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We're playing jungle Rek'sai here, so 11.png is completely necessary for clearing the jungle, getting buffs from each jungle camp, securing neutral objectives, and letting us build into a jungle item. Rek'sai is extremely potent with 4.png, as she can use it for flash-unburrow knock-ups to catch out unsuspecting enemies! 

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Standard (Defensive) Masteries

Currently, at a high level, the best option is to go deep into the Resolve tree - to get Strength of the Ages. The added tankiness this provides you is a great help to Rek'Sais defensive stats that she will rely on later in the game. 

Alternative (Offensive) Masteries

Thunderlords, Ferver can be great alternatives if you want to a go a little more damage heavy. Thunderlord's especially gives you more early game power than SotA does - so take advantage of that if you feel you need the extra damage and pressure early. 

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Fury_of_the_Xer'Sai.png Passive Fury_of_the_Xer'Sai.png

Rek'Sai's Passive is Fury of the Xer'Sai. 
Rek'Sai's abilities have no cost. Her secondary resource is Fury, which is generated by striking enemies (5 Fury per basic attack, 10 Fury per Queen's Wrath, Unburrow, Ferocious Bite landed). 
Her passive consumes her Fury to heal Rek'sai for 25 x Rek'sai's level at 100 Fury. 
This passive gives Rek'sai great jungle sustain, especially as the game progresses. Being able to regenerate health as you quickly travel between jungle camp, and in combat, is invaluable for the Void Burrower. 

Queen's_Wrath.png Q Prey_Seeker.png

Rek'Sai's Unburrowed Q is Queen's Wrath. 
Rek'Sai's next 3 basic attacks deal bonus physical damage to her target, and all surrounding enemies. 
This is Rek'Sai's bread and butter damage ability. It gives our basic attacks an effect similar to Ravenous Hydra 3074_32.png or Tiamat 3077_32.png, dealing damage to enemies close to our target. This is our main source of Fury generation, and we deal tonnes of damage due to the abilities very low cooldown of 4 seconds.

Rek'Sai's Burrowed Q is Prey Seeker. 
Rek'Sai fires a long line skillshot which detonates when hitting the first enemy struck, dealing magic damage and revealing them for 2.5 seconds. 
Prey Seeker is a utility focused spell, primarily used for giving us vision of our enemies. We can use it to check jungle camps, poke enemies, and importantly, giving us vision of targets that we are pursuing while in our Burrowed form. 

Ranking up Q gives us more damage on both Queen's Wrath and Prey Seeker.
We max Q first because of the offensive power of this ability. 

Burrow.png W Unburrow.png

Rek'Sai's Unburrowed W is Burrow. 
Burrowing into the ground reduces Rek'Sai's vision range to 250, and gives her access to tremor sense. Tremor Sense reveals the position of enemy and neutral units that move within 1300 units of Rek'Sai. While in burrowed form, Rek'sai also gains bonus movement speed, and ignores unit collision. 
This is the ability that makes Rek'Sai so unique to play. It's excellent for scouting the position of the enemy jungler and checked neutral objectives such as Dragon or Baron. The fact that we get notified of any movement within such a huge range means that walls are not an issue to us, and we can tell if there are enemies behind them if they are moving. We are notified by circles appearing on the floor in fog of war. These circles are larger for champions than they are for minions and monsters. 

Rek'Sai's Burrowed W is Unburrow.
Rek'Sai bursts out of the ground. Surrounding enemies take physical damage, and are knocked up for 1 second, based on their proximity to Rek'Sai. 
This is Rek'Sai's hard crowd control ability. The Void Burrower fires herself out of the ground, and if she is under an opponent, she will knock them up in there. Landing this ability is crucial to effective Rek'Sai ganks, and being a prolific teamfighter as the Landshark of summoner's rift. This ability is area of effect, and we can use it to get 5 man knockups! Unburrow has an internal cooldown of 10 seconds at rank one, meaning one target cannot be knocked up in this cooldown. This is shown by an indicator on the enemy champion, minion or monster. 

Ranking up W increases our movement speed in burrowed form, the damage dealt by unburrow, and how often we can use unburrow to knock up adversaries. 
We max our W last, as it is mostly a utility spell, and we gain a lot from having a single point from it. 

Furious_Bite.png E Tunnel.png

Rek'Sai's Unburrowed E is Furious Bite.
Rek'sai bites her target, dealing physical damage. She deals 1% increased damage for every 1% Fury we have. At maximum Fury, Furious Bite deals true damage. 
Furious Bite is a fairly simple ability. Try and use it after your Queen's Wrath, as more fury means it will deal more damage. 

