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11 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.pngGood for re-positioning and getting away, can be used while rolling, this means you can flash over minions and still hit it, take it when you prefer a more reliable summ at the cost of a longer cooldown, funnily enough I'd say this is the easier but worse summ.

6.pngWell, this makes sure you can even run through wards and still reliably gank, the only real downsides are: you can't do epic jukes, you can't go over walls and you can't go over minions, which is hard to do with flash but the possibility is really powerful, try it out in a few games and choose whichever one you prefer.

11.png You are jungling, 'nuff said.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

For your masteries you need to show that you are the true master.

If you think you are a man or your testosterone levels are at least high enough for you to have a deeper voice than my niece, then take thunderlord's, it's damage bruh.

Stormraider's is also fine, you get movement speed, 'nuff said.

Courage of the colossus is the 'meta', but unless your testosterone levels are so low that it's nearly impossible to tell your dick from a vagina you will not take this.

Abilities Back to Top

1039.pngLet us start with your start, your start is quite simple, the first camp takes long to take so you take W. This will give the most damage and makes you lose the least health since the full duration will be utilised to its fullest, it gives damage on every attack of yours and damages the camp when he attacks you, besides reducing the camps damage on you.
Then we take E for a very simple reason, it scales with your passive and W because it gives attack speed. What´s more is that your E´s attack speed duration gets refreshed as long as another ability is up (like your W).
Q last but still at level 3 because it only damages once and then goes on cooldown, but it still helps you around jungle and makes your ganks scary like Terry.
powerball.pngQ. Your first max, why? Well, it's less worse than the others to max (yes I know that sounds stupid). Your W only gives a tiny bit of armor and magic resistance for the duration, which you're probably not even gonna fully utilise. And your E only a tiny amount of cc and attack speed. But when maxing Q you have your Q up every 6 seconds without CDR and it increases damage, which you actually do quite a lot of for a tank (especially early game).
puncturingtaunt.pngE. Your second max. Pretty much because W's scaling is quite shit while this at least makes you better at your role. Fucking up one person's day (in either a gank or a teamfight). It enhances your ganks, it enhances your fuck the adc abilities and gives you a tad bit of damage.
defensiveballcurl.pngW. Your last max. It's nearly useless maxing this ability. It gives a teeny tiny bit of armor and magic resist and even less damage. Those numbers being so low while you will probably use it only once a teamfight (and maybe not even for the full duration) and once a gank at not even the full duration. While crazy worth to level at level 1, terrible to max.
tremors2.pngR. Your always first max. Neat AOE damage and an AOE slow, better than you might think, while also having a low cooldown. It's pretty damn handy for a tank with nearly only single target shit.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Your clears are decent so refillable potion should be taken, I like talisman for the health, which scales with your W.

Core Items

    Take stalker's blade for extra chasing potential, I don't think it's needed but maybe try it a few games. My preferred choice is tracker's knife for extra vision. BUT IF YOU ARE A TRUE MAN YOU SHALL TAKE SKIRMISHER'S, FOR DAMAGE!
    Extremely nice. Getting 15 % more health from your items is amazing in gold value, also since you already have a lot of armor and mr from your W, health will be even more important. Runic Echoes is a fun alternative because of the movement speed and the amazing amounts of dmg on your Q and ult, try it out!
    The single best item for tank junglers or even just tank roamers in my opinion. It gives 60 movement speed, that's more than fcking boots of swiftness gives, also gives some nice health and armor and a bit of dmg.
    Fucking epic, people just won't damage you and you will damage them. Thornmail is more fun and better imo.
    These are pretty much your other items. Warmog's scales well with your W since you get a lot of armor and mr which health scales with. Having the extra health regen is always nice and it will keep you on the map longer, gank regen all your health back in about 10 seconds (after the 8 seconds of waiting) and gank another lane. Spirit visage is great overall and stacks well with all kinds of healing (including warmog's) just nice if you need mr. Abyssal mask for extra magic damage and some MR and lastly adaptive helm to stop people with abilities that have a really low amount of cooldown.
    The boots options. Mobility is great for roaming, Swiftness is great if you have a hard time initiating because of kite (still sht though), Mercury's is good against cc and since you will not get a lot of mr this can be great for mr, ninja tabi is just not necessary, you already have a ton of armor, only take against full ad teams without cc, otherwise either mobility boots or mercury's treads are better.

Situational Items

    VROOM VROOM MOTHERFCKER Rammus build. (Get the Stalker's Blade first but after that deadman's and then runic echoes, boots whenever you can, best is when you have just finished deadman's. After deadman's statikk into trinity force into warmog's). Challenging smite because you don't need cc and you want dueling potential. Deadman's plate is great for roaming a bit of dmg and nearly all the tankiness you need. Runic echoes gives a ton of dmg and roaming potential.
    VROOM VROOM MOTHERFCKER Rammus boots. Swiftness is the most fun but sht, mobility boots are great for even more roaming and mercury's against either cc or ap.
    Good burst and as for the amazing amount of ad you have from both your armor and base ad. Also, roaming potential.
    Having a bit of cdr is good for either having more cc, more rolling or constant tankiness with your W, furthermore the same reasons as statikk.
    After every gank being able to regen all your health again? Yes pls. Having more tankiness to put out all of your sustained dmg after killing any squishy target? Omg yes pls.
    Funny item, gives a lot of dmg against AP

I already fcking explained everything.

Don't use VROOM VROOM MOTHERFCKER Rammus in ranked right away, it's fun and somehow kinda works but that's all. You will have to battle in a hit and run fashion except in a 1v1 situation. Oh, gank, a lot. Don't farm the jngl after getting runic echoes, farm kills and assists, I would even do it after getting to lvl 3, if you're getting behind, tax, a lot.

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Most op champ in the game if using the VROOM VROOM MOTHERFCKER build.

Fck these sections Back to Top

I explained a ton in the author notes, actually nearly everything except one thing, start gromp then blue then red then gank.

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