

  • Interrupt opponent's channeled spells (lucianr.pngabsolutezero.pngkatarinar.png)
  • Interrupt opponent's 12.pngteleport-spell!
  • Dash over walls, easiest way to do it is by getting behind a monster camp and then vaulting over the wall. Can be done if you are really close to a wall and then opponent melee champion comes to your range.
  • Use the knockup and slow to make it harder for opponents to flee, helpful if your jungler ganks your lane.
  • This ability should be used to peel and disengage from divers during teamfight.

quinnr.pngBehind enemy linesquinnr.png

Quinn and Valor team up to fly around at great speed.

Quinn calls down Valor to assist her. After a 2 second channel, they unite, gaining 70/100/130% Total Movement Speed and the ability to cast Skystrike by recasting this ability or taking offensive action. Skystrike damages nearby enemies and marks them as invulnerable (40 bonus AD ratio).

Suffering immobilizing crowd control effects while Behind Enemy Lines is channeling cancels it. Taking damage from champions, monsters, or turrets while Behind Enemy Lines is active removes the bonus movement speed for 3 seconds.

If you have a least one point in Behind Enemy Lines, respawning or returning to the summoning platform will activate Behind enemy lines.

With this ability, Quinn can now roam and gank other lanes and splitpush like a god with it, and thanks to Quinn buffs it also applies vulnerable-marks to all nearby enemies when you activate the skystrike. Find more on how to use this ability at "how to utilize quinn's ultimate" section.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Typical ranged AD starter item. Grants a nice bag of survivability and a bit of AD.
    If you are against an enchanter which makes it impossible for you to poke opponents down and trade effectively, you can start with Cull instead of Dsword. Cull grants you one extra gold after every minion kill and 350 gold after killing hundred minions.
    If you are up against an unbearable poke lane, Doran's shield remains a viable starter item. It grants you a bit of on-hit damage when attacking minions which helps with last hitting and if you get hit by a spell or an attack it will heal you a bit. But on trades it puts you on disadvantage since Dsword or even Cull makes you deal more damage to opponent champs but this item doesn't.
    Try to buy around 1-3 of these depending on what kind of lane you are against. Don't buy more than 3 though since they will quickly lose effectiveness.

Core Items

    Stormrazor rush. Stormrazor is super good on Quinn, it gives you a nice edge if you flank someone, giving a quaranteed critical hit.
    General core items. Grants you amazing burst when exiting the flight mode. Stormrazor rush, statikk second, IE 3rd, boots somewhere in between stormrazor and statikk.
    Your boot options. Adcs generally buy berserkers and it's also recommended option for Quinn. Swiftness boots grants you a solid 55 MS boost and resistance against slows, it's a great option if you need to kite often and it also grants extra speed when roaming with ultimate. Finally, Mobi boots can be used if you use your ultimate to roam or ambush often.
    Example of full build.
    If you feel like you can use bot lane ganking tactic, buy sweepers to make it easier for you to ambush bot laners. See "How to Utilize Quinn's ultimate" section for more details.
    Buy blue trinket after getting level 9, unless if you feel like you can still use bot lane ambush tactic.
    Try to keep one control ward on the map at all times.

