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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png  Universally the best summoner on Rango, allows for both a safe and aggressive option.
11.pngALWAYS pick up smite if jungling as Rango, no exceptions.
14.pngGreat on top lane Rango if you intend to snowball the early-mid game AND/OR you intend to mitigate their healing mid-late.
12.pngThe better summoner for the team, gives opportunities for splitpushing, roaming and pressuring objectives. Can be coupled with Ult+TP for impressive ganks.
3.pngActually not a half-bad summoner spell against an assassin heavy comp or just for the utility. Pick it up if you feel that it will help both your laning and game scaling.

13.png2.pngFull meta mancer summoner spells. WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON RENGAR?

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Reasoning for thunderlord's over fervor and stormraider's:

Stormraider's......after many games of testing, take this if you want to scale and know how to play Rengar. Thunderlord's is good early....but oh boy, Stormraider' makes you break the 1200 speed limit ON RENGAR! Assassinate a carry and speed off at the speed of sound.

Thunderlord's is generally more consistent, so try it first.

As for Fervor.....don't do it. Rengar never uses the stacking system all that well. A full one shot is still only 4 stacks (+28 dmg), when you could just as easily go down the Cunning Tree. One side note, the Fero. Tree does give % armour pen., so there are instances where it's ok.

For now, run Thunderlord's or Stormraider's.

Abilities Back to Top


Standard skill build, however you can max bola second if you feel you're ahead enough and you do not need the scaling resists until later.

On this skill build I recommend to not max W or bola first as all your damage on AD Rengar comes from your autos and Q. Even if you're top Rengar you simply lose out on too much if you max any other ability. If you're somehow extremely behind then go ahead and max E first.

Obviously level ultimate at levels 6, 11, 16 for the massive bonuses it gives.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard jungle start. Always take these when going jungle. Take machete as it is better for single target manaless junglers like Rengo.
    Aggressive start for top lane. Gives a lot of sustain and a noticeable amount of damage.
    My favourite start for top lane Rengar. Gives amazing sustain and stats for Rengar and can be stacked (recommended of 3-4 times) to further increase your lane advantage.

Core Items

    Best boots for the current meta.
    Your wonderful pair of items which really brings out the best in Rengar. Hydra allows for better sustain and has a great active and Youmuu's give Rengar everything he needs.
    Flat CDR+lower summoner spell CDs....perfect for Rengar if you don't want to run Triforce or DD.
    Pick one.

Situational Items

    AMAZING if you can get it 3rd-5th item, otherwise leave it. There is a build where this is core though, so read down below if you're interested.
    Gives you the needed damage to melt any squishy. Get this if carrying or if you can get away with buying it.
    The only reason these aren't core is because you can interchange them with other items. While they have epic value, sometimes they just aren't needed.
    Buy this if going devourer, otherwise leave it. Going hydra-last whisper-Youmuu's practically does a better job with warrior.
    Armour if an AD champ is a threat. (2 might be needed in some situations)
    Ok, first off I LOVE THIS ITEM on Rengar. It has 2 amazing passives and gives Rengar great defensive stats. However, I feel that while it is great; if you're playing assassin-gar then this really cuts down on your potential damage. This item is only good if you are going Tankgar or Bruisergar.
    Items to help survive an AP threat. (Buying 2 may be necessary) Usually just Maw will get the job done.
    Ok....First off, these can be great to purchase. Bloodthirster gives great surviveability and Steraks does the same. However they usually don't suffice to Rengar's primary job as an assassin, killing the squishy. Pick these up if you are playing a skirmish based playstyle.
    The ultimate "I want moar domage" build. Buy one of these if snowballing ridiculously well.
    Buy this if you do not buy Warrior or Youmuu's. In that case you can purchase Dead-man's. A good item on Rengar to provide some tankiness and an armour shred passive. However Rengar DOES NOT utilise the passive properly on Assassin-gar so it's highly situational.
    Decent item to finish off your build, although it's only good on tankgar or bruisergar
    The only reason this isn't grouped with the crit items is for one reason I need to explain. THIS DOES NOT EXTEND YOUR JUMP RANGE. More about critgar below
    Alright, I finally have come across this item on Rengar and oh boy....this is a great item, build mobis or swiftness boots and buy this item 2nd or 3rd against CC comps. This item is one of my favourite season 6 items, which feels a little too good for it's 3600 gold cost.
    Great item to fill the 10% gap and give survivability.
    Get this when full build ^^
    This item is good only when you're in the lead or once you replace boots with it. If you do pick it up, it should be 3rd-5th item (usually 4th.)
    Why is Luden's here? You can replace boots with it potentially, that's why.

