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Masteries are never set in stone, you should always tailor them to fit each individual game.


Recovery vs Unyielding: Rek'Sai already has plenty of sustain in the jungle and doesn't need the minor regen.

Explorer vs Tough Skin: Personal preference, I like taking less damage but the extra MS is also definitely useful.

Runic Armor vs Veteran's Scars: Also preference, Veteran's Scars gives a lot more early game power while Runic scales slightly better late game. In my opinion Scars is better since Rek'Sai doesn't utilize the bonus healing as well as some other junglers do.

Insight vs Perseverance: Always go Insight, Rek'Sai is a flash reliant champion especially late game so you'll want it up as often as possible to get off flash knockups.

Swiftness vs Legendary Guardian: If the enemy team has a lot of CC/slows get Swiftness, else get Legendary Guardian

Strength of the Ages: Safe, always effective, scales amazingly well


Fury vs Sorcery: The attack speed helps out a lot more with your clear than a minor ability damage increase

Double Edged Sword: You don't need the sustain from Feast and Double Edged Sword is more reliable than Expose Weakness. Also helps your dueling and 1v1 ability against carries.

Vampirism vs Natural Talent: Vampirism scales better, Natural Talent is better early. Personal preference.

Bounty Hunter vs Oppressor: Oppressor is more consistent and reliable, especially on a primarily tank/utility champ. If you're building full AD though and are confident in your ability pick up kills/carry feel free to go for Bounty Hunter.

Full AD

12/18/0 with Thunderlords for extra burst/assassination potential

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Q is maxed first since it's your primary damage ability. W is maxed second for the utility/cc, it also does more damage (which is AoE) than a maxed E without a lot of AD. Full AD builds should max E second.

Tunnel placement: you'll want to set up a network to move between your camps faster, which typically means tunnels over camp walls (especially krugs/raptors). It's also worthwhile to set one close to bot and top lane for reactive counter ganks using your ult, especially if your lanes are winning and have priority. 

Early on you can use your ult to get back to farming after recalling, but past the 20-25 minute mark save it so you can splitpush, make a play top/bot while still being to contest baron/rift/drake, or turn a disadvantageous 1v2/2v3 in your team's favour.

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Starting Items

    Standard start

Core Items

    Always rush tiamat first for faster clearing and early damage. I like to get Bami's on my second buy for the combat stats, but it's also viable to buy your upgraded smite first if you need its effects early e.g. you need the blue smite slow to gank a slippery lane.
    Finish cinderhulk before titanic. Blue smite is usually the best option, it augments Rek'sai's CC and helps her catch up to people for her knockup. Green is an option if you're playing in a more coordinated environment (e.g. premade team) or if your team desperately needs deep vision. Red is when the enemy team has a powerful 1v1 champion you need to duel.
    Unless the enemy team is magic and CC heavy, I'll almost always opt for Ninja tabi since it's by far the best defensive boot option. As a frontline tank you'll be getting auto'ed a lot so the 12% damage mitigation is huge.
    If i'm very fed i'll sometimes get this along with titanic before building tank to close out games earlier. a fed rek'sai with titanic+cleaver can pretty much 1v2 enemy carries midgame and split push extremely effectively.
    this and its upgrade is usually the best trinket option, although if you've gone blue/red smite and still need vision you can also stay with the warding totem.

Situational Items

    Build according to the biggest threats on the enemy team
    If i'm really ahead sometimes I'll rush this immediately after my core to push my lead further
    Full AD rek'sai for the lulz. Swap ghostblade/cleaver depending on how tanky the enemy team is.
    I've seen people take this and i think there could be niche situations in which it's good but i've personally never bought it myself. if you're in a situation where you have no need for tenacity and you're not facing a big auto attacking threat these might be viable.

Usually my build order looks like: Machete + refillable > Tiamat > Bami's/(Tier 1 Boots) > Cinderhulk/(Tier 1 Boots) > Tier 2 boots > Finish Titanic > Situational tank items

Your 2 item spike after Cinder and Titanic is very powerful and you should be able to 1v1 nearly anyone at this stage of the game provided they're not super fed/you're super behind.

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You outfarm, outpressure, and outduel him early on so abuse that as much as you can. You'll want to counterjungle often and contest all of his blue buffs, since denying him the first few will hurt his early game a lot. He outscales you in teamfights so you want to make sure you've snowballed your laners/set him behind a lot by the time he becomes relevant.




She has more early damage and pressure than you but you farm a lot faster with better map mobility and if she falls behind it's a free game.