Rek'Sai's Burrowed E is Tunnel. 
Rek'Sai burrows through an area, leaving behind a tunnel. This tunnel remains on the rift for ten minutes, and can be used multiple times by Rek'Sai, though we cannot use the same tunnel multiple times in a few seconds. We can have 8 tunnels on the map at any one time. Enemy champions can destroy these tunnels by standing on them for 1.5 seconds. 
This is another one of the Landshark's more unique abilities. Setting up a strong network of tunnels throughout summoner's rift is key to playing Rek'Sai. This ability enables Rek'Sai to be an extremely active champion, she has very little downtime. When playing her you should always be ganking, farming, skirmishing very hard, and the mobility afforded to you by the fast network of tunnels you can setup can make sure you're always in the right place at the right time. Champions who kill your tunnels gain 5 gold! 

Ranking up E increases the damage on Furious Bite, the cooldown of Tunnel, and the cooldown of using a tunnel more than once in a short time. 
We max E second, as we gain a good chunk more damage onto our Bite, and being able to use tunnels more often is very useful in teamfights. 

Void_Rush.png R Void_Rush.png

Rek'Sai's Ultimate is Void Rush.
Rek'Sai channels for 1.5 seconds, then burrows into the ground and rapidly moves to a target tunnel entrance. Taking damage from a champion or turret will interrupt this channel. When Rek'Sai uses Void Rush, her scream is heard by every player on the map, and the tunnel entrance she is rushing to begins to glow. Passively, this ability also gifts Rek'Sai bonus attack speed. 
Void Rush is a global dash. It's most basic use is getting back out into the jungle after basing, but can be used in more creative ways. If when ganking, you have placed tunnels in lanes, be aware of using this ability to flank and enemy, or to counter gank. Keep tunnels near to neutral objectives if you are going to the other side of the map, for example, leave tunnels near dragon when you decide to gank top lane. It's also very useful for split pushing if you get ahead, as you can easily rejoin your team if they get in trouble. 

Ranking up Void Rush reduces the cooldown on Void Rush, as well as increases the attack speed granted to us passively. 
We put points into R whenever possible. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard start for basically all junglers. Hunter's Machete for killing jungle camps, and the refillable potion for sustain. Also take a warding trinket!
    Don't forget to buy wards! Warding is an important and often overlooked part of being a jungler for protecting lanes and spotting the enemy jungler. You may also choose to switch over to a sweeping lense on your first or second back, to find and obliterate any pesky enemy wards.

Core Items

    Aim to get your Stalker's Blade first. Stealing an enemy champions movement speed is extremely valuable for Unburrowing under an enemy and knocking them up. Also try and rush a quick pair of boots. Having boots and a Stalker's Blade on Rek'Sai can let you secure Unburrow Knock-ups you otherwise would not be able to reach! Then work towards your Bami's Cinder and Cinderhulk.
    This build will make you both very tanky and a viable damage threat at the same time to the enemy team's carries. Titanic Hydra is great on Rek'Sai. Dead Man's Plate is great for the movement speed passive it provides to close the gap and get your unburrow off. You can then choose the rest of your defensive item's based on the damage threat's present in the enemy team.

Situational Items

    Currently, Boots of swiftness are great. the massive movement speed they provide really helps Rek'Sai get around and gank with unburrow. With that said if you need to itemise defensively, your main choice of boots is Mercury's Threads or Ninja Tabi? Mercs give you Tenacity as well as magic resistance. Opt for these vs heavy crowd control or magic based teams. Ninja Tabi give you armour, and reduce the damage of basic attacks by 12%. Take these vs heavy AD teams.
    In general, Stalker's Blade is the best jungle item for the Landshark. The stealing of movement speed is great for letting you close the gap and securing a knock up. Skirmisher's Sabre is another great choice, and is a fantastic option for if you will be entirely focused on split pushing and dueling.
    Spirit Visage is our go to MR item. It gives us 10% CDR alongside our magic resistance, and increases our healing when we burrow. Banshee's is a great option, especially against overly bursty teams. Locket is amazing for supporting your team, and a must vs double AP compositions.
    Randuin's Omen and Thornmail are great alternative choices for armour items on Rek'Sai. Randuin's also gives us a good deal of health, but Thornmail will return damage to anyone basic attacking us. Sadly, these are really are only choice, however. Cinderhulk renders sunfire cape useless, and the mana component of Frozen Heart is a complete waste on Rek'Sai.
    Want to go for a more damage focused build? Pick up a Warrior enchantment onto your Stalker's Blade, and then follow it up with your preference of Hydra, Brutalizer or Last Whisper. Hydra is great for split pushing. Brutalizer is great for killing squishies, with the flat armour penetration. Last whisper is all around great, but more effective later on when enemies have more armour.
    Guardian's Angel provides resistances against both Armour, and Magic Resistance, as well as the wonderful revive passive it's known for. Pick one up if you feel the next teamfight will end the game.

