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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Take 11.png4.png most games, flash is really your bread and butter skill

  • Can flash over walls to chase/escape enemies
  • Can flash engage teams to knock back multiple enemies with power ball
  • Can flash taunt high priority targets that are otherwise hard to get to
  • Can flash over minions while ganking lanes to 'jump' over creeps so your power ball doesn't stop
Take 11.png6.png if you are less experienced with Rammus, as it gives you the opportunity to gank through wards
  • Ghost covers more distance than flash
  • Ghost had great synergy with your power ball to make you very fast
  • Ghost allows you to be so fast that you can gank through wards
  • Ghost makes it more difficult you enemies to kite you in team fights
  •  3270_32.png you can get all the way into lanes using ghost, allowing you to contest dragon or baron late game
Take 11.png12.png if you feel like having fun, but not really as viable as flash or ghost for competitive play
  • Strong lane pressure and incredible speedy ganks with homeguard+teleport
  • Potential to countergank using teleport
  • Tonnes of fun

New Runes Back to Top

Abilities Back to Top





Rammus gains additional damage as his shell becomes re-enforced. Converting 25% of his armor into Attack Damage

This passive is what makes Rammus Rammus. Combined with the additional Armor you gain when having your W on, any armor items you build (3047_32.png3068_32.png3075_32.png3143_32.png3190_32.png3110_32.png3026_32.png) Will also give you bonus Attack Damage!

Q: Powerball

Rammus accelerates in a ball over 7 seconds towards his enemies, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies on impact, and slowing them for 3 seconds

This is Rammus' signature skill, it's what makes him so mobile, and fun. It allows you to gank, and run away. It's got a nice AOE for clearing the jungle, and saves time getting from camp to camp in the jungle.

W: Defensive Ball Curl

Rammus goes into a defensive formation for 6 seconds, increasing his resistances, and returning magic damage to attackers

This is what makes you so tanky in teamfights, it gives you extra Armor and MR, and your passive converts the bonus Armor into AD, so it also gives you an AD buff too. This Ability is awesome for clearing jungle camps, as it makes you take less damage and deal more! Max second, after E.

E: Puncturing Taunt

Rammus taunts the user into a reckless assault, reducing their armor and forcing them to attack Rammus for a few seconds

This skill is what makes Rammus so cancerous in solo queue. You can just taunt people and they die in a team fight, often when you pick 33_64.png, the enemy ADC is forced to take 1.png instead of 21.png, which gives your bot lane an advantage. If they DO take 21.png, they will almost HAVE to buy a 3140_32.png/3139_32.png, which costs a lot of money and can put your ADC ahead in terms of damage for late game.

R: Tremors

Rammus creates tremors beneath him, dealing magic damage every second to nearby units and structures for 8 seconds

Structures, yes that means you can hit towers, Inhibitors, and the nexus with your ultimate, and it scales with AP! Late game, this ability will let you tear up team fights, and then push for the win. If your W didn't already make you tanky enough, now you have an ultimate on a 40 second cool down (with CDR from 3207_32.png) that will let you tank and destroy towers for your team easily when the minions are far away.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    This is really the only viable start for Rammus, without machete you clear the jungle too slowly.
    Other first back option if not so ahead
    Buy the kindlegem instead of mobility boots when you're behind. It gives you that extra bit of health and CDR which will not only keep you alive in the jungle, but give you the potential to gank and counter gank more safely

Core Items

    These are your core items, Spirit Golem allows you to have tenacity with mobility boots, OP. They give you a good balance of Armor MR and Damage you should have completed these items by around 25-30 Minutes
    Whenever you go back try to pick up a ward and a few pots, you can really help out your mid laner by buying a ward for them, and also place it strategically to control enemy jungle movement and countergank

Situational Items

    Build your Negatron cloak into one of these, depending on how much AP the enemy has
    Pickup some of these items after you finish your core, and decide on a finish for your Negatron cloak
    Example build Versing HEAVY AP?
    Example build Versing HEAVY AD?
    Need Damage? Choose One of these
    It's important to build this item if your support isn't able to pick it up. Kill supports like Annie or Pantheon will often skip this item and it's really strong to have as it allows you to help your team even more.


1039_32.png In my opinion this is the best start for Rammus

1080_32.png1001_32.png OR 3117_32.png  / 2044_32.png2003_32.png on first back, depending on how well you and your team are doing.

