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1 year ago

Renekton Statistics for Dainank

Author's performance with Renekton compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

1) 4.png12.png Standard pick in current meta; allows split pushing and applying pressure (you know the drill, won't go into why TP is standard).

2) 4.png14.png Ignite for kill potential, but it isn't worth in the current meta (your late game will suffer).
3) 6.png12.png Some players like to pick ghost over flash because of its low cooldown when compared to flash, however, it will only benefit you in the laning phase. A flash is far more helpful in team fights because it lets you get onto the carry, which is your main job as Renekton.
4) 6.png14.png This option is extremely aggressive and I personally don't see why you would use it, but some other high elo Rrenekton mains are so it is up to you really.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Fury > Sorcery
  • Only AP ability is your ultimates AOE damage, which is scales really badly., thus it isn't worth to go sorcery.
  • Higher attack speed lets you auto creeps and enemies more quickly, thus generate your fury more quickly.
  • Help sustain during the laning phase. 
  • Fresh blood is also a good option because your trades are usually very short (1 full combo normally, more about this later).
  • Expose Weakness is definitely a better option than 'feast' or 'fresh blood' if you are building tanky.
Vampirism > Natural Talent
  • In the current meta, the stats from 'natural talent' just aren't as good as Vampirism, hence why we take it.
Battle Trance 
  • Usually at around lv3 or lv6 depending on how hard you are stomping, you will go for an all-in on the opponent. This makes Battle Trance a very helpful mastery to take.
The resolve tree changes a lot, but your key picks from it are:
  • Tough Skin: As Renekton, you can't really roam, thus you don't need explorer. Normally you aren't shoved up to your tower, rendering Siege Master as a bad option as well.
  • Fearless: Normally, 'Insight' is your best option, as it makes sure that your 4.png & 12.png are on a low cooldown. This gives you more flanking possibilities and allows you to pick off the ADC more easily with your flash being on a lower cooldown. Currently,  the stats from Fearless are slightly too strong, thus we are taking this over insight in the current meta.
  • Swiftness: You definitely want this in order to be able to pick off the ADC more easily.
  • Courage of The Colossus: This mastery is currently overpowered and it synergizes quite nicely with Renekton's W renektonpreexecute.png and really helps in the laning phase to trade more effectively.

Abilities Back to Top


Melee Matchups: Take the ability order as shown above.

Ranged Matchups: Start 'Q' renektoncleave.png in order to last hit the creeps while being zoned. Then take 'E' renektonsliceanddice.png second, in order to be able to dash in, last hit, and dash back out without taking too much damage. Then max Q renektoncleave.png and E renektonsliceanddice.png as normal.

Cull the Meek (Q)

This is Renekton primary tool for sustaining, CCsing and trading during the laning phase. Make sure to use the EMPOWERED Q as often as possible during the laning phase in order to sustain more effectively than your opponent. Your Q is also the easiest ability to generate your fury with, so try to to spam it as much as possible when under 50 fury. Try to use you Q on multiple enemies during mid-game team fights, in order to heal as much as possible from it (as well as deal damage). If you want to focus the carry (which is often your main job as a top laner), then you might want to keep your Q for the 1 AD Carry which is exposed, than the 4 other team players.

Ruthless Predator (W)

This ability has a massive AD ratio, thus is your main tool for bursting down the AD carry during team fights, or winning 1vs1 and other skirmishes. For this reason, you want to make sure that it is empowered when used (unless you want to lock down someone for your team to finish off). Keep in mind that the stun duration doubles when empowered, which can be very useful in some situations (e.g. escaping or lockdowns/picks). Your W also acts as an autoattack reset, thus try to always use it right after an autoattack. If you are empowered and in range to use your W, be sure to all in the opponent, as an empowered W does an insane amount of damage in the early game.

Slice and Dice (E)

Always try to hit an enemy with your first dash (slice) in order to dash again. You are extremely weak once you lose your E, and especially weak if you lose your second dash immediately, as you won't have a proper gap closer. Your E should be used as an engaging tool during the laning phase and during the time window in which your second dash is up, you should try to unleash your full combo (Auto + Q + Auto + W + Tiamat + A + Dash Out) on the opponent before quickly dashing out. This is extremely effective and basically the bread and butter of how to win your lane. Note that the second dash causes lethality if empowered, but when compared to your empowered Q and empowered W it is definitely never worth it to use an empowered E over the empowered W or empowered Q (unless you can line it up perfectly on 3+ people during a team fight).