End Game Builds

Tanky Bruiser Rek'sai


 Swifties are great right now due to the movement speed they provide. MS is so key on Rek'Sai for knocking up targets with your unburrow. Titanic Hydra is likewise awesome of the Void Monster, with it offering a heap of damage and tankiness. Spirit Visage will increase your healing as well as provide much needed magic resistance. Sterak's Gage will also increase your damage and tankiness once the passive is popped. When these items are combined with a Cinderhulk and Strength of the Ages, you will be a very tanky void monster with a very large health bar. 

When to build: You want to a team fighting Rek'sai. You are one of your team's main tanks. 

High DPS Bruiser Rek'Sai


This Rek'Sai build offers a lot of damage, while having some defense against both AD and AP. With this build you will be melting people in skirmishes and duels, while still maintaining a decent amount of tankiness. Hydra is amazing on Rek'Sai due to its synergy with Queen's Wrath. You are a considerable split push threat due to the rapid waveclear you have from your Hydra, and you will be good duelling threat to tanks and squishies with cleaver and Hydra.. However, you are tanky enough to team fight effectively, as long as you are not the primary tank or primary engage. This is a build that does require more gold than the one mentioned above, as AD items go hand in hand with being ahead in game. Being up in levels and gold facilitates this build.

When to build: You've picked up a couple of kills early and want to be a massive DPS threat. You are not the primary tank on your stream. 



This build is primarily about split push. I've wrote above about the effectiveness of the combination of Hydra and Cleaver above, so here I'll just note the effectiveness of Frozen Mallet on Rek'Sai. This item will tie down every champion you get your unburrow on, even if they use an escape afterwards. Your damage here will be immense, and the build affords you a large health pool, however the lack of resistances will make you a squishy void burrower. This is why the Guardian Angel is so effective, providing a mix of resistances and its amazing passive for late game team fighs.

When to build: You're snowballing extremely heavily, and you're going to focus on split pushing to win the game. 

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Amumu
  • Cho'Gath
  • Darius
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Elise
  • Evelynn
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Gragas
  • Hecarim
  • Jarvan IV
  • Kayle
  • Kha'Zix
  • Lee Sin
  • Malphite
  • Maokai
  • Master Yi
  • Nautilus
  • Nidalee
  • Nocturne
  • Nunu
  • Rammus
  • Rek'Sai
  • Rengar
  • Sejuani
  • Shaco
  • Shyvana
  • Skarner
  • Udyr
  • Vi
  • Volibear
  • Warwick
  • Wukong
  • Xin Zhao
  • Zac



  • Make sure you know whether Aatrox has his passive revive, Blood Well, up. 
  • When Aatrox is below 50% health, he gains increased lifesteal. Make sure you can CC him when he gets to this stage, and kill him before he can heal himself.
  • Encourage team mates to drop an ignite onto him if he becomes a threat to reduce his lifesteal. 
  • You should be able to out-gank and out-farm him, and he is a very gold-dependent jungler.  
  • Aim to dodge his Q with your flash in a fight to the death. 



  • Use your stronger early and mid game to win this match up.
  • Amumu is susceptible to invades. You can kill him fairly simply in his own jungle in the early game. 
  • Your ganks are better than his, as you bring better damage. 
  • Amumu scales well into the late game with his crowd control and percentage health damage. Make sure you have a great impact in the early game so that he does not come in and wreck your entire team with his ultimate. 



  • Cho'Gath's ultimate ability, Feast, can help him secure neutral objectives. Don't go for a 50-50 smite war with him, as he will always have the advantage. 
  • He is quite a slow, and lumbering champion, but don't underestimate the amount of crowd control and damage he can deal. 
  • Beware the burst of his ultimate.
  • Don't be afraid to invade him. He has long cooldowns, and if you find him after he has used them on a jungle camp, you will destroy him. 



  • Try and protect immobile lanes. If your laner doesn't have a blink escape and he someone manages to pull them back, it will mean certain death for your team mate.
  • His jungle sustain is very low, so if you can get wards in his jungle, you may be able to locate him and kill him. 
  • Don't try and duel him once he has his ultimate unless you are very far ahead. You will quickly die. 


Dr. Mundo

  • Expect Dr. Mundo to just farm up in his jungle. His ganks are awful.
  • He has extremely low sustain until level 6, as his abilities cost health. You can easily kill him in the early game. 
  • Later in the game, he will have an enormous health pool due to Cinderhulk's 25% bonus health. Make sure you have already won the game for your team before he gets too tanky to kill. 



