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Summoner Spells Back to Top


3.png  Should be taken in most matchups. This is due to how it makes all trades easier. VERY good against champions like: 92.png238.png58.png .   
14.png Should be taken vs matchups who has a specific healing ability you want to get rid of. 
For example: 106.png8.png266.png.

12.png Depends on preference, and is best used vs Tanks like where you don't have much kill pressure: 98.png33.png54.png.

If you are more experienced, and are certain you win your lane 100% of the time, you can take TP, so you are able to transfer your lead to botlane better. It does get better with elo, as you will know how to use teleport better, and your teammates are better are reacting to it. Plus that most junglers will camp you if you don't pick TP in higher elo.

4.png Should be used 100% of the time. Makes you harder to gank, makes you get easier assasinations if they have an escape. NOBRAINER

Currently i have more succes with 12.png, however it's up to you. I still take  3.png/14.png in some games.

New Runes Back to Top


Electrocute is the best keystone, as its ads to your burst/oneshot. Its cooldown is quite long though, but it still helps a bit in lane.

Sudden Impact is MADE for Rengar as you have crazy uptime on it.

Eyeball Collection is the only talent here that gives you more damage, so i just take it. Plus it works with your bonetooth stacks.

Ultimate Hunter is taken now, since Rengar needs his ult a lot for teamfights. The movement speed from Relentless hunter didn't help much anyway, since you build youmoo's.

Changed to RESOLVE*

Bone Plating is just great for duels.

Chrysalis gives great stats and transitions into better oneshots and stacks great with your passive

Notes for other runes:

Summon Aery was nerfed and is no no longer the best choice. 

Nullifying Orb can be taken if you are vs a crazy AP champ eg. rumble/vlad etc.

Scorch makes for better burst, and also helps a bit in lane. Can be taken if you want to trade CDR for more burst, even though its quite negligible. It doesn't proc off of your Q though, so it would be taken mainly for more damage with E, which could be nice for poking, however i think the cdr is better.

Ravenous Hunter is shitty, as both your Q and W counts as AOE abilities, and therefor heals for very little.

Cosmic insight is a good rune, especially if taking teleport, however its in a weird tree.

Hextech Flashtraption works with jump range and can be good. However its best used as a jungler.

Perfect timing
is good, however it keeps getting nerfed, and because of the tree it's in its not worth getting.

You could take Intelligence as second tree with Hextech Flashtraption and Cosmic insight, however i prefer the cooldown reduction you get from taking sorcery as the second tree.

Ravenous Hunter doesn't work with the Q and therefor isn't worth it.

Ingenious Hunter could be good with Tiamat, but i don't think its worth it.

Predator could very well be a good keystone, due to not building Youmoo's, however needs more testing and caters more to jungle.

Ultimate Hat is good, but not really worth it compared to what else you can get. However if you wanna go FULL offensive, maybe you're smurfing, you can take this for more ults.

Transcendence is good obviously as it gives 10 CDR, it's not for lane though which is a bummer. Its really good, however the defendsive stats from resolve is just better for all the dueling in toplane.

Abilities Back to Top


Max:  Q > E > W

Ult every time you can take it of course.

Changed from maxing W second, to E. This is better for one'shotting which i enjoy more (fuck those ADC's). This helps to kill an adc even if you can't get the 100% crit on the, due to the support protecting them (this gets worse with elo). Maxing W is still very viable, and makes you better at dueling and a bit more durable. (less burst though)

First 3 levels: Q will be taken first always. For lvl 2, you can either take W or E, if you're going to fight your target, or you're afraid of dying take W. If you know you can kill your opponent but afraid of him getting away, take E. Take the one your missing at lvl 3. I probably pick W second 75% of the time.


rengarpassive.png Passive: Makes you jump from a bush onto a target. You landing on a target will count as an auto attack. And this auto can be Q amplified.

BONETOOTH NECKLACE: Gives you % Bonus AD. This increases as you kill more unique enemies. This also works with assists, as long as you damaged the enemy 1.5 second before they died. Get this fully stacked as early as possible. Look for picks with your ult on enemies that you haven't killed yet.

FEROCITY: You have 4 stacks of Ferocity. You will get a stack from using an ability while in combat, it doesn't matter if you hit a target or not. You will also get a stack if you leap at a target, from out of combat. When using an ability with 4 Stacks, it will be empowered and you will also get a quick movement speed boost.