3207_32.png Try to work towards this item, it gives you awesome sustain and tankiness in the jungle. It also gives tenacity which will assist you greatly in teamfights, and now with the new passive it also gives you more gold gen from the jungle! If you're behind, it's easy to catch up with this item by utilizing the extra gold from it's passive!

3068_32.png This item is really great on Rammus, the AOE Damage synergizes really well with his kit, it also gives him AD from his passive, and quite a bit of health and armor.

3001_32.png This item is great on Rammus, it gives you damage and MR, it's Magic Reducing aura works great with your ult and powerball AOE, and also assists your team. Ask your mid if they were planning on buying this before you buy it, unless versing a really heavy AP comp, it's generally not worth having more than one Abyssal scepter per team.

3190_32.png Check if your support is going to buy this item before you do, there is nothing worse than finishing your Locket, only to notice that your 40_64.png just bought an 3105_32.png.. This item is really good against AOE comps and AP teams, as it gives an MR aura and also an AOE Shield which can prove very useful for surviving teamfights and protecting your ADC.

3022_32.png/3025_32.png Might suit your playstyle better, but personally i don't find these items cost effective on Rammus, as you don't have enough attackspeed to make a mallet useful, and Iceborn Gauntlet is just so expensive for what it gives you. They are both however good for different playstyles and id recommend trying them out. They help you peel for your ADC and Chase down enemies easily, but the practicality of affording them in a game is just not worth it in my opinion.

3075_32.png3143_32.png3110_32.png   Which one when and why?   3075_32.png3143_32.png3110_32.png

First up, 3075_32.png is great agaisnt champions like 23_64.png,11_64.png and 266_64.png. Who rely heavily on lifestealing from auto attacks to keep them alive in a teamfight. I suggest picking this item up when against these champions, and following up with a Health item like 3083_32.png, 3143_32.png or 3068_32.png so that you have enough health to survive their brutal damage output.

3143_32.png is a great item to buy when the enemy ADC is fed, it allows you to easily chase them down without fear of being kited (67_64.png) (81_64.png) and also has an awesome AOE Movespeed/Attackspeed Debuff, which can easily turn the tides of a fight.

3110_32.png is a great item to buy against auto attackers, its armor and mana work really well for Rammus as you will nearly never run out of Mana and the Armor gives you quite a bit of AD, the reason you would buy this item is to stop attack speed champions like 67_64.png23_64.png19_64.png24_64.png266_64.png11_64.png from decimating your team or sustaining HP with their auto attacks and lifesteal.

WHY3270_32.png OVER  3260_32.png  ?

Although Ninja Tabi do give Rammus a small amount of AD, you just can't pass up the insane mobility you get with homeguard and powerball, you can literally recall and be back to any lane within 10 seconds of hitting the base. The map prescence and objective control that you gain from having such huge mobility is just too much to pass up

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Amumu
  • Elise
  • Evelynn
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Hecarim
  • Jarvan IV
  • Lee Sin
  • Maokai
  • Master Yi
  • Nautilus
  • Nocturne
  • Shaco
  • Shyvana
  • Vi
  • Warwick
  • Zac




Aatrox has the capacity to couterjungle and countergank you hard, if he works with his mid laner he can have you out of the game early. Late game you can really shut him out, likely by the time his Blood well (passive) allows him to come back to life you'll have another taunt ready to kill him.

Tips for playing against.

  • Stay out of his jungle, his leap allows him to stop your powerball and he can catch up to you very easily once that is down using his slow.
  • Be careful not to be counterganked, stay away from him earlygame, if you see him going top, warn your top laner and gank mid instead.




Amumu is a little bitch champion, he is really easy to countergank as you have better ganking potential and can easily pull him out of position with your Taunt (E)
He generally is quite slow so take advantage of this and take his buffs when he is not nearby, try and collaborate with your mid laner to steal away his 2nd and 3rd blue buff, this can greatly benefit your mid if you get a kill, and put their mid behind as they won't have blue buff. It also allows you to take 2nd blue which can keep you on top of the game.

Tips for ruining an Amumu's day

  • Countergank him, you are stronger early and late
  • Don't 1v1 him nor anyone just taunt them and walk into your team
  • In teamfights try and peel him off your carries with your E, Amumu is very difficult for carries to self peel as he just keeps walking at you and doesn't have to slow down to auto attack.
  • Be careful when taunting him into your team, as you can set him up with a 5 man ult and bait your team to death.