Situational Items

    If you bought bilgewater, upgrade it to BotrK first. This item makes Quinn decent at killing tanks and it helps a bit to kite as well. Overall, all it's stats are put to good use but it will generally deal less damage than statikk + BF combo.
    Against hard CC? Buy quicksilver sash and upgrade it to mercurial scimitar at some point.
    Quinn is a great duelist in general. With Phantom dancer you can duel opponents easier since it reduces their damage output alot.
    Against heavy harass and need a bit of extra survivability? Bloodthirster got you covered. It grants you 20% lifesteal and if you auto attack with full health, you will get a shield which gets stronger with your levels.
    Viable survivability item. This item grants you a nice chunk of damage, lifesteal (which also applies to abilities) and 30% of damage taken is converted to DoT. Know that if you have this item's DoT going, you can't use your ultimate.
    Need survivability? Buy GA. It grants you AD and Armor and a really helpful passive which revives you.
    Last whisper and one of it's upgrades should be your last item.
    Against heavy sustain? (Opponents have Soraka, Mundo or Swain) Buy executioner's calling (early against soraka or other high sustain support) to hinder their annoying heals. You can also upgrade it onto mortal reminder later in the game.
    Against heavy magic damage burst? Buy hexdrinker. Upgrade it onto maw of malmortius at some point.
    Getting CC'ed and focused down afterwards during fights? Edge of night grants you a spellshield after channeling for 1.5 seconds. You can use items while riding Valor which allows you to prepare yourself for opponent CC before diving onto them.
    Quinn can now proc multiple harrier marks with Runaan's hurricane, it does have a solid synergy with her ultimate which applies harrier on all nearby foes.
    Lethality is a noobtrap for ADC Quinn. Lethality Quinn is legit and powerful but on ADC-role your job is to provide your team with constant damage over time which is why building crit is better.

Why to build crit over lethality?

Like i stated earlier, Lethality stat is not recommended for ADC Quinn. Lethality is a fantastic stat on Quinn, but that gameplay differs alot from Critical hit Quinn. Lethality is all about bursting the target down with spell rotation, and after that you are kind of mediocre which makes your teamfights suffer. Crit build makes you scale better and you have a much higher impact on fights.  

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Twitch
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  • Vayne
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  • Xayah
  • Zilean
  • Zyra




Alistar is a really tanky cow with 3 hard CC abilities. He generally has a vulnerable laning phase since he can't answer to poke but he is able to engage and peel exceptionally well with his aoe stun, point and click displacement and auto-attack enhanced stun.

  • When Alistar has used his Headbutt, he is unable to engage on you for 14 seconds. Abuse him when this ability is on cooldown.
  • If Alistar engages on you, your only hope is to vault him and throw a few autos to him for good measure. His auto-attack stun requires him to get 4 stacks before he can stun so you have decent amount of time to vault to safety.
  • When he ults, he becomes extremely tanky, near unkillable. Be really cautious when you are standing on your tower alone since he can start dives and tank all the tower shots. Also don't bother autoing him in fights if he has used his ult.
  • His passive heals him and nearby adc on every 7th nearby minion kill. He also gets passive stacks when he CC's opponent champion and heals everytime when he gets a kill or assist.




She provides CC and utility to her team. Her arrow is a respectable engage tool. She has a really decent poke on early game due to her volley but it has a long cooldown.

Fight her in short bursts. If she gets enough Q-stacks to activate her Q, she can outdamage you with ease. Try to fight her when she doesn't have enough stacks.
  • Her volley can be blocked with minions. You can obviously try to stay behind your minons to avoid getting hit by her W.
  • If she gets enough Q-stacks to activate her Q, she can outdamage you with ease. Try to fight her when she doesn't have enough stacks.
  • Make sure you avoid getting hit by her Crystal arrow. It will stun you for quite a while, and it will most likely kill you.
  • She is unmobile and really squishy, you can very likely kill her if she gets caught by you alone and she isn't too fed.
  • If you keep getting hit by her ultimate, you should buy Quicksilver sash. 3140.png




Bard is super squishy, his auto attacks deal decent sustained damage and his Q-stun is annoying but takes a bit of skill to land right. He also offers mediocre sustain and his roaming is one of a kind. 

  • Bard is great at setting up ganks, he can gank with his jungler with his magical journey.
  • When his Q is on cooldown, his burst potential is low. Trade autos with him then.
  • If he gets marked by harrier, you can burst most of his health down with one spell rotation.
  • If you wish to engage on him, blind him before he gets a chance to stun you. He will be unable to poke back.




Blitzcrank is annoyance for unmobile ADCs, including Quinn. 




His spells hurt, alot. However he is pretty predictable, and his poke and combo heavily relies on him landing his W.

  • If you are able to avoid his W, you are probably going to be fine.
  • Keep in mind that if you have one stack of ablaze-passive on you, his Q will stun you. 
  • His spell rotation activates his passive which deals severe damage.
  • Due to his squishyness and his less reliable stun, you can engage on him by landing Q on him and then auto-E-auto him and fall back before he is able to throw his spells at you.