Tremor sense counters her stealth HARD. Watch out for her early cheese, pink jungle exit brushes and deep ward her camps. She's problematic if she snowballs so try to keep tabs on her location/pressure lanes early. Also be super careful you don't get counter ganked because one good counter gank is devastating and will give her a huge lead on you.




Similar to the Amumu matchup, you beat Fiddle in pretty much everything early game so make the most out of that. When dueling him try to save your unburrow for after he starts Draining since it's 90% of his damage output. He's also very blue dependent, contest his blues to set him behind.

This is one matchup I'd recommend going Tracker's since it's important to keep vision on him at all times when grouped to see his ult coming.




You beat him early but he scales really well and unless you have a lead you won't be able to duel him midgame. Tiamat is crucial in this matchup to match his clear speed so he can't starve you of jungle camps as easily. Look to gank early and set his laners behind since Graves can't do much for his team until he gets items, but beware of getting counter ganked. 




He has a lot of early-mid power and can pressure and bully really hard after he completes Triforce. If your team can stymie his impact early on and limit his snowballing potential he'll become much less of an issue later. He's good at diving the backline so keep an eye on your carries to peel for them.


Jarvan IV


His clear is awful so you can easily outfarm and outpressure him early. If he screws up his combo during a gank and you're in position to counter gank you can punish him really hard. You should also be able to counterjungle and bully him out of his jungle whenever your lanes have priority, so look to play aggressive and contest his camps.




This champ is really strong in solo queue because of his unmatched 1v1 damage and ability to punish and snowball off mistakes easily. You can bully him out pre 6 but after that it's dangerous to fight him alone unless you have a lead. Provided he doesn't get too fed off your teammates by 20 minutes he's not a huge issue to deal with when grouped, especially since your tremor sense counters his stealth and you can interrupt his jump with unburrow if you time it correctly.




She used to be a strong pick but she's been gutted really hard, you can fight her and contest marked camps pretty easily. Denying her early stacks is huge since she relies on them for most of her damage now so always look to path around and toward marks. You outduel her as long as you don't let yourself get kited too hard, if you can get on top of her while saving your tunnel you'll be able to kill her/force flash unless she has a sizable lead on you.




Invade him early, and invade him often. Before he gets 3 items he's pretty much a free kill unless you get collapsed on/outplayed really hard. After that point though if you haven't set him behind by a lot and his team is good at peeling for him you'll have massive problems dealing with him during fights.


Lee Sin


He has a strong early game but you have better ganks and a faster clear speed pre 6. He spikes hard once he gets his kick but he's reliant on snowballing early so if you can deny a lead he falls off harder than you do. You can interrupt the second part of his Q with unburrow if you time it right and not take any damage, so keep that in mind when dueling him/saving an ally.


Master Yi


Destroy his team early before he becomes relevant. Save unburrow to interrupt meditate.




Her clear speed, mobility and damage is insane and very oppressive. Be prepared to get invaded often and forced to fight for almost all of your buffs and camps. Also if you ever spend too much time and fail a gank you can expect the other half of your jungle to be completely gone. You can beat her in a 1v1 if you can get in melee range safely, but her pounce + bonus MS in brushes makes it so that you'll probably never kill her by yourself. Farm as much as you can and don't go for risky ganks while your camps are still up.




He beats you 1v1 with a decent clear speed and decent ganks. If he snowballs he'll become a nightmare to deal with, but he falls off late game against good teamplay. If the Olaf player is bad at hitting his axes this matchup becomes a lot easier, else your best bet is to avoid him and pressure other areas of the map with a low risk of a countergank.




Another snowbally assassin, similar to Kha'Zix but he's a lot harder to play and is easier to counter as long as your team isn't stupid. He relies on his ult to get picks so stay grouped with your carries since tremor sense counters his ult very effectively.




You can bully her early with better clear speed and 1v1 potential but she scales much better than you. Apply as much early pressure as you can and look for easy counterganks to set her behind.




Similar to Evelynn, but he's easier to deal with unless the player really knows how to abuse his strengths. You should be able to fight him at most stages of the game unless he's really fed, so try to pressure him in his jungle to relieve gank pressure off your overextending laners. Your tremor sense counters his stealth also so this matchup shouldn't be difficult.




This one's hard for me to comment on since I don't remember the last time I played against a Shyvana, but the idea should be to pressure early as usual since she needs to farm a lot to scale and her ganks are bad.