One major note, COOLDOWN REDUCTION IS CORE ON RENGAR. Throughout all variants of Rengar's builds cooldown is needed so that his spells (mainly his ult) are up ASAP. It is hard to teamfight without your ultimate, by getting CDR you drastically reduce the time spent waiting to burst a caught out member as well as giving you shorter cooldowns on your other three abilities to gain ferocity efficiently.

Although a new build I've found is: 

3158.png>3142.png>3078.png>1409.png>3748.pngOR3031.png>3156.png OR 3102.pngOR>3075.png OR 3072.png OR3053.png

This has been winning me a lot of games, I consider this a variant of bruisergar, and a strong one at that, it's Faker inspired and has some great aspects to it. Youmuu's+Triforce makes for an amazing core, with high damage, stick potential, CDR and huge powerspikes upon purchase. Integrate Tiamat before if you think you will go Titanic or Ravenous hydra, otherwise build an Infinity edge or more resists. Maw is in a very strong state right now, giving a nice burst of healing when you drop below 30% HP+a magic shield, build Banshee's if you need to bypass a certain ability before bursting your desired target. Pick between Sterak's or BT for your 6th item.

Why is Crit-gar less viable than any other build?

First and foremost I'll list the build:

3158.png->1412.png->3094.pngOR3046.png->3031.png->3078.pngOR3087.png->3036.pngOR fill 100% Crit

Ok, to start things off, YOU HAVE NO SUSTAIN. That's a key thing this build lacks, but I mean sure, Rengar doesn't 'need' it, so let's move on. Crit-gar's second flaw is that all the damage is not reliable and is weak as it gets later into the game, in addition it's not as cost effective. Let's compare gold efficiency:

Hydra+Youmuu's costs 6700 gold and gives AOE on auto, lifesteal, AD,CDR, Armour pen, and 2 useful actives.

RFC+IE on the other hand costs 6200 and gives 50% crit, AD, Attack speed and bonus damage+range on 100 stack auto.

Ok, so 500 gold less, should be better then. Here's the problem, it has a very weak buildup, Youmuu's and Hydra have amazing basic items such as Dirk and Hammer, while RFC and IE have zeal and AD items (AD items cost a lot), this may seem good on paper....but those items are pretty weak on Rengar unless you're an RNG god. To put it into perspective, this build's core is simply not worth waiting for as the base stats, and actives on both Youmuu's and hydra just seem to outmatch the Crits that are put out through RFC and IE. 

If you want to go further into the build we have Triforce, which is a great item at the moment, however, buying it late seems to not give you a powerspike and the build path to it is awkward for Rengar as he does not require zeal or sheen stats. To make matters worse we have to build Lord Dominik's for armour pen which is a weak item right now for Rengar especially since we're running HP/level seals AND Trinity force.

Stat wise we'll have around 358-370 AD with our classic Assassin-gar, while Critgar has 80%-100% crit and Rengar's AD sits at around 330ish. I understand that yes this build is great when you get ahead but this is not the way to play Rengar in my opinion. I honestly prefer my Bruiser-gar build and classic Assassin-gar builds compared to this. 