Quinn gets beaten by Caitlyn anyday. Caitlyn's range is superior when compared to Quinn's 525 range which makes it really hard for you to poke. Caitlyn's poke is way better than Quinn's poke and she is able to limit your positioning with her traps. Her passive also works pretty similarly with yours, her 2 abilities cause her next auto to deal bonus physical damage.

  • Generally not recommended to pick Quinn against Caitlyn, unless if you have a sustain support with you.
  • Her ult is not very good during combat which puts her to similar spot with you.




Short range, he has a weak early game and his poke cost lots of mana. Also a victim of ADC rework just like Quinn, he got pushed from ADC role to mid lane. You can dominate him with ease on early game.

  • He gets a strong powerspike when he gets his sheen, it gets worse when he completes it to Triforce.
  • Watch out for his passive. When he gets his package, he can roam or even cut your exit with it. Thankfully, he makes a global sound when he picks it up.
  • Corki has huge mana costs, his W costs 100 mana at all ranks and his Q goes from 60 to 100 mana per rank. Corki usually maxes his Q first so he will be struggling with mana.
  • His E deals magic and physical damage every second and shreds both armor and magic resistance from you. Keep this in mind when fighting him. If you got caught and he gets to shred your few resistances down, he is gonna roast you to chicken wings.
  • His ultimate is a cheap spammable projectile which is why Corki is a great Sheen user. He can constantly get spellsword-effect with spamming a rocket every 1.5th second.




Draven is generally pretty easy to read thanks to his Q-minigame. If he is about to collect his axe on a spot where you can shoot Valor, you can engage on him with ease. His damage output is massive, especially when his Q is on.

  • Predict his movements with his Q-minigame.
  • Generally try to avoid fighting him when his Q minigame is up, it greatly increases his damage output but it does make it easier for you to land your Q on him.
  • When his Q is up, focus on poking him down. Q him when he is going to catch his axe, auto e auto to proc double harriers and disengage before he gets a chance to counter attack.
  • Draven snowballs extremely hard with his passive. Avoid giving kills to him.
  • Draven's damage output is huge when he gets his ultimate. Keep that in mind when fighting him with unlocked ultimates.
  • Draven is unmobile which makes it easier for you to engage on him during ganks. Your E- slow beats his bloodrush speed boost.




Ezreal is currently seeing more play on Jungle role. He is usually a pretty tough nut to crack, he has a decent poke with his Q and and it's pretty hard to engage on him due to his phase-shift blink.

  • Ezreal has a strong level 3 but in general his early game is weak. His wonky buildpath makes it tough for him to scale up.
  • His ultimate takes a second to channel. This makes it less usable during fights. Thus putting him onto similar spot with you.
  • Technically speaking during mid-lategame he only has 2 damage abilities, his Q and ultimate. His E is usually kept as a secondary flash and his W is pretty worthless on ADC-Ezreal unless he is able to manage this ability's attack speed bonus.







Janna is currently really busted. She also counters Quinn decently, her massive shield makes it hard for Quinn to poke her or her carry. Janna's ultimate also disengages and heals nearby allies massively.

  • This lane is forced to be passive.
  • Thankfully you are able to roam to get kills elsewhere.
  • Avoid fighting post-6 since her ultimate is a massive heal over time.




Jhin is a high-CC ADC and he pairs really well with other CC- supports, this makes it harder for you to deal with him. 

  • Jhin is extremely unmobile, and he is vulnerable during his reload. 
  • Jhin's ultimate is designed to be used after combat or to slow opponents down, which allows you to trade with him equally on 2v2 fights.
  • Best way to engage on Jhin is by landing Q on him while he has his 2nd or 1st shot on and proccing harrier on him as many times as possible. Do not overstay in fight though, he can shoot back if he lands his W on you afterwards.
  • If you use your ultimate and stumble onto his captive audiencejhine.png, it will end behind enemy lines.