This makes for the obvious skirmish rotation: Jump on target -> E mid-air -> Q right after you land for an auto reset -> W (also heals if you took damage) -> into an empowered ability. (see Combos section for more info on this)

rengarq.png Q is an auto attack amplifier that also gives you more attackspeed on your next 2 auto attacks. When empowered it deals MORE damage, and gives you MORE attackspeed, which is for the next 5 seconds, instead of just two attacks.

If cast during or before your leap, it will proc on the auto attack that is your landing. This ability is useful for farming as well, and works great with Tiamat.

When used on towers, it will NOT deal the extra damage, however it WILL increase your attack speed of your next 2 autos.

rengarw.pngW deals AP damage in an AoE around you, and heals you for 50% of the damage you have taken the last 1.5 seconds. If Empowered it will deal a tiny bit more damage, and heal you just like the regular W. But it will also remove croud control on you. Used for Ferocity generation, or to heal if you have just taken damage. If used correctly this can win you a lot of trades. 

However it also has a very long cooldown, so if you are stacking ferocity up and lane, just wait to do another Q most of the time.

rengare.png E is a skillshot that deals damage and slows the target for 1.75 seconds (this is a very strong slow). If empowered this will root the target instead and deal a tiny bit more damage. 

Used for ganking, or to keep a mobile target in place. Can also be cast mid-jump for easier hitting, however with the cast time on this, if cast after you jump, it will "go out from you" almost when you land. So you cant cast bolas in the mid-air sideways anymore, unless they are in a 90 degree angle from your target and you. This also means that if your are jumping on a target that's running towards you, you'll have to aim the bola behind you to hit them, as you will land a bit behind them.

rengarr.png R: Puts you in stealth, and gives you a more passive movement speed. This also makes you able to jump on a target without having to be in a bush. The stealth it puts you is a camouflage (think Evelynn stealth), where they can see you, you can use your jump range indicator to check from where they can see you from. When ulting you will get vision on the nearest target (inside the ult range), as you get closer to them they will get a pair of eyes on top of them, so they can see your are near them. If another enemy becomes the closest enemy will, the first enemy still STAY REVEALED for you. 

When jumping on the nearest target (the one with the mark over their head, you will deal addiational damage to them, and shred their armor for the next 4 seconds.

When using your ult you will get stealthed after 2 seconds, and you can not perform any actions during this time or you will waste your ult. If hit by something while stealthed, you won't get taken out, but they will get a glimpse of you in stealth even if you are outside your jump range.

You still get vision around yourself, so if there's standing an enemy champion between you and the champion you want to kill, that champion will be the one with the eyes, and if you then jump to the champion behind them, you WONT get the bonuses on them, because that champ wasn't the nearest target. (this can be quite annoying in teamfights, or when ganking botlane where the support is standing between you and the ADC)

If you get 4 stacks of ferocity, and have nothing to use it on, just use it on Q, so that if an enemy suddenly pops up, you have an empowered Q ready to kill them. Empowered abilities does NOT have a cooldown, so don't worry about that.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Offensive Start. Loving these again. Building mostly 2 (sometimes 3) as first items
    Defendsive Start. Doran's Shield is a very good starting item vs. champs with poke, or dots as the passive refreshes on all dmg. So vs. Darius (dot), Swain (dot and poke), Jayce (poke), etc.

Core Items

    This is your Core
    Next items: BUILD ORDER BELOW

Situational Items

    Notes for these below.
    Items to consider
Went back to old Lethality build (with some changes). Crit just isn't good enough.

Build Order Looks like THIS (most of the time):

1055.png+2003.png -> 1055.png -> 3077.png -> 1001.png -> 3147.png ->3047.png -> 3142.png -> 2420.png -> 3814.png -> 3026.png -> 3074.png 

The second 1055.png, you build with the gold you get from first blood (which you obviously get), or you can build it with a longsword if the gold fits. It's really good for laning.

Your first real item will be 3077.png which is a very good first item for damage (can be comboed and clearing minions.) SKIP 2nd 1055.png, if you can buy this at first back!

Buy 1001.png now, and start building a 3147.png (Build 3134.png first). You can now literally start to oneshot, this item is crazy.

Now finish your boots into 3047.png (mostly). If they are full AP, take 3111.png, and if you are crazy snowballing get 3158.png, if you don't need 3047.png. But wouldn't recommend it most of the time.

Build a 3142.png now, which is great for damage and utility. Build 3133.png first here for the CDR for more ults.

Get a 2420.png since you will be building 3026.png later, and want it to be used before getting that.

Final lethality item 3814.png, which is awesome as the enemy team WILL try and stop you from oneshotting. The spellshield can help vs things like Lulu Ult and Janna Ult. If these are a big problem, i sometimes buy this even before 3142.png, just to have the shield earlier in the game.