Another champ I haven't faced often enough to comment comprehensively on. His clearing and dueling capabilities tie into his spire control, so you get to play the dominion minigame. As long as you don't fight him near an enemy spire you should be able to beat him 1v1, his ganks are also less consistent than yours.




Strong duelist with a powerful ult for both ganking and 1v1s. Most Vi's max Q so being able to interrupt it with Unburrow can give you a massive advantage in a fight. She clears quickly but her sustain and ganking ability without her ultimate isn't as good as yours, you should be able to pressure the map harder than she does. If she builds damage stay near your carries so you can burst her down immediately after she ults.




Another jungler reliant on his ult to be able to do anything; set his team behind/get your laners ahead before he gets to be relevant. He has good sustain but his clear's pretty slow, you should be able to outjungle and outpressure him easily.




He's weak early but once he gets going his ganks are incredibly effective. You can invade and bully him out before he gets items/levels but after that point it's pretty hard to solo kill him. Keep a keen eye out for his E so you can interrupt it with your unburrow; it's his primary source of damage and CC so being able to deny it is huge.

Jungle Routes/Tips Back to Top


Clearing on Rek'Sai basically goes like this:
Start burrowed > Q camp > unburrow > auto reset into Q > (E if you have max fury) > auto reset into Q when it comes off cd > (E) > burrow > Q camp > unburrow > auto reset into Q. Repeat if necessary.

Whenever you're moving around the map/moving between camps you should always be burrowed for the extra MS + tremor sense. Make sure you're paying attention to Rek'Sai's tremor sense radar to be able to utilitze it to its fullest potential.

The basic gist of it is you can get out 2 unburrowed Qs before the knockup timer on a camp expires, at which point you burrow to knock it up again for the damage + cc. You want to E at the highest level of fury possible. The cd is typically too long to be able to use it more than once on a camp, so you want to maximize its damage.

Use your tunnels to create a straight line from over the krug wall, over the red buff wall to the raptor camp. Similarly, you'll want tunnels over the blue buff wall and the two sides of the wolf camp for efficient movement.

When it comes to your first jungle route, Rek'Sai is extremely versatile and can pretty much start anywhere. Playing for a level 3 gank with red buff is a common and powerful strategy since most laners will still be level 2.

Example routes:
Krugs (smite) > Red > Raptors (smite) > Take scuttle/look for a gank > Wolves > Gromp (smite) > Look for a gank

Gromp (smite) > Wolves > Red (smite) > Look for a gank (not worth going for scuttle without krug buff) > Krugs > Raptors (smite) > Look for a gank

Blue buff does a lot of damage early and it doesn't help your early power/ganking ability so it's typically not worth taking on a first clear. Kill it on your second clear for the exp/gold if your midlaner doesn't make good use of it, else I like to pass it off since an early blue in certain matchups can give your midlaner a huge advantage (especially if they're playing a lane bully).


Rek'Sai isn't mechanically difficult, so most of these are general jungle tips.

Always try to kill as many camps as possible before you go for a gank, so if you fail you don't risk losing your jungle/falling behind. 

Remember to keep an eye on your lanes to watch how the enemy laner is playing/minion wave position so you can plan your paths around gank opportunities better. 

To be efficient, clear every camp from one side of the jungle to the side you're planning on ganking. Try to avoid having to backtrack/move back and forth between camps because you're wasting time.

If the enemy jungler appears on one side of the map, your first priority should be to countergank if possible, if not, counterjungle their opposite side jungle or make a play elsewhere/take an objective.

Aside from ganking, sometimes you can also show yourself in a lane to either 1. break a freeze (help your laner push the wave into enemy turret) 2. threaten a dive when a huge wave crashes into the enemy turret (even if you don't actually dive this will usually scare them off the wave and you'll have succeeded in denying them a lot of gold)

That said, don't reveal your location carelessly. Doing so opens you up to getting counterjungled as well as allowing the other enemy laners more freedom to play aggressively.

Keep an eye on enemy buff timers, especially if you have wining lanes and/or you're stronger than the enemy jungler so you can co-ordinate an invade to deny them the buff/possibly kill them doing it.

Time enemy flash cooldowns. If you gank and blow a flash, make sure you gank again before it comes back up to fully abuse your summoner advantage. In instances against immobile champions without flash don't be afraid of leading with flash since they won't be able to match it to escape.

