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2 months ago

Rakan Statistics for Forestingboard

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png "Teleports your champion a short distance toward your cursor's location."

Flash is the main summoner spell in League of Legends. It is extremely useful as well for engaging as for escapes, but it also has the highest cooldown of all summoner spells. Therefore people tend to be really careful when they use flash.
As for every other ability in this game, flash needs a lot of experience to be cast correctly. Flash is easy to use, but if you fail it, you will be punished really hard due to its high cooldown (300 seconds). Here are some short tips how and when to use flash correctly, not only for Rakan support but for League of Legends in general.
  • Flash is not the next worst thing to "waste" after dying - meaning sometimes it's worth to cast flash in order to stay on lane even if you could have escaped without using flash. If you lose 80% of your health during a gank and are forced to go back and lose a lot of gold and level advantage, the flash you kept is probably not worth it.
  • Using Flash for a solo kill is only worth, if you don't die 3 times in a row because you overextend, get ganked and have no escape. Using flash for kills is good as long as you know how to survive without having flash up.
  • Try to gather information about your surroundings and learn from your experience. Sometimes you just can't escape a scenario and you will die no matter what you do. There is no particular shame in dying with your flash up - there is shame in dying 3 seconds after you have cast flash.179.png

3.png "Exhausts target enemy champion, reducing their movement speed by 30%, and their damage dealt by 40% for 2.5 seconds."

14.png "Ignites target enemy champion, dealing 70-410 true damage (depending on champion level) over 5 seconds, grants you vision of the target, and reduces healing effects on them for the duration."

Exhaust is the main summoner spell for support players. It is very useful to peel for your team or deny an enemy his escape. Timing is really important when playing with exhaust. Use it right when the maximum amount of damage will be used from an enemy, a lot of times this happens when they cast their ultimate (True damage won't be reduced by exhaust so don't waste it for abilities like 122.pngdariusexecute.png31.pngfeast.png or 2.pngolafrecklessstrike.png). Casting it too early or too late can result in death. I recommend always taking exhaust with hypercarry Marksmen like 67.png96.png29.png222.png429.png or against Assassins like 238.png105.png91.png84.png56.png.

Furthermore, your summoner spell choice depends on your playstyle. The higher the division the more champion picks matter and the lower the division the more your own playstyle matters - meaning - if you are somewhere between gold and bronze you can choose in most of your games if you want to play aggressive or passive, therefore you have also the choice of your summoner spells, mostly between ignite and exhaust.

If you are somewhere between platin and diamond you will be aware that in some matchups you will have trouble playing aggressive and in some matchups you will have a very easy time playing aggressive - depending on the champion picks.

I personally pick exhaust in 99% of my games but for a lot of players it might be a good choice to pick ignite if they think they can achieve early kills with ignite. The main goal of ignite during laning phase is to reduce the 7.png of the enemy Marksman. Of course it is a really useful pick against high healing champions like 16.png8.png266.png.

New Runes Back to Top

Before I go in depth with the runes I use, let's start off with the new rune system in general. These runes are already really well balanced and will be even more balanced in the upcoming patches. For most champions you can use different keystones and there is no wrong or right, the only important measure is your playstyle and how well the runes fit it.
Another thing to have in mind is that unlike the old runes you can change these every game depending on the enemy team. As I said there is not 1 correct choice of runes but they do not ONLY depend on your playstyle but also on the other 9 champions, especially the 5 champions from the enemy team. In every game you should open your rune tap and change them depending on the teams - but I will give examples for this in the following in-depth rune guide.179.png

Primary Rune path: Sorcery

Summon%20Aerie.png?width=64: Aery is at the moment by far the most and almost only used keystone rune for Rakan. The bonus damage and bonus shield both fit well for Rakan and this provides the highest early game pressure you can get. It's not too much to say about this rune because most of the time it works without you even noticing. Go in for poke with AA and rakanq.png regularly and you will get a good damage output with Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32.179.pngManaflow%20Band.png?width=32: Manaflow Band is very useful to keep your Mana up. Rakan abilities cost a lot of Mana so if you use them frequently you might run out of it. This Rune will help you especially during the early game to have a steady Mana resource.179.pngCelerity.png?width=32: Celerity is a really useful and a bit overpowered rune in my opinion. You run this on almost every champ in the sorcery path because it's just really useful. Especially as support you profit from bonus movement speed a lot due to roaming and warding. The bonus AP is a nice touch which also increases your power a bit during early and mid game, especially once you get 3117.png.179.pngWaterwalking.png?width=32 or Scorch.png?width=32: Most Rakan players use scorch because of the early game lane pressure with the steady bonus damage when you hit your rakanq.png. My personal choice here is waterwalking though, because I like to go roaming a lot and including warding enemy jungle and clearing river from enemy wards. It is risky to go solo warding in case you get caught so this bonus 25 movementspeed are helping me staying alive in case I get caught. Just choose whatever fits your playstyle better here.179.png