Dominus (R)

Your ultimate is extremely helpful during the laning phase. If the enemy top laner isn't lv6 yet and you get ganked (with the jungler also being lv 5 or below) you can nearly win every single 1vs2 (if your mechanics are on point). It is even possible to win 1vs2 ganks if the enemies have reached lv 6, but it is a lot tougher. Either way, your ultimate is a good tool for baiting enemies to engage you and think that you are low. Furthermore, the AOE damage can also help out in dense team fights.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard start if in an even matchup.
    Start VS Pantheon (I hate Pantheon).
    Sometimes good if VS heavy AD.

Core Items

    Core Item Build VS AD top laners and standard mixed AD/AP teams: BC => RH => MT => LOCKET => DD => GA
    Early Game Items

Situational Items

    VS AP (RUSH MAW) & Definitely take locket. Spirit Visage is also a good option.
    If VS Heavy AD/Auto Attack Team
    Other optional boots.
  • 3074.png Very important on Renekton to cancel 'W' and autos in general. You can also go  3748.png  if you wish, though you will be unable to cancel your W animation.
  • 3071.png Probably the most important item for Renekton, being a must-buy. This is because it provides 20% CDR which is extremely helpful, and on top of that gives AD and some health stats, which works perfectly with Renekton's kit overall.
  • 3026.png Very good late-game. Only ever get it as your 6th item.
Standard Build Order:

3071.png3074.png3111.png3190.png (3812.png OR 3143.png3026.png

Early Game Items:

PHAGE 3044.png : Base stats good for trading. The movement speed is helpful for chasing.
TIAMAT 3077.png : Allows you to cancel your  renektonpreexecute.png  already during the laning phase, which results in effective trades.
CAULFIELDS'S WARHAMMER 3133.png : Gives you CDR very early on. This helps in poking down the enmy laner during the laning phase.


3156.png : Take this if you are able to trade back against the AP laner (meaning that you can deal damage against him/her every time he/she tries to poke you with AP/AA).

3065.png : Take this if you are unable to trade back effectively against the AP laner (meaning that he/she is too far away to really combo or has shields/heals which are too strong to break through).

3190.png : Take this if you are against an AP laner that also auto attacks often, thus partially hybried (examples include, Kennen  85.png or Jayce  126.png or Ryze 13.png).


Take 3047.png if against full AD/auto attack heavy team.
Take 3158.png if you are really far ahead.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

Laning Phase Back to Top

Key Points:
  • Only all in if you have vision of the jungler (and midlaner) and you know that they are somewhere else on the map.
  • You can also all in even if you know the jungler is close by (and midlaner), so long the enemy laner is low enough to burst down and kill before his teammates arrive.
  • Do not waste your fury. If your fury is full, then it will usually keep the opponent away from the creep wave.

Melee Matchups:

1) Try to auto-attack as much as possible and shove in:
  • Generates Fury
  • Makes your opponent lose CS
2) After shoving in your first wave, try to freeze from your opponent while your fury is high.
  • Makes sure that the enemy laner is unable to CS properly. If he does try to CS, unleash a full combo on him (trade).
3) After clearing your 2nd wave, ward the river.
  • Give you information as to when your being ganked, so you can retreat from your shoved out lane.
4) Once the enemy laner is low enough, do not be afraid to all in him or her.

Ranged Matchups:

1) Try to last hit a minion at the last possible moment (don't hang around the minion you want to last hit).
  • Prevents you from getting poked down.
2) Make sure to use the brushes when last hitting. The ranged opponent can't hit you when you enter the brush and thus can't chase you down the lane.
  • Prevents you from getting poked down.
3) Don't be afraid to use your dash to last hit one or two minions. Then use the 2nd dash to leave your ranged opponent's auto attack range. Make sure that your first dash hits a minion or enemy, or else you can't dash back out.

4) You should be able to all in the ranged opponent at lv 6 and win the trade significantly. Before then, don't try to all in. If you do want to trade before lv6 (which is possible but risky) be sure to be quick about the trades and always keep your second dash to disengage (not to chase). This is because you will always die if you get ganked just when you used your dash to engage a ranged opponent.

Handling the Jungler Back to Top

Key Points:
  • Always ward after clearing your 2nd wave of the game.
  • Only all in the enemy laner if you have vision of the jungler/midlaner and know that he/she is somewhere else on the map and thus unable to support the enemy laner.
  • You can also all in the enemy laner even if his teammates are nearby if you are in the following situations:
1) When you have your own teammates backing you up.
2) If you are able to burst the enemy laner before his teammates arrive.