Jinx is a hyperscaling monster and she has decent tools to make it harder for you to bully her. First of all, jinx with good reflexes can use her chompers before you vault from her to root you. Her auto attacks get faster and faster when she is on minigun form, and her ultimate deals really high amount of damage based on how low your health is.




Kalista is really strong in this current ridiculous ardent censer meta. Her passive makes it harder for you to land your Q on her, she is really powerful in 2vs2 scenarios because of her ultimate.




Karma has heavily fallen out of favor due to constant nerfs.

  • If she engages on you with W, you can just vault her and leave before the root kicks in. Against agressive karma it's probably a good idea to save your Vault for her engage.
  • Fight her when her mantra is on cooldown. It will boost her next spell.
  • Karma usually




Kogmaw is a hyperscaling monster, he is usually only picked on comps which are able to defend him on teamfights. Otherwise he is usually just going to die really fast during fights. 

  • Kog'maw's early game is really vulnerable, and he suffers from low range. 




Her lockdown is really dangerous, and her latest passive buff causes her engages to hurt big time. You can however limit her engages by poking her down constantly with auto attacks and harrier procs.

  • If she manages to land zenith blade (E) at you, you need to vault away to safety. HOWEVER, be mindful on your position when vaulting from her, if you use it carelessly you can actually vault yourself onto terrible spot.
  • Respect her level 6 lockdown. She can lock you down for 3 seconds (0.50 root on E, 2.5 second stun when Q and R stun durations are combined.
  • Leona gets more dangerous if she has a high-CC or high damage carry.




Although Lucian is currently pretty unused in the current meta, he can still hold onto his own against Quinn. Lucian has a dash which makes it easy to engage on you or disengage, his Q can go through minions and his ultimate is a decent combat ultimate which makes it a bit trickier for you to deal with him after bot laners unlock their ultimates.

  • Your vault can interrupt his ultimate completely.
  • He has even shorter range than you.
  • Lucian might save his E to dodge your Q later in the fights. Which is why it's generally good to save it until he dashes.




I hate this champion so much. She can polymorph you which makes you unable to use abilities nor autos. She has a really long ranged slow on her Q which makes it hard for you to assassinate or follow up on ganks. Her shield is huge and her ultimate grants lots of health to her target. On top of that, she abuses ardent censer big time, she can grant 70% attack speed to her target with ardent censer shield + w.

  • Try to abuse her on early game, she can be really dominant laner with her poke.
  • It's generally a good idea not to fight her after she gets ardent + ultimate since she can deny your damage.
  • Since she is probably going to rush ardent, she can be ganked easily during early game if you let them push.




Her root is pretty slow and easy to dodge. She offers a small shield and her E slows. Watch out for her ultimate though, it deals high amount of damage.

  • After she lands a spell on you, don't let her auto attack you. It will deal a bit of extra magic damage.
  • You can't interrupt her ultimate with vault.
  • Her root is her only reliable peeling tool, engage on her when it's on cooldown.


Miss Fortune


She is unmobile but she has extremely high poke and damage output.

  • Avoid standing too close to minions, she can doubleup minions to poke you. If it kills the minion first, it will deal critical hit damage.
  • You can use your Vault to interrupt her ultimate.
  • She has a pretty short range and she is pretty unmobile. 
  • Best way to engage on her is by shooting Q at her, then following up with harrier-enchanted auto E auto and then retreat before she is able to shoot back.




She can black shield your Vault and Blinding assault. Otherwise, she is not too big of a threat.

  • Her root is her only peeling tool on early game but it roots for a really long time. (2.00,2.25,2.50,2.75,3.00)
  • Since she is most likely going to max Q, her tormented soil will deal barely any damage.
  • Watch out for her level 6 lockdown. It might be a good idea to buy QSS if she has another hard-CC champ on her team.
  • If you got ulted by her, you can vault a nearby enemy minion or champion to get away from her range.