  • When dueling Elise, do your best to dodge her Cocoon. If she misses the stun, you should be able to pursue her and take her out. 
  • Your Q, Queen's Wrath will destroy her spiderlings as you fight her. This removes alot of he dueling power.
  • Stay conscious of targets that she can Rappel onto to try and close the gap, or escape. 
  • Like Rek'Sai, she does not have an ultimate, and tends to grow weaker as the game progresses. 



  • Rek'Sai's Tremor Sense is amazing against Evelynn, letting you spot her out even when she is in her perma-stealth.
  • Ward her jungle camps to find her, as this is when she will not be in stealth.
  • You can duel her very easily. 
  • Ward your flanks in the late game with pink wards. Her initiations can be deadly if she manages to sneak up on your team and hit a 5 man ultimate. 
  • Buy pink wards. Make your team buy pink wards too. 



  • Make sure you only knock up Fiddlesticks with Unburrow after he has used his drain, to interrupt it.
  • Beware his level 6 ganks. Crowstorm's AOE damage and large gap closer are very effective ganking tools, so beware a 2v2 with him.
  • Try and ward over walls as the game progresses if you fear Fiddlesticks may be lying in wait. 
  • When he throws his silencing E at you, retreat away from your team members to stop the bird from bouncing between your entire team. 
  • His Drain lets him solo dragon very easily throughout the entire game. Keep it warded, especially in the early game, to stop him from sneaking the objective. 
  • Try and get a 3190_32.png to help your team survive him. 



  • Gragas boasts a wealth of crowd control. He will prove a massive disruption threat later in the game.
  • Be careful for his Body Slam-Flash combo.
  • He has strong sustain.
  • You can easily duel him if his cooldowns aren't up.



  • Hecarim gets very low during his first clear, consider invading him.
  • Hecarim is a very gold dependent jungle carry. As long as he doesnt snowball incredibly, he shouldn't be too much of a threat.
  • Can, however, present a MASSIVE threat to your carries if he manages to get a Trinity Force 3078_32.png, and has 12.png3265_32.png.
  • You can duel him fairly easily, at least before he gets level 6. 


Jarvan IV

  • Jarvan has a strong early game. Match his ganks.
  • Gets fairly low during his first clear, consider an invade.
  • You can use your tunnel to escape his cataclysm.
  • Don't group up too closely to your team, or he will bottle you up for his team to destroy with his ultimate.
  • If you dodge his E-Q combo in a duel, you will easily beat him. 



  • She is a very gold dependent carry. Look to counter jungle her. 
  • She outscales you by far, but it's fairly easy to shut her down.
  • Out pressure lanes before she gets items. 
  • Keep in mind that her ultimate has a very short cooldown. 



  • Weak jungle sustain early. 
  • Don't duel him if you're isolated. His damage bonus will let him win the fight.
  • With that said, if you're not isolated, you should be able to defeat him (at least before late game).
  • Build armour 3143_32.png!


Lee Sin

  • You can duel him from levels 3-5, especially if you can dodge his Q, Sonic Wave, with flash.
  • Be wary of him at level 6 however, as his ultimate gives him alot of burst. 
  • He has a similar power curve to you. His early game is especially strong.
  • He can invade you at level 2. Ward around your jungle entrances to protect yourself. 
  • Consider getting a sightstone if he gets one, to match the vision he will provide. 



  • Malphite is a poor ganker pre-6. Snowball your lanes before he gets to them.
  • Don't group up in the late game. A multi-champion Unstoppable Force could win the game for his team.
  • His level 6 ganks are pretty lethal.
  • He will stack armour, consider getting a 3035_32.png.



  • If you don't influence the early game, he will outscale you with his extra CC and tank utility. Win the early game through ganks.
  • Decent invade target.
  • Look to force duels and skirmishes with him early. You should easily win by out damaging him.
  • Counter jungling is very effective against Maokai. 


Master Yi

  • Yi is a heavy farming jungler. He will camp in his jungle farming up for most of the game.
  • May take 12.png11.png.
  • Try and stay next to your carries in team fights, while Burrowed. Unburrow under him when he goes for your vulnerable team mates.
  • Use your Unburrow to interrupt his W, Meditate, when you can. 
  • 3075_32.png is very effective against Yi.



  • Make the most of the early game. He has immense tankiness and team fight utility later on.
  • Poor sustain and long cooldowns make him a very juicy target for invades.
  • Force skirmishes and duels onto Nautilus before he can get tanky.