Feel free to build this, however I find it unreliable and not viable for higher levels of play (yes you can argue about Nightblue3, but that's a completely different topic).

Note: Youmuu's can be integrated into this build (over LD)

Tankgar build:


Alright, this is an underused build so I won't go too in-depth. This build is your go to build when your team is already checked out in terms of damage and they just need someone to soak up damage while still being a pest to deal with. 
The main issue is interchanging CDR items, so in order to maintain 40% I have included Death's dance and triforce as core items, while leaving it up to situation on whether to build Visage or Locket. For your 5th item pick between either the two armour items or between the 6th item choices. Randuin's is better for sticking to prey and thornmail is to make you an undesirable target for AD champions. The 6th item choices are situational, Steraks is generally better against burst comps, Warmogs against poke comps and Maw against AP comps.

Technically there is no build order, but I do like to follow this one to get 40% CDR, it all depends on your situation. E.g. rush Hexdrinker against a heavy AP comp or rush Warden's against heavy AD comps.

The reason this build isn't viable enough is because 1) your DPS is cut significantly   2) you aren't a proper tank champion and  3)The build path is always awkward in my opinion.
I personally wouldn't recommend this build, but it does have its moments against certain team compositions.

(Another note is you can choose to max W first on this build if you feel it necessary)

NOTE: Warmog's gives CDR, a small factor to consider. In that case run like Mercs., Triforce/DD,Warmog's and another 10% CDR item as your core.

What 2 heck, why no Titanic in build order? buakjdbaksfbsdigasiyfgbsdhjk

Well, I didn't include it because it's up to choice whether to include it or not. If you do, build it before Triforce and finish it after Triforce or Visage. Argue all want but Titanic is an optional item in this build. Take it if you wish as it's a strong item, but I did say this is a Tankgar build, NOT a bruiser build.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Amumu
  • Diana
  • Ekko
  • Elise
  • Evelynn
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Gragas
  • Jarvan IV
  • Lee Sin
  • Master Yi
  • Rek'Sai





*Pre 6 you are significantly stronger, make use of this by counterganking or counterjungling.
*Never underestimate his damage through the scale, it is surprisingly good for a tank.
*Dodging his Q will leave him vulnerable early-mid game.
*If struggling rush 3156.png
Be aware Amumu has game-changing CC, so keep your distance in skirmishes and teamfights until he blows his ultimate. Also one major factor to keep in mind when fighting him 1v1 is his E as every auto attack on him will reduce the cooldown by 0.5 seconds, so he's actually surprisingly deadly in longer fights.





*Pre 6 she is quite weak as she has long cooldowns and iffy damage.
*Her shield scales well throughout the game, never let it throw you off by how much it blocks.
*Post 6.....nothing to say here really, just outroam her and dodge her dianaQ.png everytime you fight her. She will outdamage you if you're even/she has runeglaive. 
*Later into the game she can still one shot you, however if you either blow her zhoynas or burst her ADC it becomes harder for her to react.
*Stormraider's is amazing here, as you can dodge her dianaQ.png quite easily and/or burst another carry.

This can and will be an extremely hard matchup if she gets ahead, she has all the tools needed to bring you down in a blink of an eye. 3155.png and 3102.png are solid options if she is menacing your game.





*His first and 2nd clear are pretty fast but unsafe. Take advantage of this by taking his blue or red buff.
*Coupled with his passive his kit has a sizable burst throughout all stages of the game.
*Pre 6, if you can stay on him and dodge his stun you should be able to kill him or force him to back.
*His counterganks are deadly, always keep track of him through the use of wards and intuition. 
*He outscales you in terms of utility if he goes cinderhulk, he can stick to you; but you have a lot more burst damage.
*Post 6 he can pretty much be ignored as he is waaay too safeekkoR.png in terms of survivability...however if you get ahead enough it shouldn't matter if you 1v1 him.