Now get your 3026.png for that sweet revive. And you even get more AD for your passive.

And lastly finish your 3077.png  into 3074.png for that lifesteal.

At any point if you may need to change the build accordingly:

If the enemies have built a lot of armor, buy a 3035.png and upgrade it based on enemy team. 
(3033.png vs. team with healing or 3036.png vs. all other teams)

If your team needs more tankyness, and has damage, you can build either 3742.png or 3065.png, depending on opponents.

Upgrade your trinket to 3363.png at lvl 9, and remember to use it, you can have more of these on the map if they don't get killed. Used to scout for objectives or kill-targets in their jungle, which you can't see with your ult.
This Ward is usable in ult-stealth, so use it for scouting if you are unsure if your kill-target is alone, as you can only see them.

And remember to buy a 2140.png , before fights in lategame for that extra damage.


3139.png is actually a good item, it gives some lifesteal, which ain't bad, and the active is good, don't get me wrong. But Rengar can already cleanse with his empowered W, so i don't feel like this item is needed. Could be used vs. some teams though, if you get cc'd instantly.

3078.png could be good, needs testing, but would be an item bought very late in the game.

3071.png is really good, however i don't feel like using it in a burst/crit&as build. Should be used in a bruiser build. Or if you are really dependent on CDR. COULD ALSO BE RUSHED IF VERY BEHIND.

3508.png Could be used as a last item in replacement for boots, however i think there are better options. (eq. trinity, mercurials, GA)

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Camille
  • Darius
  • Fiora
  • Gangplank
  • Gnar
  • Jax
  • Pantheon
  • Renekton
  • Riven
  • Singed
  • Swain




Dodge her stun. She is quite squishy, so try jumping on her. Use empowered W to get out if you do get hit by her stun.  Also her ult is bs, you just try to kill her at that point.




Quite an annoying matchup, don't ever get too many stacks, if you get hooked, try run away, if you can't trade and root him to run. He can get bursted down though. Also don't get hit by the outer circle of his Q ever. If you do, use double W to heal up.




Juke out her fioraw.png, as much as possible, DONT burst into it, and DONT throw empowered E into it. Without it, she wont win lane. Stay near walls, to prevent her from hitting her marks on you. And go back in lane, to make the mark disappear, if she gets an easy one on you.




He is squishy as hell, you just jump to his barrels when they are about to expire, and its GG.




You win this lane, just jump on him when he is mini gnar and kill him, don't fight him as mega gnar, unless you are ahead, and are ready to empower W to get out of his stun.




Use have empowered W ready for when he stuns you, and you should be able to win the trades. However don't go into an auto attack battle vs him, you won't win. Burst and get out, then repeat.




This is the worst lane ever. Try to survive it as much as possible, dont ult him if he has shield up. Use e for ranged harass.




The key to this lane is to double W every time he stuns you. This way you will win the trade every time. However be careful if he gets ahead, he can be very hard to deal with then.




Riven usually uses some abilities for farming or moving around. You can only fight her when her abilities are on cooldown. Esspecially her stun. Try bait out abilities and then jump on her. Run when she ults.




Kill him early and he won't be able to come back. If you don't he will most likely be unkillable for you, so search to other lanes. call for jungle help if he pushes you to tower, and root him so he cant run.




Start with dorans shield.

Always stay in bushes so you can jump out of his abilities. 
Juke his root always, or have Emp W up for it.

Combos &amp; Tricks Back to Top

rengarpassive.png The Bread and Butter rengarpassive.png

Ult(or be in a brush) -> Q -> Jump on target -> E (mid-air) -> Tiamat -> W -> Land -> into an Empowered ability of choice.

This is if used for most damage output. 

If you know that will target you with a lot of damage, you can delay the W and then do two W's back to back, for 100% heal of what damage you just took.


rengarq.png Use Q when you need more damage, and there is no other threats, and the target is still in range. (INSANE DAMAGE) 
When using empQ after the combo above, put an auto attack inbetween the landing and the next Q. (unless you really need a big burst, then just spam the Q, however this is usually not ideal)

rengarw.png Use W when you need a heal, or when you need to get out of CC, this is used a lot in teamfights.

rengare.png Use E if your target is getting away basicly. If they have a lot of movement speed, or if they flashed.