  • Nidalee can invade you at level 2 if she chooses. Ward your jungle entrances before you start killing your buffs.
  • Watch out for her runeglaive powerspike, this is when her cougar form Q becomes extremely powerful. 
  • 3102_32.png is very strong against Nidalee, nullifying her enormous damage spear.



  • Try and pop his spell shield with your Prey Seeker before you Unburrow under him.
  • Traditionally a heavy farming jungler. Out pressure and out-gank the lanes early to win the match up. 
  • Ward his camps once he reaches level 6 to prevent is long range level 6 ganks.
  • Does alot of damage via auto attacks. Get a 3075_32.png.



  • Never enter into a smite war with a Nunu.
  • You can duel him if you can truly pin him down, but he'll most like snowball you and walk away.
  • Ward your jungle entrances and protect your buffs, or he will steal them.
  • Place defensive pink wards in your jungle.
  • Nunu will try to protect his lanes by pressuring your jungle, and by providing heavy vision. Try and get ganks in before he can afford sightstone.
  • Target Nunu's bloodboil target for teamfights later. For instance, camp Ashe early, so that when Nunu buffs her later, she won't destroy your entire team. 



  • Rammus' long single target CC and rapid movespeed make him a formidable ganker.
  • Poor sustain early.
  • Will stack armour, consider a 3035_32.png.
  • Try and force skirmishes with him early. Don't let him dominate your lanes with his ganks while you farm the jungle aimlessly. 
  • Tell ally carries to get a 3140_32.png if his taunt is a big problem. 



You're in a mirror match. MAY THE BEST 421_64.png WIN! Which should be you, because you read this guide. 



  • Very poor sustain early. Vulnerable to your early invades. 
  • Ward his jungle camps once he reachers level 6 to spot which lane he will use his ultimate to gank.
  • Burrow into the ground whe he uses his ultimate to track him with Tremor Sense. 
  • You can interrupt his leap with your knockup, like this:



  • Poor sustain early. Invade target.
  • Ward her jungle camps and look to force her into skirmishes and duels.
  • Counterjungling is very effective against her. 
  • An extremely powerful teamfighter later on. Outpressure and outgank her in the early game.



  • You can track Shaco once he stealths using your Tremor Sense when you are Burrowed!
  • Shaco can invade your buffs at level 2 easily due to his very fast kill on first jungle camp. If he gets the jump on you, he will kill you. 
  • Be especially way of a Shaco with 14.png! You should not duel him!
  • Keep 2043_32.png littered around the map. 3364_32.png is very useful for detecting Shaco too. 
  • When Shaco uses his ultimate to clone himself, the real shaco will be the one with a buff!



  • Shyvana has a fast clear speed and alot of mobility, however she lacks crowd control needed for good ganks.
  • Shyvana will try and power farm her jungle and have a big impact in later team fights.
  • Be especially careful of her if she brings 11.png3.png.
  • Don't duel shyvana unless you have a clear advantage. 
  • Get your ganks in early and snowball lanes as soon as possible. 



  • Skarner is another strong duelest. If he starts with more health, or has his ultimate, don't fight him.
  • Your ganks are more effective earlier in the game.
  • If he uses his ultimate on a team mate, Unburrow on him to stop him dragging your ally all the way into his team. 



  • Udyr is a powerful duelist, and he could try and invade your jungle. Keep your jungle warded to stay safe.
  • Try and identify whether he is Tiger or Phoenix stance as soon as possible. Phoenix stance is more of a pressuring, farming style. Tiger stance will let him destroy single targets.
  • If he goes to splitpush, you can choose to follow him and Void Rush to join your team if they need you, or you can try and force a fight on the enemy team and ignore Udyr. Group and push down towers quickly.



  • You can duel her in the early game. Use your flash to dodge her Q and you will 100% win the fight. 
  • Make sure later on that you stick next to your carries. As soon as she ults them, crowd control her and focus her until she dies. 
  • Be careful of her damage if she gets a Trinity Force 3078_32.png.



  • You can't really duel Volibear because of his passive, which heals him immensely when he drops below 30%. Make sure one of your team mates has an ignite 14.png or a Morellonomicon 3165_32.png to stop him healing so much, later on in the game.
  • He is easily kited in team fights. Aim to peel him off of your carries. 
  • You have better ganks than him at all stages of the game. Abuse that.
  • Don't underestimate the damage of his executing bite. 



  • Warwick has the best jungle sustain in the game...
  • ... but the weakest pre 6 ganks of any jungler.
  • Interrupt his ultimate, Infinite Duress, by Unburrowing on him when he ults one of your team mates. 
  • Encourage your team mates to pick up a 3140_32.png if he gets fed.
  • He can solo dragon easily due to his godly sustain. Keep it warded. 