How to Handle 1vs2 Ganks:
  • Determine which enemy has the lowest health (basically which one is the easiest to kill).
  • Turn on that enemy and unleash a whole combo (as explained in the 'combo' section).
  • Make sure to use an empowered Q renektoncleave.png if possible, as the healing will greatly benefit you.
  • Make sure to use an empowered W renektonpreexecute.png if possible, as the burst could allow you to kill the usually slightly low jungler ganking you or the low enemy laner which you have poked down.
  • Make sure to NOT use an empowered E renektonsliceanddice.png because it isn't worth if you can use an empowered Q renektoncleave.png / renektonpreexecute.png W as they are simply stronger.
If both enemies are full health and half your cooldowns are down, it might be better to disengage. Try to clip your first dash on a minion or the jungler ganking you, so that you can dash a second time and safely escape.

Mid Game Back to Top

  • You are strongest during the mid-game.
  • Try to pick out skirmishes. You should be able to win most of them.
  • Help out the mid laner or invade with your jungler the enemy jungle.
If a team fight breaks out, be sure to keep the following points in mind when playing the team fight out:
  • OPTION 1: Focus the enemy carry, and be sure to use summoners such as 4.png14.png so you can unleash your whole combo guaranteed.
  • OPTION 2: Peel for your own carries by using your renektonpreexecute.png and blocking skill shots.
Go for OPTION 1 if:
  • Your team is slightly ahead.
  • You won your lane (significant CS lead or 1+ kill lead over your enemy laner).
  • You went even during the laning phase.
  • The enemy carry happens to out of place and relatively isolated.
Go for OPTION 2 if:
  • Your team is even or behind the enemy team.
  • You lost your lane.
  • The enemy carry is well protected.

Late Game Back to Top

OPTION 1: Fight a 5vs5 as long as you are confident that your team is ahead and you can win the 5vs5.

OPTION 2: Split push while your team defends. Eventually, someone will have to be sent top lane to stop you.
OPTION 3: Stall the game by not fighting and waiting for the enemy team to forcefully engage you. This is usually favourable for you (e.g. they have to dive or play overly aggressive). Consider this option if you are unable to split push because the enemy laner was stronger than you.

Also, remember to buy a Guardian Angel 3026.png :D

Good item late game (:

Media (highlights/tips/tricks) Back to Top


Renekton VS Darius (DIAMOND)

Renekton 1vs4 Quadra Kill (start at 0:55)

Upcoming Updates! Back to Top

1) Finish all matchups.

2) Add in-depth analysis of micro play with Renekton.
3) Add in-depth analysis of macro play with Renekton.
4) Add more sections.
5) Add the different playstyles you can run with Renekton.

How To Snowball and Win Games Back to Top

You will have lot of pressure if you are able to get a kill before level 6. The following options are open to you upon gaining a kill/CS lead:

  1. Continue laning aggressively and attempt to gain further kills on the enemy.
  • ADVANTAGES: Easy to do, can be very effective, will bring pressure to top side (jungler forced to help).
  • DISADVANTAGES: You can be shut down easily (shoving your wave in leaves you prone to ganks, you should be able to 1vs2 but it is still risky), doesn't really help the rest of your team, meaning that if all other lanes lost you will most likely end up losing the game.
2. Help out the midlaner and the jungler.
  • ADVANTAGES: Benefits your team, relieves pressure.
  • DISADVANTAGES: The enemy top laner can free farm while you are gone. If ganks/invades fail, you are potentially throwing away your lead.
3. Attempt to get 'first blood' tower and continue pushing down top lane.
  • ADVANTAGES: Generates pressure on top side. Denies CS from your opponent. Gives gold to the team as a whole. Opens up the map.
  • DISADVANTAGES: If you are against a wave clear champion, it is near impossible to do this. Leaves you extremely prone to ganks. You basically always have to 1vs2 or even 1vs3 (unless you bring your jungler along).

About Me Back to Top

Reached Platinum in my first season of league.

Reached Diamond in my second season of league.

Have gotten 60%+ winrates both seasons with Renekton.
Have reached the top 50 Renekton players in EUWEST.


Aiming for Master tier this season.

Thank You!

Matchups Back to Top

There are plenty of other online sources to find matchup information, thus I will not include any in this guide.

  • This link provides you with Renekton's win rates against specific champions in the top lane. Use this to check if your matchup is favourable or not.
  • This guide was created by one of the best NA Renekton players out there, and by scrolling down a bit, you will find his list of matchups.
Thank You!
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