  • On early game her only hard-CC tool is her Q. Fight her or her carry when this ability is on cooldown.
  • Ebb and flow can heal her or her ally and damage an opponent champion with one cast. Stay away if she tries to get close to heal herself or her carry to avoid second bounce.
  • Since she is squishy and her stun is hard to land, you can poke her down with successful Q-landing, auto harrier E auto and disengage before she can ebb and flow.




Sivir is challenging because of her spellshield, she can use it to block your Q and E. On top of that, her R is basicly an AOE-speedup. Someone would say that it's more team-focused version of your ultimate.

  • Her spellshield has a really long cooldown, engage on her whenever it's on CD.
  • She has a really short range (500, even lower than your 525) which makes it easier for you to bully her.
  • Since her ultimate is not a combat ultimate, this puts her on bar with you on 2v2 skirmishes.
  • Although her ultimate is not a combat ultimate, it's really good for following up on ganks.


Tahm Kench


Tahm kench is generally really annoying to play against since he can negate all picks made by your team with his W. However he is pretty easy to play against, he can only poke with his Q and your trades are usually short enough to make it hard for him to utilize his devour properly.

  • If he tries to engage on you, vault on him when he is close enough to you.
  • Since he can't poke back, you can auto attack him freely.
  • Tahm kench becomes pretty challenging to play against if he is with premade team. If you are pushed, he can go onto fog of war and ult behind you with his teammate.




Taric is a pretty solid jack of all trades kind of support. He has an aoe stun, he has a pretty noticeable AOE-heal and his Bastion makes his ally get some of his armor.

  • His stun is his only peeling and engaging tool. You can poke him with ease when it's on cooldown.




Thresh has the right tools to make Quinn's life miserable. If you vault on him, he can aim his hook at your location. He can interrupt your vault with his flay with good enough reflexes.

  • Thresh's Q is his main iniation move. It has a really long cooldown so abuse him when his Q is on cooldown.
  • Since Thresh is able to flay you while you vault, Q him first, auto vault to deal damage and to prevent him from flaying you.
  • Do not vault a champ who is about to take his lantern! If he takes the lantern and fwoosh'es onto thresh and you start the vault animation, you will actually fly with the opponent champion onto Thresh.
  • If Thresh has ignite, watch out on early game. He will try to snowball with his CC and high kill pressure.
  • Thresh is able to start a fight with you with his flay if you get too close to him. Thankfully you can reposition and then vault away if you get flayed.




Usually pretty easy during laning phase but she outscales big time. She is especially dangerous during this ardent censer-driven meta. She gets much more challenging if she has a tanky support with her, and fighting her gets even harder if she has an enchanter which rushes ardent.

  • Tristana has a rocket jump which makes it easy for her to both disengage and follow up on fights.
  • Make sure that you blind her during trades. Her E will hurt you big time if she gets to stack it with her autos.
  • She has a huge level 6 powerspike thanks to get bursty nuke ultimate.




Twitch is a hyperscaling monster which gets really hard to deal with if he manages to get a handful of kills. His ultimate is also really devastating which makes it hard for you to trade with him after 6.

  • Abuse his weak early game as much as you can.
  • Avoid trading too much autos with Twitch. His passive will start to add up after a while and this increases his E damage.
  • Avoid fighting him post-6, since he can most likely kill you with his ultimate.
  • Twitch has a really annoying stealth move, avoid overstaying alone and with low health.




Varus is currently build like a generic marksman so he isn't really getting to live his poke-spellcaster marksman identity. Most people max E on him first which makes his poke much less painful.

  • It's generally recommended to fight him in short bursts. Auto-bird-auto-e him and back off before he can return fire.
  • His auto attack spell-weave can deal noticeable amount of damage if you got some blight-stacks on you.
  • Varus's ultimate is really powerful against Quinn who is vulnerable against CC. On top of that, it applies 3 stacks of blight on you.




Generally easy to deal with, this matchup is however reliant on you being able to land your bird on her. Not really on early game but during late game you need to land your Q on her to make her vulnerable and unable to attack for 1.5 seconds.