  • Extremely poor sustain early game. A good target for invading. 
  • Great team fight later on due to his powerful ultimate.
  • When he uses Decoy, Burrow into the ground to track him with Tremor Sense, and hit him with a Prey Seeker. 


Xin Zhao

  • You outscale Xin Zhao, but he has great ganks and pressure in the early game. Match his aggression.
  • Try to peel him off your team mates later. If left untouched, and he has offensive items, he will be able to blow up one of your carries easily. 



  • Force skirmishes in the early game. He has good crowd control and mobility, but lacks damage.
  • His team fight utility and tankiness far outranks yours. Snowball the early game before he outscales you. 
  • Zac can have some interesting gank paths due to the long range of his E, Elastic Slingshot, when he levels it up. Ward over walls to prevent him diving onto your team out of the fog of war. 

Clearing the Jungle Back to Top

Clearing the Jungle

Clearing the jungle is a breeze as Rek'Sai. She possesses a rapid clear speed due to not only how fast she destroys jungle camps, but also the fact that she can maneuver around the jungle faster than anyone in the game due to the network of tunnels she has access to.

You can choose to start at either side of the jungle as Rek'Sai, Start either Gromp or Krugs. I usually like to start whichever camp is nearest to my bottom lane, as they will provide a better leash than a top laner will. 

How to Efficiently Clear the jungle:

Make sure you begin clearing a camp with a Prey Seeker. Then Unburrow beneath the camp, and activate Queen's Wrath. This will stack up your fury. Use Furious Bite once you have full fury for the extra damage, or if you will kill the camp before reaching full fury, use it anyway. When you are able to knockup the jungle camp again, Burrow, Prey Seeker, and Unburrow underneath the camp again, and repeat the process. Once the camp is dead, burrow into the ground while your fury converts into sweet health. Tunnel towards your next camp, and begin this method again. For even better clear speed, and style points, finish off the camp with a Prey Seeker as you burrow off to your next target. 

Early Jungle Clears

Traditional Jungle Start: 
Start with your Q, Queen's Wrath, smite your first camp, and move onto the nearest buff. Kill it, go pick up your second buff (smite it) and you are now level 3 with double buffs, and you can choose at this point to look to gank a lane or continue to clear the jungle. 

Alternative Jungle Start:
Rek'Sai does not care about blue buff. This gives her access to a special jungle route for better sustain in the early game, and lets her get a very quick gank in onto an unsuspecting lane. I particularily like this jungle route when playing on blue side. Start Krugs, then move on to kill wraiths, and now double back to your red buff now. Smite the red buff to regain health. You will have fully cleared one side of your jungle, and just picked up red buff. You can now look for a powerful gank onto bottom lane or mid lane, which will be unexpected at this early stage. 

Full Jungle Start:
Rek'Sai can easily perform a full clear of the jungle in the early game to get a quick level 4, if you so choose. You can clear the entire jungle, top to bottom, if you use your health regeneration while in burrowed form while travelling between camps. Once you take your final camp however, you will be very low, and will need to back, so you won't be able to get a really early gank in. 

Ganking Back to Top

How to Gank as the Deadly Landshark 

Always try and gank from behind. Ganking from behind means that you do not have to use your tunnel on the enemy unless they decide to blow a flash or their own escape - and then if they do you can easily chase them down. It also allows you to remain in range to attack your gank target longer, as they will have to walk past you to escape. 

You will want to walk into lane while Burrowed. You will have extra movement speed, and you'll also avoid that pesky creep block. Head towards your target and hit them with a Prey Seeker and your Chilling Smite to steal their movespeed, and close the gap. Unburrow onto them when you get close enough, the nearer to the centre of the enemy, the better. Tunnel towards your target to secure this if you need to, but if you don't, save your tunnel. Once knocked up, activate your Queen's Wrath, and slash away. Make sure to walk ahead of your enemy between auto attacks so that they don't gain too much distance on you. Use your Furious Bite with as much fury as you can. If your target is still not dead, and have got out of melee range, Burrow into the ground again, and Tunnel to pursue them. Prey Seeker if you can hit them, and if possible, get a second knock up and then finish them off. 

Ganking Tips and Tricks

  • Use your Stalker's Blade 3706_32.png smite to slow your enemy and close the gap for that knock up.
  • If your target escapes at extremely low health, try and Burrow quickly, and snipe them with a finishing Prey Seeker.
  • Keep in mind that while burrowed, you will not be blocked by creeps. This is very important.
  • 4.png-Unburrow is extremely potent, and I highly recommend using this if you will secure the kill. Usually, if you swap flash for flash with the enemy laner but dont get the kill, it will still be worth it. 

Giving over kills?