Secondary Rune path: Resolve

Bone%20Plating.png?width=32: I take Bone Plating almost every game because it is very useful if you either get caught or you engage into the enemies with your rakanw.png. It takes away a lot of damage from burst champions like 12.png89.png412.png.179.png5abd57da0f30230001f3edd9?width=32: This rune is very useful during early lanephase since it provides you with additionally tankiness. It makes it easier for you to all in and even gives you some bonus AP once you get 4 takedowns.179.pngSecond%20Wind.png?width=32 instead of 5abd57da0f30230001f3edd9?width=32: In some games I take Second Wind instead of Chrysalis if I know that I can't engage anyway, mostly against AP Supports who also poke a lot like 143.png25.png.179.png
(Optional) Secondary Rune Path: Domination:

Zombie%20Ward.png?width=32: The main reason you would play the domination rune path is, of course, the zombie ward rune. It gives A LOT of extra vision, due to the fact that your expiring wards also become zombie wards. I recommend taking this path if you go roaming a lot which includes early trips into the enemy jungle and a very early 2049.png rush. If you prefer to stay on lane until 10/15 minutes into the game I really recommend NOT taking the domination rune path.179.png
Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32/Ingenious%20Hunter.png?width=32: These 2 runes slots are really useful if you are roaming a lot since you get a stack for each INDIVIDUAL enemy champion you take down (kill OR assist). I recommend Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32 since bonus movement speed is just really useful for fast rotation, escapes, engages etc. In lower divisions I can recommend Ingenious%20Hunter.png?width=32 since there is a lot of fighting and a cooldown reduction can actually make a huge difference for items like 3107.png or 3190.png, but in higher divisions where you don't fight every time you see an enemy the reduced cooldown will have a much lower effect than the bonus movement speed you gain from Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32.

Abilities Back to Top

rakanpassive.png: "Rakan's coat occasionally generates a shield, even in combat. Rakan can reduce this ability's cooldown by attacking an enemy champion."

The only important thing you have to care about when you want to include Rakans passive in your playstyle is to have an eye on the timer of his passive. If you engage when the cooldown is on 20 seconds you won't be able to make use of this ability. If you see the cooldown is somewhere between 3 and 7 seconds (depending on champions and the situation) there is a good time to engage because most enemies won't think of your passive coming up and might underestimate your survivability.

In almost every game I tank 1 or 2 hits from blue/red when giving a pull for my jungler when I know that I will not get punished on lane for having my passive on cooldown the first ~30 seconds.

If your shield just goes low and doesn't get destroyed it will regenerate instead of going on cooldown, which is much faster.179.png

rakanq.png: "Rakan slings an enchanted feather forward. If it connects with an enemy champion or epic monster, it deals damage and Rakan's cloak surges with magic. After a brief moment a heal triggers in the area around Rakan. The heal activates immediately if Rakan touches an ally."

This is your main ability during laning phase. It deals a lot of damage from level 2 on so this is your main threat early on. It's also the ability which you going to farm 3310.png a lot with.
When casting rakanq.png and then immediately rakane.png to an ally, he will ALWAYS be healed if your rakanq.png hits an enemy champion, you do not have to wait until your rakanq.png touches an enemy until you can rakane.png to an ally.179.png

rakanw.png: Rakan leaps forward, landing at his destination. He then pauses before launching into the air and knocking up nearby opponents."