  • Don't stand too close to walls, she can stun you if you do.
  • Her tumble (q) makes it a bit trickier to land your Q on her, use it when her Q is on cooldown.
  • Before continuing your poking on her, let her silver bolts-stacks to expire.
  • Respect her ultimate. It causes her to deal massive damage if you fail to blind her with your Q.




Playing against veigar can be pretty tricky because of his annoying aoe-stun. Otherwise he is not too big of a threat.

  • Do not vault while you are caged by his E. You will be stunned as soon as you touch the event horizon wall.




Vel'koz is an artillery mage with incredibly high damage output. He is able to outdamage his carry if vel is able to constantly land spells and thus activate his 3-hit true damage passive.

  • Vel'koz has only one hard-cc ability on his kit,  0.75 knockup which also knocks backwards if opponent is close to him. 
  • Vel'koz's ultimate is extremely powerful, he can also make it to deal true damage if he procs 3 stacks of his passive on targets.
  • Thus, be careful when he gets his ultimate.
  • Due to Vel'koz's incredible range, he can poke with his Q from safe distance if he wants to avoid getting caught. 




Xayah has really strong trades, and she excels at extended trades.

  • Widdle down her health with short trades. Land your q on her, proc your harrier on her and back off before she can return fire.
  • Avoid her feathers, they hurt alot and if she lands 3 feathers on you they will also root you for one second.
  • This matchup becomes hard if she has Rakan support. On that case you need to play passively since Rakan can engage on you really easily with his W and start poking when his W is on cooldown.




  • If he lands two bombs at you, it will stun you (1.1,1.2,1.3,1.4,1.5 seconds per rank)
  • Zilean is great at setting up ganks with his slows, speedup and AOE-stun.
  • He is really squishy. However, he has a huge slow which he can use on you if you engage on him.
  • His ultimate revives a teammate. If he ults either himself or ADC, you need to wait 5 seconds until it expires or disengage if fight is going poorly. Since Zilean is not played often, greedy opponent ADC might actually follow up thinking they are invulnerable to damage. Beat him to submission after his ult expires.




  • She has a really high amount of damage, keep that in mind when trading with her and her carry.
  • Usually it's not a good idea to try to kill her plants, attacking them makes them attack you. They also only grant 5 gold when killed. Vine lashers can be killed safely from long range though.
  • Her level-6 powerspike is huge. Her ultimate deals tons of damage and it also enrages nearby plants which causes them to deal 200% more damage.
  • Zyra's Root is her only reliable hard CC, her ultimate has a pretty long delay until it knocks up opponents. Her root is also on decently long cooldown, you can force trades with her when this ability is on cooldown.

Quinn's Pros and Cons Back to Top


Quinn has a really unique kit.

Crit-Quinn chunks down squishies when she has 3 completed items.

She is an excellent duelist.

She can deal really high sustained damage when she autos harrier targets. She can also apply harrier on opponents two times with her Q and E.

She is able to roam to assist her allies really fast if junglers or mid laners are skirmishing nearby with her ult.

She has a really good splitpush and burst potential with Blinding assault and Statikk shiv.

Her splitpush potential is especially good with statikk. She can ult to sidelane, push it and then ult back to her team.

Her Vault is a really unique basic ability, she can dash over walls with it when positioned well.

Quinn can follow up on ganks extremely well with her ultimate.

Her W has a huge attack speed steroid which activates everytime when she auto attacks harrier-debuffed targets.

Her W also grants her AOE-vision. Makes it easy to check if opponent jungler is actually waiting in the lane bush.

Quinn scales well with critical hit chance, it decreases her harrier cooldown.

Her Q's nearsight debuff is extremely annoying to play against.

Being unknown pick, opponents will have hard time figuring out what Quinn is able to do.

Is actually able to assassinate now with Skystrike, since it applies harrier on all nearby foes!


Has a bit short range (525)

Roaming ultimate on an ADC is just Questionable design.

Since she lacks a combat ultimate, she might be in disadvantage against Adc's with scary ults.ashepassive.pngtristanar.pngxayahr.png

As usual with off-meta picks, your teammates might not like you for picking ADC Quinn.