You should give over the kill if:
  • You can get the kill onto one of your carries, whether it be your mid lane or bottom lane.
  • The lane is snowbally either way. In a matchup of, for example, Akali vs Katarina, giving a kill over to one of these champions will likely swing the matchup HEAVILY in the favour of whoever gets the kill. One successful kill onto them will likely mean they can destroy lane, and the game.
  • Your laner is a little behind, and could really use the kill to catch up. 
  • You don't intend on ganking for that lane again for whatever reason. Set them up with an advantage, and let them press it while you apply pressure to the rest of the map (usually this is for top lane). 
  • Once the kill is secured by your team mate, you can heavily tax the lane minions for experience and gold. 
You should take the kill yourself if: 
  • The gank target might escape. Even if it's a kill on the enemy 5-0 Riven that will give a huge bounty gold that one of your laners desperately needs, it's still better to secure the kill than risk not getting it whatsoever. 
  • The support will get the kill. 
  • You are behind and need it to get back into the game.
  • Your team mate already has kills. If there is a 3v3 in bot lane, and our ADC has already got two kills, I have no problem taking the third for myself. It's good to have gold on your carries, but it's better to have gold split between your entire team as well as on your carries. 

Invasion Back to Top

The Art of Counter Jungling as Rek'Sai

Rek'Sai is a fantastic counter jungler. The 1v1 power of Rek'sai, how Tremor Sense helps you spot the enemy jungler even through fog of war, how her Tunnels let her get in and out of the enemy jungle quickly, and the speed at which she kills camps means that all together she can easily take away camp after camp from the enemy jungler, if the Void Burrower chooses. All of these factors together make Rek'Sai special in her ability to quickly and safely steal camps away from the enemy jungler.  

The best time to counter jungle is when the enemy jungler is not in the vicinity. This is completely free, and the small advantages you can take from doing this can really add up. Enemy (purple side) jungler shows bot lane at approximately 8-9 minutes? Go collect your free red buff from their top side jungle - you can then go about taking away their Razorbeaks and possibly Krugs, and look for a gank in top or mid lane with no fear of a countergank. 

Killing enemy camps is a unique strength of Rek'Sai, due to her speed and safety when doing so, however she can also easily look for kills onto the enemy jungler too. Rek'Sai typically has no need to fear the avoid the enemy jungler. She can duel most junglers unless they are especially dominant (such as a level 6 Lee Sin). Try and ward the enemy jungle to know where your adversary is, and if you believe you can kill them, go for it. Keep in mind however, that enemy team mates will likely try and assists their ally, so make sure you have the damage to kill the enemy quickly, and ensure you know where your tunnel locations are for your escape route. Some good tunnels for counter jungling would be one going either through Baron pit into the enemy jungle, or through the Dragon pit into the enemy jungle. 

Do not invade at level 2. The earliest you should look for the invade should be at your level 3. You need all of your basic skills to be able to counter jungle and duel effectively. 

Should I Invade? Should I not?

There are a few questions you should ask yourself when you’re looking to invade the enemy.
  1. Can I kill the enemy jungler? This is fairly self explanatory...
  2. How fast is the enemy jungler's clear? If the enemy jungler's clear is extremely fast, you might get there too late, if the enemy jungler's clear is extremely slow, you might have to camp in a bush for a few seconds before they turn up.
  3. Does the enemy team have wards? Is it likely they will have wards? If they see you waltz into their jungle, you're highly likely to die.
  4. Does the enemy jungler have much sustain? If they have low sustain, all the better. Killing a low health Wukong who is struggling to down his own red buff is much easier than walking up to a full health Warwick with a ridiculous amount of lifesteal. 
  5. What does the 2v2 / 3v3 look like if people roam from the lanes? Can your laners even respond? Don't complain if you die because your top lane Nasus does not follow their top lane Riven. 
  6. What summoner spells are available? Do we both have flash? Do we both have smite?
Typically it's best to invade champions with low sustain and dueling power early game such as Wukong, Amumu, Nautilus - however you CAN invade strong duelers also such as Lee Sin if you manage to ambush them after they have used their cooldowns on a jungle camp. 

Teamfighting Back to Top

Teamfighting as Rek'Sai is fairly straight forward. In an ideal world, your goal is to land an Unburrow knock up onto the entire enemy team. However, that is hardly ever possible. This section should help you identify what to do specifically in a team fight. 

Note: Make sure you remain in Burrowed form before a team fight, and try and land Prey Seekers onto priority targets. 