This is the most important spell in Rakans kit. This ability can be used to engage, escape, and peel, meaning you always have to decide what job you have to do and if you choose the wrong one it will most likely end really bad for your team. The higher your division the more clear your job will be for you, not only because you have more insight in the game but also because you get much more meta-teams with a clear combo, leaving you in most game the job to peel for your Marksman.
But there are always games where you have a 67.png toplane and a 29.png jungle and you are missing a tank and you are missing someone to make a prober engage. In some other games you might notice that one of the enemy carries has a terrible positioning and that you can easily catch him with your rakanw.png leading your team to victory. Since there are so many different scenarios its hard to give advice what to do in general but here is a list of advice when and when not to use rakanw.png:
  • If you have a (fed) hypercarry Marksman it is most likely smart to keep a cool head and keep rakanw.png in order to give the best possible peel.
  • Although Rakan has a really strong kit for engages he is a support after all. It is not your call to force anything too hard. Keep in mind that you have A LOT of mobility while other champions in your team might not be able to follow you up. Casting 4.png+rakanr.png+rakanw.png into the enemy team and wondering why your team didn't follow up isn't exactly smart thinking.
  • rakanw.png is the only ability to escape over walls if your team isn't nearby. Going anywhere alone (e.g. warding) is only a good idea if you have it up.
  • If the enemies are all stuck together and in reach of your team it is most likely a good time to engage if you manage to hit 3 or more enemies with rakanr.png+rakanw.png.
  • Learn not to get caught, maybe make less engages by yourself and more followups
  • Which fights you are able to take and which not? Rakan is low on damage and good to peel with, you do not have to win your lane to win the game
  • Force yourself to take a look at the minimap every 20 seconds MAXIMAL, up to every 5-7 seconds if you want to get really good
  • Do not engage if mid/jungle is not visible on the map, stay back in lane and ping your Marksman back until their midlane shows up again
  • Keep your lane warded so that you won't be surprised by any ganks, if they have a really fast jungler like 120.png or 33.png place your wards deeper or you maybe won't be able to react fast enough
When engaging past lvl 6 always cast rakanr.png before rakanw.png, your engage will be faster, the hard CC duration increases for another second, and you can disengage faster.

You can bait the enemy botlane during laning phase with your Marksman. You stay behind, out of their vision and let your Marksman stand in the frontline if they engage and let down their defensive stance you cast rakane.png to your ally and instantly rakanw.png the enemies, which will most likely stand close together while they are engaging. This works especially well with 498.png because of the increased rakane.png range.179.png

rakane.png: "Rakan leaps to an ally's side, shielding them. He can cast Battle dance again for a few seconds after, even on the same target."

This ability is one of the many reasons Rakan is so agile. He got up to 2 possibilities to escape if a teammate is nearby just with 1 ability. I think it's important that people are aware how literally OP this ability is. Some champions have the possibility to interrupt a jump from an enemy champion like 40.pnghowlinggale.png412.pngthreshe.png or 119.pngdravendoubleshot.png. But with this ability Rakan got 2, with rakanw.png 3, possible escapes, making it almost impossible to catch him without high burst or a lot of chasing. I wouldn't say Rakan is necessarily easy to play, but for sure he is forgiving for mistakes you make like being out of positioning, going in too deep or simply failing an engage. It is really easy NOT to feed as Rakan and not feeding is one of the most important requirements to climb divisions.

If you have more than an average of 5 deaths on Rakan at 30+ games you are doing something fundamentally wrong. If this is the case and you really would like to improve, watch some of your replays with more than 5 deaths and watch where, when, and WHY you died. 
rakane.png works as double flash which has a cooldown of 10 seconds later in the game if you stay near your team, you are not meant to die.

If a teammate stands insight of AoE damage think twice if you want to shield him with your rakane.png, since you will also be hit by AoE damage then.

When you are hit by an ability which works as gap-closer (11.pngalphastrike.png64.pngblindmonkqone.png) think twice before you use rakane.png to your teammate, since you will bring the enemy right to this teammate.179.png

rakanr.png: "Rakan breaks into a sprint, enchanting his coat and captivating his audience. While active, Rakan charms and damages all enemies he touches (works once per champ). The first champ he touches grants him a huge burst of movement speed."

Rakans essential ability for every teamfight. It is a strong ability and pretty much self-explaining. Activate it before you engage with your rakanw.png to maximize your CC duration. After you hit an enemy try to touch more enemy champs with the bonus movement speed you gain to charm them too.

If you are getting caught you can use this ability to escape easily, the combination of the enemy being charmed and you gaining a high burst of movement speed will make it really easy for you to escape.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Your standard starting build. If you are on a very passive lane you can buy Refillable Potion instead of normal pots, but in most games I prefer health pots.