Support Synergies Back to Top


25.pngPlaying with a good Morgana is an absolute blast. Quinn is vulnerable against CC, and guess what Morgana has? A shield which makes Quinn immune to CC effects. If Morgana can land a Q on opponent, Quinn can easily unload her spell combo on them to greatly chunk their health down and maybe even get a kill. She is also excellent at peeling for Quinn. All in all, really good laner to play with.

267.pngNami grants Quinn everything you need. Lane sustain, lots of crowd control and she is a cute lil' fish. She also pokes really well, and she can engage bot laner with her ult + stun combo if you wish to attempt to ambush them.

412.pngThresh is Challenger tier support but only if he manages to land his hooks. He offers really good engage disengage and his lantern is one of a kind utility. Since Quinn has an excellent early game champion, Thresh should play agressively.

89.pngLeona is a sturdy tank with insane amount of crowd control on her kit. On top of that, both leona and Quinn have exceptional level 2 powerbumps. Thanks to her incredible tankyness, she can start fights when you are ulted and about to join the fight.

111.pngBasicly the same thing with Leona except even more fool proof. Nautilus has a point and click ultimate which has a huge range.

117.pngLulu has a great lane pressure, and she also offers youa  huge amount of utility. She has a huge shield, her ultimate grants you a huge amount of health and on top of that, she grants you a massive auto attack speed steroid.

432.pngBard is able to roam with you which is pretty hilarious. Playing with a skilled bard is truely a great experience for Quinn, Bard tends to have a great kill pressure with his long stun and meep-enhanced auto attacks.


40.pngJanna is currently a top tier pick for a reason. She is able to give you huge shields and she can keep you safe really well but laning phase with Janna tends to be pretty passive which makes it less likely for you to fight early.

12.pngAlistar is one tier lower than Leona because Leona can engage much easier with her ultimate + zenith blade combo while alistar needs to be on W range to be able to engage. Otherwise, he is still an excellent support choise which is able to play both offensively and defensively.

497.pngRakan's engage is excellent and he also offers you some really meaty shields and a small heal.

53.pngBlitzcrank can be easily the best support to have but only if he is able to land his hooks. Otherwise, he is really mediocre.

26.pngGrandpa Zil is also one of those champions who are able to roam with you with ease. Zilean is also a bit more challenging support to play as but if you manage to find that one OTP Zilean, you are off to a great game.


37.pngSona is generally a decent laner to play with, she offers you heals and speedups and she is extremely good at poking opponent botlaners. She also has a nice AOE-stun. Only downsite to Sona-Quinn bot lane is the fact that botlane becomes really easy to gank since Sona and Quinn are both squishy and lack escape moves.

43.pngKarma has greatly fallen out of favor due to constant Nerfs but she is still a pretty good support for Quinn. Karma has an exceptionally strong early game and she also offers decent utility with her shield which also grants a speedboost.

143.png Zyra is extremely dominant laner and she also offers you some really decent peel. You are probably going to get multiple kills with Zyra-Quinn bot lane or you can completely zone your opponents out of lane but try to avoid getting ganked!


16.pngSoraka keep you healed during all phases of the game but she doesn't offer much outside of that.

201.pngHe can tank shots which were shot at you and he can engage on skirmishes with his Q-passive combo but outside of that, not so good of a champion to pair with Quinn.

44.pngA skilled Taric can easily have a hightier-synergy with Quinn. He has a shared stun, he makes you tankier and he also has a decent heal. His ultimate also makes you invulnerable but it has a pretty long delay. It can work much better if you are duo with Taric with voice communication or if he just one tricks Taric.

63.pngBrand is not too common on Support role anymore but he can still work well enough. He is still extremely bursty and snowbally champion much like Quinn, but he doesn't have much CC on his kit. He basicly transforms onto a secondary midlaner on mid-lategame with barely any peel.


223.pngTahm can keep you protected from opponent CC or if they focus you hard, but he doesn't offer much outside of that. He is able to roam to some extend with you due to his ultimate.

99.pngSure, Lux can work as a support. She has a 2 second root and she is decently bursty, but generally she is an inferior version of Morgana.