What is peeling?: Peeling is protecting your ally by keeping threats to them off them using your damage and crowd control. 
When to be a peeler: Your carries are ahead of the enemy carries, and keeping them alive is an equal or bigger priority than killing the enemy carries. There is an ally who can output higher or similar damage to you.
Rek'Sai's strengths as a peeler: Rek'Sai is a good peeler due to the short cooldown on her knockup. Landing a knock up onto anyone threatening your carry will likely immobilize them long enough for your team to kill them, or your carries to reposition to a safe location where they can deal good damage. 

How to be an effective peeler as Rek'Sai: Remain in Burrowed form before a team fight and poke with your Prey Seeker. You will want to position yourself near to your carries, ready to Unburrow onto anyone who dives onto them. Hit them with your Unburrow, and focus them down with your Queen's Wrath and your Furious Bite. Make sure you pay close attention to the cooldown which lets you knock up a target again, and try and land the Unburrow again as soon as you can, if they are still alive. Once the threats are removed, try to transition to either protecting another high value team mate, or look to tunnel towards the enemy back line and hit knock ups to clean up the rest of the team fight. If you are playing a peeling role and your carry dies, you should try to transition to peel for another HIGH value team mate. If your ADC dies, peel for your APC. If your ADC dies and you do not have another high damage target who needs peel, (such as a zed who will dive the back line), transition to being a dive buddy with your highest damage team mate (zed in this scenario).  

Champions to peel for: 119_64.png61_64.png110_64.png51_64.png99_64.png268_64.png134_64.png67_64.png69_64.png, and many many more (usually attack damage carries or mid-long ranged ability power mid lane carries).


What is diving? Diving is jumping solely onto the enemy carry/carries to try and kill them. 
When to be a diver: The enemy carries are a greater threat than your carries, and will kill your team if left untouched. You have a team mate who can also dive with you who can also provide lots of damage, or some damage and some crowd control, or you yourself are fed enough to take out a carry single handed. 
Rek'Sai's strengths as a diver: Rek'Sai's mobility lets her get onto enemy carries with relative ease and pin them down with your knock up, especially if she has flash available. She also has some formidable damage for crushing the enemy carries with, if you choose to build her that way. 

How to be an effective diver as Rek'Sai: Looking for a flank is easiest. Aim to come in from the side to get onto the vulnerable enemy carries. Tunnel in, hit your Prey Seeker, and then Unburrow beneath them for the knockup. Quickly do your best to nuke the target down as fast as possible with Queen's Wrath and Furious Bite. If you begin to be kited, or receive focus from too many members of the enemy team, make sure you quickly Tunnel or flash out of the fight, and look to go back in once your Tunnel is back off of cooldown. Usually, with a jungler's income, you won't have enough damage on your own to go in and destroy enemies carries single handedly. With that in mind, I highly recommend having a "dive buddy" to go onto the enemy carries with you. If you have another team mate who can provide a lot of damage, or a mixture of damage and crowd control, you can co-operate to crush the enemy ADC and APC. 

Great Dive Buddies with Rek'Sai: 24_64.png105_64.png150_64.png102_64.png59_64.png62_64.png55_64.png266_64.png121_64.png102_64.png103_64.png, and many others (that provide either extremely high damage, or a mix of crowd control and damage).

Why Play Rek'Sai? Back to Top

When should I pick the Void Burrower? 

Rek'sai is in a really good spot right now. She has a strong early game, awesome sustain, performs well with Cinderhulk due to her knock ups and her strong vision based utility is invaluable to most teams. 
The thing that makes her such a powerful jungler, in my opinion, is how her kit revolves around not having any down time as a jungler. Alot of her skills are fairly simple, but the way they interact means you will easily be the most active jungler in the game. Rek'Sai's strong sustain, fast clear, extreme mobility (especially in her own jungle), strong ganking, and global ultimate means that you can always be on the map at any time. This quality is really the core of Rek'sai. You can always be pressuring, always farming, always doing something extremely meaningful. Rek'Sai honestly works well in any team right now. 

Who am I? Back to Top

Hey there, I'm FrozenNeon. This is my second guide on Lolking. I'm a Diamond jungle main who plays on Europe West. If you have any questions to ask me, comment on the guide, or add me! 

This is a link to my Elise guide:

Lolking pages: 

My Main: FrozenNeon
My Smurf: MeltedNeon

I've been playing Rek'Sai since her release, and she is so far my most played champion this season, and I really like the champion. My other guide is my Elise guide, which I have linked above! Give it a read! 

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Beginning second guide: Reksai! Barebones done. 

Runes, masteries, ability order, items, author notes completed!

Clearing the jungle, invasion, ganking, who am i, why play rek'sai completedddd

Champion matchups altered to reflect the strength of Elise, Shyvana and Nidalee. 

Hmm It's been a while. Updated itemisation to reflect the current game! 

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