The main factor that makes this a hard matchup is the cinderhulk (or Runic+sunfire) variant and how he plays with his team, smart Ekkos always stick to the target you want to burst the most. Overall this matchup comes down to vision, if you have more vision you can catch out on his errors.





*Pre 6 she has a super good kit, which gets a HUGE powerspike level 3 onwards.
*Her first clear is severly affected by counterjungling, Elise is naturally squishy and will die to an empowered Q combo.
*Dodging her E is detrimental to ensure you can live and do your job, assassinating squishies.
*3139.png A great 3rd-6th item to rush if you feel the need to ensure safety. The stats are also quite good for the cost.

Depending on her variant the difficulty may vary. Either way, you can burst her down if you get even slightly ahead (if you outplay her Rappel), be aware she can do the same to you. Depending on her playstyle sometimes it might be better just to farm to 6 as usually in a 2v2 she will outdamage you.





*Her first clear is INSANELY weak to an invade from you, after her buff she is usually left on around 340ish HP. On top of that her early damage is utter garbage.
*Her saving grace, her passive, can be quite annoying, however with your ult you can just ignore it and dive straight onto her.
*Buy a 2043.png I cannot stress how important this can be in tracking and dealing with Eve. Put it in the right place and it becomes far easier to make predictions.

A very easy matchup if you play it with the tips provided. Depending on her variant you will need different ways to deal with her. AP carry she will be 1 shotted pre zhoynas and tank Eve will be outscaled.





*Don't let him drain you for long periods of time
*Ward to predict his ulti
*Build 3140.png if his fear is a problem
*Weak clear speed, but EXTREMELY strong sustain

Fiddlesticks can go either way, he can make your life hell or he can just be another source of gold every 42 seconds. Just predict his ganks and react accordingly.





*Weakish first clear
*His ult is basically the one spell that will either catch you out or ruin your assassination completely.
*Be aware of his flash+body slam
*Farm to level 6 usually as in a 2v2 pre 6 he is exceptionally stronger.

Being a jungler that gets a HUGE powerspike once cinderhulk gets picked up, he can be a major issue. He has all the tools needed to completely get you out of the game. In saying that his early damage is lackluster compared to yours (don't underestimate it) and post 6 you can apply a huge amount of countergank presence and overall presence on the whole map. Just choose your targeted lane wisely as with his ult he can screw up your whole gank.


Jarvan IV



*Really weak first and second clear
*Usually he will camp a specific lane, to counter this predict his movements
*Post 6 he can catch you out really easily
*Dodge his E+Q (be careful of E+Q flash)

The main thing to remember in this matchup is that you can outduel him after 2 items and as per usual you can outscale him as you can completely remove a champion before a teamfight. During teamfights try not to get stuck in his ult.


Lee Sin


This is either going to be freelo or button mashing rage depending on his skill. Early game he outdamages you by a significant margin, with his Q dealing about 60% of your HP when he integrates autos in. Here's the rundown:

*Q+R+Q will either instakill you or leave you with around 50-300 health (expecting that he's ahead or even)
*Q+E reveal, meaning teamfights will involve you flanking usually
*R is not only a disengage, it also gives Lee song a free Q after the animation
*He will invade you even he's semi good, so ward up the map and if you're feeling unconfident, do "The Pussy Clear" as shown in the Jungle clearing section

General tips: Empowered E comboes can screw him up as the game progresses, if he has no ult he's dead, if he does then just continue to SAFETLY chase. If he builds tanky, do what you always do, focus the carries.


Master Yi



*He is very squishy and quite weak pre sated
*He does have a fast clear, so counterjungling him might be out of the question entirely. 
*See how he plays, watch for meditate-AA resets and Q-AA resets
*Post sated, your main goal is to crush him before a skirmish
*Try not to assassinate him when he has your creep wave near him, he can alpha your entire combo

Yi is a very snowbally jungler, so with that in mind do try to assassinate him, but at the same time know yours and his limitations. 