This is VERY situational, and you will only have a X second window to do this in. This is by far the combo with most damage, however you wont be able to do it very often. You stack up 4 stacks, you then wait till you almost lose your stacks, and then you press Q, so that you have your emp Q on you, and then instantly ult after. It takes 2 seconds for you to get into ult, and you then have to jump to your target before your empowered Q expires. The full combo will look like this:

4stacks -> Q(emp) -> Ult -> Jump to target -> E -> tiamat -> W -> Q -> Q(emp)

Tricky E Combo:

If you start your ult with full Ferocity stacks, and jump on a target before they deplete, you can use the bread and butter ult combo, but get a root on your target. Very useful for killing champs like Ezreal. But harder to manage.

Longer range on bush jumps:

If you click on the ground towards your jump target, and then on your target you can get a tiny bit more range on your jump. Should be done if you are unsure if you will be able to do the jump.

Jump timer reset:

Due to jumps actually being autoattacks, how fast you can jump again is dependent on attack speed. Due to Q actually resetting your auto attack (after the short dash), if you jump on something in a bush and want to jump to something else fast, you jump the the first target, and then instantly press Q while right clicking on your next target, and then you are able to jump to the next target without having to wait for an auto attack.

Cant be done anymore: (legacy)

Preventing knockbacks with Q:

This is probably one of the hardest tricks to do with Rengar, and is also a bit unpredictable. If you time your Q, so that when you dash forward, the knockback hits you, it will negate the knockback. This can be done vs fx. Vayne E, Lee Sin Ult, Blitzcrank Q and Blastcones triggered by another player. This is INCREDIBLY HARD to do. And should probably only be attempted as a last resort. This can also be done with certain knockups.

Video of it being done (not mine):

Early Game &amp; Laning Back to Top


When the first minions get into lane, pull them towards the bushes so that you have an easier time jumping to them.
Harass the enemy laner by going in a bush, then Jump on them and then Q . Repeat (this is lvl 1)

At lvl 2 try have 2 stacks of ferocity, then level up E or W and kill the other guy, (using the combo above, with e or w) by either rooting them with E or  use your W for healing when they fight back, also use exhaust if they are going to kill you, or are getting away. Then use an empowered Q on them or if you took E, you can use empowered E if they are getting away, even after the slow from exhaust.


If the enemy follows you into the top bushes, you can kite between the bushes. Just jump on them and quickly move to another bush. Use E to slow them, then when they are almost in the bush you are in, jump to them again, and move into the brush you came from. Then repeat. Weave in Q's if you can. Can also be done without slow, but a bit harder.

Mid &amp; Late Game Back to Top

LEVEL 6 and Beyond

Push your lane every time your ult is up, and go gank mid or the enemy jungler. You can also gank bot if you backed. This can also give you easy dragons. START GETTING YOUR PASSIVE FULLY STACKED (prioritize these targets)


You have some options: Splitpush, Teamfight, Get Picks.

Now these can all be the best choices in different situations, i cant tell you to do one of them every game.
But here is how you would go about them: 


Splitpushing can be very good for Rengar now, as he can have problems with getting to his target in a teamfight, due to how his ult works. When splitpushing you are essentially making their team split up. They will have to send someone to defend. So here is what you do: If its someone you CAN'T kill, maybe they send a 54.png down. This is when you just push in the wave and leave the lane as quick as possible, pop you ultimate and go in on their team, when they realize this, they are maybe going to split up and you can get a pick. If they don't, get your team ready and 4v5 them. And if they pull all the way back, get a Baron or Dragon.


This can be difficult to do, but sometimes you have to. YOU ARE NOT THE INITIATOR. Wait for the fight to begin, then you jump on a squishy target. It's not certain that you will be able to get the bonuses on a target, as every enemy are on top of each other, so either jump on the one that is marked, and get the bonuses, or just on their carry without the bonuses. (Most of the time you just jump on their carry). Now to have the best chance of having their ADC as your nearest target, you need to FLANK. Do NOT stand with you team. Go around and behind them with your ult, and get a good jump in on their carries, that is how you win a teamfight. 

Also if you manage to kill your target, search for brushes so you can keep jumping. This also helps you, as your need to wait for your cooldowns, if the fight isn't a "clean up". 

Getting Picks

This can work very well, or very bad. For this you'll need vision. Put wards in their jungle, and look at their lanes and think of where they would go if they leave a lane. If their ADC is farming bot, but need to go mid, catch him in the jungle. If this happens just ult and go for it, you get vision if you already know they are the closest target.

The REVERT &amp; Guide comment Back to Top


This will be crazy for Rengar! Top rengar will be so much better again.
The Glory Days are back!

Thank you for reading my guide, feel free to post in the comment section, about any questions you might have or any criticism you might have of the guide. 


Now go oneshot that cocky ADC player, and make him fear RENGAR!


Also check out my new 2017 Montage with (mostly) Rengar plays!:

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