Core Items

    Always get wards when you can afford them, try to have 2-3 with you all the time
    Upgrade your spellthiefs as early as possible so you get the 500 gold as fast as you can in order to get the sightstone
    If you are NOT playing with the magic footwear rune, I would recommend to get boots right after sightstone. Buy a control ward when you back!
    This is what your core build should look like. As soon as you have finished boots and your sightstone, have always between 2 and 3 control ward when you leave the base. It is important that you focus on your vision game. Once you hit lvl 9 don't forget to upgrade your red trinket!
    I like to get this item within an AD heavy team or with a hypercarry Marksman. It can be also useful if you are already winning the game to snowball further. Especially in combination with redemption Ardent Censer can have a huge impact on the whole team, although I rarely get it before redemption.
    Solari is a typical item which is never a bad choice, although I mostly get it as 3rd/4th item. It is not as strong as redemption but can be very useful against fast burst damage like Veigar, Talon, or Rengar, where redemption is to slow.
    Zekes is at the moment completely busted, get it as first item every game
    This is how your build should look like every single game this patch!
    Really strong item at the moment since it helps you make a clean engage or help your team disengage and escape

Situational Items

    Currently not a really strong item, but sometimes it can help if the enemy team has a lot of CC, but in most games it is much more effective if your Marksman just buys QSS
    This item is just a tech item you buy in 0.01% of your games as support. It is useful if you have a hard scaling team but get pushed in hard by the enemy team. The goal is to stall the game out to reach lategame. If you manage to pull this strategy off, i recommend to swap this item later.
    I recommend this item if you are playing against a full AD team and got no other tank on your team who can get this item. Reduces the enemy teams damage by a lot and makes you a lot tankier.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Bard
  • Blitzcrank
  • Brand
  • Braum
  • Janna
  • Karma
  • Leona
  • Lulu
  • Morgana
  • Nami
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Tahm Kench
  • Thresh
  • Zyra




A really boring matchup, since you have no chance to engage as long as Alister got hispulverize.png and headbutt.png up. Alister on the other hand can engage your Marksman much easier, since you cant punish back as well. If he engages your Marksman, you copy his move and rakanw.png his Marksman, then dash back with rakane.png and peel with rakanq.png. But in most cases this will be a very passive lane until a jungler shows up. Just don't engage or you might end up in the enemy tower.




Playing Bard is always a double-edged sword since he is able to deal a lot of damage, but is also very squishy. If he is trying to poke with his bardq.png and misses it its time for you to engage instantly. He has no other useful spell nor a disengage ability besides barde.png which most likely not very useful during a lane fight. He will either be forced to use flash or has a good backup from his Marksman, otherwise he will die if you hit rakanw.png.

It is always a possibility to take 14.png against Bard




Rakan is really good against all champions which have 1 core ability for their engage like 412.png25.png and 53.png. His high mobility including 3 dashes, makes it almost impossible to catch him. You can easily use rakanw.png every time 412.png uses threshq.png since your mana costs are much lower for your ability and in addition your regenerate your mana much faster thanks to 3301.png while he will most likely build 3302.png. If he tries to pressure your Marksman, you have to pressure their Marksman as well.

Just try to keep Thresh focus on yourself, if necessary tilt him in /all so he just wants to kill you ;)
If he actually manages to hook your Marksman, disable their Marksman with your rakanw.png and then peel for your carry with rakane.png and rakanq.png.




Brand strength is his damage and his poke. If you stay too long on lane without doing anything you will just fall really low on health and won't have any impact anymore because you will die as soon as you try to engage.

The best possibility for you is to rush level 2 before them and engage on level 1 brand. He will be forced to use flash or die otherwise. Else I would still recommend engaging with level 2 once Brand used one of his ability and has it on cooldown.

When playing against Brand you have a very short window in which you can win the lane and this is between lvl 1 and 3, beyond that your Marksman and you will fall really low on health because of Brand poke.




This matchup will be fairly easy for you. His strength is his braumpassive.png and braumq.png which you can avoid both easily with your high mobility. His braume.png counters projectile damage and is weak to AoE and any form of dashes which can place you behind Braum, which Rakan both have with his rakanw.png.The right time to engage is after Braum failed his braumq.png, then you can straight engage on their Marksman. If Braum attacks you and braumpassive.png starts stacking, try to take 3 stacks, then back off to your Marksman to avoid the passive to activate. Once they focus your Marksman go back into the fight, this will often confuse them and might split their focus. If Braum plays passive I also recommend playing passive since he got much more early pressure than you if he plays well. 