I find Elise one of the most difficult and annoying junglers to verse, she can stop your escape (powerball) with two of her abilities, and will have no trouble shredding through your defences with her ridiculous kit. She does alot of damage and has stronger counterganks than you.

Tips for surviving Elise

  • Try to gank lanes that she is not in
  • lookout for her damage,consider buying 1057_32.png before 1031_32.png if she is really screwing with your jungle.
  • If she shows in a lane that you are ganking ping your laner back and leave, she is much stronger than you early
  • Late game try and taunt her when she dives in on your carry. She can't go up in the air while taunted so it's a good way of allowing your team to lay down some damage to her before she pussies out.




Evelynn is one of those junglers that either snowballs early or sucks for the rest of the game. If you work with your lanes to ensure she dies whenever she tries to invade your jungle you can get a huge advantage and absolutely control the map.
Tips for playing against

  • Try and keep Dragon and Baron 2043_32.png warded to assist with map control.
  • Don't buy 2042_32.png to try and counter Evelynn, it doesn't help with her specifically, don't let this comment restrict you from buying oracles. This item is really important as it allows you to control enemy vision and catch people out a whole lot easier late game.




Fiddlebitch is a Liddlebitch, this champion has CC to match your E, with his fear lasting 3 seconds, he can be very difficult to get off your team. He is not a very strong counterjungler and is insanely easy to countergank early, as you can cancel his Drain and you will drop him very quickly with some help from your laner, and your W and Red buff active shred through his health.

Tips for playing against Liddlebitch

  • Ward the surrounding areas of the teamfight to ensure he doesn't get his ult off
  • Don't be scared to use your 4.png to cancel his ult, it can win you the fight.
  • If you have enough resistances to, when he ults in, taunt him and run away from your team. This may cause you to die or get very low but it is better than your team having to lose a carry to his fearsome ult.
  • Deny him blue buffs as it greatly decreases his map pressure (as he runs out of mana very quickly) and increases his ult timer greatly. (Fiddlesticks ults often result in kills for lanes early/mid game)




Hecarim is quite a pain to verse, he does alot of damage and can nearly match your mobility with his E active. Try to peel him off your team in fights, his damage is greatly reduced if he can't use his q's.
Tips for versing

  • Taunt hecarim to stop him from using his q's, this will reduce his damage
  • Powerball hecarim to slow him for 3 seconds, this will reduce his attack damage (his passive granting him AD for Movespeed also works negatively, meaning if you slow him he loses attack damage, this is what makes 113_64.png such a great counter to Hecarim)


Jarvan IV


Jarvan is such an annoying champion for Rammus, he is so tanky it is impractical to think that you can kill him. Always take 4.png over 6.png against J4 as otherwise he can just trap you in his ult, and you can be caught out of position easily. His ult can block you out from protecting your carries and make it difficult for you to manoeuvre in teamfights.

Tips for playing against

  • Try to ignore him in team fights if he builds straight tank, your skills are almost wasted against him as he doesn't do much damage anyway. You may still need to peel him off your carries but there are generally higher priority targets.
  • Watch your ganks as his EQ Combo can screw you over if he counter ganks
  • Remember that his shield not only gives him a shield but slows you, so it's difficult for you to hurt Jarvan.
  • Jarvan may come into your jungle, but he will most likely not be able to kill you. Ping for help if you notice him in your jungle.


Lee Sin


Lee Sin is pretty easy. Alot of Inexperienced Rammus players Fear Lee Sin as a counter to Rammus. So i'm gonna break down why he's so easy to beat.

  • Firstly, Lee sin is a bitch champion, and he is the 'go to' jungler for most players. This means that half the time you verse a lee sin, they are most likely not on par with insec.
  • Secondly, Lee Sin he needs to buy mobility boots if he wants a chance of keeping up with you.
  • Thirdly, The Meta Lee Sin build doesn't scale particularly well into late game, and as he has to use his abilities to do alot of damage, your puncturing taunt (E) REALLY screws him over lategame.
Tips for playing against
  • Once Lee sin lands a Sonic Wave (Q1) you can stand between his target with your powerball active when he activates Resonating Strike (Q2) and it will cancel his jump before he reachest his target, knock him back and slow him. In this time you can apply your taunt before he Safeguards (W) away, and walk backwards to pull him out of position into your team for decimation.
  • Watch out for him early, he can counterjungle you quite easily and most likely get away with it if he has a ward or two.