Camp easy lanes to gank. Don't think you absolutely need to devote equal attention to all your lanes; going for the gank with the highest success rate is almost always the best option. If your top lane is Irelia vs Yasuo and your bot lane is Cait/Soraka vs Ezreal/Janna going bot is a huge waste of time when you could camp the Yasuo to reliably snowball your Irelia and generate huge pressure top.

Ganking/Taxing Back to Top


If you can help it, don't lead a gank with a tunnel. Instead, Q them + smite > walk up > unburrow and save your tunnel for when they flash/dash away. Since most people will flash the instant a Rek'Sai gets under them, sometimes it's better to hold onto your unburrow, bait their flash, follow with E > knock up. This is because having your unburrow dodged makes it a lot harder to chase considering there's a 4 second burrow cd.

Also keep in mind that Rek'Sai's unburrow will knock up and CC targets for longer if they're caught in the middle of circle as opposed to the edge. So always try to get as close as possible before unburrowing for maximum CC duration.

In terms of gank paths, Rek'Sai is very flexible since her tunnel lets her bypass pretty much every wall in the game. Generally speaking you'll want to come in from behind as often as possible so you can save tunnel, but if that's not an option (e.g. warded brush) you can still gank side lanes via the tribrush wall and mid lane over raptors/ramp wall.


You've ganked and successfully killed the enemy laner. Now what? If the lane is pushing toward the enemy side, shove it into tower to either a. reset the wave if your laner is dead, or looking to recall soon, or b. push the tower down if it's low and/or your laner is intending to stay in lane, after which you can take an objective/invade and 2v1 the enemy jungler. If the lane is pushing toward your side, only shove it if you can take the enemy turret; last hit the minions if they're dying to your tower but otherwise leave them alone.

Shoving the lane in a situation not mentioned above will most likely place the creep wave in a disadvantageous position for your laner, forcing him to overextend for minions and face either getting denied or being ganked.

The same logic applies when covering a lane. Do not push unless you're doing it to keep the wave off your turret/reset the minions/push down enemy turret.

Taking lane minions is a huge part of jungling to maximise your gold/exp income but make sure you're not handicapping your teammates doing so.

Teamfights Back to Top

You'll either be diving their carries or peeling/frontlining for your own depending on the circumstances of the game.

You want to dive if:
- You're fed
- Your carries are weak
- Your carries already have good peel
- Their carries are fed
- Their carries are immobile
- You can zone 2/3 enemies without dying
- Your team has good followup

You want to peel/frontline if:
- You're not fed
- Your carries are strong
- Your carries don't already have good peel
- Their assassins/divers are fed
- They have no frontline

Your primary goal is to knockup priority targets - either their carries if diving, or their assassins if peeling - so your team can focus them down. 

It's also important to remember your unburrow can interrupt dashes, some of which can make or break a teamfight e.g. Thresh W, Tristana W, Azir E, Lee Q, Zac E

Objectives Back to Top

Objectives Tier List

Generally speaking the order of importance for objectives is as follows:

Nexus > Nexus Turrets > Side lane Inhibitor > Baron > Midlane Inhibitor > Elder Drake > Inhibitor Turret > Tier 2/Drake > Tier 1/Drake > Jungle buffs

Drake priority varies wildly depending on which elemental drake it is, team comps and how many of which drake each team already has.

Elder Drake is very powerful but the duration is so short it often doesn't mean much, especially in soloqueue (unless there was a 5v5 teamfight over it), and its potency also depends on how many drakes you have.

Nexus turrets are only worth more than side lane inhibs if you can take both of them. 1 side lane inhib > 1 nexus turret.

I didn't include Rift Herald because it's value also varies wildly and it's difficult to take. But if your top laner is a powerful splitpusher/1v1 duelist it's worth it to trade it for a tier 1 turret or drake.

The reason Baron is more important than a midlane inhib is because it grants gold, experience, and often enables you to take at least one inhib anyway.

The reason side lane inhibs are more important than Baron is because they usually allow you to take the opposite side inhib, which most of the time will give you a free Baron.

It's important to remember that this list isn't set in stone. It can and will vary according to the specific circumstances of each game; for instance, if you're playing a comp with excellent pick/assassination potential you'll value taking down turrets over drakes in order to open up the map.

Securing Objectives

When using smite to secure objectives, time it with a 100 fury E for the extra true damage burst. You can check how much true damage it does by mousing over it at any stage in the game so add that to your smite and use both at the same time once an objective gets low enough. Also if the enemy jungler is still alive ask your teammates to zone him away from the Baron/drake pit to reduce the probability of a steal.

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