Janna can be a fairly easy matchup for Rakan. She has an insane peal during lategame but very low early game pressure. If you manage to push for level 2 before their botlane reaches it you can zone their Marksman really hard or even engage and go for an early kill.

Jannas eyeofthestorm.png has a very high cooldown, so engage asap when she has cast it and it runs out after 5 seconds. Theoretically she can interrupt your rakanw.png with your howlinggale.png but she has to be very fast and as soon as you arrived at your destination your knock-up will go through whether she knocks you up before or not. The only possible way to interrupt your rakanw.png is BETWEEN the destination A and B, not when you reached destination B but hasn't knocked-up yet, the knock up will still go through then.

If she starts channeling her Q, I would recommend not to engage since its much easier for her to interrupt you.




Karma is like every other mage-poke Support a really annoying champion to play against. Unlike 63.png or 267.png you can hide behind minions to avoid Karmas karmaq.png, which makes it much more pleasant to play against her. In my experience, there are very few Karma mains or even players who play Karma more frequently, making most matchups much easier than they could be.

Karma has the possibility to zone really hard with her low cooldown karmaq.png, her karmasolkimshield.png for negating counter poke and karmaspiritbind.png to counter an engage. In addition, she has karmamantra.png to empower any ability she wants to make use of.

LUCKILY most Karmas I've faced up to Diamond3, sat mostly beside their Marksman and come up once in a while, trying to hit her karmaq.png on max range, often missing and then backing off since she has lost her pressure with karmaq.png on cooldown. If you play against one of those Karmas you can either play passive since Karma will become utterly useless compared to Rakan in lategame, or engage once she have cast karmaq.png and maybe karmasolkimshield.png or karmamantra.png in addition.




Out of all Supports, when playing against Leona your Marksman has the biggest impact on how your laning phase will be. You have absolutely no way of fighting their botlane as long as Leona has her abilities up. Her damage from level 2 on is just sick and no Support snowballs as hard as Leona.

Their botlane will hardpush for level 2 which they will reach before you 99% of time because Leona instantly kills 2 minions with 3302.png. So your first goal when laning against Leona is not to die when their botlane reaches level 2 and you are still level 1.

When do they reach level 2?:
When the 1st wave (3 melee and 3 caster minions) died and 3 melee minions of the 2nd wave die.

So when you see from your minions of the second wave are only 1 or 2 melee minions alive while from the enemy minion wave are still 2 or 3 alive, retreat to your tower and wait there to reach level 2. After that, you should be carefully but more important your Marksman must be carefully, because Leona is sticky, deals a lot of damage and you can't really stop her from engaging with leonazenithblade.png like 40.pnghowlinggale.png or 412.pngthreshe.png.
In theory you can interrupt it with your rakanw.png, but in reality its really hard to time this right and if you miss it and Leona reaches your Marksman you have no way left to CC her or their Marksman and he will probably die. If she misses her leonazenithblade.png you could engage on their Marksman but she still has a lot of damage with leonashieldofdaybreak.png.

I just recommend to play passive and wait for a gank, which are most likely to be successful since Leona will play really aggressive during lane phase and has no way of disengage once she engaged.

Communicate with your jungler/midlaner, tell them to move bot and buy a lot of 2055.png to clear the path.




Lulu is an annoying matchup but winnable. If she overextends and her Marksman doesn't back her up properly you can engage her with your rakanw.png since she has no form of a dash to escape it. You will a huge amount of damage with your Marksman together. If she plays better than in this scenario she will try to poke a lot without getting caught. Try to bait her into overextending but never force a fight against Lulu. In worst case scenario you will just play passive against her since she simply outdamages you and has a huge early game impact with all of her abilities.




Morgana is my personal hate-matchup. She can easily interrupt your rakanw.png with her darkbindingmissile.png and deny your whole rakanr.png+rakanw.png combo with her blackshield.png during laning phase. On other hand her spellshield is single target while both your abilities are AoE, which makes you much more useful during teamfights. During laning phase you should really only engage once she used her darkbindingmissile.png and if possible also her tormentedsoil.png. Avoid getting caught with all of your abilities and instantly engage on them if your Marksman gets caught by her darkbindingmissile.png. Otherwise just play passive on lane since you will be much more useful later in the game than she will be.