EDIT: This is a medium-hard matchup thanks to Cowsep's dumb Tank guinsoo's jungle Yi build. This can and will 1v1 you in almost every situation thanks to a scaling W meditation heal and an on hit build. I appreciate your work Cowsep, but this is dirty. Even if you counterjungle this build it can come back within 5 minutes of free farm.





*Her passive can track you during ult
*She can counterjungle you easily as her early-mid damage is more reliable than yours
*She can out map pressure you, with this in mind destroy her tunnels

Honestly this is a skill matchup, she outfarms you, however you can potentially outroam her and kill her team's squishies (as per usual). Play this matchup as you would as Evelynn, to some extent.

Combos Back to Top

Leap refers to your passive and ONE SHOT refers your ulti. jump.
(Air) refers to casting the ability mid jump.

Basic combo


passive.PNG>E.PNG (air)

rengarW.pngCan be integrated into this combo when deemed necessary, early for the burst or later for the boosts in                  resists.

4stacks of Ferocity combo (burst variant)

passive.PNG>E.PNG>move>fero Q.PNG>move>AA>Q.PNG>move>AA

Your killing combo levels 2-4 against champions with no escapes.


4stacks of Ferocity combo (lockdown variant) 

passive.PNG>Q.PNG>fero E.PNG>move>AA>E.PNG>move>AA

Use this when matched against a champion with an escape. Q can be suspended to auto cancel at the end of the jump.


4stacks of Ferocity combo (healing variant)

passive.PNG>Q.PNG>fero W.PNG>move>AA>E.PNG>move>AA
Though rarely used this can be beneficial if in a clutch situation or you need the boost in health over burst or lockdown.


One/two shot combo

Lockdown variant:




Burst variant:

R.PNG>3142_64.png>passive.PNG+fero Q.PNG>E.PNG(air)>>3074.png+W.PNG>Q.PNG>AA

Do keep in mind that after landing you receive 5 more ferocity, use this to either snare again or empowered Q once more for an execute.

Jungle clearing Back to Top

Fastest full 1st clear:

Krugz(smite), red, raptors, scuttle(maybe smite), back/wolves/gank, gromp(smite)/gank,blue, scuttle.

Safest 1st clear:
Krugz(smite), raptors, (wait for smite)red, raptors, scuttle/wolves, gank/gromp*smite), blue/gank.

Blue buff start:
Gromp(smite), blue, wolves, red(smite), krugz/gank, raptors(smite)/gank, scuttle.

"The pussy clear" Do this against Lee sin mains:
Red (smite), raptors, scuttle, back, blue, gank/wolves/scuttle,gromp

The Akaadin clear: (shoutouts to Akaadin)
Small wolves/raptors (only)->small buff minions (only)->large wolf/raptor->gromp/large krug (smite)->blue/blue->scuttle->gank mid or top/counterjungle enemy/back->rotate to the next side of your jungle and full clear

About me Back to Top

Hello friends, my name is EternalEmVy and I am a Diamond V solo Q player and a Diamond IV/V ranked 5s player. I have been playing since early season 2 and I've always specialised in assassin based champions.

55.png was my main seasons 2-early season 5 and I also play assassin based AD carries such as 29.png and 67.png.
Since then I have managed to become a very competent Rango player, racking up to a very high KD and winrate this current season.
(Note: RIP Rengar E combos....feels bad man.)

Me writing this guide allows my knowledge of my favourite champion to be shared in my own way with those striving to improve.

Though I do not stream or post videos, I am looking into it. If you want to ask me questions add EternalEmVy on the OCE server, I am happy to coach and give advice about not only this champion but about other champs and general game plans.

Feel free to comment, I am by no means perfect in my guide writing and my knowledge of Rengar.

Zekrai (for his amazing description of Rengar's combos)
Jollybeard (for his take on matchups and the item build)

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