Although Maokai is no longer as strong as he once was with the balance of Jungle camps shifting their health into the large creep, this does not stop him from being tanky as shit late game with his passive and ultimate. Really the main thing you need to watch out for with Maokai (if you ever even see one) is that his Twisted Advance cancels your powerball, meaning he can peel you off his carries quite easily.

Tips for playing against

  • Play the peel game rather than chasing his carries, as he will peel you off too easily
  • You can pull him out of position with your Taunt, but be careful not to set your team up for a knockback.
  • Try and take the teamfight away from his ultimate, as it has a long cooldown and it is unlikely he will have it up again for around 20-30 seconds (even with cooldown reduction). His ultimate reduces 20% of damage to his allies and this can really impact a fight, if you taunt his allies and pull them out of his ult then you can kill them alot quicker.


Master Yi


You might say nobody plays Jungle 11_64.png But there is this one guy on OCE server called 'Melb' and i gotto hand it to him he's a beast jungle yi. I like versing him as i find him easy to punk as Rammus, although he still somehow manages to slaughter my team occasionally.

Tips for playing against Melb (more likely to vs Melb than jungle Yi)

  • Countergank him and don't let him snowball
  • Countergank him and don't let him snowball
  • Don't even try and farm because he will outfarm you and still get ganks off
  • Late game you can completely shit on him with your taunt, and he will not be able to kill your carries without first killing you.




Nautilus is one of the most difficult champions to vs as Rammus, he has such strong counterganks and can shut you down purely by following you around and counterganking you all day. What's worse is the fatty has awesome clear times with his w and e, much better than yours.
Tips for playing against

  • Watch his jungle movement and don't go to lanes he is in
  • If you see him top gank bot
  • Buy homeguard so he cant follow you around
  • Ward his jungle so you can see where he is going
  • Don't bother taunting him it will only make him snare you with his passive and its annoying
  • Dodge his hooks, they are really not difficult to dodge




The main reason Nocturne is difficult is because when he ults in teamfights you can't see anything, which means you can't taunt anyone, and can't peel for anyone, you run around like a chicken without a head waiting 5 seconds for the screen to light up again so you can see something and choose what to do. You really have to beat Noc mid game, he is difficult to verse lategame, but if your team can survive his ult you can beat him in fights. You are tankier and have more cc, you can peel him if you stick with your carries

Tips for playing against

  • Don't taunt him while his spell shield is up or on it doesn't last long just wait it out
  • Pop his spellshield with your powerball or wait for it to drop before taunting
  • Taunt him just before his fear goes off and he will follow your random taunt pathing it's funny
  • You can really mess a Nocturne up by taunting him and walking into your team to pull him with you
  • Wait for teamfights, don't try and fight Nocturne 1v1, he will most likely beat you early game
  • Ask your team to ping where nocturne is ulting so you can head there asap
  • Otherwise, watch the grayed out areas of the map as you can still see him lay down his q through his ult. Hover over where your team mates were to identify where Noc ulted to, and powerball there as soon as you can




Shaco can counterjungle you and just jump away, until late game its impractical to think you can kill him, he just jumps away and you have no way of chasing him really. Be defensive in your jungling your ganks are stronger pre 6.

Tips for playing against Shaco

  • Watch out for his strong counterjungle
  • Late game use your 3270_32.png to stop his split push, if you taunt him under a tower and ult he dies
  • In team fights taunt him off your carry and he will kill himself on your w




Shyvana is really tanky and seemingly impossible to kill
try and avoid 1v1 confrontations, she beats you in teamfights as she does nore damage and if she builds spirit golem she has tenacity for your taunt, a very difficult matchup.

Tips for suriving Shyvana

  • Ward your jungle entrances and farm wraiths/wolves alot
  • Make sure your team is ready to help you if she tries to invade your buffs
  • In teamfights, try to taunt her to pull her off your carries, her AOE hurts alot.




Vi is possibly one of the hardest champions to verse as Rammus, she just outclasses you in so many different ways. Her shield (passive) soaks any damage you throw at her, she pounds you through all your armor with her other abilities, and she can stop you from rolling away just too easily.

Tips for surviving against Vi

  • Don't try and fight her in small fights (1v1 or 2v2) as she has really high damage compared to you, and is comparably tanky early.
  • Don't try and counter gank her, avoid her early as she punks you
  • Warn your lanes when she is coming and get the hell out of there, go gank another lane.