90.pngMalzahar can pin down one opponent for 2.5 seconds but he has a pretty mediocre early-game on support role after his rework. He has barely any CC to offer on early game and when his ult is on CD.

Quinn Combos Back to Top

  Basic Combos

Before starting any combos, it's generally a great idea to wait until you get your passive harrier mark on the opponent champ first. If this does happen, auto them to proc harrier and then follow up with one of these combinations.

Q-Harrier auto-E-Harrier auto

Most basic Quinn combo. Blinding the opponent means that he won't be able to fight back, and you get a free harrier auto attack. Follow up with E-auto and now the opponent is also slowed which also allows you to disengage safely. If you have an engage support with you, they can also engage on the target to lock them down for more beating. This combo is usually really safe to do and it's a great way to chunk down opponents which are tough for Quinn to handle.

Vault harrier auto, Q-harrier auto

Same basic combo in reverse. Vaulting slows them down which makes it easier for you to land Q on them. Blinding them afterwards allows you to shoot them more while they are blinded. Opponents will most likely retreat after getting blinded, avoid over-extending.

E while ulted, harrier auto, Q harrier auto (Botrk if you have that item)

Best way to utilize skystrike's damage is by using vault while ulted.  Skystrike doesn't usually do much damage (pretty unnoticeable 40% extra AD ratio) so it's usually best to save Vault to CC opponents when they try to flee but on some ocassions, you are gonna need all extra damage which you can inflict to opponents.

How to Utilize Quinn's ultimate Back to Top

Since Quinn has a self-mobility ability on her ultimate, it takes a bit of knowledge to use this ability to it's full potential. 


If you find yourself roaming alot, buy mobi boots.

Is your jungler fighting opponent midlaner or jungler? Use your ultimate and go help him/her. Since your ultimate makes you so speedy, you are quaranteed to get there before opponent bot lane.

Another way to use this ability is to gank mid-lane with it. If your mid laner is someone with some form of CC and opponent mid laner is some unmobile mage, you can use your ultimate to gank them. If you bought mobiboots, you can also try to gank top lane. You can move extremely fast with ultimate-mobi boots combination which allows you to go from bot lane to mid and back really fast.

You can use your ultimate to roam to other lanes to take towers as well.

Ganking your own lane

If you have a CC-heavy support (Leona, Nautilus) or an enchanter which is able to make you tank everything (Ex. Lulu or Janna), you can also use your ultimate and flank opponents with it. This can be countered with wards, so if you wish to try this tactic out you can buy sweeping lens at some point.

So, you ult and move to position. When you are ready, your tanky support goes ham and pins opponent carry or squishy support down allowing you to move from fog of war to blind opponent.

If you have an enchanter support, this gets a bit riskier. If opponents have high amount of CC or if they are fed, this tactic is not recommended unless if you gank together with your jungler.

Ambushing lonely targets

Is your opponent ADC pushing the lane alone? You can use your ultimate to engage on them if you are sure that you can solo them. This trick also works if opponent ADC is not even pushed to your tower, if they are hanging close to their side lane bush, you can engage on them with vault-auto-Q combo. Before engaging to them you should use your Heightened senses to see if opponent support is close to help them, they can turn the fight on their favor.

Quinn Tips and Tricks Back to Top

Basic Knowledge

  • Vault can be used to dash over walls when positioned right. It's a bit unexpected move unless opponents have played against Quinn before and thus aware of this.
  • Harrier only activates on visible units. Thus it won't work against opponents hiding on bushes or invisible opponents.
  • Vault can be used to interrupt opponent dashes! For example, Lee sin's Q.
  • When fighting against opponents with CC, you should save your vault until they have used their CC-moves. If you vault them, it becomes extremely easy for them to aim their skillshots at you which makes you a sitting duck for CC.
  • Quinn's W (vision) is a pretty weird ability, if you use it on fights you can get assists with it. Even crazier, if opponent jungler is about to die to jungle camp and you reveal him with this ability, you will get the kill if he dies to them.

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