Nami has a lot of poke, sustain, and CC therefore no strong disengage besides her namir.png, no dashes or other escapes and is very squishy. If she plays well she will poke you a lot without overextending making your lane annoying and hard. If she makes 1 single misstep you can shut her down hard with your rakanw.png and a good followup by your Marksman. Important is to let her do the overextend and not force it yourself.




Sona is one of the most annoying and boring matchups you can play. She hardly outpokes and outdamages you while you cant dodge her damage and will never be in range to engage on her properly. Your best chance is to either have a strong Marksman to counter her like 51.png222.png119.png or bait her to overextend on lvl 2 and catch her with your rakanw.png.

Otherwise sit under your tower and wait until your jungler ganks you, Sona has no form of good engage and is very squishy you should easily kill her 2vs3.




Soraka is a boring matchup in my opinion. She gets really useless later in the game compared to Rakan, so either you can play really passive on lane, ask for a gank in which Soraka will die pretty fast since she has no escape or all-in and focusing Soraka down. I highly recommend playing with 14.png against Soraka. Don't trade with their Marksman, since you can never keep up with Sorakas sustain - all in or play passive, trading is senseless.


Tahm Kench


Tahm Kench is a very unusual matchup in which I don't have a lot of experience myself since so few people are actually playing him. Focusing Tahm mostly doesn't work well since he sustain a lot of the damage he just took, is overall tanky and in addition can activate a huge shield before he finally dies. He is a really good pick against champions with strong key abilities which often guarantees kills like 412.pngthreshq.png53.pngrocketgrab.png22.pngashepassive.png, but not so much against Rakan who has a strong teamfight combo but also does really well playing passively on botlane. Just look out for ganks from their jungler with tahmkenchnewr.png. Don't force any fights but engage if they overextend. If Tahm decides to engage on you with tahmkenchq.png and later tahmkenchw.png you should easily dodge it with rakanw.png and rakane.png.




Thresh has a lot of CC, is tanky and deals decent early game damage. His abilities, especially threshq.png and threshw.png, have a very high cooldown making him kinda useless once he failed to engage. If he missed threshq.png and maybe also just cast threshe.png you should feel safe to engage botlane. Use rakanw.png or rakane.png to dodge his threshq.png, you regenerate mana really fast with 3301.png while he doesn't. Before your Marksman gets hooked, jump in between and disengage afterwards. Asking for ganks will mostly work out well since Thresh got no escape abilities and often plays really aggressive and pushes the wave.




Zyra is a very hard and very annoying matchup. She hardly outdamages you, can interrupt your rakanw.png with her zyrae.png and will have no problem to stay out of range of all your abilities. Best way to win this lane is to ask your jungler, since Zyra is extremely squishy and has no escape. During laning phase sustain as much as possible for your Marksman with rakanq.png and rakane.png and dodge her abilities with rakanw.png and rakane.png before you fall too low on health.

Marksmen Synergy Back to Top

The following Tier list does NOT show how good a Marksman is in the current meta but how good a Marksman is in combination with Rakan. A Tier S Marksman can have a better synergy with Rakan but still perform worse than a Tier B Marksman, because the champion is overall much weaker. Also, like everything else, it's my personal subjective opinion.

Tier S: 498.png222.png67.png429.png29.png145.png

Hypercarries are insanely strong with Rakan due to his strong peel and sustain. His AoE CC can keep enemies long enough off your Marksman so that he can deal insane amounts of damage in the meanwhile.179.png

Tier A: 51.png236.png22.png96.png18.png110.png

These Marksmen can also work really well with Rakan, either because of a strong laning phase together or also because of a good lategame constellation.179.png

Tier B: 119.png202.png15.png21.png81.png

Marksman on these Tier list have either not a really good synergy with Rakan in general or I just have trouble playing with them a decent botlane. Here are often strong early game Marksman or ones who snowball really well, which works much better with supports like 89.png412.png432.png.

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Winning Lane


Losing Lane


Controlling botside Jungle


Controlling topside Jungle


Doing Drake/Baron


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Winning Lane


Losing Lane


Controlling botside Jungle


Controlling topside Jungle


Doing Drake/Baron


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