Warwick is really strong late game, he is a real bitch to deal with too. You do little to no damage to him and he can just ult past you if you go to taunt him. Try to engage 1v1's at all stages of the game, shut him out with the help of your mid/top laner. Once he gets Frozen heart the Armor Debuff on your E can really help your team focus him down, so taunt him if he ults on your carries as it also cancels his ultimate
Tips for dealing with WW

  • Taunt him to debuff his armor for your team to burst him down
  • Taunt him to pull him out of position as he has little to no escape
  • If he ults someone on your team Taunt him as fast as possible or powerball into him to cancel his ult and free your ally
  • Watch out if he ults you as it will cancel your powerball and the cc lasts a while, you may die if you don't have W on before he supresses you.




Zac is easymode since nerfs, he is super easy to countergank and if you taunt him he can't heal, it's awesome!
Tips for wrecking a Zac's Day

  • You can smite the blobs from his passive, this really helps you drop him quickly if you are alone
  • Your Taunt stops zac from collecting his healing blobs so your team can kill him alot easier
  • If you taunt Zac it cancels his jump so you can stop him from escaping, this can also be done with powerball
  • Use your W to tank his burst while you taunt him away from your team in teamfights, if you stay on him your team can drop him quite easily as it is difficult for zac to heal while you are on him.
  • Build  3068_32.png3001_32.png as it really makes it very hard for Zac to kill you, and helps your team shred through his MR

Pros/Cons Back to Top

Pros of Rammus

  • Awesome synergy with champs with high burst, cc, or DPS. WORKS REALLY WELL WITH PRETTYMUCH ALL CHAMPIONS! to list a few of my favourites.
  • 1_64.png69_64.png42_64.png105_64.png104_64.png222_64.png55_64.png61_64.png92_64.png112_64.png238_64.png53_64.png9_64.png24_64.png75_64.png61_64.png98_64.png412_64.png75_64.png13_64.png23_64.png
  • Fits into most team comps really well
  • Has really strong ganking potential
  • Scales really well with items
  • Has a beast late game with 3s Taunt
  • Is really fun to play and rewarding to play well
  • Is awesome at carrying SoloQ
  • Can turn around lanes from very behind to raping with just a few well timed ganks
  • Is insanely good at shutting out fed carries.
  • Completely destroys the days of 23_64.png64_64.png11_64.png80_64.png players.

Cons of Rammus

  • Doesn't work well with tops like 8_64.png76_64.png as Rammus himself does not do insane amounts of damage
  • When he gets behind it is difficult to do anything as you get decimated entering a team fight
  • Can be put quite behind easily if you are inexperienced
  • Can be kited hard and requires a lot of practice to play well

Tips and Tricks Back to Top


  • Rammus w cancels his q and q cancels his w, when jungling use these two inter-changeably, try to q into minions and then w to kill them, wait until w finishes to q again.
  • Always start on the bottom side of the map, as bot lane can leash you a lot easier than top lane, the support can afford to lose some lane exp, whereas it can put top severely behind to lose even 2-3 creeps of xp
  • If you are behind don't be afraid to take 2nd blue buff as it can let you farm small camps alot quicker and get you back into the game, make sure you try and gank mid with it though and try to kill the enemy laner. If possible give the kill to your mid so they get the Blue buff transfer.
  • When going to 11.png steal objectives (Baron, Dragon) don't be afraid to 4.png11.png, because good players will move infront of you to cancel your powerball and keep you away from the objective.
  • When trying to finish the nexus or towers quickly, don't be afraid to use your ultimate for that bit of extra damage. Advanced tip, use your ultimate between the two nexus towers to damage them both at once.
  • If an enemy is pushing your Tier 2 turret (inner turret) in any lane, you can recall and use your3270_32.png and powerball to reach them and taunt them under the tower before they can even react. This is a great defence to annoying splitpushers like 266_64.png, 24_64.png, or 75_64.png.
  • Don't be scared to use your ultimate to clear Wraiths/Wolves as it has quite a short CD. Save it only when you think you will teamfight soon, or need it for a heavy gank on a tanky laner like 58_64.png or 54_64.png.
  • When Rammus taunts a champion, it forces them to attack Rammus for a given time (depending on how many points you have in the skill at any given time) If Rammus moves out of their attack range, they will follow him and continue trying to auto attack him. This means you can literally drag people into the middle of your team. Be cautious against long range champions like 1_64.png or 51_64.png early game, as you might not be able to escape their attack range before the taunt runs out. This is most effective on Melee Champions, as you can just walk them into your team and have them executed.

Thanks for reading my guide, drop a like and a comment if you enjoyed! :)

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